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She is difficult, demanding, and at times, quite fierce. And Dr. John Blackmore can't take his eyes off her. The Countess of Randolph is the most striking woman he has ever seen. . .and the most infuriating patient he has ever tended.Mired in responsibility, Bathsheba doesn't have time to convalesce in the country. She should be in London, hunting for a wealthy new lover tShe is difficult, demanding, and at times, quite fierce. And Dr. John Blackmore can't take his eyes off her. The Countess of Randolph is the most striking woman he has ever seen. . .and the most infuriating patient he has ever tended.Mired in responsibility, Bathsheba doesn't have time to convalesce in the country. She should be in London, hunting for a wealthy new lover to pay off her late husband's vast debts, not dallying with a devastatingly handsome doctor. But it is only a matter of time until the good doctor and the obstinate countess will have to contend with the sparks that fly between them. And once their bodies surrender, their hearts may follow. . .Praise for Vanessa Kelly and Sex and the Single Earl"A sensual treat!" --Anna Campbell"Successfully marrying the tart wit of a traditional Regency romance with the steamy passion of today's Regency historicals isn't easy, but Kelly proves to be more than capable." –Booklist "Guaranteed to satisfy even the most passionate romance reader." --Teresa Medeiros, New York Times bestselling author of The Devil Wears Plaid...

Title : My Favorite Countess
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My Favorite Countess Reviews

  • D.G.
    2019-04-17 00:59

    Too bad this book languished on my TBR for such a long time. I really liked it!✔ Doctor is a hero who cares for the poor but still used the knowledge of the time - no advocating methods that hadn't been discovered yet!✔ The heroine was experienced - no simpering miss! - and ruthless enough to do whatever it takes to protect her family.✔ Heroine was freaking afraid of illnesses - as a any normal person should be, specially during that time, when if you weren't careful, an infected toenail could kill you.✔ Hero would come toe to toe with the heroine - who was very strong willed - and come out on top (pun intended)I'll definitely read this author's backlist.

  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    2019-04-02 02:36

    My Favorite Countess explains in a delightfully awesome manner why a woman from a previous story was such an unbearable and nasty harridan and how she ends up deserving the love and acceptance she gets in this book. Once I realized who this book was about I was all excited with anticipation and the author met every one of my hopes as the plot unfolded. Lady Randolph, Bathsheba, truly earned the title of heroine. She’s a woman of her time who has been dealt with an overabundance of bad luck, sadness and victimization. As a woman with a noble title she’s not expected to have to worry about much and it’s acceptable for her to grace the parties and the dress makers in fashion and with attitude. All of it is a front. What a reader will find out is that Bathsheba is a woman driven to desperation and she will do anything she has to in order to protect her family. She has tried it in the past and fortunately failed. She can’t fail in this book and a reader comes to understand how much is riding on the success of her personal sacrifices. A reader feels her wounds, her worry and her crushing fears of failure. She’s a truly tortured heroine and it’s going to take a special kind of man, a genteel warrior, to reach her heart and the terrified woman hiding within. Enter Dr. John Blackmore. He needs more patience than patients. I couldn’t resist saying that. But it’s also very true. Bathsheba has the poor guy dancing down an emotion-filled path filled with thorns, potholes and honeyed candy. He’s a smart, educated and intelligent man who would do Sir Sherlock Holmes proud. He watches, observes and sees what everyone else has failed to see and benefits from the insight he gains. He applies it to his practice with the poor and he applies it to the heroine. She is as injured as some of his patients to be sure and I really enjoyed watching the hero peel back Bathsheba’s defensive layers to find the jewel within. He is as methodical as a surgeon -- focused and intent. I loved his steady strength, his sense of humor and his finesse. He’s not perfect and I liked that too. Readers will find out that he has his own burden, his own fear that dogs his path and colors many of his decisions. It will take a very scary and dramatic confrontation to bring it all to the fore. The conflict in this story is complicated and delightfully meaty which kept me turning the pages at a swift clip. I never could second guess the hero or heroine because they never did quite what I expected. It kept me off kilter but I’m glad to say they did that to each other too. That was fun. There were a few elements of external conflict that really showcased the strength of character and personality of both the hero and heroine. I also thought it made them grow into better people as the story continued. It wasn’t an easy growth nor was it without pain. Those make for the best reading and Ms. Kelly delivers. When John and Bathsheba succumb to the passion that burns inside them for each other, the pages turn smoking hot. I simply have to say that playing doctor was never so much fun especially when the guy is a real doctor. I found that I fanned myself from frequently heated cheeks because the scenes were so well written, I could visualize them. Thank goodness it’s winter right now. I also appreciated how Ms. Kelly had Lord Silverton and his family, as well as the Stantons from the previous book, play pivotal supporting roles in this story. I enjoyed seeing them again and I thought their gradual acceptance of Bathsheba a sweet and telling addition to the book. It gave me the warm and fuzzies. And no, readers do not need to read the first book to appreciate My Favorite Countess. This book completely stands on its own because the hero and heroine are such vibrant and well rounded personalities. The secondary characters are frosting on a very yummy cake. My Favorite Countess is a thrilling and heart-touching historical romance that truly grips a reader right from the emotional beginning. The pace, dialogue and dramatic conflicts kept me on the edge of my seat while the interaction and by-plays between John and Bathsheba kept me entertained and committed to their story in the hope of their finding a happily ever after. That they did with a very poignant, sincere and lightly humorous wrap up that satisfied the romantic in me. I am thrilled with the quality of writing that Ms. Kelly provides and I heartily look forward to her next book. My Favorite Countess is quality romance. originally posted at http://longandshortreviews.blogspot.c...

