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The spirited Houston congregation featured in ReShonda Tate Billingsley’s Let the Church Say Amen and Everybody Say Amen has a major scandal unfolding—and, as always, the outspoken Rachel Jackson Adams is at the heart of the drama.As the First Lady of Zion Hill, Rachel is not only Pastor Lester Adams’ wife—she’s currently his eight-months-pregnant wife, who’s going toe-to-The spirited Houston congregation featured in ReShonda Tate Billingsley’s Let the Church Say Amen and Everybody Say Amen has a major scandal unfolding—and, as always, the outspoken Rachel Jackson Adams is at the heart of the drama.As the First Lady of Zion Hill, Rachel is not only Pastor Lester Adams’ wife—she’s currently his eight-months-pregnant wife, who’s going toe-to-toe with Lester’s onetime mistress, congregant Mary Richardson, also pregnant. Her baby may or may not be Lester’s, but Mary’s doing all she can to win sympathy and turn her fellow churchgoers against Rachel—even threatening to blackmail Pastor Adams with a paternity agreement. After all, where can an unmarried mother-to-be go but to the Lord? Rachel has a few choice answers for exactly where Mary can go . . . but as these expectant moms do battle, hostilities erupt into a drama unlike anything Zion Hill has ever seen! Something has to give, and while Rachel contemplates everything from transferring her lifelong church membership to packing up and leaving Lester, she knows deep down God is calling her to forgiveness. Will the arrival of the new babies bring a new understanding? Or harden forever the anger that’s dividing them?...

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Say Amen, Again Reviews

  • Dee Cherry
    2019-01-21 11:28

    Rachel has surely matured since book 1 of this series. Although I had anticipated the old Rachel to reappear, she held it together the best she could. Mary had no idea whom she was up against in that battle. Aunt Minnie was in the way, she needed what Simon gave her. Storyline kept me reading, anxious to find out what would happen. Ending was bittersweet as I look forward to reading about this First Family.

  • Carmen Blalock
    2019-01-27 10:27

    *******SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE FIRST 2 BOOKS!!!*******Rachel is 8 months pregnant and having nightmares after finding out that her husband's mistress, Mary is also pregnant and it could possibly be Lester's baby!!! As much as Rachel and Mary have fought over Lester, this seems like the straw that broke the camel's back. Rachel just can't take anymore, now it is a matter of keeping her mind right for herself and her children.Mary can see that Rachel is not going to let her and Lester be together so she does whatever she can to make sure that she is forever in Rachel's life. Adding to the list of low-down underhanded things that Mary can think of her next adventure in making Rachel's life miserable is to start dating her brother, David who is unaware that this is the infamous Mary that has been trying to destroy his sister's life. But the one thing that Mary does not count on is the Adams family, however dysfunctional they are they are FAMILY!Life for Jonathan is starting to look better. After all of the drama with being in love with Tracey, Angela finding out about his sexuality and hiding his son from him and going to court to get visitation rights to see Chase, Jonathan is doing well for himself. Jonathan is seeing Chase on a regular basis and working as a school guidance counselor but his Aunt Minnie is a bible-totting christian who is trying to "pray away the gay" and that is just the start of trouble for Jonathan once again.The beginning of Say Amen, Again, ReShonda Tate Billingsley gives you the background story on the cast of characters in this book but you are doing yourself an injustice by not reading the first two in this series, Let The Church Say Amen and Everybody Say Amen. This is an excellent series written by an author who makes you want to participate in the conversations going on or help clear some of this drama up! There were times while I was reading these books where I was giving advise to the characters or saying "I would do . . .", indication of a great author! ReShonda Tate Billingsley is doing great things with her writing and I look forward to more

  • Monique
    2019-02-07 07:12

    Rachel Adams has worked hard to change her life and be right with God and as Zion Hil’s First Lady her work in the church speaks for itself. That is until Mary Richardson lures her husband, Pastor Lester Adams, into her bedroom. The crazy thing is that they are both pregnant and Lester may have two babies on his hands. Rachel and Mary take off the gloves and go toe to toe during this everybody in the church ain’t right installment of the Amen series. Obviously, ReShonda has a gift from God with her comedic pen and witty words. She tackles issues that we hear about but don’t openly talk about – praying the gay away, busy body single church women, and womanizing pastors. As the scandal unfolds the drama steps up a notch with every page. There are points that I thought were predictable and a couple of areas that slowed in action but this was definitely a must-read addition to the Amen series. Keep’em coming ReShonda…

  • Adrienna
    2019-02-05 10:25

    The schemes we try to do can backlash back in our faces. Not everyone is easily convinced for one's conniving tactics, Rachel Adams hunches were proven correct. Jonathan stood up to his Aunt Minnie, moral lesson is that sometimes religious people will say what is an abomination and point out sin but we need to get the plank out of our own eye. Do you know if you are going to heaven? God is our Judge on Judgment Day, not man. So glad the author pointed this notion out. We quote the Holy Bible, we know the parts that are against God, but are we living the godly way ourselves.

