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Finalist: 2013 EPIC Award Erotica CategoryNominee: Best GLBT Menage a Trois (or more) RomanceDalton is no stranger to hitting rock bottom. He's worked hard to turn his life around. Now he has a quiet life, a successful business and a no-strings-attached arrangement for sex with Kincade. Everything is just as it should be. Then a late-night rendezvous is interrupted by a seFinalist: 2013 EPIC Award Erotica CategoryNominee: Best GLBT Menage a Trois (or more) RomanceDalton is no stranger to hitting rock bottom. He's worked hard to turn his life around. Now he has a quiet life, a successful business and a no-strings-attached arrangement for sex with Kincade. Everything is just as it should be. Then a late-night rendezvous is interrupted by a sexy newcomer, and Dalton realizes something is missing. Caught up in the intense passion the men share, Erin doesn't know whether to run or get between their hard bodies. She's convinced her attraction is wrong. However, a little persuasion from both Dalton and Cade convinces her she belongs with and between them. Erin's surrender becomes Dalton's reawakening. A BDSM master, Dalton is in his element commanding his lovers, and soon the threesome fills their nights with mind-blowing pleasure. But when a piece of Dalton's past resurfaces, it threatens the very foundation he's built . . . and could put him back at the bottom.Warning: Contains gay sex on the seat of a motorcycle with the town sheriff, a mind-bending trip into subspace, voyeuristic blow jobs, two subs who willingly kneel before their master and lots and lots of ménage sex in a secret room tucked away behind a motorcycle shop. Vroom, vroom....

Title : Ragged Edge
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ISBN : 9781419966897
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 265 Pages
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Ragged Edge Reviews

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2019-01-19 12:40

    I panted through this story with the hot triad ménage D/s scenes. I’m a guilty voyeur who derives great pleasure watching others. To catch two hot men, one a sheriff and the other a big bad biker in a D/s scene would push me over the edge. Apparently, it catches Erin’s interest when she unknowingly walking into a hot scene. Naughty Erin isn’t able to resist watching either. To her chagrin, the men know she’s there and tease her to join. Freaked out, Erin runs for her life. I have to say, if it were me, I may have reacted just like Erin. I don’t know if I was caught as a peeping Tom, if I could stay around and accept the punishment. I’d want to, but in reality, I may be too much of a chicken.Cade, the sheriff, and Dalton, the bike shop owner, track down Erin and start up a conversation. The three become friends first before anything sexual happens. I particularly like this style. This story rings true and pretty close to how it could be in real life in a D/s triad relationship. I loved it. This isn’t a fairytale hot sexy BDSM story. This is a possible reality into hot BDSM sex based on a great foundation of trust. While the three tried to delude themselves about the “sex only” fun, in reality, they end up being so much more. I enjoyed the ups and downs in the friendships as well as the newbie Erin’s panic with certain scenes. These are all true to life and dragged me into the story even more. I read this story in one sitting because it was so riveting. I wanted to know about Dalton’s painful past. I wanted to know more about how Erin was betrayed. Cade seemed to be the only one who lived a charmed life. Although, Cade’s day job as a sheriff is nothing to be sneezed at. The horrors he has to live through when cleaning up an accident site are depressing. What I loved most about this story is the way the three interacted and slowly turned their friendship into love. Their D/s scenes weren’t every day, but there was no mistake in Dalton’s domination. That is super sexy to me. When Dalton runs the show with by directing the D/s scenes between Cade and Erin, I know I became dripping wet with arousal. Ms. Brookes writes some flaming hot erotic scenes.I recommend this book to people who enjoy the D/s aspect of BDSM. This book involved no humiliations or heavy SM. There was a decent amount of BD for some sexy restraining. If you enjoy reading about orgasm control, this book is definitely for you. I look forward to more of Ms. Brooke’s books and I’m going to find her older books to read.

