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In a world where a werecat virus has changed society, Roan McKichan, a born infected and ex-cop, works as a private detective trying to solve crimes involving other infecteds.But when your heart is gone, it’s easy to fall into a black hole and never crawl out. Roan has been lost and alone for more than a year, and his best friends think a new case might be just the motivatIn a world where a werecat virus has changed society, Roan McKichan, a born infected and ex-cop, works as a private detective trying to solve crimes involving other infecteds.But when your heart is gone, it’s easy to fall into a black hole and never crawl out. Roan has been lost and alone for more than a year, and his best friends think a new case might be just the motivation he needs. Roan forces himself back into the game and discovers a dead man who might not be all that dead, a street hustler that wants to hustle him, and a dominatrix who is well prepared to take Roan’s orders. As Roan claws his way out of the darkness by diving back into his work, he finds himself in a race against time in the adrenaline-pumping realization that nothing helps a person want to live like helping someone else survive....

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Life After Death Reviews

  • A Girl Has No Name
    2019-06-05 23:17

    3.5 stars rounded up to 4!After the heartbreaking end of the previous installment of this series, I was a little afraid to pick Infected: Life After Death up. I knew that it would be hard and it was. Roan is devasted, completely unable to move on. He is suffering and desperately trying to cope with his loss, but he can't focus on anything else. But with the help of his friends and Paris' own previsions, Roan is slowly getting back into life. As usual, the book is definited in two stories with independent mysteries. While I usually loved the mysteries of this series due to their complex and intelligent storyline, I wasn't as enthusiastic with regard to these two mysteries. I had problems with the pace and there were somehow too many questions and subplot left unanswered. I keep wondering about certain aspects and I really hope that the next part of the series will be able to answer some of the open questions. Another interesting part of this installment was the fact that Roan is letting somebody new into his life - bartender Dylan. I immediately fell in love with him and I can't wait to read more about him in the next parts. Once again, all possible sex scenes have been fading to black. While I don't have a problem with this in stories with a ready interesting plot line, I for once felt a little frustrated. The mystery wasn't strong enough to outbalance the missing steam. I'm looking forward to see how Dylan's and Roan's relationship is going to develop!

  • Sofia
    2019-06-22 00:25

    3.5 starsEmphasis on After here. Being the one left behind is not easy as attested by Roan. This was one sad story peopled by characters with sad stories as well.What I love about Speed’s books, especially this one is the characters she inhabits them with. Characters I am happy to read about and who I would like to see more of. In fact I am still wondering what happened to some of the characters I met in this book and in the previous one.A timeline problem ate away a little of my concentration and the story appeared a bit disjointed. The second book was much more tighter and so had a greater impact. These two niggles aside, I like this instalment too. I had expected it’s sadness as part of the mourning process and one thing I notice about Speed is that she does take us through the emotions along with her characters. Roan is desperate, sad, unsure, hope is not part of his psyche, it never was and I do not think it will ever be.And yes I am going forward to the next one!BR with my lion pride Rosa, RA, Otila, Desinka and Meep on 11th Nov 2014 Our BR thread link.

  • Laura
    2019-06-21 00:27

    ***Spoilers Ahead***”pain doesn’t ever really fade—you just get used to it”Everything changes when our lives and hearts wrap around another heart and soul. We share, touch, need, give, lust, love and affect each other on every level. So what happens when you lose half of your heart? When death takes a loved one, how do we hold on? How can we continue to move, feel, live, and breathe without dying inside?We don’t. Bits and pieces of your heart and soul fall away, but hopefully we heal. Hopefully we break through the grief and numbness to feel love again. Love doesn't ever really fade either.Roan is lost in a world of grief and darkness. Time stretched out filled with anger, loss, and an overwhelming sense of disconnection from daily life. Everything fell away. But with constant pushes and care from friends, Roan begins to get up, move, work, and talk again. With patience and raw, honest emotion, Ms. Speed captures Roan’s loss with heartbreaking aches and jabs. I could feel the emptiness and intense need in my own gut at times. The rage, sadness, and dark, dark depression is spiked with such wicked grins and humor that displays Roan’s journey out of bed and back into life with such realistic force. We all have to face life again after death. Roan has to…(view spoiler)[face life without Paris. (hide spoiler)]This sounds strange to say, but power and pure life live in these pages. With new friends, old friends, passion, and work, Roan begins to live again. For me, the details brought this story to life. Ms. Speed excels at pulling life’s humor, moments, and little things together to create such a clear, pure, honest picture and power. The little things in life can often cut through the grief and keep us alive inside. I breathed it all in with such bittersweet gulps. I could feel the slow change in Roan’s life and heart through them. I could feel it in:--The air as Roan took the bike out for a ride. Speed, power, and force cutting through space. --The desire for music and sound to fill the room again. (view spoiler)[Music took me the longest to get back in my life and heart after a loss. My love and memories are so locked in and around music. Certain songs cut deep. (hide spoiler)]--The enjoyment and taste of a good meal or warm tea.--The need for work’s puzzle-pieces to distract and fill the hole in his heart.I could feel it all. Tastes. Sounds. Embraces. Music. Friendship. And Love. I could feel the life again in the darkness. Connecting again.Paris! I love you even more.(view spoiler)[Paris’s love for Roan continues to linger, influence, and surprise. Oh, the surprises! His presence, warmth, and humor is here on every page. (hide spoiler)]A new voice jumps to life in this book though. Holden is my favorite new addition to Roan’s cast of crazy in this series. His humor and energy brings Roan and this investigation alive. “A glittery sex bomb” was just what Roan needed to keep him smiling and on his toes. And man-o-man does Holden keep Roan on guard and guessing. To me, Holden felt like a mix of Roan and Paris’s superpowers—Roan’s fierce passion to protect and Paris’s power of manipulation. Haha…You will see how dangerous he can be! :) The banter, chemistry, one liners, and flirting—loved it all! I might even….(view spoiler)[root for a Roan and Holden hookup eventually. No offense Dylan. Hehe…Really! Dylan is exactly what Roan needs right now. (hide spoiler)]One more thing I have to express and shower with raves here is Roan’s tenderness. It constantly surprises me. At first glance, Roan seems so hard and distant, but again & again he throws me off guard with thoughtfulness and concern. His need to help and defend is fierce and inspiring. This seemingly small act though is where I stopped, closed my eyes, and made a wish for my very own Roan in life--(view spoiler)[ When he checked in on Rainbow. It just completely filled my heart with love. After Eli’s death, for Roan to think, take time, and show concern for someone else’s loss stunned and awed my heart. (hide spoiler)]This series has grabbed a hold of my heart. I’m all in! Addicted to the world, characters, and life. Off to the next adventure…p.s.Best chapter title—“Let the Wind Erase Me” Attenuate the light of daySo I can see the lines and detailsAnd not the hazy, plastic blurThat floods my eyes till I can't seeLet the wind erase meLike the memory of a kissLet these waters take meAway from all of this--song by Assemblage 23

