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But the truth is, Mia spends all her time doing one of three things: preparing for her nerve-racking entree into Genovian society, slogging through the congestion unique to Manhattan in December, and avoiding further smooches from her hapless boyfriend, Kenny.For Mia, being a princess in love is not the fairy tale it's supposed to be . . . or is it?...

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Princess in Love Reviews

  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
    2019-04-09 05:51


  • Jessica (priceiswong)
    2019-04-17 04:40

    Loved it! Man, am I flying through this series or what?This is a reread for me.. I wanted to reread this series because 1. I love this series and I've never reread them so I thought, hey! why not! 2. A Royal Wedding is coming out in June AND I'M SO EXCITED I CAN'T WAIT!!!(view spoiler)[ Some of you may not be able to relate to the whole Kenny issue that Mia found herself in.. but that's probably because you can speak your mind. When I was Mia's age, I could TOTALLY see myself having something like that happen to me. Where a guy friend likes you, and because you don't say anything you basically start going out.. even though Mia has no feelings for the guy (past friendship feelings I mean) she really just didn't want to hurt his feelings. (I too worry about hurting other people's feelings ALL. THE. TIME.) Then there was the part of her that had WANTED a boyfriend for so darn long and now that she had one, I think part of her just didn't want to give that up. I mean, she's only 14.. give the girl a break. All of her friends had boyfriends. I definitely think she should have told Kenny MUCH much sooner though that she just wanted to be friends.. how hilarious was it that Kenny thought Mia liked Boris?! Yikes...ONE of the reasons why I loved this book was because of Michael. What did you all think when Mia started giving him those cute little cards with the poems in them? Then he made that game for her?! Wasn't that the cutest?! Of course, Mia screamed, fell over in her chair, then ran crying to the bathroom.. but could you blame her? I mean, she thought that this super cute senior who she was in love with was making fun of her feelings? (Well, she thought he was anyways..) I was SO happy that her Grandma talked her out of the fire escape so she went the dance. Then Michael and her kissed! <3 So cute. Who also loved how Mia started her own press conference, and told everyone that all of her cousin's proceeds from the dresses would be going to Greenpeace? I love it! I was so proud of her!Who was also SOMEWHAT proud of her when she pulled the fire alarm? And crushed Lana's phone? Okay.. so maybe those aren't things to be super PROUD about... but at least Mia is standing up for herself.. sorta? The phone smashing definitely was. You know how many times I WISH I would have just picked up a mean girls phone and smashed it with MY boots? Ya.. A lot. But I never have. (Maybe that's for the best.. I mean, Mia did get suspended..)(hide spoiler)]I forgot that this series doesn't move that quickly. I'm used to reading a series where each book is a different year in school or something like that.. But I'm about to start book 4 and Mia is still 14! I think it's pretty cool though. A lot is happening to Mia right now.. definitely a lot to write in her journal about!! I'm so excited to read on! Although I remembered a lot from these first three books.. I feel like I've forgotten a lot past that.. so I'm not really sure what's going to happen in the next book!

  • Chelsea (chelseadolling reads)
    2019-04-07 06:35

    Reread 5/2/15: I've been swooning over Michael Moscovitz for a decade, and showing no signs of stopping. Sa-wooooon.

  • Melissa Veras
    2019-03-24 10:50

    4.5Freaking loved this! My heart is warm and I'm so so happy! Stayed up until 3AM finishing this baby ♥ Mia and Michael are officially one of my OTP's! This book was so much better than the second one. One thing I don't understand is why are the books of this series so short? Is completely unnecessary, as they feel like one big book split into a dozen. Between books 1-3 there is not clear division, and it bothers me because I feel like they pull me off the story for no reason. Hey, at least the books are cheap, and you can find almost all of them on Book Outlet. I'm dying to dive right into the next book BUT I am in a book buying ban until the end of Easter and I don't want to finish the 4th book without having the 5th one :(

