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Years ago, the Dark Knight suffered his greatest ever defeat...when the Joker killed Jason Todd, the second young man to adopt the identity of Robin. Now Jason has somehow returned from the dead, and taken on a guise once used by the Joker - the Red Hood! As the new Hood's murderous rampage through the Gotham underworld continues, Batman finds himself riddled with doubt anYears ago, the Dark Knight suffered his greatest ever defeat...when the Joker killed Jason Todd, the second young man to adopt the identity of Robin. Now Jason has somehow returned from the dead, and taken on a guise once used by the Joker - the Red Hood! As the new Hood's murderous rampage through the Gotham underworld continues, Batman finds himself riddled with doubt and regret and uncertain of how to proceed. Is Jason a lost cause? Can he still be saved? Or will he meet his demise once again at the hands of Gotham crime boss Black Mask? This electrifying tale, the sequel to "Batman: Under the Hood", is one of the most talked-about Batman stories in years!...

Title : Batman: Under the Hood, Volume 2
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ISBN : 9781401209018
Format Type : Paperback
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Batman: Under the Hood, Volume 2 Reviews

  • Lono
    2019-06-05 07:19

    Yep, you guessed it. It's red. His head...uuurr...helmet...aahhh...hood, I mean.Winick’s Under the Hood storyline is stupid good. Should be required reading for any serious bat-fan. And while I thought Vol. 2 was not quite as fantastic as Vol. 1, it’s still awesome. Beware of some spoilers for those unfamiliar with the Red Hood or this story.This book jumps around a bit. Winick fills in the gaps between Jason Todd’s death and resurrection in this collection. Judd also follows up on Vol. 1 and the fall-out from Red Hood’s ongoing war with Black Mask. I always thought of Black Mask as a second stringer at best before this run. Not really original. Been there. But, I actually like the angry fuck now. His back and forths with the Hood were well done and gave him some personality. Some other great moments include Alfred reminiscing, Batman continuing his search for an explanation as to what happened to Jason after his “death”, and the final showdown between Batman and the Red Hood. Judd’s Joker was pretty sick too. You didn’t think Jason was gonna let him get away with killing him did you? There were a couple of things I should knock off half a star for including issues with the casket investigation, the weak connection to Ra’s Al Ghul, and not using Deathstroke more. (Love Slade.). But I’m not, because Judd’s entertaining and ambitious story is ballsy and he took a real chance bringing back a character most thought of as being better off dead. Jason’s Red Hood remains to this day and I still like the guy more now than I ever did when he was Robin.DC also brought in some great artists to complement Winick’s epic. Doug Mahnke returns along with new artists Shane Davis and Eric Battle. All three killed it and provided some beautiful work. Easily as good as the first volume in terms of consistency and I loved it. Jock did the covers for the individual issues and this might have been his audition for another Batman classic, the Black Mirror(read it).Recommended to all my Batman peeps. Get this review and more at:

  • Jedi JC Daquis
    2019-06-17 12:29

    "Why Batman doesn't kill?" and "Who would win between Batman and Superman?" are the two proverbial questions about our Caped Crusader. Answers to which are also in the comics, either through clever dialogue or unforgettable imagery. The first question is answered here in Batman: Under the Hood, Vol. 2.Continuing both in tone and story, the second volume of Under the Hood ties up all the loose emotional strings between Bataman and Jason Todd, who was earlier revealed as the one called the Red Hood. This is clearly a definitive Red Hood origin story, both a culmination of the Jason Todd Death in the Family and commencement of the anti-hero Red Hood.Once again, Winick has effectively utilized unknown (at least for me) characters like Captain Nazi and the Hyena in some of the book's action scenes. Count Vertigo was also there, and I have read about him only at Green Arrow. This volume wraps the Black Mask story branch at the middle to give way to the most awkward reunion of all time: Batman, Jason Todd and the Joker.Then the throwdown of fists and philosophies happened between the Batman and the Red Hood. Specifically, Batman answers the question why he doesn't kill, even if the only one he has to kill is the Joker, THE Joker. The answer earned a respectable nod from me, though it is neither the most logical nor the answer which is the best one. But once I felt the gravity of Batman's answer, hell yeah, that's Batman right there. (Opinion: Now, this may be connected why people hate the killer Batffleck in Batman v Superman, but if you just try to understand what Bruce has gone into, plus other considerations, both the logical and rage-driven choice is to kill the Big Blue.) Under the Red Hood (which collects both volumes of Under the Hood) is a must-read modern-era Batman story. It is has well-balanced elements which are effectively executed to deliver a definitive origin of the Red Hood and an answer to Batman's no-kill policy.

