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While Fallen Oak recovers from the Jenny pox, someone new is hunting Jenny.Like Jenny, Ashleigh Goodling belonged to a pair of opposites with powers that mirror each other.Now Jenny and Seth must face the opposite of love...***Alexander Death, the third book in the Paranormals series, is now available. The fourth book, Jenny Plague-Bringer, will be available in the fall ofWhile Fallen Oak recovers from the Jenny pox, someone new is hunting Jenny.Like Jenny, Ashleigh Goodling belonged to a pair of opposites with powers that mirror each other.Now Jenny and Seth must face the opposite of love...***Alexander Death, the third book in the Paranormals series, is now available. The fourth book, Jenny Plague-Bringer, will be available in the fall of 2012....

Title : Tommy Nightmare
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Tommy Nightmare Reviews

  • Giselle
    2019-05-14 19:54

    Jenny has a deadly touch. It's not a pretty death either. It consists of boils, puss, and all that good stuff. Now we meet Tommy - his touch induces nightmares. Your worst nightmares. So in other words, the touch of fear. Fear, considered human's strongest and oldest emotion, is an incredibly fascinating notion especially when used as a tool, so I knew I was in for a good time!We meet Tommy right away. We get the story of his heartbreaking past, and how his life is about to intertwine with Jenny's. Instead of shying from his touch, he manipulates people to get his way. I hated him. I really did - and I loved it! If there is one thing I have to applaud JL Bryan for, it's his villains. From Ashleigh to Tommy, the villains in this series are masterfully crafted. They will anger you and exasperate you; You. Will. Want. Them. To Die! And if you think you've seen the last of Ashleigh, think again!Even though it's named Tommy Nightmare, the story is not exclusive to Tommy. We see quite a bit of Jenny and Seth along with some new characters. The one I found the most interesting was Heather. I'm always curious about the general repercussions of horrific events such as the ending in Jenny Pox, and not only are we shown the law enforcement's reaction, we get the actual POV of someone at the CDC: Heather is a CDC investigator and 200+ unexplained deaths in small town, nowhere has gotten her attention. Theories ranging from the plague to bioweapon, I'm especially happy that the aftermath didn't get shrugged off with a mere paragraph, but looked into, questioned, and studied. This also becomes very important in the story as it gives Jenny even more people to fear.Amounting to strong plot developments, flashbacks are a frequent occurrence in this sequel. We learn a lot about Jenny's past where we see that everyone's character is not always as it seems. We get a deeper understanding of the powers that these people wield, as well as a better perception of who they really are. These flashbacks combined with a multitude of different perspectives makes it a pretty hefty novel; there's a lot to keep track of along with considerable story building. The frequent shifting does cause the pace to slow down at times, but I was impressed at how well it all flows together, giving us a vastly exciting and an overall action-packed novel.The chemistry filled romance between Seth and Jenny is tamed down in this book. The "new" spark has calmed, plus Jenny is distraught over what she did on top of the doubts being implanted by a certain someone. This is in no way a negative point, though - at least to me. It's realistic and natural for a relationship at their age. Plus, I was never a huge fan of Seth. He's easy to manipulate, I don't mean by Ashleigh which is expected but rather by his parents and friends. I much prefer the tougher, more assertive types. Let's just say that I was very pleased by the ending!Equally as entertaining as Jenny Pox, Tommy Nightmare is an excellent sequel to a fantastic series. I strongly recommend it to all my fellow horror fans! I do have to warn you that even though they're teenagers, the series is considered an 18+ horror novel as it has some (epic) adult content.--For more of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

  • Stacey Benefiel
    2019-05-26 18:31

    I really enjoyed this second book in the Jenny Pox series. The concept is so original. It's like a history-contemporary-horror-YA-paranormal-thriller-romance. While I loved Jenny Pox, I think this book is even stronger. The transitions between the different characters POV's are effortless in this one. Looking forward to the next book in the series already!

  • Brandi Salazar
    2019-05-02 22:46

    After reading Jenny Pox, I just had to check out Tommy Nightmare. Initially I thought this story would be following Tommy with, hopefully, some side chapters to update me on Jenny and Seth's path. It started out that way, and I was instantly hooked to Tommy's story. He starts out as a child in foster care under the guardianship of a horrible, deeply religious man who abuses the children, and even his wife. The story then took multiple side-roads, introducing new characters ranging from CDC investigators to those who share powers similar to Jenny, Seth, and Ashleigh. I loved all the characters. They each had their own unique voice and history, making it hard not to love them, good or bad. Tommy was one of those for me. He was so bad, but I wished he could be good. I guess it just wasn't in the cards. Seth and Jenny just can't catch a break. Seth is following his father's orders to go to a college of his choice, and Jenny is struggling with the decision to join him and risk spreading her disease to others, or just staying behind with her dad. She is also struggling with doubts about their relationship, especially since the outbreak from the last book and all the changes to come. And since Ashleigh is such a detestable, determined character, she finds a way to wriggle back into their lives and continue her own plans of destruction, focusing mainly on bringing Jenny to her knees. I did have a few qualms with this one. First, Jenny's dad can't seem to look at her the same way he used to. It's as if he had had a choice in the matter, between Jenny fighting against a town bent on killing her, and laying down to die, he would rather have her lay down. He just can't forgive her. Second, Seth seems pretty dim-witted this time around, not seeming to recognize or care that Jenny is struggling to make sense of things and having a difficult time coping with change. Third, this was Tommy's book and I felt like not enough time was spent on him. I wanted to learn more, see more from his p.o.v. It started out that way, but quickly segued into Jenny's story.Not that I minded, because I love Jenny, but I had expected more development in the other direction. Overall, I love this series. I wish it was longer. Three books just doesn't seem like enough, but I am so looking forward to finding out the rest of the character's history, and what is in store for them in the future. I have a feeling history is about to repeat itself.