  • Mayra Sigwalt
    2019-03-29 07:31

    Eu praticamente inspirei esse livro, de tão rápido que eu li. Hahahaah Gosto da maneira bem lenta e juvenil que a Meg desenvolveu o romance. Eu vejo TANTAS coisas da minha experiência na pré adolescência lendo esses livros. Tantas inseguranças e teimosias. Mas adorei ver a Mia crescendo em cada livro. É definitivamente uma leitura fofa e gostosinha de fazer, mesmo se vc já saiu da pré adolescência faz mto tempo! Hahaha

  • Emily (Obsessed Reader)
    2019-04-18 06:50


  • Shannon (leaninglights)
    2019-04-06 04:33

    Another adorable addition in the series. Didn't love this one quite as much as the first two, it was a little more boy-focused, but overall still really enjoyed it and am excited to get to Genovia next :)

  • Norah Una Sumner
    2019-03-29 08:56

    My reaction after finishing this one:I cried a little and squealeda lot .I swear to God,my mom came into my room like:But I didn't care at all.I was like:I'm smiling while writing this,something is seriously wrong with me...I'm in love with Michael.If someone told me that I'll be reading The Princess Diaries series again in high school and be more emotional about it than when I was 12 years old,I wouldn't believe him.But it's true.I'm pretty sure that 6 years ago I didn't squeal this much because of the ending.But honestly,the whole book was so fun and interesting.Sebastiano is such a cutie and Lilly is being cool + Grandmère is awesome.Favourite quotes:''Saturday, December 12, 8 p.m., the LoftI WILL PASS ALGEBRA THIS SEMESTER, and NOTHING IS GOING TO DISTRACT ME FROM STUDYING FOR THE FINAL!!!!!!!!!!!Saturday, December 12, 9 p.m., the Loft I just had to go out and see the part where Bruce Willis throws the explosives down the elevator shaft, but now I am back to work.''''The way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if pretty soon I start wearing ripped-up fishnet stockings and dyeing my hair black. Maybe I'll even start smoking and get my ears double-pierced or something. And then they'll make a TV movie about me and call it Royal Scandal. It will show me going up to Prince William and saying,'Who's the most popular young royal now, huh, punk?' and then headbutting him or something.''''Grandmere says she can't get over the change in me. She says I seem taller. And you know maybe I am. She thinks it's because I'm wearing another one of Sebastiano's original creations, designed just for me,just like the dress that was supposed to make Michael see me as more than just his little sister's best friend . . . except that it turned out he already did. But I know that's not it. And it isn't love, either. Well, not entirely. I'll tell you what it is: self-actualization. That and the fact that it turns out I'm really a princess, after all. I must be, because guess what? I'm living happily ever after.''

