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New York Times bestselling author and former NFL player Tim Green scores a touchdown with this exhilarating and action-packed story about an ordinary boy who becomes a hero you can really root for. Perfect for fans of Mike Lupica.Twelve-year-old Troy White has a phenomenal gift: He can predict football plays before they even happen. Any position. Any player. Any team.WheNew York Times bestselling author and former NFL player Tim Green scores a touchdown with this exhilarating and action-packed story about an ordinary boy who becomes a hero you can really root for. Perfect for fans of Mike Lupica.Twelve-year-old Troy White has a phenomenal gift: He can predict football plays before they even happen. Any position. Any player. Any team.When Troy's single mom gets a job working for the Atlanta Falcons, Troy sees this as an opportunity to show what he can do. But first he has to get to the Falcons—and with tight security and a notoriously mean coach, even his mom's field passes aren't much help.Then Troy and his best friends devise a plan to get the attention of star linebacker Seth Halloway. With Seth's playing and Troy's genius, the Falcons could be unstoppable if they'll only listen. But if he can’t convince Seth he’s telling the truth, the Falcons’ championship and his mom’s job are at risk....

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Football Genius Reviews

  • Joey R.
    2018-11-17 18:30

    In the novel, Football Genius, written by Tim Green, Troy White has a special ability. He has the ability to predict any football play before it happens. Troy lives outside of Atlanta with his single mother. He plays football in his high school with his best friends, Tate and Nathan. Troy is a quarterback who is overshadowed by his coach’s son, who isn’t nearly as good as Troy, but still starts over him. When his mom gets a job with Troy’s favorite NFL team, the Atlanta Falcons, he thinks he can help them win games by predicting plays. When Troy goes to his first NFL game he is thrown out for trying to tell the coaches what the plays will be. He knows that he must try and reach the players in a different way, so he goes to star linebacker, Seth Halloway’s house. Troy runs into problems when he tries to convince Seth that he is telling the truth, and he has a defensive coordinator with a secret agenda trying to thwart him at every turn. Overall I liked the book, but I didn’t love it. I liked how the author used real life players and actually put their personalities into writing such as when Terrell Owens scored a touchdown,“Owens held the ball high and strutted around the end zone like a crazy chicken.” (46) I also liked how Troy would call actually call real plays that are ran in the NFL. I think some characters could have been developed more like his mom, all you really knew about her was that she worked hard and didn’t make a lot of money. I think the author also should have mentioned what happened to Troy’s father because he is brought up constantly but you never really know why he isn’t in Troy’s life. I thought the author developed one of the main antagonists, Coach Krock, very well. I liked how Krock was made out as a bitter ex-player who suffered an injury that left him injured, who now is the defensive coordinator for a team that is going down the drain. I really didn’t like the stereotype that his football coach only favored his son and that he handed out unrealistic punishments, such as making Troy run twenty laps around the field. I know from my experience as a football player that coaches are not afraid to bench their own kids if they are not playing as well as other players. In summary I thought the book was good and that people who love reading about sports and friendship will enjoy this read.

  • Justin Jakstys
    2018-12-03 22:50

    This is one of my favorite books and I think that the author, a former professional football player, did a good job on his first book. I liked how Troy's, the main character, life was put before his football life. I also liked how how real former NFL players were tied into the book.

  • Blake
    2018-12-06 20:52

    Football GeniusI read the novel Football Genius by Tim Green. The story takes place around Troy White’s house and the Atlanta Falcon’s football stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. The main character in the book is Troy. Troy is an ordinary 12 year old boy except when it comes to his special talent. He can predict plays before they happen on the football field. Even with this talent he still sits the bench for his pee wee team the Duluth Tigers. He is the backup quarterback right behind the coach’s son, Jamie Renfro, who is not near as good as Troy. Troy discovers that his mom got a job working for the Atlanta Falcons. This excites Troy because he sees his chance to show everyone that he really can predict plays, but Troy soon finds out that doing so will be harder than he expected. Even though he can be on the sidelines, there is still a line behind the players that he cannot cross. With the adrenaline flowing, Troy soon forgets about the line and ends up crossing it and blurting out the play. This only gets Troy taken away by security along with his field pass. This makes things even more difficult for Troy. Lucky for Troy the teams middle linebacker, Seth Halloway, overheard Troy call the play and asks him how he knew it the next day. Seth is also described as a really friendly guy with a good personality. Troy and Seth sit down and watch a college game together and Troy proves himself to Seth. Seth is amazed. He says, “Holy Crow, you’re like a football genius”. Seth realizes that Troy may be the key to turning the losing season into a winning. Even with Seth on his side, the two still cannot convince the coaches of Troy’s talent. This is one thing that kept me reading throughout the book. I felt as if I wanted Troy to prove his talent to the coaches and to that cocky Jamie Renfro just as bad as he did. I also never knew if Troy was going to make a good or bad decision on a solution to the coaches not believing him. Troy stepping over the yellow line was definitely not a good choice, but he often had clever ideas that helped him throughout the book. The novel also had a good ending, which you will have to read the book to find out. There were really no downfalls to this book. The suspense made me feel like I could not put it down. I can honestly say that I read it faster than I ever could have imagined. I believe that the theme of the novel is to never give up. Troy could have easily given up when things got tough, especially when his mom lost her job over him aggravating the coaches during the game or when the evil defensive coach for the falcons sees Troy giving Seth signs and says “I know you’re up there, boy, but you are finished!” He realized what his dream was and he went for it no matter what it took, he was going to show everyone that he was a football genius.Genre: RealisticPage Count: 244

