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Kale Firehart is a young dragon, and the sole survivor of his race. As a tyrannical general and his massive bloodthirsty army close in on Kale—the most unexpected circumstance transpires. With time against him, Kale's trusted friend, a veteran arcane sorcerer, transforms him into the one thing he despises most—a human. Kale must unwillingly live among human-kind as he embaKale Firehart is a young dragon, and the sole survivor of his race. As a tyrannical general and his massive bloodthirsty army close in on Kale—the most unexpected circumstance transpires. With time against him, Kale's trusted friend, a veteran arcane sorcerer, transforms him into the one thing he despises most—a human. Kale must unwillingly live among human-kind as he embarks upon an extraordinary journey. With a band of unlikely friends by his side, can Kale overcome the obstacles before him and return to the life he once knew? The age of dragons is all but over......

Title : A Dragon's Awakening
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ISBN : 9781938083006
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A Dragon's Awakening Reviews

  • Alicia
    2018-11-30 03:49

    This book just barely made it into my 'it was okay' category simply because the last book I read was even worse. The plot wasn't impressive, though the idea wasn't a bad one. The build up to the climax was tedious and I often found myself skimming ahead to try to progress with the story. The characters weren't completely horrible, but the kindest thing I can say about Kale is that he's a jerk. He had his moments, sure, but I had a difficult time relating to him and caring about him as a character. I kept waiting for him to grow as the book progressed and it didn't seem to happen. He did grow to see that not all humans were the same but he didn't grow as a character, he still was a hotheaded, arrogant jerk at the end of the book. His supposed love interest was a classic, cookie cutter sob story 'oh my father is an oppressive monster and kept me locked away from the world my whole life.' Seriously. Sure, she did grow a backbone ans run away from the snotty elves, but her being ashamed of being an elf because of how the rest of the elves acts just doesn't make sense. It makes her a weak character while her personality pegs her as the opposite. It doesn't make sense. The wizard was just annoying. Half the time he was a bad imitation of Gandalf from Lord of the Rings and the other half of the time he was an arrogant fool pretending to be a wise old man.The writing style was hard for me to get into because of the pace it was set at and all the talking. There was way, way too much talking and not enough doing. There was also almost too much sensory detail and the the author spent too much time describing ever single thing. It was too much and the characters expressions seemed too big, too extreme for what a situation would call for. There is also the fact that they were all very Mary Sue or had that classic sob story that made me roll my eyes on more than one occasion.I found the conclusion to the book very unrealistic compared to the rest of the book and it was very unsatisfying in terms of giving me any desire to read the next one.

  • Reshy
    2018-11-23 03:04

    Why did this book have to be bad. The book suffers horrendously from 'Show don't Tell' in meaning that the characters say how they feel without showing how they feel and this causes a lot of problems for the book that revolves the inner conflict of an individual put into a foreign body. The premise is not fully explored as the protagonist is too eager to accept everything which made the 'surprise ending' a foregone conclusion that could have been seen from a mile away. The main character doesn't have the kind of personality you'd expect a proud and headstrong dragon to have, he acts more like a petty child than a creature that could rend you apart without second thought and this behavior only becomes more removed when he becomes human. As a dragon in a human's body he shows little to no tendencies you'd associate with dragons or the fact that in the transformation he's gone from four legs and 7 limbs to two legs and 4 limbs. No shown regret or sadness over the loss of ability to fly, breathe fire, have a tail, have sharp fangs and claws, or just plain being the creature at the top of the food chain.The plot completely skips over any part that explains his adaption to his body which kind of destroys the entire premise of the story in the first place. Telling isn't as good as showing. There's also the fact that the antagonists are flat and stereotypical 'Muhahaha' villains with no depth or redeeming qualities or anything skills that would show them capable of the positions they carry. Without any attention to the premise of the story you just got a sub-standard 'Heros Journey' that starts in Medias Res and never goes back to explain the protagonist's past.

  • Melissa
    2018-11-17 08:07

    I have always been a fan of dragons, sorcerers, and anything mystical. The Chronicles of Kale is the authors debut novel and was fantastic. You meet Kale, a dragon who is changed into a human for his protection and finally learns what it means to be human. As he travels with his friend Thomas, he has to live among the humans and blend in with them so he is not killed. He is the last living dragon and he is being hunted by the army. You can feel Kale's emotions throughout the story and the scenery came alive. There was suspense, fear, love and sadness all bundled up in this great epic fantasy novel. I highly recommend the book and I look forward to the next book in the series when it is available.

  • Laura
    2018-12-04 05:50

    I have such a weakness for dragons...