  • Verity
    2019-04-03 02:38

    The unfortunately named sheep, Batsheba, is not verra accepting of his profession (Obstetrician). Per doctor's orders, nauti John can board my rusty ship & detonate me w/ his medically certified staff.

  • Manda Collins
    2019-03-31 04:57

    I loved this sexy, passionate story pitting a worldly widow, desperate to keep her family from losing everything, against an up and coming doctor/midwife who treats both the wealthy of Mayfair and the poverty-stricken of St. Giles. Bathsheba isn't an easy heroine to love, but the fact that she is all too human made her a refreshing change from the typical angelic historical heroine. She unrepentantly enjoys sex. She does not suffer fools gladly. And she speaks her mind. I loved that she had real flaws and an actual character arc that showed her change from the beginning of the book to the end. John, a physician-midwife, was stubborn and high handed and arrogant, which made him strong enough to offer Bathsheba a relationship of equals. The multiple strands of plot, featuring disgruntled doctors, judgmental matrons, and plenty of sexytimes, are woven beautifully together into a story that will satisfy anyone who loves gritty historicals and passionate love stories--not unlike Liz Carlyle's earlier works. And the fact that John is a physician/midwife is a welcome relief from the usual noble heroes. Thoroughly enjoyable read.

  • Wendy
    2019-03-21 00:36

    I was not, under any circumstances, going to purchase, never mind read, this story because I so hated Bathsheba from the previous book SEX AND THE SINGLE EARL, where Bathsheba nearly destroyed the relationship between Simon and Sophie. But...others who follow the blogs I follow seemed to think this was a wonderful story, so I relented and purchased a copy for myself - but I was determined only to read it for the sole purposes of placating my own feelings about Bathsheba...Well, I read it, and surprisingly, I really loved this book because Bathsheba became human to me - not matter how much I hated her initially. Vanessa Kelly remarkably was able to maintain many of the qualities I hated about Bathsheba (snooty, rude, arrogant) but insert humaninity into her that made her real - flawed, but real. She also balanced out her negative qualities with a super nice hero who helped Bathsheba be the person she wanted to be. Excellent read, great characters, great plot, and characters who aren't perfect, but realistic.

  • Teresa Kleeman
    2019-04-03 01:40

    I so loved this book. The sparks between Dr. John Blackmore and the Countess of Randolph is so electrifying.The Countess of Randolph swore she would never let another man rule over her. She was in love with her first husband however, that loved he used against her to keep her in line. He was a crazy jealous man and had fetishes that Bathsheba The Countess was appalled by.The Ton believed the stories and rumors about her. But she doesn't let that stop her. When circumstances leads Bathsheba to have to find another rich man to marry to take care of her late husbands bills, she swears she will marry a man who is wealthy but she only feels fondness for him and she will never let her heart be the deciding factor.Bathsheba only knows this can happen if she gets back to London. She is staying in the country with her cousin. Because her and her husband didn't have an heir her mild manner cousin who has no head for business has inherited the Earl's title position. He leaves the finances in Bathsheba's capable hands. Matthew never trained to be an Earl in fact Matthew would rather read a book.Bathsheba has a secret and to protect that secret she needs to capture a rich husband to keep the secret hidden and taken care of. While when she is in the country with her cousin, she is called away on an urgent task. She's gone for over 5 days and when she returns back to the country manor she becomes deathly ill.When Dr. John Blackmore is called to Earl's house to take care of Bathsheba he finds her to be the most striking woman he's ever seen in his life. He also finds her to be the most infuriating patient he has ever tended too. The longer he tends to her. The more he comes to care for her and realizes she's not the person the Ton believes her to be.This is a wonderful tale of love blooming between two stubborn people. Reading this was thoroughly enjoyable. I felt so emotions reading these two story. I really believe anyone reading this book will enjoy it as much as I have.

