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Hiding from a dangerous man, Tess Crawford thought The Wiggons’ School for Elegant Young Ladies would be the perfect place to disappear. Or it would be if the local villagers weren’t on edge because of the vampire in their midst, at least they think he’s a vampire. The fascination with the reclusive viscount disrupts the girls’ studies and Tess fights an unending battle toHiding from a dangerous man, Tess Crawford thought The Wiggons’ School for Elegant Young Ladies would be the perfect place to disappear. Or it would be if the local villagers weren’t on edge because of the vampire in their midst, at least they think he’s a vampire. The fascination with the reclusive viscount disrupts the girls’ studies and Tess fights an unending battle to convince her students that monsters do not exist.Vincent Latimer, Viscount Atwood, is not a vampire, no matter what the villagers believe. He wishes the book, Wake Not the Dead, had never been written. There is a very good reason he visits his wife’s grave at night, and it has nothing to do with trying to raise her from the dead.When a storm thrusts Tess into Vincent’s path and destroys the school, both of their pasts collide. ...

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To Walk in the Sun Reviews

  • Patty McKenna Van Hulle
    2019-04-17 04:00

    Jane CharlesWelcome to The Wiggins School For Elegant Young Ladies with mysterious happenings are afoot with chills, fears, screams & a stalking unseen nemesis!Tessa Crawford is a young teacher at The Wiggins School For Elegant Young Ladies, but is hiding her past & prays it will never catch up to her. Mrs. Wiggins, the headmistress, and her 2 fellow teacher & BFF, Claudia & Natalie, know all her secrets & have chosen to protect her. Tessa loves her students, but this fascination with the book, Walk Not The Dead, & that Viscount Atwood is a vampire, is trying on her last nerve & Eliza, Rosemary & Sophia are the worst of the bunch. Nights are the hardest for her, so she walks the night to calm her demons. One night a strange & unearthly tempest blows into the village & Tessa is slammed to the ground, by unseen weight!Vincent Latimer is the Viscount Atwood & he only walks the night, steals flowers from the other's gardens & visits his wife's grave every night. It's no wonder the village thinks he is a vampire trying raise his wife from the dead. The truth is that he was injured in the war & unable to go into sunlight, without severe pain stabbing into his head, so lives only in the night. Vincent has a fantastic valet/BF, Wesley, who cares, dresses, feeds, shares a whiskey with & basically keeps him alive. One night as he is visiting his wife's grave, an unnatural tempest blows into town, he sees a tree falling on a young teacher & slams her into the ground hard!This wild & untamed tempest not only throws trees & tombstones about, but merges Tessa & Vincent's lives together, for better or worse. Vincent's quick thinking saves they from the blowing landmines, they dive into his family crypt, but Tessa's head meets stone & blood gushes. They huddle together as the storm passes, but when walk out, see the utter destruction, Tessa freaks out about her students, takes off with blood streaming down her face & the village vampire in hot pursuit! When they reach the school, a huge tree inside in the school, scared, shivering students & teachers trying to taking roll call. The tree was in Tessa's room & she would of been crushed, if not for the night walk. Wesley suggests Vincent's home for shelter & the next thing Vincent realizes he has 1 headmistress, 6 teachers & 3 dozens young ladies camped out of his house until the repairs can be made to the school!With all Vincent's demands of absolutely quiet on his bedroom floor during the day, a battle line is drawn, but he always seem to be disturbed & crushing in the cellar. The 3 kooky vampire hunters-in-training ladies kick up a trouble galore & Vincent's sun sensitivity truly does not help. A strange & magically sexually ZING is delivered to both Tessa & Vincent, when they are in the same room. The meddling teachers & staff, an unwanted nemesis from both Tessa & Vincent's past resurfaces, mysterious happenings afoot & the driving desires between Tessa & Vincent make this romance goes from 0 to CREEPY in a nano second! Can Vincent save her before their shared past destroys them? Will Tessa's love be enough to help heal his pain? Can Vincent walk into the sun to save his Tessa? Will Tessa always be 2nd in Vincent's heart? How many times will Rosemary, Eliza & Sophia attempt to stake Vincent?This is my 1st Jane Charles book & so not my last. Sophia, Eliza & Rosemary were the 3 Buffys-in-training & they were exhausting just reading about them & I truly don't know how Tessa did it without killing them. Tessa was a heroine who was defined by one moment in time & it overtook her life, but she had 3 women that supported, cared & loved her. Vincent lives a controlled life of darkness, but all this females shook up his world & he did loved it. I don't know how Vincent survived without Wesley, his servant/BF and he is a Fairy Godfather in this story, because nothing happens without him at the helm! The only thing I missed was the steamy & sexy scenes, that I love so much. Ms. Charles writes a good, "chills up you spine", "hair on the back of your neck standing straight up" & thrilling ride in this spooky romance tale. She earns my score of 3 fingers up & 8 toes & can't wait to read the next installment of the Wiggins School For Elegant Young Ladies!