  • Danny
    2019-05-18 15:41

    After finishing Jenny Pox, I was hooked and needed to read the next installment in this very unique and compelling series. I would also love to say right from the beginning that I loved this one even more than the first book.In the first pages we get introduced to a new character Tommy who has the gift/curse of giving people nightmares and fear when he touches them. We first see how Tommy's life was when he was 12 and lived with a foster family. ... I had tears in my eyes already after the first few pages. I felt so very very sorry for this boy! Also, I was thankful JL Bryan included this inside before we got to know the older Tommy. It makes you understand this boy so much better and feel for him even though he's not the nicest character... The Story picks up where Jenny Pox ends. Jenny and Seth have to deal with the aftermath of the showdown and especially Jenny struggles a lot with what she has done. Also Homeland Security is in town trying to figure out what happened. While Seth and Jenny are busy with dealing, but also trying to look forward and beyond High School. Tommy comes to town looking for Ashleigh... and he's coming not alone.Two more characters will be briefly introduced that I'm sure will have a bigger role in the third book.JL Bryan manges to surprise me with twists and turns which kept me turning the pages faster and faster!! Very surprising things will happen I didn't expect at all but found absolutely awesome! Unexpected love, triangles and alliances made this story very captivating and incredibly compelling. I was also glad that although some truly horribly things happen nothing was as scary as the last showdown in Jenny Pox. I think Tommy Nightmare exceded my expectations and makes me wish the third book would be already out. I really love his story telling, his writing and the characters he creates. His characters are never black and white and there is a lot of grey involved. This made me care for them even though some of them might be normally considered bad... I hope JL Bryan will write another YA/New Adult series after this... I for myself can say I'm a real fan now :))

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    2019-05-07 17:34

    I can't say this wasn't as good as Jenny Pox, but it definitely wasn't as engaging. For me, anyway. It's interesting to note, however, that I'm nearly halfway through the third and these books really flow pretty seamlessly from one to the next. I love the refreshing effect of contemporary YA written by a man. That may sound sexist and anti-feminist, but I really do admire the way men write, especially their characterization. Most of the YA I read by female authors is so contrived and one-track, not to mention silly and borderline's strange because female authors tend to put far too much emphasis on romance while men are capable of writing about it as it should be written; as just another part of the story. If I had to compare this series to anything else, I'd say it's sort of like fledgling Stephen King for young adults.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-17 14:38

    **WARNING: Review contains minor spoilers for the first book in the series, Jenny Pox.**The first book in the Paranormals series, Jenny Pox, was one of my favorite reads of 2011. It was something completely original and fresh. I became completely absorbed in the world that J.L. Bryan had created and was extremely impressed with his writing style and plotting. Tommy Nightmare is a very worthy sequel to Jenny Pox. It continues with the terrifying, thought-provoking writing and complex worldbuilding that took made the first book so engrossing.This installment begins by introducing readers to an abused foster child named Tommy who, like Jenny and Seth, discovers that he has supernatural abilities, specifically the ability to create and control fear in any who touches him. Bryan then does a decent balancing act with multiple plots involving Tommy and his search for his "opposite" (the late Ashleigh Goodling) and the aftermath of Jenny's pox-laden revenge on her hometown.The ending of Jenny Pox was one of the most intense, adrenaline-pumping conclusions I've read in a long time. So I was interested to see what would happen after half of the town was killed (in pretty gruesome fashion) by the Jenny pox. Hundreds of mysterious deaths has captured the attention of the federal government and they have sent disease specialists to check everything out. This situation introduces readers to Heather, a CDC investigator, who seems to be figuring out the truth behind the deaths despite her superiors' suggestions otherwise. I look forward to seeing how she continues her investigation in the next book.I liked the way that Bryan handled the Jenny/Seth romance in this second installment. They are beyond the first impressions part of the relationship and things are getting a bit more complicated. I will admit that I'm not the biggest fan of Seth and his actions in this book definitely did not endear him to me, but I like how the author is portraying his character. I don't think we are supposed to be rooting for him though that is my opinion. Jenny continues to be a hell of a protagonist and I just feel so badly for her at all times. One of my favorite aspects of this book was how the author emphasized that Jenny felt guilty for her part in the deaths of all the townspeople despite the fact that they were trying to kill her and had always mistreated her. She is a very admirable heroine and readers will find themselves easily rooting for her.Another intriguing part of Tommy Nightmare is the way that Bryan provided more background on the Paranormals and their past lives. We learned at the end of Jenny Pox that Jenny, Seth, Ashleigh, and others were powerful, supernatural beings that have been reincarnated throughout history with various degrees of success. Now that Jenny and Seth are aware of this fact, we see them begin to explore this aspect of their existence which I'm very intrigued about.In conclusion, the world of The Paranormals continues to build while existing characters are developed and new ones are introduced to create a varied, exciting cast. Ashleigh Goodling continues to be one of the most intriguing villains I've ever read (even after death) and adding the creepy, tortured Tommy to the group just makes everything more terrifying. Really looking forward to reading Alexander Death especially with the way this one ended! For more reviews, check out my blog: http://feministfairytalereviews.blogs...

  • Jenny
    2019-05-24 17:48

    Review originally posted at: Nightmare returns us to a world that causes anxiety and dread to curl up and make themselves at home in our guts, any brief moment of happiness overshadowed by a tangible sense of unease as we know Mr. Bryan has no qualms with putting his characters through physical and emotional turmoil. We plunge forward, blowing through pages held tightly with knuckles gone white from strain, fearing what's in store next might just be worse for Jenny than what she's already experienced, and we emerge from the story with worry lines etched into our faces where there were none before as evidence of our involvement with the story. Tommy Nightmare is not an emotionally easy read, instead it's one where we know things will only get worse before they get better, but Mr. Bryan gives us a flicker of light just when the darkness starts to consume us, and we cling to its tiny brilliance as we hope for Jenny to find the happiness she so deserves.The reappearance of Ashleigh–a character so detestable we will our hatred of her to be strong enough to singe every appearance of her name from the pages so we don't have to see it any longer–causes us to groan in disgust while begrudgingly admitting to an appreciation of a character who can inspire such an intense reaction. Every word out of her mouth and every action she takes ratchets our apprehension up a notch, knowing her every move is calculated and planned in order to inflict the most pain on the object of her wrath. She's hauntingly villainous, her ability to inspire love with a touch warped beyond all recognition as she uses it to enslave and manipulate, and we read every page hoping someone will share our immunity to her grotesque charm.Despite being the title character, Tommy's role in this story is surprisingly small, his opening scene enough to raise our hackles and bring forth our protective instincts, but his actions after those first few pages skew our perception of him so we are left in an emotional limbo as to whether or not he's deserving of our affection. We want desperately to believe in him since he's Ashleigh's opposite and therefore capable of resisting her touch, but his easy compliance to her every suggestion without that coercion keeps us wary and defensive. In addition to Tommy, we are introduced to several new characters, each with a unique ability that piques our curiosity and makes us want to read faster in order to find out how they fit into the magnificent puzzle Mr. Bryan has so painstakingly developed.Tommy Nightmare is highly recommended for older young adult audiences as the sexual content, though not hugely prominent, is a bit more detailed in nature, and the suffocating darkness at times threatens to overwhelm. Luckily for us however, this story, though often a heavy burden to bear when Jenny is mistreated and betrayed again and again, ends by bringing a hesitant smile to our lips as Ashleigh's plans for Jenny are temporarily interrupted by the appearance of a new character. Though we know inevitably the smile will fade as quickly as it came when we get our hands on the next book, it's enough to mildly relax the muscles we've held rigid in reaction to the emotional maelstrom into which these characters thrust us.Rating: 4/5

