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Daniel Youngblood is a world-weary oil and gas investment banker who's ready to hit the beach, when he's hired by a Saudi Prince for an OPEC deal where he can net himself $25 million as a swan song. At the same time, he meets and falls in love with Lydia, an exotic European fashion photographer, who he later discovers is really a CIA-trained spy with a shocking history witDaniel Youngblood is a world-weary oil and gas investment banker who's ready to hit the beach, when he's hired by a Saudi Prince for an OPEC deal where he can net himself $25 million as a swan song. At the same time, he meets and falls in love with Lydia, an exotic European fashion photographer, who he later discovers is really a CIA-trained spy with a shocking history with the Saudi Prince. She convinces Daniel to enlist in what becomes a race for the lovers to stop a Muslim terrorist internet plot to bring down the Saudi royal family and cripple the world's oil capacity, all before they wind up dead....

Title : Trojan Horse
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Trojan Horse Reviews

  • Winona Smart
    2019-01-28 05:32

    An Opinion piece in a recent (June 15,2011) Wall Street Journal by Richard Clarke calls attention to precisely the kind of cyberassault central to the plot of this novel. Clarke was a national security official in the George H.W. Bush, Clinton and George W. Bush administrations. His piece is titled, "China's Cyberassault on America." If you don't believe the form of computer espionage and sabotage contemplated in Trojan Horse is possible, read Clarke's piece. That will make reading this novel all the more chillingly real. It's a great thriller, now scarier for me in retrospect.

  • Al Likely
    2019-02-17 12:01

    Great thriller with heart, based on a classic story line: the common man caught in uncommon circumstances. Hitchcock's "North by Northwest", "The Wrong Man", and "The Man Who Knew too Much" come to mind. Any of you who enjoy Grisham's, Baldacci's or Cussler's story lines but often can't stand their pulp fiction writing or cardboard characters (like me) will find Trojan Horse both refreshing and great fun.

  • Amy
    2019-01-19 04:34

    Wow... Concubines, the CIA, OPEC, and extreme Islamic terrorists- what else could you ask for? A switch from my usual chick lit/ historical fiction genre... But a good change. This was pretty fascinating to glimpse in the life of Saudi Arabia's royal family. A pretty good read.

  • kent
    2019-02-07 08:01

    if the book had been edited with a chain saw it may have turned into an intriguing novel. instead it dragged on as the author attempted to fit every plot twist and literary turn ever conceived into the book

  • Scott Whitmore
    2019-02-11 05:58

    In the early hours of a July morning two decades ago, a group of heavily-armed men infiltrates a Saudi palace, intent on assassinating a member of the royal family with the assistance of Sasha, one of the target prince’s concubines — in fact, his “favorite.” This is the opening of Trojan Horse by David Lender (@DavidTLender), which blends genres to include elements of thriller, espionage, revenge and even some romance while exploring a modern-day terrorist plot to cripple the global oil industry. After that exciting opening the stage for the main plot is set with the introduction of New York investment banker Daniel Youngblood, who specializes in deals involving the oil and gas industry. Daniel has suffered a tremendous loss with the death of his wife, and is drifting personally and professionally. But in the space of a few days both sides of his life are jolted.First, Daniel is bewitched by an enigmatic and beautiful fashion photographer he meets by chance at a party and then he is hired as a key advisor for the Saudi government, a job he hopes will both renew his passion for the challenge of putting together complex deals and earn him enough money to quit banking while at the top of the profession. None of that will matter, though, if the plans of a fanatical Muslim cleric are realized; plans in which Daniel plays a key but unwitting role. As always, no spoilers from me, but that should be enough to give potential readers a sense of the stakes of this story, which involves multiple storylines and some interesting plot twists from an author who himself spent twenty-five years as a Wall Street investment banker.We’ll circle back in time to learn how Sasha ended up in the prince’s bedroom, a lengthy flashback sequence which I initially thought was unwieldy but ended up enjoying very much. Readers will also meet an enigmatic and murderously efficient mercenary, a character given just enough detail to make me want to see him again, hopefully in the next Sasha story, Arab Summer, which is also on my To Read List.I’m looking forward to revisiting Sasha in that next book because I enjoyed Trojan Horse, but I did have some small issues with it. The romance between Daniel and his mystery photographer, and more pointedly their dialogue when together, worked for the plot but not as much for me. Also, the back half of the book dealing with the actual terrorist threat moved very quickly to the conclusion — perhaps a bit too quickly as it had a rushed feel. On a personal note, I found it a bit difficult to begin liking Daniel the banker, even as he mourned his wife. Daniel’s casual mention of earning multi-million dollar fees and bonuses reminded me there is a huge divide between the haves and have-nots in life, and I know which side I’m on :). Extravagance and riches are on display throughout, with the Saudi royals living a lifestyle the rest of us can only imagine (hint: solid gold bathroom fixtures). Maybe that’s why I liked the grubby mercenary so much, especially when he shows up on Wall Street in what’s described as “a K-Mart” suit. Slight quibbles aside, I enjoyed this story and want to find out what happens in the next book. To learn more about Mr. Lender and his books, check out his website.