  • Denise Hutchinson
    2019-02-03 11:21

    This was the first book that I received as a giveaway. I enjoyed the book. I read it on a recent flight and it held my interest. I didn't realize that it was part of a series until I was already into it. I will read the other books in the series. I would recommend it, especially for someone who wants a book that is written from a Christian perspective.

  • T. Brown
    2019-02-04 12:30

    Rachel is a mess. And I love it! Her growth is even more evident in Say Amen, Again, the last book in the trilogy. Though to me Rachel is the standout character in the trilogy; however, all of the characters struggle with their own issues. Each of the characters have their faith tested in one way or another. I have enjoyed reading how they overcome AND fall short. Rachel's story continues in another series written by ReShonda Tate Billingsly & Victoria C. Murray. In order the titles are Sinners & Saints, Friends & Foes, Fortune & Fame, Blessings & A Curse. In these titles Rachel's story crosses paths with Lady Jasmine, a character from Victoria C. Murray's books. Currently, I've started reading Jasmine's journey from the beginning. Looking forward to when these two ladies meet!

  • reneeNaDaBomb
    2019-02-02 07:29

    This was the best ending to the "Amen" series because First Lady Rachel Jackson Adams has definitely changed her life for the better. I was surprised when she stepped up to the plate to raise Mary Richardson's son Lester Jr/Lewis as her own. Rachel had sympathy and did not want the baby to be turned over to CPS. Unfortunately, Mary and her baby daddy, Craig, had been brought up in the foster care system and had a rough life. Then, all of the false charges against her husband, Pastor Lester of Zion Hill Church, had been dropped. That conniving Mary aka Tammy Westerland aka Lola Franklin has been sent to prison for identity theft, credit card fraud and accessory to murder. Karma is a mutha.

  • Sheryl Boyce
    2019-01-28 11:32

    This was a good book. Can't believe it ended like it did, but it held my interest all the way to the end. It will be interesting to see if she continues the storyline into another book.

  • Jennifer
    2019-02-09 09:25

    Wonderful book! The highs and lows throughout the writing really keep you tuned in for what's next. So much passion and pain!

  • Nardsbaby Reader
    2019-02-13 12:33

    Karma is a MuthaAs the First Lady of Zion Hill, Rachel has been fighting to remain rooted in the word, as well as violent free. Unfortunately, Mary, her husband's ex mistress, is making this a difficult task. At eight months pregnant, Rachel fears that she'll never be able to fully forgive Lester for cheating if she learns that the baby Mary is carrying is actually his. While she struggles to be strong, Mary is pulling out the heavy artillery to get Lester to realize that he picked the wrong woman to be his wife. With her holier than thou aunt in town and the return of her dad's cancer, Rachel is not sure how much more she can handle. Confused and praying for a solution, Jonathan wishes that some way he could change who he is as everyone seems to be quick to pass judgment on him. Despite his willingness to put his lifestyle to the side for his son's sake, Jonathan finds himself unable to do so when a student is in need of counsel. Both Rachel and Jonathan are in need of time, healing and forgiveness. Will they be able to finally get the break through that is needed to move on in their lives? SAY AMEN, AGAIN by Billingsley is the third installment of the Say Amen series. In each book readers bear witness to change, prayer and understanding. Recommended reading!

  • Shelley
    2019-02-13 07:24

    Say Amen, Again is apparently a sequel to some other books written by Reshonda Tate Billingsley, although you don't really need to read them in order to follow this book. This one is the typical two-women-fighting-over-one-man novel, only the twist here is that the man is the pastor of a prominent church, and plus both women are pregnant with his baby. His wife, Rachel, does her best to get this mistress Mary, out of their lives.Their story really was of no interest to me, I was really more interested in the subplot, which involved Rachel's brother Jonathan. In the previous books, he had come out as a gay man, and is now living with the ramifications of that, mainly his meddling aunt who thinks he should "pray the gay away." He is also a high school counselor and is currently counseling a confused young man whose father bullies him around about being a sissy.While I liked Jonathan's story, as a whole I wasn't too impressed with the other story lines or characters and really have no desire to read any of the other books in this series.

  • Yolanda Gore
    2019-01-31 05:28

    Say Amen, Again is ReShonda Tate Billingsley’s 23rd book. Her writing style has a flow of humor and thought provoking issues that many are faced with daily. ReShonda has a great way of showing her story through her words. She makes you feel as if you’re best friends with each character. In Say Amen, Again. ReShonda addresses not only the issue of “pray the gay away,” but also bullying. Both of these issues had a huge impact on those involved. If you have read the series from the beginning, you know that the Jackson family has had their share of family issues. Rachel has definitely matured over the years. She is about to become a mother for the 3rd time and many feel as if she has become soft, especially the way she deals with her husband and his one-time mistress, Mary. The situation becomes life changing for everyone. You will be surprised by the outcome. Don’t sleep on Say Amen, Again.

