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In her heart of hearts, Mia has but one wish: an evening spent with Michael in a tux and a corsage on her wrist--in other words, the prom. Michael, however, does not seem to share the dream that is the prom. Worse still, a service workers' strike (with Grandmere and Lilly at the heart of it and on opposite sides) threatens the very existence of this year's prom.Will the stIn her heart of hearts, Mia has but one wish: an evening spent with Michael in a tux and a corsage on her wrist--in other words, the prom. Michael, however, does not seem to share the dream that is the prom. Worse still, a service workers' strike (with Grandmere and Lilly at the heart of it and on opposite sides) threatens the very existence of this year's prom.Will the strike end in time? Can Mia talk Michael out of his anti-prom views? Most importantly, will Mia get to wear her pink prom dress?...

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Princess in Pink Reviews

  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
    2019-03-27 08:53


  • Norah Una Sumner
    2019-04-11 04:53

    "Instead of being wakened to the sound of birdsong, like princesses in books, I was wakened to the sound of Rommel shrieking as Fat Louie beat him senseless for getting into his bowl of Fancy Feast."Fun as always.The Princess Diaries always make me feel better so I'm usually reading them when I'm kind of sad or depressed.Like this whole week.Today was my first day of senior year of high school and it was awful.The new school principal changed most of my professors.She also made a new behavior/dressing codex & stuff like that.Ugh,can this week get any worse?Thankfully,this book lightened my mood.However,both Mia and Lilly were a bit annoying sometimes so I'm giving this book 4 stars.Can't wait to read the next one.Favourite quotes:"I only invited Michael to both the dinner and the party.Everyone else,including Lilly, is just invited to the party. Hello, how unromantic would that be, to have your birthday dinner with your mom, your stepdad, your real dad, your grandma,your bodyguard, your boyfriend and his sister. At least I was able to narrow it down a little."“I can command the Royal Genovian Air Force," Grandmère supposedly replied. "As well as the Royal Genovian Navy. But the one thing in the world I have no control over, Helen, is your womb. Now come along.”

  • Chelsea (chelseadolling reads)
    2019-03-28 10:13

    Mia was insufferable in this one but I still love this series SO MUCH. Luckily Michael was perfect as per usual.

  • Bruna Miranda
    2019-03-27 11:56

    Eu não sei o que acontece: eu gosto da série, mas a Mia é tão imatura, tão problemática. Tem muitas frases e atitudes dela que me incomodaram nesse livro e eu ainda tenho esperanças dela amadurecer e crescer como personagem.

  • Mayra Sigwalt
    2019-03-29 04:58

    Estou em dúvida ainda se 3.5 ou 4.Nesse livro a Mia está menos pentelha que no último e ADOREI ver ela batendo de frente com a Lilly, que convenhamos é a pior amiga da face da Terra. MAS acho q esse livro é bem uma transição do posicionamento infantil e inseguro dela, para algo mais adulta. O problema é q mais uma vez a gente passou um bom tempo com a Mia achando isso e aquilo e surtando, ao invés de se posicionar. A gente pensa q dps do q ela aprendeu no último livro isso não ia acontecer tanto mais. Gostaria tanto de ver ela amadurecendo como pessoa e no relacionamento tbm...

  • Shannon (leaninglights)
    2019-04-15 04:58

    This one was cute. Mia was a bit melodramatic about the prom but that's Mia. lol If it weren't for Michael, I might not be as patient with her but I have to remember she's still a freshman even though we are 5 books in. These books are so cute and adorable, can't wait to read the next one :)

