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In the tradition of The Book Thief and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, a tale of sleepless nights and present day haunting, giving voice to the horrors of the Holocaust and the nature of persecution I've started to have dreams while I'm awake. I remember music I've never heard. . . . I've got all this extra stuff in my head, but I'm forgetting things from my own life. I feIn the tradition of The Book Thief and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, a tale of sleepless nights and present day haunting, giving voice to the horrors of the Holocaust and the nature of persecution I've started to have dreams while I'm awake. I remember music I've never heard. . . . I've got all this extra stuff in my head, but I'm forgetting things from my own life. I feel like I'm being taken over. One fallen angel walks the earth to bring mankind to its destruction, turning love into hate, forgiveness into blame, and hope into despair. Through the fires of hell he will come to torment one girl's dreams. Every time Cassie Farrier tries to sleep, she is plagued by visions of a death: A little girl called Zillah. A victim of the holocaust. In desperation Cassie is sent for treatment in an old manor house. There she meets other children just like her. Including Seth, who looks so familiar. Her dream becomes a nightmare—and then reality. This stunning debut from a talented young author contains controversial and thoughtful themes that teenagers can relate to, including bullying and victimization in a contemporary and historical context. With its mix of mythology, fantasy, and real-life terror, this is a book unlike any other....

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Angel's Fury Reviews

  • Sandra [the fucking book fairy]
    2019-06-22 13:54

    What's the point in gaining the world if we lose our souls?This book confused me. In a very good way. I don't like slow books... if you've been reading my reviews in the past, you would know that I freakin' hate slow paced books... but this... was worth the struggle. I loved the conclusion.I loved the character development.I loved the slow burn of this book.Also, I just have to comment on that blurb.. In the tradition of The Book Thief and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, a tale of sleepless nights and present day haunting, giving voice to the horrors of the Holocaust and the nature of persecution???????I don't think so!HOW IT BEGINSBefore my back hit the headboard I slammed on the sidelight. The bulb illuminated every corner of the room. There were no riflemen at the doorway.THE GISTPeople say you can't die in your dreams... they're wrong.Cassie have had bad dreams every since she could remember. But the bad dream seems to always be the same one. It was like a scene from a movie. It was always about a Jewish girl named Zillah, and an unknown Nazi who killed her. She wanted the dreams to stop. But so far, nothing she does make the dream go away. So when her class was had a field trip to Germany, she signed up immediately to see if she could find a place where the little girl was killed, and hopefully... get some answers on why she has been dreaming of her.If they've found the grave why hadn't my nightmares gone?She told the German authorities about the graves, the graves of the numerous Jews who were killed that day. The day that has been replaying in her head every time she sleeps. Her hunch was wrong. Her nightmare were not just about unrested souls seeking for peace. Her dreams were because of something far more complex that that.And if she wants to find out, she must isolate herself in a mansion, where people just like her for being treated for these nightmares. They might not share the same dreams, but they were all experiencing recurring nightmares. Some more severe than the others.But what were those dreams?And why were they having these dreams?THE CHARACTERSCassie Farrier: She started out pretty weak for me. I was so ready to hate her. She was a pushover and a loner. But I guess growing up with having nightmares every night is not healthy for anyone.The good thing about her was her persistence, her will. She knew she has to get better, and when the opportunity opened for her to try and cure the nightmares, she took it, even if it meant being away from her parents. I loved how Cassie's character developed throughout the book. Her development was not instant, which I think is what most YA protagonist nowadays have, the instant ability to be special. But Cassie was different. She wasn't born special. She wasn't the sole person who could save the world. No. She was just one of them, but the only difference was, she uses her head and she's determined to know the truth about them.Seth: He's sort of a pseudo-love interest, and fellow nightmare-dreamer. To be honest, I didn't like Seth. He was good-looking, yes, but he was just not lead male material to me. Between him and Cassie, I felt that he was the girl. I felt that he could have had more role to the entire thing, but no, Cassie was the mastermind of it all. And he even had this moment of weakness, which I felt was totally uncalled for. what a fucking pussy. oh well.. Pandra: Crazy mo-fo! Honestly, she's a psycho. ENOUGH SAID.Doctor Green: She's the queen mo-fo! Seriously, she scared me. I won't spoil anything on here, but really, she's a scary character.ROMANCEOh hell I'm happy. I like romance, but with books like this, romance need to be lessened, which is exactly what happened. The sort-of romance didn't overpower the main plot of the book. And honestly, Cassie deserve someone better than Seth.THUMBS UP* The plot twist was definitely a surprise. I didn't read any of the reviews for this book so I was basically going through this book blind... I had to idea what I was to be expecting, but it really worked for me. I loved it.* The ending was satisfying, but it will undoubtedly leave you asking for more.* The mythology that it came with was just good. I loved it.* Oh my god!! It mindfucked me... and I loved it.* Cassie's character development was a highlight for me because I liked seeing her grow and come out of her shell. She overcame her fear and insecurity moderately. It didn't happen in a snap, it was a process, a process that was well done in my opinion.THUMBS DOWN* The blurb!!! As I stated earlier on my review, it does not work. I don't think it clearly represented what this book was about. This book was not in anyway similar to The Book Thief, although I haven't read The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, but really... This is a freakin' paranormal book that has people dreaming about the Holocaust, but that doesn't mean that it was anyway related to the books mentioned above. This book holds its own without the mention of those two other famous literary work.* Slow start. I was putting this book off a couple of times because of the slow start, but I'm happy I didn't stop reading.* I feel that there could be more... I think the beginning dragged on more than it should, that the second part of the book seem to be struggling to pick up its pace.FINAL RAMBLINGSI liked this book.I really do.And it could have been even better. I felt it was just wrapped up too easily for me. I think there was like 15 more pages on the book, and the antagonist was still there so I was like "How the fuck is this going to end?" Surprisingly, I liked how it ended with an Epilogue. And epilogue, that was sort of a cliffhanger.If you want to see angels and demons kicking butts, then I suggest to steer away from this book. This isn't some action-packed book, it's more of a book that will make you think and guess on what will happen next.I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a good angel book, without all the fighting, killing, with romance on the side.