  • Melissa
    2019-03-22 11:35

    I know I'm waaaaaay older than the target audience for these books, but I loved this book, even so. As I was reading this I was thinking, "That's exactly like I was in high school." Well, except I wasn't a princess . . . and I grew up in Missouri, not NYC . . . and my mom wasn't married to my algebra teacher . . . and I wasn't so lucky to have the big brother of my best friend ever like me . . . Okay, I guess this book was nothing like me. But, still I could relate to so many of the feelings Mia unloaded into her diary. All of her insecurities about her feelings for Michael, and then her inability to come forward and say how she was feeling -- that totally played out like it was straight from my high school playbook. Now, as a "grownup", I'd have to say that her actions toward Kenny were totally selfish and unkind. If I had been her mother or grandmere I would never have told her to stick it out with him until something better came along, and so that she could have a date to the dance and a good grade in biology. But, sadly, I know that in the same situation at that age my selfish self would have probably done the same thing. Wrong? Yes, but maybe that's why I could relate to the dilemma that Mia faced in this book. Poor Kenny! Adolescence isn't always our finest moment of decision making and altruism. Now, having said all of that, I LOVED the ending. Yea Michael! He put so much work into his response to Mia, and then after she freaked out, he didn't back down. I know that it seemed as if so many of the kids I went to school with had these ideal love lives. They seemed to magically walk right into relationships with their perfect match. I, on the other hand, felt a lot like Mia. I felt awkward, ugly, and undesirable. I didn't really believe that there was a person on the planet who could really choose to ask me on a date. I think that is why I never really recognized when people were actually asking me out. It just never occurred to me that anyone would actually do that, so I brushed guy after guy off. Oh, the knowledge of hindsight! But I digress! I think that that is what I related to so much in this book. Mia is completely infatuated with Michael. On another side note: I do think that these teens throw around the L word (love) a little liberally. They aren't in love yet. Love takes a little more time and effort. But, to be fair, I threw the l word around a lot at that age too. Every relationship was a movie story to me. So, back to my review -- Mia is infatuated with Michael, but she cannot see any of the things that Michael does in return. She doesn't notice that he is unhappy with Kenny's actions. She doesn't see the little things that he does to show her that he cares. In this relationship, like in most relationships in life, a lot of pain could have been avoided if the two principles would simply sit down and really TALK to each other about their feelings. But, that does expose us to someone shooting our feelings down or ridiculing us, and I can see why Mia would avoid doing it. I'm going to stop reviewing now before feeling the need to unload all of my neurotic high school behaviors. I'll just say, that once again, Meg Cabot writes a funny, sweet account of one young girl who is learning to find her place in the world. Her situation is enhanced because of her role as a princess, but the reality is that many young girls have the same struggle to find "self-actualization" and recognize how they fit into this world. They also yearn for love with someone who fits their personalities completely. They struggle to be noticed without being noticed too much for the wrong reasons. They want respect and friendship that is real. I love these books because Cabot taps into those needs in a funny way that can also show the strength of youth to see the world around them as it is as they find their way in it. I loved this book, and I will keep reading in the series, hoping that future books continue this smart, funny style.

  • Karina
    2019-04-15 11:32

    Princess in L♥ve By: Meg Cabot. Meg Cabot did a really good job with all the princess books, well in my opinion she did. I really enjoyed reading this book. I loved that Mia was confused about love because well really mostly all girls are. Mia wants to find the right boy for her but she dosent know who. She has a boyfriend already but she knows that he's not the one for her, but then on the other hand she is really good friends with Michael Moscovitz aka her bestfriend's brother, anyways she thinks that he will be the right boy for her because she's had a crush on him for a while now, but what she needs to know is if Michael will have the same feelings for her, well thats for you to find out. I really liked this book and I did not want to set it down! You should give it a try and see if you like it or not but I bet you will.

  • Caron
    2019-04-20 10:46

    This series is easily added to my favourites list. I'm falling more and more in love with every book I finish and I do not mind at all.It's been 3 months since Mia found out that she's a princess and the heir to the Genovian throne and you'd think things would've settled down by now, but nope. All eyes are still on Mia. I think that people are just waiting for her to mess up which is so not cool.First thing, Lily was not as annoying in this book. She was still her usual aggravating bossy self but she wasn't featured too much so I kind of forgot about her for a moment. I still think that someone -Mia- should stand up to her because just because she wants something a certain way doesn't mean that it should happen. Okay sometimes she helps but she has room for lots of improvement.So far this is my favourite book in the series. Things really progressed in this novel and we got to see a different side of Mia's grandmother and Mia herself for that matter. The maturity levels are rising and she thinks and acts more like a princess with every book but it's not hard to forget that she's still a 14 year old girl with problems that almost all teenagers face. I've probably mentioned this in my other reviews but Meg Cabot's writing style is really amazing. It's so addictive and realistic. Mia is an extremely relatable character and I love that about her. So, check this. You know how when you've been waiting for something to happen and then it FINALLY does? Yea, it happened. I'm so happy right now. The ending was phenomenal and what I was waiting for. Of course, knowing Mia's luck, something would probably go wrong.I started Mia Goes Fourth the minute I finished this book and the excitement is high. I honestly can't wait to finish this series one day.Blog | Twitter | Instagram | Wattpad

  • Melissa **Just Really Loves Musicals**
    2019-04-04 05:34

    This is my favourite Princess Diaries book so far! It brought back so many cute memories about Mia and Michael. I'm really enjoying my reread of this series!