  • Natalia
    2019-06-19 23:23

    4.5 stars

  • Sheri
    2019-06-23 02:21

    Pulsating Pain. Agonizing illusions. Surviving after. Roan’s grief was a palpable wave of pain that surged from the pages. I grieved, I suffered and I wept with him. After Paris’ death, he shut down (as expected) and if it wasn’t for Paris’ careful planning before his passing, Ro would have willingly stayed in his pit of misery. I didn’t think it was possible to adore Paris more, but the steps he took to take care of Roan swelled my heart to painful proportions. The persistent ex, the puppy dog crush and even a potential suitor; he had all the angles covered. And the note, *sobs* I curled into a fetal ball and wallowed myself.‘pain doesn’t ever really fade, you just get used to it.’Old friends stay strong, and new friends stand at the ready, prepared to catch Roan when he falls. And fall he does. He is relearning to live again and it’s a heartrending process.I surprise myself by admitting Dylan is amazing. He is tender, compassionate and patient. Yep, I like him. I was a bit taken aback by Matt, maybe even a tad disappointed? Fiona is a refreshing and fun addition to the crew. And Holden?? I am unsure what to think of him yet; the jury is still out.How do you move on? How does your heart beat when the reason behind it is gone? Will the light appear at the end of darkness?As much as Roan despises to admit it, his life will go on. He may even smile again, and at some point find a slice of happiness without guilt attached to it. I may have a slight case of dehydration from the sheer amount of tears shed, but there is no stopping me from continuing on. I am clinging to hope while I surge ahead in this unforgettable journey. *5 remarkable-yet-grief-stricken stars*

  • R * A Reader Obsessed *
    2019-06-16 02:33

    Though this series is probably billed as a paranormal mystery, I feel that that is pigeon holing it into a subcategory that is not all true. Of course the crux of these stories is Roan and how he is probably the only born (not infected) virus human/cat hybrid that has actually come out on top of this dreaded disease, where everyone else's lifespans are drastically cut short. Him being a private investigator is a good device on seeing how he works, thinks, lives. However if you've gotten this far into the series then you know he's barely living at all, drowning in despair, desolate with loss.Roan has a tenuous hold on his composure and what he thinks is his sanity. His pain is too much to bear and he's understandably not wanting to move on from Paris. He struggles with survivor's guilt and the unknown when it comes to his lion side.Somehow his friends finagle him into taking on a case which actually slowly brings him out of his self imposed isolation and numb stupor. Again the various things he investigates aren't really the main part of the story. It showcases what he's been through, how he's coping, and how much further he has to go.Again, this author shows the worst facets of our human nature. She has made Roan's world full of hate, sadness, and violence. His voice is still bitterly snarky, the biting humor stings just a bit more in the face of loss and trying to live again. I appreciate also the great supporting characters, fully fleshed out and each with their own fun and often tragic voice. There is no sugar coating this harsh world but there is some hope there, there are definitely things to be grateful for and appreciate. I look forward to seeing Roan find more of those reasons; I want him to find those things that make life worth it and that is what's going to make me come back for more.As always, thanks to Otila, Rosa, Sofia, Desinka and Meep for a great BR!

  • Rosa, really
    2019-06-11 23:14

    3.5The timeline is fucked up, characters and subplots are dropped, the relationship with Dylan happens too quickly--or does it? It would be easier to tell if I knew THE TIMELINE. Needs to be reedited. Still--one of my favorite urban fantasy series. I love Roan, although he's lacking his usual snarkiness. Given the subject matter (mourning) it's understandable. So many sad stories in this one--Roan, Holden, Matt, Dylan, Kevin, uh...other people. People caught between the past and present, making the decision (or not) to "move on" (fucking psychobabble) or not, which reflects Roan's own state of mind. Actually, now that I'm moving my fingers, it occurs to me that this book isn't about "moving on" so much as learning to live with grief and disappointment and and anger and rejection and all those emotions we'd rather not admit to.Good shit. I like it.***********************************************************Further adventures in my quest for heartbreak.At least I'll have my girls--Desinka, Meep, R, Otila and Sophia.Apparently not.

  • Tara♥
    2019-06-09 20:09

    "Humanity was awful; humanity made you hurt. Humanity was a weakness that would kill everyone, one way or another""I'm not going to lie to you and say it gets easier, because it doesn't. It's just that you get used to it. The human animal has an amazing capacity to get used to almost anything."Oh my, Roan just about finished me off in this, he still had his trademark snark but he also had a shroud of pain wrapped around him at almost all times. I read in another review that this book was really about mourning and I have to agree. Roan's grieving, Dylan's grieving, Roan's first case and even Matt and perhaps Eli. Everyone dealt with it differently and it highlighted that death was not necessarily the only thing that is mourned. I'm loving this series and I am absolutely madly in love with Roan but it is far from perfect and this book really highlighted the imperfections. There were some big boo boos, like timeline issues and cases not being resolved (the case in question is dealt with in a 'p.s.' at the end which I found to be really frustrating and kind of brilliant) and little annoyances, like basically EVERYONE having an original name that ends up not being there actual name, and speaking of names, the fraud case had about 50 million names (I guess since it's fraud that's understandable) and I got very confused on a few occasions. But I think I could forgive anything because of Roan and now Holden and Dylan and Fiona. There is a bleak sense of humor that I'm really enjoying and I genuinely enjoy the cases. This world is unusual and fascinating and the changes that are happening to Roan as an Infected child and being with him as he witnesses the effects that other Infected endure is heartbreaking and intriguing. Bring on the Lion I say!!

