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"You don't know me, but I'm having your baby."Dominic Pirelli's carefully ordered world falls apart when a female stranger phones with staggering news: an IVF clinic mix-up means she is carrying the baby that he and his late wife dreamed of having!Though he distrusts her motives, Dominic is determined to keep waiflike Angelina Cameron close. Taking her to his luxury home,"You don't know me, but I'm having your baby."Dominic Pirelli's carefully ordered world falls apart when a female stranger phones with staggering news: an IVF clinic mix-up means she is carrying the baby that he and his late wife dreamed of having!Though he distrusts her motives, Dominic is determined to keep waiflike Angelina Cameron close. Taking her to his luxury home, the hardened tycoon reluctantly begins to admire Angie's strength and gentle beauty as her body swells with the precious life inside her.But when their baby is born, who will have custody of the Pirelli heir?...

Title : The Heir from Nowhere
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ISBN : 9780373129980
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
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The Heir from Nowhere Reviews

  • Saly
    2019-01-13 14:08

    The Heir from Nowhere was a decent read nothing great. The characters didn't really pull me in that much and Dominic was bit of a snob and judgmental in the beginning but he did get a shock that due to the clinic's mix-up he is about to become a father. His dead wife Carla wanted a baby badly but she had issues with weight and stuff so when he sees a really thin Angie he is not impressed and she is nearly destitute and comes from the same poor neighborhood as him.Angie never really wanted a child but she later realizes she didn't want one with her husband, who walked out on her. Most of the book these two spend time apart, Dominic trying to keep busy and Angie in his house doing stuff and then suddenly a HEA.

  • Bubu
    2019-01-03 19:04

    I really liked it. I liked the characters, the story, the writing style.If you're looking for a IVF mixups story. This one is for you.

  • Booklover
    2019-01-19 18:13

    I really liked the book,Dominic-Angelina two people who suffered in their own ways.Dominic has come a long way from poor to being a billionaire,he loved his wife Carla but she was unable to get pregnant so they went ahead with IVF but still were not successful,Carla dies trying and Dominic is bitter then one day comes a call from clinic that a wrong woman has been implanted with the embryo and now he is to become a father in 6 monthsAngelina calls Dominic to let him know,but he is rude to her and angry at her,Angelina's husband has left her when he comes to know about the mix up and files for divorce cause she refuses to abort the child,Angelina has her reasons,then these 2 meet from there their love journey startsReally liked Dominic and Angelina but i disliked one things about each of them,Dominic he also comes from poor background and knows how hard it is to live in such a poverty yet he gives disgust looks to Angelina,he thinks how can this woman carry his precious child,i really hate when people pass judgements from only looks,and he also accuses her that she is going ahead with pregnancy cause she wants money and how can she let the golden chance get awayAngelina she keeps whinning and thinking low about herself,her lack of confidence irritated me,Dominic cannot fall for a woman like me ,pluuuzzzzeee it really frustrates me when woman themselves think so low about themselvesbut as the story pregresses it gets better,Dominic accepts his mistake about judging her and Angelina gets confident as the story movesIts a good read but not a keeperRecommend it

  • Paula Legate
    2019-01-04 15:06

    This is the forth time I have read this book, and I loved it just as much as I did the first time I read. Not sure how, but I still managed to get tears in my eyes in one emotional part. Any book that can make me cry, is a good book. Dominic learned a hard lesson. All the money in the world can't save the people he loved. He and his wife wanted to have a baby. she died before they had one. He is broken inside. His world is turned upside down when Angelina contacts him to tell him the clinic made a mistake, and now she is pregnant with his child. The clinic, and her husband wanted Angelina to abort the child she is pregnant with. She just can't do it. Her husband can't understand why she would want to carry another man's child. He divorces her. A friendship was made between Angelina, and Dominic, and it was sweet to see it grow and strengthen throughout the story. The romance was slow and sweet, as trust was built. The emotions in this book are real, and raw. This book pulled at my heart. There are so many emotions any surrogate mother goes through. They try not to love a child that is apart of them. They try to distance themselves. How can you, when you feel every kick, every hic up? They know if they fall in love with the child they are going to give away, it will tear out their hearts when that time comes. This book had strong emotions. Love this book. It's a keeper.