  • Ilze
    2019-04-13 01:52

    Engaging story about the redemption of a woman who has made grave mistakes and earned people's dislike, although she has had to deal with some tragic situations not of her making. Bathsheba had a vile husband, she feels huge guilt over the fact that her mentally-crippled sister is in care (but not with her) and she is in severe financial difficulty. She decides that she has to nab herself a rich husband to solve her financial difficulties, but falls for an idealistic doctor instead. Everything works out in the end, of course, but the bumps along the way, as well as the details about obstetric practice in the early 19'th century, make for an interesting story. 3.6 stars.

  • Lena Diaz
    2019-04-17 08:55

    This is my first Vanessa Kelly book, and it certainly won't be the last. This is not your traditional, predictable historical romance with balls and teas and carriage rides. This is gritty, real life and features two characters I would never have expected in a story with a Countess on the cover. The heroine is a widow who, at first blush, is extremely unlikeable. She's arrogant, sharp-tongued, and rude. The only reason the ton puts up with her is because she's so beautiful and because of her title. Kelly does an incredible job of redeeming this character in a realistic way. The character stays true to herself throughout the novel. She doesn't do a one-hundred-eighty degree shift and completely change. Instead, she gradually grows and changes because of the experiences she endures. She learns to care about others, and the reader learns to care about her, and to understand what made her the woman she became. She is a deeply flawed character. I love that the author doesn't try to totally redeem the heroine and make her turn out to be perfect. She remains a flawed character throughout, but what she goes through does change her and make her a better person, flaws and all.The hero isn't an Earl or a Duke. He doesn't even have a title. He's a doctor, in today's terms, an obstetrician. Kelly takes us into the gritty world of the very poor, showing us their very real plight through the eyes of a man who cares deeply for the people he treats. He risks his life and his reputation to save society's throwaways. It is precisely his gift as a doctor, his ability to read people's expressions and body language to understand and diagnose them, that enables him to see past the aloof, arrogant exterior of the heroine. He is the only person who sees the scared, vulnerable woman beneath the shell. He is the perfect match for the heroine, in every way.The love story between these two complex characters is incredibly emotional and riveting. There are so many layers to these characters and they are so compelling that I still can't stop thinking about them even after finishing the novel. In spite of all the baggage and secrets both characters have, the resolution of the conflict does not rely on any gimmicks or frustrating misunderstandings. The author resolves each conflict realistically, using the hero's keen sense of understanding of human nature to help him see the truth, rather than let silly assumptions stand in the way between the characters.If you enjoy deep, emotional, complex characters and an original plot with two unusual characters, you will love My Favorite Countess. This is one of the best historical romances I have ever read.

  • Katherine 黄爱芬
    2019-03-27 05:59

    Bathsheba, countess yg sudah menjanda sedang kalang kabut mencari suami baru utk menutupi utang menggunung lahan yg diwarisi dari suaminya. Tiba-tiba dirinya jatuh sakit krn memikirkan tanggungjawab yg hrs dipikulnya, terpaksa dia membiarkan dirinya dirawat dan disembuhkan oleh si dokter tampan, John Blackmore. Dan keduanya jelas saling tertarik. Blackmore berniat menikahi Bathsheba, tetapi Bathsheba memiliki banyak pertimbangan. Ketika Bathsheba diajak berkeliling daerah kumuh tempat Blackmore biasanya mengunjungi pasien2nya, Bathsheba ngeri dan mempertanyakan dokter berdedikasi ini. Bathsheba menolak lamaran Blackmore. Tetapi saat dia hrs mencari Blackmore utk menolong Meredith (teman dekatnya yg akan melahirkan), Bathsheba akhirnya menyadari bhw asumsinya tidak selalu benar.Dengan setting thn 1817, author membawa kita pada suasana saat dimana kebanyakan dokter pd masa itu sangat pongah, hanya mau melayani kaum bangsawan dan enggan melayani dan memandang rendah serta sinis kolega mereka spt dokter Blackmore yg dgn sukarela mendatangi para rakyat jelata. Para bangsawan juga akhirnya bimbang menentukan mana dokter yg kompeten atau tidak. Konflik sudah pasti tak terelakkan krn perbedaan kepentingan ini. Karakter Bathsheba adalah type heroine yg berani, tegas, keras kepala dan agak sedikit jalang. Dgn masa lalu gelap yg dilaluinya ketika mengarungi bahtera rumah tangga dgn seorang bangsawan brengsek, mengajarkan Bathsheba utk berhati-hati dalam menentukan calon suami berikutnya. Sedangkan karakter Blackmore adalah type hero yg kompeten tetapi cenderung mengorbankan dirinya sendiri.Alur cerita awalnya memang agak lambat dan sedikit membosankan, tetapi author piawai dgn diselingi adegan romance yg hot. Storyline terjalin apik dan tidak membingungkan. Bagi pecinta historical romance, buku ini saya rekomendasikan utk dibaca.