  • Virginia
    2019-06-23 09:31

    A good conclusion (but of course, so sad and depressing). I'm not sure I get the ending, but whatever. It's Batman. Therefore, I enjoyed it. :)

  • Wesley
    2019-06-04 10:28

    I loved the bulk of this book, the issues taken from the main series, and the continuing story of Jason Todd's quest for answers as to why Batman has allowed the Joker to continue to live. I am slightly conflicted in the bringing back of characters from the dead. I was collecting the Bat-books back when the Death in the Family story line was running and there is a part of me that does not want the emotional investment that was made at that time discarded for a cheap thrill now. The portion of the story taken from the Batman Annual that explains how Jason is still alive is the weakest part of the book – there is a big Deus ex Machina involved and I never like that. I feel they could have come up with something better and, as they had to use a resurrection pit anyway, maybe Talia and Ra's Al Ghul could have hatched some scheme that would have had the same result. Anyway I did enjoy the two books enormously - I just wish that the companies could commit to killing off characters permanently.

  • Justyn Rampa
    2019-06-18 11:03

    I found the second volume was much stronger than the first. I wonder how I would rate it if I had read the whole arc together. Regardless, Judd Winick elevates the story to the places I had hoped he would when I read the first volume.Jason Todd is a beautifully complex anti-hero! Seriously. So many issues and frustrations. The relationship between him and Bruce is pure gold!Also, this volume is told through the perspective of Alfred for a sizable portion which is always enjoyable!Talia makes a brief appearance and in the crazy b* vain that I enjoy, so that was nice.The volume does vary slightly from the film, although it is much closer than I expected to be. The final chapter explains how exactly Jason Todd came back from the dead and there is a big difference here from the movie which is good in one way because the movie didn't really sit well with me. Although fantastical, I accept Jason Todd's true rebirth origin in Under The Hood.I love Jason Todd!I am glad that volume two meets my expectations!

  • Caitlin
    2019-06-14 09:24

    Continuing from the revelation of the Red Hood's identity in volume 1, this second volume focuses even more on the clash between the Red Hood and Batman. At the heart of the Red Hood's problem with Batman is the fact that Batman continues to allow the Joker to exist and refuses, despite all the death and destruction the Joker has caused, to rid Gotham of him once and for all. Winnick does an incredibly good job making you understand the motivations of all three and making it clear why Batman refuses to kill and why the Red Hood just cannot understand that. (view spoiler)[ I had actually watched the animated movie of this story before I ever read Batman: A Death in the Family so being able to re-read the story knowing the ending of Jason Todd made it a million times better!(hide spoiler)] And the ending was so perfect and so heartbreaking that it made me love the story even more. Easily one of the best Batman stories out there!

  • Beckiezra
    2019-06-08 06:06

    A good enough story, I liked the look at how Jason was not really cut out personality-wise to be Robin, he's a bit too violent/impulsive. Damian kind of reminds me of Jason, hopefully things turn out better for the current Robin than they did for Jason. I vaguely knew the specifics of Jason's return to life but finding out the details in the story at the end of the book was nice.

  • Arjun Mishra
    2019-05-29 10:03

    This is a worthy successor to an excellent Volume 1. I am tremendously impressed with this story. The resolution to how Red Hood revived is sneaky and I wonder if there are future repercussions. Batman had to confront many philosophical demons that haunt him perhaps on a lurking level. They were almost the equivalent of physical villains.

  • Anne Barwell
    2019-06-18 05:31

    Unfortunately I haven't got hold of the first vol to read although I already knew the story. Even so I enjoyed this - love the complexity of Jason's character and his story. So much still unresolved at the end though, not to mention the cliffhanger although presuming that is resolved in another story.

  • Nithin
    2019-06-04 08:16

    I already knew the story before reading, from the animated movie Batman: Under the Red Hood, but It was such a pleasure to read it all the same. The cliffhanger at the end was a surprise though. I think it has something to do with Infinite Crisis. (view spoiler)[Though, it would have been the sweetest end for Batman - like Joker said, Let's all go out in a bang (or something of the sort) (hide spoiler)]

  • Shaun
    2019-05-29 06:20

    I already commented on the first volume, but the end of volume two leaves a reader hanging. I love Jason's cruelty to the Joker and how he called him out on his (Joker) sanity. Batman is also tormented not sure how to deal with the Red Hood this adds a different level to Batman's usual confident persona.

