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View our feature on Deborah Cooke’s Darkfire Kiss. Rafferty Powell has resolved to destroy his hated arch-nemesis, Magnus Montmorency. The pair have exchanged challenge coins, and their next battle will be their last. But Rafferty never expected to meet a woman whose desire for Magnus's end matches his own-and whose soul sparks the firestorm within him......

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Darkfire Kiss Reviews

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-04-06 06:26

    I have found another paranormal series to be obsessed with! I just loved the dragons. So gorgeous. If you are into dragons, I'd recommend this book.Full review to be published in Affaire de Coeur magazine:

  • Melindeeloo
    2019-03-30 08:27

    As a former frontline foreign reporter, Melissa has lived by a code. A code of honor that she's resigned herself to breaking in order to obtain the evidence necessary to gain justice for a murdered friend. In her search for the truth, Melissa is going to make the shocking discovery that Magnus Montmorency, the powerful arms' dealer who murdered her friend, is actually an evil dragonshifter - yes, dragon's exist and now Melissa has the 'claw-side view' photos to prove it. Saving the 'little thief' with the incredible scent from certain death after she violated his enemy's lair, Rafferty soon discovers that not only is this woman going to shake up the human world by exposing the existence of the Pyr, she's going to play heck with his legendary self control. And Melissa's going to have Rafferty questioning why the Great Wyvern would have chosen to grant him a firestorm with such a morally challenged mate. But even as Rafferty questions the match, there is no question that he will do whatever it takes to keep his mate out of his arch-nemisis' clutches, even as Rafferty prepares for his challenge-to-the-death duel with the Pyr's mega-enemy. With this sixth book in Cooke's dragon-shifter series, I was happy that our beloved Rafferty was finally getting his book. But where the tension building between Pyr and mate in this series is normally pretty good, the initial hook up between Melissa and Rafferty was pretty quick - too quick to gain any sort of satisfying build-up. And since Rafferty has been the 'Romantic' amoung the Pyr - the one who has been longing for his firestorm, envious as his fellow shifters have found their mates - it was surprising to me that his book wasn't as romancey as most of the others. In fact, Rafferty doesn't even get his fair share of the screen time here, since much of the story was setting up for more epic future challenges for the Pyr and adding more powerful enemies for our 'good' dragon-shifting protectors of the Earth. (And perhaps also doing some set up for Cooke's upcoming YA series which will be 'Pyr: the next generation', starring the now toddler Zoe when she is a teen facing future foes of the Pyr.) Even though I'd have liked to have seen just a bit more romance for Rafferty, I must admit that is was pretty amusing watching Thorolf gloat about losing his spot as the biggest screw-up among the Pyr to the former Mister Perfect - since Melissa and the firestorm manage to throw Rafferty fully out of whack. Even with my nits I still liked Darkfire Kiss, and I love Cooke's gorgeous dragon-shifters and can't wait to see which of the Pyr is next to face his firestorm.

  • Heather
    2019-04-05 05:37

    This was a disappointing ending to an okay/awesome series. I disliked Melissa’s attitude (view spoiler)[ like when she KNEW she shouldn’t have posted those photos, but did it anyways(hide spoiler)], and I didn’t feel the chemistry between her and Rafferty. I didn’t feel as engaged with the secondary characters, either. (view spoiler)[Part of what I loved about this series is that it all goes on without your “average” people knowing; the fact that Melissa revealed them, and then reveals their history, was something I disliked (I won’t say intensely, because by that point I was not feeling invested in the story any longer).(hide spoiler)] I might try the next generation series, but only if (like this book) I was able to get it from the library.

  • SheLove2Read
    2019-04-06 06:25

    *spoilers*Oh Rafferty! You've waited so long for your Firestorm and this is what you get? I firmly believe Ms. Cooke somehow found my GR profile, read my reviews and decided "Hey. She loves dragon stories and is waiting anxiously for Rafferty's story. But I just know deep down inside, I can write her favorite character, throw in a female reporter and even a convoluted secret baby story and she'll be thrilled!"*sherri shakes fist in the air*Female reporter AND secret baby story? *shudders* All I can say is Rafferty saved the book for me. Without him I would have cried, and not in a good way.C+

  • LaShonta
    2019-03-24 06:37

    This one was a huge disappointment for me. I've been waiting forever it seems for Rafferty's story. I feel as if he was short changed. I couldn't stand Melissa and seeing how she was Rafferty's mate diminished any enjoyment I could feel in this story. I only finished it so I wouldn't be out of the loop while reading the next one.