  • April
    2019-04-01 05:52

    RATING: 4.5)MY FAVORITE COUNTESS by Vanessa Kelly is an exciting historical romance set in 1817 London and 1817 Compton Manor,Yorkshire. It will written with depth and details.The characters are not only enchanting,charming but also obstinate,demandingat times,difficult at times and quite fierce. When Bathsheba meets Dr. John Blackmore she never expected to feel not only a sensual pull toward the good Dr. Blackmore but to also,dare I say, fall in love with him.For, Bathsheba,the Countess of Randolph, is in desperate need of a rich husband since her dead husband left her near penniless. She must support not only a household but also her sister,who is hidden away due to her illness. The now Lord Randolph,who is her ex-husband's cousin is not good with money.So Bathsheba feel she has a responsibility to them,even if it means her unhappiness. Dr. Blackmore is not only handsome,sexy,but he can't keep his eyes off of Bathsheba when they first meet and she him.What follows can only be sensual tension,while they both come to grips with their new found lust for each other.In the meantime Dr. Blackmore,also is on staff at one of the finest hospitals in London and he is working toward helping the less fortunate citzens of London. While the money isn't good he is in his own right weathly.Together, Bathsheba and Dr. Blackmore will surrender not only their bodies but also their hearts. This is a fast paced,page turning story that will leave you in awe of the differences between the upper and lower classes of Regency London during the 1800's,the sacrifices some make,and the differences some can and do make during this era. This is a must read. My Favorite Countess will become your favorite also. This book was received for the purpose of review from the publisher and details can be found at Zebra Book, published by Kensington Publishing Corp. and My Book Addiction Reviews.

  • Jan
    2019-04-11 03:50

    This book had an incredible good premise, very interesting and original characters, and some original conflicts. Unfortunately the writing voice started to irritate me after a while, there were just so many adjectives... I mean, I do not particularly need to know that the hill of Sheba's palm is plump, and it definitely doesn't need repeating. Especially in the more steamy scenes, the adjectives were out of control.The pacing seemed a bit off at times as well, especially in the last chapters, where all conflicts seem to come to a simultaneous blow up, which was a bit much. And at least two of the conflicts/problems deserved more time for the resolution.I'm a bit frustrated really, because Bathsheba was such an intriguing heroine. She isn't a particularly nice person, in fact at times she's quite the shrew, but there were a lot of layers to her. John is one of the few people who actually takes the time to look beyond her harridan facade, and see the whole person.However, even this aspect of the story, which I was looking forward to most, wasn't paced very well. I felt like John 'knew' who Sheba was too quickly. It was a little bit too much insta lust into love for my tastes.The medical parts of the story were good though, and it's what kept me from stopping with it. I have a thing for Historical Romances with Hero's who're not from the ton but have a profession in stead, and John's story was excellent in that aspect. All his frustrations and worries with medecine, the poor people who can't afford proper care, and the rich and wealthy who rule the hospitals with politics. There's never enough of that.It could have been a great book, but the voice and execution were really not for me.

  • Diane
    2019-04-18 02:46

    I really and truly highly recommend this book. Vanessa is really a fantastic writer. My Favorite Countess will draw you in from the beginning, so much so that you won't want to put it down. And, the sex scenes are absolutely RED HOT!!! This book will appeal to all readers that love Historical Romance. In 1817, Widow Bathsheba Compton cannot enjoy her new marital status as she cannot pay her abusive late husband's major debt, nor pay for the care of her mentally disturbed sister who she never sees. The aristocrat knows her only hope to pay the bills rests with marrying a wealthly noble. She is difficult, demanding, and at times, quite fierce. And Dr. John Blackmore can't take his eyes off her. The Countess of Randolph is the most striking woman he has ever seen...and the most infuriating patient he has ever tended. Mired in responsibility, Bathsheba doesn't have time to convalesce in the country. She should be in London, hunting for a wealthy new lover to pay off her late husband's vast debts, not dallying with a devastatingly handsome doctor. But it is only a matter of time until the good doctor and the obstinate countess will have to contend with the sparks that fly between them. And once their bodies surrender, their hearts may follow. . . My Favorite Countess

  • Janga
    2019-03-30 07:48

    With an intriguing transformation of villainess to heroine and a doctor hero who captured this reader's heart--and her mind, Vanessa Kelly added another keeper to my library. Look for my full review at Just Janga (March 10, 2011):

  • Shawna
    2019-04-05 05:54

    3 stars – Historical/Regency Romance

  • Libby
    2019-03-27 02:40

    The third of the Stanton family bundle. The author managed to do the impossible and successfully made the conniving mistress from the previous book the heroine. I think this is just a masterful effort. Bathsheba, Lady Randolph, is a flawed and intriguing heroine. I am soooo thankful she didn’t end up with Simon.