  • Nasty Lady MJ
    2019-03-27 05:54

    To see full binge review of books 1-3 click here.I shouldn’t love this book as much as I do.But whatever.Mia and Michael x’s infinity.Yes, I’m fangirling.But you would too with these two.Okay, to get serious, Princess in Love would’ve been a nice wrap up to the series to be honest. It sort of had that perfect gooey feeling to it. Where you just wanted to wrap yourself up and love it. Even the ending scene was just perfect.That would be in part becuase the series was originally intended as three books (Cabot didn’t know if she was going to get to write more), luckily she did. Though, for Mia’s neurosis that probably wasn’t the best idea.While I could be fangirling about how this book made me want my ship so badly, hate stupid Kenny for getting in the way, etc. I am going to note on one big thing that really made me open my eyes in this installment: Lilly.You know, I can’t stand her. Which is odd because I used to be one of the biggest Lilly defenders. I think my issue with this character is that I’ve grown up and I just want to tell her to shove it, like with that stupid walk out of hers.I know, she gets worse. I know she has issues. But come on…She has a hot brother though, so I guess that makes up for everything.That and she can make some hilarious comedic relief.It’s interesting just how polarizing this character is. I am really interested in seeing the state of her relationship with Mia post book ten. I hope that more grown up Mia tells her shove it whenever she gets on one of her tyrannical rants or at least leaves her alone with Grandmere…that would probably count as elder abuse.In all, this one was still enjoyable as ever. Especially if you like angst in your ships.

  • Lucy
    2019-03-28 10:56

    Princess in love...obviously this is a book about a girl, Mia who likes a guy. Mia has a boyfriend which she doesn't really like because she's got a guy in her heart who only thinks of her as a kid. She spends her time becoming a princess, living in genovia, and dealing with a widowed mother who's going out with her algebra teacher. So much crazy things going on with her life, so how's she going to ever be with true love? Recommended to people who wants to find out!

  • Richie Chagas
    2019-03-24 03:48

  • Emir Ibañez
    2019-04-05 04:29

    Siempre es refrescante leer a Mia, tan hilarante e inocente que te dan ganas de estrangularla y abrazarla a la vez. Y ese final, me dejó fangirleando *_*

  • Ad Astra
    2019-04-10 05:43

    FINALLY! That's all I'll say. I love this series. Wish I had read it when I was younger. But all that awkwardness sure does make me laugh. Ahhh, being a teenager.

  • De'Siree Fairley
    2019-04-15 08:32

    What a cute book! These just get more angsty and adorable as the they go on! I was totally on Kenny's side for most of this book but by the end you have to admit Michael is such a sweetheart also so of course I was swooning at their cute moments. I will never tire of the princess diaries.

