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What do sporting champions do, what makes winning teams, who is a good leader, why do only some teams keep winning while others win only for a while and then lose… Two IIMA alumni, Sports commentator and writer Harsha Bhogle and advertising and communication consultant Anita Bhogle dig into examples from sport to see how they can benefit managers. Contrary to popular perceWhat do sporting champions do, what makes winning teams, who is a good leader, why do only some teams keep winning while others win only for a while and then lose… Two IIMA alumni, Sports commentator and writer Harsha Bhogle and advertising and communication consultant Anita Bhogle dig into examples from sport to see how they can benefit managers. Contrary to popular perception ability is not a major distinguishing factor in success, especially as the level of competition increases. But if you combine your ability with the right attitude and the passion to excel, you too can become the best that you can be. That is the universal formula for winning that The Winning Way explores. For Anita and Harsha Bhogle, this book marks the completion of 300 successful corporate workshops of The Winning Way that they run....

Title : The Winning Way: Learnings from sport for managers
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The Winning Way: Learnings from sport for managers Reviews

  • Sambasivan
    2019-03-27 18:17

    Short book but powerful message that summarises the essence of leadership with real life examples predominantly from the field of cricket, understandably so. This is also the summary of the 300 plus corporate workshops that the author couple had conducted over a period of five years. The arresting simplicity and the captivating fluidity of narrative are the key pillars of this wonderful book. Excellent reading with oodles of practical advice for an aspiring leader.

  • Darshana Unnikrishnan
    2019-03-26 00:10

    well.... this book is well written. there are lot of examples of how we can learn from sports, which implies that lot of research has been done to write this book. or maybe the author being well versed in this area knew well what to write.this book is strictly for managers or the management of any organisation to read. thus as i picked up this book thinking only about harsha bhogle and liking the genre to which this book belonged(self help), i didnt find it helpful for me or rather to give it 5 stars. but that does not mean that this book this not worthy of i said, this book is well written and good amount of work has been done to write this book. but, it is just that i being not a manager or head of anything (!!!) could not find this book fully appealing. but if any1 who is a head of any organisation reads it, i am sure they would find it interesting and appealing to them. then, this book will be getting its deserving 5 stars. but, for now only 3 stars from me.

  • Saraswathi Sambasivan
    2019-03-27 16:11

    A deceptively small book that packs a punch! Harsha Bogle is a familiar face for all cricket-lovers and his command over the language is superb. Honestly, I never thought I would enjoy reading this book when I just picked it up! He draws parallels between the business world and the world of cricket. Most importantly, he talks about analyzing successes, not just failures. In the fickle world we live in, a success is celebrated and failures analysed till there is nothing left! The author changes the way we think of success, at the same time reiterating on the time-tested formula of team-work, leadership and change. A superb read.

  • Harsha Sannareddy
    2019-03-20 21:25

    " An amazing piece for aspiring leaders and managers " " An sports lover can easily understand how author has explained leadership skills through sports "" 90% of the book is management through Cricket "

  • Jatin Singh
    2019-03-19 22:14

    It's good in terms where there is an analogy between sports and real life problems. Some interesting incidents in the world of sports did grab my attention. Overall a satisfactory read.

  • Rohit Gupta
    2019-04-17 00:16

    This book really benefits from the background of its authors. The eloquence with which Harsha speaks comes out in the written word as well.While many of the sports examples will be well known to the readers, the way it is weaved into an overall narrative for business world is really commendable.For me, the place where the book lacks is that it stops short of providing actionable points which a reader can start pondering over and apply in their workplace. The book is not able to go beyond the first level of setting the direction in which to think about building a winning team. It is a great start for the process nonetheless.The second area where the book lags is that the ideas start sounding repetitive in the later chapters.

  • Sibi Kumar
    2019-04-16 18:09

    Bhogle has done a fair comparison between sports and management and has brought about the traits essential for success in a lucid manner. A chapter or two could have been devoted in a case study style to explore in depth on what made a particular sports team/player tick- eg: The Australian Cricket Team of the 2000s or the Rajasthan Royals in the first season.

  • Sarath Karanam
    2019-03-21 16:16

    Surprisingly good. I was skeptical while picking this up, given the number of reviews it had. But the way the authors' POVs were linked to sport made the message easy to understand.There are a few sections which felt lengthy or repetitive, but at the end, you can have a lot of take aways from the book, especially if you are reading it in Kindle - thanks to highlights.

  • Omkar Pendse
    2019-03-29 00:23

    I am a huge fan of Harsha Bhogle and I was really excited when I got my hands on this book. I expected so much from it. But sadly, I'd much rather prefer watching Harsha Bhogle as a commentator than read his book. As lively and fulfilled are his conversations while presenting on TV, this book is that much dull, dry, uninteresting and boring.

  • Girish Shenoy
    2019-03-30 00:07

    Good book read about how to handle situations which come across our professional life and how to manage teams.