  • Karen
    2019-05-03 14:58

    A few months ago I read and reviewed Jenny Pox by J.L. Bryan and I thought it was great. So when Mr Bryan asked me if I’d like to do a review for the second book in the series, Tommy Nightmare, I jumped at the chance! I think I actually nearly bit his hand off in my rush to grab myself a copy. I hope I didn’t leave any teeth marks! *grins*You know how it is when you really enjoyed the first book in a series and when you read the second it can sometimes be a bit of a let-down? You’ve experienced that, yes? I know I have. Well, Tommy Nightmare definitely did not let me down and I loved it even more than the first book!The characters J.L. Bryan writes are pretty amazing. I loved Jenny and her ‘opposite’, Seth in book one. They were so easy to get to know and great fun to hanging around with. Just in case you don’t know, these guys have special gifts, only Jenny doesn’t see hers as a ‘gift’ but a huge burden. I think I can tell you without giving out any spoilers that Jenny’s touch kills. Even the slightest touch from her would give you the ‘Jenny Pox’ and you’d probably die a horrible, painful death. Seth is her opposite, and then there’s Ashleigh … Listen, I’m not going to tell you anymore about Jenny Pox, you’ll just have to read the darned book!But anyway, I was talking about the characters. In book two, the first character we meet is new to the scene. Tommy. Tommy is living with a group of other boys in a foster home with, lets just say, not so nice foster parents. He’s not an evil kid and he can’t help having a ‘gift’. I really liked Tommy, or maybe more to the point I felt sorry for him and I really enjoyed the character. There are a few new characters brought into this story, but I think you get my point about how much I loved reading about them.It amazes me how this author sets the scene. There are no long, drawn out descriptions of anywhere, but he seems to implant the picture into your brain without you realising it and the plots are always fast paced and exciting, with Tommy Nightmare being no exception. There was nothing about this book I didn’t like. I flew through it in a matter of days (which is really fast for me) and it’s actually taken me longer to digest the story and decide how to go about writing this review without it being full of spoilers, than it did to read the book.There is some swearing, the occasional sex scene and a bit of gore in here, but this is not a horror book and you won’t have to check under the bed before you go to sleep after reading. Age-wise, I think it’s pretty suitable for anyone over 16. Do I recommend it? OMG yes! This series is definitely not one to miss out on. Seriously! Go get yourself a copy!

  • Smash
    2019-04-29 22:42

    Read this review at Smash Attack Reads!*SPOILERS FOR PREVIOUS BOOK. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.* Smashtastic Synopsis: Tommy Nightmare opens up with 12 year old Tommy in foster care. We learn that life is not good for Tommy. He is beaten by his religious wackadoo foster father and none of his foster brothers want anything to do with him because of the extreme fear he makes them all feel. A terrible incident occurs and Tommy finds a way out of his hellish home. Tommy grows up and finds himself in prison. He notices Ashleigh on TV, and is inexplicably dawn to her. He uses his fear-inducing charm to break free, and finds himself in Fallen Oak. Tommy isn’t happy to discover that his “opposite” has been sent to an early grave, and he sets out to give Jenny and Seth something to really fear.Interest in the book: Well, since I couldn’t put down Jenny Pox, it was obvious that I would jump directly to the next book in the series.Characters: As evil as Tommy seemed to be, I was rooting for him. Not to kill of Jenny and Seth, but to find happiness. I hoped throughout this novel that his story would end on a positive, though Ashleigh got her claws in deep, yet again. Speaking of Ashleigh, just when you think a manipulative bitch can’t get more manipulative, the authors slaps you with total domination in heels. I’m all for Girl Power, but Ashleigh needs someone to teach her ass a lesson, ya hear? Jenny really matures in this novel. She’s become more brave but also more fearful, especially where her loved ones are concerned. There is a really touching scene between Jenny and her father that really choked me up. And we’re introduced to yet another character, Alexander, who literally creeped me out. Wondering his role in the last book, Alexander Death, sent my imagination into a frenzy!Worldbuilding: I really enjoyed the author’s ability to keep the ball rolling as if Jenny Pox and this story were in the same book. The world expands in Tommy Nightmare as we are introduced to more characters, and the plot deepens as the stakes rise!Lasting Impressions: Other than wanting to punch minor character Wooly in the face every time he opened his pie hole, I really, really enjoyed this book. I like how the story left characters scattered and angry, leaving so many possibilities for the final installment!Smashtastic Entertainment ScaleDamn near Perfect!Wicked EnjoyableGreat PotentialMediocreSomewhat boring/confusing/lameNot very interestingBoo

  • Books
    2019-05-05 19:36

    If you’ve read the first book, Jenny Pox, you’ll love Tommy Nightmare. Bryan brings back key characters from the first book and adds to the mix a handful of exciting new characters with their own unique talents to amp up the suspense.Although Tommy Nightmare doesn’t pick up at the exact point where Jenny Pox left off, it does continue the story of what happened at Fallen Oak after Jenny murdered nearly half the town’s people. It was great to meet up again with Jenny and Seth and in a way, also with Ashleigh. She is one of the most terrifying villains I’ve come across. Imagine a teenage girl wielding the power of love and using that to manipulate her parents and an entire town of people to bend to her will. That doesn’t sound too terrible now, does it? But the way Bryan wrote it, it is downright petrifying. Tommy and Esmeralda, each with their own powers, were a great addition to the story, but Ashleigh and Jenny were undoubtedly the stars. With the introduction of Alexander, hence the title of the third book, Alexander Death, things just got so much more intense towards the end.I loved the parts where Jenny had dreams about one of her previous lives in the Roman era. That was a nice touch to the story. I enjoyed this book so much I stayed up the whole night reading until I had finished it at dawn. There were a few minor things that bugged me and which were a little hard to overlook, but it didn’t dampen my enjoyment of the story and I’m eagerly anticipating reading Alexander Death. Tommy Nightmare can be read as a stand-alone, but it will make you curious enough to read the first book to find out what happened between Jenny, Ashleigh and Seth; and also to get to know these three characters more.

