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Working for Old World Wisconsin, Chloe Ellefson delights in losing herself in antiques and folk traditions--and forgetting her messy love life. Then the outdoor ethnic museum becomes a murder scene. Does the missing Eagle diamond, a legendary gemstone unearthed in 1876, have anything to do with it? Could Simon Sabatola, a rich AgriFutures executive who possibly drove his wWorking for Old World Wisconsin, Chloe Ellefson delights in losing herself in antiques and folk traditions--and forgetting her messy love life. Then the outdoor ethnic museum becomes a murder scene. Does the missing Eagle diamond, a legendary gemstone unearthed in 1876, have anything to do with it? Could Simon Sabatola, a rich AgriFutures executive who possibly drove his wife to suicide, be responsible? Chloe learns that some things never change in this compelling mystery of old-fashioned greed, Swiss green cheese, and a nearly-extinct heirloom flower....

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The Heirloom Murders Reviews

    2019-06-05 19:38

    I loved this book. First because they were a mini trip down memory lane, but Kathleen describes the settings so well you won’t have had to visit the historic site to feel like you are right there in the farmhouses, the barns, or even Chloe’s trailer office. Chloe also travels around the area and the author’s words take us right along with her.I also enjoyed that Chloe really doesn’t want to being the middle of any of the investigations, she would rather be doing her job as Curator of Collections, keep her boss off her back and spending time with her new friends.The best part though are the mysteries. They are so well plotted and intelligently written, with plenty of spins and spills, twists and turns. The characters take some turns and spills themselves.This story also educate us about the cultures of old Wisconsin in a subtle way. The back stories are as rich as the mysteries that unfold in each book. The way historical and modern times mesh together in these stories is truly delightful. You can feel Kathleen’s passion for Old World Wisconsin in her words. She understands the history and the extra research she does for ideas is going to give her a wide range of things to shine a light on in future stories.Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Midnight Ink. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. Receiving a complimentary copy in no way reflected my review of this book. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

  • Patrizia
    2019-06-22 03:35

    Questa serie mi piace sempre di più! Mi identifico bene con la protagonista, che lavora in un museo a cielo aperto dedicato ai vari popoli emigrati in Wisconsin. Così questa storia ha avuto diversi appigli col passato. Ed è essa stessa ambientata nel passato perché si svolge nel 1982. Confesso che un paio di volte mi è venuto da dire "ma usa il cellulare!" prima di ricordarmi che all'epoca non era stato ancora inventato...Concludendo, sono proprio contenta di aver scoperto questa serie!

  • Jeannie and Louis Rigod
    2019-06-22 23:21

    I enjoy this series so much that I'm having difficulty writing a review without giving away vital parts best left discovered by the upcoming readers.Our sleuth works as a collection curator for the Old World Wisconsin museum. Her name is Chloe Ellefson and in this case she is beset by her ex-boyfriend/lover back home from Switzerland, a possible missing 15.375 carat diamond, heritage seeds that make cheese, medicines, third-world countries economy issues, and a murder plus a suicide. Chloe just wants to surround herself with peace, histories of former occupants of the Wisconsin Nordic region, and perhaps find love, and friendship. Ms. Ernst's talents seep through the pages as she skillfully blends history with fiction from 1876 through 1982. The book is exciting, interesting, tutorial, and even makes me want to pack and plan a trip to the various sites included that are real. How many of us really think about Heritage vegetables? We should. The amount of varieties we have lost in the U.S.A. is immense and how narrow we have allowed our choices to become. No wonder we hear, "Food doesn't taste like it used to when I was a child." Apparently, that is a truth!Women and Men will find this book intriguing with all the equipment discussed and the thought provoking discourse regarding feeding our country as well as the third world peoples.This book is an excellent source of economic reality through today.As to the mysteries, well, they were fascinating and complex. I can barely wait for Ms. Ernst's next one. Please read this book, you will be amazed to find yourself educated and entertained.