  • Mohammed Abid
    2019-03-28 21:57

    This book is packed with so many real life situations of sports and business. The pace is good and each chapter is witten meticulously and intimidate you to read it in one go.

  • Harsh Khoont
    2019-04-11 23:08

    Harsha Bhogle as always, short and well articulated, summaries the leadership skills and qualities. Unilever soul will enjoy the sync between the book and the corporation.

  • Pranaav Gupta
    2019-04-14 21:27

    Interesting book. Took me a while to finish it. Enjoyed the reference to sports and what people can learn :)

  • Akash Parakh
    2019-04-17 19:10

    Surprisingly mediocre attempt by very insightful Harsha Bhogle. Offers little in terms of inspiration and all episodes retold seem only half the story. It seemed as if to prove the point a story was picked rather than the other way round where story forms the basis of an insight. In terms of research too I found the book lacking. May be I was expecting way more. That is why 3 stars !!

  • Vikas Niranjan
    2019-04-01 20:25

    A short and very good book on various anecdotes from Cricket and occasionally other sports and companies. A very good book. Helps if you read it and imagine in Harsha's voice

  • Abhilash Ruhela
    2019-04-10 17:57

    In my shelf from last 2 years, I finally picked the book 4 days ago and since then, I have been able to grasp enough knowledge about how management has to be performed in a corporate environment that I even thought of giving it as a gift to my bosses of every organization here on wards. Haha! That's the magic of "The Winning Way" written by the couple- Anita Bhogle and Harsha Bhogle. The magical aura of the book can be assumed after knowing the names who have scribbled the foreword and the last word for it- Mukesh Ambani and Rahul Dravid respectively. This 196 pages book has many things to say which can definitely make you look things at organization from bigger perspective. It will make you understand why you have not been able to grow as quickly as others in hierarchy as this book makes you realize the mistakes you have been doing all along.The Winning Way blends the field of pure management and Cricket together and tells us how both are inter-related with each other. The writers keep on giving us the example of many Cricket events and how few people managed the riskier and impossible situations there to get over the challenge. And then it teaches us how by taking an example from the same, we can apply it in our daily lives at organization and produce the same impossible results and win the already lost fight. I liked the language in which the authors have described the events and examples. Their own experiences in different seminars and the query from the employees of MNCs makes the book more insightful and you cannot thank the authors for sharing all of those moments with us. The bullets in the end of every chapter assures that you can pick this book anytime whenever you are in trouble and recall all that you read in it. The bullet makes it clear that you do not miss any important point from the chapter. Even though the book belongs to the self-help genre, it can be read while traveling as it's written in the easiest language possible to make you feel as if you are hearing another great commentary from Harsha Bhogle and not reading something as important as this but still you will find yourself improving with each sentence as it's written with great research and counselling of people in corporate world and basically in management field. I give this book 3.75 stars out of 5. Yes, little more could have been given if it didn't have repetitive sentences every now and then. Also, Sachin's example is taken more than required. I know he's God but I didn't read this book to recite mantra. Right? :-) Thanks. ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU!!!

  • Harish Vaidyanathan
    2019-03-23 22:19

    Passable, low in depth, better to hear Harsha in personFirst what i liked:The authors stay with the topic of the bookSports and business really do mirror each other, making it a worthwhile readWhat i disliked:Having heard Harsha speak, there just isn't any semblance of depth in this book. The examples are shallow, even cricketing ones have been anonymized to save the player's reputation and faceThere are enough and more cross references to books that I've already read, making me wonder why am i even reading this book!The various pillars on which The Winning Way is formed are simple, almost inane, hardly an aha in there. Better insightful books have written on this subject.Recommendation:If you are new to the notion of having to Win at work then this book might be worthwhile. Bought it on kindleb for 40/- rupees and i think the price is justified for what you learn in return.

  • Vivek
    2019-04-11 22:27

    Harsha Bhogle tries to draw analogies between sports (esp Cricket) and business, how leaders solving problems in their respective sport can be used in a business scenario. Things I liked about the book:Learnt a lot about Indian companies and problems they face(d).Learnt the whos-who of Indian b-world.New insights into cricket and other sports. Dick Fosbury comes to mind immediately.Overall good overview on success/winning and the art of managing success.Things I did not like:The whole book is not very coherent. The author jumps like a horse on a chessboard with his writing style.Many 'findings' that the author tries to convey are hackneyed, boring and or vague.Given an option I would rate it 2.5 stars.

  • Rohit
    2019-03-21 16:04

    You will be binged by unwanted info for a very few points to ponder. They will talk about how things are done in Cricket, Football, NBA and then Business organisation... they just try to show there superiority over the number of sports they follow. Even I do follow those sports, still I don't want to read each and every thing to make a point out of it. They should have taken one of the sports and should have gone all the way.They mention HUL, Colgate ... Let me tell you, no matter what - HUL has earned money by fooling Indians, by selling products full of chemicals and it is same with Colgate, and these people endorse such bullshit organisation same as the Bollywood knuckle heads do.A total time waster. Don't read it..BTW I like you commentary.