  • Lillazza
    2019-03-26 08:22

    Oh god what a big delusion this book was, I couldn' even finsh it!Boring characters, messy plot, unreal actions and situations, too many threads to follow and no passion at all... bah!

  • Katie
    2019-03-27 10:17

    A little disappointed

  • Beate
    2019-03-31 10:42

    It's taken me absolutely forever to read this book. That's how much I didn't like this one. If you've read my reviews of the other books in the series, you know how much I love these books. You know how much I adore these dragons. Or Pyr as they're called here.Rafferty's story is the one I've been looking the most forward to ever since I got to know his character in the first book. It was a long wait. And he got snubbed. He got the biggest, most selfish bitch for a mate - and that makes me mad.Yes, I'm that invested in the series.I understand the need to shake the series up and introduce new elements. That was done just fine by killing off one old enemy and introducing new bad guys along the way. Did the mate Rafferty has been waiting for so long have to be a character the readers would want to kill off?I seriously thought Rafferty would get a female counterpart that was worthy of him and his big romantic self. (view spoiler)[I also didn't like how this book wasn't as much about Rafferty, his mate and his firestorm, as it was about exposing the Pyr to the world and create a lot of overall drama. It was too chaotic. I also didn't like how other characters, that already have had their books, were given so much space in this one. (hide spoiler)]Rafferty has been one of my favorite characters throughout the books, but his book definitely wasn't my favorite one. I've liked the mates of the other Pyr. The women have brought the best out of each male protagonist. But Melissa... Melissa really brought the worst out of her mate. Her idiocy made Rafferty do all the wrong things throughout the book, it made him go against his nature and his belief.I would gladly have waited longer for Rafferty to get his book if he'd gotten a better story than this one. Melissa was nothing short of a backstabbing bitch, and I don't feel she redeemed herself in any way.I was ready to flounce this one many times, and I nearly did. But then I didn't want to be out of the loop in future books in case something pivotal happened in this one. A couple new characters were introduced after I would have flounced, so I'm glad I stuck it out if only for that. (view spoiler)[I love that Sophie is back, even if it's in another form. I was crying huge tears when she was killed off in an earlier book, and having her back feels right. She's a kid now, so it'll be fun to see what antics she gets up to. (hide spoiler)]My dislike for this book is so deep I'm only giving it 2/5 stars. I would have given it even less had it been any other character than Rafferty. I'm also sticking this book on my favorites shelf only because I love the series as a whole, even despite this book.I have one more book to go before another book in the series is released in a few months. But seeing how I feel right now, I'm taking a break away from these books. I need to so I don't end up hating the series even more. Lorenzo being the next Pyr out doesn't help either as I didn't much care for his guest spot in this book. For right now, I'm moving on to other books.

