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Gabriel wakes deep within the ground, and the first sensation he feels is an overwhelming hunger for blood. But as he hunts the dark streets of Paris for prey, a voice calls to him, soothing, calming, giving him the strength to control his craving. Francesca Del Ponce is a healer, a woman who radiates goodness as powerfully as the sun does light. Though Garbriel knows sheGabriel wakes deep within the ground, and the first sensation he feels is an overwhelming hunger for blood. But as he hunts the dark streets of Paris for prey, a voice calls to him, soothing, calming, giving him the strength to control his craving. Francesca Del Ponce is a healer, a woman who radiates goodness as powerfully as the sun does light. Though Garbriel knows she will be like hot silk in his arms, though he knows the taste of her will be addictive, he fears for her life and his soul if he takes her. Then with one mind-shattering vow she gives herself - "I offer freely, without reservation, I offer my life for yours as is my right" - and with a firestorm of long-forgotten feelings, he glimpses salvation....

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Dark Legend Reviews

  • Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession
    2019-03-23 06:34

    5 Angel of light StarsFirst read July 2012 Reread January 24, 2016Reread Feb 1 2017 "Don't get any ideas, I'm just giving the devil his due. All this time our people called you the angel of light and Lucian the dark angel. I think they might have it backward."-Francesca"I am not trying to take over your life, I only want to share it. I ask for a chance. Only that. A chance. You had not planned to end your life for several years. Share those years with me. Let me try to make up for the wrong I did you."-Gabriel SpoilersYay it's the legendary twins. I have loved Gabriel and Lucian since the first mention of them. Dark Legend the 8th book in the Dark series is Gabriel's book. Gabriel has been locked to his brother Lucian in the earth asleep for the last few centuries. When he wakes he knows Lucian is also awake. He knows he needs to feed to fight and destroy the vampire that use to be his beloved twin Lucian, to keep the world safe. Gabriel is starved and the darkness has been spreading over his soul and he fears he will not stop while feeding and become a vampire. When a beautiful, compassionate woman finds him and offers him her vein and her life for his "as is her right" Gabriel realizes that he can feel and is seeing in color and this woman must be his lifemate. To bad his lifemate is angry at him for abandoning her many centuries ago. Francesca has lived a long lonely life, heartbroken that her lifemate rejected her. she has chosen to end her life and greet the dawn. Francesca has no plans of letting Gabriel tie her to him. When Gabriel tells Francesca that he didn't see her and never meant to abandon her, and she still doesn't change her mind about ending her life, Gabriel will pull every trick he can to keep her with him even dirty ones. After all... all's fair in love and war."I want you inside me, Gabriel," she murmured softly, a demand. "I want your body in mine. I don't want you to treat me as if I might break either."-Francesca"On the floor, where I can go deep, I want to be so deep inside you, you will never get me out." -GabrielGabriel is a awesomely sexy hero and lived up to his legend! Gabriel does pull a sneaky move on Francesca to keep her from killing herself(view spoiler)[ He knocks her up on purpose (hide spoiler)], but after that he gives her time, space, and understanding. He takes it slow and works to win her love. He feels guilty over not seeing her all those years ago and for the pain it caused her, but he wants to make her happy. Gabriel is the more laid back twin, the younger one. He is calm, in control, but had a playful side. I loved Francesca. She is strong, sweet, and a great healer. Francesca is very confused about how she feels. She was very hurt when Gabriel walked past her and didn't even look her way all those centuries ago. But she was proud of the hero he was. She choose to leave home and hide from her kind knowing a unclaimed female would hurt the males of her race. Francesca has lived a long lonely life, but she has tried to do good and help wherever she can. She wants to be worthy of the great lifemate she had even if they were not together. Francesca is a very relatable heroine. I could understand her fears, and feelings. I connected well with both the h & h. Gabriel and Francesca's relationship was one of great passion, understanding, respect, and support. "I look at you and remember the endless centuries, all those wars and battles, my people turning undead and the countless times I was forced to destroy them. You are the reason I did it, the reason I endured it. Just you. Not some noble purpose, but somewhere on this planet I knew you might be, a child just beginning and it was necessary to keep you safe."-Gabriel "We are family, child, real family. There is no place for embarrassment. I am proud of you, proud of the way you defended yourself and kept yourself true to your own soul. Do not hide your badges of courage, Skyler, not from me and not from Francesca."-GabrielI love the Skyler plot. Skyler broke my heart and won my love. The way Gabriel, Francesca, and Lucian all protect Skyler and make her their family was touching and beautiful. I love all the sweet family moments in this book. The way Gabriel and Francesca earn her trust and show her what love can be. Skyler is so brave, the things that poor girl lived though. I also love all the parts with Lucian and Gabriel. I have a huge crush on all 4 of the Daratrazanoff brothers. They are my favorite heroes of the whole series. And though I love my Gregori the best, Lucian is my second fav so every time he was in this book I ate it up! The banter between the twins was so damn cute. Bro love= too cute!"It is not nonsense. These are commands from your lifemate, and you should listen and obey." He sounded very arrogant as only Gabriel could. "You're showing your age again. You awoke in the twenty-first century. Women no longer listen and obey, worse luck for you. I have work to do, and you are in some place very musty and smelling of wet dirt. What are you doing?" "Performing secret masculine rituals."-Gabriel and Francesca "I can see how it's going to be. You two are a couple of hermits. There will be no ganging up against Francesca, you two. Skyler, you like your bodyguard, don't you?" Skyler shrugged. "I try never to look at him." "Well, you should. He's quite nice-looking," Francesca replied. "That will be enough of that," Gabriel interrupted. "You do not need to find any man good-looking other than me." Francesca smiled very sweetly. "But then, I don't remember ever saying you were good-looking." Skyler found herself laughing. -Francesce, Skyler, and GabrielGabriel and Lucian kinda remind me of Damon and Stefan from The Vampire Diaries . Gabriel being the sweeter one like Stefan, and Lucian being the darker one like Damon. And just like I am Team Damon, Lucian is my favorite of the twins. What can I say I love the dark, bad boys! This book is excellent read and I can't wait to get reading Lucian's book!!"It was not just a silly bet, honey, it was a way to get you to brush my hair. No one has ever done such a thing for me and I think I crave attention." He rubbed the bridge of his nose again and grinned at her almost boyishly. "I asked Lucian to do so once and he threatened to beat me to a bloody pulp." He shrugged his broad shoulders. "Some things are just not worth it, you know."-Gabriel"Francesca, my dear sister, you have tied yourself to one who has a much inflated opinion of himself. I do not remember a time when he was right about anything."-Lucian["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Cyndi
    2019-03-27 11:51