  • Kumar
    2019-03-20 16:00

    The name of Harsha Bhogle itself brings two things in your mind - Cricket and IIM-A. When I first saw this book on stands in Crossword, I was naturally interested.The book charms you with its lucid language and very apt examples (especially from sports) for explaining a point. But, then after 3-4 chapters start looking repetitive which is a very common problem with these kind of books. After a while you start feeling that you are reading same thing under different name. This book was written from the trainings they conducted in the corporates. And maybe it served a very good purpose that way. Do not read it in one go. A decent collection for a manager's shelf, maybe.

  • Dipesh Mehta
    2019-04-05 23:57

    *Applause* to the author for writing such a brilliant masterpiece. You will instantly connect and stay connected with the book if you have listened to Harsha bhogle's commentary, read his columns and motivational speeches. The book clearly reflects the author's capability to draw lessons from sport (cricket largely) and apply the same in the corporate world, not once will u will find the content to be gyaan session only, coz of the various example and experiences that he shares of the great players. His writings clearly motivates and inspires you. Overall a must read for everyone. "Happy Winning" to everyone of you. Cheers.

  • Prashanth Reddy
    2019-04-06 16:17

    I was not sure as to what/how I should rate this book. While its got some great nuggets/information, it is't the kind of book that keeps you glued to it until you finish reading it. It might come with the fact that ones has high expectations from Harsha Bhogle after reading his columns/articles and listening to his commentaries/interviews. However, the authors do make an interesting point: if hard work/discipline marries passion, it would make a great recipe for success, while accounting very little to talent which is doesn't have great value as the competition goes up.

  • Ankit Chambiyal
    2019-04-08 17:05

    I started this book with the objective of understanding the relationships that exist between the sports ethic and our corporate structures. I admit, this book goes beyond that. Not only it relates the domains between sports & corporate life but it clearly explains as to how we can emulate the success & loss in sports in our day to day lives. This goes without saying that this book does showcase best of examples from sports arena which have their own unique success/loss statements and from that we all have something to learn.

  • anchal
    2019-03-25 23:13

    The Winning Way is a well-researched book filled with numerous real-life examples in the past both from corporate world as well as sports arena, on what constitutes a winning team.It focuses on the need to adapt continuously to the ever-changing conditions, the right attitude, the work ethics, being a team player and giving your 100 percent.Though the book is targeted towards managers, this is a delightful read for anyone who want to get behind the insights and mindsets of the biggest players in sports and corporate world.As it says, the winning formula is pretty much the same everywhere.

  • Goutham Jayaprakash
    2019-04-02 00:25

    Anita Bhogle & Harsha Bhogle has managed to teach us all a bit more about how to manage our business or do well at a jobAnd you will really like this books if you love sports specially cricket. His examples are perfect and very easy to understand. And specially if you are a cricket fan Harsha Bhogle is most probably your favourite commentator too. Its a very short book and you will finish it within a week. And you can always come back and read the bullet points given at the end of each chapter just to remind yourself about the aspects explained in the book.

  • Deval
    2019-04-18 20:15

    Nice compact book on the findings of seminars / workshop conducted by Harsha & Anita Bogle. Each chapter charts out similariies & challenges that Team faces both in business & Sports. Liked the way Harsha has carved out learning for business leaders from adversities faced by great Sportsmen like Rahul Dravid etc...Took this book up cos I had been fan of the program 'Masterstrokes' by Harsha on CNBC TV.

  • Gaurav Deshpande
    2019-03-21 20:20

    Harsha Bhogale very nicely explains how to WIN and how to sustain winning, with his cricket references and quotes from business world. It seems to be a book for managers, but I think its a book for everyone how aspire to be a manager or who merely wants to manage themselves in a better manner. Don't read this book with perception of knowing the locker room talks and inside information, cause you want find any, this book is not for such. I enjoyed reading it, I hope you will too.

  • Aditya Garg
    2019-04-14 18:07

    It motivates you cent percent to give your best to any situation. There are various instances which have been picked from sports (like the Aussies, Manchester United, etc.) which is very evident as the author belongs to a hard core sports background. Its a well knit books, which is both useful for the aspiring managers as well as the common man.

  • Akshada
    2019-03-23 16:18

    Book is good, very well written but all the examples dirrectly relates to Cricket. Very specific towards sports... probably if someone does not know the particular incident regarding cricket mentioned in the book it will be very hard to relate with real life.As i am well-known to cricket, its good for me.

  • Vikas
    2019-04-20 00:14

    As he speak, with conviction and belief in what he is saying, so does he writes this book. The points that are put forward are not very difficult to relate in day to day business life. Writing is lucid, full on examples; and as a cricket lover I was able to pick every example very easily as Harsha uses them the most.Nice book, a definite recommendation.