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“I curse you, and your children’s children, that you shall all live out your allotted years, and that those years shall be filled with grief and loss and betrayal, even as you have betrayed and bereaved me.”Phil Fitzwarren is surrounded by death and tragedy as a result of the curse imposed on his family by Jonathan Curtess. The estate is riddled with debt, his parents and“I curse you, and your children’s children, that you shall all live out your allotted years, and that those years shall be filled with grief and loss and betrayal, even as you have betrayed and bereaved me.”Phil Fitzwarren is surrounded by death and tragedy as a result of the curse imposed on his family by Jonathan Curtess. The estate is riddled with debt, his parents and brother killed and his young nephew and much-wanted heir to what is left of the Fitzwarren estate fights for his life after being born prematurely. Since the arrival of Mark Renfrew, a psychic descendent of Curtess, and Daniel, a soldier suffering from PTSD, breaking two of the cryptic conditions of the curse, Phil feels his life is being overtaken by events out of his control. Phil also has to admit that as his friends and family pair off and marry, he is lonely, and maybe a little jealous. He takes his anger and frustration out on the climbing wall, only to be picked up by a gorgeous guy when he freezes twenty feet up. Lee Curtis is a force of nature, inserting himself into Phil’s life before Phil has time to breathe. But there is the third part of the curse to break, “when the one who seeks in danger is sworn to the landless lord”. Phil realises that Lee is the final piece of the puzzle and the curse which has plagued his family for centuries may finally be broken....

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The Lord's Tale Reviews

  • BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions
    2018-12-29 07:30

    Maybe like 2.5 stars. There were a couple spots I wasn't sure I would finish it I did not like this one very much. Phil was a complete asshole in it and I never warmed up to him. We know nothing about lee and how is he the seeker of danger? Cause he rock climbs in full safety gear? They meet, insta love, lots of sex, Phil is a negative asshole, curse broken Even the characters I had liked in the previous books were less likable in this. I think Phil’s POV tainted it for me and just couldn’t enjoy this one

  • Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*
    2019-01-16 05:41

    I think this one is my favorite out of the whole series. I felt it had a nice balance between the romance and the curse. Whereas The Psychic's Tale focused a majority on the curse and The Soldier's Tale focused mostly on the romance this one fell right in the middle which appealed to me a lot.I have to admit, Phil was a complete douche-bag in the beginning. *cough* Okay, for most of the book *cough*. He's very pessimistic and holds a lot of anger and jealousy towards Daniel and Mark. However, I also think some of that anger and jealousy was because he channeled Sir Belevedere unconsciously. But, really, he was just an asshole. Lee, aww, he was just so cute! I loved that he was such a bossy top. It was a nice change since Lee is smaller and shorter than Phil so it gave the story something unique you don't see often enough, IMO. Especially since, even though Phil was taller and bigger, Lee was the one to offer comfort to Phil and cuddle Phil against his chest whenever he felt like it. It was very sweet, to me.It was interesting to see how the curse is finally broken. Any questions I had in the previous two books were settled in this one with a bit of drama but was ultimately entertaining. I don't want to go into detail about how it's done, though, because I don't want to give it away but I really liked how Ms. Brown pulled it off and got the curse to end. Of course, Phil was a bit dramatic along with being an asshole which I have no doubt some people will not like but I really enjoyed it especially since Lee and he fit together quite well.Overall, I'd imagine anyone who's liked the previous two books will enjoy this one as well. Definitely recommended.

  • Don Bradshaw
    2019-01-07 09:56

    This book brought the reader back to concentrate on the curse and breaking it. It didn't dwell on Phil and Lee as much as book two did with Sean and Daniel. The six men foretold in the words of the curse breaking gather at the Gatehouse along with Mark's Grandmother who got this whole thing started. Phil, Lee, Sean, Daniel, Mark and Jack clash with mistrust and the effects on Sir Belvedere's and Jonathon Curtess' ghosts. Some parts of this book were melodramatic but Ms Brown managed to tie up all the loose ends and bring the trilogy to a entertaining ending. The characters transitioned well from one book and author to the next. I'd recommend the trilogy to any fan of the paranormal.