  • Becky
    2019-06-12 22:35

    First sentence: "The guy tried using a pistol?" Roelke McKenna asked, as he opened his locker door. It was almost eight in the morning. He was coming on-shift; Skeet Deardorff was going off. Roelke always arrived at the Eagle police station early enough to catch up on news.Premise/plot: The Heirloom Murders is the second in a mystery series starring Chloe Ellefson. The series is set in Wisconsin in 1982. The heroine, Chloe, is a curator at Old World Wisconsin. This one has at least one murder and several more attempted murders. While most of the book is set in 1982, the book does feature the occasional chapter from 1876. My thoughts: To be honest, this mystery didn't quite thrill me. I am not sure if that is because it's the second in the series and the series is very much character-driven, or, if the murder mystery aspect just flopped for me. I think the series would be a good television show. I think the book has some dramatic/melodramatic elements to it that would lend itself well to television adaptation. I think it would also allow for the characterization to come through even stronger. I did care enough about the characters to keep reading--but it wasn't because I was loving the plot.

  • Judy Goodnight
    2019-06-02 21:42

    3.5 stars rounded up to 4Note: Although this can be read as a stand-alone, I believe a better understanding of the characters can be achieved by first reading the previous book, Old World Murder.Author Kathleen Ernst returns us to the Wisconsin historic site, Old World Wisconsin, and its curator of collections, Chloe Ellefson. Also returning is Roelke McKenna, part-time policeman with the Eagle, WI PD. The mystery plot in the story is kicked off by the apparent suicide of a woman who turns out to be the sister of Dellyn Burke, Chloe's friend who is also the gardener at Old World Wisconsin. Roelke is first on the scene to find the body & is troubled by inconsistencies although suicide seems obvious. The mystery progresses to include the issues of agribusiness, heritage seeds, and a possible connection to the (based on a true story)Eagle Diamond. In this book, Ernst turns her historian eyes to exploring the history of the Swiss settlement in Wisconsin. And she uses that to add to the personal relationships aspect of the book as well. Markus, Chloe's Swiss ex-boyfriend, seems intent on re-establishing their relationship. Roelke is left to wonder where he & Chloe stand; Chloe doesn't know what she wants and is torn between past & present.Overall, an enjoyable mystery that has definitely sparked my interest in WI history and Old World Wisconsin. I think it's time to plan a visit there!

  • Mary
    2019-06-28 01:38

    After reading the second in this magnificent series I've decided that I want to be an interpreter at Old World Wisconsin. I want to learn about the heirloom gardens, the seeds that were brought over with the immigrants and the folk art pieces that OWW has on display in the various homes and villages. I've walked through OWW many times but the next time will be with a new set of eyes. Ernst's writing style places the reader right next to her characters; in period attire, or jeans and a tshirt. She brings you right into their souls and you feel their conflict, drama and joys as though they were real and not just words on the page. Ernst continues to build on the characters' strengths and surprises you just when you think you've got them figured out. I appreciate the amount of research that went into this book and the purpose of understanding history in order for us to prepare our future.

  • Kelley
    2019-06-21 19:37

    I think I have found my new favorite series. This series is so moving, so smart, and has so much depth. It's scary how good this writer is in making the characters come alive and make the reader feel so much about them. The characters are smart, flawed, emotional, caring, and so much more. SO glad I found this series.

  • Shae Bright
    2019-06-06 01:39

    This is the second book I have read by Kathleen Ernst and I may have enjoyed this one more than the first. This author is local to Wisconsin and sets her stories in the area, so I enjoy reading about places that I know or have been. Another bonus to this book is that it has taught me some things about gardening that I didn't know. Win win!

  • Marian H.
    2019-06-17 00:35

    A homerun, as mysteries go,,, Great characters (Chloe Ellefson and friends) exciting plot and pace, interesting history, all taking place in Wisconsin. Want to read the others in the series! Bought this one at the bookshop in Montello, will have to go back and get the others there.

