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This study guide consists of approx. 41 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more – everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia. This detailed literature summary also contains Topics for Discussion and a Free Quiz on Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi AraThis study guide consists of approx. 41 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more – everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia. This detailed literature summary also contains Topics for Discussion and a Free Quiz on Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia by Jean Sasson....

Title : Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia by Jean P. Sasson Summary & Study Guide
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Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia by Jean P. Sasson Summary & Study Guide Reviews

  • Linda Harkins
    2019-01-16 04:42

    How little Westerners understand of the lives of Muslim women of Saudi Arabia, one of the world's richest countries! The author worked as a nurse for a dozen years in Saudi Arabia in which time she met and befriended the royal princess whose story she tells. Although not intended to demean the Islamic faith, Princess Sultana's story reveals the harsh, unbalanced conditions that continue to plague females living in the birthplace of the Prophet Mohammed.

  • Sarah
    2019-01-09 06:59

    If it is true its ugly :D A book which is highly 'not' recommended. If you are sensitive and phobic towards people better not read it: blood pressure will shoot up. World is a strange place............seeming is another thing truth is another. And it confuses the reader whether it is true or there is an element of exaggeration in it.

  • Lara
    2019-01-20 06:51

    I hesitate to say I loved this book because of some of the horrifying content in it, but I was captivated by the first page. Every woman should be made aware of the freedoms they enjoy, that they take for granted daily. It's heartbreaking to read about such abuse to our sisters, but necessary to expose it if we are ever going to demand change. Princess is a MUST read.

  • Shalaka
    2019-01-22 06:01

    Is an account of the atrocities women are subjected to in Saudia Arabia..absolutely outrageous! Bound to leave the reader disturbed. In addition to that the political turmoil faced by the Gulf nation has also been explained in depth. Overall, a fine read however,but like i mentioned earlier, very disturbing!!

  • Angela
    2019-01-06 09:39

    I am very glad I discovered this book at a library book sale. It is a great perspective of one woman's view of her life as a Saudi Arabian royal family member. I enjoyed hearing of her 'small victories' and also heart broken at learning of the atrocities that befall women there. I have ordered the other two books that continue Sultana's story from my library!

  • Jigmet katpa
    2019-01-11 07:02

    WEALTH DOESN'T HOLD TRUE HAPPINESS , BUT FREEDOM!!.........THE WHOLE BOOK TAKES US TO THE CORE OF SHELL OF MEN'S cowardice . the life of women "BE IT A PRINCESS " OR AN ORDINARY WOMEN, THEY LIVE A HECK OF LIFE AHEAD THEM. YES, THERE ARE SPLENDID DAYS BUT they breathe under a fist of men . of course THE FAITH ISLAM , is not to be held responsible for these oppressed women but the muttawas who manipulate the message of their own holy book. this book obviously wasnt the first one i read of oppressed women but ,surely this book removed the veil of my ambiguity that though rich or poor , women do face the wrath of so called masterpiece of Allah (men). actually it is believed that man was created before followed by woman , but we must not forget the fact of art, that before any masterpiece, we first try out a rough piece. dont you see the difference how complex wee women are , be it our mindset , mood, or be it our own reproductive system .being a biology student , i remember how easily teacher would finish up with male part and how complex a female organ and its functions are . yes, a part of me feel disgust a such a patriarchal society but then this is how it is. their life and their battle , how brave are women to live their childhood without love of their father, and they face their wedding day and wedding bed, how they face every abuse of their lives. i salute them for being such courageous and living a life of torment with a smile behind their veil. this book is a must read especially women who are free but do not value their freedom and run after money. after i read this book , i felt fortunate being born to such parents , in such country where we women cherish the freedom without being hindered by men in our lives. i would love to thank SULTANA for sharing her story with us and of course JEAN SASSON .

  • Dee Jha
    2019-01-10 02:58

    When I am not reading this book,I think about it..When I am reading this book,I get goosebumps flesh all over..From my point of view, its a deep insight in the lives of atrocities against women in Saudi, just narrated by "Sultana", with a helpless fury. When I read the book, I couldn't help but wonder that she being a princess could have made some change to the lives of women around. I find her complaining about her own life which was far too better than the miseries of her own blood. A person with such an emotional turmoil from within can sometimes really bring about the change much needed,with all the affluence and authority. Also if her patriarchal life was in shackles, but her husband had given her ample amount of freedom(so it seems) as compared to other women who were treated nothing more than objects of pleasure. All these facts really make me wonder, why couldn't Sultana make atleast an iota of difference in the lives of women around her.I cant say it was a good read because what we are indulging in, is not a fancy story..these are the lives of many women in Saudi..really heart wrenching..Kudos to the author for boldly writing them for a huge public..The post publication criticism must have been difficult for her to live with! Great work!