  • rachel • typed truths
    2019-03-27 06:00

    0 starsInitial reaction after finishing this book: Bloody hell. I need to go eat a pool of chocolate or drown myself in something sweet and sugary after this terrible excuse of a book...Well, I don't know what to say. I have a pretty on-and-off relationship with Meg Cabot's works, despite her (probably) being my most read author... and the "off" part in relationship mainly has to do with this series. If you were around when I read the previous four books of this series then you probably aren't surprised by my 'rating'. I haven't been able to give anything in this series a rating about 1.5 stars. But I keep hoping that the next book will surprise me.... and Give Me Five actually did - but only because it was even more horrendous then I could have anticipated.I don't know what it is in these books that I am missing. They're quite popular. All my friends love them. They were a massive hit when they first published... and I just cannot stand them. Or more particularly, I cannot stand Mia.The reason that this particular installment in the series didn't work for me? Nothing happened. Nada. This book was literally the diary of Mia whining that her boyfriend didn't ask her to prom yet. Boo-freaking-hoo. She's the frickin' princess of a European nation. She has the ability to make real change in this world and claims to be incredibly passionate about important issues such as poverty and the environment, but does she do anything about it? No. She cries and whinges and moans that she cannot go to her boyfriend's prom, that Popular Girl Lana doesn't like her even though Mia has "never done anything to her" (I'm not even going to go into that) and her dad is making her spend two whole months in Genovia with him - like that's so bad. I just cannot take any more of her pity party. She is so overly dramatic - none of her problems are actually remotely bad - and for goodness sake, you're a freakin' princess Mia! You in line to rule a small European country. You need to pull you head out of the sand, and realise that there's a bigger picture out there. No one cares about whether Michael will take you to the prom or not. Stop complaining. And why is she so judgmental? She constantly makes comments about her mother's pregnancy and how it's an inconvenience to her and that it is gross discussing it with her. Umm, you're mother is growing a baby - that's a pretty impressive feat. Maybe just stop complaining and help her out? Also, she was just sexist at times - she said that it isn't okay for a woman to propose (it's 'unromantic') and all this other stuff. She also slut-shames which is just not okay.Two other things that annoyed me:1. I really, really need to stress how utterly furious and downright angry I am at the way this book treated Asperger's. It came up because Mia has to study a disease for her bio class, and she chooses Asperger's. For one, I need to point out thatAsperger's is not a disease! And all of the information in the book about ASD was incorrect. I'm not pretending to be an expert on the topic or anything, but I know enough to tell you that this was grossly inaccurate... and incredibly offensive. Mia decides that the list of 'symptoms' for Asperger's matches up with her anti-social behaviour and self-diagnoses. If that wasn't enough (if you read the scene you'd understand just how terrible it was), she keeps bringing Asperger's up - over and over again. She decides that all of her friend's have Asperger's too because they "match the symptoms" and then accuses her mother of not telling her she was ASD and sending her to a 'special Asperger's school' without her knowledge. Obviously that's not the case at all. The whole book made me so furious I was shaking. It was completely offensive.2. I'm trying not to sound all 'grammar prudish' or anything, but I loathe books that have capitalized phrases or whole sentences in published books. Capitals are for excited texts to your friend, not for published books. It just looks lazy, like the author couldn't be bothered showing us that their characters are speaking angrily or excitedly (etc.) but just capitalized it to show readers it was one of those things. Also multiple exclamation marks in a row or the exclamation mark/question mark thing after a question (!?) comes across the same - lazy writing.Overall, I couldn't find even the remotest thing that pleased me with this book which is why I had to give it zero stars - the lowest rating (I think) that I have ever given out. Mia made want to gouge my eyeballs out so I wouldn't have to read anymore, and the lack of plotline meant that absolutely nothing happened throughout the book. The misinformation and mistreatment of Asperger's was just icing on the cake, and the grammatical choices irritated me on top of that. I am not looking forward to finishing this series.

  • Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm
    2019-04-09 07:13

    This time around, Princess Mia looks forward to having the best dance of her life. By going to the prom. With her boyfriend, Michael. But the big problem is: Michael doesn’t want anything to do with prom.Then there’s Grandmere who fires a busboy after something happens to her pet pooch. A strike among busboys ensue and soon Grandmere finds herself lodging in with Mia’s mom under one roof. Sounds exciting, eh? Oh but there’s more! Wait till you hear Mia’s moms exciting baby news!After a while, you’d think I’ll get tired of reading Princess Diaries. But no. As long as I have this series in my shelf, I intend to finish them. My own sons even commented about my passion for reading this series. They thought I’m already too old for fairytales. Ouch, that quite stings!But then, I realized, kids are being kids and they already have a lot of opinions when it comes to the books they read. As young as they are (my sons are 10 and 8, respectively), they already know which books make them happy and which ones would make them roll their eyes. In this case, when they see me gawking and controlling my laughter, they retort, “Mom’s being childish again,” and then they will tell me, “It’s okay Mom, if that makes you happy, go on…”So there, Princess Amelia Migonette Thermopolis Renaldo, aka Mia, makes me happy. I don’t care much anymore if she’s too smitten with her boyfriend or too absorbed in her royal duties. Others might say, she’s too good to be true. But that’s exactly what I want in a princess. Not perfect, not too aristocratic, not too shabby either. Mia and her cohorts make the Princess Diaries more exciting and exhilarating to read!