  • Dee Deacon Foster
    2019-04-15 05:40

    He avoids daylight, visiting his wife’s grave only in the dead of night & never socializes with the townspeople. Add the book, Wake Not the Dead, and Vincent Latimer, Viscount Atwood, has been label a vampire. Of course he does nothing to dissuade the rumors; after all he prefers to be left alone with his guilt over his wife’s death. But then no one has ever asked how he is or why he avoids daylight. Tess Crawford took a position as a teacher at her former school, Wiggons School for Elegant Ladies after the death of her uncle who was her guardian after her parent’s death many years ago. The only people to know the real reason she came back is the headmistress & 2 of the younger teachers who have become her best friends.Catching 3 precarious students reading Wake Not the Dead, Tess does her best to scare some sense into the girls. After all she has told them many times that book is not suitable for them to read & is complete fiction. Unfortunately the girls have it in their head that Viscount Atwood is a vampire living in their mist & is trying to waken his dead wife. After chastising them yet again & sending them to their respective rooms, Tess knows she won’t be able to sleep for the nightmares of her past. She has long gotten into the habit of walking in the late evenings to clear her head.This particular night is not a good night to be out as a storm hits the area with a vengeance. Fate has Vincent in the same area as Tess when the storm hits & drags her to safety inside his family crypt. The storm has wrought devastation to the school & through a series of conversations Vincent reluctantly agrees to house the students & their teachers until the school can be rebuilt – with stipulations.Three headstrong girls who believe he’s a vampire, the mutual attraction between Tess & Vincent, Tess’ secret past, a villain from Vincent’s past & pieces of a treasure map…what could possibly go wrong?Jane Charles writes a touching story of how 2 people, who have been dealt bad situations in their life, find & help one another to heal. Add the above scenarios & it becomes a lively, entertaining story with a hint of gothic to it. Definitely a must read & am looking forward to reading the next in the series.

  • Frankiejohnny
    2019-03-19 05:36

    Read as part of the Timeless Quills Timeless Collection. This book is reminiscent of the old Horror Novels from the 1800's. A mysterious viscount, who can't go in the sun, Must be a vampire according to many in the town and the young students at the local girls school. The girls are itching for a good mystery, so they continue on their quest of proving Lord Atwood is a Vampire and he has brought back his dead wife from the other side to kill them. They have ample time for their search when a Tempest destroys their school and they have to move into Lord Atwood's estate while the damage is repaired. Their teacher, Tess Crawford, has had enough of their stories... she is faced with a real danger, when a man from her past finds her at Lord Vincent Atwood's home and begins to threaten and harass her again. Can Vincent prove he is not a vampire, and can he protect Tess from the dangerous man who is threatening them all?Very good mystery, PG in the romance side (very sweet), and the characters are all well done. Can't wait for the next one.Happy Reading-Frankienote to author... there are a lot of typos (I believe about 50 or more. I didn't log them down, so I'm not sure on exact count). If you need a beta reader for your next book send me a note through goodreads. I have an eagle eye for typos.

  • Jennette
    2019-03-19 04:39

    Unlike so many of the other readers reviewing this I am not already a fan or a member of the grammar/spelling police. I did enjoy this story I like the play on the vampire fears that the young soon to be debutante have. It sort of reminds me of how so many in our current and entirely real world wish for such monsters to be real. *shiver* I also liked how the author set up her new series but still managed to complete this story. I liked Vincent he is flawed but likeable and protective but not overly so. The scene, when he carries the injured Tess to the carriage, on his own in spite of his own pain/illness, was so romantic; but it had real feel to it because he gets sick like a real person might. Tess is a bit typical of a romance heroine but not a typical woman for the setting . The other characters were interesting and developed enough to make me curious for the next story but not so dominant that I was distracted from the main characters. I believe this is the first time I have read anything by this author. I liked it enough that I looked for the next book in the series and was disappointed to find that it isn't out yet. I kept this at 3 stars mostly because Tess is a bit to typical and most of the story is also. I didn't mind the predictability of the plot because of the fun characters kept it interesting.