  • Brodie
    2019-06-11 15:41

    Cassieopia Farrier's nights have been plagued by the same recurring nightmare for her entire life. She relives a terrifying journey during the Holocaust through the eyes of a young girl named Zillah - right before she's murdered. On a school trip to Germany for her history class, Cassie becomes unsettled as she recognises certain things she's only ever seen in her dreams. Before returning home she makes an anonymous tip to the German police in hopes that maybe by bringing some peace to Zillah, her nightmares may disappear. The police make a grisly discovery but the nightmares persist and Cassie and her parents find no other solution than to send her to a Manor alongside a group of other kids, some as young as 10, each of whom are reincarnated souls and suffering their own nightmares.Each patient has a story to tell, past lives that has managed to squirm their way into their present life. They're each receiving treatment from the Doctor who runs the Manor. She's specialised in working with reincarnated souls and insists that these treatments will help them to gain better control and to release the guilt they're holding on from previous lives.But since coming to Mount Hermon, Cassie's dreams are becoming more frequent and disturbing. The Doctor says it's all part of the process - they have to get worse before they get better, right? But Cassie's not so sure. For each of the patients, it's almost as if they grew even more unsteady after coming to the Manor. Nightmares persist more frequently and the fears, feelings and traits of the lives they once lived are beginning to manifest within each of them - some more than others.The past and present soon become blurred and Cassie's begins to lose grip on who she is and who she was. Intrusive, foreign thoughts slash through her mind coupled with powerful unexplained feelings toward people she hardly knows. Her past personalities are growing more and more in control of her present personality - can she stay true to the person she is now or will her soul be overtaken by the horrors of the past?I really love the past life element. The idea of reincarnation really fascinates me, so to see it explored in a YA book? Brilliant! But scary too, having to relive those lives, the things they've done and witnessed, even their own deaths. There was one in particular where the patients past life is based on an actual person taken from a real-life sickening event in US history. That was incredible. That particular character managed to enduce a few shudder-worthy reactions from me, but at the same time.. sympathy. Because they've been twisted to morph into the evils of their past when in this life, they could have been so much more.Throughout the novel there's a sinister undertone creeping it's way to the surface and while you have your suspicions about certain characters, you're not exactly sure what their deal is just yet. They hint at something unwholly. What we're left with is an astonishing novel that tugs at your every emotion. We see explored the horrific acts humans are capable of when under the right influence and yet their power to both forgive and seek redemption.A light, sweet romance between Cassie and Seth simmered throughout the novel and to be honest, I really enjoyed it. While I love my hot, heavy and lustworthy romances, the progression of this fit comfortably with the main storyline and developed at a realistic pace. There's a few shocking hurdles thrown in that greatly complicate things between the pair, I think Bryony developed their connection wonderfully.Angel's Fury is an stunning debut novel. Bryony had me on the edge of my seat and left me shuddering at the chilling acts of the past and feeling touched by the power of humanity rising against evil. I highly recommend you add this to your wishlists and grab yourself a copy in July!

  • Charles
    2019-06-18 13:44

    I really enjoyed this book; it has big themes, a strong female heroine and its pretty dark for teenage fiction. Yet something niggled at the back of my mind, telling me that nothing I possibly say could get across how much I like Angel’s Fury.All right, so maybe I should start with the protagonist. Cassie Farrier is having nightmares, those terrible nightmares where you wake up terrified, only hers are about one-hundred times worse than anyone else’s. (Apart from the dream I had where my father drove me off the side of a multi-storey car park, that was pretty horrendous, and I refused to speak to him for a week afterwards.) Yet she soon begins to realise that what she’s seeing in her dream actually happened.There was something incredibly real about Cassie. The way she spoke, and behaved, you could imagine yourself feeling the same uncertainty, and I have to say that if I were her, I think I’d have fallen down at the first hurdle. The characterisation of Cassie could have gone way over the top, yet it didn’t, she did what all teenagers do when they think there’s something wrong with them: she hid it. She kept everything bottled up, and I think this is another reason I enjoyed Cassie’s character.The book also has an incredibly fast-pace. If you wanted to, you could finish it within a few hours. This was another of those books where I held my breath and didn’t realise I was doing so until I was completely out of breath. It encompasses a thriller, a romance and fantasy fiction, as well as making the reader debate about the possibility of reincarnation.You might be shying away at the mention of romance in teenage novel, but in this novel, it’s tentative, and isn’t the be all and end all of the world. Seth and Cassie’s lives are intertwined in a big way, but there’s a rather hefty question over whether they can be together or not, and I was pleased how Pearce handled the relationship, and the repercussions their past lives have on them now.There are a great many cultural references that give the characters depth. Cassie isn’t reading Wuthering Heights she’s reading a Meg Cabot novel, and in my opinion this is much more believable for a teenager. Then we have the mention of Blackadder Goes Forth, and its finale, and how it would affect Cassie, and that, to me, was just brilliant.Throughout the novel, I was unsure who Cassie could trust. Pearce keeps the reader waiting until the last possible moment before revealing who the villain of the piece is, and it was a big ‘oh yeah, I should have seen that coming moment.’A brilliant YA novel.

  • Faye Oliver
    2019-05-30 14:53

    As soon as I saw this book was "In the tradition of The Book Thief" I reserved it in a second! When I went to the library and saw it was available for collection I was really excited to begin reading.I am disappointed.This book had so much potenntial! The idea of a girl having a memories, nightmares of a past life is in my opinion a really unique idea. For me, the writing was rather distant and boring at points. I didn't think the parents were realistic, like I understood that they were desperate to help their daughter, but some of the choices they made were plain silly. Don't get me wrong the book was all right but it was nothing to scream about and I felt like it COULD have been. It's so frustrating to see an amazing premise overshadowed by unemotional writing. Cassie's thoughts in italics drove me nearly crazy. There was no need for it to be in italics. Cassie and Seth's sexual frustration made me laugh, it was so random. Also Cassie seem to do a lot of things 'unthinkingly' like putting her hand on his pyjama trousers. The epilogue was pointless, I thought It should have ended with the last line of the last chapter. What happened in the epilogue was irrelevant. I'm really annoyed I feel like the book was missing something, I was waiting and waiting for something fun to happen and my waiting only came to an end when I realised the book was finished. I feel so unsatisfied. The language The bits I did like was that I could see how having no sleep was deeply affecting Cassie. Also I thought the Doctor was one hell of a strange woman which was no doubt what the Author had intended. Apart from that, I felt like I didn't even read the book because nothing has hooked itself into my mind. To conclude I, myself wouldn't recommend the book but as their are a lot of good reviews on Good Reads maybe it would be worth reading to see what you would gain from the book.

