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DREAMS CREATED BY DREAMSPINNERS“Daniel Pearlman’s stories are perfectly-crafted gems … wry and wise, funny and sad–impossibly, all at the same time.”[Jack Dann, Nebula and World Fantasy Award winner]“A single story by Daniel Pearlman signals the world that here’s a rare and wonderful talent.”[Joe R. Lansdale]To avoid nightmares, people plug in to dreams created by dreamspiDREAMS CREATED BY DREAMSPINNERS“Daniel Pearlman’s stories are perfectly-crafted gems … wry and wise, funny and sad–impossibly, all at the same time.”[Jack Dann, Nebula and World Fantasy Award winner]“A single story by Daniel Pearlman signals the world that here’s a rare and wonderful talent.”[Joe R. Lansdale]To avoid nightmares, people plug in to dreams created by dreamspinners. But, suddenly, the dream maker wreaks havoc and torments the customers.A short-novel by Daniel Pearlman“Media coverage was as heavy as Brian had anticipated. National Funscope gave top billing today to its noontime “Dreambeam” feature. The set of dreams that Brian had experienced last night was in some ways the most remarkable performance ever beamed by the great Iones. Not for a moment did Brian doubt Iones’s stature as the world’s greatest dreamist. But the incomparable Iones, full of surprises as he was, had certainly pulled the rug out from under him last night! The great artist had spun a delightful web in his brain, a tale of mounting suspense that was just coming to some gratifying conclusion when it abruptly ended just before the moment of climax.”...

Title : The Final Dream
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ISBN : 11104145
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The Final Dream Reviews

  • Daria
    2019-04-16 23:32

    Lascia che Yosif Iones, artista della sognaturgia, ti liberi dai tuoi incubi. Lascia che Yosif Iones, genio del sognautorato, dipinga rassicuranti sogni sulla tela del tuo cervello.“Yosif è un uomo compassionevole. Yosif è responsabile. Yosif non danneggia nessuno. Yosif cura.”In una società del futuro ipertecnologica, dove l'organizzazione razionale travolge anche il più intimo aspetto della vita umana, non sei più tu l'autore dei tuoi sogni. In fondo, “che cosa c'è di male nel desiderare una vita amena?” Ma quando il tuo sognautore di fiducia comincia a rigurgitare incubi, tutte le tue certezze crollano. “L'Incantastorie mi ha detto la verità stanotte. Ed era l'ultima cosa che volevo sentire.” Brian e Audrey, una solidissima coppia aperta, dovranno affrontare le conseguenze della censura alla base della loro felicità.