  • Fanniny Moreno Zavaleta
    2018-12-21 15:04

    Recounting what I remember...She married her boyfriend because her mom was dying and he proposed so mom-in-law would die knowing her daughter was happily married... Don't remember why but they can't have kids so they go to a clinic but the clinic messes up and the h ends up with someone else's baby (the H's). The husband and the clinic wants her to have an abortion but she doesn't want to so the husbands divorces her and asks for half of her house (the one she inherited from mom, if the story had happened here she would be protected because your spouse can't claim anything you've inherited 😉​). So now she has a broken marriage, half a house in a not-so-nice part of town and someone else's baby in her womb.H's wife was obsessed with having a child so she went to the clinic but she died. The h goes to H to ask for help because financialy she can't afford carrying his child so she stays in H's home and blah blah blah... HEA.

  • Jess the Romanceaholic
    2019-01-07 18:13

    This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: Available Now!Publisher: HarlequinImprint: Harlequin PresentsAuthor’s Website: http://www.trishmorey.comMy Source for This Book: eHarlequinPart of a Series: NoSteam Level: SteamyAfter having read The Accidental Birthright by another author, Maisey Yates, and enjoying it thoroughly, I decided that I needed to see if there were any other HP’s that contain IVF mixups, and stumbled across this one.This was such a great story! Angie never actually wanted children, but her husband insisted that she wasn’t a “real” woman because of it. After realizing that she couldn’t conceive naturally, she underwent an IVF procedure, which again made her husband emphasize how “real” women wouldn’t need to resort to such measures.Shortly after conceiving, however, she discovered that there was a mixup in the lab, and the embryo that had been implanted actually belonged to another couple. When she refused to accept the “fix” that the IVF clinic offered, her husband decided this was the last straw and left her, finally moving in with the mistress that Angie never even realized existed. Now, impoverished and pregnant with a child that she doesn’t want, she contacts Dominic, hoping that this other couple will want and love the child that she is now carrying.Dominic has battled his way up from the slums to become a billionaire businessman. However, no amount of money, or nice houses, or fast cars, were ever enough for his wife, and when she couldn’t get pregnant, the couple turned to IVF. The procedures were unsuccessful, however, and not long after, she passed away from complications of a life-long illness, leaving Dominic with no family.When he first sees Angie, he’s both horrified and disgusted. This is the woman who was supposedly carrying his child?! She’s frighteningly thin, obviously impoverished, and so pale and sickly that a stiff breeze literally blows her over. He immediately assumes that she’s only doing this for the money, and it seems that she’s giving him mixed signals. When he realizes just how bad of a neighborhood she lives in, and that her husband is no longer in the picture, he demands that she move in with him until the baby is born, at which time she is to walk away.I really enjoyed this one. I still haven’t come across many novels that contain IVF mixups, and I admit this may be my newest guilty pleasure. There’s just something about a complete stranger having a man’s baby, without having the moral implications of a one-night stand, or my instinctive dislike of the hero for having either forgotten or discarded the heroine early on.Dominic was arrogant, true, but he was also charmingly confused, and also cynical due to his own past experiences. I liked how some of the “obvious” storylines weren’t pursued — for example the hot assistant was never a romantic rival, and Dominic never really pushed the issue of making her a mistress like so many of the heroes of HP’s do.In the end, I thought this was very well done. I don’t typically go for stories set in Australia, simply because I’m unfamiliar with the country, but I definitely think that I will be reading more stories by Ms. Morey in the future. 4/5 Stars