  • C
    2019-04-06 07:41

    3.5 stars. At times predictable, but enjoyable. Definitely a good diversion for a few days, so I can take a breather from the heart crushing force of "small great things". I liked getting a little back story on man midwifery in the 1800's, the author did her research and created a good character John Blackstone.

  • Wenny Widjaja
    2019-04-17 02:34

    Cerita tentang Bathsehba bagus tapi tetep menurut saya paling bagus cerita Sophie.

  • Caroline The HEA Lover
    2019-04-19 02:31

    (This review was originally posted on Book Lovers Inc)My Favorite Countess was a difficult book to review for me. When I started re-reading the notes I took while reading the book, I started wondering if I was dealing with 2 different books. The first half of my notes were mostly rants about how I hated the Hero and the Heroine, the second half of my notes were about how amazing they were and how I loved the story. LOL see what I mean? Alright, let's start from the beginning...When we meet Bathsheba she is in a dire situation. She has responsibilities towards her family and their estate and she is under a lot of stress. She would do anything, that is...go to London and find a rich husband to pay their debts. Bathsheba is a widow and getting married again was NOT in her plans. She didn't want to suffer again at the hands of a husband. The thing is when we meet Bathsheba it's really really hard to like her, she's viper-tongued and she can be very nasty when she wants to. I felt bad for all the other characters when she was around. She's mean and it's hard to see past that, but her flaws make her human in the end. Then there's the hero, Doctor John Blackmore, seriously at the beginning of the book I really disliked him too... but for different reasons. John seemed so full of himself, he's sure he's always right. He thinks he can see through her from the start. And he's certain he's going to bed her. The result is that I wanted to slap them both silly. They are both so stubborn and they cling to their beliefs. So the first few chapters I just disliked, then hated the 2 main characters.BUT, I'm not sure how but at some point everything changes. By chapter 7, I started loving them! I've never read a book where the author made me change my mind so drastically about 2 characters. I went from hate to love in just a few chapters. John is a doctor and it was a nice change from the usual aristocratic hero. John is a working man, he's a doctor who deals with midwifery. When you start learning about him and his beliefs, you can't help but love him. He is a humanist, he believes every woman rich or poor should be able to get the best treatment when delivering a baby. He wants change and he wants to do everything he can to help pregnant women.At some point I started liking Bathsheba, we learn more about her past and the trauma she suffered from her previous marriage. Her late husband was very jealous and thought she was cheating on him. He made her look like a whore in the eyes of everyone else. His family hates her because they think she's responsible for his death. Anyway, I can't say much more but the story gets very interesting. There's intrigue, mystery and lots of suspense. I had a hard time closing the book. I didn't see the end coming and the cute HEA at the end made this book a very pleasant read.Now I must address the smex topic...this is something I found a bit weird in the book. When I read it, it struck me as odd how the smexing scenes were written differently from the rest of the book. I mean the book flows pretty easily, then when you get to a love scene the writing gets very flowery. It's hard to miss. But apart from that I have to say I really enjoyed the love scenes between those 2. John knows how to 'play doctor' and he knows exactly what he's doing in bed. John was very very sexy and intense. I also loved that Bathsheba is not afraid of loving smex. There is chemistry between them and it was always hot hot hot!So as you can see, this book started a bit rocky for me but by the end I just couldn't stop reading. This is a great story, with lots of twist and turns and enough suspense to surprise you in the end. I'm glad I kept reading even when I hated the h/h, it's definitely worth the wait to get to the good parts!I give My Favorite Countess 4 Bookies