  • Claudia
    2019-02-12 10:54

    This was a good read. I liked that Erin had troubles accepting everything. It seemed realistic, although it was a bit too much at times. Dalton and Cade werde great characters and I would have loved to See more of Cades POVWhat I missed was the development of their relationship All in all, a nice story

  • carol
    2019-02-17 16:04

    I really liked Sara Brooke's book Ragged Edge. It's about a m-m relationship between a Dom, mechanical engineer Dalton and his lover/ sub Cade that undergoes a dynamic change with the introduction of petite graphic designer Erin. She first spies Dalton and Cade in a steamy sexual m-m episode which shocks her to find she is turned on by her voyeuristic encounter. Throughout the story Erin who is recovering from a failed and sexually inadequate relationship, she finds her logic and rational head saying no, whilst her body and sexuality saying an emphatic yes, towards not only a menage but a Dom- sub/sub relationship. As each physical encounter draws her further in so she tries to convince herself it is a physical only relationship. Meanwhile Dalton is enjoying controlling the scenes he sets up but he has also been badly hurt from an emotional menage in the past and blames himself for a past tragedy and questions getting too involved or fully committing himself to this developing relationship and either getting hurt or causing hurt again. The wise, generally calm, strong mediator is sub Cade, also town Sherriff...every relationship needs a Cade. Cade recognizes the relationships development and conflicting emotions but also the need for patience, to bide time until each comes to terms with the way their lives, emotions and sexuality are changing. There are psychological tensions and trauma's of varying magnitudes. The term ragged edge becomes very apt. The standard of English is reasonably good though there are a few errors in editing...including a breakfast start of the day meeting, where they ask how their day has been! It doesn't detract from the psychological and erotic journey Miss Brookes takes you on within this developing relationship. Do the trauma's become too much for a happy ending? Readers will find out. This in my opinion is a good 4 star novel. I look forward to reading more of Sara's writing.

  • Aerin
    2019-01-19 14:08

    4.5 Stars is more accurate too bad we can't give half stars.I really liked this book and I especially loved the chemistry betwen the characters. My absolute favorite was Cade...what a hottie, that's considerate and understanding and strong on top of it.What I didn't like about this book was the heroing in the first half. I wanted to strangle her. How can a person be so confused and selfish? I couldn't believe it took her over half book to even give the relationship a try. All I could think was "Pick me, pick me!!!" lolDid anyone notice in most books with tortured heroes the reason for their angst is really really stupid? I mean yeah it's tragic and sad that Mara has a miscarriage but for Dalton to blame himself for something like that and refuse to get close to people and love again is hard for me to understand. Get over it and move on. But hey I guess when the authors can't find anything better that has to work.And I didn't see the purpose of that acciddent at the end. I would have preffered something different. I would have liked to see Erin pregnant since the author brought the past( Mara and her husband) and present (Cade and Erin)together for Dalton. I think dealing with another submissive being pregnant would have better helped him face the past and accept it. Oh well wishfull thinking on my part......

  • Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion
    2019-01-23 17:08

    The story's decent enough but the characters are petty, immature and prone to dramatics. The kink is in the sugar vein, circles the 101 block and is kind of boring.

  • Katherine
    2019-01-20 13:38

    Great chemistry between Dalton, Cade and Erin. Wish there had been more scenes. The plot is a bit cliched but works well. Bought from kindle