  • Jade Walker
    2019-06-24 10:47

    Original review at http://inkscratchers.blogspot.comThis book may have you fooled, you might expect Angel's Fury to be about angels, specifically furious angels. Yes, there is one furious angel and yes there is some content about angels, but let me clear this up; that part doesn't come into play until quite late in the book, which really did confuse me for a while.So warnings about false advertising aside, I actually really did enjoy this book! What I totally loved about Angel's Fury was how amazing the plotting was. Bryony Pearce obviously had a clear plot planned out for this book, as she establishes the story and the circumstances on page one and executes it fantastically to it's conclusion right at the end, adding an epilogue at the end which ties up some loose ends but also leaves this book open for further development. As far as I know this book is a stand alone, but there is totally space for a sequel!I also loved the characters. I really liked Cassie from page one, she really is a great character, a little reckless, a little clumsy and very strong. We really see her grow as well, which I loved to see. I quite liked the other characters too. I found the romantic interest, Seth, nice enough. While he is described as gorgeous (I quite like guys with long hair!) and he has his really hot, swoon worthy moments he doesn't quite make my 'I wish he was my boyfriend' list. I liked the relationship between Cassie and Seth, there is chemistry from the first time they see each other, and the relationship doesn't take over the whole book but instead takes a backseat, coming out at the right times but not detracting from the actual plot.I really enjoyed this author's writing. She seemed so convincing as a teenage girl and the emotion and description was fantastic. While her writing doesn't stand out in the way of some YA authors that I read just for their writing style, there is definitely something unique about Bryony Pearce's voice that I really enjoyed reading.There are religious themes in this book, but they are very minor and I don't think they would offend anybody. While the religion is lesser, I would compare the themes to The Devil's Kiss by Sarwat Chadda, which, stangely is an author that is mentioned in the acknowledgements!There are a few little bits that bothered me; I didn't like Cassie's name (Cassiopeia), I don't like when authors give a character a fancy or outrageous name without it meaning something, I like the name Cassie, but hate the name Cassiopeia. Also, I was a bit confused when on page 53 a video showing Cassie at two years old is stated to have been filmed in 1984, but on page 246, Cassie says that she was born in 1992, I suppose the 1984 was a typo, but it confused me for a little while before I figured it out.Overall, Angel's Fury was not what I was expecting, but I still totally enjoyed it. I would recommend this to all YA fans. This book is gripping and powerful, with an unpredictable plot, a thrilling climax and a strong heroine.Overall rating: B+

  • Kai
    2019-06-10 13:48

    Full review posted at Amaterasu ReadsNo solace can be found in Cass' slumber, as every night after sleepless night is filled with nightmares. Each night Cass dreams of a Jewish child named Zillah, and her death in the hands of the Nazis. Why she dreams of her she doesn't know, but when a trip to Hopfingen brings her to the same location in her dreams, and other details she thought was just a part of her imagination became real, and finding out that she speaks fluent German before she ever learned to speak English as a toddler, Cass knew she needed help. Going to Mount Hermon and seeking help of a doctor specializing in dreams seems the only way, but as Cass finds out more about her dreams and how it's related to her past lives, she also uncovers a terrifying prophecy that just might set her free or end her life.Do you believe in reincarnation? I'm not sure I do. Dreaming about vivid things is one thing, but dreaming about your past life is a separate thing I've yet to believe. Cass makes sleeping seem like a terrifying thing to do. A girl who's haunted by visions she can't understand. Cass thought she was a freak and it scares her so much to think that she's losing her mind. Seth was an unconventional male lead. He's no shiny, knight in shining armor, nor a hero. He was just a boy suffering through violent, dark dreams like Cass. He might have been the "boy next door" type if his dreams didn't take so much away from him. Readers will be able to feel the struggle of each character while getting to know them, and won't be able to help but connect with them, no matter how much near they are in losing their grip of their individual realities.The doctor and the other teenagers who suffers the same way as Cass felt like a demented, twisted version of X-Men, where children with powers are trained, the strongest trait of their previous life honed, to be used for a much more sinister purpose. Pandra is the poster child for an evil prodigy, and I have to admit she alone made the hairs at the back of my next stand up in fear.I didn't make the connection to the title until I was nearing the end of the book. Reading Angel's Fury is like a treasure hunt, you get clues about what happens next but you have to wait and see what you can find out as you flip through from page to page. The truths about what Cass, Seth and the others were unraveled in great timing (just when you think you wouldn't have any clue why they were there) and the story felt complete from there.Bryony Pearce takes the readers into a chilling, psychological ride, where Angels and Nephilim exists, desperately searching for redemption from Him. A one of a kind, original novel, Angel's Fury is a heart stopping story with a vulnerable, yet determined heroine, well-developed characters and a steady plot!

  • Lyra Gill
    2019-06-10 18:50

    This review is originally posted here.Cassie Farrier is a girl who has nightmares when she sleeps. Every night, she dreams about the violent death of a little Jewish girl named Zillah at the hands of a Nazi. She can't control the dreams - she can't stop them no matter what she does, and she's done everything. Fervently hoping for the dreams to cease, Cassie travels to Germany - the site of Zillah's death - but things only get worse. Out of sheer desperation, Cassie's parents enlist the help of a doctor who informs Cassie that her dreams are actually memories of past lives, and that she can help Cassie get rid of them once and for all. However, Cassie soon realizes that the doctor is not who she seems...Remember how I talked about books that you can't stop thinking about after you finish them? (I know, I know, you probably don't, but humor me for a bit here!) Well, this book is one of them. I finished reading Angel's Fury a few hours ago, and I just can't stop thinking about it. It's hauntingly good - scenes that Bryony Pearce described with such detail are still flashing through my head, and I bet they will be doing just that for at least a couple more days. I can't help but marvel at the never-before-seen premise this book offers to us readers... I've never read anything like it, and I don't think I will.Honestly, upon picking up the book, I didn't know what to expect - the blurb didn't really shed a light on what the book will be about (other than the fact that an angel will come into play) but I was gripped from the very first chapter. I was turning the pages as quick as I can, devouring each word, taking in each scene, that I soon forgot the promised angel. Let me tell you right here - the angel part of the story doesn't come into the story until the latter part of the book, but don't be disheartened - the plot of this book will keep you in the edge of your seat. As a matter of fact, I will be very surprised if you don't finish this book in one sitting.What impressed me the most about Angel's Fury (other than the plot, which I cannot even fathom how to rave about) is Pearce's writing. The raw emotion she put into her scenes - whether be it through Cassie's eyes or through one of Cassie's past lives' - is just... overwhelming. Her words reverberate with this quiet intensity that will surely make you think about them later, and I certainly did just that.I know my review's a little cryptic, but I really don't want to spoil anything for you guys! Trust me - just grab a copy of Angel's Fury, sit somewhere comfortable, and read. You won't regret it, and I guarantee that you'll enjoy reading this book!