    I loved, loved, loved this one! I thought Gabriel and Francesca were amazing together! I also love Lucien- he is very intriguing and powerful! Skyler was awesome and I hope she gets a great lifemate!

  • Erika
    2019-03-22 13:46

    Originally read this Fall 2014RE-READ June 18-20 2015I really enjoyed my reread of this book, though I didn't feel the same degree of excitement as the first time around -- which makes perfect sense since I knew what was going to happen!!! lol. This story has several really great plot developments that are quite gripping and emotional. The storyline with Skylar is one of the best in this series. The relationship and storyline with Gabriel and his twin,Lucian, is also one of the best in my opinion. Both of those stories have moments of heartbreak but are really wonderful.Francesca is one of my favorite Feehan heroines ever. She is strong, compassionate, loving and beautiful inside and out. Gabriel is a great hero. He is one of the more gentle and patient heroes of the series, though don't get me wrong: he does have one BIG moment where he displays the typical Carpathian strong-willed, make-decisions-for-your-mate side! He totally lucked out that Francesca is such an amazing and forgiving woman! :-)Note about intimate/sexual pasts of the characters: Francesca: Francesca never had sex before, though she was in a relationship with a man (Brice). They never kiss or do anything sexual and it kind of seemed like they really never did in the past, though they spent time together. She did not love him.Gabriel: So I think he had never actually had sex before, but references to his past are a little unclear. I know for sure that he had not had sex for 2000 years, if ever. He only mentions having "merged" with a humans a few times to understand what the sexual experience was like for them. I really didn't quite understand if this merge was physical with a human woman, or if he mentally merged with someone to see what it felt like from their mind. He did reference that he tried to learn about sex (maybe through watching people, reading about it, etc). One of the things I love about this series is that the heroes have all been celibate for hundreds of years, and we never have to hear about past OW. :-D

  • Zeek
    2019-04-04 05:40

    I tried Christine Feehan before and couldn't get into her stories, but so many recommend her I had to give her another shot.Dark Legend, the story of Gabriel, the Carpathian hero who lived for centuries with one intent, keeping his Carpathian-turned-Vampire twin brother, Lucian, in check.Dark Legend opens with Gabriel awakening after a century's long, self-induced sleep in the earth, hungry and in need. Almost immediately, he meets up with Franchesca- who just happens to be his lifemate.How convenient.I tried. I really tried to get into the book. I couldn't.Gabriel-annoying and Franchesca- just too stupid to live.Although Feehan attempted to reassure the reader that the heroine was strong, independent and likable, it simply didn't wash. She let Gabriel slowly prod her into who he wanted her to be and that kind of wimpiness made me loath her- which ended the story for me.