  • Tiblu
    2019-02-02 16:08

    Two and a 1/2 stars... Well written I guess but just not for me...Ok, 1st of all as we man in need of a good loving nag by a sexy,yummy , passionate man, m/m doesn't do it for me...Romance novels are my ultimate fantasies be them werewolves or vampires or some type of shifter or aliens or billionaires , military men or just " regular" everyday men I like to see myself as the woman in the story living fantasies I'll never live for real especially a menage... But my fantasies don't include shares nag my man with another man ,men getting it on without a woman isn't hot for me... Though that being said after reading the desc. For the book my curiosity got the best of me and here I am...And though even reading this m/m still soooo DOES NOT do it for me, I gotta say what really turned my off was a) the NEVER ending BDSM aspect of the story,b) the seeming feeling of just a "happy for now" ending, and c) how in their (fucked (to me) relationship dynamic) both Cade and Erin seemed to "belong" to Dalton , I never really seemed to get the same feeling between Cade and Erin... I mean sure Cade I'm sure had feelings of love for her but 1we never got a pov from Cade ,it was always either Erin or Dalton and it also felt except in cases of emergency Cade NEVER did anything with or to Erin without either Daltons either guidance or commands... Didn't seem like one kiss or hand hold or anything between those two was without Dalton in school me shape or form... They never seemed to spend anytime together except when either with Dalton or directed by him.... Just one of the many,many ways the relationship never felt equal or right to me... Like how the ONLY way they were together sexually at least where Erin was concerned was on Daltons terms with him in command being Dom in Daltons sex room... Even though you know he didn't restrain his activities with Cade I'm sure to just his garage and sex room,next Erin's place or a hotel never spontaneous, always planned and always with Dalton in command,for me passionate encounters anywhere and any time would have been fun and exciting and showed Real love and passion but their "relationship " felt too stiff and too tied to the whole BDSM shite... They said it wasn't a 24/7 lifestyle for them but that wasn't how it felt.... Dalton NEVER felt like he went off Dom. Mode with them ( like he knew how to turn it off or be anything else) and they seemed to need his permission for anything concerning each other... Sorry I'm soo not a sub. type but be that as it may, it just felt like true love and true feelings break away and out from the mold and roles and masks after a while if it's genuine ,like maybe Cade's 1st stop some nights after work is to go see Erin for a kiss and a cuddle or something without Dalton instead of always going to get naked for Dalton to give a blowjob or some thing.. They honestly never felt like anything more that Daltons trained subs to me and because of the underdeveloped relationship between Erin and Cade it always felt like Erin was a third in the relationship even she never really feels it.. She was Daltons sub and Cade's co-sub... I honestly wouldn't have seen them sticking together if Daltons accident had killed him... Even tough m/m isn't my thing what made this a 2 1/2 stars for me for the BDSM shite never seemed to drop for a second and never felt like just an aspect of their relationship it seemed to rule it and made things feel to formal to me one person should NEVER be in control of a relationship especially when it contains 3 ppl :(My only apology is for being soo redundant in my review here , for a book i didn't mean to read but my curious imagination wouldn't let me be til I did and then as I disliked a main aspect of the book it wasn't really the reason I ended up disliking it soo ..Funny that ;)Off to delete now...

  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    2019-01-20 13:05

    Originally posted at: from the very beginning, this book takes you on a fascinating trip into the world of submission. Nestled away in Collington Creek, a small town north of Atlanta, Georgia, three people are heading for crash course of self discovery and healing. Along the way, they bring down barriers and heal agonizing wounds. Ragged Edge is filled with heart and soul. You are shown the true beauty and emotional bonding of a D/s relationship.Dalton Shaw, owner/operator of Iron Cruisers, is a man with a painful past. Sorrow and disappointment has followed Dalton most of his life. Before returning home to Collington Creek, he lived in Atlanta and owned Second Circle, a fetish club. Getting tired of the training and the scene, he leaves his past behind him and settles into a quieter way of life. With his heart guarded and safe, he starts a no commitment relationship with an old friend of his, Cade Roberts. For years they have had a friends-with-benefits relationship, but after seeing the fire in Erin’s eyes and her reaction to their D/s scene, he knows that he has been missing something for years, that she is a submissive.Cade didn’t know things could possibly get better. After he observed Erin’s reaction to catching him and Dalton together, he has only one thing on his mind, he wants to include the lovely lady in their sexual encounters. Newly elected Sheriff, Cade is a busy man. His days are full of responsibility and duty. He finds his release with his Dom Dalton. For several years, they have had a fulfilling partnership, now he wants more. He has always been a lover of women and he believes he has found the perfect one for him and Dalton.Erin Corvus moved to town from Texas to get away from the pain of heartache. She started Blackbird Design, her graphic-design company, and began a new life in the quaint town. She has been burned by men in the past and has no plans to get involved romantically with another one. She obviously didn’t plan on two men pursuing her. Intrigued by the promise of amazing encounters with two sizzling men, she can’t pass up the chance of no holds barred sex. She agrees to their offer, but on her terms: sex only.Incredibly well written, Ragged Edge is about so much more than just BDSM. I enjoyed Ms. Brookes writing style. She seamlessly incorporated the characters' points of view and I actually felt their pain and love along the way. I felt the realism of the interactions between the characters. Their journey to fulfillment was touching and moving. Ms. Brookes wrote an incredible story and I look forward to her other books.