  • Aimee
    2019-04-01 23:45

    This book had me hooked from the first page! The idea of a brooding viscount surrounded by the mystery of a young wife's death and his aversion to sunlight captured my interest at once. The entire town believes Vincent is a vampire, and the truth is, he does nothing to discourage them otherwise. He enjoys his privacy, and he admits that his dreary, dark home is off-putting to most. A disaster, however, changes his life drastically as a tornado rips through the area, destroying a prominent girls' school and leaving 36 girls and their teachers homeless. He is persuaded to take them all in until their school can be re-built. The girls' overactive imaginations create chaos as they speculate about living with a terrifying vampire. He stays awake all night and sleeps all day...what more proof do they need? Tessa, however, is not convinced. She doesn't believe in mythical creatures, and when Vincent presses his lips to hers, she knows for a fact that he is a warm-blooded man.Adding to the romantic suspense is the plot line of Tessa's former fiancee, who has blackmailed and possibly killed before. Now, he's back, and the stakes are higher than ever as Tessa, Vincent, and the girls find themselves falling into the hands of a dangerous madman.

  • Jean
    2019-04-13 23:49

    I got this book in a set of 12 Regencies; I plan on reading one a month. First, this is technically not a Regency as it is set prior to 1811. Second, there's not much of frothiness and little of the ton. Third, there are some mistakes about the period; carriages weren't all that common that you could expect to find one across the street. As for sex, there are a few passionate kisses and a bit of petting, but nothing terribly explicit. All of that said, it was a pleasant enough story.Our leading lady, Tess Crawford, is in a spot of trouble and it is up to the the hero, Vincent Latimer, to help get her out of it. Vincent has been injured and widowed prior to the story; now it is rumored he is a vampire and going to raise his dead wife. There's a manageable cast of characters: teachers and students at Wiggons' School for Elegant Young Ladies along with a few staff members of Vincent's household. The story was more of a thriller with a hint of humorous Gothic. If you like non-sexy historical romances with a touch of mystery (I'm thinking along the lines of Amanda Quick, minus the sex), you might well enjoy this book. It is the first in a series; I've added the second one to my "I'd like to read this someday" list, but I don't feel any urgency to do so quickly.

  • Janet
    2019-04-17 01:33

    Tess Crawford was a pupil at The Wiggons’ School for Elegant Young Ladies along with her friends Natalie & Claudia, now all three are teaching at the school & each is hiding a secret & think the school would be the perfect place to disappear. Or it would be if the local villagers weren’t on edge because of the vampire in their midst, at least they think he’s a vampire.Vincent Latimer, Viscount Atwood, is not a vampire, no matter what the villagers believe. He wishes the book, Wake Not the Dead, had never been written. There is a very good reason he visits his wife’s grave at night, and it has nothing to do with trying to raise her from the dead but more to do with his time as a soldier.When there is a tempest it thrusts Tess into Vincent’s path and destroys the school, both of their pasts collide.The three meddlesome schoolgirls, Rosemary Fairview, Eliza Weston & Sophia Trent are priceless. There is a mystery to solve, misunderstandings to resolve as well as romance. A very good series opener. The characters are well rounded, the pace of the book is good & the tone is lightened by the endearing & maddening studentsI voluntarily reviewed an ARC of the book

  • Radella
    2019-04-17 07:38

    To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from this book, but I found myself enjoying it immensely. Tess Crawford teaches at Wiggon's School for Elegant Young Ladies, a boarding school where she has been hiding from her past. Vincent, Lord Atwood, lives nearby, and is hiding from his past and debilitating migraines. His aversion to light, and a popular novel, lead many in the village to believe he is a vampire. On a dark and stormy night, Lord Atwood and Tess' fate are thrown together... For someone from both their pasts is about to make the present a misery. The plot is rather transparent. There's a mystery some of the students are looking to uncover (is Lord Atwood REALLY a vampire??) and both Vincent and Tess need to avenge their pasts... Fairly standard fare. However, the author manages to keep from making it feel too overdone. I never got close to the "roll-your-eyes-and-beat-the-heroine/hero-senseless" level this genre seems to inspire in me. Things flowed naturally, there wasn't much sudden character transformations. It was a light, fluffy story but characters learn to accept flaws rather than suddenly overcome them. Definitely worth a read.