  • Joan G. Lyskawa
    2019-06-08 20:40

    Enjoyable murder mystery set in Eagle and Old World Wisconsin.

  • Ellenh
    2019-06-27 19:17

    Good escape reading. This mystery takes place in Old World Wisconsin before the internet and cell phones were popular, but sort of timeless.

  • Kathleen
    2019-06-01 20:36

    "The Heirloom Murders," the second book in the Chloe Ellefson series, finds the curator several months into her new job, still ignoring her boss' directions (somewhat immaturely in my opinion) in order to pursue her own priorities. At least she was perseverating less on her own past and troubled times, which I have found annoying. On the other hand, her policeman friend, Roelke, picks up the obsessing theme with a few issues of his own (e.g., anger, "am I like my out of control, abusive father (deceased) and brother (in prison)?) I believe Ernst uses this to create tension within the novel, but it doesn't work for me and gets old quickly.On the other hand, the subplot that holds the murder/mysteries together involves ties to the talents and skills of the early Wisconsin immigrants in the Old World area and modern day genetic engineering that has devastating global implications. This material demonstrates Ernst's research and writing skills alerting the reader to pay attention to a very real ethical issue in our world.In this novel, Chloe's work and life brings her in contact with people passionate about their work and interests, most of which I know little about. Not expecting this, I have come to really enjoy this aspect of Ernst's writing.Finally, Chloe's love interest (Alpine Boy) reappears in this novel, and she seems to be considering a relationship with Roelke, all second layer plot stuff to me.

  • J
    2019-05-30 20:36

    Solidly written ... professional language and story development. I liked that it was set in the Wisconsin and had midwestern characters.I would have given it 4 stars, but I just didn't like the main character (Chloe Ellefson). I like wise old lady detectives like Miss Marple or Jessica Fletcher. Chloe is a 32-year old upstart. She is weak willed (she can't say no to an ex-boyfriend she supposedly detests), weak minded (she tried to commit suicide and struggles often to know her own mind) and physically weak (she is physically frail and a vegetarian who often doesn't eat). She also lived with her ex-boyfriend out of wedlock for 5 years - only leaving him after a miscarriage. None of that makes her likable to me. I hate weak, stupid female characters!I suspect the Chloe character is modeled after the author. Both seem to be the same age and have the same general interests. While I enjoy history, professional snobbery is displayed and Chloe's job as a historian is treated with too much self-importance. The anti-big corporation and negative modified-agriculture tone was also duly noted.

  • Penny
    2019-05-30 02:40

    The Heirloom Murders by Kathleen Ernst is a must read for those of us who love the amateur sleuth. I give this book a 4 star rating for genre and enjoyment. The Chloe Ellefson mystery series is throughly entertaining light reading. Chloe Ellefson and Roelke McKenna, the main characters, are both conflicted by events in their past that keep them on an uncomfortable level about many things. However, their instincts are right on target about the missing facts or mysteries in front of them. They each, in their own way, keep pushing to find the missing pieces that will solve the mystery and protect their friends. Kathleen Ernst has done great research into the material presented in this book. I learned more about provenance and about the importance of preservation of heritage and plants that makes me want to learn more about these subjects. I even googled Old World Wisconsin and a few of the other provided sources and find myself wanting to learn more about the history of our ancestors. Now, I want to go back and read Kathleen Ernst's first Chloe Ellefson mystery, "Old World Murder", and look forward to reading the next book in the series.