  • RLA
    2018-12-21 14:04

    The female character Angelina has just discovered that the baby she is carrying from her recent IVF treatment is actually the baby of the male character Dominic and his late wife, after a mix up at the IVF clinic caused the wrong embryo to be implanted. Angelina has been through a rough time recently, her husband was unhappy with the results of the mix up and wanted her to abort the baby, after she refused she found out he was having an affair and is now in the process of a divorce with her husband leaving her with almost nothing and trying to take the house her mother left her.Angelina knows that she doesn't have the resources to bring up the baby herself and wants to selflessly give the baby to it's rightful parents. Dominic is suspicious of Angelina, as he is a very rich man he can't see why she wouldn't want something out of him. He moves Angelina into his home in order to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't change her mind about giving up the baby.I really liked this book, it's very emotional and the love that develops between Angelina and Dominic is beautifully crafted. I really liked how Trish Morey wrote Angelina to be a really honest and genuine character; she knows she doesn't have a lot and doesn't have any delusions of grandeur relating to her life, she simply wants to live a normal life in her normal working class neighbourhood. Dominic is also a well written character with complex issues. His distrust of Angelina is constantly tested by Angelina's selfless behaviour and he really goes on a journey of self discovery in order to trust and realise his love for her. A great book!Originally posted at http://everyday-is-the-same.blogspot....

  • Rebecca
    2019-01-17 18:14

    9.3/10WHY COULDN'T THIS HAVE BEEN LONGER!!!!??!? It was amazing and one of the best third person books I have read in a long time. It had an amazing and very unusual plot but that made it all the more different and unique. You don't see many I'm having your baby even though we've never done it or even met books. At least not that I've seen or read. This was a phenomenal book and I just wished it was from first or second person perspective because either could have been so much better! There was so much emotion as it is even if you didn't get it straight from them it still made my eyes water. This was passionate and riveting and the characters were very distinct and personal. This was was amazing and and it sucks how they dont have sequels for the harlequin desire books!!

  • Leona
    2019-01-01 20:03

    This was my first book by Trish Morey and I will look for others by this author. It was a great read, and I found I couldn't put the book down. The author did a great job of taking a topic that was a little far-fetched and making it very real. Angelina Cameron is in a terrible marriage. She decides to go forward with invitro with the hopes that a child will fix their marriage. Unfortunately she finds that she has been impregnated with the wrong embryo and is carrying another man's child. Dominic Pirelli will never get over mourning the loss of his wife. If only they could have had a child together. He is surprised to find that someone other than his wife is carrying his child. From here, all I will say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cheryl Wright
    2018-12-19 13:57

    I looooved this book! I simply couldn't put it down. From beginning to end, I was drawn into the story. It had lots of twists and turns that I didn't expect. *I haven't read a Trish Morey book yet that I didn't like.

    2019-01-06 20:25

    Oldukça sıradışı bir kurgusu olan bir romandı ki taşıyıcı anne konulu hikayeleri hiç sevmem aslında. Ama bu oldukça güzel bir hikayedi. Çok sevdim...

  • Joanne
    2019-01-09 21:13

    I always enjoy Trish's books and The Heir from Nowhere is really good. I looooved the opening scenes and wondered how on earth the hero and heroine were going to get together.

  • bombay_sapphire
    2019-01-19 17:21

    I enjoyed this book. Read it in one sitting as I was pulled in. I didn't care for Dominic's judgements of Angelina, especially since it was revealed that he grew up in an area close by. It made him come off as a snob and he was very harsh (especially his thoughts about him not wanting to slum- OUCH). Especially at first when he seemed to kind of relish kicking the woman who clearly from appearance looked like life had put the wringer. Despite all that, he did win me over with his apologies and realizing that he was completely wrong about Angelina. I also didn't understand how he was supposedly so in love with his first wife Carla when she came across as a very shallow and insecure woman (to which doesn't speak very highly of him). I really felt for Angelina- how many bad experiences and how many ways can life kick a person so that they really are down and out?! These two had a very emotional journey. I really did like the contrast between the two women's relationships with Dominic though. Carla was the black cloud while Angelina brought light in his life.