  • Laura W
    2019-03-26 07:38

    I may end up repeating some things from my Princess In the Spotlight review but bear with me (or is it bare with me? I never know...)! So once again, Mia is narrating the story from her diary. I really like this choice of format because it really does emphasize Mia's voice.Once again, I'm not liking Lilly all that much even though she's slightly better in this book simply because Mia doesn't tell her as much so how would she know not to say certain things? Still, she still seems really selfish and never really looks at Mia's problems in a deeper light, This book does end rather abruptly (after a certain event that we've all been hoping would happen!) although I can see the reasoning why. It's the perfect pick-up point for the next book even if it does seem a bit out of place in this book. And because the book is in diary format, we only get so much information as Mia can write down and if she's just had a totally life-changing event happen, well she isn't going to be writing much.This time around, I actually found Grandmere a little funny. We got to see more of her personality in this book as she was developed from a more flat secondary character to a more complex one.The one complaint I have about this book is that some things just weren't elaborated on enough and I was really confused as to what exactly went down (for example Kenny's declaration in the hallway and Mia's press conference/interview about the dress spread). It was just a little vague and Mia only suggested at things that happened rather than just reliving it play-by-play like she normally does.The Final Verdict:I came to love Mia even more in this installment and I'm so glad we finally get to know more about Grandmere. Once again, I found issues with Lilly and some things just weren't elaborated on enough. However, Mia's voice is as stunning as ever!4 starsQuotes:“Grandmere says she can't get over the change in me. She says I seem taller. And you know maybe I am. She thinks it's because I'm wearing another one of Sebastiano's original creations, designed just for me,just like the dress that was supposed to make Michael see me as more than just his little sister's best friend . . . except that it turned out he already did. But I know that's not it. And it isn't love, either. Well, not entirely. I'll tell you what it is: self-actualization. That and the fact that it turns out I'm really a princess, after all. I must be, because guess what? I'm living happily ever after.” “The way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if pretty soon I start wearing ripped-up fishnet stockings and dyeing my hair black. Maybe I'll even start smoking and get my ears double-pierced or something. And then they'll make a TV movie about me and call it Royal Scandal. It will show me going up to Prince William and saying,'Who's the most popular young royal now, huh, punk?' and then headbutting him or something.” “Saturday, December 12, 8 p.m., the LoftI WILL PASS ALGEBRA THIS SEMESTER, and NOTHING IS GOING TO DISTRACT ME FROM STUDYING FOR THE FINAL!!!!!!!!!!! Saturday, December 12, 9 p.m., the Loft I just had to go out and see the part where Bruce Willis throws the explosives down the elevator shaft, but now I am back to work.”“I usually know almost exactly how I feel. The problem is, I just can't tell anyone.” “Whatever. Boris, must you constantly breathe on me?” “If the guy likes/loves you, he won't care if you are a good kisser or not.He should like you for what you are - not how you kiss.” “Roses are red, violets are blue. You may not know it, but someone loves you.”

  • Abby
    2019-03-30 07:30

    What can I say about these books, they're so endearing. I wish I had read them when I was younger, but I still find the characters really likeable overall. I feel like they are people that you could meet in real life; they are people that you can root for. I decided to read a few and then review them together if I liked them, and trust me, I loved them. I'm going to go through by the things I like most of this series so far. Also, I always loved the movies when I was a girl (I must have watched each around ten thousand times) and so I'm really glad I love the books too. Even though they are now two separate entities in my head (being as different as they are).Mia:Sure, she's dramatic and sometimes whiny, but she's fifteen! Weren't we all kind of annoying at that point in our lives? I'll answer that...yes, yes we were. It's fun to watch her worry about tiny things, it makes life seem a little more manageable. These books are just lighthearted and fun (and also hilarious). I started to think of Mia as a friend to relate to and to root for. And that's the point, she is someone that you WANT to root for. You want her to pull through and enjoy things. She's also a genuinely nice person, and she tries to be there for her friends. Even when she's irrational or immature (which, if we're honest, is a lot of the time) you still like her. Lily:Not a great friend to Mia seeing as she often is jealous and doesn't support her, but at least in the third book she helps Mia and Michael out (which is one of the best things she could do for them). She's also really funny when she's analyzing Mia.Tina Hakim Baba:She is easily one of my favorite characters because she's just such a sweetheart. Naïve? a bit. But encouraging? Always. She is SUCH a great friend to Mia, too. Michael Moscovitz:Just going to ask, can I PLEASE have my own Michael Moscovitz? Please? because I want one. He is such a sweetie and always lovely to Mia. In Princess in Love, he was adorable and just...uhhh ADORABLE. I want a copy. now. Someone get on that, please and thank you. I can't even describe how great he is as a character. Every line he delivers to Mia could have been really cheesy, but it ended up just sounding endearing and genuine. Meg Cabot is great at writing love interests. Lars:Maybe it's because I keep picturing him as Joe from the movies, but he makes me laugh and I love him. (Also, his little bromance with Michael is absolutely wonderful in everything ever. yes.) Her Dad:I am blanking on his name right now, but I like getting to know her dad as opposed to in the movie. He has a bigger impact than you would expect.Grandmere:She's slightly less endearing in the books (possibly because I'm not picturing her as Julie Andrews anymore) but you can still tell that she cares about Mia and is trying to show it in the ways she knows how. Mr. Gianini:Another awesome character. He's just really sweet to Mia and Helen and everyone. I just like him a lot.I do recommend the audio books for these, as well. Anne Hathaway read them and I must say she does a fantastic job. She taps into her Mia-ness and really gets the correct tone for the books. And even the algebra note parts don't get boring when she read them, I still find myself wanting to pay attention.