  • Jashan
    2018-12-08 21:34

    I'm not judging this book because I don't like football, but because it just wasn't that... interesting.

  • Hudson
    2018-11-30 16:44

    I loved this book, because I play football every day at recess (I'm in second grade). I do this thing at school called Lit Circles, and I chose this book and read it with a few classmates. I found the book very good, because I like football. The premise the book is that a middle-schooler named Troy can figure out the plays before they happen. The Atlanta Falcons get ahold of him first because his mom has a job with the team. One of the players of the team, named Seth--a very famous football player--believes Troy, even though he's a kid and even though Troy stole a football from him at the beginning of the book. I liked that the author made Troy a good character. He's a good character because at first he lies a lot, but then he changes and stops lying. He was lying because he thought that was the only way out and the only way people would give him a chance. There was one thing I didn't like about the book: Coach Krock never changed, was mean up until the end.

  • Mark Hauberg
    2018-11-23 00:33

    I really enjoyed this book because it is a sports book and it really interests me. Especially because there is a kid in it named Troy that is my age and he is a "football genius." He becomes the coach of an NFL team called the Atlanta Falcons. He isnt the head coach, but he tells the head coach what to do and he listens to the kid. The team improves with Troy being a part of the team, but the fans would rather have a legit coach than some teenage kid so they are dissapointed in the team as a whole. As the popularity goes down and the team chemistry also goes down, the team is still trying to find a way to keep the kid because of his amazing football intelligence that leads the team to victory every time.

  • Braydon Claussen
    2018-11-24 23:31

    So this book really took me by shock. I honestly thought this book would go a completely way then it did. I thought “football genius” hey maybe he’s go good at learning plays or really good at football, but I was completely wrong Troy the main character can guess what play they are running by the formations they line up in. This book also teaches you a lesson on why not to to steal because maybe you don’t get caught right away but trust me you will eventually get caught by someone. Something that really surprised me why’s that the Atlanta Falcons player almost did care as soon as he found out Troy which is the main character could read plays. Which I think is pretty stupid but then again if your teams going for a national championship your not thinking about that at the moment. I also think it would stupid that he stole the ball just to show it off to some kid to try and impress him with. That’s just another lesson a lot of people should learn is don’t try and impress people to try and make them like you. Don’t make up lies either just be yourself and be true to yourself. Overall I feel as if this book teaches you something. I think everyone should read this wether you like football or not because it really sends a message.

  • Donald
    2018-12-02 20:44

    I liked this book because i love football. the best part is when he looks at all of the plaers on the field then see a man bigger then every one else.

  • Michael Beausoleil
    2018-11-21 16:43

    Football genius was a sports book about a boy named Troy White that can predict any football play before it happens. When his mom gets a job with an NFL team, he knows it's his only chance to help his family out. I thought this was an interesting and cool book because I like the game of football and I think what Troy white can do is impressive. I didn't like how the book was kinda plain and simple. I did like the story line though it was an interesting topic. The strengths of this book were it had an exciting topic and wasn't too long of a read. The weaknesses of this book are that the book was plain and it didn't have much exciting parts to it.

