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From New York Times bestseller Lisa Gardner, author of Alone and The Killing Hour, comes a thriller that goes from heartbreaking to heartstopping in the blink of an eye.… When someone you love vanishes without a trace, how far would you go to get them back? For ex-FBI profiler Pierce Quincy, it’s the beginning of his worst nightmare: a car abandoned on a desolate stretch oFrom New York Times bestseller Lisa Gardner, author of Alone and The Killing Hour, comes a thriller that goes from heartbreaking to heartstopping in the blink of an eye.…When someone you love vanishes without a trace, how far would you go to get them back? For ex-FBI profiler Pierce Quincy, it’s the beginning of his worst nightmare: a car abandoned on a desolate stretch of Oregon highway, engine running, purse on the driver’s seat. And his estranged wife, Rainie Conner, gone, leaving no clue to her fate.Did one of the ghosts from Rainie’s troubled past finally catch up with her? Or could her disappearance be the result of one of the cases they’d been working–a particularly vicious double homicide or the possible abuse of a deeply disturbed child Rainie took too close to heart?  Together with his daughter, FBI agent Kimberly Quincy, Pierce is battling the local authorities, racing against time, and frantically searching for answers to all the questions he’s been afraid to ask.One man knows what happened that night. Adopting the alias of a killer caught eighty years before, he has already contacted the press. His terms are clear: he wants money, he wants power, he wants celebrity. And if he doesn’t get what he wants, Rainie will be gone for good.Sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, it’s still not enough.As the clock winds down on a terrifying deadline, Pierce plunges headlong into the most desperate hunt of his life, into the shattering search for a killer, a lethal truth, and for the love of his life, who may forever be…gone.From the Hardcover edition....

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Gone Reviews

  • Sharon
    2019-04-12 06:44

    OH MY GOODNESS is all I really need to say about this book, but I'll try and say a bit more. I thought the last book I read by Lisa Gardner (The Killing Hour) was a page turner which it was, but this was so much more. Talk about a fast paced, edge of your seat, twists and turns this book had the absolute lot plus more. Gone is the fifth book in the Quincy & Rainie series and boy, what a fabulous series it is. I've probably said this before in my other reviews, but I'll say it again, Lisa Gardner really does know her stuff when it comes to writing mystery/thrillers. I can't recommend this book highly enough to those who love reading a really good mystery/thriller.

  • D.B. Woodling
    2019-04-12 09:07

    Haunted by the actions of rapists and murderers, particularly those who have escaped conviction, Rainie Conner, an ex-police officer turned private investigator, finds justice in the bottle she has avoided for fifteen years. When her husband, fellow private investigator Pierce Quincy, has had enough, he abandons her, hoping she will realize only one road lies ahead and it leads to AA.Rainie is kidnapped, while taking yet another sequential wrong turn, and discovers everything she has taken for granted: an autonomous breath, unobstructed vision, and the delicious sensation of mobility. In essence, she concludes life is worth living. But will she live to see her own attacker convicted?The action entertaining, though frequently implausible, Gardner’s Gone picks up momentum at the halfway mark.

  • Brenda
    2019-04-11 06:49

    Waking from another heart-stopping nightmare, shaking and lonely, Rainie Connor knew she wouldn’t, couldn’t sleep again that night, so dressing hurriedly, she headed out into the pouring rain to go for a drive. Driving around aimlessly seemed to settle her – she had always done it, and supposed she always would. But the devastation and loneliness wouldn’t leave her – it had only been seven days, but it felt like forever…Across town, Pierce Quincy, ex-FBI profiler was pacing the night hours away in the B&B he was currently inhabiting. When his phone rang somewhere around 1am with Sergeant Detective Carlton Kincaid on the other end, the news he received was the beginning of Quincy’s worst nightmare – for a car had been found, engine running, driver’s door flung wide and no sign of the driver anywhere. And the car belonged to his estranged wife, his beloved Rainie. She was gone…As the hastily formed task force scrambled to get started on the investigation, the relentless rain was hampering their search for evidence – Kincaid grudgingly allowed Quincy to be involved; against the rules, but he was their only profiler on hand, and he was needed desperately. As the hours turned into daylight, they had their first glimpse of information – it was very little to go on, but at least they now knew the direction the investigation would go; didn’t they?With the clock ticking faster and faster, and time becoming desperately short, Quincy was beside himself with grief. His daughter Kimberly, herself an FBI agent, joined him to give support and also to help the task force out. Rainie had saved her life a few months previously and Kimberly felt a deep kinship to Rainie. But with a deadline looming, and the police still in the hunt with no idea who their perpetrator was, would Rainie be found alive? What would be the result of a desperate search which had taken over the lives of everyone involved?What an absolutely gripping thriller! I loved it, totally devoured it and was shocked by the twist at the end – didn’t see it coming at all! Lisa Gardner is a master of her craft and never disappoints. Highly recommended.

