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Title : Capital Sins
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ISBN : 9781848400719
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 255 Pages
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Capital Sins Reviews

  • Mary Josefina Cade
    2019-01-20 14:50

    Wild and hilariously funny, I loved 'Capital Sins', an epic novel about people who wouldn't normally feature in epic tragic scenarios. The story flows and disastrous events and comedy are tangled together, often in the same sentence. Peter Cunningham has the key talent of writing wonderfully, but without annoying the reader by showing off how clever he is being. He also creates riveting stories from everyday matters. For example, I would never have expected to be so interested in Albert's bodily functions. And I must mention the board meetings with Fagan. Plus everything being 'grand, thanks!' A true word magician.The words 'Goose Point Wonderland' now summon up never to be forgotten images of.... well I won't say, but I strongly advise anyone who has an interest in property developers to find out. And money. Money is a core subject of 'Capital Sins', the madness of running after it, the strain of trying to keep it and the bizarre consequences of reckless spending. Yes, I'm definitely better off without money. I think.'Capital Sins' also has an educational aspect for ignorant Brits as I now know who the 'Fir Bolg' were, a legend I have to investigate further.The ending also gets five stars from me, just on its own. A fabulous book, I SO enjoyed it!

  • Sally Foord-kelcey
    2019-02-03 17:09

    If you want to understand why the Celtic Tiger collapsed, this wicked satire by Irish author Peter Cunningham explains it all perfectly. A cast of thinly disguised caricatures of some of the major players - bankers, developers, politicians, press barons - play out a story of entangled business dealings, manipulated share prices, extreme greed, corruption, hubris, high-living, sex... It also demonstrates how ordinary people were swept along, or swept aside, in this mad dash for unimaginable wealth.