  • Jennifer Oliveira
    2019-06-21 18:02

    (might contain some spoilers) When I picked this book from all the others in the store I thought I was going to read something about angels. Sure, this book has angels (one actually), but it isn't the main focus of the story and I thought it was when I first read the title. When I started reading Angel's Fury I was instantly sucked into the story. I couldn't put the damn thing down and the plot hadn't even started to develop! Cass is a good character: I could feel her sadness and her desperate search for being 'normal'. I was so focused and intrigued I read more than half the book the day I bought it. And I finished it the day after. It wasn't the nightmares, or the evil angel or the main plotline that intigued me the most, though. When Cass got out of the car the first time she saw the mansion and Seth was there to help her and they connected almost instantly I thought 'Oh hell, please let this not be one of those books that have the boy and the girl fall in love and make out in a heartbeat', and that was my main concern...Even though I still think their relationship progressed too quickly, it was far more interesting than many of those I read in any other book. Even though they did 'make out' (if you can really call it that), they never put a label on their relationship, they were never boyfriend and girlfriend but they were still obviously into each other... I like that.Seth, however, is a character I thought regressed. He started out as my favourite right after Cass, because he was there for the girl when no one else was, and he borrowed the dvd's and agreed to help her and all of that. But the scene that made me start disliking him was when he blamed her for what her past life did...It broke my heart, really. And as for the way he regressed in terms of the way the author wrote, I think she payed him almost zero attention at the end of the book and I would've liked to see them get together after all that happened, or at least talk it through.As for the main plotline, I have no complains. It has a great theme that we don't see much in YA books and I loved it. It was one of my favourite books. I highly recommend it. Oh and here's a video I made for them...the first on youtube actually :)

  • Anna (Enchanted by YA)
    2019-06-08 14:47

    2.5 STARSFirst things first is the plot. And to be honest I wasn’t really impressed. It was imaginative and original with a storyline that sounded so promising but while I can’t say it was farfetched (excluding the angel parts (that’s not a spoiler by the way because just look at the title...)) it didn’t fit together properly, in my opinion and that killed it for me. The brainwashing of young minds was disturbing but I was always trying to connect it to the title and synopsis, until I actually figured out what was going on and what would happen next at which point I had lost a lot of my original interest.The idea of reincarnation was I think what kept me reading (and the hope something dramatic would happen because of it). The idea of past lives filled with atrocities including murder; catching up to the present is enthralling. Especially the way they can twist the person into half versions of themselves and half the evils of their past so they lead lives that they otherwise wouldn’t have. You were always wondering how much the past had taken over each person so there was a dark atmosphere following the events in this novel.The characters on the other hand were really great most of the time. They all had a lot of hidden depth including the main protagonist Cassie. She is barely functioning and tired, but not just because of her lack of sleep. The nightmares are taking their toll on her body and spirit and when she uses books as her way of escape you can relate to her in a way I haven’t found I could in the last few book protagonists I’ve read about. Even with this though there could have been better relationships developed, between her and the other characters, and more emotion other than the usual tiredness.Pearce’s writing was very basic and that’s why it didn’t make me feel as emotionally involved as I like to be in a book and its characters. Even with a great idea behind it, it lacked the execution that leads to a thrilling story. I understand other people love it (just look at the amount of positive reviews) but in my head I was always saying “it would be better if...”Posted on:

  • Charlotte Phillips
    2019-06-24 10:58

    Well that certainly wasn't what I was expecting. I think when I picked up the book I was expecting a full on fantasy sort of thing, like angels and demons and such. i never ever expected to read what I did, but I felt that it was wonderfully well done, well expressed and that it held a lot of power and imagination within the lines. I love reading about the world war times, simply for the fact that those times do hold a lot of emotions within them. But this was more about reincarnation and remembered the past lives through dreams, or rather nightmares. Psychiatrists always say that our dreams are de ja vu memories of our past, of things that we have already lived, but what if these are forced onto us. What if we are forced to remember the dreams merely to carry out the plan of someone elses.I felt that the story held a lot of creative imagination within it, but that the historical detail of it and the fantasy detail of it was well expressed in a very thought provoking and engaging sense. It was predictable in a huge sense, in that you knew the doctor was evil, and that she was up to something, but you weren't really sure just how evil she was and what her evil progressed into. Therefore, the book still held this huge sense of mystery to it that makes the reader want to carry on reading through the pages. I also liked the fact that a romance was hinted within the novel, and yet that the something never occured at all. The characters were well described and when you read about them you almost seemed to imagine as crazy people in a mental home. Perhaps though is just the image that I have built from my own time in a hospital setting that was residential.I do feel that the book has potential to become a series, but I wonder if perhaps the plot would then become boring and dull. After all something else has to occur with these nightmares, and with the doctor and the memories and such? Can it really all just end like that without a real sort of conclusion. This was a very refreshing sort of read though, one that was fantasy and yet at the same time wasnt fantasy. Refreshing, new and different. one to read if you like fantasy to meet history.

  • Kara-karina
    2019-06-13 16:50

    4.75/5Another good British author, and she even lives in Peak District, which is not that far from me, yay!First of all, disregard Goodreads synopsis - it's very misleading. There is no "boy she comes to love", there is a boy Cassie likes and he likes her, but don't expect Romeo&Juliet. The story is harsh, gritty, original and keeps you tense... yeah, you can see that I've thoroughly enjoyed it!Cassie suffers from brutal nightmares all her life. In her dreams she sees few Jewish families in Nazi Germany being murdered along with a little Jewish girl. She is that girl, and every night she dies. No wonder, Cassie looks like crap, and her grades at school are bad, and she has no friends...When her school goes on a trip to Germany, they happen to get to that particular city where Jewish girl lived, and Cassie hoping that a proper burial will help her to get rid of her nightmares gives an anonymous tip to the police about a place with murdered families bodies.However her nightmares only get worse. At last her parents contact a doctor who specialises on past life experiences, and Cassie gets to go to her private research facility where the doctor will try to end her nightmares.Cassie meets up with other teenagers who suffer from the same condition and nothing in the clinic seems right. After an investigation with her new friends Cassie finds out the real goal of the doctor....Hope I didn't give away too much. I loved the story, and the end begged for a new book. There is not much paranormal in this book, but what is there is spooky and written really well. The characters are excellent, and everything is just so well done. I'm impressed!

  • Jackie
    2019-06-09 16:51

    WHAT?? OH COME ON! This is the 2nd time I've read a book that is really, really, really good and deserves HAD TO HAVE a fucking sequel, and WOOSSHHH! There goes my "reincarnations"... DAMN! You guys are much crueler (is that even a word?) than AZAEL *pout*I mean, a lot of books doesn't deserve to have a sequel. They're stories varies from love-at-first-sight kind of romance, annoying heroine, stoic heroes, useless friends, OH-SO-COMMON plot, yaddah yaddahhh yadddahhh, and yet, they've managed to have one, two, and THREE! But this, THIS is so OHHHHHSOMME! Angel's Fury deserves a book TWO!And oh, before I forget, WHAT THE HELL WITH THE 3.79 RATING?? ARE PEOPLE NOWADAYS BLIND?? Please, to those who would like to read this but is having a second thought because of that IDIOT rating, please, DO IGNORE IT! P.S. My gifs. isn't working .. could somebody tell me why ??