  • Jim
    2019-04-08 08:49

    There is a saying in Alcoholics Anonymous ... "Sobriety is a daily reprieve contingent upon my spiritual condition". In previous books in the series Rainie appeared to be an alcoholic but never said the words and never attended an AA meeting. She would play games with a bottle of Bud Light and then pour out the contents. For an alcoholic a very dangerous game. In their profession Quincy & Rainie have seen many horrific things. Now it appears as though one case has pushed Rainie over the edge. She has nightmares and seeks solace by drinking. In desperation Pierce moves out hoping that Rainie will realize the consequences of her drinking and things will return to the way they were.For Pierce Quincy the nightmare gets worse when he receives a phone call from the local authorities. Rainie's car is found abandoned along a remote road close to the coast. Lights on and engine running. No indication of an accident or car trouble. At first the fear is that she may have decided to end her pain by committing suicide. Then they are contacted by someone using the alias of a killer from eighty years ago. He has Rainie and he wants fame, fortune, and apple pie.Quincy, along with his daughter Kimberly and her boyfriend Mac, work with the local authorities to try and save Rainie. Quincy also has to battle his personal feelings and the fact that the victim is his wife. He is in the most desperate hunt of his life to try and save the love of his life who may be gone forever.“Winners never quit, quitters never win”

  • Mish
    2019-04-05 13:48

    Gone is an electrifying, quick pace novel, spanning over a non-stop 48-hour period.Pierce Quincy, an ex-FBI profiler, takes a call from the local Bakersville sheriff office, claiming to have found his wife’s car; abandoned and off to the side of a dirt road with the drivers door wide open, gun missing and his wife, Lorraine (Rainie) Conner, gone.Quincy knew Rainie was distraught prior to her disappearance; she had a drinking problem, there were family issue and her recent separation from Quincy caused her distress, images from past crime scenes haunted her memory, but there were a lot of other secrets Rainie kept hidden to herself. Due to Quincy’s absence from her life, he was clueless as to her step and/or whereabouts leading up to her disappearance. Was her sudden disappearance associated to her mental state? – Was it suicide? – Or could it be an act of revenge from a previous case she was working on? They have no leads or clues, and all evidence (if there were any) washed away by the storm. Until a letter arrives at a local newspaper - the kidnapper confessing to the abduction of Rainie, going by the name of serial killer who was convicted 8 years ago.Gone is a remarkably suspenseful novel with an intense energy that’s continuous throughout. I was glued to the pages and grabbing at every spare moment I had, at home, school, ANYWHERE, to read more and more. I would tell to myself ‘just one more chapter and that it!’ Highly impossible! At the end of each chapter, Lisa Gardner would add something dramatic or critical to the plot, that you had no choice but read on.The case felt doomed from the very beginning, with the task force going in blind. Every negotiation or plan to bring Rainie back backfires, and the consequences following these mishaps were brutal and damaging; death and injuries to members of the task force, and as a result, infuriating the kidnapper who will then unleash relentless punishment upon Rainie for their mistakes. The freezing temperature, the rain and the mud, adds darkness and so much gloom to their surrounding and situation. And furthermore slowing down progress, which puts an extraordinary amount of strain on the investigation team. They are cold, tired and on the verge of collapse, and this is when tempers start to flare, which creates a very hostile environment. Besides all the non-stop suspense, Gardner intertwines horrific human stories with brutal honesty and profoundness. Highlighting criminal acts of abuse and murder, inflicted upon our children. Gardner’s description of these cases were quite severe– and yes I did flinch - but it emphasizes the importance of protecting our children, and having a solid justice system where criminals can’t find a way out. This is the first book I’ve read in the Quincy and Rainie series, and even though it’s #5 in the series, I didn’t feel lost, or that I’ve missed out on any history or backstory. In my opinion it’s perfectly fine to be read as a standalone, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this complex and fragile mystery/thriller.