  • Marisa
    2019-05-23 15:31

    In this fantastic sequel to “Jenny Pox” we meet Tommy whose touch creates fear the same way that Jenny’s induces the plague. Specifically, Tommy’s touch shows your worst nightmares that reduce most people he interacts with to a pile of mush. Unlike Jenny, Tommy embraces his power creating a fantastic villain. Tommy easily could have been portrayed as a completely unfeeling, harsh character, but instead we learn his heartbreaking past and how/why it will intertwine with Jenny’s. I still hated him though!In an interesting tip to realism, the events from the previous book are not forgotten. Instead, Jenny is dealing with the fallout from the previous book while the town is under investigation. This causes Jenny to be more withdrawn from everyone, including Seth, creating new trials for both of them to overcome. At fear of revealing too much, between the recent events and flashbacks, this is a fantastic sequel that will have you wanting to read the next in the series!Warning: Contains horror and violenceWho Should Read it? Fans of fantasy in a contemporary setting or horror.See all my reviews and more at or @Read2Distract

  • Johi
    2019-05-12 20:43

    I wanted to give Tommy Nightmare only 4 stars, but I usually try to star my reviews based on what I felt as I read them, and this one is just as hard to put down as Jenny Pox. It's not as good IMHO because Jenny had that certain Mean Girls elements, like the skinny, creepy, abused girl stealing her perfect, big-breasted archenemy's boyfriend. In Tommy, I feel like most of that cute, YA romance part is lost. And in return, we get flashbacks and more flashbacks, that while interesting, they start getting annoying; also many different POVs, which I felt slowed down the pace of the story.However, the story itself, the new characters, and the new discoveries are still quite able to get you hooked. And it's got the same wonderful dark humor that J.L. Bryan gave us in Jenny, with Darcy possessed giving some of my favorite speeches. So yes, it's got some things that weren't perfect, but while I read it all I could think was to get going and figure out what happens next. It's another great read and provided me many hours of entertainment.

  • Alexia Purdy
    2019-05-13 19:30

    Freaking amazing once more! J.L. Bryan knows how to write a paranormal story with gruesome realism and twists that makes me want to keep reading on and on and on. With the introduction of Tommy, a terrifying paranormal who's power I would never want to experience, this book continues the story of Jenny Morton, who has her own deadly powers. Discovering she's not the only one out there is starting to make life difficult, especially since Seth, her boyfriend with supernatural powers of his own, wants to go to college in a bigger city. She doesn't want to follow, and someone else wants her out of the picture for good.Jenny's story continues to intrigue me. Her down to earthiness is refreshing, but her powers are only just beginning to surface. Will she be able to control herself in the face of adversity? The introduction of new characters was awesome. Can't wait to see what is in store with more chaos to come for sure.

  • One Pushy Fox
    2019-05-23 22:35

    I know we've made no secret of our love for JL Bryan and his book, Jenny Pox, here at the Bookworms, but I can say, without a doubt, that this sequel was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!! Personally, I went from being unsure as to how Mr. Bryan was going to turn his amazing, what I considered to be a stand-alone, book into a series, but I'll tell you something. Mr. Bryan is CLEARLY smarter than I am because not only did he live up to the wonderment that was Jenny Pox, he truly surpassed it.My full review will be up onsoon!

  • Stefanie
    2019-05-01 15:29

    This series is so excellent! Tommy Nightmare picks up where Jenny Pox left off and introduces a new character with a new "power".This series has a mix of everything and I think a lot of people will enjoy it. I highly recommend this series for anyone who wants to read something original and gripping. *There are zombies in this for all you zombie folk too!

  • Deb
    2019-05-16 19:44

    I definitely like book 2 better, but am still interested in the series. I hope to start book 3 sooner than later.In trying to decide what to say - there isn't much I can say without spoilers....and there is a lot I want to write! Giving it a shot anyway: This one picks up with a little boy in foster care, whose fellow foster-kids call 'Tommy Nightmare'. Really, the situation they are in is a nightmare, but Tommy causes deep fear in people. Not just fear - but their darkest nightmares. One night, after meeting a little girl named Esmerelda who can get information from the dead, is able to escape his own nightmare - his foster father. Tommy Fast forward several years, and while in prison he see's the interview Ashley Goodling gave on TV and knows he must get to her immediately.Back in Fallen Oak, South Carolina, the CDC has been called in to determine the cause of death of so many people - and to locate its source. The entire community is quarantined and all residents are required to report in to give hair and blood samples. Jenny and Seth remain together, mostly at her house, to avoid everyone else...including the CDC. Oh, and Ashleigh...she's back.

  • Shannon Fay
    2019-05-08 17:37

    This could have been a solid 5 star book. But sadly I must deduct a sugar for the writing, because it would be unfair of me not to, and it would also show how incredibly biased I am towards these characters and the general idea of this story. So even though it pains me greatly, I have to reduce the rating to 4 stars, because the worrying really is... lacking. (I really don't recall the writing being this bad in the first book, But perhaps my fondness for this series ha memory playing tricks on me.) And to be fair, the writing is necessarily bad per se, more just subpar compared to most other YA books I read; although that said, the vast majority of them aren't self published gems, they're will marketed books put out by major publishing firms (or their imprints), which I'm sure have teams of editors and whatnot to help make these books amazing.

  • Gbolahan
    2019-05-06 17:53

    Yeah, so the title was rather misleading. This book is NOT about Tommy.It simply continued Jenny's story, delved into some over-long Greek mutant flashbacks, slapped on some new character and strange unconvincing opposites, plastered on some new powers (cos they're spirits in some void fighting some endless war...or something) and made me get it for 2 dollars 99...or something...So, why the heck do I feel like reading part 3?Must be cos part one started so well, an I'm hoping against hope there will be a good conclusion to all of this.I like how Seth nor Tommy is Superman though. They're just kids.The Homeland Security and CDC angles seemed rushed to me, but, still cool as the author put them down. Grounds the paranormal ish in some form of of reality.