  • Book Binge
    2019-04-22 09:27

    Rafferty is outside the home of his enemy, Magnus, when he spies a thief. She is trying to get into the house and doing a surprisingly easy job of it. He follows her and ends up saving her from Magnus’s fury. Rafferty eventually tracks the woman down while in his dragon form with the intent of getting information from her. Not only does he not get the info he needs but the woman, an out of work journalist, takes pictures of Rafferty fighting another dragon and posts them on her blog.Needless to say this is horrifying for the Pyr who pride themselves on secrecy but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the shit hitting the fan. You see, Rafferty and the woman, Melissa, are mates and during the eclipse their firestorm begins. But their firestorm contains darkfire and because of extenuating circumstances the firestorm cannot be sated. Darkfire means that life is changing for the Pyr and not everyone is happy about it – especially Erik who is the leader of the Pyr. While Erik deals with his thoughts on the discovery of the Pyr and what that will mean for their kind, Rafferty and Melissa work together to find a solution to not only deal with the discovery but how to deal with Magnus as well as the legacy that was left to Rafferty by his grandfather.This was a really great book in the Dragonfire series. I was very much looking forward to Rafferty’s firestorm after reading the first five books but wasn’t sure what to expect. I loved that Cooke gave us another view into not only the Pyr but to Rafferty himself. With the firestorm not being able to be sated in the usual way – via conception – Rafferty and Melissa worked together to find a solution. Working so closely with each other and not depending strictly on sex to further their relationship really worked for me. I think showing the reader the intellectual side of the couple during the firestorm was a great idea and was done very well.I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens next with the Pyr. We’ve been set up with some stories and I think they’ll be great. There was also an excerpt in the back of the book for Cooke’s spin off series of the kids of the Pyr that were, in this book, toddlers, that was quite good. I’m not sure how that will work with the kids being teens so my curiosity is definitely piqued.Rating: 4.25 out of 5This review was originally posted on Book Binge by Tracy.

  • StephanieG
    2019-04-01 07:32

    Spoiler FreeChallenge coins have been exchanged and now Rafferty Powell will battle his long time enemy Magnus Montmorency. A battle that will end in blood. Upon entering Magnus' home, Rafferty comes face to face with a thief. A beautiful thief whose intoxicating scent Rafferty follows in order to protect her after she takes an important item from Magnus that will get her killed.Melissa Smith is a reporter out to reveal the truth about Magnus' secret dealings and get justice for her friend, whose death he is responsible for. What she didn't expect to find was a handsome stranger in Magnus' home or discover that dragons are more than just a fairytale. Now she will need to work with Rafferty in order to accomplish a common goal, take Magnus down. It will not be easy and things are made even more complicated when the a lunar eclipse brings with it the firestorm Rafferty has been waiting centuries for. But this firestorm is different and before it ends, everything will change.I have been waiting for Rafferty's story and firestorm since the first book. He has always encouraged his fellow Pyr, dragons who want to protect humans, to embrace their firestorm and stay with the woman fate has chosen for their mate. Rafferty has waited to be gifted with a firestorm of his own. It has finally arrived in Darkfire Kiss and the mate chosen for him is the intelligent, truth seeking and passionate Melissa. Melissa is attracted to Rafferty from the start but past heartaches have left her skeptical of the idea of forever. There's a connection and their firestorm fans the flames of desire between them but darkfire, something the Pyr have not encountered before, will not make sating this firestorm easy and will bring with it considerable changes.Deborah Cooke has hit a new high with Darkfire Kiss. The latest chapter in this wonderfully written dragon shifter series did not disappoint. The romance hit all the right emotional cords and was balanced with the right amount of action and suspense. Rafferty is one of my favorite characters and to hear his stories and learn of his past was a real treat. Enemies are scheming, allies are uniting and bonds are being formed. Pick up Darkfire Kiss and be prepared for fantastic paranormal romance adventure.-Stephanie

  • Hbeebti
    2019-04-15 09:25

    Rafferty Oh how long I have waited for your book!! This was just what I was hoping for. My man Rafferty has been waiting through every book for his turn to have a firestorm. The poor guy has wanted this more than any other character throughout the series.I think Melissa was great for him. There was some moments where I was like huh?? Wait!!! How in the heck is this going to work? But yes Mrs.Cooke sure can write a great book. I really loved that even though this was Rafferty and Melissa's book there was POV from every Pyr. I missed those guys. There was a heart felt moment with Eric and his mate and I was totally like he does what I think he does I am going to be so mad! But in the end thankfully that issue worked itself out. There was so much going on here. I mean Rafferty still has his blood coin duel with Magnus Montmorency. Then he has his firestorm which is not the usual its more like the rare Darkfire that is like 3x's what regular firestorm is and he's looking at Melissa like WTH? I get a thief?? LOL Then there are issues with their secrets that they need to keep thanks to his new mate. Melissa has some serious issues as well. At first I was mad at her for being stupid but in the end I loved her. OMG the issue with Zoe was resolved! I was seriously wondering where the author was going with that. By the end there was closure on some thing but then it ended with questions about other baddies and maybe some new ones. Like who the heck is this Vivi? I need to know more about her. What is up with the dream by a certain somebody? I hope that is cleared up in the next book. Who is the next book about?? Overall this was fast paced ,sexually charged and emotionally great ! I cant wait for more!!