  • Tara
    2019-06-24 22:03

    Ok, so maybe I just miss Paris, but this book didn't do it for me the way the others did.This book has two stories: Life After Death & Hysteria.Life After Death is just what it sounds like, Roan is finally rejoining life after Paris. It's almost a year after Paris and apparently he's barely left his bed. His friends are taking care of him and he's still talking to a hallucination of Paris. When we join the story, he is just finally becoming aware of the world again. He gets out of bed, takes a case, goes grocery shopping... (view spoiler)[meets a new guy, breaks Matt's heart. Well, Dylan (Toby) isn't really new, he's the bartender from Panic. But he sees Roan at the grocery store and the next thing I know, Roan is kissing him. Okay, it wasn't that sudden, but it felt that way. Not that I wanted him to wallow forever, but maybe one full book where he stays single. And yes, technically he didn't start to date Dylan in the first story, but he still felt like he was moving on. No rebound guy. No meaningless sex. Just right into a potential relationship. For me, as a reader, it hasn't been very long and moving on feels really fast. And poor Matt. I know that's not really Roan's fault, it was never going to be Matt, but in some ways I kind of wanted to go throw things at Dylan. But I wish Roan had made everything that clear for Matt sooner, maybe the poor boy could have avoided his relapse. (hide spoiler)]Hysteria I had some trouble getting in to. Maybe it was some of the things that started to unfold in the first story of the book. Maybe I just miss Paris. It seems like Roan is making new friends in this book. Expanding his circle. Adding more and more people to his "give a crap about" list. Some of them are fun, like his new assistant. A former computer programmer, turned dominatrix that seems to look like a frumpy housewife out of costume. She's fun. And Holden, a former hustler that goes by the name of Fox. I have created an entire storyline for him (that has nothing to do with Roan), but I hope even a little bit of it comes true. Plus, in this book we see another relation of Roan's go full circle. And Roan seems to be continually at the center of a lot of sensational "cat" stories.I think some of my disillusionment was definitely because Roan was off his game, so I felt off mine. I know a big portion of it was the absence of Paris. While the books were always about Roan, Paris offered a nice balance. (view spoiler)[The addition of Dylan feels so much like buy a new puppy to replace the one that died, that it hurts a little. I know Paris seems to have engineered the whole thing, but seeing the relationship develop platonically would have helped. Keeping it completely non-sexual for a couple of books would have helped too. I feel like it's all happening too fast. I know, that 20 books could go by and I'd still feel like it was too soon. I think just fast forwarding time in the books, doesn't help the reader reconcile the loss of Paris with Roan getting on with his life. Plus in Hysteria, we lose Eli. The man who had been Roan's nemesis and we lose him sort of uneventfully. He hasn't really played any sort of major role in a while, or so it feels, and then he just died. And poor Matt, again. Dating a total asshat so he doesn't have to be alone. I really hope he can find a happy place in regards to Roan, because I miss having him around. (hide spoiler)] By the end of the second book, I saw the "hysteria" that the tittle seemed to imply. All in all, still good, but not at the top of my list. The two stories seemed very transitional except in one aspect where it seems to really push the story forward. I think one transitional story would have worked, getting it all out in Life After Death. And then Hysteria could have been a reboot and rebuild, but as it was, there was a lot of rebuilding and set up in both books, with Roan moving forward rapidly in some aspects while it's really clear that he shouldn't be, because he still needs to find his restart button.

  • Skye Blue ☆*~゚ლ(´ڡ`ლ)~*☆
    2019-06-15 01:31

    This is 2 books, in one. At first I was a little confused, when it jumped from 1 year after Paris's death, to 2 years. But then I realized that I had entered book 2. It was a little confusing, but I figured it out quickly. Book 1 left many threads just dropped. Roan had started a new case, but never showed the resolution of that case. But it really didn't matter.The cases, wile interesting, are really just background. I don't think following til the end of the case, looking for a missing male hustler, would have moved the story along any, so it was dropped. I did wonder a little about it, but not enough to annoy me. I like that Roan still hasn't moved on 2 years later. I'm glad that he is making progress on learning to live with the pain, and entering a new relationship, but Paris was such a big part of his life, jumping into bed with another man to soon would have felt off.I'm not really feeling Dylan yet. I was interested him a little in the beginning of the book, but it just didn't progress. I loved Paris from the get go. I wanted to like Dylan…I don't dislike him. I'm just indifferent. Sadly, I liked Holden better than Dylan. Right now, I'm hooked on Roan. It's his story. I'm glad he is starting to move on with life. I just hope Dylan gets more development. Either that, or they decide to be good friends and Roan finds someone else.Even with the fast forward timeline, and my disinterest in Dylan, I still LOVED this book. Yes, I'm hooked.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Re-read 4/28/17I love this series.First time around, it really took me a long time to fully warm up to Dylan. By long time, I mean almost the end of the series. I never hated him. This time around...I still kinda feel ehh towards him at this point of series, but at least I know I like him with Roan a lot better in the future.This book was a seriously hard start...knowing we lost Paris, and trying to move on in the series, it's hard to open the book.At least this time around, I know the author pulled it off, before I started. Yes, the loss of Paris will be felt in every single book. I think that is why it works. Andrea Speed didn't just write him off. His memory is respected through out the entire series.PLUSWe met Holden and Fiona in this one. Even as a side character, Holden always made an impression.I'm upping this up a star from my original rating. (don't usually go UP on a re-read...but this series has stuck with me)