  • Alex Klosterman
    2018-11-28 19:40

    I gave this book a five out of five star rating, because Football Genius by Tim Green was one of the best books that I have ever read. I just wanted to keep reading this book, and never stop. So that I could find out what would happen in the end. I would recommend this book, because Football Genius was just so good. Also, anybody that likes to read sports books this is the one for you. The age level of this book would be anybody that is in middle school, but you can be younger or older Football Genius would still be good to read. A brief summary of this book would be that Troy White is a second string quarterback for his football team. The starting quarterback is Jamie, and the coaches’ son. Therefore, he gets the starting job. Troy is also a football genius he can predict the plays before they happen. Later, on in the story Troy’s mom gets a job working for the Atlanta Falcons a professional NFL team. So then Troy and his mom went to a Falcons game, and got sideline passes. During the game Troy told Seth Hallway what the play was going to be. He was right of course, but he got thrown out of the game by security. Troy was with the starting linebacker Seth Hallway, and they were watching a college game. Then after the first couple of drives Troy started to predict the plays. Seth was so amazed, and couldn’t believe that somebody could predict play after play. So, Seth decides to take Troy to meet the head coach for the Atlanta Falcons. What will happen next? Will the coach be amazed and get a job for the Falcons, or will he fail? You will just have to read Football Genius to figure out what will happen to Troy.

  • Jonas Harper
    2018-11-20 21:40

    Jonas HarperEnglish E PeriodMarch 25, 2014 Outside Reading - Football Genius by Tim GreenMain Characters-Troy is a young kid who loves football, but is struggling with not having a father and being bullied by a kid name Jamie.-Jamie father is the head coach of the football team, and Jamie is the starting QuarterBack instead of Troy, even though his better QuarterBack.-Seth Halloway is a famous star linebackerSummary of the Plot-The story takes place at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta Georgia.-Troy starts out as a 12 year old quarterback for his pee wee football team in Atlanta.-He is second string quarterback behind Jamie Renfro, who is the head coaches son.-Troy realizes his talent is being able to read football plays before it happens.-The First one to realize this is the famous linebacker Seth Halloway.-This made this more hard for Troy.-Seth gets amazed by his talent and wants to change a bad season to a good one.-Troy uses his power to try and help the losing Atlanta Falcons win the championship. Did i like the book?-I thought this book was very good, that was great for sports fans like me.-I would recommend this book for ages 4th-9th.-This book was amazing because it talk people to always keep their heads up.-And if you every thought you were an underdog.-I liked this book a lot and enjoyed reading every page of it.

  • Benjamin Conrod
    2018-12-03 23:30

    The very idea of a football genius is brilliant. Tim Green describes a very real scenario of three young friends and their battle against society and some of the evil, twisted people/ideas that run it. I completely enjoyed this page-turning book. The descriptions of the football game, plays, players, and teams were very accurate, and I liked how the author didn't seem to make anything up. The main character, Troy, has an ability that seems to be quite possible. As a whole, the book accurately displays a lower class citizen brushing shoulders with royalty and rising to the top. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys sports, action, and suspense.

  • Jeremiah
    2018-11-19 23:50

    Entry 1-The main characters are Troy White, Troy's mom, and Seth Halloway. They are all protagonists. Jamie Renfro, his dad, and Coach Krock are antagonists.Entry 2-The point of view is from Troy. The setting is mainly at the football field. One of the themes is to never give up.Entry 3-Troy is a boy with the gift to read plays beore they happen. Troy's mom got a job with the Atlanta Falcons, which Seth Halloway is a player of. With the help of Mr. Langan, the owner of the team and Seth, Troy works his way up to earning himself 10,000 dollars a game because of his amazing ability to know what play the other team is going to play.

  • Kenny
    2018-11-12 20:49

    Football Genius is about a teenager boy named Nate.His mom name is Jenna working at a NFL team. But she was about to get fired, so Nate try to become friends with the head coach so he wouldn't fired his mom. But while he did that he also try to become a coach or asistant coach because he think he's football genius.This book is good and also interesting because I like football and all it talk about is, how to play football and how you should play. I would recommend this book to anybody that play football or that just no the basic of football. By, Kenny Mayberry

  • Travis H
    2018-11-11 23:38

    This book is great. It is about a kid that goes to the atlanta falcons when he is 14. He is a genius he was born with some would consider to be unnatural talent. The talent of knowing things before they happen making him the best at the game. I also like the book because there are lots of ups and downs not just the guy is there and boom they are in the super bowl. I really like it when the book has multiple climaxes and that makes the book enjoyable to read.

  • Jaxon Shelby
    2018-11-16 17:41

    This is probably one of my favorite books i have read, its suspenseful and if you like the NFL and football, you'll definitely like this book. troy (Main Character), goes through some tough times but he meets the middle linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons and everything changes. Overall, I though this was a really good book.