  • Lacey
    2018-11-27 06:47

    The idea of this book is great. The execution by the author, however, failed. The language is geared towards younger readers, yet some of the situational references are for an adult audience. The author "explains" non-stop; if the book is written well enough the reader should be able to infer the meaning. The foreshadowing, likewise, is obvious.

  • Quinn Barrett
    2018-11-20 01:52

    One of the biggest challenges in writing fantasy fiction is balancing between cliché and outrageous unbelievability in an author's newly imagined world. Fantasy fiction authors aren't just creating characters; this genre also requires writers to develop entire cultures complete with customs, laws, languages, and everything that goes along with birthing a new civilization."The Chronicles of Kale: A Dragon's Awakening" is the first book is an interesting and fun young adult fantasy fiction adventure. The story draws you in immediately, utilizing a rare fast-paced narrative. Where most writers rely heavily on dialog, "The Chronicles of Kale: A Dragon's Awakening" is driven by wonderful descriptive writing which takes a good bit of talent to achieve.The book's protagonist, Kale, is a dragon—a rather arrogant dragon, at that—who despises humans with the rare exception of his sorcerer friend, Thomas. The drama begins when a misguided military leader, with some personal baggage about dragons, convinces the king to grant him authority to hunt down and kill every single last dragon until they are extinct. General Jedah has concocted a story about kind and benevolent King Valamar's daughter, claiming she has died a horrible death by dragon when in fact she has been cursed and stuck in a magical forest of sorts. General Jedah’s campaign of terror has successfully disposed of every dragon but one, which puts Kale directly in the depraved General's crosshairs.Through magic—of course—Kale is transformed into a human young man for his own protection and that is where his journey of growth and personal exploration begins. Oh, yeah . . . he's also intent on exposing General Jedah, rescuing the King's daughter and saving dragons from extinction. But the most compelling component of this dragon tale is Kale's personal maturation process eventually becoming confident in his role as human hero.Fantasy fiction has a tendency to be formulaic as are most tales about good versus evil; as readers, we accept this inevitability and, in some cases, expect this predictability as long as the characters are well developed and engaging. Not only does the author do a nice job with Kale's character development, she has also given Kale a number of humorous lines and scenes which make the book that much more endearing to readers.As for the rest of the cast of characters, their roles seem more decorative to Kale's coming-of-age story. This is good in the sense that there is no time wasted with excessive back stories and subplots. There is a brief trip to Neelan's elf culture, but that too is primarily important to moving Kale’s heroic story forward. In short, this is a book about Kale. By the end of the novel, the supporting cast of characters is tantamount to window dressing. It will be interesting to see if more character development is afforded to supporting characters in subsequent books of this series which would be nice, but not at the expense of the keeping the story flowing at a brisk pace.There are a few detail issues, such as blending a kind of quasi Old English language of sorts with a lot of modern day colloquialisms and even some slang. We're not sure if this was intentional, but it comes off as a grammatical oversight.Our only other critical observation is that the attempt at creating a romantic storyline between Kale and Neelan was a little odd given the most obvious issue—he's a dragon underneath his human skin and she's an elf. Does this mean Kale will maintain his human form throughout the entire series? Is this book really about a dragon's awakening or more about a human experience now that Kale's been able to see what it's like to live in someone else's skin?This is a good first effort for a young adult fantasy fiction series with lots of potential for subsequent books. A few minor corrections in detail issues is all this novel needs to move it from a very good read to a great page turner. As it stands, The Chronicles of Kale is an enjoyable story with great flow and movement. If you love young adult fantasy fiction, this will be a quick and fun read for you. You won't be disappointed.This book was reviewed as part of the Wise Bear Digital Book Awards competition. Entry fees associated with the contest are administrative in nature and do not influence our honest, unbiased book reviews.