  • Danielle Gypsy Soul
    2019-04-10 09:37

    I love dragons - I really love dragons and I'd liked this series until this book when GASP - I could care less about what was happening and ended up skimming more of this book then I read.The fifth book in the series was just a mess. It is supposed to be Rafferty's book but really it was the author's way of "bridging a new phase". The problem was she introduced so many new characters, new plot twists and changes that I ended up not caring about any of them since none of them had enough page time. The other problem was Rafferty's story got lost with all the other new stuff and on top of that I really disliked the heroine. Who gets mad and demands an apology when someone destroys your place trying to save your life. I didn't feel any chemistry between Melissa and Rafferty. It was also really disappointing that none of his friends will help him. I never understood this since well some of the other dragons had "bigger issues" then Rafferty. I hate to say it but by the 50% point I didn't even care anymore. Needless to say I won't be moving into the "new phase" of these books.

  • Gwynn White
    2019-04-14 12:24

    I've been waiting for Rafferty's firestorm since starting this series and I'm happy to say, it delivered on every level. This is an exciting read with many layers, which I know will set up a whole lot more books. That makes me happy! I enjoyed this one immensely. A breathtaking, fast ride.

  • Cf
    2019-04-17 08:36

    Thank God I finished this book. I could not get into it.

  • Amber Daniels
    2019-04-22 10:21

    book #1 is still my fav in this series

  • Sarah
    2019-04-18 11:19

    GREAT BOOK!!! Still loving this series!! Very little amount of smut :)

    2019-04-14 05:26

    This is becoming one of my favourite series.and I've waited awhile for this book. Although it wasn't one of my favourite books in the series , I still really enjoyed it.

  • Pamela
    2019-04-12 06:35

    (**Spoiler**)This is book 6 in the Pyr series and we are finally treated to Rafferty Powell’s firestorm (about time). Challenge coins have been exchanged and now Rafferty Powell will battle his arch-nemesis, Magnus Montmorency, a battle to death. Outside Magnus' home, Rafferty watches with surprise as a beautiful thief enters his home. She’s a thief with such an intoxicating scent that Rafferty follows her in order to protect her as her life is in danger after she steals a book belonging to Magnus.Melissa Smith was a reporter once and is now out to reveal the truth about Magnus' secret illegal dealings and get justice for her friend who was murdered by Magnus. What she didn't expect was to be rescued by a handsome stranger and have such a sexual desire for him even after discovering that he’s a fire-breathing dragon. Rafferty is very much intrigued with this woman. She doesn’t seem to be afraid of him and he’s overwhelmed with such desire to be with her, a desire he thinks is just purely sexual. It’s later that he comes to the realization that it’s his firestorm that has begun, a firestorm that he’s waited 1200 years for and thought he would never have. Melissa learns the true meaning of the firestorm and because of what happened in a past relationship tells Rafferty that she has no desire to be his mate but will work with him to destroy Magnus. As much as I love the series, I was a bit disappointed with this book especially as Rafferty is my favorite. Unlike the previous books, there was no romantic build-up between Rafferty and Melissa. I’m extremely happy that Rafferty finally experiences his firestorm but considering he has been the “romantic” among the Pyr, the one who has been longing for his firestorm and encouraging his fellow dragons to embrace their mates and is envious of the love shared between Pyr and mate, I found it surprising that there was no romantic build-up between Rafferty and Melissa. Instead they were brought together right away in the book. To me it’s the heat and chemistry between the hero and heroine that really makes a story stand out. Another disappointing factor for me is the how and why Cooke decided to let the Pyr become exposed to the human race. To me the way they were exposed was ridiculous. I just thought it was better when humans had no inkling of their existence. It made them more special. Exposing them just didn’t feel right. This is why I didn’t give the book 5 stars. I really rate this as 3.5 stars. In the end, if you love the series as much as I do, you’ll want to read about Rafferty’s firestorm.

