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When Babe stumbles upon two vicious guard dogs, he must run for his life. But before it's all over, Babe not only saves his skin but makes a pack of new friends. Full-color photos....

Title : Babe: Pig in the City
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Babe: Pig in the City Reviews

  • Naohiro Hotta
    2019-03-25 15:51

    1. PENGUIN READER Level 2 Justin Kormen2. 10/22=60 minutes 10/23=60 minutes3. travel/ seeing/ friends/ shocked/ boss/ save/ hero4. Q. Now do you have any pets? If you were to speak to your pets or some animals, what do you want to tell to them? A. In my case, I have had my lovely dog since I was six grades in an elementary school, however, she has passed away last year because of her illness. That's why then if I should have been able to tell to her, I want to ask her whether she was happy to live with us before she died or not. In addition, I want to ask her if she wanted to have her baby. Actually, she died without having had her baby. I was worried about regretting about it. Q. Have you ever experienced culture shock when you went to anywhere? And, what was it? A. In my case, when I was first garde in an elementary school, my family had to move to Kanagawa because of my father's job. Then I was adoptted to a class leader. When I dtercted my classmates to that they carry their desks back, I told them to carry their desks back. However, they were confused a little, one of them asked me what you meant. I said, "What?" My friend said, "I didn't understand what you said." So, actually that was dialect between Aichi and Kanagawa.5. In this story, actually this story is part two. In the part one, babe was able to become a sheep dog, and in the part two babe and his boss's wife go to a city. Then they had some troubles and their plan was collaspped. when they wandered in an airport, a man suggest that they visit a hotel. Actually a city which has the hotel bans having a pet in the city. However, the owner ordered them that they promised not to happen some trouble in the city, so they could stay th hotel. However, Babe met some new animal and happened some troubles. Finally, policemen found that the hotel had many pets and tried to catch the animals to carry a facilty for the animals. Fortunately Babe and some animals escaped from the crisis and they decided to help them. I was so excited the fighting between animals and human.

  • Ryoichi
    2019-04-05 16:16

    Extensive Listening & Reading 4Sophie's classSophie's class-about 1 hour(1/7)-7 word summary:rural-pig-urban-kindness-captured-fellow-helping-Discussion Questions:1.When Babes' friends were captured, he tried helping.He seemes like a hero. Have you ever helped others though there is a risk?Answer:When I tried to ride the train, the person who got out the train forgot the bag.So I passed it her for that I could not ride the train.2.This book describes the feeling of animals.There do you like animals? And do you think animals have feeling like human?Answer:I like animals.There are many moving story which describes the friendship between human and animals.So I wish they have also feeling like us.-Note-The main character Babe is very brave and kind.the feeling of animals which live in a city, a show,,

  • Mai Kawai
    2019-04-14 22:58

    -Penguin Readers Level2PEARSON Longman-about 45minutes-clever,little pig,airport,hotel,bag,dog,animals,happy-Q1.What animals were friends of clever little pig? Q2.How did the policeman do all the animals outside the hotel?When I was little child, I have watched this movie in Japanese. Pig's image was fat and bad smelling, however it was changed by this story. This clever little pig,Babe was very active and smart pig. He could have great experiences in the city. I thought that many animals were also clever in this story. And this book was for elemental, so I could understand to read clearly.

  • Moe Hosokawa
    2019-04-07 17:54

    1. PENGUIN level22. 05/17,18 = 100 minutes3. pig, farm, left, hotel, dog, save, happy4. There was a pig in the farm. This was Babe, he can bring sheep home as quickly as a farm dog can. One day, he left this farm and went to the city. He saw many animals there and many things happend around him. He overcame those and they were happy finally. It is the funny and interesting point that there are many animals adn they talk, do, overcome man things in this book.5. I have watched this movie, but I do not remember the stor, so I could enjoy this book with remembering the story. I want to watch the movie again, too.

  • Wakako Natsume
    2019-03-23 00:07

    1. Babe PIG IN THE CITY/ PENGUIN/ Level 22. Babe PIG IN THE CITY 6/6 45 min 6/11 20 min. Les Miserables 6/12 23 min. Total: 88 min.3. pig, farm, accident, wife, city, hotel, animals, police4. Have you ever lived in farm or city? -- No, I haven't. However I have lived near rice fields and vegetable fields since I was born.5. There are a lot of animals in this story, so I couldn't memorise their name. For that reason, I couldn't understand the story very much. However photos of Babe are really cute, so I could read it. I didn't imagine how Mrs. Hoggett loves Babe. In "Babe", she tries to eat him!

  • Akira Hasegawa
    2019-04-09 21:11

    I took about 1 hour to read this.7 word summaryPig- friends- feeling- captured- urban- help- kindnessDiscussion question When your friends were worrying of need your help, have you ever helping them?- Yes.i had. At 1 a.m. my friend could not go home by train. I picked him up by car. It took 2 hour to pick him up.CommentI had watched it on movie. When I read this book, I remembered the scene. I think that it is good for reading to watch the movie before reading. I enjoyed reading so much.

  • Akari Suzuki
    2019-04-13 18:56

    Publish: PENGUIN READERS Level 2Time: 11/16 20minutes 11/18 50miHnutes7-word summary: Pig-Journey-Hotel-Animals-Run out-Find-HappyQ1. Do you have a pet?No, but I had two hamsters since I was elementary school student.Q2. Have you ever seen animals that can speak?No, never. But I've seen them on TV.This book was easy to read. It was fun. I want to watch this book's movie.I like this book's picture. It is cute.

  • Misato Kuroiwa
    2019-03-24 17:59

    1 PENGUIN Fantasy Level 22 90minutes3 Pig animal Babe clever airport hotel people4 Do you want to have a pig like Babe?Yes, I do.5 I have watched Babe when I was a child. So, it was easy for me to understand it. The image of pig is bad smell and fat. However, Babe is clever and smart. I want Babe!

  • Erika Ando
    2019-04-03 20:02

    1, PENGUIN; BABE PIG IN CITY; level22, 95 minutes3, pig sheep-pig clever farmer wife animals help4, Do you have any pets?Yes, I have. I have a dog.5, I like Babe. I watched movie long time ago, so it was easy to read. Babe is very cute!

  • Jimmy
    2019-04-04 22:58

    Babe is cool. Book was okay.