  • kari
    2019-04-16 05:56

    I'm reading this series in preparation for theRoyal Wedding, the first adult novel about Mia, which is coming soon. I didn't start this series as an adolescent so my take on it is different then teen readers, but I think Cabot does have the emotions and hopes and dreams just right, or as I remember them anyway. The Prom is a big deal when you are in high school. And Mia wants to go.Even though she sees that she's lucky and most of her life is, at least for a moment, going well, she is pining for a chance to go to the Prom with her boyfriend. She says she has dreamed of it her whole life. And while this may seem silly, I think it also rings true.Mia's grandmother, as usual, causes problems for her, unintentionally perhaps in this case, but still, the repercussions, while funny, also move the story along.I do have some trouble wondering why Mia continues to be friends with Lilly, who has in general been a bad friend, but in this book, takes that to a whole new level. Didn't much care for how she behaved, but hopefully in future books, she will do better toward Mia. Or Mia finds a new a better friend. Your friend should never put you down or humiliate you.Great, fun read.

  • Ryanne
    2019-04-11 08:13

    just read the other reviews. i'm tired of typing. and trying to spell things correctly.

  • Alaina Meserole
    2019-03-22 09:09

    Now I can see why they didn't make anymore movies from this series. Also helps that when Anne Hathaway played Mia she wasn't fucking whiny all the god damn time.I have no idea how I even got through this book but I'm having a feeling that I will need a bottle of wine while I read every other book in this series. I liked Mia in the first book but now she's just so annoying. So, Mia whines a lot about going to prom in Princess in Pink and I don't understand why! I only went to my senior prom and trust me it was boring af. I don't get the whole school dance thing because you only really have fun at the after parties. Meh, maybe it's just me? Besides Mia being annoying, her friends are annoying too. This whole book was annoying. I don't even know how many times I wanted to throw this book or I rolled my eyes. Even though I know there are more books in this series that I want to read just so I can say I read this entire series - I also really want this to be the last book. Please pray for me.

  • Nasty Lady MJ
    2019-04-02 10:49

    To see full binge for books 4, 41/3, 4 1/2, and 5 click here.What I Remembered: Really hating Lilly in this installment and not really feeling Toris.What I Got:Really hating Lilly. Finding Toris a lot more tolerable and believable. And finding Mia almost as intolerable as Lilly in this installment.In fact, if I wanted to, I could have a drinking game every time Lilly or Mia annoyed me. I get that they’re fourteen/fifteen year old girls, but both of them need a good swift kick in the pants to reality.To be fair though, I did enjoy Princess in Pink a lot more than I remembered.I had some nice things going for it.For one, it had an actual plot (unlike Princess in Waiting) and their was some slight character development in this book.I think the best thing about this one was Michael. Sometimes I really wonder how he tolerates Mia so much though, because her neurosis is full blown in this one.He really must be the master of zen.The supporting characters though really carried this novel, save for Grandmere. I think this is the point where she starts developing into almost a caricature of sorts. But you could argue that about all the characters to a certain degree. Especially Lilly and Mia.I keep complaining about them…I guess I should discuss them.Lilly is just a horrible person. It’s a conclusion I came to a long time ago with these books, though she does have an entertaining moment or two when she’s not stuffing her tongue down some random guy’s throat. In this book, we don’t see those entertaining quirks since she’s mostly sticking her throat down some guy’s throat.Add to it, that Mia is sort of slut slamming her friend at the end with this little gem:Tina just called. She is kvelling over getting to go to the prom. It is, she says, like a dream come true. I told her I couldn’t agree more. She asked me how I thought we’d come to be so lucky.I told her: Because we are both kind and pure of heart (237).Look, I get Lilly was really stupid in this installment. But as her best friend Mia shouldn’t quasi dis her to Tina with that stupid pure of heart trash. Then again, this is the girl that obsesses about her virginity to the point where she calls it her precious gift.And plus, it’s just prom.I think this is me being no longer fifteen. Maybe I could’ve agreed with Mia back then-maybe not.Despite my grievances with two of the characters, I did find this installment to be a huge improvement over Princess in Waiting. It’s fun and light, and actually has a plot.

