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Harriet Truman returns to Foggy Point thinking she's just going to see to her aunt Beth's customers while the lady takes a European cruise. Instead, she discovers she now owns both business and house, whether she wanted to or not. Still, she's stuck until Aunt Beth comes home, and she does enjoy being a part of creating beautiful quilts. But then Avanell Jalbert, her aunt'Harriet Truman returns to Foggy Point thinking she's just going to see to her aunt Beth's customers while the lady takes a European cruise. Instead, she discovers she now owns both business and house, whether she wanted to or not. Still, she's stuck until Aunt Beth comes home, and she does enjoy being a part of creating beautiful quilts. But then Avanell Jalbert, her aunt's best friend, is murdered on the same night someone breaks into Harriet's studio and trashes the place. Something is coming unravelled in Foggy Point, and Harriet is caught in the tangle. The question is, can she figure out what's going on before she ends up dead herself....

Title : Quilt as Desired
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ISBN : 9781934135259
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Quilt as Desired Reviews

  • Kathy England
    2019-01-29 19:23

    This is the first book in a murder mystery series where the protagonist is long-arm quilter. I read the latest one first, so I already knew "who done it", but it was nice to go back to the beginning and find out how Harriet ended up in Foggy Point, WA, and how her long-arm quilting business came about. It was also nice to be introduced to all the characters that became regulars in the later books. Good mystery.

  • Jill
    2019-02-02 15:36

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which I picked up at Road to California. One issue I have is the author spends to much time explaining quilt processes and materials. People who quilt already know these things, people who don't just want to get on with the book. Limit those explanations! I do like the character and the setting a lot. There is a bit of humor and only one major editorial mistake toward the end of the book when a paragraph is repeated.

  • Becky
    2019-02-15 18:37

    I love the characters. I like how the Loose Threads are such close friends and are always there for each other. It makes you want to be a part of their group! Of course, the solving of mysteries always makes a good read, along with the quilting tips. I highly recommend these books, especially if you are a quilter. I am up to book #9.

  • Mollie Hunt
    2019-02-10 13:38

    The most fun I've had in a book for a long time. I know I'm coming late to the series, but I now look forward to more. Nice (and not so nice) characters in a sweet (and not so sweet) small town. I'm not a quilter, but the quilting references were fascinating just the same. Lots of pretty colors. And a cat.

    2019-02-05 18:46

    Almost Perfect!If you’re a quilter and enjoy cozy mysteries, you’ll love this book. Apart from a briefly confusing duplication of chapter eleven (which apparently escaped the proofreader’s eye—hence 4 stars), the story abounds with engaging characters, appealing details, and intriguing plot twists. Looking forward to Harriet’s next adventure!

  • Kathie
    2019-01-29 13:30

    Entertaining and lots of quilting tips in the story.

  • Cindy
    2019-02-17 14:49

    Loved it!This is the first book I've read by this author and I am a fan now. There was murder, mystery, drama, fun and quilting. My kinda book. While I am an experienced quilter I felt the quilting explanations were too frequent and a bit unnecessary. A quilt term was used correctly but then the term was explained pretty throughly. I believe the majority of the readers would be quilters and don't need detailed explanations like that. Maybe she's lightened up in the next book Other than that the story interesting. I am looking forward to the next book.

  • Nikki
    2019-01-30 18:33

    I found this to be fun first book of a series. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and loved the quilting theme. I am not an experienced quilter, so I enjoyed the quilting explanations, as well. I got a little tired of the main character's extended & intense anger toward everyone who knew that her deceased husband was hiding an illness from her. I felt it was overplayed and it would tempt me to give the book 3 1/2 stars, if that were an option.