  • Alpha
    2018-12-18 03:01

    I first met Aya Knight last year at Florida Supercon. Being a self-published author now looking for traditional publishing, I always support my fellow self-published authors spending money out of pocket to promote their books. The same goes with independent publishing since they don't have the recognition of the more prominent publishing houses such as Harper Perennial or Double Day. I spent a good thirty minutes or so talking to Aya ranging from writing to what our favorite books are to read and so on. Eventually, I ended up buying her novel and I have to say, it is one of the most entertaining books I have read. It may not have the same appeal as A Game of Thrones or Kushiel's Dart but it is still a great fantasy read.The story is about a dragon known as Kale Firehart. He is the last dragon since his bretheren were slaughtered by General Jedah. Thomas, Kale's only human friend who is also a wizard, saves Kale by transforming him into the one thing Kale despises the most - a human. This provides the story a lot of promise for its direction which I say delivers but once again doesn't have the epic hook the other books I mentioned as examples above.The story is a bit simplistic with enough twist and turns considered as the spice for the story. The only issues I can forsee others might spot are the grammar and misspellings though it is minimal. So far, there were two major grammar or misspelled words I came across and that was two words which needed a space between them and a word in which it was spelled correctly but the wrong word was used. (Page 197 - Used the word "Bazaar" when it should be "Bizarre" but at least she spelled it right).In the end, I would suggest this novel to anyone who would like an easy fantasy read especially if you like dragons, wizards, elves, orcs, and other fantasy elements utilized quite well into a story. The pricetag for the paperback may turn some people off since I remember it being around $15 but the ebook is a lot cheaper. Not to mention, the second novel is supposed to come out sometime this year.

  • Deborah Isner
    2018-12-09 03:40

    I love this author. She is such a nice person it just shines through. Go to one of her book signings and you will see what I mean. I loved these books. They may be classified as YA Fantasy, but they are books I believe could be enjoyed from a bright 5th grader on up through adulthoodThe premise begins with an army slaughtering dragons in their sleep. Kale Fireheart has hidden in seclusion for 100 years, & is believed to be the last dragon in existence. His only friend an old wizard. As the army comes for Kale, the wizard does the only thing he CAN do to save Kale. He turns him human! Now although Kale the dragon's age is over 100, that is still young for a dragon, basically considered adolescence, so Kale ends up as a human in his mid-late teens. Kale has always believed the world to be a cold, unwelcoming place. He has always believed that humans were disgusting, dirty creatures who care for nothing but themselves. Upon Kale's travels, he not only begins to learn how to be human, he also learns the humanity, hard work, & generosity that is innate in most humans. Eventually, as in most fantasies, Kale collects a strange quandary of people in his group- A soldier who suffered personal tragedy due to Jedah, the leader of the dragon killing army. We also meet Neelan, another outcast. Yet each slowly learn they are no longer outcasts, & that friends standing with you against evil is always better than attempting to find it alone. No more on the synopsis as I don't want to accidentally give too many spoilers, but Aya Knight is a fairly new local author from central & south Florida, & definitely one I at least, will continue to follow as more books emerge.

  • Tammra
    2018-12-11 07:39

    I was really excited to read this book, I’ve always loved dragons and the thought of having a dragon transformed into a form he hated and learning to adapt to it really appealed to me. Not to say I wasn’t worried. So far when I get a book that sounds interesting it ends up not being all that good. What I noticed early on was that the storytelling is evenly paced. It never felt like it was going so fast that I couldn’t keep up, or felt like I was going through cold molasses. It kept a steady, even pace through the whole book. If anything bad could be said about the pacing, it’s that because it’s so steady things like the fight scenes weren’t as (for lack of a better word) heart pounding as they could have been. As for me I think it did quite well, and I enjoyed the pacing of the book.I loved the characters in this book. They were all enjoyable, and well fleshed out people. It really felt like they were real. However, I do have one disappointment. The character development felt a bit...... sudden. It’s weird because the development itself felt very believable and true to the story, but I felt like it could have been more gradual. That is really the only complaint I have about this book.I did enjoy myself while reading this, seeing the characters interact, even though their development could have been better played out. There were other minor issues, but it did not interfere with my overall enjoyment. I hope the next book is just as good.

  • Bronte
    2018-12-05 07:07

    I met the author at an anime/comic book convention and decided to give her book a try. I'm glad I did! It's a pretty straightforward book about a dragon that learns what it really means to be a human being. I loved Kale and following him as he grew character wise. But although the book appears to be an easy read there are a few plot twists here and there that left me wanting more. The only real problem I had with it was the ending, which I won't give away but it was such a huge cliffhanger that even til this day it leaves me itching to know more. But besides that, a straightforward and yet surprising plot line, interesting characters (I'm glad to know that there are elderly mages in the world like Thomas who is comical as well as wise), and cute romance. As for the writing style itself it's as the story goes, straightforward. There was a lot of repetition used in the book, a lot of the time to convey an idea that I could have picked up on my own. Like, I understood Kale was a hot-headed character but it felt like that was reinforced heavily by just writing it, instead of conveying it through his actions. It wasn't anything intense but as a reader it intrigues me a little more to come to conclusions by myself instead of being told, you know? But it's a good book for light reading, can't wait for the sequel!

