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Darwyn Cooke's first two Parker books, The Hunter and The Outfit, are collected in a tremendous, special, oversized hardcover edition - with an additional 65-pages of Darwyn Cooke content and a brand-new story - encased in a beautiful slipcase! Richard Stark's Parker: The Hunter graphic novel debuted in July 2008 to instantaneous popular and critical acclaim. It made the NDarwyn Cooke's first two Parker books, The Hunter and The Outfit, are collected in a tremendous, special, oversized hardcover edition - with an additional 65-pages of Darwyn Cooke content and a brand-new story - encased in a beautiful slipcase! Richard Stark's Parker: The Hunter graphic novel debuted in July 2008 to instantaneous popular and critical acclaim. It made the New York Times bestseller list and won coveted Eisner and Harvey awards. The second graphic novel, The Outfit, was released last year and was met with similar response, and is currently under consideration for nominations in this year's awards season. The Hunter and The Outfit tell the story of Parker, Richard Stark's classic anti-hero, as he returns to New York to settle the score with his wife and partner in crime after they betray him in a heist gone terribly wrong. After evening the field and reclaiming his prize, the Outfit decide to do some score settling of their own... and learn much too late that when you push a man like Parker, it had better be all the way to the grave....

Title : Richard Stark’s Parker: The Martini Edition
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ISBN : 9781600109805
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 360 Pages
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Richard Stark’s Parker: The Martini Edition Reviews

  • Karl
    2018-12-28 20:13

    I could not imagine a better illustrator for Richard Stark's "Parker" books. It's like a marriage made in heaven. Cooke's fantastic illustrations to Mr. Westlake's (writing under the pen name Richard Stark)stories is simply fantastic.Here in this over sized book are the first two installments of the series. They were first printed separately by IDW in individual installments, and if nothing else, check those out. However this edition adds so many extras and with the increase in page size, this is truly worth owning, especially if a fan of either gentlemen.I believe the smaller editions are up to volume 4 at this point. Seek them out if you don't want to spring for this amazing collection. Contents:010 - "Hunting The Hunter"026 - "The Man Called Parker"036 - "Parker"174 - "The Man With The Getawsay Face"198 - "The Outfit"322 - "The Seventh"334 - "Stark's Hollywood"356 - "Parting Shot"358 - "The Stark Persona"Highest Recommendation.

  • Blindzider
    2019-01-05 17:06

    Fantastic. Cooke has really outdone himself and it's amazing to see what he can do when not restricted by an overbearing company. This is such a unique piece: using graphics and prose to recreate (not change or interpret) the original novels. The story was so good I want to both read the novels and see some of the films that were inspired by them. You've got to love noir though: it's fairly dark and gritty, but not over the top violence. It takes place in the 60's, and one small thing that made me uncomfortable was the depiction and treatment of women. I get why it's there (and don't want it changed), but it was just a little shocking to see living in the modern world.The Martini Edition is a beautiful package, nearly identical in size and shape to DC's Absolute Editions (they were created by the same guy) and there are some wonderful extras. Here's hoping for a second volume collecting the remaining of Cooke's work.

  • Relstuart
    2019-01-14 18:14

    I do like the art of Darwyn Cooke. It's stylized 1930s/1940s feeling. In this case the story appears to be taking place in the 50s in the US. The main character is a con man who was betrayed and left for dead. The story starts with him coming to New York and searching for the people who betrayed him for pay back, in money and blood. The main character isn't a good person. But, he has a code he follows. He is the man of honor among thieves. He's the kind of man you would want on your side in a survival situation. Dependable when he gives his word, strong enough to get the job done, and smart enough to figure out the best plan to achieve the group's goals. The original author's books became several movies over the past few decades. His stories are well written and have won awards as films and sold well as books. This visual adaption has also won awards. If you are interested in an old school crime type story this one is worth checking out.

  • Nicholas Doyle
    2019-01-20 18:24

    This gorgeous over-sized collection brings together all of the Parker stories that Darwyn Cooke has done to date. I have the first two books in their original form, and am absolutely in love with them - everything, from their size to the paper they're printed on, is great. Because of this, I was hesitant to double dip and pick up the "Martini Edition," even though it contained tons of extra material. I bit the bullet at Christmas though, and I am so glad that I did. This special edition takes everything I love about the two smaller books and amplifies them - Cooke is definitely one of my favorite artists, and seeing the art this size reminds me why I love his stuff. The stories, obviously, are great - Richard Stark knew how to write perfect crime novels, and Cooke has done a great job adapting them. The bonus features, which include a short story pulled from The Seventh and portraits of the various actors that have portrayed Parker on film, really add to the overall feeling that these books are a labor of love for Darwyn Cooke. If you're on the fence about spending the money on this - you should hop off and pick it up while it's still in print. Not only can i not wait for the third book in the series (coming out in few months), I'm already hoping for another one of these large books once the fourth book has been released.

  • Bob Parks
    2019-01-07 22:16

    If you read Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier or Selina's Big Score, it's a no brainer to see him adapting the Richard Stark Parker Novels. It's a perfect fit. He captures that early 1960's feel so elegantly and precisely, using an illustration style that comes from that era. That's because he loves this time and he for this collection, it's obvious how he feels about the Parker books.About 10 years ago, I started reading the Parker books -- I would read one a year while I was on vacation in the Cape. I loved the easy flow of the books and Parker's mechanical, passionless use of violence. He's a criminal and everything thing he does is calculated and thought out. Cooke captures this perfectly in his art.This edition is perfect for his stories. The oversized pages make the story as large as life -- you aren't reading a comic book, you are reading a story book. The handful of full page illustrations are gorgeous. Definitely worth reading in this edition.