  • chrisa
    2019-06-07 22:32

    Second book in the series. I enjoyed this book and thought it was a solid follow-up to Ernst's previous book. I liked the three different perspectives from Chloe, Roelke, and Albrecht. I believe that Ernst does a great job with Roelke's character in particular. At times I don't like his thoughts or perspective on a situation very much, but I still admire and respect him as a person overall.I enjoyed the mysteries in this book and loved the background insight into the Eagle Diamond through Albrecht's eyes. I also enjoy how Ernst is putting effort into populating Chloe's world with all sorts of people including irritating people like Mr. Petty (snort) and complex, driven characters like Roelke. I appreciate too that Ernst includes positive female characters that are friends of Chloe's. It's not just about the romance between Chloe and Roelke to the exclusion of any other character in the book. I'm looking forward to reading the next two books in the series.

  • Julia
    2019-05-29 22:40

    The Heirloom Murders star Chloe Ellefson, more settled in her new home, but still has a bit of her past coming into play. Chloe is a collections curator for Old World Wisconsin, a living history museum. When her friend Dellyn's sister commits suicide, Chloe steps up to assist Dellyn in continuing to sort through their parents historic house. Dellyn is also an avid gardener and a lot of interesting information about heirloom seeds is included. We get a peek into the past, as Ernst retells the story of a pioneer family that discovers a diamond while digging a well. This gem does become germane to the present story, as greed seems to be a problem for several characters in this mystery. I bounced around a bit in trying to figure out the who-dun-it, but enjoyed the conclusion to the story very much.

  • Becky
    2019-05-28 21:37

    This was a fun read. They "mystery" portion took a while to get into even though there was action from the first page. This being the second book in the series jumped into characters rather than trying to build them up right away. You got the chance to watch the growth of each character and experience what they were feeling through their eyes. I really enjoyed how this story unfolded, how the mysteries intertwined and the old world feel was present. It was nice to go back to at time before cell phones! I have had my interest peaked and will be looking for the first book to fill in the few gaps I have in to the history of the characters. Overall you don't need to have read the first book to enjoy this second one, and I am also happily looking forward to number three. This is a series that will find a permanent home in my library.

  • Miriam
    2019-06-08 02:29

    Chloe and her friend Dellyn are sorting through Dellyn's parent's house. It's chock full of heirlooms and donations to the Eagle Historical Society (that doesn't really exist), when they come across the legend of the Eagle Diamond discovered in 1876 in a farm nearby. The inventorying wouldn't be too bad if Dellyn's sister didn't die having maybe committed suicide, if Chloe wasn't attacked in Dellyn's barn, and if her ex, Marcus, didn't show up. Mix that with deputy Roelke McKenna, Chloe's love interest, and you have a spine chilling mystery. I loved the romp through the Wisconsin countryside into Swiss country and back again to rural Eagle. The historic village is a great backdrop for Chloe and her investigations. And who doesn't like to learn about a quirky legend. Kathleen Ernst has a hit series on her hands. I cannot wait for # 3.

  • Susan
    2019-06-09 00:15

    Chloe Ellefson is still on thin ice as probationary curator at Old World Wisconsin, an outdoor historical park, but that doesn't keep her from trying to help her friend Derryn, a master gardener whose family seems to be dying off at a stunning rate. Chloe's would-be beau Roelke McKenna is the policeman called to investigate the suicide of Derryn's sister Bonnie. Chloe is torn between him--they don't really seem to have much in common--and her Swiss former lover, who arrives in Wisconsin to rebuild the ties between them. There's something about Bonnie's rich, successful husband that sets off alarm bells in Roelke, and he goes ahead to investigate the man, even though that may endanger his efforts to get a full-time job with the Eagle police department.

  • Sandy Brehl
    2019-06-05 03:28

    This second in the series forces Chloe to examine her feelings about a recently failed experience and wrenching loss, her emerging responses to the local cop, and her standing among the staff and pecking order at Old World Wisconsin, the living history museum at which she is the collections curator. Of course, another complex and history-based mystery plays out. In this case the story shifts back and forth though time, offering the reader questions and clues from the people's lives in the past.Once again the writing, characters, and complexity of the story appeal, enhanced significantly by the richly authentic historic details.

