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Tess Morrow and Jack Wright have always struck sparks every time they're in the same room, but now, after years of successfully avoiding each other, they're trapped together by an unexpected hurricane and striking sparks of a whole different kind. Each minute Tess spends with Jack makes his dangerous kisses--and the mouth-watering way he fills a pair of jeans--more intriguTess Morrow and Jack Wright have always struck sparks every time they're in the same room, but now, after years of successfully avoiding each other, they're trapped together by an unexpected hurricane and striking sparks of a whole different kind. Each minute Tess spends with Jack makes his dangerous kisses--and the mouth-watering way he fills a pair of jeans--more intriguing than ever. If Tess isn't careful, soon she'll be falling for this infuriating man.Just because they're forced to spend Thanksgiving together doesn't mean that Jack has to like being with Tess. Except he's beginning to notice her warm smile, her long legs, and especially how his teasing gets her all flushed and bothered in al the right places. Suddenly, Mr. Wright is being tempted in some very unexpected ways...making him wish the storm would never end....

Title : Tempting Mr. Wright
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ISBN : 9780380811793
Format Type : Paperback
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Tempting Mr. Wright Reviews

  • Emily
    2019-02-16 06:01

    I was super excited to reread this title by Sue Civil Brown. With the exception of a bodice ripper stolen from the mother of a friend in middle school, this was the first romance novel I had ever read. So, with the assumption that it would be just as delightful a read as the first time, I settled in with an expectant grin. It is no secret the romance genre follows a certain formula. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy wins girl back. However, being that is it the 21st century, I choose to look at the formula a bit differently - Girl meets boy. Boy pisses off girl. Girl allows boy to win her back. Whatever version you choose to see the formula still remains, but then this is not necessarily where the genre shines. The formula is actually quite irrelevant to the quality of the story. The important thing is to tell a story so we forgets there is a formula. We want a story that develops with action and events that do not seem completely predictable. We expect, if not know, there will be a happy ending, but we don’t want to be able to guess what happens each step of the way.In the end, “Tempting Mr. Wright” was predictable and failed to challenge me. The initial premise of why the two main characters, Tess and Jack, come together intrigued me at first, and their strong sense of family provides great characterization for both. It had been long enough since first reading the book that I didn’t remember the story, but it wasn’t long before the real reason these two have come together starts to unfold. What begins with the exciting possibility of danger and suspense is revealed to be merely a complicated attempt at matchmaking. I also found the bickering between Tess and Jack to be exhausting. It is fine, if not a bit juvenile, in the beginning as it helps to establish the animosity between the two characters, but it becomes unnecessarily drawn out through the entire book. It seems the bickering made up for the lack of action, and I felt the author would simply throw in an argument to stir up yet another fight between the two characters. I rolled my eyes more than once at the immature jabbing and childish emotions bouncing around. Honestly, after this, the only thing that kept me reading this story a second time was the eventual sex scene.Endless bickering and lack of action are not the biggest issues I have with this story though. No, it is the obvious presence of the author throughout the book. When describing the Tess/Jack relationship, one word was used continuously throughout the book, no matter the point of view. Antipathy. First of all, this word feels out of place in a romance novel, as it seems it would be more appropriately used to discuss political and racial intolerance at a pretentious dinner party. Secondly, the repetition of this word makes me long for synonyms. Would it have been so hard to throw in “Animosity” just once? Most Importantly, the overuse of this word pulls me out of the story and makes me aware of the author. These are not the thoughts of the characters in the story telling their versions of the situation, instead it is the author not taking the time to fully develop these characters as the unique individuals they deserve to be.Despite the few issues I have with this novel it has some great qualities that all romances need; a hunky, sometimes brooding guy; an independent, outspoken, if not always confident, woman; a goofy collection of supporting characters; and lots of sexual tension that eventually leads to the best sex the characters have ever had. It is a quick read with numerous bits of humor, and it would be a good story to introduce novice romance readers into the genre.As the story came to an end, even though “Tempting Mr. Wright” did not quite live up to my expectations, I still was able to close the book a second time with a grin. And for me, that’s the best test of all.

  • Sophie
    2019-01-28 13:02

    Cute, fun book. Like Tess and Jake, they were fun to read. First Sue Civil-Brown book, will be reading more.

  • Amanda
    2019-01-30 06:40

    I have to say this, Eew, I am a very open minded person or I do try my hardest to be and I totally understand that the author was trying to make it sound as if they never really knew each other as step siblings so how could you possibly be turned off by the fact they are step siblings. But... um... NO they were!!! In fact in several occasions throughout the book they were referred to as brother and sister and even introduce each other at step brother/sister, that's just wrong. She was 15 he was 24/5(?) to me that young and old enough to view each other as what they are which is step siblings. I was finishing up the book and I was liking the idea of the trick being played to teach them a lesson but I couldn't get pas the fact this book was about a step brother and sister hooking up and having sex in their parents home.

  • Ann Marie
    2019-02-11 11:38

    I usually love anything written by Sue Civil-Brown. Her Paradise Beach stories are funny, creative and a lot off-the-wall. This one was not so great. I tired of the arguing between Tess and Jack. There parents disappearance was predictable. Even Mary Todd was a little boring. There should have been a lot more interference by the Hole in the Wall Gang. I guess all the stories can't be great.

  • tc
    2019-02-06 05:49

    This story had that hilarious push & pull relationship from the beginning . Tess and Jack test the limits when it comes to one another . They are comfortable like siblings would be but with that electric pull that fairytale relationships have .

  • Sarah Mae
    2019-01-23 06:35

    Life is a game, and you must play well. Love's just at the corner, don't be fooled.

  • Chris
    2019-01-21 13:56

    It was good. Weird but good.

  • C K
    2019-02-18 11:42

    This is an author that I have read a lot of and have added her books to my 'keeper' book shelf. Most I have read at least twice and some even more than that.

  • Bea
    2019-02-04 07:42

    Okay, I tried but I just couldnt get over the fact that she was attracted to her stepbrother. Major ugh factor.