  • Elena Love
    2019-06-09 19:08

    alright... i just finished reading the book and i have to say that i expected something much was a really good book but it could be really amazing if the whole story wasn't so confusing and complicated...cause i barely understood what happened and while i was reading got more complicated and i was really was pretty good though and that's why i'm giving it four stars instead of three...especially in the first chapters where she has those nightmares about that girl who was murdered and she went to germany for a school trip and she found out that,the place where they spent their trip was actually the same place where all those people were was really really creapy...if we don't consider the fact that it was confusing, it was a really good book and i'm thinking about reading it again in a few weeks,maybe i'll be able to fully understand what has actually happened...

  • Tanja (Tanychy) St. Delphi
    2019-06-21 17:05

    It's actually 4.5 stars, I just can't give 5.This book hasn't blown my mind, or anything, but still I appreciate when some book has different story, different from other book I've read. First part of book was, let's say, a bit boring. But second one was really interesting. Perhaps writer should focus on all that story about dreams, reincarnation and Azael but for the first book is really god.It was nice reading, interesting subject, only if the writing was better this could be perfect. This way I really liked it.

  • S.S.
    2019-06-01 10:53

    I originally bought this on the strength of the title and the cover alone. I thought both were really cool and something that appealed to me. I had a phase a few years ago where I read a lot of YA books involving angels, by authors like Lauren Kate, Becca Fitzpatrick and L. A. Weatherly. I still love those authors now and I still have a soft spot for angel books. As such, I am so glad that I picked this book up and gave it a chance, even though I had no idea what the actual storyline was. It involves past-life regression and WWII Germany. Most people who know me know that I am interested in both Germany as a country and in WWII (grim as war actually is.) So this book appealed to me. Kudos on all the German in this book too, because I can actually speak some German. ALthough I'm not fluent, I could follow the majority of the German in this book really well. I liked the fact that there was very little romance in this book, too. The plot itslef was really interesting and i liked how the author wrote, as well. Very descriptive phrasings throughout which was really nice. All in all, I really liked this book and will be reading it again.

  • Sinamile
    2019-05-30 14:45

    Contains SPOILERS Angel's Fury is mediocre at best. The story barely moves from one chapter to the next. It's so damn slow. I could literally skip whole paragraphs without really missing out on anything, I could just read all the dialogue and I'd still know what's going on. I don't want to say it's boring, I but it kind of is. It really only starts going in the last few chapters, I did enjoy those chapters.All the characters are bland, none of them are memorable, none of them did anything that would make me remember them three hour from now without looking through the book. I read the book, spent days read through it, but the only characters I remember are Cassie, Seth and Pandra. The only reason I even remember Pandra is because I was holding out hope that she and Cassie would get together. Even when Pandra turns out to be too taken over by her past life I was still holding out hope, thinking that Cassie might talk her out of her past life and they'd get together, live happily ever after as girlfriends with a shared life experience for errant past lives trying to take over current lives. But sadly, it didn't happen.Seth is instead the love interest, he is one of the most boring love interests I have ever had to read about. There's no vavavoom or anything. I'm not even sure if Seth was supposed to be a love interest because he was just THERE. I feel like his love interest badge was placed there just to add a little more drama to the pinch of salt flavouring that was happening in this book.I mean, sure, he was a change from the brooding/mysterious guy who doesn't like MC for some reason, but then whooop, it might actually be that, just that it only happens in the last chapters of the book when his and Cassie's past lives are revealed.I. Don't. Know.Seriously though, why were the other characters even written into this book? They did NOTHING the entire time, like they were just there to add surface area to the book, they didn't push the story forward, didn't make it more interesting, I don't even remember most of their names, I mean I remember Max and I think he was American, but who even knows! And why did Pandra kidnap Lenny? Coz he's the smallest of the group? Also, why the heck was this poor baby always being tortured by everyone? I mean, honestly, why? Because he's whiny and weak? HE'S TEN YEARS OLD! He's a child! What do you expect a ten year old child living in a prison like place to act like? Good heavens!(You may notice that I have strong feelings about Lenny, enough to remember his name)Oh, and again WTF WAS EVEN THE USE OF THE OTHER CHARACTERS!?? WHY WAS THIS STORY SET IN THIS PLACE??? LITERALLY NONE OF THE STAFF IS MENTIONED BY NAME! WHY ARE THE NURSES NOT FREAKED OUT BY THE DOCTOR'S METHODS???? WHY DOES THIS READ LIKE FALLEN!???? (sorry about the all caps, but guys!)Guys, guys! Honestly?They really tried it with us in this story, hey. I'm so disappointed in it. Between this and Fallen I don't know what I was expecting. Fallen didn't do the past lives thing well enough either (that was is kinda sitting in the DNF pile for now, maybe I'll go back and finish it, just because my anxiety won't let me sit knowing I have a book I haven't finished reading). It was rough.And I'm going to ask again: WHAT WAS THE USE OF THE OTHER CHARACTERS?? They're literally only mentioned doing like two things, they help not at all, miss the big revelation, don't get cured in the end like Cassie and Seth, and I don't know, they just disappear. Two of them get mentioned in the Epilogue but it's such a throwaway comment thing, it doesn't even matter. I don't even know what happened with the others, where they ended up. Did everyone go home? Did they find new doctors to help them. Did the cops get involved? What about Lenny? A whole child got kidnapped and thrown in a pit of dead animals and he doesn't get mentioned again. Even Pandra gets a passing mention at the end guys, just that, just an 'I don't know where she is, probably off to find the other children'. Excuse me, what?Look, I don't expect Cassie to suddenly be the great angel hunter, keeping tabs on everyone's whereabouts, but I would've liked to know what ended up happening to the CHILD THAT WAS KIDNAPPED AND THE OWN INTO A PIT OF DEAD ANIMALS! But nothing, no mention? He gets zero mentioned? Nada? Woooow.But this book, this book is filled with so many clichés I think I'd win at the YA Cliché Bingo Card. No guys, seriously, I'm pretty sure I'd win, it goes right down to 'Hero rips off top for no reason'. It's a mess. I might forgive the book a little bit because it was written in 2011 but WOW, there are certain things that I can't forgive, like the surface area increasers and how everyone was hating on the little boy who was scared and alone in a house filled with teenagers. Wow guys, it was tough. But I read it and I got through it all and I would not like to go through it again. Anyway, I apologize again for the all caps. That's all!2 🌟

  • Paige Carlarne-Hall
    2019-06-23 15:43

    I really didn't enjoy this book. I got a couple chapters in and I couldn't carry on. Maybe I didn't give it enough time however if a book doesn't drag me in then I can't carry on reading.

  • Vania
    2019-06-08 15:46

    so angel's fury is the book that i tried to avoid since the day one but i finally decided to read it and it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. i must admit that the beginning is a bit confusing but it gets better. i'm not gonna make a "résumé" of the book 'cause i'm pretty lazy. it was a good book and i really enjoyed it. the kind of book you'd pick up just like that when you're feeling bored and you need to pass the time.