  • Christi Snow
    2019-02-08 12:47

    My Review:This book was so good. I picked it up on a complete whim this week when I read the first chapter that the author had posted on a blog. I was intrigued, bought the book, and read it that day. It was definitely worth my impulse buy and the fact that this book bypassed the other 300+ books that are currently residing in my TBR pile. This is most definitely an erotic read (BDSM, M/M, anal, menage) but it is so much more. This is really an emotional book too as you watch these three people fall in love and accept that love despite the hurts that they have experienced in the past.The book is about Dalton and Cade who are already in a relationship. They have been friends for a long time and about two years ago, that friendship moved into a sexual relationship. Erin has business to do with Dalton and she accidentally walks in on the two of them when she is late to her meeting. She is immediately intrigued and turned on. The guys immediately realize that they want her to join in, but Erin has some hang-ups...emotionally and sexually that she has to work through.I cannot emphasize enough how well-written this book is. It is a full-length book and the depth of emotion throughout the book reflects that. Dalton has a history that has left him horribly emotionally scarred too. As the Dom in the relationship, he feels extra pressure to make sure that everyone is taken care of before his needs are. As a result, with some emotional upheaval in the mix when his past comes forward, things get very dicey for him.I loved the depth of Dalton's character. He's a strong character. He's the Dom which means that he is always in charge, but he has a vulnerability that is so gorgeous. After the climatic incident in the book, it is wonderful to see Cade and Erin turn around and take care of him. The love is so evident between these three even when they are not aware of it. It's so beautifully written. The first line in the novel is about Dalton. The last line in the novel is about him and how he has come full-circle. As these three work through their issues, you see them grow and develop in their relationship.It's no secret that I love menage books. Medium to hard core BDSM, on the other hand, I sometimes have issues with. I had NO issues with this book. All the scenes are beautiful and erotic and so incredibly sexy. I have said it before, but it needs to be said again...this is just really beautiful writing. Sara handles the emotions, doubts, and sexuality so perfectly for all three of these characters.I definitely HIGHLY recommend this novel. I truly loved it!

