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Trevor Blake has always known he possessed magical gifts. For instance, he can conjure objects at a distance. But since he was young, he has suppressed his magic lest it draw hostility from the skeptical and ungifted and intolerant. In the small farming community where Trevor lives with his family, the practice of magic is forbidden-sometimes from fear...or jealousy. MostTrevor Blake has always known he possessed magical gifts. For instance, he can conjure objects at a distance. But since he was young, he has suppressed his magic lest it draw hostility from the skeptical and ungifted and intolerant. In the small farming community where Trevor lives with his family, the practice of magic is forbidden-sometimes from fear...or jealousy. Most of the gifted, known as Adepts, practice their arts far away in the big cities.In fact, it is in the bustling coastal city of Port-of-Lords that Trevor has heard of a group of the gifted that have banded together in a secret underground community of adepts. Practicing their art among their own and under the cloak of secrecy, they are able to perfect and master their chosen gifts, perhaps reaching levels of art they could never have imagined. Buoyed with letters of introduction from influential relatives, Trevor boldly makes his way to Port-of-Lords, intent on joining the Community. Happily his best friend, Les Simonton, has agreed to join him on the journey. But no sooner have the boys arrived than the trouble begins. The kind of trouble that Trevor -even with his formidable magic-may be powerless to prevent. ...

Title : A Perilous Power
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ISBN : 9780765308597
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 288 Pages
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A Perilous Power Reviews

  • Amy
    2019-02-03 13:21

    the book that started a school for sorcery. its so amazing it leaves you in utter silence and you cant stop thinking about it!!

  • Cristina Boncea
    2019-01-17 14:09

    În carte e vorba de Les şi Trevor care pleacă din satul lor pentru a ajunge la şcoala de prestigiu pentru vrăjitori din Port-of-Lords. Aici sunt tâlhăriţi şi ajung acasă la o Adeptă a Comunităţii care însă nu mai face parte din aceasta şi le spune că lucrurile s-au schimbat de când bunicul lui Trevor, Matt, a fost acolo. Trevor însă nu crede un cuvânt şi fuge fiind prins în capcana celui mai malefic Adept al Comunităţii şi silit împreună cu Carl, tâlharul, să lucreze pentru el. Spre diferenţă de Trevor, Carl avea deja o parte malefică şi se alimenta cu putere de la sora sa, Miryam. Veronica îi ajută pe Les şi Trevor să îi despartă pe cei doi dar Trevor, neascultând-o, este din nou capturat de Dr. Tenney.Les venise împreună cu Trevor la chemarea acestuia pentru a-şi descoperi harul.El se îndrăgosteşte de Myriam şi împreună cu Veronica încearcă să îl salveze pe Trevor care între timp este legat de Carl, în locul lui Miryam, amândoi fiind sub controlul Dr. Tenney.Les rămâne singur în timp ce Veronica şi Miryam se duc să îl salveze dar curând pleacă după ele neputând trăi în neştiinţă.Acesta cere ajutorul unui alt Adept al Comunităţii din Port-of-Lords şi împreună cu fiica sa, Leila, se duc la casa Dr. Tenney.A doua zi planul doctorului urma să schimbe întreaga Comunitate căci el vroia să fure puterile tuturor celorlalţi adepţi prin Carl şi mai apoi, prin transferul de putere, prin Trevor.Veronica, Myriam, Leila şi Les se salvează însă şi ajung la întrunirea Comunităţii la timp. Trevor reuşeşte cu ultimele puteri să provoace o furtună iar Les descoperă că harul lui este acela de a schimba moartea pe viaţă şi îşi oferă propria viaţă în schimbul vieţilor lui Trevor, Carl şi Dr. Tenney.Povestea se sfârşseşte când Trevor reuşeşte să îngrădească sufletul negru al Dr. Tenney în mintea sa primind transferul de putere de la prietenii săi şi de la ceilalţti Adepţi, în urma bătăliei finale.Mi s-a părut o carte destul de proastă faţă de aşteptările mele după citirea primei cărţi. M-a plictisit şi am citit-o destul de greu. Are o idee şi o acţiune bunicică şi îmi place oarecum exprimarea veche folosită de autoare dar nu m-a captivat aproape nici o secundă.

  • Nikki
    2019-01-27 09:09

    I got this book for Christmas or my birthday one year as a child. I have to say, it's one of my favourite books of all time! I didn't even know this was a part of a series until I joined this site, so I'm pretty excited!It never fails to make me laugh and cry...lots of crying! It's got great morals and characters you can really connect with. I recommend it highly.