  • Serendipity Reviews
    2019-05-31 19:01

    Well this was a rather dark book that I really wasn't expecting! Very good, but very dark. In fact, the story line completely took me by surprise as I was expecting something along the lines of Fallen or Hush, Hush, where the angel falls in love with the beautiful but flawed girl. Although there is a little bit of a love interest in the book, it is just a fraction of the story. The angel is this book is a nasty piece of work, hell bent on revenge after thousands of years. Not one you would as your guardian in times of need. Out of all the angel books I have read, (and there seem to be a lot of them) the flavour of this book reminded me more of Anne Rice's Angel Time than any other. It has that dark, historical tone to it, which really made the book stand out from the others. Told from the point of view of Cassie, a young girl who suffers from horrific repetitive dreams, who has come to a point where she cannot cope anymore. Her parents no longer able to watch her suffer, decide to tell her the truth about elements of her past. After showing her a video of when she was little, it becomes quite obvious that Cassie is an old soul, who has experienced many life times which are now repeatedly haunting her. These life times were filled with violence and hatred and it is no wonder the poor girl cannot sleep. Within the book there are lots of references to World War II where we witness the suffering of the Jews at the hands of the Nazi's. This was quite difficult to read at times and played with my emotions quite a bit. I tend to steer clear of books that deal with the suffering that occurred as they just upset me too much. However, the author isn't too graphic with her descriptions, so you only get a sense of what occurred. There is a religious undertone to the book, but as my knowledge of the Bible is limited, I couldn't tell you if the information provided was true or not. I really felt for the children in the book, who were supposedly being treated for their unusual conditions. Their parents had paid for them to be kept at the facility and left them hoping that their children would be cured. They were completely unaware of any torturous behaviour that might have occurred. These children suffered at the hands of evil. I was a little slow to work out who was the antagonist within the book, even though they were blatantly waving out at me from the pages. I think the reason I struggled was because of the author's clever use of gender that had me completely fooled.I did enjoy reading this book and found myself reading so fast, my note taking got sidelined and aborted. I think this was definitely an original and cleverly written story. I don't think I have read anything quite like it and it really gave the angel genre a new twist to it. What I also enjoyed about this book, was it's stand alone status. The story was wrapped up and I felt I knew everything I needed to know. In this day and age, stand alone novels are become more extinct than the dodo!This book made me grateful that when I turn the light out and lay my head on the pillow, I sleep peacefully!A promising debut from an author who I know has lots more to offer us in the future.

  • Michelle (Fluttering Butterflies)
    2019-05-30 13:52

    Angel's Fury by Bryony Pearce felt very different to everything I've been reading lately. There were parts to it that were quite difficult to read with some dark and almost menacing aspects to the storyline, but it was also really easy to fall into the story and empathise with the characters.Cassie has an unusual problem. Every night, she is plagued with nightmares. For as long as she can remember, Cassie has witnessed the death of a young Jewish girl, Zillah, in Germany during WWII. Cassie sees and feels everything about Zillah's tragic death and despite everything she has tried, Cassie can not rid of herself of seeing this poor girl's face.It can be quite hard reading of some of Cassie's experiences, both with the exhaustion she feels after getting very little sleep due to nightmares, but also the treatment she recieves from classmates. She's picked on quite a bit for being different and you can sense the isolation that Cassie feels. After a school trip to Germany confirms that the nightmares about Zillah were in fact historically accurate, Cassie begins to feel like perhaps there's a message hidden in the nightmares. Maybe by helping Zillah in some small way, Cassie will be cured of her night terrors. But it isn't quite that simple.Instead, Cassie is sent to get help from a rather terrifying and quite strict doctor who specialised in the treatment of patients with past lives, where she comes into contact with other exhausted children and teenagers who share the same predicament. What Cassie learns there is both terrifying and disturbing.Angel's Fury really had me gripped right from the beginning. Once I started, I was loathe to put this book down, so eager was I to learn of the mystery that surrounds Cassie's dreams. I haven't included the product description in this interview, because I feel it to be slightly spoilerish, so if it's possible, I'd recommend not reading the back of the book! Having said that, there are other mysteries to solve and though the clues are there, I didn't pick up on on them at all until it is revealed to Cassie! I absolutely adore books that are able to surprise me so completely as Angel's Fury did.Angel's Fury is a wonderful read. It's an interesting premise - that the knowledge of previous lives is not a positive thing at all, but something that is quite destructive and difficult to live with. I felt quite sorry for Cassie, being in such a terrible position, both physically and socially. During the course of the book, she meets some really interesting characters and some of the psychological treatment from the Doctor are really fascinating to witness.Though romance is not a major factor of the storyline, there is still a very sweet and subtle love interest that was present and complicated enough to make me very happy. My only minor complaint with Angel's Fury is that I kind of wish that the elements that are present at the end were a little more apparent in the beginning and middle of the book as well. Otherwise, top read!

  • Precious
    2019-06-12 13:55

    Originally posted at Fragments of Life.For as long as Cassie could remember, she had dreams about death and violence. Every night, she relived the horrifying scene. She was restless and troubled. But she still had to live her life, study and make the most out of everything. When she went to Germany, she came face-to-face with a world that she visited every night in her dreams. While in Germany, her dreams came with a renewed intensity and ferocity that she did not expect. Pearce’s writing was hypnotic. The terror, creepy vibe of it washed over me in waves. The fast pace only intensified the eeriness of Angel’s Fury. Soon I was flipping through the pages. The reincarnation theme in this novel was backed up by a really good twist on the usual mythology. When Cassie went to Mount Hermon, she found out about the truths behind her dreams and that she was not alone with her struggle. There were other people at the facility too, some of them even younger than her. Each one of them had their own burden.But the treatment that was supposed to cure her was doing the opposite. Cassie felt that she was unraveling. She was losing herself, being taken over, and foreign things filled her mind day and night. The Doctor said that she was making good progress. But could she really trust the Doctor after everything she had seen and experienced in Mount Hermon?Cassie found herself attracted to Seth. He was the friendly, charming type who seemed like a big brother to all the other kids there at Mount Hermon. There was a little surge of electricity between them. It was a good start to a budding romance. I was emotionally invested in Cassie and even Seth. The characters were well-developed. It was so easy to like them. During their stay in Mount Hermon, I was worried. The Doctor appeared to be keeping secrets from them. Pandra, the longest-staying patient, treated the Doctor’s words like gospel. That kind of dedication was too intense that it was scary. Things were always interesting inside the facility. I always found something that piqued my interest. Sometimes I was amused, sometimes I was overwhelmed.Angel’s Fury is a breath of fresh air, an original and intriguing take on angels and nephilim. Compelling, haunting and heart-pounding, Angel’s Fury will satisfy readers with its smooth plot, strong heroine, psychological touch and its tale of cycles, hope, and redemption. I highly recommend this to readers of paranormal and angel enthusiasts!