  • KellyThe Sassy Book Lover
    2019-04-11 05:30

    This one will keep you on the edge of your seat! I never knew what was going to happen next or how it was going to end. This one is great to read on a rainy night. I never expected them to be connected the way they were or that the girls would play a part in things like they did. Tess is hiding for a very good reason. The man she is hiding from will kill her once he gets what he wants and he will do anything to get it. She is a strong woman that will do anything to protect the girls she teaches even if it means sacrificing her heart and running again. I loved how she didn't believe any of the rumors and actually fought them. Vincent is plagued by rumors that he's a vampire because he visits his wife's grave every night at midnight. He has a very good reason for why he isn't seen out during the day. I expected him to be cold, but he wasn't most of the time. The way his wife died was tragic and he wants revenge. I loved how he surprised himself by inviting the girls there and becoming protective of them.I absolutely loved his staff especially Wesley and loved all the girls.

  • Kat
    2019-04-12 07:49

    :) This is a great book! I got it as a free ebook from Amazon - along with hundreds of others - but this one went straight to my "next to read" list due to the unique description. A lot of books lose me if they throw too much information out or do more telling than showing...this book was not like that and after only just a few pages I thought to myself I wish all books were set up this strongly. The characters and suspenseful plot continued to be very solid and very enjoyable. I hope to read more from this author. If you like historical romance but are sick of the same old...this one is for you.

  • Macpudel
    2019-04-13 00:56

    Three stars for the inventive plot, using the Victorian infatuation with the supernatural and the modern fixation on paranormal romance to keep the reader guessing and then entertained.However, and I'm usually fairly tolerant with ebooks, this book has been carefully proofread by someone with weak spelling. The first word is mis-spelled: "lightening" (like in "thunder"). "Lightening" begins another chapter, and "drug" is also used, as the past tense of "drag". Oy. Regency schoolteachers exist in a world of meticulous spelling and grammar, and these lapses pulled me out of the story and made me want to write on my Kindle with a red pen.

  • Michele Lacroix
    2019-03-28 06:32

    The young ladies of Wiggon's school for young ladies believe that their neighbor is a vampire, because he's only seen at night. That's how this book began and I have to say I thoughly enjoyed it. This is the start of another series that takes place in the Regency period. I loved how the heroine stuck up for herself and the hero tolerated the young ladies and their flights of fancy, even believing he's a vampire and his dead wife still walks the earth.

  • Theresa Echols
    2019-03-26 02:41

    A tale of Vampires? A mysterious old map. A reclusive ex-soldier. A murderess. A school for young ladies. Mix them all together and you get "To Walk in the Sun". Jane Charles spins a tale with mysteries to solve, damsels to save and treasures to find along with healing hearts and souls. This was a delightful and fun read.

  • AnnMarie
    2019-04-05 02:31

    Really loved this book. So much so that I couldn't put it down once I started reading it. I love the story line, the characters stories were touching, and the humour amongst the students was great. I thoroughly enjoyed and can recommend this book.

  • Loverlypurple
    2019-04-09 06:48

    I really enjoyed this story. All the characters were very interesting and all the suspense held my attention. I really liked the three girls that caused all the mischief as they made me laugh. I hope Jane writes more in this series as I would like to read more.

  • Zoe
    2019-03-22 06:38

    Such a mix of different things in this story,from romance to crime to(almost)supernatural! This is a great story and so worthy of a read. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

  • Allie
    2019-04-15 04:55

    Another new author for me. Well-written, entertaining, good summer read!

  • Karen
    2019-03-19 06:31

    A comedy of errors, a storm & wayward school girls. Amusing romance.

  • Julie Ann Nelson
    2019-04-16 02:39

    Worth a read! A light story full of mystery and secrets. Deserves 4 stars. I will be checking out the other books by this author.