  • Consuela Rossetto
    2019-01-07 21:07

    "Tu non mi conosci, ma io ti darò un erede..."Il preciso, luccicante e ordinato mondo che Dominic Pirelli ha impiegato una vita a costruire crolla improvvisamente nel momento in cui una donna mai sentita prima pronuncia al telefono quelle incredibili parole. Sebbene diffidi delle intenzioni di questa sconosciuta, Dominic acconsente a incontrarla: suo figlio, quel figlio che ha sempre sognato di avere, non può crescere lontano da lui! Ciò che non immaginava era di restare ammaliato dalla forza e dalla bellezza di Angelina Cameron, che in breve tempo non sarà più per lui una semplice sconosciuta.

  • Nadia
    2018-12-19 17:23

    I wasn't sure why I added this book to my to-read list. I guess I was intrigued how the hell she could be pregnant with his child if they do not know each other. I wonder how he didn't sue hospital for that? Or how her greedy husband didn't think about that? The story is ok. I missed the way the fall in love with each other. I guess that was love from the first sight. And I also need to say that I expected more from his assistant. She was so envious in the beginning that I though they must be sleeping together. But then she went away and didn't bother them anymore. I think it's a waist of a storyline and would add another spoon of drama into the plot. I think it was a little insipid.

  • Amanda Creager
    2018-12-30 16:13

    I enjoyed the basic plot and the writing was really good. I just didn't like the plot pacing. Spoilers below!!!!**********Spoilers**********Obviously her and Shayne got divorced, but there was almost no mention of that after she moved in. I felt that was on opened side plot that could have been closed in a conversation. I'm not sure why the character Simone was introduced, unless it was a play to expose Angie's feelings towards him...?

  • Gabriela
    2019-01-11 14:22

    I liked how it turned out in the end but one question I couldn't get why Angie get IVF in first place and that she was poor to give what ex-husband wanted. I do get why Dominic's deceased wife Carla couldn't get the end, I am little confused whether Angie is able to conceive after the birth. Anyway, I am glad it turned out a wonderful ending.

  • Melissa Maxwell
    2018-12-19 15:02

    This book flowed so well and I just loved it. Dominic and Angelina are perfect for on another but it took an accident for them to find each other. I loved the fact that the child was born at the end with love. I am glad that the secretary was no interference like I thought.

  • Vi
    2019-01-03 21:03

    An ok read. The fertility clinic thing was not done believably. A near poverty couple and an extremely wealthy billionaire couple going to the same clinic? The heroine had too much self-pity. Lot of inconsistencies like this which made it a very ok read.

  • Shelly
    2019-01-11 17:19

    When you read a Harlequin book, you gotta suspend a bit of reality. Yes, this book is about the billionaire that swoops in and the poor girl who becomes pretty, but they do build a relationship. I enjoyed it for a quick read. I hate, hate, hate the cover though!!!!

  • Charmayne
    2019-01-12 19:56

    Loved it

  • Lb
    2019-01-16 19:10

    Enjoyed the story!

  • Mia
    2019-01-15 17:05

    Was just okay, the story was decent, but I didn't feel the chemistry between the H/H. Felt like something was lacking.

  • Sisa Petse
    2018-12-23 19:17

    Good story...short and well narreted. I would recommend this for in-flight readers.

  • Diane
    2018-12-20 14:56

    trish morey is kind of hit or miss for me so this was a very pleasant surprise--i really liked it. and with today's technology, the premise is no longer so far fetched as it once was.

  • RomLibrary
    2019-01-18 15:06

    she was married and husband left her because of the mix up This is not the one that is good in this trope.

  • Michaela
    2019-01-01 21:11

    The story seemed really far fetched but it was ok.

  • Timendu
    2019-01-01 15:14

    2.5 stars

  • Gigi
    2019-01-18 22:00

    Enjoyed reading this book!

  • Erin-Jayne Lloyd
    2019-01-02 19:18

    WOW! What a twist of a story and boy it was amazing!!!