  • Hannah
    2019-04-19 09:53

    Ack, this was dreadful. I don't suppose it helps that I read it right after Pride and Prejudice, but even so. I know it's meant for children, but the previous four weren't this bad.

  • Sara Saif
    2019-04-08 08:57

    So this one was all about Mia’s heartfelt desire to go to prom with Michael which, in her opinion, would bring her one step closer to achieving self-actualization. (*insert scoffing sound*) Every book in a series has its protagonist facing great adversities. The enemy gets bigger and badder with each installment. In the Princess Diaries series, however, the “difficulties” Mia faces are:1-Who is going to take me to the Cultural Diversity Dance?2-Ditto Nondenominational Winter Dance.3-Will I ever get a boyfriend?4-Will I be able to have my first date with Michael?And now Ladies and Gentleman, this:5-WILL MICHAEL ASK ME TO GO TO PROM WITH HIM? WELL? WILL HE? WILL HE?LOL. This stuff is so dumb, I love it.All it took was the mere mentioning of prom by Shameeka, Mia’s friend, and that did it. Boy did she make use of EVERY WAKING MOMENT to obsess over it! She had this really really REALLY satisfying (for me) conversation with Lily about it in which Lily said everything I wanted to hear. She told Mia that her vegetarian diet was messing with her brain and she was going nuts and when Mia ranted about her life’s problems Lily said LIKE A BOSS,” You forgot to complain about your grandmother.”I think at this point it is totally useless to repeat what I have already said about a thousand times already. I remember saying that I would “patiently” wait for Mia’s character growth. Scratch that. Scratch it real hard. Scratch it over and over again. All my patience has been flushed down the drain. I am past the point where I would actually care what she thinks or what she does. I have been pushed past my limits for her idiocy so many times that I have become immune to it. Like I said, the dumber it gets the more determined I become to finish this series.The whole Boris/Lily thing was actually interesting. Lily was such a jerk-ass in this one. Mia’s writing got no further than the school menu, Rocky Thermopolis-Gianini was born, Tina and Boris got together and of course, Mia got to go to prom. The pattern of these books has become quite clear now. Obviously the writer knew she was going to write a lot of books so she made sure that as little as possible happens in each one. Aside from people getting together or people breaking up, what essentially happens is that Mia finds a new thing in each book to whine about, she whines about it while disregarding every good thing that has happened to her then she gets what she wants in the end. Rinse repeat.Despite hating Mia’s guts, I kept reading and that is why it gets 3 stars. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go read the next book.

  • Sheida
    2019-04-05 10:14

    Next to Harry Potter, Princess Mia Thermopolis was probably the most formative literary character of my childhood. I remember being 13 and relating to every single word that was written in these books and feeling as though they were /my/ diaries and not Mia's. However, not surprisingly, reading them at 25 does not have quite the same impact. I no longer relate to Mia's self-centered obsessions about prom and I certainly no longer find Boris' manipulative self-destructive declaration of love even remotely romantic, but I do somewhat remember what it felt like to be 15 and oh so dramatic about /everything/. While the 10 year age difference between Mia and I does make me shake my head at quite a lot of the notions in the book, it doesn't make me dislike it. I view it as a window into the mind of the pretty oblivious and ignorant 15 year old that I used to be and it makes me all the more excited to continue with my re-read and to be reminded of how Mia grows up. Overall, if it wasn't for the sake of nostalgia, I would give this 3 stars but ... I just can't bring myself to do that tbh. EDIT: However, these covers are UGLY AS HECK, I'm glad my books have the old cartoon drawing of Mia and Fat Louie on the cover.

  • Sarah Actually
    2019-03-31 03:56

    "And now I am lying here, a broken shell of a girl. . . fifteen years old, and yet so much older in so many ways. Because I know now what it is like to see all of your hopes and dreams crushed beneath the soulless heel of despair." Mia. Oh my god. It's prom. You are a freshman. You will have more chances to go to prom. This book reminds me of what it would maybe be like to go back and read my own high school diaries, except less embarrassing. And this book is really embarrassing. Which is why I, again, mostly skimmed. Also, I've thought this throughout this reread, but - Lilly is a horrible best friend???? Like, extremely awful? She is inexcusably mean to Mia (and everyone) for no reason and makes every situation about herself. Granted, Mia is fairly insufferable too from time to time, but Lilly is constantly belittling her. How are they still friends?????????????Also, Mia, please re-read Jane Eyre.

