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Behind the curtained windows of Victorian Boston is a world of passion, scandal ... and murder. In life, he was the most despised man in Boston, publisher of the town's scurrilous gossip sheet -- and buyer and seller of people's most scandalous indiscretions. Now Colonel William d'Arcy Mann lies on the floor of his fashionable hotel suite, the victim of a single gunshot woBehind the curtained windows of Victorian Boston is a world of passion, scandal ... and murder. In life, he was the most despised man in Boston, publisher of the town's scurrilous gossip sheet -- and buyer and seller of people's most scandalous indiscretions. Now Colonel William d'Arcy Mann lies on the floor of his fashionable hotel suite, the victim of a single gunshot wound to the heart. Addington Ames came to recover a packet of love letters written by his young cousin, Val, that had fallen into the blackmailing colonel's possession. But when he discovers Mann's corpse instead, Ames suddenly finds himself at the center of a murder inquiry, his name splashed across the town newspapers. With Val facing public disgrace -- on the eve of marriage to an impeccable member of Brahmin society -- Ames's only hope is to find the damning missives, which he believes vanished with the killer. With the help of his sister, Caroline, and their boarder, Dr. John MacKenzie, he moves through Boston's most prominent social circles in search of a well-concealed murderer whose final act of violence will leave no life -- highborn or low -- untouched......

Title : The Death of Colonel Mann
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The Death of Colonel Mann Reviews

  • Jennifer
    2018-12-12 00:00

    I was looking for a mystery set in the 1800's and this book does deliver a good period piece. My issue with the book is with the heroine. Because Caroline was so highly featured, it was difficult to like this story due to her constant presence. I found her whiny and shallow. I couldn't get past the first few scenes in which she uses tears to manipulate her brother. I couldn't understand why Dr. MacKenzie had any interest in her at all. I really wanted to like this book, but the irritating presence of Caroline's silliness spoiled the story for me. I don't think other people will have this problem, but it was definitely an issue for me. So disappointed. I will say that the mystery was fairly well done, it just wasn't enough to save the book for me.

  • Tara
    2018-12-02 22:20

    It seems I'm eternally in search of another Anne Perry, and while this author isn't that, she's still put together a fairly enjoyable mystery, set in the somewhat snooty and scarifyingly proper world of 1890s Boston. The story had just enough twists to keep the culprit hidden for much of the book, and the main characters are for the most part an interesting group ("for the most part" only because they lacked sufficient detail; the doctor's crush seemed to be his only defining characteristic, and while the Ameses were given a bit more attention, I still don't think we spent quite enough time in either of the Ames pair's heads to really distinguish them as characters, either. Hopefully a second book will help with this problem.)

  • Diane
    2018-12-19 22:24

    The first book in the Beacon Hill Mystery series, this introduces the characters of Addington, his sister Caroline and their border, Dr. John MacKenzie as amateur detectives in Boston during the late 19th century. In this story, Colonel Mann, an odious man who's been blackmailing the Boston elite has been murdered and Caroline and Addington are embroiled in the mystery of his death due to the fact their niece Val had fallen victim to the blackmailer. This is an entertaining and charming read.

  • Ken Bickley
    2018-11-24 19:27

    This is the first of four Beacon Hill mysteries written by Nancy Zaroullis under the name Cynthia Peale. Set in 1890s Boston, it follows the murder of a notorious blackmailer. Siblings Addison and Caroline Ames are drawn into the affair because Mann had obtained a packet of indiscreet letters their cousin had written to a lover some time before. It probably accurately portrays the extremely strait-laced "high society" of that period in Boston. Naturally, the very mention of Ames' name in the newspapers causes them a great deal of embarrassment; and Addison, assisted by his friend, Dr. John MacKenzie, undertakes to find the real killer to prevent the arrest of his cousin. The book is well-researched and well-written. I recommend it to anyone who loves a good mystery.

  • Elizabeth
    2018-12-06 00:01

    An easy to read who-done-it set in 1800s Boston among the wealthy. Colonel Mann is an odious person making money on the secrets of vulnerable socialites and scions of wealth and his character is based on a real person who lived a long-life in New York. Addington Ames discovers the body and is mentioned in the newspaper (oh! escandale!!) I liked Addington but had an off-again/on-again relationship to his sister who does more than her share of moaning and cajoling the men in her life to DO THE RIGHT THING. I liked the Doctor who has romantic feelings towards Addington's sister; he seems very Decent with a capital D. This book was perfect for a plane ride and I'd get more in the series by borrowing them from the library.

  • Janellyn51
    2018-12-19 22:09

    I liked this, it's not totally enthralling, but I always enjoy reading about places I know. The Ames family lives at Louisburg Sq., that's where the Govenor's mansion is if I remember correctly. Really good trick or treating in that neighborhood....late 1800's, Scandal runs rampant, and there's a guy, Colonel Mann who blackmails upstanding Brahmin's of my fair city and gets his just deserts. A glamorous actress, a full figured sister, a visiting recuperating doctor, an obnoxious's all there and it's pretty Boston.

  • Miss Lemon
    2018-12-12 18:57

    Pretty good. Another Victorian murder mystery but the characters were well done and the murder interesting enough. Colonel Mann is dead in the first line (a despicable blackmailer) and now our hero, his doctor side kick (yes, yes, I know) and the hero's sister will figure things out in their very English style. Lots of running around upper class London haunts so not bad at all.

  • Charlotte
    2018-12-03 19:01

    Eh, it wasn't that great, but I'll read the two sequels. The main detective, Addington Ames, has a good name but he's a little highstrung in a very copycat Peter Wimsey kind of way. Bought it second hand at Aunt Agatha's--I love that store.

  • mary elizabethWilliams
    2018-12-16 00:14

    Good and entertaining.

  • C.S.
    2018-11-27 01:18

    This is a really fun mystery series based in Boston so I love it of course...lovable characters...Just fun! Does keep you guessing.

  • Liz
    2018-12-03 19:19

    Enjoyable, if predictable, historical mystery. The atmosphere and attitudes of Victorian Boston was very well done.

  • Amy
    2018-12-14 00:59

    First in the series - love, love, love!!!!

  • Katie
    2018-12-03 22:17

    Great book, Great Author. trying to find the next one to Read it.

  • Linda Tiessen-Wiebe
    2018-12-10 00:03

    started Feb. 10

  • Walanski
    2018-11-29 02:11

    Read while visiting my sister in Boston this historically based fiction mystery was a good vacation read.

  • C3wach
    2018-11-24 03:23

    Pleasant read. Nothing of literary interest.