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Title : A Nation Like No Other: Why American Exceptionalism Matters
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ISBN : 9781596982710
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A Nation Like No Other: Why American Exceptionalism Matters Reviews

  • Brienne Shkedi
    2018-12-07 04:54

    Since there's a possibility Newt might be our next President I thought it'd be good to understand his views on American politics and issues. Less than 20 pages into the book, though, and I feel like I'm being lectured. I'm set on finishing since I still think it's important, but I seriously hope he finds himself a good speechwriter or else we risk the American pubic being lulled into a coma during his term in office.Finally decided to give up. I don't feel like being lectured, and since it looks like Newt doesn't stand a chance of winning the nomination, thankfully I don't have to!

  • Sally Winterton
    2018-12-02 05:08

    Should be a must read for all Americans. Well done Newt!

  • Richard
    2018-11-29 23:01

    This is quite simply the best and clearest book on what makes this country exceptional that I have ever read. Gingrich is crystal clear. The book carries a patriotic message, but it isn't about blind patriotism or mindless patriotism. The American ideal is under constant assault, sometime from those who mean well, sometimes from those who don't. It is essential for Americans to understand what we have, what our Founders and subsequent generations fought for and achieved.Obama said that he believes in American exceptionalism just as he assumes the British believe in British exceptionialism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism. Those who think as he does demonstrate so clearly that the do NOT understand what American exceptionalism means. American exceptionalism isn't simply rooting for the home team, the "We're #1" syndrome. In the 18th century, the US was the ONLY nation founded on the principles of the sovereignty and worth of the individual; that a person has certain rights that are inherent to being human and are "unalienable"; and that the government exists to protect those rights. 230-odd years later, the US Constitution remains the single greatest protector of freedom in the world, even as it has been defaced, diminished, and sometimes ignored by the descendents of those who created it. The Constitution, as written, matters. The American ideal matters. American exceptionalism matters. Please read Newt's book and find out why if you don't know, or be reminded why if you do.

  • Jim Gallen
    2018-11-30 02:09

    In “A Nation Like No Other” Newt Gingrich gives his views on American Exceptionalism, why America is different from all other countries, where it has strayed from its exceptional path, what it will take to get it back on track and why it is necessary that we do so. He treats the reader to a history lesson about a country built on the idea of freedom country that has fought to defend its ideals and that has voluntarily contributed more to the needy than any land in history. He blasts the Obama Administration for its lack of belief in American Exceptionalism and tells us what we need to do, individually and collectively to reclaim our heritage. He identifies the 2012 elections as a choice between a return to greatness or a continued slide into American mediocrity and increased world-wide danger. Although the 2012 elections have come and gone and we did not elect Newt President, an unstated but certainly primary goal of the book, it is still an interesting and inspiring read. It reminds me a bit of “Going Rogue” by Sarah Palin (see my review) and Ronald Reagan’s Farewell Address in its unabashed pride in America, and recipe for preserving and improving it. It does us good to read a book like this every once in a while to be reminded, encouraged and energized. Read it, go out and do your part.

  • Manuja
    2018-12-12 06:10

    I Love Newt’s vision for American Exceptionalism. I believe that the Ten Steps to Restoring (American) Exceptionalism can be used by any country that wants to move towards prosperity. Dr. Gingrich emphasizes on understanding the History of USA to Empowering our Citizens. He explains his vision through stories and examples. He speaks about philanthropy, volunteering, participating in local communities and teaching children. This is a book to pass along to our children and grand children. From the introduction “…belief in American Exceptionalism leads inevitably to a smaller, more effective and accountable government. The American revolutionaries did not shed their blood for a welfare state nor did they aim to replace rule of a King by a bureaucracy…” This is my guide book for (American) greatness, (American) Prosperity.

  • Michelle
    2018-12-10 02:14

    Gingrich has great insight into what has made America so great. Combining examples from our nation's history with common sense, his view of the downward spiral our great nation is beginning resonnated with me. I agree with what he termed the "Obama Doctrine" of "leading from behind" (which seemed like an oxy-moron to me when Obama first coined it during a press conference regarding the recent hit-&-miss support of Libyan rebels against their tyrannical leader). Gingrich doesn't just "complain" about liberal/progressive policies that he feels move our country in the wrong direction, he outlines 10 ways that average citizens can help move our country back in the right direction once again & take pride in being an exceptional nation of people.

  • June Junebug
    2018-12-11 22:06

    This is the worst book I've read this year. I expected no less. Everything that I wanted to say has already been said in most of the 1-star reviews on Amazon so I won't get into it. All you need to know is that he is a highly misinformed "historian" who likes to do nothing but use this opportunity to trash talk Obama. He has a very skewed view of everything and came off as racist, sexist, misogynistic, ableist, and just about every form of oppression against a marginalized group. The fact that people like him exist in Congress is terrifying, especially because he seems to think that he's running for King and that America is his kingdom. Truly an embarrassment.

  • goddess
    2018-12-04 03:56

    I picked this up at Borders' clearance sale several months ago. A light and entertaining read. Nothing necessarily earth shattering; but interesting enough to keep my attention. I've gotten similar talking points from several other pundits, but I did find some new insights. I'm sure this book was quite strategic, being that Gingrich is running for POTUS. If he stands behind every one of his assertions then he is someone I could get behind. Gingrich is one of the sharpest political minds out there.

  • E. Scott Harvey
    2018-12-13 22:08

    Gingrich has a knowledge and understanding of history, particularly the Reagan Era, that is second to none and quite useful in light of our country's present circumstances. Probably dry reading for those not into biographical sketches or history, I found it fast paced and enlightening.

  • F.Alan Reynolds
    2018-12-05 05:14

    I enjoyed the book in that it was chock full of American History facts. And the book does illustrate what a great country we live in. However I didn't enjoy the lecturing tone of the author especially on the topic of marriage, for soooo many reasons.

  • Lori
    2018-11-22 01:03

    As a fellow Georgian I really like Newt! Common sense, traditional logic outlining our Founder's intent is represented in this book along with countless examples and a compilation of quotes supporting American exceptionalism make this an excellent read. God bless America!

  • Johanna Gail Tongco
    2018-12-14 00:10

    Newt Gingrich's view on America's political dynamics is supported in this book by how history turned United States of America as an exceptional country.The book was written by dwelling on how history shaped the people and the government for centuries.This is a good all-nighter book!

  • Jim Blessing
    2018-11-14 02:05

    This book was an amazing one-sided political diatribe that was completely distasteful.

  • Jonathan Minnick
    2018-11-17 22:45

    Why can't this guy be our president?

  • Ken
    2018-12-02 22:05

    I really enjoyed reading something positive about America for a change. I've always been proud of my country and this book presented the evidence for that feeling.

  • Amanda Grannen
    2018-12-11 21:59

    If you're into politics and history, this is a great read. Newt may get hounded in the media, but his values and ideals are true to what it really means to be an American. Loved the book!!!

  • Alex Drinkwater, Jr.
    2018-11-27 23:44

    About half-way through - most impressive! For all his faults, I wish he were president.