  • Reading Teen
    2019-06-08 15:46

    I really had no idea what Angel's Fury was about when I started reading it. I assumed it was about Angels, but I didn't actually read the synopsis (I don't like to be spoiled), so I wasn't sure. As I started reading, I became totally mesmerized by Cassie's dreams about Zillah, and the horrible things that happened to her. As the story progresses and different things are revealed and understood, I began to realize that this book is not your typical Angel book.There are so many things that I enjoyed about Angel's Fury. Part historical fiction, part paranormal, and part psychological thriller, it kept me interested on many different levels. As Cassie has dreams of Nazi Germany, we often see back in time to World War II, getting glimpses of the horrors that one Jewish girl faced. The paranormal elements were just as fascinating. Although I don't personally believe in past lives, I still found it exciting to try to figure out who each of the kids at the manor were in their former lives, and how that affected (effected?) them in this life. I also really liked reading the Angel "lore" that was present. There were lots of biblical-ish references and a different Angel mythology than I've ever heard before. I think my favorite part, though, was the psychological thriller aspect. There were things in this book that seriously gave me the chills!! Can you say psycho creepy doctor?! I feel like if this book were made into a movie, it could easily be one of those eery, suspenseful thrillers like Shutter Island.On top of all this, there was also an element of romance, which you know I'm always happy about. I liked that even though Cassie and Seth seemed familiar to each other, and there was an instant attraction, they still actually took time to develop feelings. I didn't feel like it was insta-love, which I'm thankful for. I appreciated how strong Cassie was as a main character, and also how strong Seth was, considering all that he had to overcome.Overall, I thought this book was a fantastic and unique read and I'd definitely recommend picking it up. It's actually published by Egmont UK, and has some pretty rad (;-P) British slang, which always puts a smile on my face. But it is available on Amazon (CHEAP!) for the US and on Kindle, so don't let that stop you from checking it out!

  • Emma
    2019-06-14 13:49

    I like books about past lives - especially when it becomes a (kind of) teen paranormal romance. But it also had a hint of history, real and myth - with a touch of crime and mystery. It was nice and refreshing that this story was based in the UK. To begin with I thought it would be another novel set in America with places I had never been and did not know. But I was surprised to see the place Milton Keynes. I felt this book reminded me of L J Smiths Dark Vision and Kirsten Millers' The Eternal Ones. Both booked I very much enjoyed.Basically the jist of the story is a group of children (ranging from the age of 10 to around 16/17) have recurring nightmares of past lives. The main character in this book Cassie (Short for the star constellation cassieopeia) has a recurring nightmare about a young girl who is hunted by a soldier and murdered point blank. She so happens to visit the scene of the crime (which occurred during the Second World War) on her school history trip. What she once thought was a simple, yet terrifying nightmare, actually seems to be coming true as the town she visits is the area in which the crime was committed. The visions are so strong and exhausting that soon her parents show her that she has been having these visions since a young age. Her first language as a small child being German instead of English. No she is not adopted much to the hope she held for that notion, instead she is taking aspects of her strongest memory of her previous life and unconsciously living it today.When they consult a doctor she is taken to a facility where other children have the same 'condition' and are being treated by a very suspicious doctor, who has many alterior motives and identities.All comes to a head when the truth is discovered, not only about the doctor but also about themselves, and the link they have to fallen angels and the creation of the world and God.This was my type of book, but I didn't feel as hooked and interested as I thought I did. I wonder if it is because it reminded me of other books I have read in the past, and the fact that it reminded me of other authors. It wasn't an original idea, well not all of it, but it was an enjoyable, mysterious and dark paranormal romance, which promises to be a good series.

  • Kirsty
    2019-06-12 10:42

    Angel's fury was a totally different kind of book. Not quite romance, not historical, not a thriller but a weirdly satisfying combination of the different genres that worked really well. The press release compares it to the book thief, which is fairly accurate in its style and tone but not necessarily in content or storyline as such, but if I had to compare it to another book that would be the book I would probably compare it to as I would say for me they had a similiar feel to them.The book's main protagonist Cassie is a teenage girl who has dreams which are terrifying and nearly always violent and she is desperate to find a way to stop them. Whilst on a visit to Germany a chain of memories are stirred in her which leads to a chain of events which make her realise that the dreams are actually scenes from her past lives that she is now remembering and she starts the hunt for someone to help her to get them to stop.The solution to solve her problem appaers to come from a specialist doctor who runs a facility for young people with past life experiences. Cassie moves into the Manor in the hope that she can find the respite she so desperately is after but ends up dealing with a much wider and more sinister problem along with the manor's other residents as the treatment they are often becomes more and more extreme and Cassie experiences increasingly more frequent and more disturbing dreams.I loved the ideas behind this book. I thought it was clever and well thought out and original in its execution. I loved seeing and hearing about the characters past life experiences and how they affected each of the residents of the manor differently. As the story goes on it becomes clear that the children have been brought together because of something far greater at work than them. Again the ideas behind this were quite good and I enjoyed seeing how it all pieced together.To sum up this is a uniquely different read from a brilliantly promising British debut author. It is well worth a read and one I would thoroughly recommend.

  • Ana
    2019-06-05 15:51

    First of all: “In the tradition of The Book Thief and The Boy in the in Striped Pajamas”. No, I really don’t think so. Though in the beginning we start with a second world war theme, and albeit this subject is always present as background story, the focus isn’t in the horrors of the war. So, throughout the book Pearce addresses themes of the supernatural, namely religion and reincarnation. This, combined with a teenage heroine who is trying to figure out who she is (and who she was in the other life), and how to lead with a curse she doesn’t understand but that affects tremendously her life, worked really well and I simply loved it.I loved the fact that Cassie is a down-to-earth girl; her parents are so real to me, they made a huge financial effort for her to get better, I think my parents would have done the same thing; I liked Seth a lot and was always hoping he would “show up”; Pandra was a mysterious and unpredictable character to me.The really sad and distressing part was when it was over… I wish it had a few more pages developing how everything turned out for them. I wish there was a second book, and I think that would be perfectly reasonable since not all the “work” is done for Cassie and Seth and there’s undeniably more space for another villain to rise up and pursue the work of her mentor.I’m really happy I came across this book. I’ve never heard of it when I bought it (it was at a really good, low price), so I had no expectations. It was a great surprise, and I would have read it more swiftly if I had more time available… Still, it was very hard to put it down, and every free time I had for myself I was picking it up and when I didn’t had that chance I was always wondering: what will Cassie discover next? And what will she do about it?This book made me want to read the other book Bryony Pearce wrote asap. And this time I’ll have the highest expectations while reading it.