  • Chris
    2018-12-26 08:33

    3.5 stars. Very good paranormal m/m romance trilogy reminiscent of the Nora Roberts trilogies that involve a different couple getting together in each book, all as part of breaking a curse or fulfilling a prophecy. Chris Quinton, RJ Scott, and Sue Brown have done something similar here, skillfully creating the m/m version of the three curse-breaking couples.

  • Maya
    2019-01-13 03:30

    The perfect end to a great trilogy.

  • Feliz
    2019-01-16 02:36

    Centuries ago, Phil Fitzwarren’s ancestor Belvedere had Jonathan Curtess killed at the stakes; before he died, Curtess cast a hex on Belvedere’s family which is in effect down to the present day. It’s this curse which Phil holds responsible for the untimely deaths of two of his brothers as well as for the fact that his newborn nephew is in hospital, fighting for his young life.Phil has almost resigned himself to being the next on the curse’s hit list; even so, he takes great pains to avoid his fate. Although he loves extreme sports like wild-water rafting or rock climbing, he restricts himself to indoor climbing as a safe compromise. However if you’re too wrapped up in dark thoughts to pay attention to what you’re doing, you can get into a pinch even in the relative safety of an indoor climbing center. When Phil finds himself in a gridlock in the wall, Lee Curtis, a young employee of the climbing center, comes to his rescue. The attraction between the two men is instant and intense, much to Phil’s dismay; convinced to be doomed a victim to the family curse, Phil fears he’ll drag his new lover along into disaster.For months, Lee’d had his eye on Phil Fitzwarren. Now that he’s finally about to attain his desires, he won’t be discouraged by his lover’s misgivings. Even more so once Lee meets Phil’s friends, two other male couples who all seem to think that together, they are destined to break the curse Phil is so afraid of. It is soon evident that Lee might in fact be the last missing piece to solve the puzzle. Phil may be adamant to protect Lee from sharing his personal doom, but Lee is just as stubbornly set on helping to deliver Phil and Phil’s family from their bane. And fate, to all appearances, works in his favor–since Phil, with his family’s fortune in ruins, most certainly is aptly named “the landless lord”, Lee must be “the one who seeks in danger”he’s certainly daring enough.As a character, Phil wasn’t easy to take to. Ever since he properly entered the stage in book two, he kept being disgruntled and gloomy, afraid of the curse and pessimistic about his part in breaking it, prejudiced against Mark (whom he thought just another charlatan for a long time regardless of all evidence to the contrary) and Daniel (notably his best friend’s beloved). Lee was almost his diametrical opposite, optimistic, sweet, trusting and very open-minded about all the supernatural fortuities that had brought him and Phil together.This book had to take all the loose ends left dangling by the first two, The Psychic’s Tale and The Soldier’s Tale, tie them nicely and bring the mystery to a convincing and satisfying end. A challenging task, which in regard to the curse, was beautifully solved. However, in the course of this, other elements of the story somewhat fell to the wayside, most probably due to the short format. Lee’s and Phil’s relationship relied heavily on the fated-lovers premise and outside of this, didn’t show a whole lot of development. They were firmly rooted in the Curtess/ Fitzwarren affair; I couldn’t see much of a common ground for them to base a relationship on otherwise. While this made a lot of sense in the context of the overall plot, it also left me a little dissatisfied.Another issue I had with this book lay in the sheer amount of problems it had to solve. There were really a LOT of loose ends to tie, with Mark bearing the brunt of the work. At times, he struck me like a jack-in-the-box; sure, he is psychic, but some of the resolutions came to him too conveniently and right out of the blue. However it was nice to see all six of them working together. It was certainly no small feat to uphold six different “voices” toward the end, and to keep the character’s particularities apart enough so they remained recognizable. And I loved to meet Alice, Marks grandmother, again.As a whole, The Fitzwarren Inheritance (“A Trilogy from a Trio”) was a fascinating project. Three different authors attending to a common plot idea, each taking a different approach in her respective unique voice and yet creating an almost seamless whole–as far as I’m concerned, the whole thing was brilliantly done despite a few minor flaws. I greatly enjoyed this series and can only warmly recommend it. Review originally written for