  • Bookaholics
    2019-04-18 12:36

    Darkfire Kiss by Deborah CookeParanormal Romance –May 3rd, 20114 starsThose who dream of dragons will not be disappointed in this exciting paranormal series. But due to the variety of cast members and history between them, I would suggest reading at least on of the prior books before starting this one.Melissa Smith is bent on revenge and swears to expose the evil Magnus Montmorency for his crimes. She breaks into his house and gets a huge surprise when she is confronted by Magnus with a gun pointed at her. But to her surprise a mysterious stranger appears and both of them shape-shift into dragons! The mysterious dragon-shifter defends and saves her. But while they are distracted she a steals a book from Magnus and flees. Unfortunately, Magnus wants the book back and will do anything to get it back! As a member of the Pyr, Rafferty Powell takes pride in his dragon heritage and that includes rescuing humans even if one happens to be a beautiful thief. A thief whose smell ignites his instant lust. But while saving her in dragon form he discovers she has taken pictures of him. He follows her to destroy them and they share a heated night but Rafferty notices a strange blue aura surrounding Melissa. Could this strange phenomenon be darkfire? Darkfire is blue and similar to a firestorm when a dragon meets his mate. But he is puzzled because he does not feel the intensity of a firestorm around her. While she is sleeping he takes the book that Melissa has stolen. But soon Rafferty realizes he has been duped when pictures of him in dragon form appear on the internet. This only makes him determined to tame the woman who deceived him….This is thrilling series. I am so glad Rafferty has finally experienced his firestorm. In this book, I admired the heroine’s intelligence, independence and drive. However, I didn’t like that she exposed the dragon-kind. (Even though I could understand her anger at Rafferty for leaving her after a wild night of sex and stealing the book from her.) I did like how she challenged Rafferty and shook him up. I also enjoyed that the author returned to some of her prior characters and especially liked reading more about Erik. The author adds some new twists in this book and I was intrigued by the introduction of darkfire. New drama, sexy dragon warriors, and unbeatable storytelling make this latest a must read!

  • Lynda Tatad
    2019-03-22 13:27

    This is the 6th novel in the Dragon Fire series, and I am so happy that Rafferty Powel finally got his Firestorm! Unfortunatley, his is different from the typical Firestorm. ******possible plot spoilers, if you haven't read the previous book!********We were introduced to a different Slayer (evil Dragon Shifter) in the previous book, and his name is Chen. Chen released the Darkfire from it's special crystal stone to wreak havoc in the Pyr (the good guys) community, and the world as well. So, this one wreaks havoc with Rafforty's Firestorm. He catches a woman sneaking into his enemy's (Magnus the leader of the Slayer's) lair just before the lunar eclipse, and he finds himself attracted to someone who he thinks has no morals.Melissa Smith is on a quest to avenge the death of a friend, who left her information on how to get the diary of an arms dealer she has been wanting to expose to the world for a while. Melissa is a reporter on a sabbatical, as she's been recovering from a traumatic event in her life. When she breaks into Magnus' home, she was hoping to grab the book and get away clean. She gets caught by Rafferty, whom she is extremely attracted to, and makes her feel more alive than she has in a long time. Magnus walks in shortly after that, and she's surprised that the 2 men disappear, and 2 dragons are in their place! When the Firestorm is discovered to be a Darkfire Firestorm, an ancient prophecy is brought to light, and great changes will be brought about because of this, and a Sleeper is about to be awakened, as well. This was another winner in Deborah Cooke's DragonFire novels! Lots of secondary plots add to the pace of this book, and if you haven't read any of the other books, some of these may be confusing to a new reader. Since I have read the previous books and novella recently, it just added depth to this rich story. Rafferty is the most romantic of the Pyr, and as he learns about Melissa's strength, intelligence, integrity (those pesky first impressions don't always turn out to be true), and curious nature... he finds someone he can definitely fall for and have a partnership with! She's got some serious walls built up that he needs to find a way to get past in order to win her trust.Loved how everything came together!