  • Sophie
    2019-03-21 06:54

    I started Princess in the Middle immediately after finishing A Royal Disaster, and it was the best decision I've made in a while. It starts about a month or so after the events of A Royal Disaster, and Mia is struggling with the realisation that she'll be going to Genovia within the next month and formally announcing herself as heir to throne. As such, she's having even more princess lessons, and is being fitted with formal gowns to wear on her jam-packed tour of Genovia.She's also in a relationship for the first time ever, and the problem is, it's with the wrong guy. After Kenny announced in A Royal Disaster that her was her secret admirer, Mia has been dated him, but the feelings just aren't there. She can't stop thinking about the boy she actually likes, Lilly's brother, Michael, and is unbeliably jealous when he starts going out with a genius who cloned fruit flies in her bedroom. Mia is dealing with having a pregnant mother, a new stepfather, studying for finals, figuring out how to break up with Kenny, trying to stop thinking about Michael, and becoming the best princess she can be.With everyone of these book, the story just gets better and better. Mia is dealing with more than any normal 14 year old could be expected to handle, and, in my opinion, she's doing a bang up job. She's trying to please as many people as she can, especially Grandmere, and her familial bonds were even stronger here. Considering Mia wasn't that close to her Genovian family at the start of this series, she is sharing a lot with them now. Once her feelings for Michael become too much, she asks her father, her Grandmere, even her cousin Sabstiano (who she thinks is plotting her assassination) for advice, and they come through. She becomes a lot closer to her friends too, especially Tina, who helps her send anonymous love letters to Michael, just to let him know there's someone else who likes him.The romance is just hotting up now. Mia finally has a boyfriend, and though it's not the guy she wants, she still sort of likes him. The only problem is he likes her far too much. Mia is trying her hardest to like him, but thinking about Michael is getting in the way, and there seems to be no way to stop that. The love letters she sent were really cheesy, and I couldn't stop grinning over how much of a sap she was being. Not to give too much away, but the end of this book was everything you could have wanted. I seriously don't think I'll be able to wait for the new editions to be published before reading more, so I'm going to order books 4-10 out of the library ASAP - hopefully they'll come in soon.Again, this is a series that just gets better and better. I read it originally about 10 years ago, and have loved re-reading them all. If you haven't read them yet, what have you been doing? Get started right away, you won't be disappointed!

  • Sara Saif
    2019-04-08 07:50

    Continuity:This takes place an entire month after Princess in Spotlight and covers about 20 days (which barely leaves any room for scrutinizing the lack of character development). *exasperated sigh*Summary:Mia (FINALLY) has a boyfriend but she is not happy because she is in love with her best friend's older brother, Michael. (UNGRATEFUL BRAT)Whine Chart:______Boris Pelkowski's mouth breathing.______Boris Pelkowski's shirt tucking.______Being a biological sport/gigantic.(considerably less frequent mentioning of lack of mammary glands, THANK GOD)______Kenny, the unfortunate boyfriend. Evidence to support claim (see above): ======="Sometimes I think I must be the luckiest girl in the whole world. I mean, really. Think about it: I may not be pretty, but I am not grossly disfigured; I live in New York City, the coolest place on the planet; I'm a princess; I have a boyfriend. What more could a girl ask for. Oh, God. WHO AM I KIDDING????" {page 20}======="Oh, my God, I am the meanest, most ungrateful girl in the world." {page 41}The positive stuff:1].......There were a lot of really, really funny things. It's hard to stay mad when you are laughing your head off. Mia and Tina Hakim Baba's Q&A on kissing, Mia's fashion designer distant potential-heir-to-the-Genovian-throne cousin and Lily. Lily's take on everything, from Mia to the school administration was highly amusing.2]......There were bits and pieces, developments, I dare say, that made me happy. Mia got a bit comfortable in her princess shoes, she got good grades in Algebra, Grandmere apologised, she admitted that Boris Pelkowski wasn't so bad (got back to dissing him later), she stood up to Lana Weinberger.By the way, if I wrote in a journal, which I occasionally do, I wouldn't go on repeating the same thing over and over again like Mia does multiple times in one DAY.