  • Marleen
    2019-04-04 13:08

    I got to the middle of the book and I was in no mood to continue. I don't know what it is about this book but it's like a deja vu. The kidnap, the evil thoughts... Nothing original. Focusing on that dark world of evil people & those feelings of being powerless, clueless; maybe those were too much for me. It's supposed to be fast-paced and yet I thought the story evolved so slowly. I didn't feel like continuing. Anyway after a few days I picked it up again and persevered. I really don't think it's Lisa Gardner best work. Honestly I read other recent books by her which were much better.

  • Tonya Smith
    2019-03-22 12:08

    This is the 5th book of this series.i really enjoyed it. I will be reading the rest of them in this series.

  • Elaine
    2019-04-04 09:02

    Wow!!! All I can say is how have I missed this brilliant crime/thriller novelist for so long?Lisa Gardner has written a ripper of a roller coaster thriller. It had me twisting and turning and staying up well into the night to finish it. It was not in the least predictable and right to the end I had no idea what the outcome would be, which for me is my idea of the perfect crime/thriller novel.The fact that this was the 5th in a series no way at all detracted from the story line or made me feel that I was missing something. It did however make me want to seek out all the other Quincy and Rainie dramas. This may be my first experience of this author but it certainly won't be my last.

  • Reen
    2019-04-09 13:56

    Great suspense story and it was a good choice for an audiobook. I knew the bad guy as soon as he appeared but my opinion wavered at one point. Gardner does a great job at keeping you tuned into the story. I will go back and read some of the others in the series now as well!Feb 2017:re-read the epub version this time. I had forgotten some of the storyline and was pulled right back in!

  • Lisa
    2019-03-30 07:46

    Really enjoyed this fast paced mystery. I do have a bad habit of reading series books out of sequence but that's usually when I borrow them from the library and there isn't a whole lot of choice - there are only three Lisa Gardner audio books there from different series and that is it!So, with that in mind I do feel like I missed out on a bit of background on Quincy & Rainie - it does work as a standalone story but I almost felt like I'd cheated and read a few spoilers by skipping the first few books!The plot is exciting and action packed with a tinge of humour - love Kincaid. The only criticism I have is for the frequent soliloquies from the main characters about how much they love each other, feel for each other, ache for each other etc... Ok, I get that you're in love but these bits just felt like empty ramblings.Luckily I was listening on audio so just tuned out of those bits rolling my eyes and shouting come on!Everything else was awesome and Gardner really ramped up the excitement towards the end.

  • Jess Nolan
    2019-03-25 12:09

    i did the audiobook, 85 percent of the characters in the book are male, and the voice was a female. It was painful to listen to her try to sound like 9 different men.

  • Teresa
    2019-04-15 11:45

    This was one of my favorites of the series. The case itself kept me on my toes and had me gripping my e-reader for the last 20% or so. I also really loved the struggles and demons Quincy and Rainie are still fighting. It's one of the things I love about series that follow the same characters - being able to see the ups and downs of their personal journeys as well.