  • Reba
    2018-12-06 10:03

    If you take a little bit of magic from the Harry Potter series and a little bit of imagination from the Hobbit series throw in some paranormal with dragons then you've got this book. This book was amazing! The author built a wonderful world of sorcery, magic, dragons, elves and new creatures to create this wonderful book series. Kale aka the last Dragon Firehart and his sorcerer friend Thomas go on a journey (quest) that leads them to meeting Neela a runaway elf, illdar a defecting solider from the evil army ran by General Jedah & many more. Together they learn that not everyone is the same, not every one is evil and to not judge someone based upon ones appearance. This is a fantastic fantasy book that holds life lessons weaved in the story. Like in the Hobbit our unlikely group faces many challenges and dangers to get to the end, and like the Hobbit one part of the quest is finished in this book but our hero's have many more quest to finish before all is revealed and peace can be found. I highly recommend this book!! 4.5 stars

  • Jane Geddis
    2018-11-21 04:06

    At the end of the Age of Dragons, the last dragon survives being hunted by becoming the enemy. A sorcerer transforms Kale the dragon to Kale the human. Kale hates humans and sees them as the enemy. Kale must learn to understand himself as both a dragon and a human. He learns that humans are complicated, and unique, and not all deserve hatred.What is the most interesting aspect to Chronicle of Kale is that the story gets told from the dragon’s perspective. The knights, especially the general who is out to claim the last dragon, represent the dark side of human nature – to be focused on vanquishing “the other”, to seek fame and renown, to live up to a creed first without consideration of its consequences.That Kale is young, an adolescent, also gives the story a very well shown metaphor and motif for adolescent change. Things about the dragon Kale match the qualities of the knights, and it is only through changing and becoming his own “other” that he finds how unique not only he is himself, but how unique others are as well.

  • Anari
    2018-11-20 05:58

    This fantasy novel delivers a rich tapestry of dragons, sorcerers, knights and the occasional monster - in the form of General Jedah. Kale is the last of his race - a young dragon. He's a bit feisty and temperamental and initially believes that his fate is sealed when General Jedah takes it upon himself to rid the kingdom of his kind. From there, the reader embarks on a fascinating journey , where Kale's most trusted advisor, a sorcerer, turns him into a human to escape the grasp of his enemies. The trouble is: Kale hates humans and despises most of them with a passion. Follow his journey as he tries to recapture his dragon form...This is an immensely enjoyable fantasy tale featuring adventure, romance and the odd spot of humour. The plot, which is highly original, has numerous twists and turns to keep the reader guessing and although the book ends on a satisfying note, you will be anxious for the next installment. I am!5 Star Read!!!

  • Luan Kahili
    2018-12-11 06:08

    Well, first things first, I wanted this book for a year now. Thnaks to it I fount around 200 other books that I want. Then I finally got it. But though awesome, I preferred playing games in my tablet.There have been 9 books so far who broke the spell and made me read them, however, I am not happy, not even a little, that this book did not. I am not going to write a full-fledged rewiew here now because the book-as I have said-did not appeal to me as some have had. Though I must say, I loved Thomas. I do not know why but I always like the old wise men who appear in books. They just seem so mighty to me.The writing style is exceptional. Aya can use so many synonyms and her writing is just perfect. Though, Aya, I have to say, kick the butt of your editor! Those "en" instead of "on" really angered me, especially because it destroyed the beautiful way of writing. And there was more than that! Please, let something be done with the issie, it really ruins the writing.

  • Mitchell
    2018-12-08 08:57

    When I finished the book and finally set it down, it kept me thinking and guessing for the rest of the night. That’s how I knew I’d found a winner. It takes a lot for a story to linger in my mind, even after Im finished and this book did it for me.It happens all to often that I buy a book, read through some of it, and then set it down never to return to it again. With the Chronicles of Kale I ended up reading it in 3 days from cover to cover. I think the story kept moving at a great pace that doesn’t idle for too long and bore people to death like other fantasies have been known to do. Theres just enough action to keep you hooked and waiting for the next encounter. And I found the world settings to be really well done to the point where I actually had the “eerie” feeling during certain parts (the Monsloths. Those of you who’ve read it will know what I’m talking about!Definitely going for the sequel next and am hoping it delivers with as big of a bang as the first.