  • CC
    2019-04-11 05:52

    Maybe 3.5 starsI will freely admit that this is a bit of a "cop out" rating. I was pretty unhappy with the Hero for the first 40% of the book, and then pretty pissed with him for the remainder. The heroine is almost too saintly and I think she had a bit of a Pollyanna complex. However, it is a very good story. I am not sure I have forgiven Gabriel for what he unintentionally did to Francesca all those years ago or what he INTENTIONALLY did to her in this book, but I hold no ill will towards them finding their HEA.Francesca is a saint among women - well Carpathian women. Really a good person, but just a little too nice and forgiving. I worried that she was be so at her own peril. And she was...I liked Skylar and they were sweet with her. But once she came home, she was basically gone. I realize they had to wrap up the rest of the plot, but how are they going to form a family when they are sleeping while she is awake and vice versa. Was the wolf foreshadowing? Maybe, but it was not totally clear to me.Brice - he really needed to go. Francesca showed great weakness with him. Almost costing her life. And still he lives?! WTF? Who cares about him? I certainly do not. So why is he still around?Lucien - the "twist" it was painfully obvious from the beginning and I think the author missed a great opportunity for different family dynamics. Banter, camaraderie, family bonding. All things that could have been explored, but were not. Instead the plot continually made Gabriel look weak.Safety Gang Safe - except for a minor triangle. But when she has not kissed him and does not love him, it is hard to really call it a triangle.a couple of comments that are mildly spoilery...(view spoiler)[Gabriel lacked confidence when he should have had it in spades. He knew he could never defeat Lucien and resigned himself to his own death. That was weak and did me no favors in liking him.Especially - since he bound himself with Francesca against her wishes and manipulated a pregnancy!!! What a douche! When he was all whiney about her carrying on alone without him - I just wanted to kick him in the nuts! After all she went through for 100s of years! What a chicken shit ASSHOLE! And what is up with the pregnancy?! If he can make that happen - why would this not be a skill offered to his people, or at least Gregori, to ensure their continued existence! Hello?!?!? Priorities!!!! (hide spoiler)]

  • Chitra *CJ*
    2019-04-16 06:54

    "Dark Legend" is the story of Gabriel and Francesca.Gabriel is the twin brother of Lucian, and they have buried themselves for 2000 years as they were vampire hunters, until Lucian turned evil. To save humanity and Carpathians alike, Gabriel sacrificed himself in a battle and trapped both himself and Lucian in the earth.Years later, he rises ravenous because of construction on the cemetery and finds solace and reprieve in what turns out to be his estranged mate, Francesca.Francesca always knew Gabriel was her mate, but when he ignored the mating call and instead decided to go chase his brother Lucian, she slowly gave up all dreams of family and happiness, and live her life as a human slowly meeting the end.When Gabriel shows up again, she decides that it will be the end of her life, but Gabriel knows it's only the starting and coerces her into the mating.In this story, we meet the "evil" Lucian,Pesky reporters, the tortured child Skylar and the good turned to bad Brice.The story has good amount of angst in parts, however the book itself is exciting though the hero and heroines OTT sacrificing love attitude annoyed me a teeny bit (fight for each other dammit). Can't wait to read about Lucian and Skylar.Safe3.5/5

  • Susan
    2019-04-05 10:44

    Originally read in June 2008Christine Feehan's Dark Legend is the 8th book in her "Dark Carpathians" series, and I must tell you that the books just get better and better as I continue. In this book we delve further into the legendary twin Carpathian hunters Gabriel and Lucian. The last couple of books have "whispered" to us of them, but as this is Gabriel's story, we learn a lot about him and his brother here. This is also the story of Francesca Del Ponce, Gabriel's amazing lifemate.For two thousand years Gabriel and Lucian hunted the undead, endlessly sacrificing their souls for the safety of Carpathians and humans alike. Knowing the cost of so many killings, they make a pact of honor, that if one turns vampire, the other will hunt and destroy him. They each believe that no other than their twin could defeat them in battle. Seduced by the dark power of taking lives, Lucian succumbs and becomes the undead, and for hundreds of years Gabriel has been forced to do the unthinkable: to hunt his own brother.At the beginning of this book, Gabriel awakens after being within the ground for over a century. He never dreamed that his brother, who was the strongest of all Carpathians, could turn vampire, but he was determined to keep his promise to destroy him before he can ruin more innocent lives. Gabriel knows that in battle he is not Lucian's equal, but he did manage to trick him and imprison them both deep underground for over a hundred years. But something woke him suddenly and Gabriel knew that Lucian was free. All Gabriel felt, though, was a relentless hunger, an overwhelming desire for blood that demanded satisfaction. Before he could find suitable prey, he heard a voice calling to him, soothing, calming, and offering him strength to control his craving.Francesca Del Ponce was a Carpathian healer who had dedicated her life to good and helping those less fortunate. One of the few females who escaped the bloodletting many years ago, she had managed to live a human life for hundreds of years. Francesca had separated herself from all other Carpathians and resigned herself to living alone. She knew that she had a lifemate out there because she had seen him, but he had turned away from her without saying a word. That man was Gabriel.Gabriel had no idea that he had caused so much anguish to his lifemate and he was horrified when he found out the truth. Still, he could not be denied and claimed Francesca as his own. For the first time in centuries he could see colors and feel emotions - feel fear... He was suddenly aware that by binding Francesca to him, he had made her a target for his twin, Lucian, who was always watching, waiting for the moment to strike...This book was excellent! I love the stories she writes with strong females in them. Although I know every female holds a certain power over her lifemate, it's just more fun for me when they are so evenly matched. I cannot wait to pick up the next book in this series!

