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'Q.E.D.' presents some of the most famous mathematical proofs in a charming book that will appeal to non-mathematicians and experts alike....

Title : Q.E.D.: Beauty In Mathematical Proof (Wooden Books Gift Book)
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ISBN : 9781904263500
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 64 Pages
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Q.E.D.: Beauty In Mathematical Proof (Wooden Books Gift Book) Reviews

  • Louisa
    2019-04-24 09:18

    The basics of Euclid's Elements, Eratosthenes' calculation of the circumference of the Earth, Archimedes' find that the volume of a sphere is two-thirds that of the smallest cylinder containing it, toppling dominoes, the infinite staircase and much more: this little book delves into some of the most famous theorems and shows us the beautiful world of mathematical proof. Quod erat demonstrandum, indeed.

  • Sam
    2019-04-03 15:44

    This is the best math book I have ever read! Probably the only math book I have ever read, unless you count Douglas Hofstadter's I am a Strange Loop, which was more about consciousness and mathematics.QED was a cool read, but I will be rereading it, or finding another cool math book next time I get the urge.Every sorcerer needs this book, or one like it.

  • Gary Fixler
    2019-03-30 08:35

    I should have turned one more page at my list sitting; it was the beginning of the first appendix. All done! This is a tiny, very short book, with lots of pictures, but still took me a little while to get through, as I tried to pick apart the math behind, and descriptions of the visual proofs. I think I'll peek back in from time to time, as I didn't completely follow everything.

  • TK Keanini
    2019-04-20 08:14

    This wooden book series is great. This is my favorite because I love visual and auditory patterns that mix together with mathmatics. It all started wtih the Golden Braid and since then, I keep looking for books that tie everything together.

  • Vilém Zouhar
    2019-03-30 13:21

    Short and easily apprehendable. It was exactly what I expected it to be and hence I wasn't dissapointed. I really admire the ability of the author of being descriptive and brief at the same time. Pity is that every proof was geometrical, which sometimes felt like it was a bit forced.

  • Sally
    2019-04-05 07:20

    There are a few proofs, just browsing, that went totally over my head. But I love these Wooden Books! The drawings are simple, elegant, yet detailed. The paper is nice and thick. They're short, but pack a whollup of information. Fun, fun, fun!

  • Erickson
    2019-03-31 11:40

    Short but quite informative. Especially on Cavalieri's principle.

  • Shaina Leitch
    2019-04-02 14:19

    Just something I picked up every now and then. Some fun mathematical proofs.

  • Frank
    2019-04-17 08:34

    Great visual reasoning.

  • Greg
    2019-04-08 14:25

    Fascinating, intriguing. Math is a really cool thing...

  • Cathy Yee
    2019-04-02 10:17

    Love the patterns and concepts in the book. I didn't think I liked geometry but I l fell in love.