  • Ecapris
    2019-03-30 00:45

    This review originally appeared on my eCapris review site.In the future, the world is an even more stressful place, exposing its inhabitants to a faster-paced, more complex day than many of us presently experience (I guess it's possible). Side effects of this stressful life are nightmares and insomnia.In this complex future world, it's virtually impossible to rest at night and expect yourself to have pleasant dreams. Much more frequently, you will be subjected to nightmares that disrupt your sleep cycle, thus affecting your work performance the next day (linchpins don't seem to exist in this future world).But don't worry! There is a solution to the problem, one that, should it be launched to us in this year, we would anticipate and promote and go giddy over.Dream subscriptions.There are numerous professional dreamists that provide subscription services to those that suffer from nightmares. The true artists emerge even in the dreamist market, and the most popular dreamist, Yosif Iones, serves over 60 percent of the world's dream subscribers. "It was hard to believe that...Iones...had the power to relieve countless millions of people of their night-terrors, insomnia, and reliance on all those sophisticated pills that made you sicker in the long run because, in taking away your nightmares, they robbed you of your dreamlife, lacking which no one could stay sane for very long.Iones...could be counted on more than any of his competitors - cut their prices how they might - to banish the terrors of the night and substitute sheer entertainment: exciting, refreshing, reassuring, original, inexhaustible night-after-night of dreamaturgical dazzle."Brian Drury, the protagonist of "The Final Dream," is an Iones subscriber. He's so fond of the dreamist he actually has original stills of Iones work valued at multiples of his original investment. So when the dreams start getting wonky, when Iones subscribers start suffering from nightmares and their sleep cycles are disrupted, Drury doesn't want to accept that it's the fault of Iones."The dreams you paid for you could not wake up from. Not without powerful external disturbances. And that was one reason you subscribed - for the security of unbroken sleep....Was it again a question of technical difficulties, systemic malfunctions? He wondered. The alternative sent a shudder through him so powerful that it shook the bed beneath him. Iones was doing this intentionally. One of the greatest artistic imaginations of all time - warped, deranged, and for no clear reason acting out methodically a sadistic drama in against the minds of a trusting, captive audience of fifteen hundred million sleepers."Since he doesn't buy the media's explanation (technical difficulties) and refuses to lose faith in his favorite dreamist, Drury takes a leap and interprets his nightmares. Since all of the Iones subscribers have similar plots, themes, and symbols in their dreams/nightmares, Drury is able to compare and contrast these universal qualities. Based on his interpretation, he decides that Iones must be leading his dream subscribers along an incredible mental journey.The Iones nightmares become life-altering. His subscribers refuse to show up for work (this is unheard of in the future) and some quit their jobs. Many question the validity of their marriages. But Drury holds on to hope and decides to get to the bottom of it.And there is definitely a bottom to it.Pearlman's concept for "The Final Dream" is innovative, surreal, and disturbing. Not only does it seem completely plausible that our present world could move towards this future world, it's unnerving to consider that we might allow subscriptions to infiltrate the more personal moments of our lives (and 'Liking' it).Although I'm still relatively new to the world of scifi, I've never read anything quite like this. The quality is there, the plot twists made me gasp, and the ending made me clear my throat and slowly blink the words into comprehension."The Final Dream" is longer than the ebooks I've previously reviewed; I read it in about an hour, start to finish. This is definitely a good choice while on a short flight, or in the terminal should your flight be delayed, or if you're road-tripping and it's your turn in the passenger seat. It's also easy to read in short bursts, as it's split up into relatively short chapters. Thus, it doesn't exclude itself from the waiting room, long queue, or short commute.Now consider: if dream subscriptions became available, would you participate?

  • La.Silbia
    2019-03-29 03:58

    Pearlman crea un universo futuro popolato da persone con il quoziente emotivo di bambini viziati, che vivono sotto la logica del "lo voglio, lo prendo; mi disturba, lo elimino". Da bravi adulti, però, ammantano il tutto con uno spesso strato di razionalizzazioni votate al compimento di una forma di edonismo caratterizzata dall'atarassia. Persone che non permettono alla minima increspatura di inserirsi nella loro esistenza perfettamente razionale, né al minimo dubbio di farsi strada. Le emozioni e i sentimenti verso gli altri sono degradati a cose da rozzi plebei. E ovviamente non può nemmeno essere tollerato il rischio che questi emergano nei sogni: nella veglia le emozioni vengono negate, nel sonno vengono delegate, a qualcuno che si assicuri che non emerga nulla di disturbante. Yosif, l'artista dei sogni, sostiene sprezzante che tutti questi individui non siano in grado di pensare da soli. Io piuttosto penso che non siano in grado di affrontare i propri pensieri e con essi se stessi.Bellissimo.

  • Antonella Sbriccoli
    2019-04-02 07:39

    Un futuro alla "Strange Days", in cui bastano i sogni di pochi per controllare le vite di molti, e i molti non sono più capaci di decidere in autonomia neanche cosa mangiare. Quando il sognatore più gettonato, un vero artista, inizia a fare dei "bad trips", la vita di milioni di persone va in pezzi, e le conseguenze saranno irreversibili sull'esistenza del protagonista. Il lettore, dall'altra parte dello schermo, si accorge di tutto, e vorrebbe svegliare in tempo Brian, ma non può che assistere a ciò che sa che accadrà. Accogliendo il doppio invito che Pearlman gli rivolge per tutto il racconto: a sognare con la propria testa, e a non perdere il treno dei propri sogni.