  • Desinka
    2019-06-27 21:21

    This installment consisted of two stories, which I'd much prefer to be told in a single one. If nothing else, it'd have spared the awkward timeline mess-up that I've been trying to explain to myself with a typo. Still some things didn't make sense even then.Despite this obvious blunder I quite enjoyed the stories. I liked Roan's new romance even though it couldn't compare with the one he had with Paris. I'm hoping things will go up form here. I also liked the new additions to the team. On the whole this was a worthy continuation of the series. Looking forward to reading the next one.Buddy read with Sofia, Rosa, RA, Otila and Meep. It's been great reading this with you girls:)

  • Kaje Harper
    2019-05-28 01:09

    This book is not as intense as the first two, but it still is an engaging and interesting read, and vital (to my emotional satisfaction) in showing Roan moving on after book two. I like the opening, which eases us into Roan's new life alone. Dylan is a nice guy, although not the character that Paris was. And Fox is great. The ending wrap-everything-up summary was a little too narrative. If four or five of those scenes had been played out instead of described I think it would have avoided a little let-down feeling at the end of this book and made it a 5 star read for me. But if there is another in this series, I will gladly continue to read about Roan and his life.

  • Em
    2019-06-03 03:15

    I miss Paris so much, he was such a wonderful character and a huge part of Roan's life, it was hard not too. I loved the way he carefully arranged for friends to look out for Roan after he'd gone and the little momentous he left out for him to find. However, I am glad that life has started to move on for Roan and he now has Dylan in his life. It would be impossible for Dylan to substitute Paris but I hope that over time he and Roan will be good for each other, he does seem very loving and compassionate.

  • Otila
    2019-06-06 02:30

    3.5I'm having trouble writing this review. There were lots of things wrong with this book. A confusing timeline, dropped story lines, odd pacing...But I don't want to bitch too much because I liked it. I'm invested in Roan, his life and his friends. I want to know what comes next for all of them, new and old characters alike.I enjoy the world building in this series. It's a different and interesting take on shifters. I enjoy seeing Roan learn to control his lion and how to take advantage of his powers.Roan is learning that there is life after Paris and I'm ready to continue this journey with him. pain doesn't ever fade--you just get used to it.BR with Sofia, Desinka, Rosa, R and Meep.

  • Linda ~ chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny ~
    2019-06-13 02:03

    3.5 starsAw, poor Roan. :(There were a lot of heartfelt and bittersweet moments in this installment, which again gives us two books in one. Roan's mourning has been significant, and while he's now back in the land of the living, he's still not yet finished mourning. His depression has also hit an all-time low, even with friends and a possible new love interest making sure he doesn't retreat back into himself. The characters continue to be the strong point of this series. Paris still has a presence here, especially in Book 1, and his wish to see Roan looked after is very much fulfilled. We get to meet a couple of new characters also, including the hilarious dominatrix Fiona and the complex hustler Holden. And of course, there's Dylan, who understands Roan in a way few others can. He's also loved and lost, and he offers an ear and friendship when Roan needs it most. The cases in Book 1 aren't as involved, and one even gets dropped, though there's a note at the very end briefly explaining it's outcome. Book 2 brings back the political unrest of the first book, along with Eli, and the new cases here are a bit more involved. It's suiting to Roan's moods as the book progresses that the cases get more complex, but they're still not quite at the level I'm used to expecting.I still wish Ms. Speed would delve more into the hows and whys of the virus. We get a teensy bit more here, but not much. It's still unknown how the virus started (but come on, there have to be conspiracy theories) or how it really works, or why Roan's case is so vastly different from every other infected. I'm getting a little better at rolling with all this shifter business, though I am worried Roan's going to give himself throat cancer or something if he keeps tearing up his larynx like that. The shifter stuff is interesting, I suppose, though I'll never respond in a "ooh-la-la" way to it. I mean, I love my cats. I just don't loooove my cats. ;)The ending of Book 2 was rather rushed. The final chapter was definitely epiloguey in the way it wrapped everything up. I'm greedy when I'm enjoying the world I'm in. Don't sum up; show me everything! The big talk between Roan and Dylan is completely skipped and barely even glossed over. I wanted to see that. That's a very important step not just for Roan moving on with his life but for Roan and Dylan figuring out their fledgling relationship. Why would you skip that?There were a few continuity errors - such as Book 2 being noted as being "one month later" after Book 1, but then it's said Roan hasn't seen Matt in a year. No, it's been a month. There are also several mentions of Roan's funky bedsheets in Book 1, which even get bloodied at one point, and Roan keeps thinking about washing them, but who knows when he ever does. They're little things, but they bugged me. A good content editor should've pointed those things out. (And since we find out later Roan had just gone through a transition cycle four days before the start of this book, there's no reason for his sheets to be funky at all - at least not until Roan gets into bed all bloody and gross. He was in a cage every night for at least three nights in a row. No one thought to do some laundry? Epic fail, guys. At least spritz some Fabreeze, geez.)I don't recall if I already mentioned Ms. Speed's used of parentheticals. I love parentheses, so that doesn't bother me. What did start to annoy me was the use of (?) and (!) throughout the text. It started to feel like the author wanted to nudge the reader toward certain emotional responses. And in one case, the transexual prostitute, who we learn a great deal about but never actually meet, the use of (?) after her name was ... I'm not sure what it was. At first I thought it was supposed to indicate that Roan wasn't sure it was actually her, even though he identified her immediately in the previous paragraph. But as I read on and she was mentioned again later, I started to feel a transphobic vibe from the text. It was very odd. I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt, at least for now, and assume clumsy exposition.