  • Lisa
    2019-04-09 10:04

    In this book, Princess Mia is obsessed with going to the prom. I swear, if I read the word 'prom' again, it will be too soon. However! In this book, Mia also mentions her Buffy the Vampire Slayer collectible action figure 'Fiesta Giles'. So I still love her. (I googled and Fiesta Giles is indeed a REAL ACTION FIGURE currently retailing for $62.99)

  • Mehsi
    2019-04-21 08:07

    After a disastrous 4th book, I was really worried about this series. Worried that it would just turn out to be all like this. And I didn't want that, so I went into this book with worry and I was looking at with different eyes. Thankfully the book turned out to be great, a lot of fun and Mia was mostly doable in this one. Still a bit weird, still a bit strange, still a bit annoying, but I saw another girl as well. She is really growing up, she starting to see more of the world, starting to tell her opinion more clearly.But, something that was a bit annoying was the prom stuff. On the one hand it was cute, but on the other hand, was it really necessary to have it going on and on for like 200+ pages? Can't she just have told him quicker, couldn't she have done something else? Her relationship with Michael is really cute and I love them together. I am also happy that the book doesn't shy away from talking about bases, and about Mia's questions about second bases and such. However, at times, especially with how Mia acts (not always like a 15 year old), it felt also weird. At times Mia felt like she was more like 12/13, while Michael stayed the same age for me, so yeah. Awkward. But still, I feel that these 2 will be together for a long long time to come, they are truly a great match, and I hope that Meg Cabot won't shy away from further topics, as I feel that it is what makes this series so great. That she dares to talk about stuff like this, and it also makes Mia seem more realistic. After all what girl of her age doesn't think about stuff like that. Michael, while I did like him in the previous books, I didn't always like him in this. That he didn't have a clue what Mia would like, that he was so stand-offish about prom and didn't get that he hurt Mia in the process. That he wouldn't even let his prejudices go away for her, for the girl he apparently loves. But he was also sweet, and I loved him at the end and what he did there. Not everyone dares to speak up like that, so I applaud him for doing that. We also have 3 special events happening in this book. Mia's birthday (and the disaster that that was), the birth of Mia's sibling, and the prom. I won't say if it is a brother or sister, you will just have to read the book to find out, but I was delighted with the name they picked.Grandmere, still one of the characters I truly hate the most. At times she has some sweet moments, but mostly she is just so annoying and apparently thinks she is above everyone and everything and I hate that kind of attitude. She should see that she is only hurting people, that she is only being a bitch.The last thing that I want to address in my review is Lily. I always didn't particularly like Lily. I don't mind strong-willed, strong-minded characters, but Lily? Lily is just a bitch. Lily is just annoying. And what she did in this book? I am not one to call someone a slut immediately, but sorry, with what she did in this book? For once I will let my resolution go. What a slut. What a bitch move to do. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you. And then that ending part? Convenient amnesia is what I would call it. This is not how relationships work, this is not what you do. But then again, it is not the first time that Lily can't see more than 2 centimetres in front of her, and if something makes her look bad (even if it is the truth) she will just ignore it or make up something totally different. This behaviour is disgusting. I hope that Lily will soon grow up out of this horrendous behaviour. I truly can't see how she and Mia are friends. Often she chews out Mia, instead of helping she says harsh and mean things, and while I am guessing that Lily will always be Mia's friend, I hope that Mia will go to Tina or Shameeka more in the future, and that she will just let Lily alone.All in all though, this was a good part in the series, and I am delighted it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! :DI can't wait until January when book 6 and 7 come out (no clue why all of the sudden there is like 4 months between the books (this one, the 4th book, the 2nd and 3rd, and the first one all came out from July to August, and now we have to wait so long?)). Review first posted at

