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The King isn't dead! Elvis Presley might not be a Colonel in the US Army anymore, but he's got a reputation as being one of the toughest independent Sanctioned Ops in the South. Yet, can he prevent the world being destroyed (further) while fighting off the KKK, swamp mutants and voodoo priests?...

Title : Comeback Tour
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ISBN : 9781852835651
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 198 Pages
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Comeback Tour Reviews

  • Adam Lowe
    2019-04-09 15:09

    Krokodil Tears was my introduction to the Dark Future series, and unfortunately none of the other instalments quite match up in terms of verve, character development or narrative thrust. Comeback Tour's premise is nice: that villain Nguyen Seth, in our timeline, used Presley as a sacrifice to the Dark Ones, but in this one, Presley broke free of his influence and as a result never had the same cultural impact in the West as he should have. Presley ended up in the military and then as a bounty hunter, languishing in obscurity and dreaming of music again.He teams up with Krokodil, from the previous novel, in a fight against the Josephites' machinations in the Deep South. The location and world of the novel is very interesting, but Presley serves as a less interesting protagonist than Krokodil, simply because he has less of a journey and the odds aren't quite so stacked against him. There was something appealing in Krokodil's struggle against forces much more powerful than her, and in her constant evolution. In this instalment, Krokodil too is a let-down. By the end of KT she has become something cold, determined and powerful, but the result in CT is a character who isn't ever really in jeopardy and whom we only empathise with because of the previous book.That said, the pace never lets up, and whilst I wanted more intimations of what the next instalment would reveal and I really craved the Dark Ones' appearance again, I would still recommend this novel. Kim Newman (AKA Jack Yeovil) has a wonderful way with words and has brilliantly imagined the setting he was instrumental in setting up. Indeed, it was his writing in Krokodil Tears that inspired me to finish my first novel as a child, and its influences can still be seen in my first published novel, Troglodyte Rose. The gritty, monstrous world and his surreal blend of pop culture references made literature really alive for me, and allowed fiction to be fun again as well as meaningful.

  • Nigel
    2019-04-08 12:55

    Probably the most downright likeable of the Dark Future books, purely because of the alternative version of an Elvis who abandoned music and went back into the Army while the world went to hell, came out a Colonel and set himself up as a Memphis-based Independent Op. He's a tough, decent, downright heroic figure, half-embarrassed by his period of fame, but out to do some good in a rotten old world. Hired by Krokodil for a cool million, they set out for the flooded, abandoned Cape Canaveral, where the agents of Elder Nguyen Seth are out to revive a long-forgotten NASA project.

  • JM
    2019-04-14 15:59

    Just like the synopsis says. Elvis vs White Supremacists in a post-apocalyptic US.