  • Christine
    2019-02-06 11:59

    There's a lot to like about "Ragged Edge," but there's a lot to be frustrated about as well.Dalton Shaw, local bad-boy, is happy with his life. He gets to spend his days working on bikes and his nights with Cade Roberts, the sheriff. Until Erin arrives unexpectedly at Dalton's shop one evening and finds the the middle of something...She's fascinated, but disturbed about her reaction. Dalton and Cade are intrigued by her, and decide to pursue her. Loads of extremely hot sex happens before Erin finally gives in to her feelings, and Dalton is able to really move forward from his past.Wow..the sex is off-the-charts, melt-your-Kindle hot! Make sure your AC is turned way down when you're reading!But there's some annoyances with the story as well. Not that I want to nitpick..but I will. I got distracted sometimes by awkward and stilted language, as well as the overly florid descriptions: "Cade's hands wrapped Dalton's wide shoulders, giving anchor to the chaos that devastated Dalton with its power."Then there's the characters themselves. As the story opens, Dalton's speeding ("...well over the posted limit") down a country road on his bike...with no helmet -- that's just stupid, and makes me think that Dalton's an arrogant ass. But he's riding off his annoyance with Erin, who failed to show for their appointment to review the new designs she's creating for his shop. Apparently she's such a perfectionist that she doesn't call her clients when she's running late...We also have Erin's ambivalence about her relationship with the guys. Initially she's reluctant, feeling like she's a third wheel, but eventually she agrees -- then runs so hot and cold that she's annoying. She's happy to try out a scene with the guys, but gets angry with Dalton for 'setting her up to fail' and safewords out, then runs off. There's her trust issues because of her broken engagement that never seemed all that devastating to me. I guess I just didn't like Erin all that much. However, Brookes does a nice job of using Dalton, Cade, and Erin's relationship to provoke some new thinking about the whole spectrum of sexuality.

  • Erin Kyle
    2019-01-21 14:58

    This story is very hawt. But it's not *just* about the D/s aspect; it's about the romance between Dalton, Cade, and Erin. It's about three people's journey from "it's just sex" to "maybe it's more."One evening, Erin walks in on a private moment between Dalton and Cade, and can't look away. Long story short, Dom Dalton and his sub Cade both want to add Erin to their relationship, such as it is, and teach the vanilla princess about the art of D/s.But Dalton's been hurt before, and Erin's been hurt before. Can they get their poop in a group in time to realize what a great thing they've got going for them?For those unaware of the significance, "D/s" means domination and submission; between the sheets, Dalton is in charge, and all three of them like it that way. This story does explore a variety of M/M, M/F/M, and M/F scenarios, so if light bondage and polyamory aren't your thing, I suggest you search elsewhere.One thing I wished to see more of is the Dalton/Cade dynamic. I really wanted to see more of that intimacy -- and not just in bed. I wanted to see more of the relationship we missed out on before Erin waltzed in to join the party.IMO, the middle section slows down a bit, getting bogged down by all the steam (ahem) which seems rather excessive, despite how extremely hawt it is. Toward the end, though, is where the relationship gets tested, and I kind of find myself wishing that maybe the relationship aspect took more precedence throughout, and yet I understand that the middling ground is necessary for the growth of each character individually and each character as a part of the trio. Silly critiques, really, but I can't really think of much else on which to comment.If you like a good, steamy menage, I'd definitely recommend this book. Characters are solid, pacing is good (for the most part), and the ending (HEA) doesn't overstay its welcome.

  • Jacque
    2019-01-26 09:45

    I’ve read several books now by Sara Brookes and Ragged Edge is my absolute favorite. The dynamics in this book is incredible. No meet, hop in bed and HEA in 24 hours or less here. The time span of the story takes place over several months so you know there is time for their relationship to evolve naturally. The character development of Dalton, Cade and Erin is very well detailed. They are all less than perfect filled insecurities and flaws that make them feel very real. No doubt there is a connection between all the characters but the author presents their story in such a way I instantly connected to them as well. Really, my favorite parts are their story. Yes the sex is hot (see below) but instead of feeling very rushed bits mixed between hot sex I felt Ms Brookes took her time to present their story in such a way that you can get to know the players as individuals instead of cardboard sex toys. This is one HAWT book! So without further ado look forward to reading about M/M,. F/F, M/F and the best parts…M/F/M. There is also some BDSM, sex toys, bondage and anal play. The sexual heat will curl your toes. But it’s not all about the Spank-O-Vision or the bow-chica-wow-wow it’s the emotional connection between Dalton, Cade and Erin that makes the sex sizzling hot. This book is a must read. I’m telling all my friends as I am tell you nowGET.THIS.BOOK.I received this book from JeepDiva for the express purposes of an honest review. The opinions and rating of this review are solely mine and in no way was I compensated.Stars – 5, Flames - 4