  • Jenre
    2019-06-22 22:21

    Those readers who toughed it out during book two as we followed Paris' decline and death are no doubt hoping for a slightly cheerier read in this third book. You may well be a little disappointed then because, although Life After Death isn't the weepy that Bloodlines was, it's still very melancholic in tone.The story begins a year after the end of the last book. Roan is finally dragging himself out of the mire of his grief and depression, mainly because one of his friends organises a client for his detective agency. Work brings a sense of purpose for Roan as helps a woman who thought her husband had died but now isn't sure and needs Roan to track him down. Working on the case means that Roan is out and about more and he finds himself being watched carefully by his friends, as well as getting to know one of the bartenders at Panic, his and Paris' old gay club haunt, a little better.One of the most interesting parts of this series has been watching Roan change and develop over the course of three books. This change becomes even more marked now as he no longer has Paris' calming influence over him. Roan was always a sarcastic man with a quick temper and cruel tongue at times, this only increases as this book progresses. At times he can barely hold his temper, which leads to painful changes as his lion virus tries to take over each time he grows angry. It is alarming to both Roan and the reader as to just how barely in control he is during the book, and how he revels in his ability to intimidate and frighten at times. I also found his casual cruelty towards some of his friends a little off putting. Matt in particular bears the brunt of Roan's sarcasm on a number of occasions, and whilst I could understand why Roan acted as he did, I couldn't help but feel very sorry for Matt. By the end of the book, Matt has been reduced to an almost pathetic figure, some of which is due to Roan's treatment of him.Having said all that, Roan is still an absolutely fascinating man. His constant struggle with his grief over Paris is affecting as is the way that he is slowly trying to regain some interest in his life and occupation. His relationship with Dylan is both good and bad, I think. Dylan is a good influence on Roan and very opposite in temperament. However, I couldn't help but get the impression that Dylan isn't really going to be the one for Roan in the end.  That maybe his and Dylan's relationship will not stand the test of time. This is mostly because Roan tells this to the reader, but also because there was no spark between them, and as such the romance feels a little flat.The other fascinating thing about this series has been the world of the cat virus created by the author. In this book we are slowly gaining insights into Roan as a virus child, as well as seeing some of the political changes starting to take place to help control the cats. Although this is not a huge part of the book, it all added to the setting and I get the impression that things are not going to go so well for infected people in future books. It will be interesting to see what the author does with this theme.I have one pretty major negative with this book to do with the plotting. Towards the end of the first part of the story, Roan is approached by a former police colleague and asked to investigate the disappearance of a male prostitute. Shortly after that the first part of the book suddenly ends and the story moves a year into the future (although there is a typo which claims it's only a month later). The plot thread involving the missing prostitute is then dropped and never referred to again. This irked me no end as I like all my plot threads to be tidied up.However, that annoyance wasn't enough to completely spoil my enjoyment of this absorbing book. I said earlier that the book was melancholic in tone, but this is tempered on occasion by bright flashes of humour - usually of the sardonic kind from Roan, by the genuine caring that many of Roan's friends show for his well being and by the amusing character of Fiona, the dominatrix mentioned in the blurb, who was a welcome breath of fresh air into Roan's life.Those of you who have stuck with the Infected series so far are going to enjoy this one too. Those who have read book 1 and couldn't face book 2, can pick up the story here with very little difficulty. As for me, I eagerly await the next in the series as I just can't seem to get Roan out of my head and want to know whether there will ever be a silver lining for his cloud.

  • Tamika♥RBF MOOD♥
    2019-06-05 22:04

    Which was why it couldn't last, as things like that never did. You got a moment in the sun, but that was all--a moment. Good things never seemed to last beyond that.Awe man, I am reeling with the ending of the book, dealing with the fact that Roan is in a semi relationship, dealing with the lost of Paris myself, and loving the addition of Fiona & Holden. Seriously, my emotions are in a pinball machine and I don't know how to deal. I must say Andrea Speed did a wonderful job with the edition of this story. Roan's still in mourning, and I think it'll be a while Just reading it at times, and those spontaneous moments where he thinks of Paris how me in tears. I don't really have the words on how I felt reading it at the time. I knew I was missing Paris, but loved seeing Roan get back to a semi version of his self. Seeing Roan lose himself in this book was more heartbreak for me. It was so many times, that if he could fly away he would have. That conversation he had with Dr. Rosenberg had me crying as well. Seeing all the people who cared about him and cared for him for the last year was really nice. Oh Matt, I like Matt alot, and this boy is just yearning for someone to love him. I hope he can get someone to love him right and for him to stay safe. For being a smart man, Roan just seemed dumb to this.But again, life wasn't fair, was it? Sometimes people got things they shouldn't have, and sometimes people survived who shouldn't have.I have such mixed feelings on Dylan. I mean he's dealing with his own grief and while he's so patient I worry about if he is forgetting himself in the long run. I enjoyed learning about his past, and definitely would like to see more of him in the future. I have fallen in love with Kevin!!! I can't wait until he gets his someone, but Kevin was a little judgy much in this one, it could be that thinking Holden & Cowboy together did something to him internally. I hate that he's so far in the closet, but I don't know who it would take to get him out. I will admit this case left me a little perturbed one of the alleged suspects I still don't know how he factored in. I'm still unsure, it was so many aliases I'm not sure who the killer was and when did everything take place. I dealt with that because while it bothered me, it wasn't enough to deter me from Roan and his journey.Humanity was awful; humanity made you hurt. Humanity was a weakness that would kill everyone, one way or another.