  • Sarah
    2019-06-09 18:49

    Cassie suffers horrific and vivid nightmares that make her terrified of falling asleep as she knows she will wake up screaming. Suffering with sleep deprivation she is finding it hard to cope but things come to a head on a school trip to Germany when she realises there is more to her nightmares than she ever could have expected. Returning home things are worse than ever and her parents are forced to reveal a secret they've been keeping from her. They have strong evidence that Cassie's dreams are in fact memories from previous lives. Cassie makes the decision to seek out a doctor who specialises in people with past life experiences and for the first time she meets people who have similar issues to her. As her treatment progresses and her symptoms get worse instead of better Cassie starts to wonder if everything at the clinic is really what it seems.I have to say that Angel's Fury was nothing like what I was expecting but I mean that in a good way. I'm not sure why I thought it was going to be a fairly typical paranormal romance but I'm very pleased to have been proved incorrect and the story is so much more than that. Although there is a little romance that is by far one of the smaller elements of the story. Instead Bryony Pearce gives us a supernatural thriller with touches of historical fiction and a dash of romance.The story is fast paced, has believable characters and some of the historical back story is heart wrenching to read. There were plenty of twists and turns making it hard to know what to expect and almost impossible to put the book down. I loved the fact that by the end of the story we get answers to all of our questions and don't have a cliffhanger ending leading us into a sequel, it makes such a nice change to read a stand alone story. I'm impressed with Bryony Pearce's debut and am looking forward to seeing what she comes up with next.

  • Emma
    2019-05-29 15:41

    Quite disturbing imagery of the persecution of Jews in WWII so far :( But Cassie is a very relateable protagonistWritten in first person narrative from Cassie's point of view. Sleep deprived and barely functioning due to her recurring nightmares, I could literally feel the weight of her tiredness emanating through the pages. Cassie is instantly relatable to people like myself that use books as a means of escapism, quite literally losing yourself in the pages of the book.Powerfully descriptive writing makes for a very compelling read even though I did find some of the imagery disturbing. You have to remember that I have a very sensitive nature [ : D ] The prose showed how easily the worlds atrocities take place and could re-occur with only the slightest of provocation.The way in which the 'help' for Cassie was portrayed and the misuse of the position of authority was terrifying to imagine; as a parent myself you always question what is best for your child and the other people you trust with their safety. Sometimes even those closest to you aren't always the best choice. The portrayal of how young minds can be manipulated by a few well placed suggestions was absolutely horrifying. I felt as if brain-washing was taking place and it frightened me as to how easy it is to shape the thoughts of younger people.The dynamic use of the Old Testament gave credence to the plot. The idea of free-will versus destiny was woven through the narrative adding to the layers of the story. There are some very interesting plot twists that enhance the story as a whole.The power of sleep really is a miraculous thing - proven quite poignantly via this story.An original and well written debut by Bryony Pearce. I would love to see another book in the series as the ending left a beautiful opening for further development.

  • Rhys
    2019-06-17 18:50

    Originally posted on ThirstforFiction.comCassie Farrier does not look forward to a good night's rest. Everyday she fears what is to come in her 'dreams'- a terrifying journey that ends in the death of a Jewish girl in WW2. This nightmare is not fantasy- it is memory. The question is, how does Cassie remember things from a time 70 years in the past? How can she speak fluent German without ever having been there? Is this her? Who is she? The Doctor has the answers but she isn't willing to reveal them. For now, Cassie must be satisfied with taking "therapy" sessions with the Doctor, and putting up with the other kids in the manor...I find it frustrating that more and more YA novels are lumped as either guys' or girls' novels. In recent years a divide has been created that defines what girls should read and what boys should read, and neither should delve onto the other side. With a title like Angel's Fury, this novel could be easily dismissed by my fellows males as beneath us, but it really shouldn't be because Angel's Fury is more than just a paranormal romance.Both the title and synopsis (which portray Angel's Fury as a somewhat supernatural romance-y novel) are deceptive, and neither quite touch on the disturbing imagery that this novel delivers: pain and death, primarily in a WW2 era (conveyed through flashbacks). I was surprised by the grittyness of it all, which I wouldn't expect from a book titled Angel's Fury. The violence of the flashbacks really grounds this as more of a supernatural thriller, something that defines the novel and sets it apart? from the multitude of other novels in the supernatural genre. continue reading...

  • Jose Solis
    2019-06-02 15:45

    I recommend this book because this is a book about the holocaust and it takes you back to the memories and how a person felt about the holocaust. Also it is in the present and it takes you back to the holocaust. I recommend this book to people who really enjoy the holocaust and who really are into learning and looking back into the past.This book is about a girl Cassieopia Farrier and she has nightmares about a girl named Zillah when she was in the holocaust and how Zillah died cause she died and she takes a journey in her shoes when she was in the holocaust. Also she goes to a Building with other kids that have bad nightmares and can’t sleep and she finds this boy Seth and starts to fall in love with him and he feels the same way.This takes place in the present but she has nightmares about the past when the holocaust is taking place.The main problem was that she had nightmares about this girl named Zilliah when she was in the holocaust and she has them every night but she couldnt recall them but when she found this doctor she had help but the doctor was creepy about her.My favorite quote from the book is on page 57 second paragraph. “I-I’m adopted?” Cassie said it because her parents showed her a video when she was younger because she was speaking German for no reason and her parents didnt adopt her but she started speaking German but she eventually grew out of it.I did like the writers writing because it was shorts pages but here are a lot of pages and it just makes it better and its a really good reading.I really liked this book because it was a slow pace book but it was very interesting and a really good book.

  • John
    2019-06-11 16:09

    I picked this book, not knowing what's in store for me as soon as I will read this. Well, I'm most definitely glad that I picked this at the shelves (and in a very cheap price!) or else I wouldn't have come across Cassie's story. But the fact that Seth was a girl in his past life (Being Zillah) and Cassie, male? It's just...I can't. What if you were a feminist in your past life and then suddenly you turn into a male after your life as a female was over? Errm...awkward.I don't think this is original though. If I'm not mistaken, the characters used to be angels and were punished by God because of doing some things... I don't quite remember, right? In Mel's Blue Bloods, the characters also used to be angels (Except for Schuyler or Bliss, maybe) and because they were on Lucifer's side, God cursed them to walk on the cold grounds of the earth forever. I don't have to explain some details further to you because the concept of immortality between the two books are surprisingly the same. They live, as they grow up they remember things in their past life, and die again. Not saying that the author copied though, I was just saying. But regardless of the similarities, I still enjoyed it! But no kiss for Seth and Cassie? I thought they were going to be together. :/ And plus, there's got to be a sequel for this book since it's too short! One thing though. How come the VCR was recorded in 1984 when Cassie was born in 1992?