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In an unfortunate case of mistaken identity, pampered show dog Talisman is switched with a cowdog and has to work on a ranch for the day. By the time her harrowing adventure is over, she is in desperate need of a massage, a session with her Reiki Master, a consultation with the pet psychic, a full grooming, and a pedicure. However, along the way she learns powerful lessonsIn an unfortunate case of mistaken identity, pampered show dog Talisman is switched with a cowdog and has to work on a ranch for the day. By the time her harrowing adventure is over, she is in desperate need of a massage, a session with her Reiki Master, a consultation with the pet psychic, a full grooming, and a pedicure. However, along the way she learns powerful lessons-including the discovery that she's so much more than just another pretty face. Hilarious and touching, a tale for humans of all ages! Nominated as best humor book of the year by the Dog Writers Association of America. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Australian Shepherd Rescue:

Title : Show Dog Sings the Blues
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ISBN : 9781461180913
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 66 Pages
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Show Dog Sings the Blues Reviews

  • Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms)
    2019-02-05 09:54

    What a fun little book and one that can be enjoyed by any age reader. And a portion of the proceeds from sale of the book is being donated by the author to Aussie Rescue! Show Dog Sings the Blues was nominated for best humor book of 2011 by the Dog Writers Association of America. Within the 52 pages an Australian Shepherd, Tali, whose official name is Spiritsong’s Lucky Talisman of DeMitri, tells the story of her visit to spend a day with her sister, Maddie. Maddie is a cow dog! Tali is a very pampered and much loved show dog but loves her visits to the ranch where she can run and play with Maddie. Tali tells us a little bit about her life as a show dog and sadly about how her wonderful owner has passed away, but she has a new life with a nine year old girl who loves her. Although Tali is a dog and has a dog’s simple outlook on life, there are some really beautiful spiritual themes that run through portions of the story she tells. Just to give you a sample of Tali’s story-telling style, here is her description of the reunion between her and her sister at the ranch.“Maddie and I ignored each other until we were alone. Then she turned around and sniffed me, so I stood and sniffed her too. For a time it was a veritable sniff-fest. The smells on her fascinated me, much in the same way that the horror movies Angelina always watched never failed to suck me in. It was just so awful that it was hypnotizing. I sensed Maddie’s frustration at not finding many noteworthy scents on me. I had just been groomed, which limited the range of odors to those of the manmade, perfumed variety.Finally, Maddie pulled back and grinned, which made my butt wiggle, spectacularly.”Tali’s adventure begins when she and Maddie go for a run, find a mud puddle and then a skunk. When they arrive back at the house with Maddie carrying Tali’s bandana in her mouth, Josh mistakes one for the other. Maddie is taken to the house for a bath while Josh calls Tali, using her sister’s name, to go help him with the day’s work. The rest of the story is sweet, funny, and very much about an Australian Shepherd. Tali comes up against things she never dreamed of, learns a new respect for her sister’s life, and fumbles her way along trying to do what she thinks is the right thing in spite of fear and confusion. In doing these things she also forms a nice little bond with this human who considers her a pretty strange ranch dog but who has a grudging respect for how she handles things she obviously is struggling with.This made me laugh as it so much shows the author’s knowledge of DOGS:”Josh reached down to the floor, picked up a sizable slice of hoof, and threw it over to me. “Here’s a snack, girl.”How insulting! I was a dog who ate organic kibble, not a dog who chowed down on dirty old horse hooves. I grimaced. I sniffed it. I turned up my lip in disgust. I touched it with my tongue. I nibbled on it. I liked it. I chewed. I ate it. I hung my head in shame.”I found Tali’s day on the ranch a read that kept me smiling. The author is putting human thoughts into words by a dog, but it also rings true and lets you know that Devin O’Branagan does understand Australian Shepherds. And if they could think and talk like us……then they probably would do it with humor and sometimes a deep understanding of humans like Tali does.I strongly recommend this little book for a fun quick read. I bought my signed copy (which make great personal gifts) from the author’s website but it is available at Amazon too in print or e-book form. Most of this author’s other books have Aussies in them, but this is the only one written by an Aussie!