  • Grammy 1
    2019-01-11 08:30

    4 1/2 StarsFollowing this story has been a wonderful journey to me. Three authors choosing a topic; with each author writing their own story line for that topic. Each author following one after the other, continuing where the previous one left off. Like a game we played as children, but this story is not for children, it is about lust, greed, betrayal and a curse so strong it has lasted for generations.Psychic’s Tale, written by Chris Quinton, opens the major plot and scenery of The Fitzwarren Curse. Mark Renfrew is asked by his aging aunt to research a curse that affects not only his family but another in a nearby town, in the English countryside of Steeple Westford. He finds that in the autumn of 1644 Johnathan Curtiss cursed Belvedere Fitzwarren. “I curse you and your children’s children, that you should live out your allotted years and those years shall be filled with grief, loss and betrayal even as you have betrayed and bereaved me”.The curse has very explicit verbiage to show possibly how to break the curse. The words continue "When the one who reads the earth, joins with he who sees beyond”, and we were enchanted by the Psychic's Tale, Book 1 of the Fitzwarren Curse by Chris Quinton. We meet Mark Renfrew a psychic, meeting and falling in love with Jack Faulkner an anthropologist and these words connect for this wonderful story and the possible removal of a small piece of the curse.The Soldier’s Tale, written by R.J. Scott, continues with the next clue: "When the warrior and the healer stand to swear a sacred bond", and we meet Daniel Francis just back from Afghanistan, who has just met and saved Dr Sean Lester. Their blossoming relationship unfolds before our eyes. They four are becoming a team, and can possibly break a little bit more of the curse.This review is for The Lord’s Tale, the final story in this trilogy written by Sue Brown. We wait to see if this poor family will finally gain happiness. The third and final clue is: "When the one who seeks in danger is sworn to the landless lord". We realized previously that the Landless Lord was Phil Fitzwarren, but we had no idea who the one who seeks in danger was, until we met Jonathan Lee Curtis. We meet him when Phil goes to a local place to exercise, that has a rock climbing wall. While twenty feet high one night, Phil’s mind was so mired in internal thought, he forgot where he was on the wall. Frozen in the spot, a voice from below calmly says “move your right hand to the right”...and the voice instructs him down to ground level. Lee was the voice, waiting for him at the bottom, and the last piece of the puzzle slid into place.Oh my, what a sexy thing Lee is. Phil is an old man in a young body with what he has gone through, and he has always lived under the threat of any moment he could have an accident and die. Lee is younger than he is in years, sexy, brash and lovin’ Phil. This relationship was just what this man, Phil needed… My heart jumped and cried 'yay' for him! So it is so nice to see our curse breaking team grow. The respect and love they all show for each other is wonderful. Ms. Brown takes us on the last adventure and I did not want this to end. I think this is a book for all readers, mystery, love, heroes, and great heart.Review by Gloria LakritzSr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

  • Paul
    2018-12-23 10:47

    5 STARSThis final chapter to this wonderful trilogy was awesome. It's just too short though. I want more. This could seriously make for an amazing long novel. I know that it's three seperate novella's written by three different author's, Books 1-3, which have now been packaged to sell as the The Fitzwarren Inheritance It's an easy read but great. the three novella's and author's involved are:Book #1Book #2Book #3Book 1-3 Bundle

  • Terry
    2019-01-08 04:46

    I thoroughly enjoyed the concluding part of this trilogy. Ingenious plot but I think the whole trilogy would have been better had it been served up in a single tome. Character development could have been better as there were quite a few to contend with and I lost track occasionally as to who was was who. Having said that though, I really enjoyed the story.

  • Eva
    2019-01-16 10:57

    An ok end to a great trilogy. My biggest issue was the fact I never warmed up to Phil and found him to be an arse a bit to often for my liking. At the same time Lee was ok but we didin't get to know him all that well so it was hard to conect to him.Also, can't help but thinking there's a wee bit to much sex going on compared to the previous two stories and the length of the book.