  • M
    2019-06-05 08:14

    With the revelation that former Robin Jason Todd has returned with the mantle of the Red Hood, Batman must choose between helping his former sidekick back to some semblance of heroism or bringing him in to face justice. The bonus Batman: Annual story that chronicles Jason's return makes the book.

  • Rick
    2019-05-25 13:14

    I really liked the story in this one but the explanation at the end seemed like an afterthought and didn't really work for me. I kind of came out of nowhere. Otherwise a pretty well thought out story.

  • Tiara
    2019-06-05 08:15

    Still a bit disappointed, but at least this volume was far less kitschy than volume one. The storytelling found its footing a bit better in this one.

  • Aaron
    2019-06-13 06:14

    A great action story totally undercut by the downright retarded backstory they created for Jason Todd's resurrection. I mean, just one of the worst comic book resurrections of all time.

  • Luckyjohn12
    2019-06-07 11:17

    I thought it was a good book. At first I thought it was the story of the Joker, but it was really about one of Baymans sidekicks & how he became the red hood.

  • El Neo
    2019-05-31 10:29

    Jason Todd is a favorite character of mine now that he has his own identity! being Red Hood fits his type of character more than being Robin!

  • John Yelverton
    2019-06-03 13:12

    Such an absolutely and wonderfully written suspense novel that will leave you glued to each and every page.

  • Sanjay Tillani
    2019-05-29 06:09

    It is a complete story of red hood which is quite good> its is definitely better than the volume 1 of the same comic

  • Brian Jones
    2019-06-04 13:23

    The art was great but it was a bit gory and dark for my taste I guess I like classic Batman and Justice League. So sue me. Oh, wait I live in California, never mind.

  • Steve
    2019-06-07 06:10

    Not as dynamic as the first volume, but still a good read.

  • Matt Thomas
    2019-06-04 10:11

    A story about the return of Jason Todd as Red Hood and, therefore, some insight into his origins and Batman's relationship with him.

  • Matej
    2019-06-15 08:05

    This is a great second, and final, volume of an intriguing and emotional story.The art starts off looking great, but by the end it kinda looks a bit "morphed".Overall, this is one of the better Batman storylines and I would recommend it to any comic book fan.

  • Victor Orozco
    2019-06-22 10:31

    AWESOME!!!Continuing from where Vol. 1 left off. Under the Hood finishes on the return of Jason Todd.Any Batman fan should know that Robin has never been just one boy but several young men and a few young women. Dick Grayson was the first, but even sidekicks grow up to become their own man. So another apprentice was chosen to fulfill the absence of Batman master-ship over Gotham City; Jason Todd.Despite his skill and sense of right and wrong, the boy was impulsive and driven by rage. Because of this he gained many fans enmity and they missed his predecessor. So much so, that we were granted the power to spare his life... or die at the hands of Batman's most notorious enemy. Like the Emperor in a Roman arena, we turned the thumb and our judgment was carried out swift and hard. But as it turns out in comic books, nobody truly stays dead. As it turned out the powers that be hoped we weren't that cruel and created another ending in which Jason survived and interestingly enough this ending was showed to another malevolent character in the comics, who decided that no hero should have to die so awful, that in his insanity restored him to life and began in Jason a quest for vengeance not only against the man who murdered him, but also the man he believed had abandoned and let him down.While still remembering the Black Mask situation in Vol. 1, it eventually diffuses as the master and former apprentice take down Black Mask's new allies and for a brief moment we get the dynamic duo of the 80's to settle it. But it all ends as we get probably the greatest confrontation ever written in the same alley that made Bruce Wayne into Batman. From the very beginning Jason chose to become the Red Hood as a way of sticking it to the Joker and Bruce by becoming the man that the Joker was pretending to be in "The Killing Joke" only making it his own. Bruce however continued to beg and plead with Jason not to become what had destroyed his family. But Jason had nothing but rage, pure justifiable rage... even I couldn't help but feel his pain. Yet this was not bloodlust, it was about what was right! He was murdered and the man who performed the deed was always going to get away with it. And what did Bruce do? Stick his costume in a glass case as a reminder of the boy he lost. "Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth." Joker was going to continue to kill and the only way Jason saw to stop it was for the Joker to die.I just loved seeing Jason do something I had never seen the Joker do. Frown. Because Jason had truly got to know what made him tick. But as all this came down to it, Bruce also did something very few had been done to him. He confessed that he was always wanted it. To kill Joker, to kill all who continued to kill. But he wouldn't. Why? Read the book. Once you get that, not even the most justifiable rage could be worth it.The ending is truly an amazing climax. In many ways its very much like "The Dark Knight" movie with Harvey Dent. But its not truly the end as this collection concludes with the truth to how Jason Todd was resurrected. This was a great story, truly one of the best Batman stories. Definitely holds a candle to "Death in the Family" and deep down even if Jason survived in that tale that he would have been lost in the same way he was in "Under the Hood."Bit slow at first, but it builds up to an awesome end. A