  • Halime Yazıcı Mimaroğlu
    2019-04-04 13:58

    This is second book of Lisa Gardner I have read.... And love it........ why? Let me explain......Firstly.. there are so big gaps begining of the story and there is no way you can guess who is who, and which charater is good despite clues or proofs..... with every page you find yourself in a situation which makes story more attractive than you can imagine....Quincy receives phone call about his wife's disapparance abrubtly in somewhere and hisrelationsip with his wife make you guestion his charater whether he is the man behind Raines abduction. Later there is a boy who is kid but a big trouble for foster families... or it seems that way...... this is second twist will make you wonder who he is really.....while story continues it turns out to be someting you wont never guess in that way...Mostly I like the psyghological analysis of charaters from Quincy to Doggy little boy........ and I grieved and cried for him and his mother...... and struugle of Rainny as priceless....... how she was so strong for herself and for this little boy and for her husband.......There were so much tension, horror, thriller and this is not good side story you want to keep in your mind unless you say that you are brave enough to bear reading it......TURKISH sanırım çoğu arkadaş gibi spoiler vermeden güzel yorum yazamıyorum. Daha da kötüsü yorum yazmaya dikkat ederken söylemek istediklerimi de kelimelere dökemiyorum.. Arkadaşların yorumlarını gördüğüm de de keşke böyle kitaba bende güzel şeyler yazsaydm diyorum. öncelikle yazarın daha önce okuduğunuz kitabı varsa az çok stiline alışık olmalısınız bu kitabında da benim okuduğum ilk kitabına benzer bir kurgu ve stili vardı. En çok sevdiim gerilimi hat safhada tutup sır verip ser vermeden ilk sayfadan son sayfaya kadar sizi gözleriniz kocaman açılmış yüreğiniz ağzınızda okumanızı sağlaması.. Sanırım sevdiğim polisiye gerilim yazarlarından biri olacak...Kitap öyle çok kanlı vahşetli parçalamalı değil ama çok fazla gerilim hissediyorsunuz.. beni en çok etkileyen karakterlerin diyalogları ve psikolojik tahliller. özellikle de geçmişlerinde yaşadıkları olayların onların bakış açılarını cesaretlerini nasıl şekillendirdiği ..Bu kitapta en çok puanı hak eden kız karakterle erkek çocuk Doggie.... özellikle birbirleriyle olan diyaloglarına bayıldım... o nasıl cümlelerdi öyle.. insanı kurşun yağmuruna dizsen bu kadar canı yanmazdı ......bayıldım.......sanırım bu tarz kitapları daha çok okuyacağım...... bu kitapları okumama sebep olan da İstanbul'dan bu kitapları ikinci al aldığım yüz yüze tanışma fırsatı bulamadığım Canan Hanım......evet romanslara ara verip bu tarz kitapları sıkça okumanın sırası geldi........ ve doğru bir seçim yapmışım diyorum. çoğunluğun okuduğu kitaplara saygı duymakla birlikte ben daha farklı belki de o kadar popüler olmayan ama insanın kalbini ve beynin allak bullak edecek kitaplara ve önerilere talibim :) Buyurun bir de buradan bakın. Okuyun derim Pişman olmazsınız!

  • Emily
    2019-04-08 05:53

    Gone by Lisa Gardner is apparently the 5th book about Rainie and Quincy. Hmpth. I hate that I read this one first, but can tell you that it doesn't really matter too much! ;) I wish in the book jackets they would tell you this stuff. This isn't the first series or author I've been mad when this happens to me. I mean, goodreads just told me, but I wasn't on goodreads when I was standing in the library looking at books!! Hmpth.We start the book with Rainie dealing with some terrible nightmares and the knowledge that she is alone. She ends up going for a drive, pulls into a bar, thinks better of it, ends up on a desolate back road in a downpour crying her eyes out and BAM. Bright white lights.Somebody has kidnapped her. Is it the random cowboy from the parking lot? Is it her estranged husband? Is it a stranger? A serial killer? Someone from her past?The next morning a note appears at the local paper and it is from the kidnapper, who had obviously planned to kidnap someone because he mailed it before she went missing! He demands money and swears he isn't a monster, he just was fame, fortune and apple pie. ;)Quincy, ex-FBI profiler that he is, helps out the local police and worries he won't be able to save Rainie from the kidnapper or herself. His daughter and her boyfriend help out, the local sheriffs office helps, the Oregon State Police runs the show, but in reality, the kidnapper runs them all.I really liked this book, but I know it's always time to maybe take a break from thrillers or any genre when my practical side says, YEAAAAAAAAAH RIGHT about things that really, as a reader I just have to accept because it is NOT REAL ha. I have issues with that.

  • LJ
    2019-04-05 11:53

    GONE (Procedural/Suspense-Oregon-Cont) – VGGardner, Lisa- 8th bookBantam, 2006- HardcoverFormer policewoman Rainie Conner is haunted by memories of abuse, both to her, the many cases she has handled and the suspected abuse of a boy she knows.. The murder of a child is one too many and pushes her into alcohol abuse and away from her husband. Rainie’s husband, former FBI profiler Pierce Quincy, loves his wife, but hope to jolt her into sobriety by moving out. But when Raine’s car is found empty by the side of a road; lights on, engine running—Quincy doesn’t know whether to fear suicide or kidnapping—until the ransom note arrives.*** Ms. Gardner really knows how to combine great characters, human emotions, a touch of romance, interesting procedural aspects, and nail-biting suspense into one very good book. Her dialogue and sense of place are strong. She adds enough twists to keep you going but not frustrate you. It’s a fast-paced, not-going-to-bed-until-I-finish-it read. I discovered Ms. Gardner with her first book “The Perfect Husband” and she’s never let me down.