  • Mandi
    2018-12-24 06:59

    2.5-3 stars. I just didn't enjoy this one as much as the previous books. Maybe I just couldn't connect with the characters. (I really didn't like Phil too much)

  • ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣
    2018-12-20 03:30

    4 StarsGreat end to a really engaging series. I thought the multiple author format would bog it down, make the characterization less glad to be wrong! The MCs in this were less fleshed out than the other two, but I loved the plot twist and how it was all wrapped up. I would love to read more intertwined books like this one (provided the authors could do it as well, or better).

  • Loves To Dive
    2019-01-04 08:37

    The Lord’s Tale is the third and final novella in The Fitzwarren Inheritance trilogy. In a fit of rage over his lover Jonathan Curtess taking another lover, Belvedere Fitzwarren had them both burned at the stake. Being a warlock, Jonathan Curtess placed a curse on the Fitzwarren family that would lead generations to have bad luck. Mark Renfrew, descendant of Jonathan, found an out to the curse which states: ‘When the one who reads the earth joins with he who sees beyond, when the warrior and the healer stand to swear a sacred bond, when the one who seeks in danger is sworn to the landless lord, then shall my curse be lifted and all the lands restored.' In Book 1, Mark, a psychic, and his lover Jack, an archeologist, fulfilled the first part. In Book 2, Sean, a local doctor, and Daniel, an ex-soldier, took care of the second. All that is left is the one who seeks danger being sworn to the landless lord and the curse should be broken.Phil Fitzwarren, along with his brother and sister are the only surviving descendants of Belvedere. Their parents and two other siblings have fallen victim to the curse, the castle is in ruins, their estate is in financial distress and the two brothers and sister, along with their respective spouses, live in what was the carriage house. Phil is suspicious of Mark’s family involvement in solving the curse and dislikes Daniel, who he thinks is just a little crazy. His way of finding release without putting himself into danger is to go rock wall climbing at a leisure center one town over from his own village. While rock climbing and not paying too much attention, he gets himself into a spot he can’t figure out how to get out of. Thankfully Lee Curtis comes to his rescue. Lee is a young employee of the center and has had his eye on Phil for some time. He helps Lee work his way down and much to Phil’s chagrin manages to charm and seduce his way right into Phil’s bed and heart. Soon Phil and Lee figure out that Lee is an integral part of breaking the curse but Phil is convinced that if Lee becomes involved he will get hurt and possibly killed, a risk he’s not willing to take. With the previous two pieces of the puzzle in place, it’s up to Lee to convince Phil that he’s going nowhere and that together they can face anything, including an old family curse. Ms. Brown had the daunting task of taking the baton passed to her by R.J. Scott (Book 2) and Chris Quinton (Book 1) and bringing this fascinating tale to an end. She brings old friends from the other two books back into her offering, but also gives the reader a new character with Lee and gives us an exciting conclusion. While she takes us back to Steeple Westford and even lets us sit down at the Red Lion and enjoy a pint or two, Ms. Brown didn’t rest on the other two author’s laurels. She brings a little darkness to the story, and just so we didn’t get too complacent, mixed in some hot scenes between Phil and Lee. Phil was not the easiest character to like, and I worried that he might cause me to dislike the book, but Lee was such an affable guy that he brought light to Phil, making him see that good things could happen. This is a short novella, I read it in an afternoon, but it packs a big wallop. There is just about everything a reader could want - a dark spooky castle, a puzzle to solve, some laughter and some hot scenes. There are more explicit love scenes in this story than in the other two. They are tastefully written and are integral to showing the feelings between Phil and Lee. The only bad thing I can say about this book, is that it brings an end to the trilogy and now we have to say goodbye to such dear friends. Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Dual Review Team