  • Katie Michaels
    2019-04-01 07:53

    Just when you think you've met the oldest and most powerful of Christine Feehan's Carpathian males, she produces one who's even older and more powerful. We've heard the stories about the legendary Daratrazanoff twins, Gabriel and Lucian. Gregori's older brothers were great fighters and protectors of the Carpathian people. Everyone has believed them dead for centuries, but they've really been locked beneath the earth all this time.The brothers made a pact early on that should either one become a vampire, the remaining sibling would take his life. When Lucian began to show all the tell-tale signs that he had succumbed, Gabriel tried to keep his promise. The two clashed over and over again, with neither emerging the victor... until Gabriel tricked his brother and bound them together underground.A disturbance awakens the twins in modern-day Paris. Shortly after rising to the surface, Gabriel meets Francesca, his lifemate. It turns out that she's lived hundreds of years without him... convinced he sacrificed their chance at happiness to be a guardian for his people. Now he must break through the walls she has built around herself and convince her that they are meant to live together as one. Francesca isn't your average Carpathian heroine. For one, she's already Carpathian. Two, she herself is an ancient. She is powerful in her own ways, as well as resourceful and determined. She has suffered in Gabriel's absence all these years... but at the same time, so has Gabriel. He is, of course, a bossy, alpha, Carpathian male. But at least he values her mind and her gifts; he cares about her feelings; and feels real guilt for the way his actions have impacted her life.I also really enjoyed the twin dynamic between Gabriel and Lucien. Unlike Aidan and Julian, these two have a tangible connection. And the addition of young Skylar to the family, touches a real chord. Already, Feehan is laying the foundation for that one day love story between her and Dimitri... you know, the one I'll get to read before I collect Social Security... or maybe not.As with all the books in this series, there's a bit of repetition. We get reminded of the same facts over and over. And Ms Feehan reminds us again that her favorite words are velvet, lightning and sheath. Still, one of better books in the series. A little over 4 stars.Word count: Velvet - 18; Sheath - 9; Lightning - 24 (though to be fair, a few of those actually did refer to the weather phenomenon.)

  • Elise-Pinterest+Goodreads=The Perfect Book Boyfriend
    2019-03-29 08:37

    The best thing about this book was the relationship between Gabriel and Lucian. Incredible. The only thing I didn't like about Lucian, and it really isn't Lucian's fault, is that I had gotten it engrained in my head that Gregori is the most powerful Carpathian. Now all of these old folks are showing up. Gregori is looking like a kid LOL! But seriously, the interaction and love from brother to brother is wonderful and I like it that even in the midst of being hunted by his brother, Lucian felt his brother's pain and immediately asked if he needed assistance. Looking forward to the story that must follow, as well as Skylar's story. As for Francesca, I have not totally warmed up to her yet. I felt her strength as an ancient female Carpathian, however, in other stories, the mates would lend their strength to their mates in time of battle and great need. She was busy whining over Brice (let that fool die). I felt his presence was totally pointless and lack purpose and direction. He did not even truly offer a distraction, which is good, because I was more interested in the verbal ping pong between Lucian and Gabriel. I would also like to see a Carpathian female capable of killing if the time arose. What female would not kill a true threat to her, her mate, or her child? Wuss! And seriously, Francesca is so powerful, yet she can't stop being pulled into a cemetary by a human. Whatever!!! I have a feeling a Carpathian worth her salt is coming just from book covers, however, I will wait patiently until I meet her.

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-04-02 12:37

    My favorite things about this Carpathian books were:Francesca is very independent and capable. She's existed for many years and managed to hide herself from the Carpathian males and the vampires. She figured out how to live as a human. I love her big heart, how she takes care of the homeless people and heals the sick. She was a great heroine.I also liked Gabriel. He accepted Francesca as she was, embracing her personality and her strengths, and admiring and supporting her. Skylar's story just about broke my heart. There I was sitting in the airport, tears coming out of my eyes as I read about her suffering. It just about made me homocidal to read about a so-called father doing that to his daughter.The cat and mouse game between Gabriel and Lucian kept my interest. I think Feehan did a great job keeping the suspense where you wondered what was up with Lucian, but at the same time could believe he was redeemable, the way he was helping Skylar and protecting Francesca. I was very happy with the resolution of the angst between Gabriel and Lucian. Although there was no big bang in this story, per se, I still really enjoyed it.

  • Jules2016
    2019-03-23 07:35

    OMG, just get to the damn point already!!!! This book tortured me with Long and drawn out dialogue about FEELINGS. How the heroine felt about the hero, or her doctor friend who was also in love with her. As for the hero, he couldn't stop talking about his feelings for his vampire twin brother, his flaming desire for the heroine, or his fierce protectiveness for the teenage girl he has placed under his care. I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually wanted less talk and more action. What kept me going was the hope that the evil twin, who is more powerful than the hero, would find a love interest in this book. But nope. His ass ends up with a big fat zero, alluding to the fact that you need to read the next book to see if he finds his life mate.