  • Peter
    2018-12-05 23:51

    Football Genius, by Tim Green: A Review by Peter HiltonTitle: Football Genius Length: 244 Pages Author: Tim Green Published: 2007 By: Harpercollins ChildrenGenre: Fiction Rating: 5/5 Tim Green novel, Football Genius, is a Fiction book that is filled with adventure and great details. Main Character Troy is the kid who likes football and never gets to be quarterback until the quarterback gets hurt. Then he comes into play as the quarterback but he doesn't get very much practice. But throughout the book he gets into trouble. Which two kids help him stay out of trouble?Characters: I really enjoy troy’s life and how he get’s through hard times. He has no dad but it doesn’t explain how he died. I wish it did explain how he did. But, for example: When they all are at the football game jamie, which is the trouble maker, he makes fun of him because he has no dad. When he does that troy wants to hit him but he can’t. If he does then he will get can’t off the team. Another reason why he can't is because his friends won't let him. But other than trying not to get in trouble because of Jamie, he is a really good kid, he is funny, he has friends to help him out when he needs it, and he makes you happy when you are sad. Plot: Well this story all takes place in a football stadium and at home. So this takes place mostly in a football stadium because Jamie is a ball hogger because he thinks he is better than everyone at playing football and because he tells Troy that he will never be better than him by playing as the quarterback. Does troy get better by playing as quarterback than Jamie? The other one is at his house because everything that happens at football practice his mom will find out sooner or later because he will tell what he did wrong. When his mom finds out he gets in trouble and gets grounded for a while. Conflict: Well the problem of this story is mostly about Jamie making fun of Troy and trying to get him in trouble. But Jamie does everything to get him in trouble. He will do anything that he has in his mind at that time. But Troy finds a way not to get in trouble by what Jamie caused to get him in trouble. He goes home and his mom everything including him stealing the foot ball. So his mom knows what jamie is trying to do. So the next day Jamie got in trouble for trying to get Troy in trouble. So then troy becomes the best quarterback on that team and Jamie gets kick off the team. What I learned: Throughout reading this book I learned not to ever do what these kids did. Also to never get other people in trouble. But I really loved this book because it taught me how to prepare myself to get ready for football. So I recommend it to everyone that wants to play football and also who loves football. So that is why i am rating this book as a 5 out of 5.

  • Jackson Fleming
    2018-11-26 00:33

    Football Genius is a realistic fiction sports book about a boy named Troy White and his friends, Nathan and Tate who all play on a football team together, but Troy has a talent that can be described as spectacular; he has a talent to which he can guess the other team's plays. He plays on a football team to which it is ruled completely by "daddy ball" or, in other words, having the father of a kid on the team as the coach, meaning they will put their child in front of everyone else, even if the other kid is much better. Troy is much better than the starting quarterback, and is forced to sit the bench every play. When Jamie, the starting quarterback, makes a bet with troy saying if he shows Jamie a falcons official ball, he will leave him alone. If he doesn't have the ball, Troy will have to give away his premium jersey of T.O. to Jamie. Troy didn't have a Falcons ball, so he has to sneak into Falcon's linebacker, Seth Holloway's backyard and steal a falcons football from him. When he steals it, he shows Jamie and his mom finds out, and Troy is forced to give it back personally to Seth. When he does, Seth finds out about Troy's secret and later, Troy meets the GM of the falcons and he gets to sit in the front of the stadium and tell them the plays. Later, Troy's mom gets hired to the Falcons. Later, Troy's mom gets into a fight with Seth, and in order to get the two back together, Troy, Tate, and Nathan try to get Tate to win the Pass, Punt, and Kick contest. When she wins, they get each other back together and Seth gets Troy's mom and Seth ends up coaching Troy's football team, giving Troy a chance to play and live his dream. I would give this book a 4/5 because of personal experiences in my life, very entertaining to read, and an overall amazing book.