  • N.L. Riviezzo
    2019-02-09 10:47

    This a really lovely novella that stands on its own but is still part of the Red Hot Novels . The novella is an expansion on a scene in Red Hot Liberty told from the dog's perspective. While the human main characters are away, the dogs will play.In this story, Talisman - a pampered Australian Shepard - finds herself working her sister's ranch for the day. Meanwhile her sister, Maddie, is being pampered by the ranch staff who haven't realized the switch. At first, Talisman is absolutely appalled by her situation but as the story progresses, she beings to learn that she can be more than a showdog; that she can tap into her Shepherding instincts and be a hero.The events range from hilarious to touching while adding a great deal of depth to the Red Hot world and to the character that is Talisman.If you are a fan of Red Hot Property and Red Hot Liberty, you'll adore this novella. If you are unfamiliar with Red Hot Property and Red Hot Liberty, this is a great introduction to the series!

  • C.
    2019-01-22 11:00

    Great short story, loved it, now I must read this author's other books that feature Tali the Australian Shepherd ~ Red Hot Property and Red Hot Liberty, plus the prequel which is also a short story told from Tali's POV~ The Twilight Bone. All can be read free with Kindle Unlimited.

  • Mardel
    2019-01-19 17:12

    Devin O'Branagan wrote a duo of novels featuring Molly, a newly single mother and her daughter. The first book was the story of how Molly makes a new life for her daughter and herself, gets a license as a real estate broker and has many scenes of house showings weaved into a story of a woman's coming of age, or rather growing into her own. That book was Red Hot Property and was a good mix of humor and real life. There was a sequel, Red Hot Liberty that was just as fun to read. I mention them, because Talisman is a very pampered dog owned by one of the secondary characters, and later ended up in Molly's small family. There is a third novel coming, by the way - but in the meantime...Show Dog Sings the Blues features a short story of Talisman, aka Tali, aka dog diva supreme (I made that up) and her visit to see her sister. See Tali is so pampered that her first owner made sure she had regular spa visits, massages, visits with a pet psychic, etc and when Tali ended up in Molly's family Molly and daughter continued the regimen, which included regular visits with her sister, who lived a completely different lifestyle.Tali's sister is a working dog - a dog that works on a ranch, herding sheep and helping the ranch hands with all kinds of the jobs that make a ranch function.Except that on this one particular visit, Tali and her sister end up mixed up - a case of mistaken identity. While her sister, who loves being a working ranch dog has to endure a day of pampering and watching through the window Tali ends up having to work the day away, not know how to handle each particular job. The ranch hand she's left with doesn't realize she's not her sister and can't figure out why his new boss says the dog is such a good working dog - she seems kind of crazy to him. And the other farm animals of course can tell Tali isn't the right dog so some of them challenge her and some of them just don't seem to respect her - especially this one kitten who decides she's a new best friend.The book is a fun read, and though I would never dream of pampering my dog the way Tali is pampered, it's kind of funny to read about Tali and her....very spoiled ways. Her sister - way more down to earth and happy with her life, was a good counterpoint to Tali.If you're looking for a fun short read, Show Dog Sings the Blues is a fun one, written in Tali's pov. I had fun reading it

  • K.L. Schwengel
    2019-01-24 15:51

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to find yourself in a foreign land, unable to speak the language, and mistaken for someone else? That’s the situation Tali, or rather, Spiritsong’s Lucky Talisman of DeMitri finds herself in. Used to the life of a pampered showdog – including manicures, perfumed shampoo, organic kibble and bottled water – Tali never thought her life would involve wrangling cattle or facing off coyotes. That’s her sister’s job. But when Tali gets mistaken for her sister Maddie, and has to spend the day working on a ranch, she learns that sometimes we have to dig deep to find what we’re really made of.Told from the viewpoint of an Australian Shepherd used to a life of luxury, Devin O’Branagan’s Show Dog Sings the Blues is a lighthearted romp through a day of mistaken identity. There’s action, adventure, laughter, and even a few tears as O’Branagan spins her tale of the power of love and coping with what life sometimes throws us.Anyone who’s had a working dog and/or a pampered pooch will be able to relate. If you’re looking for a quick, light, and entertaining read, be sure to pick up Show Dog Sings the Blues, or add it as a stocking stuffer for your favorite dog lover. A portion of the proceeds from this novella will be donated to

  • Sue Wentz
    2019-02-14 09:00

    Mistaken identity stories are always fun, but this one takes a whole new spin on the classic concept when champion Australian Shepherd, Spiritsong's Lucky Talisman of DeMitri (call her Tali)—a true maven of the Westminster show scene—finds herself pitted against the challenges of a slew of ranch-oriented antagonists, a possibly nearsighted kitten and a completely ruined pedicure. The tale of Tali, told from her very own and very opinionated point of view is fast-paced, witty and whimsically fun. I read it in one sitting and was looking for more!Although SHOWDOG SINGS THE BLUES is a companion piece to Devin O’Branagan’s Red Hot series (Red Hot Property and Red Hot Liberty) this was the first one I read from the group and it works just fine as a stand-alone. This is an author who knows her storytelling and certainly knows her Aussies. I’m looking forward to reading more about Tali as well as the human characters briefly seen or only alluded to in this book!