  • Rajesh Chaudhary
    2019-01-04 09:40

    Princess is the story of Saudi Arabian princess in veil, their harrowing life behind the veil and the prejudices they face. The book deals with the love, sex, freedom and everything you can guess of when it comes about living a free life. In fact, this book is written by Jean P. Sasson who have translated what she heard from one of her friend who use to be friend of the princess. The partiality and possessiveness of male over female is being portrait in this book.If you want to have a real picture of human right, no other books can be as perfect as this one. It's one of those expensive and must read book in the history of literature.

  • Hinda561
    2019-01-23 02:34

    An amazing true story that reveals how Saudi from the royal class act in their daily life and how do the society prefer men over women. Choosing a gender made women compete and hate men for the opportunities they have. This story is really entertaining, I never got bored while reading it and i don't mind reading it over and over again!

  • Linda Breiding
    2019-01-04 10:34

    I discovered a different culture from ours; and I am horrified to see that women, in our 21st century, have no human rights and are treated like objects and at the disposal of the men. One can only hope that this book will bring awareness around the world and somehow help the women of Saudi Arabia. It was an easy to read book.

  • Zia
    2019-01-08 08:55

    I am from Middle East and i never knew that how the rulers lived, we do have unfairness between girls and boys but the story made me see everything in a different way it was amazing and she had courage since she was young its inspiring.

  • Kay
    2019-01-22 05:42

    Very interesting! Fast read. Fascinating. Like watching a train wreck. You don't really want to know, but can't look away. Certainly not a life any Westerner would envy. I hope things have changed for women in Saudi Arabia in the last 20 yrs since this book was written!

  • Stacy
    2019-01-06 03:02

    just finished this one for book club. An amazing read into a culture we know so little about. Amazing and even comical to know that Saudi Arabia sits on the United Nations Human Rights Council, what a crock!

  • Doreen
    2019-01-09 09:37

    Very enlightening...

  • Helen Barbaglia
    2019-01-14 07:56

    Scary true story- never want that life

  • Danielle
    2019-01-07 07:01

    Short story on Kobo about a woman in an Arab country. She tells her story of discrimination against women. 2 more books have been written about her. Not bad, not great.

  • Eleanor Groom
    2019-01-05 03:40

    Excellent book, but horrifying story. Women are no more than sex slaves in Saudi Arabia.Another book that leaves me thankful that I was born in the USA.

  • Mona Bomgaars
    2019-01-17 07:56

    One of 2 books to be read for the IRB Book Club meeting in November. One of the first "behind the veil" books. This one told to the author by a woman in the royal Saudi family.

  • Pooja
    2019-01-19 08:33

    A very brave effort !

  • Verča Masopustová
    2019-01-02 05:38

    Tajemná princezna - Život za závojem

  • Manoj Keats
    2018-12-28 03:58

    All the women who talk about feminism,must read this novel.This is not about racism but about feminism.

  • Maryann
    2019-01-01 02:57

    Very interesting read about the life of a Saudi Arabian women. I had always thought life was pretty much the same for all Middle Eastern women but I was wrong.

  • HGrewal
    2019-01-04 06:02

    A very heart touching book about the state of women in the royal families in Saudia Arabia.

  • Panila
    2019-01-18 07:03

    beautifully written...

  • Sukanta Maikap
    2018-12-24 08:54

    Sad story of how difficult life can be in a muslim country. A must read for all.

  • Jiju Vijayakumar
    2019-01-22 09:55

    interesting and very real

  • SusanCope
    2019-01-17 09:35

    This book, written in 1992, gives a first -hand account of life in the royal family of Saudi Arabia. It is chilling to read how even very rich women had no freedom at all. There was no chance of help from the police, since the religious right there was so powerful. Women there were still being sentenced to death by stoning or be-heading for "lewd behavior", which included being so unfortunate as to be gang-raped in your own home. The book makes it clear how these laws have warped the men's views of women and led to a rampant sexual slave trade (Filipino maids, trips to Thailand). It also made it clear that the women are very aware of their lack of freedom, but have no recourse. A man can divorce his wife on a whim, cutting her off from the children forever. The rich men commonly had 3 or 4 wives and many, many children. There was no birth control, as big families were desired by the men. Almost like running a puppy mill..... I fear that not much has changed in the last 25 years.

  • Lucie Milton
    2019-01-08 09:43

    So glad to have read (listened to) this book. Amazing insight into life in Saudi Arabia for women. I had no idea how sad and cruel it could be. I cried many times and was deeply shocked. But it's a brilliant book