  • Bea
    2019-01-20 04:37

    Igual que el anterior tiene fallos de tiempo, de detalles de trama y personajes que hablan de cosas que se supone que no saben. Lo que me menos me ha gustado es el personaje de Phil, me ha parecido que lo han degradado bastante entre este libro y el anterior, sobre todo este. (view spoiler)[ En el primer libro Phil es el que encuentra a Mark, el que le ayuda a salir de la iglesia incluso después de averiguar quién es y quien le pide disculpas por el comportamiento de su hermana. No le guarda rencor por su apellido e incluso le pregunta qué ha descubierto y si puede ayudar. Cuando Mark decide finalmente poner las cartas sobre la mesa es a Phil a quien llama, aunque duda un poco, es él quien le lleva al castillo... en el segundo libro le dice a su amigo Sean que Charlie ha encontrado a un nuevo psíquico y le ha pedido ayuda, ¡y es Phil quien está completamente en contra! Además habla de forma un poco degradante sobre Daniel y sobre Mark, le presentan como un poco cretino. El remate es en este libro donde ya no es un poco cretino, es un cretino completo y un amargado resentido; sigue hablando de forma degradante sobre Mark y Daniel, hasta que Lee le llama la atención al respecto; de pronto Mark, la abuela de este y hasta su propio amante son culpables de todos sus males y los de su familia por ser quién son y, lo más coherente de todo, ¡¡se queja todo el rato de que estén intentando romper la maldición y está en contra de que lo intenten!! ¿¿¿??? Holaaa, ¿dónde está el personaje del primer libro? Era un poco escéptico sí, pero no idiota ¿Alguien me puede explicar el motivo por el que el personaje podría tener algo que objetar? Ni siquiera le cuesta dinero.(hide spoiler)] En fin, no me gusta el cambio en el personaje y no me gusta que los "héroes" de mis libros sean unos capullos.(view spoiler)[Hay un momento en el que parecen recordar al Phil del primer libro y como para disculpar el fallo insinúan que su comportamiento y su cambio de personalidad se debe a que le está afectando la daga o el fantasma de su antepasado... o a saber qué. Solo lo insinúan, aunque uno de los personajes llega a decir algo así como "es cierto, tú no eres así". Mmm, un poco tarde para recordarlo y una excusa demasiado pobre e indefinida...(hide spoiler)]Por lo menos en este libro Mark y Jack vuelven a ser personas normales, en el segundo libro daban un poquito de grima.En fin, no está mal pero me ha decepcionado un poco.

  • Adara
    2018-12-31 03:45

    Third part of a trilogy that must be read in order (and best read all in one sitting).Overall, I probably give the series 3.5, where the individual stories still get 3s, and this one could probably be a 2.5 honestly. As a whole, they are a decent story about breaking a curse on the Fitzwarren family. I think it might have been better as a single longer story than as three shorter ones.Individually, this one felt weak to me. Again it was too short to get to know the characters that well. Phil Fitzwarren is a gloomy gus (ok, with good reason, but still), that doesn't want to trust that they might be able to break it. Then there's toppy, younger Lee Curtis, who's been watching Phil at the climbing center for months and finally gets his attention. Lee was a fun character to read, but there still wasn't enough to get to know them well.And the curse-breaking aspect of this particular piece of story fell short for me. It felt weak in comparison to the other two. I didn't buy into it as I was supposed to. It felt anti-climactic to an extent also.So, I liked the first story, The Psychic's Tale, the best, next The Soldier's Tale, and then this one.

  • Straysod
    2018-12-27 08:55

    Definitely the weakest of the three, which kind of sucks since it's the climax and finale. Worth reading to find out how it all ends, but Phil and Lee make the weakest couple and, honestly, are the characters I liked least. We see a lot of Mark and Jack, Daniel and Sean in this, and I think I like Daniel even more in this one than in his own story. That may just be because I have a thing for the strong silent types, though. If anything, it seems like the secondary characters steal the show. The three couples are somewhat funny when they all get together, but they overpower the story of Phil and Lee.I think my main problem with this story is that I don't buy Lee and Phil as a couple. There is not as much give and take in their relationship, and I find it hard to believe that such similar, and therefore clashing, personalities would make a good couple. They declare love within days of meeting each other, and since their personalities really didn't match, it's even more obvious that they're just together because of the curse. It feels a lot like the "fated mates" thing you find in a lot of shifter romance, which just irritates the heck out of me.If you've read the first two, you definitely have to read this one for the sense of closure, but don't expect a great story, particularly believable romance or well-rounded characters.