  • Debbie
    2019-04-17 07:14

    Darkfire KissDeborah CookePenguin Group- publish date May 2011416 pagesThe one thing that Rafferty Powell longs for is his firestorm, but when it comes it comes with an ancient omen, darkfire, an omen of change. The question is will that change be for the better or the worse. Melissa Smith is used to disappointments but she’s vowed to rise once again like the phoenix from the ashes, only it’s not a phoenix that she sees but dragons, honest to God fire breathing dragons and as she’s taking photos she tells herself what any self respecting journalist thinks, a picture is worth a thousand words. But she and Rafferty have much to do because with the darkfire comes the uncertainty of not only their future but the future of the entire planet.Deborah Cooke can tell a story, let’s say a story about fire breathing, shape-shifting dragon people and have her audience not only believe her but want one for themselves. Okay that was me talking. She gives us story lines that comes straight from Marvel comics or from the pages of an Arthurian legend , but then she takes it one step further, she gives them heart and soul and makes it a romance to boot. Now if her story line is over the top how could you possible describe the characters, well that’s the easy part, they’re Awesome, Stupendous, and best of all handsome devils, uh I mean dragons. The main characters in this episode of the life and times of the Pyr. Rafferty and Melissa make a perfect pair and unlike some of the previous firestorms we’ve witnessed they don’t try to avoid or negate it, in fact they jump in with both feet and darn the consequences and consequences there are. The romance is almost painful to watch because these two really deserve their Happy Ever After and there’s so much against them, but when fate prevails you’ll be cheering along with the others while drying your tears of joy. The love scenes are, well they’re as hot as the fire the dragons breathe, it’s lusty and sexy and earthy and yeah you’ll need to lower the thermostat to get through it.If this is your first dragon experience, have no fear this reads pretty well on it’s own, but then do yourself a huge favor and get the rest, find out where they came from and in the process you’ll find out where they’re going as well. Don’t wait until it comes out in May, pre-order it now. You won’t be sorry.

  • An Odd1
    2019-04-09 11:42

    ** "Darkfire Kiss" (Dragonfire 6) by Deborah Cooke continues the story of the Pyr, dragon-men defenders of the Earth and humanity. For when you're in the mood for a fight to the bed, uh, death, dressed up in pretty words. Previous books were ok out of order, but this cast has grown large. My liking has diminished.I think I read the series because I adore good dragons and heroes. Now I prefer the first two Temeraire from Naomi Novik, not limited to adult audiences, and Patricia Wrede's Enchanted Forest for silly fun. This still fills the niche for escapist lust, ah love, lit with action.The fairytale formula of armored older champion rescues pretty younger softskin is changed by modern equality. Both are overwhelmed by passion and destiny. In her lead characters, Cooke seems to equate blind rigidity with ethical morality and acknowledging the obvious to flexible cooperation. I see a stupid stubborn selfish female disobey a caring smitten male, and get everyone in trouble. Vague rhyming prophecies draw ancient villains, with stronger powers to wield the elements, transform, and disappear. After puberty, rare strong brave men shimmer-shift to jewel-metal glittery dragons, live hundreds even thousands of years until their first firestorm. All sense the heat, most rush to help, but enemies can absorb the energy. Visible sparks between the intended couple end after explicit explosive consummation (page 60) starts a son. Melissa posts photos of the battle fought in her defense, and, her predictable individual twist, suffers sterility after a cancer operation. Rafferty, equally stupid and stubborn, refused to learn spells from his grandfather, so his father Merlin, yes Arthur's mage, died young. (Research trivia that medieval writer Geoffrey's Latin tales changed a Welsh name to avoid similarity to French merde, maybe meant to impress or amuse, did neither.) How can they control the darkfire energy released by evil, inducing chaos, and waking the Sleeper?