  • Ilhem
    2019-06-15 02:11

    Life after Death : *****Hysteria : ***It should have been a five-stars if not for the odd ending of “Hysteria”. Other reviewers already commented on it : the main plot ended at chapter 14 and the story went on for 5 chapters after that. I could not see how it brought something to the book and I struggled through the last chapters despite Holden’s story being interesting. It ruined the pace of this book for me. And yet. It took 3 books and the devastation of Paris’ death but I cannot imagine not going on with this series.The beginning of “Life after Death” was a stab through my heart and the sheer cruelty of proceeding to acknowledge a loved one’s death is so vivid in this story that I never got over this first feeling. Although the plot was engrossing, the value of “Life after Death” for me is in its harsh honesty. “Could you feel an absence in a home even though someone else was there?” Roan’s grief is not romanticized nor cheapened and he has my heart more than ever.I liked the introduction of new sidekicks and I am looking forward to discovering how interacting with them will reveal more of Roan to me and maybe to himself. The discussions with Holden were already the occasion of a few hard truths about life on the street and Roan’s own darkness. His dominatrix “second-best assistant“? I am delighting in advance! Dylan? I am amazed at how convenient he is! All the interesting stuff happens without him, his only purpose seems to bring comfort but he IS more than a security blanket. I am curious about their relationship.That is the other key point of the “Infected” series : Roan is ”someone gifted with an easy intelligence that came from the seemingly contrary habit of reading in great quantities and interacting with a lot of different people ”Like Dylan, I find it a turn on!

  • ¸. • * ° *❧Gwendolyn❧°**★•°**★
    2019-06-11 01:05

    Ooooh This Was Bitter-Sweet I Enjoyed this Part of Roan's Journey♥That Alone Has Earned This Book 4 Solid Stars....I Liked It, A lot!This is a heart-felt, bitter-sweet read, and as many have said, this is not a primary romance but...I could not help but want some added sizzling sweetness. The Book~What I liked~Paris speaking it was awesome, however it only made me miss him more...:so sad, so very sad...:-(((, but I liked it~Dylan's story, I liked that we got to know more about him, it was awesome to read.What I did not like~The transition with Paris to (view spoiler)[ Dylan; (hide spoiler)] I'd rather he get back in the "romance" game by finding his true mate (shifter mate). The descriptive writing/romantic portion..I wanted more details, intimacy and chemistry.........but its off screen.... sigh❤["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Adara
    2019-06-25 19:10

    I think I would actually give this 4.5 stars, but it'll have the re-readability that'll make me round up to 5 stars. I don't quite like this book as much as the previous one, Infected: Bloodlines (probably because it wasn't as gut-wrenching), but I did really like it. I still wish that there was more visible sex occasionally instead of just the implication that it happened (in the series as a whole, not just this book), but it's a minor complaint because I like the characters and the universe so much. I liked the direction the book took for the characters' personal lives, and the mysteries were still interesting. I'm curious how much bleed-over there will be in the next story.I also love all of the pop culture references. Andy is such a geek. ;)

  • ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣
    2019-06-01 20:07

    4.3 StarsConsidering there is absolutely no sex in these books, I am flabbergasted by how much I really like them. I love the mysteries and the characters are so intriguing. Seriously, Holden? Yeah, I'mma need more of him in future installments. Not really feeling Dylan as a love-interest for Roan...but maybe the guy will grow on me; I'm not sure I have a good grasp on him as a person (other than being insanely hot, caring for Roan, and acting inherently good-ish).Definitely putting the next one on the Gang Bang shelf hoping someone picks it so I have a great excuse to continue!

  • Marc | Rainbow Gold Reviews
    2019-06-04 20:31

    In my review of 'Infected: Prey', book one in the Infected series, I summarized book two in the series as 'HEARTBREAK' and book three as 'ANGST'. Even though I braced myself, book two felt like a right hook to my heart aand I needed time to digest the loss of a character I fell in love with recklessly. It took me TWO YEARS until I dared to open book three to move on - with the series and my grief for a made-up person. Silly, right? But Andrea Speed writes her characters and the world they life in so realistically and beautifully,that I can't help but be fully drawn in.Still, I should have trusted her more, because she does not just move on like nothing happened. Infected: Life after Death is a book filled with angst, but also of healing. We share Roan's pain and grief about his dead husband and experience the different stages of grief with him. The Urban Dictionary defines angst in the following way:"Angst, often confused with anxiety, is a transcendent emotion in that it combines the unbearable anguish of life with the hopes of overcoming this seemingly impossible situation. Without the important element of hope, then the emotion is anxiety, not angst. Angst denotes the constant struggle one has with the burdens of life that weighs on the dispossessed and not knowing when the salvation will appear".I felt like this perfectly describes the emotions Roan has in this book. He has lost the man he loved, the guy who was his anker to the world. Without Paris, Roan falls into a deep depression and it is only through the pressure and help of his friends that he even does the most basic things like eating. He is a confused child in a dark world he has lost faith in. But even though Paris died, he has not left him completely. He was so important to Roan that the man will always carry Paris in his heart. Paris is a voice inside him that tries to get him to life again.Not only that, Paris has also set someplans into motion to ensure that Roan will be taken care of, because he knew his husband well and imagined the way grief would eat him up. Through him, Roan is introduced to Dylan, who is in many ways very much the opposite to Paris, but also an amazing character and just what Roan needs. I loved the contrast of the calm and optimistic buddist and the angry, world-weary and dark hero/anti-hero that Roan becomes more and more. Even as Roan gets stronger and more pwerful all the time and defies everything readers and people in Andrea Speed's Infected universe know about the virus, he seems flawed, human, vulnerable and it is impossible for me not to care for him.As I lived through his immense, paralysing grief with him, I was glad Roan finally found hope. The case of a missing husband brought him back into the world and back to what he does best - unpuzzling mysteries. The second mystery introduces readers to two of my favorite characters, Fox and Fiona, who I already loved in this book and who are important for the rest of the series as well. Characters like these two, the vigilanty hooker and the part-time dominatrix/ assistant are what make this world so unresistable to me.For me the intense grief for Paris, the uncertainty of what is happening to him, the lost faith in humanity and the need to help nevertheless and the hope for new love, even as Roan can't see beyond the seemingly unbearable grief is a wonderful mix of angsty perfection and I am absolutely certain it will help readers get over their own loss in Paris as well.This is just the beginning - so many wonderful, dark and absolutely spellbinding stories left.