  • Bethzaida
    2018-12-18 06:49

    Kale is the last one of his kind in Ravondore. General Jedah has killed every dragon in the land except for Kale Firehart. He has only one friend that can save him from Jedah and his army, and that is Thomas an old sorcerer. Thomas only choice is to turn Kale in the thing that he hates the most, a human. Kale now an 18 year old human with human and not so human friends, depart on a journey full of magic to save the last dragon.If you loved Finnikin of The Rock you are going to like The Chronicles of Kale. The author takes you on an adventure that you’ll enjoy. We see Kale in the beginning as a dragon that hates humans and while the book progresses we start seeing Kale growing into his human body and trusting those around him. The Chronicles of Kale is the first in the series and I can’t wait to read more of Kale’s adventures. This book is enjoyable and is well written.

  • Sylvia
    2018-12-17 04:39

    A dragon's quest for revenge takes an unexpected turn when his best friend transforms him into a human to save him from being killed next.There is much to love in 'The Chronicles of Kale: A Dragon's Awakening' with lots of adventure, romance and action. I really like Thomas the sorcerer, along with Neelan, as they were both fun and loyal. It was also fun to watch Kale evolve in character from being too full of pride to a more humanistic and humble attitude while helping his friends. During their travels there were some good laughs to be had along the way, and some entertaining and imaginative conflicts as well.I look forward to reading the next book of this epic fantasy series!

  • Valerie Jane
    2018-12-17 06:56

    Kale as a character was a satisfying choice for a main protagonist. I was instantly sucked in to the world of magic and mysticism, learning more about Kale's abilities as a young dragon and survivor. The story was sweeping and dramatic while still coming in close long enough for you to feel close to Kale during his journey.His friends, though unlikely, become the foundation for entertaining banter throughout their travels through the land.I personally love fantasy novels and fell into this one with ease. I found the writing style charming, unique, and fun to read. I haven't read many novels that stand up to Eragon (one of my favorite dragon novels), but I would put this one right up against it.Definitely recommend it!

  • Sammy Smith
    2018-12-11 01:39

    I thoroughly enjoyed this story: magic, dragons, political rambling, good old fashioned historical fantasy.The story follows Kale (refreshing to have a non-human lead!) as he travels and grows, and learns the nature of himself. I've never read a dragon story quite so unique and it made me think that perhaps... just perhaps... some of us are secretly dragons as well!Subtly layered, this book reminds the reader about the importance of acceptance and friendship through adversity, and that you must always be true to yourself.The writing was good and solid. The dialogue at times felt a bit stilted, but the strong story and pace more than made up for it.

  • Kimberly Phoenix
    2018-11-19 09:07

    Overall, I liked this book. It had action, adventure, romance, and magic. I like the characters, as they were all very different.One problem I had was that Kale changed a little too quickly. He was over 100 years old, it should have taken more than a few months for him to have such an attitude adjustment. I also thought this book was too descriptive. We don't have to know what people are wearing, or what things look like, to the very last detail.

  • Babcock
    2018-11-30 03:53

    I got this book in a first reads giveaway (thank you goodreads!), life got in the way of me reviewing it earlier. Anyways, I thought that the idea was really clever and really sweet, which is why I am giving it three stars. The plot development was a little awkward though, and I thought the writing was a bit stiff at times, so it was occasionally hard to get into. That being said, I would read a sequel.

  • Tor-Ole Hansen
    2018-11-30 07:44

    I enjoyed this book, I liked how our mp Kale grew throughout the book, being an ass in the beginning he became less than an ass in the end. Being a dragon and all I understood his behavior. I wish we had more of a backstory to the other characters though. Good plot, not anything new really, but I liked it.

  • Jennifer
    2018-12-07 01:42

    I hard a hard time staying focus on this book. I was interested in the story and what was going to happen to Kale, but after attemping to read this for 3 months and only getting 150 pages in, I just wasn't worth my time anymore.

  • Maddie
    2018-12-11 07:54

    LOVED!!!! Neelan and Kale were soooooo cute together!!!! <3And it was a good adventure of course... :)

  • Tati
    2018-11-26 03:00

    the beginning is what hooked me. I loved kales attitude. It moved a bit slow for me in all honesty.

  • Jayla Johnson
    2018-12-09 07:51

    It had everything from magic, sorcerers, elves, dragons, princesses and anything else mystical - I can't wait for the sequel!

  • Tiana Harris
    2018-11-18 02:09

    A great story!

  • Terri Spencer
    2018-12-05 06:41

    I would give it no stars but I can't. Not my kind of read! Didn't finish it, yuck!!

  • Max Frampton
    2018-12-02 05:43

    Great fantasy series. It is the start of something very interesting.

  • Sherri Ozcomert
    2018-12-02 01:58

    Ok, loved this author. Easy, fun, and great fantasy. Yes, I am really into the dragon stuff. Read both of her books on The Chronicles of Kale. There is even a little sweet romance in this set.