  • Lady*M
    2018-12-27 10:36

    The final story in Fitzwarren trilogy ties up the loose ends from the previous two books, like it should; however, that is also the book's biggest flaw. While Phil and Lee (and Mark & Jack, Sean & Daniel as well as Alice) work to break the curse, there is very little space for character development. The relationship between the two man is Insta-Love par excellence with the element of fated love thrown in. Additionally, for the better part of the book I couldn't warm up to them at all - Phil was a pessimistic asshole and Lee was a pushy mama's boy. It was only in the interaction with other characters that I could somewhat understand them, Phil in particular. That interaction also produced some much needed humor.All in all, the trilogy was entertaining - the idea was very original and I liked that the story was told by three different authors. However, by concentrating more on the curse itself and by setting one story immediately after the other, the characters didn't have much space to grow and their connections seemed artificial. Daniel and Sean remain my favorite couple for that very reason - they were allowed to develop beyond the framework of the curse. The trilogy will certainly be more appealing to the fans of paranormal than to the fans of romance. Recommended with some reservations.

  • Janet
    2018-12-20 07:48

    I think I waited too long between books, I couldn't remember who was who and getting confused with all the characters. Lee didn't really ring true to me, he seemed awfully mature and setteled for 22 in spite of living at home with his family. It was pretty insta-love but I guess with it being such a short story there wasn't much time for build up. Phil was a bit focused on whole top/bottom thing than was necessary and I wonder what it says about the implied underpinnings of his disccomfort with being the "bottom"

  • Aislinn
    2019-01-11 10:54

    3 and a 1/2 stars. Once again, not as strong as the first. I adored the premise of this story, and I like all of the characters involved. Though there was a dramatic moment in the middle, where things could have been, but weren't quite resolved, overall, the suspense and emotion wasn't as strong as I would have preferred. I felt like I got closure, but it was a bit of an anti-climax.

  • Joanne
    2019-01-16 02:44

    I loved the whole of The Fitzwarren Inheritance, and in the third book Sue has pulled it altogether superbly. It's a wonderful read. It would have been so easy for the third book to become a mess trying to pull all the various threads together but Sue has seamlessly taken the story to it's conclusion. I highly recommend the whole trilogy, fantastic books buy three superb authors.

  • Suze
    2019-01-13 02:49

    A right nice ending to the Fitzwarren series!All the ends were going to be tied neatly in this one, and well done it was.I would have liked a bit more of a build up on page to Lee and Phil meeting, as it did seem just a bit too easy.However, did like the 'it's not over til it is finally over' cliffhanger with the curse and that all six of the men were involved.

  • Blackravens Reviews
    2019-01-11 04:54

    3.5 Ravens. Sue Brown’s dramatic breaking of the Fitzwarren family curse in The Lord’s Tale will surprise and delight readers of this unique series. To read this review in its entirety, please visit

  • Cole Riann
    2019-01-05 04:47

    3.75 stars (rounded up)Nice ending to the series. I enjoyed all of the book but I really liked this couple (as well as the first couple) the best and I thought Sue Brown wrapped up all the loose threads nicely.

  • Ashley Cox
    2019-01-18 06:50

    Alright, so I thought that Phil was quite the Negative Nancy, but aside from that I still really enjoyed the final installment to the series.

  • Emmie
    2019-01-02 03:59

    Final tale of three. Cute stories, think more Nora Roberts than Jane Austen, you know the baddies, you know the goodies, you know the ending, but you still smile as you read it.

  • Kris
    2019-01-14 09:34

    2 - 3 stars for me... Again...*ponders whether someone may have just hit the repeat button*

  • Craig Sharp
    2019-01-07 07:31

    This was a great completion to as fantastic series.

  • Sheila
    2018-12-25 09:47

    Good ending for the trilogy. Suspenseful about the curse and breaking of it. I wondered if it would work. Interesting way to write a trilogy with three different authors.

  • Kathy
    2019-01-17 08:40

    3.5 Ravens