  • Holly Full Moon Bites Book Reviews
    2019-03-24 07:36

    ~Has some spoilers!~This book to me did not really meet my, I admit somewhat high, expectations but at the same time I really did like it.In the previous book the Pyr, Rafferty Powell, exchanged challenge coins with the all around bad guy Magnus Montmorency. As we read from the cover/blurb-- trying not to put in too many spoilers here-- we know they will fight to the death but that Rafferty runs into his mate about the same time.I really did enjoy this book and hear it will be the last-- which disappoints me even though she has a new series coming out. Also it confuses me because it feels to me that now more than ever there are still loose ends and I wonder if they will be picked up with The Dragon Diaries in Flying Blind.The plot of the book is pretty fast paced though there was many different character POV's in the book, which really didn't make a hitch in any of the reading. We can also really see the character development of the Pyr in this novel. Especially for those who have read the whole series, the Pyr have changed in many ways.But I could not give it five stars one reason was because of the way it ended. I mean is she going to pickup the thread of them becoming revealed to everyone in the next series? Or are they hidden from the world again?Another thing that really bothered me was Melissa's attitude in the first half of the book. I mean she gets better throughout it but at first all I could do was shake my head at her and bulldozer my way through her attitude.Besides those two points though the book was great I was very happy that Rafferty was finally getting his firestorm, if any of the Pyr deserved a firestorm most I think it was him.I would recommend this book to people who has read the other books in the series.

  • Dawn
    2019-03-25 08:18

    Deborah Cooke delivers a spellbinding story filled with revenge, mystery, legends and a love worth fighting for. DARKFIRE KISS is one action packed ride from start to finish and Ms. Cooke delivers a story worthy of re-reading over and over again. The storyline flows swiftly, a few twists kept me on the edge of my seat and the characters are to die for. I got to admit Rafferty is one of my favorite Pyr characters in the Dragonfire series and I loved how Melissa challenges him as well as softens his edges. She is the perfect foil to this alpha dragon in many ways.Meet Rafferty Powell. He is a man who helped his fellow Pyr, to embrace their firestorms and has waited patiently for his own firestorm to arrive. He just never anticipated it being in this sexy package or that she has just as good reasons to want Magnus’s downfall as well. Rafferty is a character that hooked me right from the beginning of the series. He is sexy as sin, patient and wise and more all wrapped up in one sexy package. The sparks flew when these two meet and from that moment on, I was rooting for these two to find a happily ever after.DARKFIRE KISS has to be one of this author’s best dragonfire novels to date and frankly, I can’t wait to see what is next in this thrilling series. Ms. Cooke delivers a wild ride from start to finish and the readers won’t be disappointed in Rafferty’s book. There is action, suspense and more…it hits all my love buttons while I read DARKFIRE. If you love sexy alpha dragons, women who can go toe to toe with them and a story filled with passion, mystery and more then I highly recommend Ms. Cooke’s Dragonfire series to enjoy this winter.

  • PepperP0t
    2019-03-29 05:38

    Pyr-world is in quite the disarray! Chen is still on the loose and up to no good. Magnus ('nuff said). Lorenzo declining to side with the Pyr. Insecurity about Zoe's future. Pictures of the Pyr all over the internet. The whereabouts of the Dragon's Teeth are unknown. The Sleeper needs protecting. The legendary Darkfire firestorm has started with Rafferty and Melissa Smith in the middle. So busy and so much ground to cover, but it was so deftly handled that it never felt overfull and all items sufficiently advanced the intricately woven plot. This installment also brought a lot of unforeseen changes and in a style that works really well for the series.Melissa was an investigative journalist seeking to fulfill a death-bed promise to her best friend which puts her directly in Magnus' sights. Coincidently it is the same time that Rafferty comes to fulfill the coin-toss challenge. This clash leads to Melissa privy to secrets that put her and the Pyr in danger. I confess that Melissa isn't my favorite heroine as she stridently waves the self-righteous flag for journalism but I liked her much better than Eileen. Rafferty seemed to be a bit off his game - not so much the sardonic wit I've come to know and love since his introduction. They did have some chemistry but again, I didn't really warm to her. I am still quite enjoying this series but do like some entries more than others.