  • Ryan
    2019-06-07 11:07

    Art 5/5, Story 3/5

  • Scott Firestone
    2019-06-20 08:28

    This second volume of Under the Hood narrows focus, and it's much stronger for it. The rest of this review has spoilers, so stop reading now if you don't want to know who The Red Hood is. Batman's still on the Red Hood's trail, slowly closing in. Large sections of the narrative are from Alfred's perspective, and those are well done. Despite the focus, there's still some goofiness here. There's a section where Red Hood and Bats end up fighting Hyena, Count Vertigo, and Captain Nazi. I'm not familiar enough with the DC universe to know if these are major characters, minor characters, or if Winick was told to use them. But they're just silly. (And yes, I'm aware that I'm saying this in the midst of a comic book about a character named Batman.) Captain Nazi? Come on...I did like the Black Mask's role throughout the story. He was frustrated and funny, and I just liked him. But ultimately this is about Jason Todd confronting his "father," and asking him why Joker--the man who killed Jason--is still alive. Winick did a masterful job of framing the clash between Batman and Jason, and their two philosophies. I felt for Jason, and why he was so angry. In some ways I agreed with him. And I respected Batman's position, and his self-awareness of where that road would lead him.So let's ignore how Jason was able to come back, and just judge Volume 2 on the great story. Because, unfortunately, the last piece in the book is Batman Annual #25, which tells how Todd came back to life. And it's super dumb. I just assumed it involved a Lazarus Pit. And it does. But first there's some ridiculous new age crap about making the universe right, and involving Superman somehow, and this "force" magically brings Todd back to life. I don't like it when books/movies/shows bring back dead characters, anyway. It robs you of any sense of real danger and emotional investment when people who die aren't necessarily really dead. But on top of bringing him back, it's done in such a hilariously awful way. I'd almost suggest skipping the Annual altogether. Jason's back somehow. The details aren't important. Move on. Otherwise, this solid book ends on a goofy low note.

  • Kolby
    2019-06-22 13:09

    Very good, but sad, conclusion to Under the red Hood. After we learned that Jason Todd is in fact the Red Hood, Batman does not take this lightly. It is now a battle between Red Hood and Batman. Jason cannot understand why Batman will not kill the one man who keeps terrorizing the city. Of course, we are talking about Joker. The way Jason sees it; If you have the power to stop someone who will kill others, you have to stop them. Batman and Jason have different perspectives on stopping Joker. Jason wants to kill him, while Batman explains why he cannot kill him. This, unfortunately leads to the overall conclusion of this book. As sad as it is, it is the collision course we all knew was going to happen with a personality such as Jason's.

  • Roger
    2019-06-14 12:07

    The origin of Red Hood is explained, in brief, yet leaves readers wanting more. Unfortunately, I read a few of the Red Hood volumes without sequence, still enjoying them, but I believe I would have enjoyed the other volumes more so if I read them in sequence, but even so, I am glad the DC Universe, in seeking to adjust itself, as it does, managed to create the time-space anomaly that is Red Hood, since he is the Batman we have been afraid Batman could become. With Red Hood, we get both types of Bat. Cheers. :)

  • Feather Mista
    2019-06-05 12:13

    Más vueltas de tuerca rebuscadas, misterios evidentes y violencia excesiva que ni siquiera tiene mucha belleza estética que digamos. Este comic demuestra que no hay vacas sagradas en el mercado mainstream yanqui y que si no se deja a los muertos en paz, es muy poco probable que después ellos nos dejen en paz a nosotros.PD: acabo de ver la adaptación animada y emprolija bastante la historia, pero apenas araña las tres estrellitas.

  • Timothy
    2019-06-21 10:31

    This book finishes the story of under the hood. It explains practically everything what was going and how like Jason came back from the dead. I would say that this one of my favorite books I've ever read. I just like the story of the whole thing like how batman at the end had to deal with Jason and he handled him perfectly.