  • Flynn K.
    2018-12-05 22:32

    Football Genius is written by Tim Green and belongs to the Sports GenreThis book is about a boy named Troy who lives right outside the city of Atlanta. Troy has a secret power where he can tell what play a football team is going to run just by looking at the previous play. Troy's mom got a job with the Atlanta Falcons, Troy's favorite NFL team. Troy got invited to go to a game on the Sidelines. He got in trouble there for trying to help the Falcons win by telling the coach what play the other team was going to run. Troy's mom got fired and she was furious at Troy. But his mom went back and talked to someone there and got the job back. Troy ended meeting Seth Halloway who is a player on the team. Troy showed Seth his power and Seth tried multiple times to try to get Troy to help the team out, but the coach was not willing to let Troy help them. The Falcons are losing almost every game and the more games they lose means that the head coach will get fired, and so will Troy's mom. So will Troy's mom keep her job or will the Falcons reject Troy?I liked this book a lot and recommend it to anyone who likes sports. I recommend it to people who like sports because this book has a lot to do with sports. I would also recommend this book to anyone who likes to read books about kids. The three main characters are kids and they are all obsessed with sports. I like this book because I love to play sports and watch sports, although this isn't just about sports. Some moments of the Story are intense, like when Troy talks about his dad leaving his family when Troy was just a baby or when Troy's mom gets fired from her job. But overall this is a great book for everyone to read.

  • Melinda
    2018-12-10 16:33

    Maybe I am biased because like the author, I am also an attorney, but I loved reading this book with my 8-year old son. Just above his current level of independent reading, my son is thrilled to have worked through a 50-chapter book. He literally begged for me to keep reading at night -- music to a bookworm parent's ears.A piece of fiction focused on 12-year old Troy, who is gifted with the ability to call football plays faster and more accurate than a computer, this is a great YA novel. Just the right level of rebellion, sass, challenging vocabulary, and a nice tempo in the story. Will Troy be able to channel his abilities to help his beloved Atlanta Falcons achieve a winning record, and allow his single mom to keep her newly won job in their PR department? Thank you Tim Green for delivering a thriller for my football addicted competitive son. Most of the fantasy and mystery novels never struck a chord with him, but he devoured this book and is more than eager to keep reading the series. An added bonus is the role model Tim Green provides, pro athlete with superior academic feats -- a law degree, etc. My son is know exploring how me might combine his interest of football with a legal education! This is not a common connection. This past year we visited the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, and we asked for the book section. Finally we found the lone shelf of books, on the bottom shelf in a far off corner. Thank you Tim Green for showing that football fans can also be readers. I'll be recommending this title be stocked at the Hall of Fame!

  • Evan French
    2018-11-14 21:33

    Do you enjoy stories that are nerve- wracking or even more amazing. Then you should read this fantastic book.This book is called Football Genius by Tim Green a former Atlanta Falcons NFL Linebacker. The genre is pretty much a sports realistic fiction book. The book is about a twelve year old boy named Troy who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. His mother helps out with the Falcons football team and meets their star linebacker Seth. Troy is a genius who knows what play the other team will run next. This book is very similar to the book Million Dollar Throw which you should read too. One quote from this story that I enjoy is “The falcons could be unstoppable.If they only listen”. This shows that really nobody pays attention to troy because he is a child on the sideline. Another good quote is “Even his mom’s field passes won’t help”. This shows he is v.i.p and still no one will listen.This story relates to me because I am also underestimated because of my size but I still prove myself.One of the strengths is I really like how it talks and relates to real people such as Terrell Owens and Michael Vick. It is also a well flowed story. One of the weaknesses is I wish it included even more detail in the story. The theme of this story is to never ever underestimate anybody. I recommend this book to any young football fan who enjoys reading. 10/10 Stars*****

  • Dillon C. 5
    2018-11-22 18:38

    The book Football Genius by Tim Green is a book about a twelve year old kid named Troy White, he plays for a local football team in the Atlanta area. Him and his friends like to trade football cards, and when his mom finishes school and gets a job working for the Atlanta Falcons he is a all out fan, with all of his cards being Atlanta Falcons. And Troy has a way of knowing what every play is, but in the end it is up to the team to trust him. I really love this book because it shows all the different aspects of the game of football, and Troy is a very good character for this book. I also love how this book is not just about him, it brings in the NFL to make this book as good as it can get. The text in this book is very well suited for me, it is a good book that is not too difficult to read, but not easy enough that I get bored with it. But one thing I wish this book had more of, is Troy playing with his friends on his football team. Overall this book is great and I would recommend it to anyone who loves to read football books, and I would rate this book a five out of five stars. And I think there are lots of themes for this book but one would be go with your gut because chances are pretty good that you will be right the first time.