  • Amanda McGill
    2019-04-05 06:48

    I am loving this series! Each book in the series is so unique, but still adds to the series as a whole.I'm only going to say that in this novel Rainie gets kidnapped and held for ransom. The book is super intense and involves all of the past characters from the previous novels (Quincy, Kimberly and Mac). I enjoyed how Quincy was involved with the local police department and there were some good characters within the Oregon State police. I was really surprised by the kidnapper as well.

  • Chloe
    2019-04-08 12:41

    So, unbeknown to me, I've picked up the fifth book in the series! While it does refer to things that have happened before (probably in other books), it really didn't matter much. In fact, I want to read the next one in the series before going back to read the ones before!OK, back to the story. Raine and husband Quincy are semi-retired FBI. Trouble, it seems, appears to follow them wherever they go. One rainy night, Raine goes missing ... and the ransom notes start arriving. The kidnapper wants fame .. not fortune, and it becomes a race against the clock to find Raine before it's too late.A great read.

  • Robert Noll
    2019-03-25 12:44

    No. 1. The Keystone Kops handle the investigation;2. No one seems to have a problem with either an off-duty FBI agent or an off-duty cop from Georgia working a case IN OREGON;3. Candi (with an "i") enters, stirs the pot, and then is promptly relegated to tertiary character status;4. The city seems either big (a thriving newspaper) or small (a Wal-Mart that closes) depending on the scene;5. The local yokel goes bananas and kills someone, for some unknown reason;6. Hey, let's get a list of suspects by talking to a local stoolie and then shake them down;7. Gratuitous sex with good looking people.No.

  • Megan Dorgan
    2019-04-16 11:57

    Wow, this was one of the most boring books I have read in a long time. I don't know why I even kept reading, maybe hoping it would get better. It finally picked up mid way but still fell short. I also didn't know that this was in a series. Maybe I would have liked it more if I had read the rest first, but I don't want to risk it. She was very repetetive with some phrases that I found very annoying.

  • Taylor Metcalfe
    2019-04-15 09:39

    This book in the Quincy and Rainie series has been the most emotional to me. While all the books hit close to home with the couple this one hits in the home. After a week long separation Quincy finds that Rainie has been kidnapped and his world stops. While this book was much more emotional than others the crime aspect didn't thrill me as much. Maybe I never really expected Rainie to die (view spoiler)[ she doesn't die neither does the boy(hide spoiler)] and it took some of the thrill out of it. Seeing the emotional and rough side of their marriage was important to the character growth and the mystery/who-dun-it was interestingly twisted. I really did enjoy the read but for a different reason from the previous books.

  • Nicole
    2019-04-02 09:52

    Everything about this novel is just so damn terrifying. I read it every year leading up to Halloween because it's a long-standing favorite of mine. The great thing about this book is that you can read it stand-alone, so if you haven't read the first four Quincy & Rainie books it's not a problem. That being said, go pick up a copy of this book today! You won't regret it and you definitely won't forget it.

  • Joanie
    2019-03-26 13:04

    3.5 stars

  • Carrie
    2019-04-04 13:06

    Another excellent book in this series! I was mad at Rainie in the beginning but glad at the end lol Such a roller coaster ride!

  • Soul Survivor
    2019-03-30 12:54

    Well written , good , suspenseful read .