  • Lisa
    2019-04-11 05:00

    This is actually my first Vanessa Kelly book. My Favorite Countess is a historical romance and a continuation of sorts from some of Vanessa's other books. I think you can feel a sense of this reading the book but it didn't interfere much with the story. Widowed Bathsheba is in a bad way. She's almost out of money and is struggling to maintain appearances as The Countess of Randolf. Her husband was killed and left her mountains of debt and two estates to maintain. She is full of secrets as well. Her husband abused her and she has a secret sister everyone thinks as dead among other things. Dr John Blackmore is a accoucher or a male midwife. He has some secrets of his own as well. John meets Bathsheba at a dinner party right before Bathsheba is to head back to London to search for a rich man to wed to save her. Although Bathsheba treats everyone to her sharp tongue he is still intrigued by her. Instead of heading to London Bathsheba learns that her sister who already suffered a terrible fever years ago that left her permanently impaired is sick again. She runs off to stay with her and 4 days later arrives back at her place is the country with the same terrible fever. Dr Blackmore comes to the rescue. This is love/hate kind of book. You're not really sure at all you are going to like Bathsheba. She kind of abrupt and mean and if you haven't read the previous book she was in you still get the sense she did something pretty bad to someone. Slowly as the book progresses you find out who she is behind all that sometimes nasty demeanor. Why she is like that and that it isn't really who she is. John i think is the only man who could find the real Bathsheba and he feels like she needs his help no matter what she says. They kind of keep bouncing off one another until all their secrets finally come out. Bathsheba redeems herself to old enemies and to herself in the end. John makes some revelations about himself and Bathsheba as well. You wonder how their going to work it out at all. I give My Favorite Countess 4 out 5 Modokker Book Pick stars. I think i need to go back and check out her back list for the titles that went with this one.

  • Vina Raintree
    2019-03-24 02:59

    Ceritanya mengalir dengan menakjubkan. Vanessa Kelly termasuk pengarang baru yang diterbitkan oleh penerbit Indonesia. penerjemah yang menerbitkan buku ini melakukan tugasnya dengan baik dengan menyusun jalinan kata terjemahan menjadi satu buku tanpa celah. Sayangnya buku yang ternyata adalah edisi Straton buku ke-3 ini diterbitkan yang pertama. Sempat curiga saat baca ada kejadian kejadian tipikal hubungan buku sebelumnya. Tapi overall buku ini bagusss banget. ! Dimulai dari John Blackmore- seorang dokter yang dikenal sebagai malaikat kematian- tidak berhasil menyelamatkan nyawa dalam persalinan ibu dan bayi seorang Irlandia-kemudian mendapat kecaman dan tuduhan dari si ayah . Berlanjut ke seorang janda cantik muda bernama Bathsheba-jarang pernah denger ada nama seaneh ini- Countess Randolph yang mestinya kaya raya menjadi miskin setelah berbagai macam investasi buruk. Bathsheba berniat mencari suami untuk memperbaiki kemiskinan yang dialaminya sekarang. Tadinya sih begitu tujuannya. Sampai dia bertemu dengan John Blackmore. Sekali lihat saja ya ada ketertarikan yang besar diantara mereka. Bathsheba yang notabene sebenarnya adalah perempuan agak angkuh jadi seperti agar-agar dan bisa merona kembali seperti gadis muda. Yah satu hal berlanjut ke hal lainnya- Intinya Bathsheba agak ragu juga nerima lamaran John. Selain John itu nggak seberapa kaya karena dia adalah dokter yang cenderung suka jalan jalan di perkampungan kumuh dan memberikan jasanya secara gratis tapi juga Bathsheba memikirkan tentang adiknya yang sakit dan membutuhkan biaya perawatan di pedesaan. Well.. buku ini juga nggak melulu tentang percintaan mereka aja.. menurutku point terbaiknya adalah Bathsheba yang bertemu dengan Meredith yang hamil dan butuh dokter. Kejadian Meredith saat melahirkan itu point klimaksnya. aku sampai deg degan bacanya. Bayangkan.. melahirkannya melibatkan gunting tang. Intinya : 5 point.

  • Amanda Ryan
    2019-04-10 00:48

    It’s killing me that I can’t remember which blog I initially heard about this book. My Book Pimp offered to hook me up with it, and I accepted because of the review this person wrote. UGH! BAD RAUNCHY RYAN! I’m smacking myself for not remembering…anyway, on to what I thought about this book.My Favorite Countess by Vanessa Kelly is the story of Bathsheba, The Countess of Randolph, and her battling attraction to the enigmatic and passionate Dr. John Blackmore. The kicker of this book is that our heroine, Ms. Bathsheba is really, really very hard to like. Okay…she’s an uptight BYATCH. The things she says…yikes. She’s harsh, she’s bitter and she’s tough as nails. Bathsheba is most likely the antagonist in a typical romance.So it was interesting to watch her tough and antagonizing shell melt away around John. Blackmore has the patience of a frickin saint. Bathsheba doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not – at least, she knows her faults and doesn’t try to hide them. She presents her bad-ass side as a facade to hide her deep hurt and deceit from her previous (and deceased) husband. Blackmore excavates her burrowed emotions and manages to coax her, very slowly, out from behind her mask.But he gets bitten many, many times.I was intrigued with this book, but it didn’t rock my world. This is the first book I’ve read by Ms. Kelly. My Favorite Countess was more sultry than a typical historical romance with many WHAM BAM scenes that left a little smile on my face. I was curious about the history of medical care in the regency time period, and this was an interesting, if not horrifying, look into it. Overall, My Favorite Countess was a fun, fluffy read.Rating: CRomance: 3/5 Raunch: 4/5