  • Purr More
    2019-05-16 19:31

    A super follow-up to Jenny Pox! It is going to be really hard to discuss this book without spoilers for the first book or this one. So be warned...a few spoilers make sneak in. The story picks up shortly after the events of the first book and includes a story thread of government intervention to explain and cover up what happened in the first book. And of course, there is one determined epidemiologist who wants to get to the bottom of it.The beginning of Tommy Nightmare felt a little slower than Jenny Pox, but starts out in a similar way--looking at his past. We see what Tommy's childhood was like living with an emotionally and physically abusive foster family. An unfortunate event involving his power, and an unexpected opportunity, as a child propels him to escape his horrible living environment. As a child, Tommy starts out as decent kid in a bad situation who seems fearful of his power. As we get to know him as an older, street-smart teen, he is in prison and doesn't hesitate to use his power to get what he wants. When he sees Ashleigh on TV, he recognizes her as someone significant to him and is compelled to find her. And he a way. Yes, folks...she's ba-aaack! And she is just as devious as before. This time she seems more interested in revenge than a political agenda. You’ll have to read the book though to find out just how she makes her way back into this story.This is a series book that doesn't use a new pair of main characters and a different story line like many series do. It is more of a continuation of the first book so we have all the main characters from the first book as prominent characters in this book as well, plus a couple of new introductions. In fact, even though Tommy is the title character and we see him a lot in the beginning, he seems to fade into the background a bit while Jenny, Seth, and yes, even Ashleigh, eventually seem to take over the story as the book progresses. Tommy's power is to instill fear with his touch. He is supposed to have the opposite power to Ashleigh so I had expected his power to be the ability to instill hate. I guess opposite powers aren't always direct opposites. And in fact, we learn briefly that there are different types of power pairs including complementary and cross powers. I would like to have learned more about these types of powers but there wasn’t much elaboration on it. It’s going on the “stuff I hope is explained in the next book” list. When Tommy learns what happened to Ashleigh, it puts Jenny and Seth in his crosshairs. Not only do Jenny and Seth have to worry about the government investigation, but now there is someone else "like them" out there and he seems to have a grudge against them.Esmeralda and Alexander are two additional supernaturals in this story (not sure what they are even supposed to be called). Esmeralda can listen to the dead while Alexander can animate the dead. Esmeralda is supposed to be Alexander's opposite, but again, it doesn't seem like an opposite power to me. This pair of powers seems more complementary than opposite. I guess I don't have a handle on this power thing yet. I love the way JL has intertwined all the characters and their powers in past and current lives. He keeps peeling away the layers to reveal more and more of how these characters and their powers relate to each other. We get to peek into Jenny's past lives; showing us some of the past lives of the others as well, and we get a better sense of what they are. If you felt the ending of the first book was unexpected and needed more explanation, this book should help to give you a little more insight. However, it is a slow reveal throughout the story and I don't feel like we have really discovered all there is to know about them. The character I want to know more about is Alexander. I find him to be very intriguing and I am eager to find out more about him.JL has given us another great story that sucks you right in. Though I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it didn't absorb me quite as much as the first book, but it is still a great follow-up to Jenny Pox. I think the writing is even a little tighter. There wasn’t as much extra description, especially with Ashleigh’s character, which was a minor nitpick for me in the first book. It does end with a significant cliffhanger that leaves several story threads hanging and there is also an unexpected twist that has left me with tons of questions that hopefully will be addressed in the next book, which is expected to come out Fall of 2011. **drums fingers on table** Um, is it Fall yet? ;)This book is so entwined with events and characters from the first book that I would highly recommend starting with the first book, Jenny Pox. And fortunately, JL has made that so very easy to do by offering the Jenny Pox ebook for only $0.99 on Amazon and B&N! A deal of most awesomeness :D I don’t know when the sale ends so don’t wait too long to grab it! I am having a hard time rating this book and keep flip-flopping between 4 and 5 stars. Damn my decision not to do half stars! Okay, here we go...4 stars. I was sucked in but no slurping noises this time ;) Rating: 4 - I Really (Really) Liked It (Really!)Note: Just for readers' reference -- like the first book there is a bit of sexual content. Though I think it was a little less than the first book, this is just a heads up for those who are concerned about this in a YA/Teen book.

  • Y.k. Greene
    2019-04-25 18:50

    Another great bit of nasty from Ashleigh, even dead that girl just can't let the evil quit.

  • Jess
    2019-05-01 14:52

    It has been almost a year since I read the awesome first novel of the Paranormals series, "Jenny Pox." I was surprised by the well-crafted horror, the maliciously wonderful villain, and the original story, and I couldn't wait to read the next one. I put it on hold for awhile, but I'm glad I've finally gotten around to "Tommy Nightmare."I just wish I could give it the same amount of praise as "Jenny Pox," despite the fact that we now have a guy who makes zombies, which is always a plus in my book.In the first novel, we were introduced to Jenny Morton, a teenage girl who has the power to give people a horrible disease just by touching them. Her boyfriend Seth has the opposite power--healing--which balances them out and allows them to touch each other safely. The villain was Ashleigh Goodling, a horrific and nasty young woman who has the power to make people love her with just one touch, who used her powers to further conservative propaganda, literally just because she could.If you though Ashleigh was dead, think again. She's back, and she's the best part of this book. Again.In this next installment, we meet three new characters. Tommy is Ashleigh's opposite--he can instill fear in people. But he's no match for a character like Ashleigh. He's passive where she's dominant, dim where she's sharp. He's also a totally skeevy potential rapist who has been in and out of prison since childhood. He realizes he's Ashleigh's opposite so he follows her call to revive her, and to help, he calls for the attention of Esmeralda, a girl who can listen to the memories of the dead.I like Esmeralda. She has potential to be a great character, and she could use her gift for good. But the poor girl is used as Tommy and Ashleigh's tool to resurrect Ashleigh in another's person's body, that person being Darcy Metcalf, a pregnant girl from the poor side of town who used to be Ashleigh's best friend (Ashleigh, in fine form, treats her body horrifically, ex. punching Darcy's unborn fetus when it moved inside her stomach).I like that these books take risks. Jenny starts seeing glimpses of her past lives and sees that maybe Seth isn't the paranormal person she's meant to be with, which opens up a lot of room for many more books and plot-lines. The mythology sets a pretty high goal for these books, but I can see an author like Bryan handling such themes.My main problem with this book was that it was very rushed. In "Jenny Pox," we spent much of the book just getting to know Jenny and her way of life and reaching deep into Ashleigh's psyche. Bryan realizes that a good villain needs to be multi-faceted, and Ashleigh delivers in spades. We don't see one touch of tenderness in her but we do see ambition, clarity, cleverness, and strength. The problem with Tommy is that we simply don't like him. His backstory wasn't all that interesting and his relationship with Ashleigh and Esmeralda would be more interesting if it was simply between the two girls. We never really get to know him like we know Jenny and Ashleigh.I'm also confused as to why Alexander was introduced in this installment. His chapters just seem out of place. I see why he was needed in the book to wrap up the conflict at the end and introduce his special power, but I don't think a book with so many characters (old and new) needed another point of view in there. I wish Bryan would have just waited until the next book to formally introduce his character. Unlike the introduction of another minor character, Dr. Heather Reynard, who furthered the plot by explaining some of the science behind the Jenny Pox, Alexander's introduction seemed unneeded and only slowed the pace of the story.There are also some confusions and inconsistencies, but they were minimal. For example, as Tommy started falling in love with Esmeralda and realized Ashleigh was cruel and manipulative, he could have simply removed the bone from Esmeralda's necklace and severed the connection between Ashleigh's soul and Darcy's body. All in all, "Tommy Nightmare" was smart and well-written and features the best character, Ashleigh, in even more malicious, amazing ways. But the pacing of this one took away some of the depth and charm that made me love "Jenny Pox."