  • Ami
    2019-06-10 23:29

    Book 3: Life After DeathIt had been more than a year since Paris died -- and Roan had been alone and lost without his true love. Then a case came to him, where a husband had been missing while presumed dead initially, and somehow it motivated Roan to find out what truly happened to the husband. In addition, he also found a new love interest -- Dylan Harlow, a bartender from Panic. I loved that Dylan was someone different than Paris, but he and Roan actually had things in common (losing someone who means a lot for them) -- which made Roan and Dylan being together felt naturally convincing. Book 4: HysteriaRoan's cop friend Murphy told him that there had been a case of serial beater of male street hustlers. And this brought Roan to ask for help from Fox and Fiona, the dominatrix. This was the story where Holden Krause, male prostitute extraordinaire first made his appearance. Holden is probably one of the best breakout characters in any given series. He appealed to Roan's dark side, and which was why he was an excellent side-kick. Other than the case, Roan and Dylan's relationship was going stronger -- although we finally found out the reason why Dylan was in Roan's life in the first place. Apparently Paris asked Dylan to check out Roan -- and it seemed that our beloved Tiger had been 'grooming' Dylan to be Roan's companion.

  • Alya
    2019-06-27 02:17

    3,5 starsThe book was decently paced as opposed to the first one, the cases that Roan was solving were interesting, however the new love interest made me really mad. It was surprising to find such a bland character in the Infected universe, since I know Andrea Speed can do much better. And since this Dylan guy is supposed to aspire to replace such a strong, mysterious and controversial love interest as Paris, this new development was very disappointing. It did not add anything to the story as a whole neither it helped with Roan's development much. It seems Dylan is here to stay, so I might not continue with the series.Another issue with the book is that it seems to have a few plotholes and time line problems the previous books did not suffer from.

  • Fenriz Angelo
    2019-06-15 19:08

    This and book two are my favorites atm, book two because of the plot and book 3 bc of Roan's development.In this book I find myself more and more identified with Roan. I could understand entirely his feelings, the emotional numbness and the vague thoughts that casually cross his mind that reflect his depression. There're quotes that struck me and made me go all "this is it, this is me!" or "holy shit, i feel you" and I love when that happens. Even though, in some times the author tells more than shows (thing that bothers me in narrative) this book made me hurt and hopeful, in some way, that regardless of what happens there's always an invisible reason to keep going on life.

  • Anna Kļaviņa
    2019-06-12 20:13

    1.5Slapdash.Completely messed up timeline, inconsistencies, loose ends and contradictions. I'm going to continue with the series (after all I've bought book 4 & 5) but I'm very disappointed with this one.

  • Don Bradshaw
    2019-06-17 03:28

    A beautifully written series that never gets boring as it pulls every emotion out of you.