  • Tricia
    2019-04-01 09:08

    Whine whine whine whine whine. Bella out of Twilight is a better narrator than Mia. Still, we can draw some similarities, can't we? Both stories start out with precarious yet vaguely original ideas (high school princess/vampire boyfriend) and both get sidetracked with unrelated, self-absorbed rants that completely murder any potential plot or action (why won't he take me to prom/why won't he make me a vampire). You get the gist of it. I didn't have much of a problem with either series until they started taking that route.More than anything, Mia is just shallow and horrible. Worse than Bella. You heard me. WORSE THAN BELLA. I mean, some bratty protagonists at least know to stop before they cross the hypocrisy border. But no. For five books now, Mia's been complaining about how she's such a freak, but continues to scorn others and write them off as... you guessed it: freaks. And we're supposed to like her why?What got to me the most was this little fear she had halfway through the "story" about whether or not she might have Aspergers syndrome. Now I'm sure it must be pretty life-changing if you were to realise that in your teens. But to me, this was just another thing she could complain about, another thing she could claim makes her unfairly different to everyone else. How is that a good message to send out? I know many people with Aspergers and they're all lovely - and in my view, just like ordinary people. I seemed to read this as "OMG! I might have this syndrome thingy, I'm such a freak!" and I just thought, no. That is not how you talk about Aspergers syndrome. Come back when you've written a remotely sensitive or politically correct novel. And, you know, having a likeable heroine might help too.

  • Ariana
    2019-04-20 07:02

    Mia really, really, really, REALLY wants to go to prom with Michael. But Michael thinks prom is beyond idiotic. So she's upset. Essentially, this book is about Mia wanting to go to prom with Michael, and Lilly cheating on her boyfriend initially with a busboy that Grandmere got fired, creating a city-wide strike, and eventually breaking up with Boris, who ends up dumping a globe on his head to try to get her back, but then he ends up with Tina, so that's okay. But Lilly gets really mad, which is kinda funny. I think that Lilly needs to realize that the world doesn't revolve around her. I mean, she just takes everything for granted. Like her friendship with Mia, I mean, seriously? Mia does everything that Lilly wants her to do. It's kinda annoying. Now, I'm not saying that the rest of us don't do that sometimes but still. So, Lilly has a new boyfriend. And since she created the strike, the prom is cancelled, making everyone even more upset. But then Grandmere pulls through and Mia is able to book Skinner Box, Michael's band, to play at the prom, so they get a gig and Mia gets to go to prom, even if she doesn't get to dance with Michael because he's playing, which I think is really stupid, and why would she even bother to go to prom? Like honestly, if you can't even dance with your boyfriend, then why bother??? Oh, and also in the middle of prom her mom has a baby, so then Mia has a little baby brother named Rocky, which is just adorable. And she essentially wants to raise him to be Michael, except prom loving.

  • Brooke ♥booklife4life♥
    2019-04-19 05:44

    At A GlanceGenre: Young Adult; RomanceLove Triangle/Insta Love/Obsessive?: Obsessive. Cliff Hanger: eh.Rating: 3.5 StarsScore SheetAll out of tenCover:7Plot:7Characters: 5World Building: 6Flow:7Series Congruity: 7Writing: 7Ending: 7Total: 6In DeptBest Part: I'm not sure.Worst Part: Mia is getting on my last nerve. Thoughts Had: About over this; STOP IT; Holy crap. ConclusionContinuing the Series: yesRecommending: eh.Short Review: Okay i am now 98% pissed off at Mia. I am so over hearing about stupid Micheal and shiz. Please, you're freaking 15. Dumb the college boyfriend and find someone who is your age and not "demanding" sex from you. Please be better in the next book. Review in GIF Form:

  • Izabella (pagesfullofstars)
    2019-04-16 11:13

    A re-read for the read-along with Alina :)It's my first time re-reading these books since I read them as a teenager and it's interesting to see how differently I react to them. However, I have to say that I definitely don't like the series as much as I used to and this book has been the worst so far.I don't like how Meg Cabot mentioned Asperger's syndrome here. Apart from that, Mia was even more irritating than before and I don't even know what to say about Lilly. The plot seems pointless too, since Mia is making such a huge deal of a prom which is not even hers in the first place.

  • Anna
    2019-04-11 07:10

    I love these books & am reading them all from the library. Will Mia go to the prom with Michael & will her heavily pregnant mother embaress her by telling everyone about how often she has to pee?

  • Amber
    2019-04-17 04:50

    This book plot was Mia trying to get Michael to go to prom with her. It was kind of like her ranting throughout the book by page 200 it was getting old. Still somewhat funny

  • Daniela Soria
    2019-04-19 09:56

    So there's a Rumor that Anne Hathaway is on for a 3rd Princess Diaries movie and my hopes are way up!!! This book was just as cute as the others. Can't wait to continue!