  • Tracy Riva
    2019-01-30 07:52

    Trojan HorseBy David LenderCopyright 2011 by David T. Lender ASIN B004JF4J54Trojan Horse by David Lender is a deeply involved story of terrorism, industrial espionage and intrigue taking place across the Saudi Arabia, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. It involves a rich cast of characters who are very well developed and who remain in your memory long after you read the last page. It contains multiple plot twists and is so believable it is scary.In Trojan Horse David Lender offers an unusual glimpse into the Muslim mind, both the good aspects and the bad ones. The people who honor the good they are taught, and who try to be stewards of the resources they have in trust for their people and the people who breed discontent and militant thought and stances in their followers.I was really impressed with the quality of the storytelling in Trojan Horse. It is a rich and complex story that has to be carefully followed but the author weaves together all the varying aspects of the story quite artfully. I found myself absorbed in the story almost immediately and I read it through as quickly as could and still take in all the necessary details. I found my heart thundering in many places and nearly breaking in a few others but the story never failed to keep me absorbed. I highly recommend Trojan Horse. It is a rich, compelling story. It is filled with well-developed tension. It is full of mystery and intrigue and interesting characters. It will hold your attention from start to finish and the story, as I already noted is realistic enough to be scary. It could happen and that’s part of what makes this such a compelling book to read. I couldn’t put it down and I think you’ll experience the same desire to see how the story unfolds to the exclusion of other activities. All my reading time, plus all my precious “free time” went into reading this book. I quite literally couldn’t put it down.

  • Pete Blaylok
    2019-01-31 04:40

    A much different read than Bull Street. This is a Ludlum-type, international espionage thriller that has the male protagonist, Daniel, located on Wall Street, but the book isn't about Wall Street and doesn't have any real financial orientation. This is a computer terrorist sabotage story. Daniel meets an exotic woman who he falls in love with, then learns she's come to him as a spy to try to stop the terrorist plot, and that he's unwittingly stuck in the middle of it. The most interesting part of the novel is the long flashback sections on the spy's past life, who she really is and how she came to be in the situation she's in. Wow. She's had some life. I don't know where the author did his research on concubines in the Arab world, Islamic religious practices and elitist Swiss countesses, but the detail and settings are lifelike and fascinating. This is a book that deserves a sequel, and the character of Sasha is one who can carry an entire series. You won't be disappointed by this thriller, I promise.

  • karl
    2019-02-02 12:43

    Good novel for those of us who want something quite believable, fast paced, sex, bad guys, Muslim/Islamic stuff, investment banking, guns and shooting, and a lot of computer things. The woman star at age 20 becomes a CIA-planted Trojan horse inside a high level Saudi home to take care of a radicalized son of a high-up minister. Later, when she is about 40 and still on the run from folks who want her dead she falls in love with an I banker whom she is supposed to be monitoring for the Saudis. The Saudis correctly fear that a fundamentalist Islamic group is going to infest software systems (trojan horse) that control refineries, drilling, and pipe lines causing them to “blow up”. This is a major step in the fundamentalists’ plan to overthrow the Saudi regime. The I banker is played ping pong between the CIA, Saudis, his love for the girl, his oil-software clients, and his nemesis competitor I banker. Fun read!

  • Howard Nissan
    2019-02-02 10:52

    An intelligent and carefully crafted thriller. The parts I enjoyed most were the character background and development of Sasha. The writing there was reminiscent at times of a fine literary novel, not a commercial thriller. It also showed a sensitivity to genuine emotion in the handling of her feelings and gutsy response to the slings and arrows of her life. She is a character I would like to see more of. She also embodied the theme I saw at the core of the book: belief in love, or at least the hope for it, as a driving force to overcoming obstacles in one's life.Yet, it's a thriller, and a good, old-fashioned page-turner. At whatever level you choose to enjoy this one, you won't be disappointed. Trust me.