  • Noreen
    2019-01-26 13:01

    Really enjoyed this book, very hot! Liked the characters and the way the relationship develops and isn't just instant. Dalton and Cade are in a relationship that is only sexual or that's what they want to believe, because after a tragic event Dalton wont let himself care about anyone. Then they meet Erin and are both attracted to her and want to include her in there casual sex relationship. They soon realize there is more than just sex there, and want to build a relationship together, but Erin does not feel the same. They need to convince her what they have is real and can last while also overcoming their own fears. Only reason this isn't 5 stars is I am not a fan of female characters going through the whole book being afraid of relationships because one bad relationship, which isn't even that bad, and now they can never trust again, only to realize at the very end that this relationship has been different from the beginning only they just now see it. DUH!! Otherwise a great read.

  • Michele
    2019-02-09 13:53

    3.5 stars. There things I really liked about this book and things I didn't. I really liked that this was not insta relationship and love. They took their time to get to know each other. Even though Cade and Dalton were already together, they needed to get use to Erin also. There was a lot of communication and research. Things did not seem rushed. There was honesty in all three of them. I did not like that the only time they were "together" was in the back room of the shop. I would have liked to see them outside of the shop and engage like they were in a relationship. I did not like that Erin kept using her past relationship as an excuse to not let it be anything other than sex in the beginning. I did not like that the author felt the need for the accident towards the end, I don't think it was necessary. Even after all my dislikes, it was still a decent read.

  • Becca
    2019-02-06 16:38

    This was a very thoughtful book. The relationship between the three protagonists was beautiful and I particularly enjoyed the way it developed slowly rather than all at once as so many romances seem to do. The BDSM was not heavy but this is a D/s relationship which also grew slowly and thoughtfully. I don't mean to make it sound boring, because it was anything but. I could hardly put it down. I wanted to find out what had happened to Dalton and particularly enjoyed Erin's journey into submission. Her questions and concerns struck me as very realistic, her reactions also felt genuine. If anything, there were times I didn't quite understand the dynamic going on. Between conversations and internal dialogs I would feel as if I had missed something, perhaps something important. Despite all that, the ending was very satisfying and the relationship one I was on board with.

  • Sandra
    2019-02-17 15:47

    I'm really bummed this book was full price because it just didn't work for me. The sex scenes were good, and a few were hot, but everything else fell kind of flat. Initially I didn't relate to the characters but thought that would change as I continued... it didn't. I couldn't connect with any of them and although I didn't dislike them, I didn't particularly like them either (although Cade would prob be my favorite if I had to chose). They were just, "eh". I didn't really like the way Dalton handled a few things. And the middle 200 pages or so kind of turned into a boring BDSM how-to guide. To be honest it just dragged. I ended up skimming the end because all the overly flowery language just got to be too much for me and I found it really repetitive.

  • Jo * Smut-Dickted *
    2019-02-13 14:57

    So for a BDSM book this one was very (VERY!) light. I tend to like books with a bit more bite but the story here was very good. The men's relationship was phenomenal - Cade and Dalton really are good together. I love it when there are M/M relationships where the guys are very comfortable with who they are and what they want. The first scene (the Sherriff one) was steaming!Enter the girl - which threw a different dynamic into the story. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it seemed contrived. I really just liked the boys relationship best. That tends to happen with me with menage of any sort though - leaning towards one couple more. Overall a pretty solid read.

  • Tracey
    2019-02-15 14:58

    Adored this book!! Funny, hot, sexy, hot, great BDSM, hot, great storyline, - did I mention hot? The chemistry between Dalton & Cade as well as the guys with Erin is great. Erin is new to the BDSM scene & the guys are sweet, attentive, commanding, & perfect for Erin. A little of Dalton's past comes back to threaten the three but they prove to be in a strong relationship. I couldn't put this book down. The cover almost turned me off - it would have looked better to show Dalton on a motorcycle, Cade in his police uniform & Erin in her business attire in a hot embrace.