  • Cecelia Hightower
    2019-02-20 21:26

    Sammy review 2013 Well! I loved reading this book because I knew my mom and aunt Kaylen had both read the same copy and it was fun to have a book passed on to me. I would recommend the book only to someone who is looking for a light/silly read and even then, it might not be my first choice. The book is set in Foggy Point, Washington. The main character is Harriet, a young widow who moves in with her aunt and takes over her long arm quilting business. There’s a lot that this book has in common with daytime TV (I’m really just guessing, because I don’t have a TV and I’m always at work during the day) the main character is continually facing new challenges and is always the center of attention, she falls in love with a younger man, her aunt unexpected leaves her with a home and business, her parents are internationally known scientists and she speaks 7 languages. I know, right!? Anyways, I’m not racing to read the next book in the series...ckh review 2013: A cozy mystery; I would compare the story to a "Murder, She Wrote". The story is engaging with likable, sweet characters, interesting quilting references, and no gory details. I was expecting to recognize the story location/scenery on the Oregon coast and was disappointed; I do think that the vitamin factory in the story was a takeoff on the Tillamook Cheese factory… there were a few unexpected twists in the story to keep my interest but overall a fairly common story with an humdrum ending. (Borrowed from Kaylen/purchased in Tillamook on a Girls Week/Spring Break Adventure 2012.)Kaylen's review 2012: Harriet Truman returns to Foggy Point, Washington to take over her aunt's long arm quilting studio while her Aunt Beth goes on a cruise to Europe. All the quilters are getting ready for a big quit show in Tacoma when one of the quilters is murdered at her work. Harriet's studio gets ransacked and quilts are destroyed. Drama erupts with quilters, the family dynamics of the murder victum and Harriet.

  • Gail
    2019-02-16 16:32

    Harriet Truman returns to "home" to manage her aunt's long arm quilting business while her aunt is on vacation. Widowed five years early, Harriet has stayed in a stasis of anger and isolation. She's angry because her husband had not told her he had a hereditary fatal disease, she didn't discover it until she found him dead. Angry at friends who never told her and at him, she retreated into her shell.As she returns home, her aunt surprises her by deeding the house and the business to Harriet. Getting down to business, she forms relationships with the local quilters and her aunt's good friends. Two men appear on the horizon, one younger and one more staid.When her aunt's good friend and local business owner is murdered, Harriet seems to become a target. Her friend's prize winning quilt seems to be the center of attention. Mix ups, attacks, and oddness abound, all the while romance seems to reluctantly bloom.Interspersed with a LOT of interesting quilting information, the book has enough interest to move the reader along. I'm not sure how interesting it would be to a non quilter.

  • April
    2019-02-01 15:44

    I'd read this in galley form before I worked on the cover, but I just got my complimentary copies from the publisher and wanted to see how it all reads now that it's been further edited and proofread.I noticed there were still a few errors, but they were all so minor that it's hardly worth mentioning.As for the story, I liked it a lot. It's a mystery, so I paid closer attention to the clues throughout the story and noted which ones misled me in my first reading. I like the heroine Harriet and almost wish that the love interest angle was played up a little.Lots of quilting, eating, and mystery in the story. The descriptions involving the first two really gave me a beautiful image of quilts and good food.And completely unrelated to the story, I was embarrassed to find out how awfully long and boring my bio at the end of the book looked compared to the author's. The publisher had asked for a certain word count, and I gave her that exact word count, no less. Next time I'll ask about the author's first!Finished reading June 16, 2007.

  • Jeannie and Louis Rigod
    2019-02-02 17:48

    As a debut novel in a new series, I must say this book was a complete and satisfying murder mystery. Easily stands alone yet makes you interested enough in the main character, Harriet Truman, to keep you wanting to learn more about her.The main sleuth is Harriet Truman, no relative, at least as of yet, to the Presidential family. Harriet is a widow, betrayed by her husband's choice to not let her know he was dying. She moves back to be with her Aunt Beth, only to find that Aunt Beth has left her the quilt business and house. There is a regional quilt show and tensions mount among the quilters. Harriet is kept occupied with finishing the 'show quilts' when the leading contender, Avanell Jalbert, owner of the Vitamin Factory, is brutally murdered at work. Next thing, Harriet is attacked, quilts destroyed and more.Harriet has to find out what is happening. Romance shows it's head in the Son of the deceased and also a fellow worker of Avanell's. Only time will tell if this widow can survive and live to love again.A good series.

  • Susan
    2019-02-03 16:44

    A delightful debut to a new quilt mystery series. Set in Foggy Point WA, a small town in the present time. Harriet Truman returns to her childhood home to run her aunt's long arm quilting business while her aunt goes on a cruise vacation. Local quilt group The Loose Threads warmly welcomes Harriet, and she helps with last-minute-rush quilt entries for a quilt show. The quilt shop is vandalized, Harriet's aunt's best friend is murdered, and an employee is missing from a vitamin factory. Harriet suspects the missing person has a clue to the murder, and she is in danger until the crimes are solved. Helping her investigate is the murdered woman's son, who is the new veterinarian in town. The author is clearly an experienced quilter. Detailed accurate descriptions of piecing, quilt design and long arm quilting are part of the story. I look forward to reading more books in the series.