  • Shari Kay
    2019-04-22 07:43

    2 ✷Finished! Finally. This one bored the ever loving stew out of me. I usually enjoy this series in moderation(no back to back reads) butgah this one about killed me. I set it down so many times... it literally took me months to read.So Francesca is a ancient Carpathian women hiding among the humans. Gabriel is a legendary hunter and very close to turning when he finally meets his lifemate. I'm not going to map out the plot here. I'm just going to say this one was so repetitive, so nauseatingly sugar sweet that I started skimming. They all speak the same. From Gabriel, to Francesca to their ward Skylar and Gabriel's brother, Lucien. They all speak in eloquent complete sentences with flowery prose scattered throughout. They praise each other ceaselessly. Except when our heroine is being "independent". Oh, and throw in a few "honey's" just to throw the flow of speech off. Even the fourteen year old speaks like a Carpathian. Go figure.This couple's dynamic just didn't work for me. The whole (view spoiler)[mating ritual forced on Francesca and getting her pregnant so she wouldn't want to die and would bind them tighter (hide spoiler)] seemed diminished when she repeatedly told us she wasn't a fletching and could have stopped it at any time. She wasn't even upset about it, but was all, "I'm a modern day woman". Made no sense. Gabriel was kind of wish washy, not our usual alpha male, and Francesca was basically perfectThe storyline with Lucien was pretty obvious, but did set us up for his story. Which I really hope is better than this one.

  • Mafi
    2019-04-21 10:49

    Adorei este livro! Não sei o que passou na cabeça da Bertrand para editarem o 8º volume desta série, mesmo sendo livros individuais, tinha mais lógica começarem pelo primeiro. Este livro conta a história de Gabriel e Lucian, dois irmãos gémeos, caçadores de vampiros que depois de um desentendimento, ficam largos anos separados. Separada de Gabriel está também Francesca, uma curandeira, com um coração de outro, sempre pronta a ajudar quem mais precisa. E é assim que conhece Gabriel, pois pensando que este é um sem-abrigo ajuda-o a sair das ruas e leva-o para casa dela. Mas isto é tudo um jogo para enganar o leitor, pois Francesca sabe mto bem quem é Gabriel, não fosse ele o seu grande amor de há muitos anos atrás.O amor, a ligaçao do casal protagonista é fantástica. Daquelas relações de fazer suspirar qualquer romântica. Apesar de ser um romance paranormal não tem assim muitos elementos sobrenaturais, focando-se mais na relação de Gabriel, Francesa e na pequena Skyler, uma menina maltratada que será adoptada pelos dois.Apesar de ter adorado o livro, este faz parte de uma série que vai em 22 volumes. Já sei que se lê bem individualmente e irei ler mais uns quantos salteados, pois não queria nada meter-me noutra série duracell (e dura, dura, dura) :P

  • Izy
    2019-04-13 06:40

    Rating~ 5 stars.This is Gabriel and Francesca's story. Gabriel is one of the ancients and the one-half of the infamous hunter twins who devoted their life to the duty they had towards their people. While Francesca is also an ancient but not as old as Gabriel, She had decided to live her last few years on earth as a human. I really enjoyed Francesca and Gabriel's story, their connection and the love they had for their adopted child.

  • Rae
    2019-04-03 12:56

    I liked Francesa's character. She had her own identity. It wasn't over-the-top like Jaxon (who was tough in her own mind but whined and unreal) or Destiny (who I actually liked but she seemed slightly manish).

  • Louisa
    2019-04-11 06:43

    Such a great book, and I knew what was going on, and yet it was so freaking good, knowing that Lucien was just faking it, to protect Gabriel! So good, so loving this series!

  • Delta
    2019-04-19 12:43

    4.5 Sexy, Poignant, Forever and Ever Lifemate Love Stars!

  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    2019-04-21 12:41

    I have a secret…….when it comes to reading books …it’s like living with OCD….you know…obsessive compulsive disorder!!!!! If I start reading the first book in a series I have to read them all……what a luck that my friend gave me the first 12 or 13 books in the Dark Series….which I finished reading nonstop for the next two weeks….and before I reached book 12, I had in my possession the entire series (after doing a web search to find where they could be bought!!!).Hunger…that’s what I felt……turning each page, reading the next book….I had to know more about these amazing characters…….With each new book, I discover new exciting, interesting characters…….the books just keeping getting better and better.DARK LEGEND is the 8th book in Christine Feehan’s Dark Series where we meet the ancient Carpathians, twin brothers Gabriel and Lucian Daratraznoff, who were thought to be dead.Gabriel had injured Lucian who had turned to the other side…i.e. became a vampire during a battle and to protect their people and all humankind buried them both until Gabriel could decide if he could really kill the brother he loved and cared for so much.Thousands of years later, Gabriel is awakened from their burial place in a Paris cemetery and knows he has to find his brother before he goes on a killing spree. He discovers a different world from the one he knew and whilst looking for someone to feed his hunger, meets Francesca del Ponce, a beautiful, talented healer has dedicated her life to helping the sick and poor living in the streets. Francesca is the first Carpathian woman in the series has turned away from her people and home hundreds of years ago when she was rejected by Gabriel, who she recognized as her lifemate. She had made a new life and ensuring that neither Carpathian or vampire would find her.She’s shocked when she recognizes Gabriel, who she thought had died. Recognizing her as his lifemate he is determined to do everything in his power for her to give him another chance.Francesca struggles with the feeling she has for Gabriel and how can she ever forgive him? Gabriel is tormented by the love he feels for his brother and the anguish of having to kill him.We are taken to a magical world filled with characters we know and introduced to new ones. Skyler, who becomes the ward of Gabriel and Francesca, breaks your heart….the cruelty and suffering she has seen and felt…..there’s is definitely a story about her……a dark mystery….We briefly meet Lucian and there is that twist to the brother’s lives… Lucien really a vampire? Will Gabriel have to kill his own brother?This is a touchingly romantic book filled with passion, love, anguish, pain, sexy, erotic and belief in the people you love.I can’t wait for the next book.