  • Dick Black
    2019-02-08 09:42

    This was a surprise to me because I'd never heard of this author. Based on the book I think we all will be hearing a lot more about him. I won't lay out the story but it's very cleverly done. It was ambitious and risky to take on oil, politics, love & sex, espionage and flashbacks to 20 years ago and back today in one novel. He did it, however, and extremely well. This emerges as more than your average pot-boiler international spy thriller. It has a fully-formed love story in it and a fully-developed heroine that you rarely get in books like this. Have fun with this one and look for his next. I read that it's to be set on Wall Street. Look out, finance boys.

  • Douglas Wruck
    2019-02-06 09:38

    I thought it was just ok. While there was some good international intrigue, I also thought that they could have cut down a LOT on Sasha's backstory. That bogged down the book in the middle for me. I also thought that her character was a little inconsistently written, at one time she would be a tough international spy, another time she was acting like a teenage schoolgirl with a crush. Some of the dialogue between the two of them was also a little cheesy, always calling each other "lover". That just felt forced to me.

  • Carol
    2019-01-19 11:00

    A bit too predictable when you get past the concept of concubines who don't appear in novels much these days. I think a lot of these cybercrime books are believable to people who don't know much about computers and can swallow the ability to take over networks with ease. I know it's not that easy (or somebody is not doing their job) so the racing around is neither necessary nor desirable. The characters were a bit two dimensional and I never trust relationships that bloom out of nothing but lust. An ok read but needs tightening up

  • Angelo Abdela
    2019-02-13 08:42

    A remarkable book on many levels. It keeps you guessing, partly due to the shifts in time and place and the number of characters and subplots. On one level it's a terrorist spy thriller, on another the story of a young woman who is betrayed by her foster mother and a Saudi prince, who strives for balance and love in her life. Naturally, she meets the unwitting hero of the book, an oil and gas investment banker who's been dragged into the terrorist scheme. Stick with it. It will reward you with a great read and keep you thinking about it long after you've finished it. Try it out.

  • Eddie
    2019-01-25 12:51

    A good story that was great page turner. The story (Wall Street investment banker who gets hired by Saudi royal family to secure an OPEC deal meets intriguing raven haired beauty who turns out to be something of a spy for the Saudis who is trying to thwart an attempt to destabilise the global oil and gas industry and bring about the downfall of the Saudi royal family (and breathe...)) has a good premise but is somewhat predictable and can be a little fragmented and disjointed.But it's an entertaining and exciting read!

  • Melissa
    2019-02-18 07:31

    I was really disappointed with this book. I work in IT in the Oil and Gas industry, so I wanted to like it. While the premise was quite good, the author lost me with his preditable plot and lack of convincing details. I felt like he spent too much time on the back story of Sasha (the whole middle part of the book) and not enough time developing the thriller aspect of the story. He also did not do a good job of character development. I never really cared about any of the characters -- the good guys were too good and the bad guys were very bad. Really disappointing read.

  • Jim Southard
    2019-02-18 08:53

    Started well and ended well, but the bulk of the book was a slow and only mildly interesting look into Sasha's past. The timing of various segments jumped all over the place over a 20-30 year period, so you had to notice carefully the beginning of each section to see whether this piece of the story was current or sometime in the past. The plot lacked credibility at times, and the descriptions of Daniel and Sasha's love for each other was over-the-top sappy.

  • Tanya
    2019-01-31 06:32

    This was actually a really interesting story that I wish I could rate at 3.5 stars. The whole concept of the trojan horse - both as a person and as an internet "bomb" - was really fascinating, as was the storyline of the Saudi Arabian royal concubine. Weaknesses, however, came in the inconsistent pacing of the story, and the underdeveloped relationship between Daniel and Lydia. Still, very worth reading.

  • Agnes (BeaderBubbe)
    2019-01-26 07:56

    While the overall story was great and interesting, I found myself trying to keep up with it since it hopped back and forth from present to past.....Daniel Youngblood though kept me wanting more....especially his relationship with Sasha and where it was leading....there was intrigue, violence, spying, danger, love.....I would say a little bit of everything....alot of suspense ..... all in all not a bad book for 99 cents on my Kindle.....

