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Title : Modern Physics and Antiphysics
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ISBN : 9780201004854
Format Type : Paperback
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Modern Physics and Antiphysics Reviews

  • Erik Graff
    2019-03-10 02:07

    As a kid I expected to be a scientist of some sort. My pleasure reading was primarily science fiction, my serious reading mostly physics, particularly astrophysics and cosmology. I took three science courses in high school, culminating in A.P. Chemistry. I hated it. Partly that was because of a lazy teacher. Partly it was because my lab skills were terrible and I was unwilling to fudge the results to correspond with what the text suggested we should be discovering. In any case, I didn't go on with A.P. Physics, rationalizing the decision as ethical because socio-political praxis was more important given the contemporary political scene.College requirements forced me into one more science course. Physics seemed the natural choice and the catalog did offer a survey class designed for non-math/science majors. Here, fortunately, the teacher was good, reminiscent of Carl Sagan in his enthusiasm, and the readings from real authors, not textbook committees. Most of them were articles connected to lecture topics, but we also read some of the landmarks in the history of science by such as Galileo. Modern Physics and Antiphysics was the closest thing we had to a text and, frankly, I don't remember much about it beyond its lengthy discussion of symmetry issues in the field.

  • Jonathan Boyd
    2019-02-23 05:49

    Though now dated, Modern Physics and Antiphyics is a compelling introduction to physics that's written in everyday English most anyone can read. Under Baker's hand, the world of physics, often dry, becomes strange and incredibly interesting.This was one of the first phyics books I ever read, and though it's well over thirty years out of date, I still sit down and flip through it now and then. The concepts are no less fascinating, and the way they're put forth is still effective. A solid read, even for someone with only a casual interest in the world of physics.