  • Sally Wolf
    2019-01-31 13:54

    Have you ever met a dog that you swore, that if it walked on two legs instead of four, it would be more human then most people. Well Tali is one such dog born and raised to be a pampered show dog in this book she finds out that she is more then just a pretty face. In a unfortunate event during a play date Talie is mixed up with her Cow dog sister and forced to help on the ranch, unaware that by doing so she helps herself and others find out that there is more to life then what you see on the surface. Deep down life and death are powered by love and that makes the world go around. I loved this little sister novella to Red Hot Liberty it gives you real insight into the powerful mind of a dog and reminds us that just because they can't speak, that doesn't mean they don't have hearts or souls. I would recommend this to anyone who likes dogs, friends, and a good laugh.

  • Jenna Anderson
    2019-02-13 17:08

    I enjoyed this novella very much. Ms. O'Branagan has a knack for getting inside a diva dog's head and telling one fun tale. Tali's personality shined during her day on the ranch. I loved the cute, simple names the dog gave all the animals she met such as the cute kitten, Little Blue Eyes. This title is referred to as canine chick lit. I can see that. I encourage the author to give middle grade and young adult genres a try. I feel her ability to write with detail and action would work well with younger readers. I wish Ms. O'Branagan had expanded a little more on the ranch hand's recent loss as well as the dog's relationship with her first owner. I don't think the story needs to be expanded to a novel, it just needs a touch more. I loved what was given and wanted to feel it even deeper. Show Dog Sings the Blues is a silly, exciting, touching, and imaginative story.

  • Josh Langston
    2019-02-18 08:57

    Okay, I'm a sucker for dog stories. Have been all my life. And even though my taste in canines runs toward mongrels (we've got two), I've met enough show dog folk to understand them, at least a little. The show dogs themselves are another story. That made Devin O'Branagan's novella especially enjoyable.Show Dog Sings the Blues is a pleasant tale told from the dog's perspective and showcases a true love of animals, especially the domesticated variety. It also showcases farm life, something that urban readers should find both interesting and educational. I think younger readers will be particularly pleased with this tale and its gentle humor. I look forward to sharing it with my grandkids.

  • Melodie
    2019-02-08 17:03

    Show Dog Sings the Blues, by Devin O'Branagan. First off I was enchanted by the title. Loved it! This is a novella, spun off of a series of books featuring the people of show dog, Tali.The book told through Tali's eyes and experiences on a visit to the farm where her sister,Maddie is a cow dog. Mistaken identity ensues along with a romping adventure. The book is charming, and does a little teaching as well, reminding the reader that while the language is different, our canine counterparts have purpose in their lives as well.We speak to one another in heart language, if not the spoken word.

  • Jane Firebaugh
    2019-01-28 08:56

    Fabulously Fun Dog Story!Show dog Talisman is mistaken for her farm dog sister for a day and learns what being a ranch dog is like, herding cattle and running through the mud with her pretty pink painted toe nails, while her ranch dog sister is pampered with baths and special treats all day. This is such a fun story to read. It is written from the dog's perspective and is simply delightful! Perfect as a companion to O'Branagan's books Red Hot Property and Red Hot Liberty, but is also very enjoyable as a stand alone short story. If you love dogs (especially Australian Shepherds), you will love this story!

  • Krista
    2019-02-06 12:52

    Finished this book in record time. Once I started, I was determined to keep going until I'd finished. The warmth behind this story is incredible. If Red Hot Liberty (the novel the novella branches from) is a perfect summer read, then Show Dog is a perfect spring/fall read. Great to cuddle up with a blanket and get warmed from the inside out.

  • Jen
    2019-01-31 10:50

    A cute, fast and fun read!

  • Jan Niblock
    2019-01-21 13:55

    I have given this book as a gift to a few people and all of us thought it was great. I could really identify with everything that was going on in the story.

  • Devin O'Branagan
    2019-01-30 15:52