  • Matt
    2019-01-08 23:09

    Utterly fantastic, of course, and the presentation here just makes everything sing even more. Loved seeing the final chapter of The Seventh here, too, and I just want to say that everybody needs to read this.

  • Doyle
    2019-01-03 00:24

    Darwyn Cooke has quickly become my favorite artist, and he is right at home drawing art deco settings for Richard Stark's hard boiled noir Parker series. Cooke's mastery of simplified mod design perfectly fits the the quick-paced tempo for these thrilling heists and gives these stories a genuine sense of placement. This large book presents Cooke's art in dimensions closer to the original art so that the reader can soak in all of the monochromatic glory in each page. Having never read the original source material, I can't comment on the faithfulness of this adaptation. Suffice to say, this volume reprints interviews in which Cooke reveals details about his correspondence with Donald Westlake (aka Richrd Stark) which implies that Cooke had Westlake's full blessing.This volume collects Darwyn Cooke's adaptations of Richard Stark's Parker: The Hunter and Parker: The Outfit, along with a pair of short story adaptations: "The man With The Getaway Face" and the previously unpublished "The Seventh." Also included is an interview/discussion (with help from my other favorite writer, Ed Brubaker) and some new art inspired by the many Parker silver screen adaptations, which are more numerous than I was previously aware of. With two more Parker adaptations being planned (Parker: The Outfit and a yet-to-be-announced fourth book), I can only hope that IDW will publish a similar second Martini edition to collect the latter half of this series in this ideal format.

  • John
    2019-01-23 20:02

    The 1st 2 Parker novels rendered in Darwyn Cooke's elegant art, plus a thorough interview from Comic Book Resources, largely on Westlake's creation of and understanding of the character. The large format really improves what were already a couple amazing graphic novels. A very respectful adaptation of highly acclaimed novels with amazing artwork. If you had someone who thought graphic novels were all capes & tights, this would be an amazing discussion-starter.

  • Dean Olson
    2018-12-24 17:05

    This is a work of art. If you are fan of crime and heist genres then this is the book for you. Based off some of the famous novels by Richard Stark that I haven't read yet. This book is about a cold hearted professional thief has he has revenge on those who burned him. The oversized collection is a great showcase of Cooke's art. Simplest but stunning.

  • Portobellord
    2019-01-23 22:13

    This might be the most gorgeous thing I own. The artwork is stunning, the story is superb and it is presented in a fantastically over-sized edition with some great extras. Kudos to IDW for putting out this edition.

  • Michael
    2019-01-08 19:19

    As good as they come.

  • Alberto Garcia Ariza
    2019-01-19 20:07

    Amazing narrative. Superb drawing. Parker is a milestone in the recent comic scene. Page after page I keep on thinking how easy to do a thing like this it seems, but it's not. A must-read

  • Joel Peabody
    2018-12-27 16:29

    The oversized edition makes it all the more impactful and beautiful.

  • Ted Williams
    2018-12-30 23:17

    I really don't need to say anything about Darwyn Cooke's art, and the Martini Edition really shows it off beautifullyIf you can find a copy treat yourself you won't be disappointedGreat stuff

  • Chad Seewald
    2018-12-31 22:15

    Between the ridiculously phenomenal art, the stories that have stood the test, who could want anything more?

  • Forrest
    2019-01-07 17:17

    Darwyn Cooke's art fits the Parker stories so well.

  • Bookthreat
    2018-12-27 22:17

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  • Chris
    2019-01-07 23:19

    There's a really cool conversation in the start of the book between some writers including Darwyn and Ed Brubaker. I love that Brubaker and Cooke were friends, two of my favourite comic book creators side-by-side chatting about Parker and crime comics in general.There's a moment that gave me a moment of sadness during the discussion. Brubaker asks if Cooke was planning on adapting all the Parker books and Cooke jokingly responds that he won't live long enough. I still think about Cooke and how he's no longer with us everytime I read one of his books. The one upshot is that I believe he completed all the Parker books he wanted to adapt before he passed.I have read all the Parker books as they were released in the smaller hardback format, it really fit in with the pulpy old-school feel of the book, but upon opening up this massive hardcover edition, the only thing that went through my head was "Holy shit."This is how Parker was meant to be experienced, full sized in all its glory so you can see every pen stroke, every dash of watercolour. The first time you see Parker's face as he looks up into the mirror... if it wasn't sacrilegious to me I would rip that page right out of the book and frame it.Re-reading this book for the third or fourth time it struck me how Cooke makes some really interesting choices, there's not a lot of dialogue in some sections so the story is told simply through what's happening in each panel, the choice to not show Parker's face until he looks at it in the mirror is well worth the build up. And the lack of dialogue reflects the kind of character Parker is, he's not complicated or torn, he's just a walking ball of vengeance. And there there are large sections of text with only a single accompanying image so you're simply engrossed by Stark's words. Cooke mentions he didn't have a solid plan for how he was going to draw these books and I think we reap the benefits of this as it allowed him to experiment as he went.I had no idea that everything was hand-drawn by Cooke, hand painted, but you can see each stroke, each line with this large volume and it's beautiful.

  • Claudio
    2019-01-23 00:11

    Everything you could ever want out of a caper story

  • Sourajit
    2019-01-06 22:12

    Amazing sense of pacing and exactly the right amount of noire makes this comic book great instead of good, so great that the next movie should use this series as the only storyboard it'll never need.