  • KatieV
    2019-04-20 09:49

    I had taken a break from this series (there are soooo many of them). Someone made a comment on another review and mentioned that I should go back and read this one (I skipped a few). I'm glad I did. This was definitely one of the better entries in the series.These books get repetitive. It's not that I don't like the plot or premise, but I find I get a bit burnt out when I read them back to back. This is the story of Gabriel, one of the infamous and legendary twins that are talked about in the previous books. They are very ancient - ~2000 years old. In Carpathian legend, they were great warriors who fought for centuries to protect their homeland and to hunt the undead.Everyone assumes they are dead as they haven't been seen in centuries. According to legend, the brothers had a pact that if one turned vampire the other would hunt him down. Lucien was said to have turned and Gabriel hunted him down. It was believed they both destroyed one another in a great battle, but no one knows for sure.Actually they did not destroy one another, but had been sleeping under a Paris cemetery for hundreds of years after Gabriel bound Lucien during a battle. Progress, in the form of moving the graves to make way for modern day buildings, woke them both.The first person Gabriel meets in his weakened state is his life mate Francesca. She is also an ancient and has managed to very skillfully hide herself from Carpathians and vampires alike while living almost as a human. She's an ancient herself and has been on her own a long time, so is reluctant to give up the life she built for herself - the basic hallmark of the series. Independent woman meets overbearing Carpathian male and spends the book smexing it up and then flip-flopping on whether or not she can be with him.In this instance the flip-flop didn't drag on as long. I loved this heroine, she was strong but she also knew what Carpathian men were about and didn't allow them to intimidate her the way a human woman is often intimidated and overwhelmed by them. She also has a sense of humor about it (this being her own species) and takes all their posturing with a grain of salt.Gabriel is more reasonable and less overbearing than some of the males, but he definitely has his moments. At his age, I'd have expected him to be far worse than many of the others. Maybe age mellows them out, relatively speaking.Anyway, the big mystery of the book was fairly obvious to me, but it didn't make it less enjoyable.

  • Kazza
    2019-04-11 08:53

    I have a guilty secret (well not so secret) it's these darn Carpathian books. Truly they aren't really my style but bloody hell I still read them because there is something about the men that I just like and some of the women too. This book though I personally found a tough read, she was so good, he was so good, no he was so good, no she get my point. Christine Feehan is to be thanked for today's PNR UF books but boy can she waffle sometimes and this book was a waffler and a half. The best thing about Dark Legend was the relationship between the twins, Gabriel and Lucian, it must be nice to feel so close to a sibling and be able to maintain that care and bond you have for and with them. There is so much promise for this series and yet Ms Feehan just falls short on capitilizing on people and situations because she just seems to cover the same ground over and over. I would like to know what happens to Skyler much like I would like to know what happens with Alexandria's brother from Dark Gold and Gary from Dark Magic. Some of these books have been really good and others just don't quite live up to what they should, this is one of the latter. I will stick with them and hope the writing gets less flowery and the characters have more done with them as they progress.

  • valee
    2019-03-24 13:00

    I was extremely surprised of how much I adored this book. I was frustrated when I realized it would be once more about new characters and not the ones we already know and love. Although I was certain I would have a great time with it as the previous installment already got us introduced to this respected and feared fighter. Gabriel was one of my favorites so far. And I adored his mate. While she annoyed me at the beginning, she grew on me fast. In this installment we get to read about a couple composed of two carpathian, which IMHO always make things easier and the pace of the read faster and more entertaining. Everything developed smoothly, in a way that I could not stop reading the damn book. I was done with in less than 8 hours.I can't help but adore this series and get more into it with every book. I just can't believe I did not started it sooner.

