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Who is really in charge of the world economy? This study argues that big businesses, drug barons, insurers, accountants and international bureaucrats all encroach on the so-called sovereignty of the state. It examines the implications of this rivalry, pointing to new directions for research....

Title : The Retreat of the State
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ISBN : 9780521564403
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The Retreat of the State Reviews

  • Craig
    2019-02-09 07:48

    The Golden Rule: whoever has the gold makes the rules. I think this sums up the book pretty well. Strange makes a lot of really good points, and backs them up with extensive empirical evidence. Some of the data seemed to presuppose her conclusion, but are convincing regardless. Generally, I agree with the main premise of the book, but to me that main premise seemed almost intuitive given the recent state of the world economy and the current power allocation between state and non-state authorities. Then again, this book was written years ago, so kudos to Strange on that, I'll definitely be on the look out for her future publications.I really enjoyed this book up to the final chapter, where she kind of lost me when she seemed to start advocating for a new world order and global governance. Granted, she identifies problems with that method too, but the implication of the problems she points out with state authority, and how its power is being re-allocated, really point to no other solution. The state has a LONG way to go before it disappears entirely, and I don't think it ever will, nor do I necessarily think that Strange is saying that it will either, at least not explicitly. I, for one, see the total monopoly of legitimate violence that the state hold as its primary anchor in the global society. Humans can be ruthless and cut-throat, the idea of handing over the management of our physical safety is one that will never be fully accepted, at least not by me!

  • Rob Prince
    2019-02-17 11:43

    Susan Strange caught alot of flack from mainstream economists of the University of Chicago horseshit free-market variety because she doesn't use enough graphs and fancy mathematical formulas, like the ones used by economists who in large measure got us in the current financial crisis. As a result, needless to say, I love her. A bit dry but for economic writing about as good as it gets, explains some of the dynamics as to why and how it is that it has become dogma to argue there is no role for the state in modern economies...Too bad she's left us. I think she'd be one of the more prescient voices on the current financial crisis - and easily more principled that Krugman

  • Tim Tolka
    2019-01-22 07:54

    Considering that the National Intelligence Council predicts a further loss of sovereign power during the years until 2030, this early work on the evaporation, or relative disintegration of state power has only gained relevance since 1995, when Strange published it. Organized crime and multinational companies have continued to absorb power from the state, as Strange predicted.

  • Frank
    2019-02-08 06:54

    Kind of Eurocentric in perspective but in my opinion a must read for anyone concerned about the regulatory capture strategies of non-state actors including NGOs, multinational corporations, the mafia and such-like.

  • Natalie
    2019-02-15 06:34

    I think Strange is as essential as Huntington or Morgantheau for any IR student.

  • Ananth
    2019-01-24 10:39

    good book.