  • Loretta
    2019-05-02 20:57

    Once again JL Bryan has wrote an amazingly told story continuing Jenny Pox. I was instantly drawn into Tommy Nightmare...taken hostage.. and did not return to my regular brain until Tommy Nightmare was complete. Tommy -Nightmare- was given the name by the people closet to him. Although they did not love him. His foster parents and foster siblings gave him this name because. He literally would "Scare you to death".. After some things take place. Tommy decides he has had enough. Leaving that life behind Tommy finds himself in jail. Where he discovers Ashleigh from her tv broadcast. Being drawn to her. He takes it upon him self to find her. Taking his curse, and using it on the guards, he escapes prison and takes the journey to find Ashleigh.Jenny Pox finds her self feeling grief, anger and a very hard time dealing with the deaths of Fallen Oaks. Since they are connected to Jenny in a BIG way. Seth has not really been any help lately. It seems that they are slowly slipping away from each other. Seth cannot find it in himself to tale his parents about Jenny. Jenny sees this as a big problem. This makes me sad. I feel that they are so cute together. They are opposites, but together they are one.The Fallen Oaks community is on lock down. Everyone is being interrogated and tested by the CDC. They are on the hunt to find out WHY half the community has suddenly died... Jenny & Seth find themselves staying on the low. Trying to figure out what they should do. Tommy, finding out the Ashleigh has been murdered, seeks out the murders. Finding Jenny & Seth.. Tommy does his deed of 'fearing' them, but he leaves with a little taste of the Pox! Jenny gave him a little taste of what she could do. Tommy finds Esmerelda, the girl he left all those many years ago when he left the Tanner's. Esmerelda remembers Tommy instantly. With his Grey eyes. Finding out Esmarelda has a gift also, she can speak/listen to the dead. For Tommy this is a very good thing for him. Since he has found the remains of Ashleigh... You can only imagine..Ashleigh's back. Yes, the ulitmate villian is back. And she's really is not in a forgiving mood. Although maybe you can't tale she is back... Because she is... ummm.. not 'helself'. After dying, Ashleigh is pissed off and ready for revenge.And revenge she will get. (I REALLY, DO not like her. Oh, I could jump in the pages of this book and slap the s#!t right out of her... ugh)Through out the book you will get glimpses in the life of Alexander. A new character who can control the dead. Think zombies (but he is controls them), living dead puppets! Alexander is the one, who is in Jenny's dreams. Literally, Jenny has been having some major crazy dreams. And he may just be the one for Jenny. (Seth, please stop being douchey. Or you just may loose your her)I loved meeting all the new characters. Jenny Pox was an amazing story, and Tommy Nightmare was just what book 2 needed to take it to the next level. I love this series. JL Bryan has created a world with these fascinating characters that I have grown to love. (And some Hate). I cannot wait to read the next installment of Jenny Pox, and find out more about Alexander. Book 3 titled Alexander Death is on my shelf, and ready to read.Do not pass up on this series. It is a chilling, amazing story that will take you hostage.. and leave you yearning for more. JL Bryan has an amazing gift in writing amazing books!!!"I am just a monster.""You're a beautiful monster." Alexander gave her a smile. His eyes reflected the stars and the black sky. "And I love you for what you are."Get this book now! If you have not read Jenny Pox, HERE is my REVIEW for Book 1!Review posted HERE:

  • Nina
    2019-05-10 15:41

    an interesting bridge to the third book. leaves a lot of loose ends to keep you wanting more and see where things are going to end. here's to looking forward to what comes the same time, I feel like it climaxed and the fizzled out to start building up to the next book.

  • Kristilyn (Reading In Winter)
    2019-05-21 15:32

    It had been quite some time since I read the first book in J. L. Bryan’s The Paranormals series but I *knew* I had to pick it up this month — the month for horror everything! — and read it again before I continued on with the series. The only thing I could remember was that there was plenty of WTFery going on — something that pretty much had me furrowing my brow for a good portion of the story.Naturally, I fell back in love with the story after a reread and immediately had to dive into the next story in the series! Big thanks to Kelsey from Kelsey’s Cluttered Bookcase who gifted this one to me!Tommy Nightmare starts off right where Jenny Pox leaves off. Well, kind of. I have to admit that when the story started off with a new character, I wondered if we would get to see any of the characters in the first book again, or if this book would be just about the new guy. Frankly, though, after the first chapter I didn’t care where the story would go because I was so into the new character’s story that I just wanted more! Tommy comes from quite the household and has QUITE the power — he’s in the same realm as Jenny, Seth, and Ashleigh, but he’s definitely a guy you don’t want to be shaking hands with. In a word, he was terrifying.One thing I love about J. L. Bryan’s writing is his characterization. His characters are all so completely different and so well presented that it’s easy to find which ones you should be siding with and which ones you’d prefer to throw under a bus. I will say that there were some definite instances that had my stomach crawling and that was mainly a personal thing as I was quite pregnant while reading the story and let’s just say, the person in the story who’s pregnant isn’t so keen on it. That was hard to read, but definitely fitting to the character. There were also lots of flashbacks, which were a great way to really get to know the characters. Seeing as they’re all connected and spirits from the past, it’s interesting to see how they interacted in other lives.I also liked how not only we get new characters in this book, but it takes a whole new turn after Jenny Pox‘s romantic slant. Now, we’re dealing with the aftermath of what happened in the last book, which means the big guns have been called in. I liked that the Center for Disease Control was a part of the story and that there’s still a whole mystery around Jenny’s character. Even though the reader knows what’s going on with her, and her history, it’s a different pill to swallow for the people who lost someone in the last book. “Plague” just isn’t something you hear too much of these days.I have fallen completely head over heals for this series and can’t wait to continue on reading it — especially after a bit of a cliffhanger AND a new face! In fact, I had to make sure I took a break to write this review before diving into the next book, Alexander Death, so I wouldn’t forget anything. As I write this review, I’m planning on spending the next few days reading this series, being completely immersed in J. L. Bryan’s mind. While there is plenty of crazy and creepy going on in there, I have to say, it’s quite enjoyable!This book is perfect if you love paranormal and horror — but be warned! It’s definitely for an 18+ crowd! If you fit that criteria, I would highly recommend this series!