  • Cristina
    2019-04-11 11:34

    3 - 3.5 Stars

  • ❋
    2019-04-04 13:44

    yay, yay, yaaay So this is the first Dark Sage book I've written a review for, so that alone speaks volumes. Warning: this review is less of a review, more of an expression of my emotions and feelings towards this book.As always, the concept for this series thrills me. I'm drawn to it and I love how it feels so authentic and real. It's left me with an unparalleled desire to find a lifemate- if only it existed *dreamy sigh. I've always thought of it as a sort of soulmate sort of thing. This book has a different vibe from the others, I think a lot of it is due to Gabriel. He is incredibly tender and sweet and protective towards Francesca in a way that is a little unusual for the usually heavily domineering Carpathian males. I also loved the connection between Gabriel and his twin Lucian, and the struggle he had to go through. You get a great sense of how strong there brotherly love is. Despite centuries of fighting and battling each other,They meet again in Paris, destined for one to destroy the other. The setting, unlike the Carpathian Mt's, was Paris- a fitting city of love and romance.Gabriel Gabriel was undeniably a cutie pie and one of the main reasons why I adored this book so much. He was so patient and loving and extremely kind. He felt such guilt over leaving Francesca centuries ago but really it was all a misunderstanding. I mean what Carpathian male would leave his lifemate willingly?He was just the perfect hero to be honest and he was so honourable and lived up to the legend and then some.Francesca Francesca is the heroine that is typically Feehan. Very disney but sweet all the same. I really loved and respected her. She had a heart of gold and I thought they were brilliantly matched. She was resourceful, bright and compassionate and I couldn't help but like her. She was soft and loving yet also assertive and she really gained my respect. I also found that her leaving her home was a bold and courageous move and even then she was totally selfless. Brice. Also known as the guy who can't leave Francesca alone and is completely infatuated and obsessed. Well...He was just annoying and irrelevant and to be honest, just made Gabriel look all the better and more patient. He was a pain but then that's to be expected I suppose. There is also the introduction of Skyler (the name. I know). She becomes an orphan as her abusive father dies near the beginning of the story. I wonder if Gabriel has something to do with it hehe. Anyway, Gabriel and Francesca take her under their wings. She has psychic abilities and is a young teenager who is incredibly sweet. Initially, I wasn't sure I wanted her to be part of their family because they'd have to split their attention. I won't lie, I'd like their attention to be on each other, I like the one on one romance, just feels more intense. However, fear not (if you harbour the same fears) because the intro of Skyler is welcomed and personally, I warmed to her quickly. Overall, this was a sweet and fulfilling read. Delightful :)P.S Apologies for all the'Supernatural' spam

  • Shannon (Giraffe Days)
    2019-04-14 05:57

    Gabriel and his twin, Lucian, are legendary hunters among the Carpathians. They have been destroying vampires and defeating human armies for two millennia, but for the past hundred years no one has seen or heard of them. Word is that Lucian turned vampire and his brother hunted and fought him across the globe. Now after a century of sleeping beneath a Parisian cemetery, construction crews have woken them to a new world, new technology but the same age-old battle.Gabriel wakes hungry, his body like an old man's, and is taken in by a woman with a soothing voice, a calming touch and a penchant for helping the helpless and homeless. He drinks from her and recognises her as his lifemate, but a bigger surprise is in store for him: Francesca is also Carpathian, knew Gabriel was her lifemate ever since she was a child centuries ago and had seen him and his twin stride through her village, and had spent the centuries since pretending to be human, even altering her chemistry so she can walk in the sun.Francesca has a life, a beautiful home in Paris, friends and contacts in high places, a possible human husband in her friend and doctor, Brice, and work to do, but her loneliness had led her to decide to take her life. Gabriel will do anything to stop her and woo her. Francesca knows he cannot stop battling Lucian, who is now somewhere in Paris plotting his intricate game, and now her revealed presence in the city has drawn other vampires to the area.Like Dark Gold, this has one of the more original storylines and characters, which made it one of the better books. Gabriel is gentle, adorable, considerate and less patronising than many of the other Carpathian males. It helps that Francesca is an Ancient in her own right, resourceful, a powerful healer and very strong-minded and independent. Usually though their lifemates just take over. Here, Gabriel fits into her life, rather than the other way around.It does annoy me that, in general, almost all Feehan's human characters are American - the women they claim as lifemates all seem to be American, if they aren't Carpathian already, and the supporting characters too. Here, in the heart of Paris, we go no Parisian characters at all. Brice is English. The patients Francesca helps at the hospital with her healing gift are American girls. With awful names like "Skyler" - I just think that Feehan's heroines should be a little more culturally diverse. How unlikely is it that these men's lifemates all turn out to be American? It's obviously Feehan's comfort zone, since even within Paris she avoids anyone who may be too alien - is it just me who finds that a real worry?Regardless, this is one of the better Carpathian novels I've read, though too heavily invested in the subplots which make Francesca and Gabriel's love life (read: sex life!) take more of a backseat than in some of the others. It's just as repetitive and flaky as the other books, but far less irritating because the main characters are more natural and unique. The prose was less flawed but no one will ever say Feehan is a particularly talented writer. I'm sorry I know that's harsh but it's true. Hasn't stopped me reading the damn books yet though has it?!