  • Jen
    2019-05-28 23:07

    This one hovered between 3/3.5 and 4.5 stars for me - 3/3.5 for the mystery plots, and 4.5 for the exploration of the true theme of this book, so I'm rating it 4 stars. (And anyway, even if I had wanted to rate it 5 stars, which I didn't, I wouldn't have out of pure spite towards the author for (view spoiler)[killing off Paris (hide spoiler)]. Not very mature, I know, but true. LOL)But in all seriousness, the big question in this book is not who killed who, or kidnapped who, or stole from who, or impregnated who. It's how do you even start to move on when you've lost the love of your life? Your rock, the thing that grounded you in your life?This book was also split into two novellas, "Life After Death" and "Hysteria." It's kind of hard to split them, as thematically there is much that's linked between them, but I'll try. However, if my review is a bit disjointed, it's because while the plots are separate, the emotional through-line is continuous.THEME SONG: Dark Paradise - Lana Del Rey "Life After Death" The mystery plots in LAD were just all over the place. Some of them were solved, some of them were left unsolved (at least within the time frame of the story), and none of them really made much sense. I couldn't tell if this was intentional: the author trying to get us inside Roan's head and show how broken down and drowning in his own angst he was, or if it was unintentional: the *author* was broken down by what she did to Paris, and it was reflected in her writing. I'm leaning towards unintentional, but if it was intentional, it wasn't really executed well. One of the unresolved plot lines is a case that Roan's closeted, gay cop friend Kevin hires him for - the investigate the disappearance of a hustler, and I had to wonder if the point of that scene was not so much the introduction of another mystery, but to force Roan to hear from yet another source that he needs to move on. Kevin says, "I only fall for guys I can't possibly have, sparing me the possibility of both love and heartbreak. It's pretty fucked up, I know it, but some people are just better off alone." Man, can I relate to THAT. Of course, contextually Kevin is telling Roan that he's NOT one of those people, that he needs someone else to ground him, but in that moment, it was Kevin I empathized with. But whether that was the point of that scene or not, I was seriously annoyed there was no resolution to that case (unless the resolution came with the hustler-related crime spree Roan solves in the 2nd novella, but that is not made clear if that was her intention).I did discover in LAD that Andrea Speed is a fan of both Haruki Murakami AND Muse, so I have to give her props for good taste. LOLHowever, I also resented her a little for what she did with Matt's character in both of these novellas. At the beginning, he seems to have matured, but then he digresses completely. His (view spoiler)[lash-out at Dylan and the resolution of his second stint in rehab all seemed a little crazy and out of character, even for Matt. I mean, yes, we all act a little crazy when it comes to our first love, but it seemed over the top. And what was up with that Lance guy?! (Sorry, I know that's skipping ahead to "Hysteria" - told you my review would be a bit disjointed!) (hide spoiler)]And oh my god, every time Roan hallucinated Paris and had conversations with him, I broke down and full-out sloppy sobbed again. Then there's Toby/Dylan."This shit was scary, interacting with people, but even more troubling was the idea that there might be life after Paris. But there probably was, whether he liked it or not." Toby (whose real name is Dylan) is the bar tender at Panic who has a few cameos in Bloodlines, and who starts to befriend Roan while he's still grieving. Randi tells Roan at one point that Paris would want Roan to... well, tap Dylan for lack of a better phrase. LOL This is one of those cases where you know everyone is right, and Roan absolutely should move on and find some happiness, but I couldn't help but resent the author a little for making it necessary. Love and loss are of course timeless themes that are worth exploring, but it can be hard on us as readers because it either hits too close to home, or it scares us. Or both. I don't dislike Dylan at all - he's sweet, genuine, and good for Roan. But... he's not Paris. I saw in someone else's review that while it was a year for Roan, it was not for the reader, so it felt too soon to move on from Paris. It's a good point, and pretty dead-on. How do we separate them? How does Roan? How does Dylan not feel like the rebound guy, even when he tells Roan he doesn't want to be that? Dylan to Roan: "God, [Paris] loved you. He told me that you had a brusque exterior that some people found off-putting, but if they got to you know, if they got in under your armor, they'd fall instantly in love with you. I think I know what he meant now." Favorite part of LAD: (view spoiler)[Paris knew him well enough to try to snap him out of his funk, so he left him that note to find after he was gone - "He took it out, unfolded it, and he felt a twinge in his stomach as he recognized the loose scrawl of Paris's handwriting. You’re wallowing, aren’t you? the note read. Stop wallowing. Love and kisses, Paris.Oh, that bastard. He chuckled and said aloud, 'Nag, nag, nag,' and then felt the tears coming. He was glad he'd locked the office door, so no one walked in on him in this embarrassing state. He cried for a while, and although his head ached and his nose filled with snot, he ultimately felt better. It was like purging, he supposed." (hide spoiler)];_; Fuuuuuuuuck, I miss Paris!!! "Hysteria"The name of this novella = more proof Speed is a Muse fan. Win!Hysteria had a tighter mystery plot, for sure. Like the other books, there were a few going at once, but all of them had resolutions this time. And we are introduced to Holden, who's just a great character. He's an "escort" whose nickname is Fox, and I had to laugh by how much I sometimes have in common with Roan. When he's in Holden's apartment, he makes a mental note that he docked Holden points for a decorating theme based on his nickname - totally something I would do. It's like someone who get their own name tattooed on themselves - high on my list of dating disqualifiers. LOLBut what really struck me about this novella was the number of heart-breakingly sad and poignant moments there were directly related to his evolving relationship with Dylan. I yet again lost it with the sobbing when Roan wakes up after (view spoiler)[he and Dylan sleep together the first time and for a brief moment he thinks it's Paris. And how he thinks it's "nice to imagine it was true for a millisecond," then goes on about how, despite that, he doesn't see Dylan as just a consolation prize. And how Dylan is too good for him and will "probably come to his senses one of these days" - sound familiar? But I'm not angry at Roan for sleeping with Dylan, nor for briefly wishing it was Paris. It's just... fucking tragic, the whole thing. And later, when he sees Dylan asleep under his blanket and momentarily thinks it's Paris, he realizes it's time to start packing up Paris's things and moving on. Is it bad that I took some comfort in knowing he still planned to wear Paris's wedding ring on his necklace? (hide spoiler)]There's also a point when Dylan speculates on the possibility that Paris had picked him out to be Roan's next boyfriend intentionally because he knew what Roan needed, even better than Roan himself. Knowing Paris? Totally possible. "Roan slid his arms around him, making contact with his skin, and realized this was why he needed to be with Dylan right now. He was so vital, so alive, and not at all a part of the darkness he dealt with all the time."You can't blame him for wanting that. But I think this was his ultimate lesson in this book:Roan: "The pain is supposed to fade, right? Why isn't it? I still miss you so much I can barely stand it. I keep expecting you every time I open the office door."Hallucination!Paris: "Oh sweetie, it doesn't fade. No one should know better than an infected that pain doesn't ever really fade - you just get used to it."Favorite part of Hysteria: Holden (view spoiler)[confronting his "adoptive" parents. (hide spoiler)]

  • Letty
    2019-06-11 02:14

    This is a rating for the entire series.(view spoiler)[After Paris death and Roan got with Dylan. I just didn't liked how Roan treated Dylan. I didn't feel the romance, Roan talked more to Paris in his head than he talked to Dylan. I don't know, as a mystery/paranormal book it was excellent, but I guess I was also expecting more on the romance and it was just disappointing. (hide spoiler)]

  • Christy
    2019-06-01 23:20

    I can't get over how much I absolutely love this series. I didn't think I would fall so hard and fast but I did. I hated starting this third book in the series knowing that Paris was gone. It made me tear up a few more times in those first chapters. I was amazed as it takes a lot of guts for an author to kill off a favorite character and then keep the series going. The writing continues its fast pace with witty dialogue and irresistible plots.Roan. Wow, what can I say? Paris knew him so well. He pegged it that Roan would completely hole up in the house and forget about work, eating, showering, etc. It took a year until, finally, his friends forced him back to work to try to wake him up. His lion, however, is either evolving or devolving, I'm not so sure which. I just know it'll be exciting to watch in the rest of the series. It was wonderful that the author introduced such good secondary characters who help pull Roan from his depression as they challenge him to make good on his promise to Paris that he will live his life. Holden, hustler extraordinaire, is a…hmmmm, I'd like to say bright ray of sunshine, but that might not be completely accurate. Let's just say that he brings something new to the story and I'm hoping to see more of him. He's got snark down pat as he really knows how to manipulate people to get what he wants. Somehow, he ends up sort of working with Roan in the private detecting business, which, by the way, Roan's friends were kind enough to keep running this entire past year for him.Fiona, redheaded computer programmer, dominatrix. WOW! Fiona has attitude which just covers up her gooey, caring center. I love this author, she really makes me laugh as the dialogue is constantly over the top! Fiona is going to be fun to watch, I just know it.Dylan. Now this shouldn't have come as any surprise. Only Paris would have handpicked his replacement in Roan's emotional life. The relationship is way too early yet for me to give a good opinion on him. I like him, as a person. I'm waiting to see if he's going to be right for Roan. We shall see.I'm so excited about this series and where it's going. I'm just hanging on for the ride!