  • Hollis
    2019-04-12 10:06

    Okay, so I was a little perplexed (upset, frustrated) after reading the line "And [Quincy's] estranged wife, Rainie Conner, gone.." in the synopsis before starting this one. I mean, we finished THE KILLING HOUR with a proposal, and now it's already over? Arg.But then the story, the events from behind the scenes, everything that's happened in the last two years, unfolding throughout the mystery of Rainie's disappearance, comes to light and.. I was still a little annoyed but I could also understand it. Rainie had never had it easy; victim of an assault as a young girl, after having been beaten by her mother for as long as she could remember until her mother's own murder, Rainie's involvement in the aftermath, and carrying the added weight of alcoholism while dealing with solving brutal crimes day in and day out..? Even after finding what she thought was her happily ever after with Quincy, none of her past had gone away. She was bound to break. And after one particularly brutal case.. she did.Then she goes back to drinking. She finds herself searching online and reading all these articles about the terrors in the world, inundating herself with additional horrors. She lies to Quincy. She gets pulled over drinking and driving, twice, which throws them out of the adoption program, sending her further into a spiral. She drinks some more. She lies some more. So.. Quincy, in a bid of desperation, leaves her, hoping his departure will shock her into making changes, sober up, fix herself.Instead, she ends up taken. She's gone. This was another race-against-the-clock mystery. I cringed at the plot in one sense because.. I mean, after all Quincy and his family have been through, he gets to go through another traumatic event? But, likely knowing how it would seem, I appreciated Gardner addressing this same issue in-book. I liked the interplay of politics and snark between agencies as the search crossed boundaries of responsibility. I enjoyed seeing Kimberly and Mac make an appearance but that the focus remained on Quincy. I did guess the perpetrator but as opposed to a previous mystery where I found the originator of the crimes to be too removed to be truly believed, this one seemed well founded and well set up. And for all that Quincy and Rainie seem to have circled back to some of their issues in the beginning of their relationship, they were issues that can never really be resolved (though I think we might be on a better road to recovery this time) I still love this couple. They are a true opposites attract situation. And I think (hope?) Gardner will now give them a bit of a break in future books.

  • Penny
    2019-03-30 13:04

    I enjoyed this book BUT... It was my first Lisa Gardner read and I was quite impressed with her style. The story was fast-paced however the inconsistencies that annoyed me eventually degraded the book:-I recognized the killer the very SECOND he/she stepped into the picture-When the main character is trapped in the basement of an old house in the middle of nowhere, the killer decides to bust a pipe, and let them drown. Seeing as the house is in the middle of nowhere I presumed that it was serviced by a well (likely a dug one) and had a hard time believing that the mechanics and/or water supply would suffice to fill, not only a basement, but apparently 6 inches or so of the upper floor. At one point she states that she could see a light under the door at the top of the stairs. Wouldn't a crack that big be sufficient to not allow them to drown? Also if standing on the top step they are basically at floor level and would have no more than 6-10 inches of water up their legs.-Upon finding the car it is noted that the driver's door opened so wide that it scraped the pavement. It seemed to be a 4 door sedan (according to the cover) and, unless parked on a severe angle, this would not be possible.-The author overused the term "in the good-news department" and "in the bad-news department" to the point that I wanted to throw the book across the room! I could see if it was the same character consistently using it then I could have accepted it as a trait, but everybody used it including the narrator. It was just annoying.

  • Diane
    2019-04-14 10:42

    Not a bad read, my only problem with this series is too much back story in every book - I guess Ms. Gardner has done this so the books could in fact be stand alones although they aren't.Rainie has fallen off the wagon in so many ways, and now it could very well be her demise! The last half of the book was very fast-paced and suspenseful - the best part of the book (to me) actually.Rainie (who isn't my favourite) is kidnapped and held for ransom, then a young foster boy who Rainie has been working with is also kidnapped a day later - who is this very smart, one step ahead and determined villain anyways? I had my suspicions, but wasn't at all sure until much later in the book.4 stars and 2 thumbs up

  • Hyderali
    2019-03-24 09:47

    One hell of a roller-coaster ride!!! It is not a book you are reading..its like you are watching a movie. I avoided my favorite TV shows & movies just to finish reading this book. The first book I read of Lisa Gardner "The Other Daughter" which instantly made me her Fan. After going through several other books which are also fascinating I came to this book atlast. I must say, you won't keep it unless you don't finish it. From start till end you'll be enjoying every sentence, text, dialogues, character of this book. I really recommend this to be turned into major movie.Now waiting for more books to read of Lisa.

  • Ciiku
    2019-03-25 09:40

    I enjoyed reading this book, but sometimes found it inconsistent. One one hand, Rainie is described as weak and in pain, and on the next scene she is fighting the kidnapper. Second, if Quincy was such a good profiler, how come they all missed Danicic? I wish the author gave the perspective of the kidnapper, just like we had for Shelly, Kimberly, Quincy and Lorraine. I enjoy reading books which have the perspective of the criminal, so I can see where they were coming from. Dougie Jones was such a sweet, tormented boy. All in all, it was an OK book.

  • Tatiana Torres
    2019-04-11 09:03

    this one took most of the book to even get into. but in the end i liked it. proof that Gardners writing has improved since these early books