  • Craftnut -
    2019-02-13 19:26

    The first book in this quilting themed series starts out with the main character, Harriet Truman, coming back to Foggy Point so she can keep a business running while her Aunt Beth is on a cruise. Instead, she finds out after her aunt leaves that she has in fact retired and left Harriet the business and her house. When Aunt Beth’s best friend, Avanell, is murdered, and her own studio trashed, Harriet must figure out what is going on before the killer strikes again. Harriet is thrown into the investigation with Avanell’s son, Aiden, and he quickly becomes smitten with her. However, Harriet is having none of it. She is still reeling from being suddenly widowed five years earlier by a husband who didn’t tell her about his fatal illness. But the Loose Threads quilting group welcome her and help her to begin to heal that wound. It was a very enjoyable read.

  • Deon Stonehouse
    2019-02-11 19:41

    The first book in her series, Quilt as Desired, introduces Harriet Truman a young widow. Her aunt Beth thinks Harriet has been spending too many years grieving, she needs to get reconnected with life. Beth lures Harriet to Foggy Point, announces her retirement and turns over her quilting shop to her stunned niece. Before Harriet can catch her breath one of her aunt’s best friends and a member of The Loose Threads (the local quilting group) is murdered. The murdered woman just happens to have a son, Aiden, who is easy on the eyes and finds Harriet attractive.

  • Denise Russo
    2019-01-24 15:36

    Cute story line with sewing and knitting sprinkled throughout. I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

  • Donna
    2019-02-23 14:24

    I gave this book 3 stars , but I really wish I could give it 4. Over all the story was a fun read and I will probably read the next in the series, but since I am not rushing out to purchase the next Harriet Truman mystery I think that lets you know the story was ok but not fascinating. I am an avid quilter so I think that is why it held my interest but some of the quilting information seemed stiff and out of a textbook. Library loan worthy, purchase , no.

  • Jennilee
    2019-01-31 19:44

    This book was an easy read and a decent enough story. However, she needs to fire her editor. The typos, misspellings, misuse of words similar to one another (eg: insure vs ensure), and other general grammatical errors were numerous. Don't read while hungry! She describes every bit of food and drink in great detail. She must be a foodie as well as a quilter!

  • Mascanlon
    2019-02-12 13:22

    Harriet Truman returns to Foggy Point thinking she’s just going to see to her aunt Beth’s customers while the lady takes a European cruise. Instead, she discovers she now owns both business and house, whether she wanted to or not. And when he Aunt's best friend turns up dead harriet needs all her wits and her new friends around her to solve the puzzle.

  • Mary Newcomb
    2019-02-11 21:24

    Harriet Truman unexpectedly becomes the owner of a longarm quilting business. This initial book does a decent job of introducing the characters and set-up. The mystery is OK, I plan to read at least one more in the series.

  • Waggonerdebbie
    2019-02-04 14:21

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book about a long arm quilter. Of course I am sure it would be enjoyed MORE by people who are quilters, which I am. It starts with a young woman who inherits a quilting studio then discovers a dead body....

  • Maureen
    2019-01-31 21:42

    Fun quilt mystery set on Olympic peninsula. Light-hearted with sense of place and filled with quilting terminology. The plot is not very realistic but if you can overlook gaps of logic it is a fine light fiction read.

  • Mkotch
    2019-01-29 17:49

    I liked it even though a couple of times it was a little didactic, over-explaining different aspects of quilting (e.g., what a fat quarter is). Good pacing, likeable heroine. I look forward to reading more.

  • Amy
    2019-02-06 14:38

    I liked it. I'm starting the second one right now.

  • Sheryl
    2019-02-07 15:36

    Murder, mayhem , quilts , and friends. This book has it all.

  • Sandybear76
    2019-02-17 15:28

    I liked this book. It described quilt techniques for us nonquilters but it had a nice little mystery going on in it. The way the quilts were treated in the book would scare real quilters.

  • Susan
    2019-02-11 21:24

    I like to quilt so reading about it is fun. This was a pretty good first effort from this author although I thought the solution to the mystery was a little weak.

  • Zippy
    2019-01-25 15:45

    Pretty good, though it didn't take long to figure out the who what why...

  • Jenny
    2019-02-15 13:27

    Fast easy read. I have #2 to read next.

  • Jimet Achiu
    2019-01-30 19:47

    I enjoyed this book. Since it revolves around quilters I can relate