  • Malinda
    2019-04-06 13:58

    4.5-5 starsThis was a great story and addition to the series. I really liked both Gabriel and Francesca and their story was very engaging.Francesca is a Carpathian woman that's a strong healer. She has been alive for a long time and once, she saw a Carpathian male she was sure was her lifemate. Unfortunately, he didn't recognize her as such and left to go fight vampires. Francesca decided to go live her life on her own and ended up living mostly like a human to escape the notice of Carpathians or vampires.Gabriel is an ancient Carpathian male; Carpathians are born vampires with abilities like shape shifting (to any form, even mist), magic spells and psychic powers. The males of the Carpathians have a darkness in them and if they don't find their lifemates, they can lose their souls and become evil. Gabriel and his twin, Lucian, hunted vampires for centuries together but when Lucian appeared to have turned vampire, Gabriel was forced to hunt him to try to kill him. He was unsuccessful but did manage to trap both himself and Lucian in a long sleep in an attempt to keep Lucian from wreaking havoc with his evil deeds.Gabriel wakes up from his long sleep because the graveyard where he went to his long sleep is being moved. He realizes that Lucian woke when he did and Gabriel is determined to gain his strength so he can find and fight Lucian again. Pretty much as soon as he leaves the cemetery, Gabriel runs into a woman, Francesca, and instead of tearing her throat out because of his desperate hunger, he finds that she soothes his hunger. Gabriel is so malnourished that he looks like a gaunt old man and Francesca tried to help him. She ends up taking him back to her place and when that happens, she realizes who he really is and he finds out she's a Carpathian.There's definitely some confusion about how she came to be living alone and all that. Gabriel is shocked to find out that she's his lifemate and he unwittingly left her behind years ago without realizing it. Francesca had already decided to live life as a human and let herself die like a human and when Gabriel shows up, she's not real anxious to change her plans. Thankfully, those plans don't last too terribly long and then Gabriel and Francesca have to work on getting to know each other and coming together in a relationship. There are some additional issues, Lucian is a big one of course but there are also other issues. Gabriel and Francesca get through their issues and end the story starting a well deserved HEA together.This was a really enjoyable story. I really liked Francesca, especially once she got past her "life plan" that she had before Gabriel came into the picture. Gabriel was a great hero, I had no complaints about him. I also really liked Skyler as a secondary character. I can't wait to read her book. Overall, the story was very good and kept me interested throughout. I'd recommend this story. :D* note - I listened to the audio version of this put out by Books in Motion, narrated by Rebecca Cook. She did a very good job.

  • T.J. Shaw
    2019-04-15 11:53

    I’ve read some of Ms. Feehan’s earlier books in this Dark Carpathian series. I enjoyed them then and DARK LEGEND proved no different. DARK LEGEND is a great continuation in the Carpathian novels. Ms. Feehan’s writing style is sweeping and lyrical, and left no doubt in my mind about the characters’ feelings toward each other. Francesca is a strong, independent woman who has forged her own way in life. I admired her achievements and her compassion. ¬¬¬Gabriel is the strong, egotistical Carpathian male who, ironically, seemed a bit more in touch with his emotional self than I remember from the previous books. Although both characters were well written and I enjoyed them a lot, what truly excited me was, Lucian, the “evil” twin brother. Parts of the book even seemed more like a build-up for the next book, DARK PROTECTOR, which is about Lucian. Of course, DARK PROTECTOR is now on my to-be-read list.DARK LEGEND is another exciting read by an author who provides a reliable satiation to my reading addiction.

  • Tpring
    2019-04-22 05:42

    What is the allure of this life-mate nonsense? It is neither a particularly romantic concept nor does it make a good foundation for an engrossing narrative. I know there are stories which do it well, giving it an unexpected twist or a deeper meaning. 'Dark Legend' is not one of those.Heroine is a saint who worked hard on forging an independent life for herself. Hero crawls from the soil after a century long confinement and stumbles upon his mate 10 minutes later. Instead of letting her get to know him, court her or deploy any other kind of sane action he immediately decides to compel her with some kind of mind-trickery to have sex with him (which for me clearly came across as rape) in order to seal the life-mate deal. At that point I stopped reading.

  • Natalia815
    2019-04-20 13:51

    3´5 estrellas. Lo que más me ha gustado del libro es Skyler y como la cuidan. Dentro de unos años, este personaje debería tener su propio libro. La historia de amor entre Gabriel y Francesca, es bonita, ellos son adorables, pero espero que el libro de Lucian cambie un poco el esquema de los libros, ya que me da la sensación de que siempre es lo mismo.

  • Laura Beth
    2019-03-28 08:43

    Gabriel and Francesca make a great couple and even though Gabriel has all the alpha controlling Carpathian tendency that this series is known for he shows a care and loving towards Francesca and Skyler. The plot is good and makes for a great read. The book is amazing.

  • Felicity Heaton
    2019-04-15 07:50

    This was a good book, but I really did get put off by the number of times the hero's straight white teeth were mentioned and the repetition throughout the book. It could have been better after a very hard edit.