  • jD
    2019-05-06 20:30

    In this second book of The Paranormals Trilogy, we meet Tommy. He is another person like Jenny, Seth, and Ashleigh. His touch brings about fear. He can kill or simply mess up a person's mind for a short period of time. Tommy is as pathetic as Jenny but he has a harder heart so he went straight into the villian column quick. As of the end of the last book, we find out a little about what Jenny, Seth, and Ashleigh are. It's just enough to start us with the understanding that they are not fully human. They were born like humans but they are actually reincarnated over and over since the beginning of time. They don't remember their lifetimes but they eventually find one another and kill each other off. They have well established patterns with different identities.Tommy is in jail when he sees Ashleigh on tv. He feels a connection to her and knows he must find her. He breaks out of prison and heads to South Carolina. Tommy knows his touch is deadly and he has already figured out that he is not the only one. When he was a child, he met a girl who could communicate with the dead by touch. Her name is Esmeralda and Tommy wants to get his hands on her too.Meanwhile, Jenny has 'maybe' killed Ashleigh and about 200 other townfolk with her Pox. They deserved it but it's still not a good thing for our heroine. Jenny and Seth are trying to put the pieces of their lives back together and keep the CDC and Homeland Security off their backs. Enter Tommy looking for Ashleigh who is dead. He remembers that Esmeralda can communicate with the dead so he grabs Ashleigh's bones and sets out to find Esmeralda. This puts us up to 4 additional beings like Jenny and they all have horrible powers of destruction. The collision course they are on is massive and is once again gonna be messy. There are a few interesting surprises such as Alexander and his interest in Jenny. This character is pretty much in the background observing in this book but he is clearly one of them and he has a nasty touch. Although the book is named for Tommy, Jenny is really the focus. She is in a mess of trouble with a woman at the CDC determined to find her and pin a few hundred murders on her. She also would not mind sticking Jenny in a lab to be studied. Seth must make a decision about his future. Does he go to college and do what his family expects? Will he find a way to keep Jenny by his side although she is a mass murderer? Does he dare go against his family and the many secrets they have hidden over generations? Does Jenny dare to dream of a future with Seth? Is Jenny beginning to remember what and who she is? Is Tommy going to find a way to bring Ashleigh back? Is there a hero to be found in any of these characters? All these questions are posed and answered in a fast paced story that had me gripping my Kindle with brute force.BTW, I don't think I said this about the first book but it's really as funny as it is dark. I laughed as much as I cringed. Once again, I must state -- not YA. It's not erotica but there is tasteful and not so tasteful sex scenes. once again, this one is 5 stars.

  • Katie
    2019-05-16 15:41

    Krisha’s ThoughtsBrief synopsis: Tommy Nightmare is book #2 in The Paranormals series by JL Bryan. Right from the start we are introduced to a young Tommy. We quickly understand that he has had a crappy childhood and also has powers like our three main characters from Jenny Pox. As you can tell by his name, he creates horrific nightmares just by his touch. It takes a chapter or two to find out where he falls in with the aftermath of the Fallen Oaks incident. From there, we see pov’s from both new characters and old. I read this book in one sitting because I could not wait to see what was going on!I started this book before my counterpart at Inkk did. Being the girl that likes to read spoilers, I did keep myself from reading other reviews but did read the backs of the books. I remember Katie calling, super excited, that our beloved Jenny was back in this book. It’s easy to assume from the title that this story would only be about Tommy. I feel it was an interesting transition from book 1 to book 2 because we don’t pick up where we left off. I do think Bryan is very creative in his ability to keep the story moving forward while adding depth to his characters. It’s hard to tell specifics because every piece of information I could give you would be a spoiler! Just be ready for some unexpected situations that has the whole story doing a complete 180o. Another great read from JL Bryan and can’t wait to read the next two in the series.Katie’s Thoughts:Tommy Nightmare picks off right where Jenny Pox leaves off. J.L Bryan has definitely mastered the skill of flowing from one book to the other without effort. The plot was amazing! Just when you thought we got rid of “ I wanna rule the world” Ashleigh, guess again. Ashleigh clearly refuses to let death stop her and is determined to take Jenny down more than ever.And if that wasn’t enough issues for Jenny, we also have three other Paranormals in town (Tommy, Esmeralda, and Alexander) plus the CDC and Homeland security!I really love this series, and again super thankful to Loretta @ Between the Pages for getting me hooked on Jenny Pox.I don’t know why but when I started reading Tommy Nightmare, I had no idea it was going to be a continuation of Jenny Pox. Maybe it was because it had Tommy on the cover and on the title, and the first chapter was all about Tommy… but as soon at they started talking about Seth and Jenny, I threw a mini parade in my mind. Needless to say, I was super excited! The Paranormal Series really is one of the best series I have read in a while! Check out our other reviews On our Blog-Katie & Krisha

  • Meaganr
    2019-05-24 21:29

    Jenny's touch infects. Seth's touch heals. Jenny's touch spreads love. And now we meet Tommy who's touch spreads fear. Growing up in the house of an abusive, cultist foster family, Tommy's life has been somewhat of a waking nightmare itself, so it seems only fitting that his touch spreads fear. One night, he tries to help his foster father's dad and accidentally give him a heart attack with his touch. Let's just say, his foster father was not very forgiving. Many years later, when we see Tommy again, he sits in a prison cell surrounded by some of the most dangerous criminals in the state. He's pretty much accepted his fate for the moment, but then he sees a girl on TV. A girl with stormy grey eyes (much like his) and a strange sense of purpose and awareness. He knows immediately that he has to meet this girl because he can just sense that she is like him, that she can explain what he is. Too bad when he arrives she's already dead. With Ashleigh dead you'd think her evil reign would be over right? Wrong. Even from beyond the grave she sticks around to mess EVERYTHING up and thoroughly annoy the hell out of me. It doesn't help that her counterpart Tommy has no back bone and just goes along with whatever Ashleigh says.This time around, Jenny is having to deal with a whole hell of a lot. She's got the guilt from her outbreak, her father distancing himself, the CDC and other government agencies sniffing around her house, strange new memories, nightmares, boyfriend problems, evil reincarnated, and a whole bunch of new people who are like her popping into her life. I'm honestly surprised I haven't gone crazy with all the frustration that these books cause me. Don't get me wrong, these books are good and super intriguing, but damn these bad guys are just downright horrible. Ashleigh is just as manipulative as she was before and her meddling messes everything up as usual. Her power and the fact that no one can go against it and how everyone just walks right into her traps is just so aggravating! How can someone be so completely manipulative! (I would say ingenius but that sounds too much like a compliment :P) There were so many times that I just wanted to reach into the pages and strangle her but alas I was stuck banging my nook against my head.Anyway this book is a great continuation of the series, and we are introduced to a whole bunch of interesting new characters as well as new information about what exactly they are and how they are all related and even a new love interest for Jenny *gasp*. It's really quite interesting. This book isEXTREMELY FRUSTRATINGgreat, so if you liked the first one definitely read this one.