  • Trudy Miner
    2019-03-21 06:57

    Bathsheba is the Countess of Randolph and she needs to find a rich lover/husband in order to pay off the debts left by her late husband so it's imperative that she leave the country for London. However, while she was there, her nephew, the new Count of Randolph, convinces her to attend some of the local festivities which she's sure will bore her to tears. At one such event, Bathsheba meets Dr. John Blackmore, a well-known London physician who was also visiting in the area. Immediately smitten with the beautiful Bathsheba, John pursues her but she will have nothing to do with him even though they are attracted to each other. Even after he saves her life when she comes down with a life-threatening illness, Bathsheba is still intent on finding a rich lover/husband. But life has a way of changing things and upon their return to London, both find that they need to depend on each other. Soon it's Bathsheba coming to his defense and then no longer can she deny her feelings for John.I didn't read the book where Bathsheba first made her appearance so I had no preconceived notions about her; however, she was pretty shallow in the beginning except for her love for her sister and her absolute fear of being poor again. John is a man of principal, devoted to seeing women in the stews have access to maternity care; this is costing him his medical standing among the more conservative doctors of his time. That these two got together makes for a really good love story!

  • Eric Renoult
    2019-03-20 00:47

    Ce roman est une heureuse surprise, bon je dois dire que le résumé était déjà alléchant car j’aime quand au moins l’un des partis se fie juste aux apparences, cela entraîne automatiquement des quiproquos et des rebondissements.L’auteure réussit déjà un véritable tour de force car le personnage de Bathsheba n’était pas présenté sous les meilleurs hospices dans les tomes précédents mais pourtant elle aussi a droit à l’amour. L’auteure n’aura de cesse de la pousser au désespoir avec les aléas de la vie mais cette héroïne est forte et elle fera ce qu’elle doit faire pour sauver sa famille et cela même si elle doit sacrifier son propre bonheur.Le personnage du docteur est aussi extrêmement bien fouillé car il est méthodique, observateur. Il va décortiquer le personnage de Bathsheba jusqu’à trouver la belle âme qui se cache sous des dehors parfois rébarbatifs. On aimera cette douce mais inéluctable découverte.J’ai beaucoup apprécié ma lecture car les interactions entre le docteur et sa patiente sont de véritables moments de plaisir et à la fin tout romantique ne peut que succomber. Je n’ai pas vu passé ma lecture et je dois dire que je recommande ce roman, il n’en fallait que peu pour que cela soit un coup de coeur.Une lecture divertissante captivante et romantique, un très bon cocktail de sensations.

  • Kara-karina
    2019-03-30 06:42

    Very good read, with few minor flaws.It was fascinating to read about a doctor in Victorian era, especially about a man-midwife (accoucher). The characters had layers and were willing to compromise for each other which is always a big plus in my book.The author managed to avoid some of the most horrible cliches in historical romances, and I really wanted to explore the world and the characters she described further.John Blackmore, a physician, and not some rich corinthian in disguise rebelling against his family. He is also not a rich bachelor. He's got a modest income.Bathsheba is an impoverished countess, who isn't a prude but not the wanton society believes she is. She is desperate to find a rich husband to help her family to stay out of debt although she is not obliged to do it. They can help themselves. Sheba has also had her weaknesses, she is araid of all sorts of illnesses and has to fight her fear because she loves John and wants to understand what he does and why he does it. She is not stupidly brave, but she's got courage and kind heart. She also admits freely that she doesn't want to be poor and needs security for her and her family which I found very much in character with spirit of time.Overall, a very easy pleasurable and interesting book.I would be happy if Vanessa Kelly writes about a friend of John Blackmore, who is an another doctor :)*hint*

  • Juliette Cen
    2019-03-26 07:38

    Surprise ! Pour une fois, c'est un personnage féminin venimeux, entraperçu dans un autre roman, qui passe au premier plan. La comtesse Bathsheba est une garce, une de celles qui font tourner une intrigue amoureuse au vinaigre, une de celles qu'on écarte dans les derniers chapitres après une bonne humiliation dans les gencives, afin de mieux faire roucouler le couple vedette.Eh bien cette fois, un tome a été consacré à un "méchant". Une femme, qui plus est. Bien entendu, on réalisera que cette intrigante est en réalité une femme profondément blessée, consciente de ses défauts (lâche, vindicative, égoïste) tout comme de ses qualités (franche, loyale, séduisante). Le tome m'a semblé plus travaillé que le volet précédent, les personnages y sont plus matures, les situations plus dramatiques. Pourtant, j'ai tout de même été étonnée par la relation qui se noue avec ce bon docteur Blackmore ; avec une telle femme, j'espérais plus de folie et de passion, or son histoire reste "raisonnable", malgré une attirance charnelle incontrôlable.On retrouve aussi deux personnages du tome 1 (non lu) dans des rôles importants.Par ailleurs, j'ai trouvé chaque scène utile, le tout concourant à construire une histoire consistante.