  • Shannon
    2019-06-11 19:29

    I won Kathleen Ernst's The Heirloom Murders in a Goodreads giveaway. I had not read the first the book in the series, so all the characters were new to me, but that did not hinder my enjoyment a bit. I loved this. I loved the main characters -- I can't decide who I love more, Roelke or Chloe. I also enjoyed the backdrop of Old World Wisconsin and so much detail given to things like gardening and antiques. It was very interesting. The story was very full of intrigue and at times suspense. Not everything was obvious, which is a must for a great mystery. Needless to say, I'll be reading the rest of the series. I can't wait to go back and read the first.

  • Christine
    2019-06-14 19:25

    Curator Chloe Ellefson brings her knowledge of history and museums to help solve the two Heirloom Murders involving Old World Wisconsin. Her life is somewhat untidy, as our own are, and she navigates through her own love and life issues to rally in a satisfying conclusion. Having visited Old World Wisconsin many times helped me envision the setting. My own work with traditional breed poultry and heirloom seeds made the motives sizzle for me! Thanks for bringing these modern issues into a historic perspective and making them come alive.

  • Gerrie
    2019-06-18 00:22

    I have read the first book in the series and this one. I am continually disappointed with the main character. I prefer to read about strong women who take charge of their lives and move forward. Chloe is whiney, and self absorbed. I had hoped the second book in the series would have her character develop into a stronger more independent woman. However she continues to be manipulated by men. Ernst's mysteries are interesting and I generally enjoy her writing but unfortunately I cannot tolerate such a doormat as a main character.

  • Judym
    2019-06-12 21:22

    Enjoyed this mystery. It is set in Wisconsin which is an area a I know very little about.

  • Joan Colby
    2019-05-29 23:40

    The second book of the mystery series starring Chloe Ellefson. The setting is once again the historical site, Old World Wisconsin, which is depicted authentically though the story is fiction. Ernst writes a page turner complete with vivid characters that you care about. I ran across her first book in a state park gift shop while on vacation. Since then her reputation has grown with Edgar and Agatha nominations. I’m eager to read more of her work.

  • Lindsay♫Sings
    2019-06-20 22:35

    Honestly this was a good book and I really like the setting at Old World Wisconsin and I always learn a lot in Ernst's books....but this just wasn't one that will stick with me. Chloe's indifference between both of the men in her life drove me a little crazy. The bad guys' motives didn't seem strong enough to shock or excite me. It was all just "ok." Oh, and no cliffhanger this time! I actually liked the ending here.

  • Amy
    2019-06-03 02:22

    Another good book in the Chloe Ellefson series. I really like how Kathleen blends history and (somewhat) modern time in this series. She does such an excellent job of combining the two. I REALLY need to get my butt down to Old World Wisconsin next summer! I'm getting a bit frustrated at the Chloe/Roelke relationship. Those two needs some swift kicks to the posterior!

  • ❂ Jennifer
    2019-06-01 00:38

    Really good follow up to the first in the series. The character becomes more likeable and much less sad, although there's still a slight tendency towards melodrama, imo. The mystery itself was interesting. Not sure why the author has the story taking place in the 80's, it threw me off a bit at first, because it's quite subtle. Still, I'm looking forward to the third book to come out.

  • Carolyn
    2019-06-07 03:38

    Plot-wise, not as good as her first book as I was more interested in the characters than the murder mystery and even then wanted to just slap the heroine, but I will probably still read her next book when it comes out later this year because of the local setting. And I did stay up late to finish it, so at least it kept me entertained.

  • Jenn Estepp
    2019-06-24 03:23

    I am not sure why I keep reading this series - I find both main characters (historian/curator Chloe and her cop love interest) intensely irritating. But I read this one pretty quickly and I put in a request for the next one, so I guess there's something that I enjoy. I mean, I think the covers are nice and they make me really want to visit Wisconsin, so that's something, right?