  • Syvannah Tewes
    2019-01-23 12:20

    I was given this book as a gift from a friend. I sat down and devoured it in two blissful hours. It was rich and intoxicating, full of magic and drama. I can't wait to share it with my girls, they love reading and I know they will love this book as much as I did.

  • Arminzerella
    2019-02-01 08:27

    Trevor is about to go off to university after having won a coveted scholarship (most kids in his rural town can’t afford to go). He misses the bus, however, and decides on a whim to visit some relatives who have special powers (which Trevor shares). After an incident that nearly gets them all run out of town, Trevor’s relatives convince him that the best thing to do is to find a community to help him train his gift, and he and his friend Les set off for the city, Port of Lords, with letters of introduction and money for tuition. As soon as they arrive, however, they are swindled out of both, and attempts to rectify the situation only get them into more trouble. When they land in prison, Trevor uses his gift to call for help and his calls are answered by the adept, Veronica. Trevor becomes obsessed with finding the man who robbed them and getting revenge/justice and neither Les nor Veronica can make him see sense. By chance, Trevor finds Carl again and gets himself into even more trouble. The magic “Community” is not what it was, and through their troubles, Les and Trevor uncover Dr. Tenney’s nefarious plan to leech all of the power of the Community’s members for his own personal use.For those who have read A School for Sorcery, this prequel will give some insight into Veronica’s (the mysterious maid at the Simonton School) character and history as well as the origins of the Simonton School. Trevor seems likable enough at the very beginning of this story, but his obsession with revenge quickly becomes irritating, and the consequences of his pig-headedness are detrimental for all of the Community, even though Trevor’s actions eventually allow them to neutralize a threat. Life is messy. I’d hoped for more of a magic school/magical training sort of story, so I was a little disappointed. Still, this was a quick and engaging read.

  • Hannah
    2019-01-26 08:29

    What I liked: the two main characters, their closeness and their character felt very real. I like almost all the characters, they were well done, except maybe the two female interested seem flat-just "cute girls". I like all the action and the "magic forest". I liked the wide varieties of magic. Also they ate really good sounding food in this book, made me hungry haha! The beginning was slow and kinda to predictable but overall the book has a ton of action and cute characters. I give the magic 3/5 it was weakly structures sometimes. I really enjoyed the rest except the insta romances which were kinda lame, honestly. I thought Trevor and Les would make a better couple then anyone else they paired with due to how they behaved I assumed they were more then friends. After I finished this book it hit me why although good it seemed strange, the book lacks a subplot really I mean there a plot and the goal kinda changed throughout the story but there only one plot and one climax to move towards so it feels kinda to simple Even with all the action and magic. Still a good read, just simple.

  • Phyllis
    2019-02-11 14:16

    Although this was the second book written in the series, the events in this novel precede those in the first one published. And that's about all I can say about that without setting up a spoiler.Two young men living on the usual farm, bored, are sent to the big city and learn a lot of lessons about themselves and others. Oh yeah, one of them has magical powers, amazingly strong ones that he doesn't control well. This he needs to learn how to do, pronto.This I'll give the book, there was nonstop action, peril at every turn, even girls in distress. My first thought upon completing the book was that it could be adapted as one of those movie serials that were so popular back when my parents were young. There's a cliffhanger at the end of nearly every chapter.But for all that, I really didn't care about the characters. Ms Sabin really needs to work on that.

  • Megan
    2019-02-02 08:30

    I won't say it was the best book I have ever read, but it was definitely worth reading. I started out overly depressed that Tria was never in the book, but then I realized that this took place before book one, and that Veronica was, well, the Veronica! I followed up on all the other character and realized that half the cast of adults in A School for Sorcery are still kids in this. Very enjoyable, and very much enlightening towards the first book. Again, I won't say it is a book that everybody will enjoy, but I loved it and I will definitely read on.

  • Patricia
    2019-01-17 15:21

    This is the second book written by E. Rose Sabin, and sort of a prequel to A School for Sorcery. It's about how the School has come to an existance. A little less interesting than A School for Sorcery but certainly worth reading if you like this kind of genre.

  • Daphnar
    2019-02-11 10:13

    A light-hearted tale of a young man with magical powers who goes off to the big city with his best (non-magical) friend. There they encounter evil and gratuitous violence. Not for fans of Harry Potter.

  • Aurora
    2019-02-04 12:21

    I remember these series as one of the series I read over and over again. It was beautiful and thrilling, if I remember correctly.

  • Louise Leonard
    2019-02-11 13:28

    A total waste of time. So-called hero is a jerk with no redeeming qualities. Plot recycled from the Bible with a Jesus figure but a hoofed Pan type god as the Father. Don't bother.