  • Gaile
    2019-03-23 07:00

    This is a erotic novel with a great plot! Bathsheba needs to marry a fortune to settle her debts after her marriage to an abuser ends with his death in an accident. Untitled John Blackmore is from an ancient moneyed family but Bathsheba doesn't know that. Doctors were not considered prestigious people at that time. Although both fight their attraction they give in every time only to have something else come between them. John wants to practice for free in the slums. Meanwhile there are jealous people determined to ruin him. Lady Bathsheba Randolph has her own secrets. This is quite a romp with comedy, danger, human failings and erotic romance all woven cleverly together.My only complaint with this novel is the author's naming of the heroine. No one living at that time would have name their daughter Bathsheba. Her title is Lady Randolph which kept me making me think of Lady Randolph Churchill. I wish authors of Regencies would take more time and thought on naming their heroines. What may sound romantic to the author may put the reader completely off. Another name such as Sheila would not have put me off the novel so much but all the way through reading this, the name of the heroine kind of messed up an otherwise excellent novel for me.

  • Krista
    2019-03-25 01:53

    I particularly enjoyed that the heroine is the one who starts off seeming like a [jerk] and the hero is a thorough do-gooder who helps her become her best self. I love me some bad boy heros, but I've read too many stories lately where it was the other way around so this was a great change of pace. I liked that the heroine becomes a better person without totally changing her personality. I also liked that the hero has a profession (doctor, and he specializes in what will become obstetrics) instead of being the typical lord/duke/whatever. It was interesting to read about some of the medical practices of the time, even if I have a niggling feeling that some of that information is not entirely accurate. Nothing was so wrong that it made me want to tear my hair out, except for the mismatch between the heroine's RED hair and the clearly yellow-haired, not even strawberry-blond woman on the cover. Why do publishers do that?! AAAAARGH!I haven't read any of the other books in this series yet, but the references to previous events were explained briefly and clearly enough that it didn't get in the way at all.

  • Catherine
    2019-04-16 02:42

    My Favorite Countess Overall, I enjoyed this book. The hero is everything a hero should be........... need I say more!However, I found the character of Bathsheba rather annoying,(she is so physically perfect and stunning!),and I didn't have a lot of sympathy for her to start with. As the book progressed, I began to appreciate her good qualities, though, and genuinely wanted things to work out well for her future. She felt faint and weak so many times I actually thought she was pregnant, and was quite disappointed that she wasn't! I hope this is not a spoiler. As for the sex scenes, well, the first time the sex was described was fine, but I got a bit bored with the subsequent descriptions. They seemed to do the same things but in a slightly different sequence. In my opinion the author might just as well have said "Once again they had steamy, sticky sex till both were sated." I hope I haven't sounded too critical, because as I said, I did enjoy it, a well-crafted bodice ripper for those who love this genre!

  • Heather
    2019-03-26 07:40

    Bathsheba starts out as a heroine you love to hate, but by the end one can't help but love her. An unparalleled beauty who is a remarkably deep and detailed character with a troubled past, a sharp tongue and a surprising vulnerable side. John Blackmore is a doctor with a mission. A devilishly handsome man, he risks his life to help those who cannot afford proper medical care. Guilt over a past loss and an amazingly kind persona motivate him to run a medical practice that risks all he holds valuable in order to save the poor. A glutton for punishment, or maybe just for love, he becomes involved with the bewitched Bathsheba.When their two paths cross, a romance ignites that is so sizzling it's amazing the pages don't burn. Love and loss, guilt and pleasure, and friendship and betrayal all come into play in this page-turner. Will love be worth risking everything? Can Dr. Blackmore get past the wall Bathsheba has built around her heart?A story that will last with the reader long past the last words on the page. This novel goes into the "must read" category!

  • Bernadette Rowley
    2019-04-06 08:57

    My rating for this is 3.5 Stars. I did enjoy the story but I felt it was too long. The prologue was not needed as this info could easily have been fed into the story later. I loved John Blackmore as the hero and also his interesting profession, doctor and obstetrician. I have to say I always enjoy historical heroes with occupations that were emerging or evolving in this era. Ms Kelly did a great job of really addressing all the issues a man like John might have had trying to perform his duties. I didn't like Bathsheba so much. I felt she was too self-centred to be truly likeable. Loved the dark danger of the slums where John risked his life to bring medical care to the poor. All in all, I'll be reading more of this author as I think she paints a realistic picture of the times and also generally enjoy her characters.