  • Emanuela
    2019-03-21 05:59

    Un brainwashing dato da un abbonamento onirico che scaccia il brainwhashing del reale tangibile fatto di sesso, successo, soldi. E non sono gli unici falsi/veri sogni o veri/falsi sogni che compaiono a sorpresa nel racconto. Intrigante davvero.

  • Melissa
    2019-03-27 01:33

    Imagine a world that is so rushed, so busy, that its people are constantly plagued by nightmares and insomnia. These issues are so commonplace that people regularly take sleeping aids and other pills that rob them of their dreamlives. If you found yourself in that situation, how far would you go to ensure that you could dream again? Would you subscribe to a nightly "dreambeam" session, where dreamweavers enabled you to sleep through the night and replaced your nightmares with pleasant dreams?The Final Dream begins when we meet Brian Drury, one of the three billion people who subscribe to Yosef Iones (the most popular dreamweaver in business), pondering over the previous night's dream. For Brian and others like him, the previous night's dreams were some of the most intense that he had experienced, but they ended in a cliffhanger. Although some subscribers aren't happy with Iones's choice, grumbling statements like "Why can't Iones just stick to what he's best at?" and "It would have been the greatest Starrytale ever if he'd finished what he started," as usual, they tune in again the following night for what they hope will be the conclusion of the dream. Instead, subscribers are faced with three consecutive nights of nightmares so horrific that they permanently change subscribers' lives. Some people quit their jobs; others commit suicide. The media and representatives from Iones's organization attempt to spin the nightmares as technical difficulties and assure their subscribers that they're working out the problems. But Brian doesn't believe them, and the truth that he discovers may be a nightmare come true. One of the things I love the most about Daniel Pearlman's story is the realistic elements of it. Although the book itself is sci-fi, I could easily see our society heading down this path, where people subscribe to dreamcasts as easily as they subscribe to cable television. I wonder what the long-term effects of something like this would be and how it would change our reality. Would we ever be able to function without it? Would we eventually become so dependent on maintaining our blissful, dream-like state that we would request to be left in our dream worlds permanently? I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves science fiction.

  • Livia Blackburne
    2019-03-24 03:58

    Daniel Pearlman spins a futuristic tale that takes the trends in our society and extrapolates them to a civilized, enlightened, but soulless future. Remarkably creative, well told, and thought-provoking.

  • Saretta
    2019-03-26 01:50

    "The final dream" ha una ambientazione futuristica per alcuni aspetti, per altri riflette tendenze del mondo attuale.Durante il giorno le persone si dedicano anima e corpo al lavoro, spesso insoddisfacente, mentre passano le serate in incontri schedulati con mariti, mogli e amanti vari, il tutto con consapevolezza e accordo di tutte le parti interessate.La notte però è dedicata al sogno: gli uomini non sognano più da soli, ma, grazie a servizi in abbonamento, riescono ad avere sogni piacevoli direttamente trasmessi nel loro cervello. Un creatore di sogni in particolare, Yosif, è particolarmente apprezzato per le sue produzioni, però qualcosa sta cambiando.Il romanzo breve segue Brian, legale di un importante studio, e sua moglie, entrambi sottoscrittori dei sogni di Yosif e come i sogni influiscano sulla loro vita coniugale e lavorativa.Come in molti romanzi di Philip K. Dick anche qui gli umani hanno necessità di un mezzo che li allontani dalla realtà quotidiana, in Dick erano droghe o simulazioni, qui sono i sogni.----"The final dream" has a science fictional setting for most of the themes dealt with, however it reflects also various aspect of the actual way of living.During the day people live for their works, unsatisfactory for most of the times, while they spend their perfectly scheduled evenings with their husbands, wives and lovers.Night is for dreams only: men are mostly unable to have happy dreams by themselves, so they please the need of dreaming by subscription services that send happy dreams directly to their brains. Yosif is a particularly appreciated dream artist, but something is changing in its productions. The short novel follows Brian, lawyer of an important corporation, and his wife, both subscribers of Yosif dreams. The novel points out how dreams influence people marriages and working lives.Similar themes can be found in Philip K. Dick novels; there humans need something (drugs or simulation) to avoid their horrific life, here they need to dream happily.