  • Ashton M-Roosevelt
    2018-12-07 17:52

    I was really into this novel by Tim Green. The name of the book is Football Genius. And think Tim Green did a spectacular job with pulling in the reader. The book is about this kid named Troy and his friends Tate and Nathan who like to play and watch football and he is really good and smart about it. Troy ( the main character) is both good and smart about football, but his coach doesn’t like him and he doesn’t put him into play. So he begins to focus on watching football. But he doesn’t just watch them, he predicts it. I really enjoyed this book and it has a lot of good things about it, but there are a couple things I don’t like about it. One of the biggest ones is the ending. Although I can’t tell you much, I would like to say I would like a part two of the book. The book had really amazing conflict, especially between the defensive coordinator and Troy. Troy knows he can predict the games but the coordinator won’t let him try. Also, the mood is good, although it varies he managed to keep it under control. I extremely enjoyed this book and would rate 4.8 out of 5 stars. People who would enjoy this book would be 10-15 year old boys, and people who like football and know a lot about it.

  • Derek
    2018-11-30 19:26

    This is one of my favorite books because it shows that it doesn’t matter what struggles you go through in life you can always come back from no matter what they are. Troy White has a special ability, he is able to predict any play for any position before the ball is hiked. Troy is a kid in high school that plays football and is the quarterback. Even though he is better than the starting quarterback he doesn’t get the starting position. His mom is a single parent that works for the Atlanta Falcons and that is Troy's favorite NFL team. He thinks he can help them out by telling the coach the plays before they start so they can stop the offence or defense from succeeding. Troy meets the star player of the team Seth Halloway that plays as a middle linebacker. Throughout the story he goes through ups and downs but that never stops him from being the best he knows he can be. Troys dad was never in his life, no one knew if he was dead, if he just doesn't want to see Troy or if he moved. No one knew the answer until one day his dad showed up out of nowhere and started talking to Troy.

  • Riley D
    2018-11-26 16:45

    Football GeniusBy Tim GreenTim Green did a spectacular job by pulling in the reader (like me).I think Tim Green did such a good job by explaining everything that was going on everytime I read the book I got a amazing picture inside my head.The way Tim expresses Troy's feelings is so amazing. Tim Green makes a realistic life of a 12 year old and how his football team is coached by dads and how Troy doesn’t get to play.I got really inspired from this story from how Troy overcomes coach Krock and how he gets over Jamie it's truly a underdog story like it says on the cover. I have been a fan of Tim greens in the past I also have read some of is other stories but this one is my favorite. The way he tells the story is amazing and how he gives expression toward Troys mother and the way he brings a pro football player in the story is amazing.It’s crazy how Troy has the guts to go up to a NFL defensive coordinator in the middle of the game and tell him what the play is. I would highly recommend this book because it is a great book.I would recommend this book because this is a realistic story and has a great plot. I really liked this book because it really pulls you into a 12 year old's life and how many challenges he faces. This book was not too easy or too hard for me so I think if your in 7th grade and like football this book is perfect for you.Tim Green made this book a little not believable just because Troy walked up to a NFL coach and how he took a Alanta Falcons football from a player's yard in the middle of the night. I like how Troy gets to help the Falcons win footballs games at the end and how he overcomes Jamie Renfro. I had connections from when Troy went to football practices and how he goes to Falcons games i've gone to some Minnesota Vikings games myself. Tim Green does a good job of writing this story.

  • Scott
    2018-12-10 16:41

    Football Genius, written by Tim Green, is a book about a man named Troy White, who has the ability to predict any football play before it happens. Troy's mother works for the NFL team, Atlanta Falcons. The setting takes place in Atlanta Georgia. Troy has friends, Tate and Nathan. This book is basically about a 12 year old boy, Troy White, that is trying to convince star linebacker, Seth Halloway, that he's telling the truth and if he does convince him, the Falcons' championship, and Troy's mom's job, are in serious jeopardy. I really did like this book, but some of the parts were when the announcer said things that went too far. Other than that, I do like football, it's one of my favorite sports, and books about sports really peak my interest.

  • Dennis Brunelle
    2018-11-30 18:52

    I liked it because every chapter was a cliffhanger and you didn't know what was going to happen next. I really like sports books but since it was about more than just sports it made me like it even more. At the end of the book there was even a cliffhanger for the next book so it made me want to keep reading those books.

  • Shannez
    2018-12-01 21:45

    The story is about Troy White, a middle school student that has an unusual gift of predecting the future of the game with accuracy. He then tries to convince the star linebacker, Seth Halloway his ability to call football plays before they happen. Troy was also faced with problems along the way.

  • Wyatt McMahon
    2018-11-10 19:43

    I think the book was great, the reason it gets in to the action pretty fast. Recommend it to anyone that likes sports and underdog books.

  • Cole
    2018-11-27 22:32

    This was a decent sport book that I found very interesting because I love the sport of football.