  • Mandapanda
    2019-03-28 05:20

    3.5 stars This is book 6 in a great dragon shifter series that I've been following for a few years. In this book the popular Rafferty gets his firestorm with a beautiful reporter who is on a mission to expose Rafferty's nemesis Magnus for murder and arms dealing. Rafferty's firestorm is different and much chaos ensues as dragons lose old skills and receive new ones, the dragons are exposed to humankind, and new dragon characters (good and evil) are introduced.Where the book is weaker for me is with the romance. Melissa was hard to like initially because of her deliberate exposure of the Pyr. Also she and Rafferty get together early on and much of the usual UST (unresolved sexual tension) is absent.At first I was feeling tired of the usual evil Slayer/Dragon's Blood Elixir storyline and was wondering if the author had run out of ideas and should end the series. But the change in the nature of the firestorm and the new threats and abilities have really shaken things up. For me this expansion and re-invigorating of the story was the real highlight. Once again I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.I see that the author has started a YA series with all the dragon kids as teens - starting with Zoe. The excerpt I read looks great. So I'm giving 3 stars for the romance and 4 stars for the story.

  • Lover of Romance
    2019-03-24 06:24

    When challenge coins have been exchanged, Rafferty is now determined to be the one to destroy Magnus, once and for all. But when he meets Melissa Smith he is intrigued, but very suspicious of her. When he first meets her he catches her stealing, so he doubts her. But then when he realizes that she is his firestorm, he knows he must protect her. But then he starts to realize that his firestorm is far different than any other, because its where the 'Darkfire' is introduced. One which is prophesied to change everything. Even though Rafferty is unsure of Melissa, he also can't resist the passion that rises between them.... Darkfire Kiss is the sixth installment of the series, and even though it was a enjoyable one, it would probably be my least favorite of the series. I just was never fully able to really get into the story very well, at least not until the end. So I was a bit disappointed since I have been looking forward to Rafferty's story ever since I started reading the series. It didn't flow very smoothly, not like her other books, and I didn't enjoy it as much as the others. Overall though it was a comfortable read that one could relax with, and even I was a bit disappointed, I still enjoyed it, just not as much as the others that I have read so far. I am hoping the the next in the series I will enjoy more.

  • Kathy
    2019-04-18 09:40

    YAY!!! Rafferty gets his girl and I knew that it wouldn't be an easy match, cause ya know it can't be to begin with but also cause he's waited so long poor guy. But good grief I didn't expect it to go like that, and then the Pyr get outed. I did like Melissa's character she was snarky and teased Rafferty, I didn't think that it would ever be a question whether or not the mate would be able to conceive a child but I liked how Cooke worked it in, so they could then about the little girl Isabell, with Sophie's soul. I wonder how that will come into play with the YA series, will her role be significant or not...I hope so, should be interresting. I don't remember Drake and the dragon tooth warriors taking off and nobody knew where they were, I wonder when they will come back into the story. Flashfire should be awesome!!!

  • Jacqueline
    2019-04-03 13:13

    I had a hard time choosing a rating for this book. I've enjoyed this series from the beginning. I was really looking forward to it and couldn't wait to read about Rafferty's firestorm. But I think so much other stuff was happening with the over arcing story line that Rafferty's story was slighted. I almost wanted to give it 2 stars. Is that because I expected too much? It was okay and I liked it in a general way but at the same time I was pretty disappointed. Some parts of it seemed hurried and and unclear. A bunch of new characters were introduced and at times it felt like they were being shoe horned in. So am I giving it less stars than it deserves because my expectations were too high or more stars than it deserves because I'm a loyal fan of the series? I guess maybe you'll have to read it yourself to decide. The dragons are still beautiful though.

  • DemonKitty003
    2019-04-13 12:20

    This is just sad. I was all excited for nothing. Rafferty finally gets his firestorm and to me it just turned out to be a wash. Talk about boring as heck. His story was slow and confusing I literally got a headache by just trying to stay focus.Sad how Melissa had a hard life. Fine.Happy that Rafferty finally got his mate. All right.But B-O-R-I-N-G as it just rolled with nonsense.Now I don't know anyone enjoyed it and got it better than me. I give you thumbs up for liking it and getting it. But for me in my point of view. Nothing brought excitement to my taste buds. Hope the next book here will "spark" some interest. Till then, I'll wait and see if I want to continue this series. The only think I can't wait for right now is for someone to buy this book from me.