  • Lisa
    2019-01-22 11:46

    I enjoyed this book and I thought the subject matter ass current and thought provoking. However, I found some of the characters and dialogue too simple and underdeveloped. To avoid a spoiler, considering what the main characters had been through I found myself thinking, "No way would she do that..." And if certain characters addressed each other as "Lover" once more I think I might have lost it. Still a good story but I doubt I will read the sequels even though I love this genre.

  • David Rubin
    2019-01-31 09:31

    The setting is unique and interesting and we would like to know these characters and warm up to the story. Unfortunately, the plot line does not hold up well, and the use of the medias res technique of story telling does not work very well in this context. This is the first volume in the Sasha Del Mira series, but the book leaves the reader disappointed and not inclined to move further into the series.

  • Sarah Seifert
    2019-01-28 05:51

    This book is definitely not as strong as the first outing in the Sasha Del Mira series. It moves along at a snail's pace, we revisit (sometimes word for word) the same people and places we saw in the first book and the short story. I was emotionally invested in each of the characters I met in the first book, even the villains. Here, though, I literally could not care less if someone walked into the room with an uzi and blasted everyone away. Yawn.

  • Geoffrey Summer
    2019-02-03 06:34

    I always enjoy finding a new author and this one looks like a keeper. Trojan Horse is a good, old-fashioned pot-boiler (not in the pejorative sense) that a Ludlum or Patterson (in his early years) would have written. The settings are global, as is the intrigue, the characters are larger-than-life and the suspense built to an exciting finale. I see he's got another out and another on the way and will try them out.

  • George Tennet
    2019-01-19 08:56

    Masterful thriller by an author I hadn't seen before. Deeply involved story of computer terrorism on the oil business by Muslim fanatics. It also has a scintillating back story on the female lead that flashes back into her past as a concubine and then a spy, ultimately an assassin. The current day story almost takes a back seat to this part of the book, although it ends with a flourish as a normal thriller. A great read. Looking forward to his other stuff. I see he has two more.

  • Renee
    2019-01-25 05:35

    Trojan Horse has some of everything; espionage, romance, intrigue. The plot is well laid out and the story lumbers through the present and the past at a pretty good clip. Some times sentence structure was a bit strange and I would have to re-read the isolated passage to understand it and I felt the book was just a little too long. Bottom line - this is a good story with good character development; a good read.

  • Terri
    2019-02-13 11:57

    Trojan Horse has everything: mystery, romance, and geopolitical intrigue. Lender calls on his investment banking past to write a thrilling novel with eerie relevance today. As we watch today's oil industry go through changes no one could predict, I wonder if Lender was almost prescient as he created his story involving oil, politics, international espionage and Wall Street. I recommend this well written book and look forward to reading the next in the series.

  • Helen
    2019-01-25 09:31

    confusing in the sense that it would jump back and forth twenty years causing you to struggle to recall the characters relative to another time. Ultimately, the book collects itself in the last 20% with the story finishing in a spy chasing, heart racing bang. Still, the author requires cerebral gymnastics for perhaps the only self-indulgent purpose of being different- 3 stars

  • Chris Kurbjuhn
    2019-02-16 07:37

    Leicht unentschlossenes Buch. Fängt an als Action-Thriller, wechselt zum Finanzthriller, mutiert zum Frauenroman und macht dann endlich entschlossen als unentschlossener Genre-Mix weiter. Liest sich aber flüssig und ist leider nur mäßig spannend, da das ganze ab der Hälfte ziemlich linear und vorhersehbar abläuft. Als entspannende Nebenbei-Lektüre okay.

  • Richard Diver
    2019-02-08 05:57

    Really enjoyed it. It read like a conventional thriller in the beginning. The long flashbacks on Sasha's life were the really unusual part. They read more like a "real" book instead of a thriller and were extremely well done. I had to read the last 50 pages or so in one sitting because at that point I couldn't stop.

  • Dave
    2019-02-18 10:48

    Good fast paced story that was a little thin and predictable in places, worthy of 3.5 stars. I listened as audiobook during car commute. It was entertaining to listen. I might not have finished the print version

  • Cindy Godfrey
    2019-02-18 11:47

    Not my usual type of book, but it has a passionate story of a young woman who is wronged early in life and fights a gutsy struggle to find happiness and love in her life. Both with a man to reciprocate that love and with a father figure to provide her the constancy she never had.