  • Kat
    2019-04-27 17:43

    I loved the first book in J.L. Bryan's The Paranormals Series, Jenny Pox. With a unique storyline and fabulous characters, most especially Jenny who is incredibly easy to like and empathise with, I was completely enthralled.With Tommy Nightmare, J.L. Bryan has taken a bunch of characters I loved, and hated, in the first book and put them back into the mix as well as introducing more characters into the story, increasing the paranormal aspect of the book and creating a more obvious connection between all the characters across their multiple lifetimes.Tommy is the first new character, and the almost-star-of-the-show, that is introduced in a prologue where as small child he is mistreated by an abusive and radically religious foster father. Tommy's ability is fear, and he uses it to get what he wants, and to get himself out of the trouble he seems to inevitably find himself in. I assumed, incorrectly, that Jenny and Seth wouldn't play such a big part in Tommy's story, but as the story progressed, the focus was equally on Tommy and his new friends, and on Jenny and Seth. Jenny is still the realistic character that she was in the first book. Although she is plagued by self-doubt and more than a dash of self-loathing, J.L. Bryan writes her in a way that didn't make me want to tell her to grow a pair, it made me sympathise with her even more as things happen that are completely out of her control. Her relationship with Seth is also facing some very adult problems which makes it even more realistic.Tommy Nightmare felt much darker than Jenny Pox, and the stakes are definitely raised as the story progresses and more of the history of The Paranormals emerges throughout the book. There are flashes of Jenny's far far distant past, and there are more and more abilities turning up all the time (including something to do with my walking-dead buddies, yeah!).I didn't quite love Tommy Nightmare as much as I loved Jenny Pox, and I think in part that's to do with the fact that Tommy isn't really a likable character although I know it wasn't the authors intention to make him into a good guy. However, Tommy Nightmare ends on a climatic note that really makes me want to read the next book in the series, Alexander Death.In a world awash with paranormal story-lines, J.L. Bryan has taken a unique idea and turned it into a fantastic series of books, with realistic, likable and despicable characters and multiple twists and turns.Read more of my reviews at The Aussie Zombie

  • Kelly
    2019-05-03 22:48

    This review contains spoilers for book 1. Just so you know.I loved book 1 in this series. I thought it was dark and creepy and that it perfectly captured the casual alienation that people can unwittingly be subjected to. I'll admit that Jenny's ... let's call them 'issues'... Jenny's issues made her alienation less casual and more of a necessity. It doesn't make it any easier for her to bear, however. Maybe it even makes it worse because she knows that she'll never have a normal life as long as her touch brings the plague.Now that I've gushed about book 1, what did I think of book 2? In two words: LOVED IT! We learned about opposites in book 1 but J.L. Bryan has given us a whole new set of variables with this book. The introduction of complimentary powers opens up a huge world for Jenny. It gives her options that she didn't have before.As for the characters, we're also given a slew of new folks as well as the ones we'd already met. Jenny, of course, is reeling from the plague she caused at the end of book 1. Although her actions can be justified as self defense (hey, the town had already killed Seth and were hellbent on killing her), she feels guilt over what she did. Seth, meanwhile, isn't very supportive of her. His stance is that the town deserved it for what they had done to the two of them. This bothers me because the town was under Ashleigh's power at the time. She incited them to those acts. She stirred them up with her love-whammy and made them do things that they wouldn't have done under normal circumstances. The way Seth brushes off the fact that Jenny killed several hundred people makes him feel callous and uncaring. Speaking of Seth... Dude, grow a backbone. If you want a life with Jenny you're going to have to stop hiding her from your family. No good can come from being ashamed of the person you're with. I'm just sayin'.We also get to meet Tommy, Ashleigh's opposite. He's had a pretty craptastic life and Ashleigh's found a way to use him from beyond the grave. Let's face it, that's sucktastic on so many levels. We also get introduced to Esmerelda, who can speak to the dead... or listen to the dead, really.... and Alexander, who has control over the dead. Alexander, of course, is the titular character for book 3 and with the way this book ended I'm dying to see what he's going to be up to.-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

  • Craig Hansen
    2019-05-20 20:37

    TOMMY NIGHTMARE is the second book in the JENNY POX series and proves to be a quicker, more action-packed read than the first installment. The "new villain," the nightmare-inducing Tommy, has a more empathetic background than did Ashley Goodling from the first book, and is painted in subtler tones.The action picks up logically where the first book left off, with Jenny "Mittens" Morton and boyfriend Seth dealing with the aftermath of the climactic conclusion of the first novel, in which Jenny really unleashed her power for the first time.Tommy comes off like a very anti-BOND villain at first, striking out very directly in the initial going, but then showing more thoughtfulness and reticence as the plot plays out. Like JENNY POX, TOMMY NIGHTMARE features a beginning, a middle, and a resolution, but this time out the resolution feels a bit more like a set-up/lead-in to the next installment, due out in Fall 2011.Many familiar players return, and several intriguing new characters are introduced, but with some of the familiar characters being seemingly swept aside, the book feels a bit more like a stage-clearing action and set-up for something to come that hasn't quite arrived yet.The book leaves quite a few more dangling plot threads than did the first, but that could be due to the sales success of JENNY POX and the author's decision to transform the book into a series; much of what seems to be left dangling could simply be set up for character arcs that will play out in book three or beyond.If the series goes longer than a trilogy, however, it will prove interesting to see how author Bryan pulls this off. While JENNY POX played out as a nice, quiet little story set in a very small town, TOMMY NIGHTMARE ramps up the scope of the tale quite a bit and, if the series goes long, it will prove interesting to see how the author resets the tale's scope.That said, the standard warnings about JENNY POX still apply to TOMMY NIGHTMARE; although the book stars a main cast of young-adult age, the tale's content is more mature than some parents will care for younger teens to be exposed to, so there's your heads-up, parents.Once again, in my Kindle edition, a few formatting errors involving shifting margins did pop up. Since the book was only recently released, it's likely that this has not been corrected yet.These provisos aside, TOMMY NIGHTMARE is a highly entertaining, quick read that will leave most folks anticipating Book 3.