  • Jasmin
    2019-03-27 05:37

    Never did I imagine that a fourteen year old would teach me how to kiss.The third time is definitely lucky for Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo, Crown Princess of Genovia. Well, of course, not at first, since Mia is stuck with a boyfriend she likes but not loves. She's in love with her best friend's older brother, Michael. And she's still struggling with her Algebra.Meg Cabot's writing is definitely full of life and humor. It actually makes me nostalgic of my high school life. The Princess Diaries is one of my guilty pleasures, since even at the age of 22, I definitely enjoy them more than I should. But you wouldn't see me reading this in public. Aside from the fact that this book is intended for someone younger than me, there are tons of laugh out loud moments that would catch attention of others and make them think that the reader is demented.Thing is, Mia's definitely falling in love and saving the world, one step at a time. After vegetarianism, the dolphins definitely go next.

  • Brooke ♥booklife4life♥
    2019-03-31 11:35

    At A GlanceGenre: Young Adult; RomanceLove Triangle/Insta Love?: nope. Cliff Hanger: eh.Rating: 4 StarsScore SheetAll out of tenCover:8Plot:8Characters: 7World Building: 8Flow:8Series Congruity: 8Writing: 8Ending: 7Total: 7In DeptBest Part: Mia stood up for herself Worst Part: Lily upset me greatly!Thoughts Had: Oh snap Lily; Mia let him down easy!; Micheal, what balls!ConclusionContinuing the Series: yesRecommending: yesShort Review: Usually i love Lily, but in this book, i felt like she was the biggest B around and i kinda wanted Mia to hit her or something. Micheal showed he has some balls in this book, especially doing that big show of affection in front of everyone. I'm glad Mia finally sorted out her Kenny problem, thou he took it a bit hard. Review in GIF Form:

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-07 07:52

    This was by far my favorite of the series so far. It is far enough removed from the first book that I have (for the most part) stopped making comparisons with the movie. This book was so charming and such a fun, fast read. I could not put it down! I cannot stand Lilly, but I adore Tina. I felt really bad for Kenny, but he seemed to handle it well. But I was never on Team Kenny and was glad when that was finally over. And Michael! *swoon* I was practically squealing like a little girl when I thought that he was the one who was leaving the yellow roses and was ridiculously heartbroken when it wasn't him. And then with the computer game at the carnival; I could not help but girly sigh and be so super happy! Then, when he FINALLY showed up at the dance; it was just too much. I could not stop smiling. Finally, she got her kiss and it was perfect. I LOVED this book!!!!! I am still smiling thinking about it!

  • Marianne (Boricuan Bookworms)
    2019-04-15 06:31

    This book was so...nice. The storyline was fairly good and I enjoyed very much what happened throughout the book. Mia is a pretty...annoying voice to read, mainly because she's a fifteen year old girl confused about love... and also because she's the heir of a country. What really made me enjoy the book much more were the final pages. They had me laughing and in some parts, my heart was pounding to see what would happen. It's a great book to read when you just want to read somthing for the fun of it. 3.5 stars.

  • Maria Casey
    2019-04-20 04:29

    My favourite so far of the series. Mia is so witty. The Princess Diaries series always makes me laugh....

  • Jenny Indarto
    2019-03-22 04:45

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  • Asha
    2019-04-01 06:53

    I've got a few choice words and none of them are very pretty. I'm tired of 14 year-olds.

  • Lisa
    2019-04-10 07:57

    The final Princess Diaries novel narrated by Anne Hathaway. Sigh, I'll miss you Anne. No way am I trying the new narrator so I'll likely zip through reading the rest of the books with my eyes. 19 more to go! I CAN DO IT.