  • Dominic Carlin
    2019-04-02 06:49

    The first five books of the series cover a year in the life of a 14 year old. Perhaps - in the same way a Jack Reacher novel is a fun standalone read, but grates when you read several consecutively - I would have a better opinion of the 4th and 5th books if I'd had similar gaps to he publication schedule... I suspect not though. I'm not the target audience. We all know that. I'm not really meant to empathise too much with a 14-15 year old girl. While Mia initially felt like a fresh and innocent character, she has begun to grate, becoming extremely one note and I could really do with fewer references to bust size and Queen Amidala underwear. The books have progressively begun to lean more heavily on pop culture references, without any character development or stakes to really sustain it. It's pretty safe to say, given the blurbs for the next five books, that I'll give those a miss. That won't stop me reading the final one if it won't cost me anything though....

  • Abby
    2019-03-28 08:45

    Is the prom seriously the end-all be-all of high school stories? Mia kept whining on and on about Michael not wanting to go. Guess what, Mia? You're only a freshman! You can go when you're a senior. But I do have to admit an Empire State Building prom would be completely amazing. And might I mention how terrible of a friend Lily is? She's the worst.

  • Praniti
    2019-04-19 11:10

    I think I may just give up before I finish the series... I don't think I can complete it though I hate leaving series midway so I will try my best.

  • Sarah Azahar
    2019-04-10 06:49

    At this rate, all i want to be is a princess ruling my own principality, to be exact Genovia.

  • Kim Avila
    2019-03-24 03:50

    ***SPOILER ALLERT*** Will Mia get to wear her pink dress to prom? As she has been wanting to for the longest? I think this book is realistic-fiction . Why ? Bc i bet there is ATLEAST one girl or more who are dating someone & they think the same perspective as Michael does. Mia has been dying to go to prom . But her boyfriend thinks prom is stupid & he wasnt going . She is crushed after she hears what Michael said about prom & not going.The story takes place in New York City . Mia had been wanting for her boyfriend to ask her to prom . When they finally had the chance to talk about prom he said it was stupid & he wasnt going . She almost died after that. She finds our shes the princess of Genovia. She has to take princess lessons. Her grandma convinces her to convince the prom commity to let her boyfriend play at prom. Her grandma went on strike for their prom & they were gonna have prom after what she did. They were at prom & on one of the breaks Michael puts his hand around Mia's shoulder. She thinks they got to second base, even though she is uncertain if it counts since it was outside of her bra. She gets a call on Sunday, May 11 at 1 a.m., Mia is at the maternity ward in St. Vincent's Hospital. Not only has she become a woman tonight, she also has become a big sister! Her brother, Rocky Thermopolis-Gianini. She got to go to prom & has a brother now.A major event that changed Mia , was when her & Michael were talking about prom & he said it was stupid & he wasnt going . After that she was so mad & heart broken at a point she said "My prom dead is over. And so , i ak afraid, is my life."(pg 101) This shows how bad she is hurt. She says her dream of prom is ruined . It was like everything to her. Mia's Grandmother's motivation is for to Mia to go to prom. Mia has been wanting to go to prom that its like rhe only thing she thinks about. Mia's grandma says "Your grandfather was the same way. Do you know that if I had let it up to him , we would have been married to the clerks office and gone to the coffee shop for lunch afterward ? The man simply had no understanding of romance , let alone the public's need for PAGEANTRY" (pg 113) this shows how her grandmother doesnt want her to give up bc she knows sooner or later what she thinks is gonna happen (bad & hurtful) but little does she know the best is coming her way.I was surprised when Mia said her grandma was stricking for her prom . Like her grandma must really want Mia to be happy. It makes me really happy to see that family always want eachother to be happy & not misserable. Like they can do so much for a family member to feel happy. Bc there is some families who just dont care about eachother or what happens with one another.I forsurely give this book a 5 out of 5 , Bc its a great book for girls around the age of 11-15 bc it deals with a lot of issues girls that age would go through & understand. I would recomend this book to my friend Jennifer. Mia did get to wear her pink dress to prom as she had dreamed about , even better , she got to be with Michael the boy she loves.