  • Dami (Damiellar)
    2019-02-06 16:41

    What I think I liked most about this book is that the relationship developed incrementally (over a number of months). There was nothing simple and I think this book was made all the better for that. Not to take anything away from other books in which the relationship evolves at breakneck speed - reading them serves a different purpose for me (and most likely others) but it was really good to read something a bit more balanced.I'm definitely planning on looking out more books by this author.

  • Tabatha
    2019-01-24 12:47

    Wow this wasn't what I expected in a very good way and a solid 4 1/2 stars. The writing in this is great and the characters were all very well developed. So well in fact, that I have to say that I fell a bit in love with each one. I really enjoyed the chemistry between them and the focus on what was happening emotionally in their relationship. It is most definitely an erotic BDSM read, but it was also so much more than that. The three of them overcome their own issues and to find themselves where they least love.

  • Rustye
    2019-01-31 15:43

    Wow! This book is a must read. I tagged this book as lite bdsm because the story is about the characters and the challenges they face in self-discovery and in learning to love themselves and each other. There is D/S since Dalton is a Dom and Cade and Erin are his submissives. Even the mmf aspect is presented in a different way. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. I will be checking out Ms. Brookes other books!

  • Amanda
    2019-01-31 12:38

    Ragged Edge was hot enough to singe my fingers as I read it as fast as I could. I devoured the story line, and felt each emotion keenly. The relationship between the three people, Dalton, Cade and Erin, is both sweet and smoking hot. The whole time I was reading it I wanted to be Erin. To have the devotion of two men is definitely a special gift. I absolutely loved this book and can't wait to read more from Sara Brookes!

  • Jane Kirima
    2019-02-15 10:53

    Only okay not great.Too emotional, the relationship aspect is great but this is fiction not reality. It's okay to fudge fantasy. The characters are emotionally damaged and the author does nothing to patch em quick. Just draws it out- it's like a scab wound that won't heal. Just didn't feel at all and would not recommend this as a buy. Save you five bucks buy a latte, it will taste better!!!

  • Ruthie Taylor
    2019-01-21 14:57

    This is as hot as it can get, and yet contains an engaging plot as well! I would describe the D/s elements as being light, but only because of the style, not because it wasn't serious. Through the story it is clear that demons need facing and barriers breaking, but these happen naturally, rather than being rushed. One feels like the luckiest of voyeurs on a number of occasions!

  • Dianna
    2019-02-04 14:00

    Intense EmotionsThis book started off as just sex and ends up so much more. The characters, especially Dalton, draw you in and demand you keep reading. The touch of kink is enough for those that may like harder but not so much as to be scary for those that don't like kink. I would recommend this to several friends of mine.

  • Laura Miller
    2019-02-19 14:59

    This is one of my favorite books and the one that started me down the road to M/M romances. So worth the read. I have actually read it twice which is a rarity for me with books but this one was worth it.

  • C Joy
    2019-01-29 10:50

    This story was more of M/M than M/F/M and surprisingly I appreciated it. I guess a good love story is what it is regardless of gender. This was quite intense since Dalton is one of those tortured heroes.

  • Vickie
    2019-02-04 16:04

    I asked a friend of mine to give me a recon with lady porn and anal sex. Boy, this did not disappoint! I often wonder what I would do if i happened upon an intimate mm moment. i would probably watch too!! With these two, I would do so with pleasure!! My lady porn phase is in full effect!

  • Kacey Hammell
    2019-02-19 08:55

    Wonderfully written, sexy as hell men, temptress of a's the perfect ensemble to GREAT reading.Loved Dalton -- he's forever a favourite hero of mine.Hope to see more of these characters again and hope that author will write more of this genre.Superb!

  • Jessika
    2019-01-24 11:45

    I absolutely loved this book. The D/s dynamic was spot on. It was really refreshing to read about the heroine not falling in love right away too.