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DEMONS ARE Azarial thought. It was a cold day in Hell when Azarial – demon, sculptor and daughter to the Fallen angel Sariel - got the first inkling she wasn’t quite the person she‘d thought she was. Then when two old friends arrive bringing with them an outlawed rogue, she welcomes them. When they ask her to hide them from bounty hunters how could she refuse?DEMONS ARE Azarial thought. It was a cold day in Hell when Azarial – demon, sculptor and daughter to the Fallen angel Sariel - got the first inkling she wasn’t quite the person she‘d thought she was. Then when two old friends arrive bringing with them an outlawed rogue, she welcomes them. When they ask her to hide them from bounty hunters how could she refuse? But when magic-users summon her to Earth and force her to find the rogue, then things begin to get nasty – Azarial tries to hold her life together and help her friends. Despite the angel who keeps following her around, a sultry young Nightlord who wants her to be his mentor, and the temptation of old lovers... And you just know it’s going to be a bad day when you wake up with a stolen baby dragon in your kitchen....

Title : A Cold Day in Hell
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ISBN : 9781937085353
Format Type : Paperback
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A Cold Day in Hell Reviews

  • Jasmine Denton
    2019-04-25 14:02

    Technically, since I edited A Cold Day in Hell, I'm not sure it's appropriate for me to review it, too. But when I realized it'd been released already, I just couldn't help but share my thoughts. I loved it.When I started reading this book, I didn't know what to expect. I'd never read a high-concept fantasy before, but Main's sense of humor made this an easy read. When I turned the page, I didn't know what to expect next, since Rial and Tonk managed to get themselves into hilarious disaster after hilarious disaster, while blending a nice little mystery into the mix. And did I mention there's a bunch of hot, powerful supernatural guys that need Rial's help? Yummy. But, above all of that, the world-building is amazing. For that reason alone, this is a must read for anyone interested in the Fantasy genre.

  • Sarah Baethge
    2019-04-23 08:17

    A Cold Day in Hell by Denise M. Main is an entertaining story with a cast of angels, demons, and the like. If you are simply looking for some light reading, don't worry; the title is one of the only few religious references that appear. Instead of right and wrong, we are drawn into the grand multi-verse of the of the universe's structure, to follow the demon Azarial as she tries to live her normal life, despite the trouble friends bring to her door. If you can enjoy a story without taking certain names or titles too literally, you might find this one to be an enjoyable read. I like such a simple kind of explanation for magical powers. It also lends quite well to quick stereotype supporting characters like a big red devil-demon, or a little crafty sculptor imp. All in all, it leaves you with a fun view of the world.

  • Maxwell
    2019-04-19 11:13

    In her debut novel, A Cold Day In Hell, author Denise Main weaves a wonderful story of intrigue, mystery, drama, and humor. Azarial may not be a very good demon, but she is a perfect main character. I fell in love with her immediately. Azarial is a sculpter. Her mother is a fallen archangel. Her friends are powerful lords from various worlds. And her constant companion, and perfect sidekick, is an imp named Tonk. All of the characters are wonderfully detailed.The author sculpts an amazing world filled with magic, technology, and an elaborate social system which she calls the "Structure." The Structure is filled with countless worlds including our own and, of course, Hell where Azarial lives in her mothers townhouse with her servant Tonk, her weathervane and house guardian Fan, and four elementals who live on the roof. The intricate world system is presented flawlessly and effortlessly by the author and I felt at home from page one.Azarial's life is already a mess without any help from outside, but it becomes worse when interrupted by a baby dragon, a summons from a witch, and a friend's uncle who is being pursued by powerful bounty-hunters. Throw in a Darkchild at the time of changing, and a black-winged angel (Azarial has a phobia of feathers) and interesting becomes down-right intriguing. All of the characters and settings are richly detailed and I was kept guessing and turning pages right to the last scene. I truly love the concept and the characters. I hope Mrs. Main writes a whole series of books featuring this group of characters.The cover, produced by Fantasia Frogs Designs, is perfect. It catches the eye, entices the imagination, and more importantly sells the story. I love the choice of font, the stark simplicity of the layout, and the female eyes, one winking, which fits perfectly with the main character.I unequivocally recommend A Cold Day In Hell. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I can't wait to go back.

  • Gypsy Madden
    2019-04-08 14:27

    Azarial, a poor excuse for a demoness with a kind heart, scattered tendencies, and a love of pastries muddles her way through life in the magical realm, one dimension removed from Earth. The book follows her daily life from a summoning by a human witch, to her job as an artist creating enchanted chess pieces, to having her house invaded by her friends the Nightlords.Once the Nightlords come into the book, they dominate the rest of the story, becoming front and center importance whether the reader finds them interesting or not, with our starring demoness Rial taking practically a backseat to them. But, truth be told, the Nightlords are a fascinating group of men, and I am looking forward to seeing how Rial’s relationship grows with them, especially spoiled, demanding young Kalesh and sexy Lucian.It did feel like the story rambled and spent its time going through the day to day motions, like Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse novels, but Rial’s life is just so fascinating from her conversing with the gargoyles residing on her rooftop, to the fun, lecherous Meadowjack (who I hope makes a return appearance in future books), to the customers making ridiculous demands of her artist skills, (and I loved Tonk and her human realm friend Sam skipping off to Dragon Con, where I’ve been haunting in costume the last couple of years myself).I especially loved her assistant Tonk and his penchant for getting into trouble. He reminded me of an excitable, athletic, Dobby from Harry Potter, but with ramped up comedy relief and grumbling back-talk as he carried out his orders. And Rial is one of those characters I wouldn’t mind having for a best friend for several more books to come. I had one Hell of a good time reading A Cold Day in Hell and will be looking forward to further installments.

  • Denise Main
    2019-04-05 09:08

    I enjoyed writing this book, the characters and the various worlds in the Structure. Making Tonk, the imp more street-smart than his boss was a necessity, since Azarial isn't the most savvy of people. She enjoys being a demon, even though she isn't particularly good at it, and since her Mother is a Fallen archangel the other option is much worse. Not only does Azarial hate angels, she has a phobia of wings - feathered wings to be precise. She is a sculptor who specialises in game pieces that are animated. One day, old friends come to visit, Nightlords, brothers Rowan and Tarik, along with their uncle Dominic, a Stealer of souls. Outcast and exiled, Dominic has bounty hunters chasing him and askes Azarial to hide him.

  • Clarrissa Moon
    2019-04-02 14:07

    What an awesome book. It was a story with an orginal concept based on true occult knowledge not found in many fictional books written today. Not all Demons are "bad" Fallen Angels have thier own story to tell as well, but let's talk about this book, which is fictional. Well written and kept me looking to see where the story would go and I usually can say this will happen next, but not in this story. It kept on surprising me and wondering what will happen next. I love the MC and her Imp, Tonks, is a cuty. I am hoping for a sequel because I really enjoyed this story.Clarrissa Lee Moon author of The Nightwolves series

  • Julie Hodgson
    2019-04-12 11:23

    This was such fun to read....Love the demon and the bakers :o) wont give any spoilers..but the characters come together and keep you going till the end of the book..after you wish the book was longer! Good read...

  • Shelley Taylor
    2019-03-31 11:03

    I loved this book just the name made me want to read and I'm so glad I did. It had so great new twists on the paranormal. There is a few type-o but and overall great book that I will be waiting for the next to come out. Soon I hope :)