  • Carla
    2019-02-04 11:14

    Drama. From the first word on the first page. What I liked about the book?The author kept the story on point there was no wasted characters or action in this book. Seriously I could not put it down once I started because I needed to know what was going to happen next. What I did not like about the book?N/aHow could the author improve the book?Not possible. I suspect that she put a lot of herself into this book to make sure that it was as good as the first and I must say that she actually outdid herself. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

  • Brenda Brown
    2019-02-13 05:31

    I enjoyed the book. I laughed and got a little teary eyed as I continued to read. I soon knew what the first lady's intentions were and supported her choice. I did not like Minnie's character. I think the author put her in the story to get everyone's goat. This book showed the many sides of "Christian faith" and how different people handled their own faith. Different story lines tugged at the readers interest and made them think about how they would handle the situations given in the book.

    2019-01-19 13:33

    Rachel is back with more drama than ever.After finding out so devastating news about her husband Lester she truly at her wits end especially knowing that there may be a baby involved.When Lester finds himself in a troubling situation Rachel realizes its time to take off her first lady hat and bring the old Rachel back. In this compelling novel we will learn whats= is like to really put on the hat of forgiveness.I have truly enjoyed this series. The characters and drama was on point. I forgot this was even a christian novel. ReShonda did her thing gotta read more from this Author.

  • Chivon
    2019-01-18 05:33

    I really liked this book. I loved the short easy to digest chapters, it made for the plot to unfold quickly and there was never a dull moment. The Story was about Rachel and her husband Lester and a whole lot of baby mama drama. The other story in the book had to do with Rachel's brother Jonathan and his dealing with being gay. I have not read the other books in this series, but I would definately like to go back and catch up on all of the drama that I missed in the books that lead up to this one. It is a quick easy read and I would recommend it.

  • Yolanda King Stephen
    2019-02-13 06:18

    Rachel is up to her shenanigans again. She has grown and matured as a pastor's wife, but the streets will come out of her if you press the wrong button. The novel deals with some serious issues that teens and adults face if depression is truly severe. This portion of the book hit straight home to me. This is another quick read that allows the readers to follow characters we have come to know and love.

  • Belinda
    2019-02-09 07:12

    Say Amen, Again was an exceptional read! I really did'nt see the end coming. This book was so powerful. There is so much about forgiveness in this book. Rachel was remarkable in the end. Poor Mary never stood a chance, she had so many strikes against her. I enjoyed this family and how they stood up for each other. If you read this book, read them in order. There are 2 before this one.

  • Rebecca
    2019-02-13 13:05

    Great continuation of the series. Rachel went through a lot of back and forth and drama that didn't have to happen because of Mary. Pastor Lester got himself into situations that he should never get into. Rachel's father Simon was a wise man and I enjoyed him so much more than in the first book. Johnathan and David have both come a long way too. I would highly recommend this book.

  • Jessica Horne
    2019-01-19 06:22

    This book was AMAZING!! It kept my interest from beginning to end and even though parts were predictable, you find yourself eagerly awaiting what happens next....I have passed the book on to my daughter to read now. It is a new favorite!

  • Barbara
    2019-01-19 11:30

    First Lady of Zion Hill, Rachel has been fighting to remain violent free. Unfortunately, Mary, her husband's ex mistress, is making it hard. Rachel fears that she'll never be able to f forgive Lester for cheating.This series is so good, you will not want to put it down

  • Veronica Jones
    2019-01-29 08:12

    Book Three of the 'Say Amen' series was really good, so glad the drama is over with for a change..... It just goes to show that not everyone is perfect but still some can take it too far. So glad that in the end, Rachel had her family together finally without any more problems :-)

  • Brandi Armstead
    2019-02-05 06:20

    Good bookRachel has really grown up spiritually. There is still some of the old her that has remained. Her brother is still struggling to find himself. There is always one relative in the family that likes to tell others how to live. I really enjoyed this book!

  • June
    2019-01-30 06:29

    This novel was just as interesting as "Let the Church Say Amen" and "Everybody Say Amen". First Lady, Rachel and Pastor Lester life was so full of drama. A good storyline with lots of drama, twist and turns. A page-turner for sure.

  • Cindy Luc
    2019-02-16 12:11

    loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooved it

  • Candice
    2019-02-12 06:32

    Wow....I was not expecting this to happen. Awesome series!!!

  • Dorothy
    2019-02-09 06:35

    Another AWESOME book by, Reshonda Tate Billingsley! The end was shocking but awesome! I loved it! :)

  • Stashia
    2019-01-22 05:30

    reshonda's books fit both Christian read and non Christian read. and every book has a twist of event that every one can enjoy !

  • Tracey Sims
    2019-02-08 08:29

    It was a great read. Reshonda Billingsley out did herself.

  • Jarvellyn Robinson
    2019-01-20 10:34

    Loved It! Anxious to finish up with Jasmine so I can read Sinners and Saints!