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Unerringly perceptive, superbly written, every page packed with the warmth and compassionate wisdom that have become Nancy Thayer’s trademark, Heat Wave tells the moving story of a woman who, after her seemingly perfect life unravels, must find the strength to live and love again.Making the startling discovery that her family finances are in dire straits is only the latestUnerringly perceptive, superbly written, every page packed with the warmth and compassionate wisdom that have become Nancy Thayer’s trademark, Heat Wave tells the moving story of a woman who, after her seemingly perfect life unravels, must find the strength to live and love again.Making the startling discovery that her family finances are in dire straits is only the latest shock endured by Carley Winsted after her husband’s sudden death from a heart attack. Resisting her in-laws’ well-meaning overtures to take in Carley and her two daughters, the young widow instead devises a plan to keep her family in their beloved home, a grand historic house on the island of Nantucket.The solution is right at Carley’s front door: transforming her expensive, expansive house into a bed-and-breakfast. Not everyone, however, thinks this plan prudent or quite respectable—especially not Carley’s mother-in-law. Further complicating a myriad of challenges, a friend forces Carley to keep a secret that, if revealed, will undo families and friendships. When her late husband’s former law partner keeps showing up at the most unexpected times, Carley must cope with an array of mixed feelings. And then, during a late-summer heat wave, the lives of Carley and her friends and family will be forever changed in entirely unexpected ways. Lyrical, emotional, dramatic, and ultimately wonderfully uplifting, Nancy Thayer’s latest novel is compelling from its first page to its last.From the Hardcover edition....

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Heat Wave Reviews

  • Pamela
    2019-03-26 01:09

    I'm actually surprised I made it to the end of the book. What a snore fest. I really tried to like it and kept hoping that it would improve but unfortunately, no luck.The story takes place on Nantucket. Carley has just lost her husband, Gus, who in turn left her with two young daughters to raise and no money, only their family home. Stressed about finances and wanting to stay home to raise her girls, she decides to open a B&B as she loves to entertain and bake, etc. Also, her husband's best friend, Wyatt, is in love with her. All I can say is that it's a typical story. A story that could have been more interesting if the characters were fully developed and likeable. I found them to be very boring and having no likeable qualities. For a beach read, it read more like a soap opera, a long, boring soap opera. The story is overloaded with so many needless and senseless trivial matters dealing with her daughters, baking, cleaning, decorating, and doing tons of laundry, etc. And the love story between Carley and Wyatt - so non-existent. They basically looked at each other and jumped into bed. No passion whatsoever. There was so much about the book that just didn't make sense. They're all pretty much well-off on the island, yet it's too expensive to put in air-conditioning even though they constantly whine about the heat? You have a B&B and no a/c in the house except for the rooms rented out? Yeah, that's a place I really want to go to. Not to mention one over-run with children everywhere (and I like kids). Without giving the story away, I couldn't understand how Carley and her best friend, Vanessa, could still be friends with Maud. Everything about their relationship towards the end was ridiculous. As for the ending itself, too predictable. I mean, you know how it's going to end a third way in. If you're looking for something light and fluffy to take to the beach that won't use up a lot of brain cells, this is one that falls into that category.

  • Kristin Strong
    2019-03-28 21:37

    This is not the worst book I've cracked this year, but it's far from the best. I picked it up at the library (thank God I didn't spend any money on it) for some very light summer know the keeps you turning the pages but doesn't tax the intellect at all.Well, it filled the bill on the intellect part, but boy, did I want to stop turning the pages.It's not that every book I open should be "Crime and Punishment", but really...there's a fine line between light and flaky like a biscuit, and downright insulting. This was dangerously close to insulting.My question is, as it far too often is, "Who edits this shit?" I'm afraid the answer is "Nobody edits this shit", or worse yet, "Somebody who doesn't care about the reader and only wants to get the book out there to make a buck and/or fulfill the author's contract". That's who.Here are a few of my complaints. This does not represent a complete list and is not arranged in order of degree of annoyance.1. For the love of GOD, would people PLEASE learn the difference between "to lie" and "to lay" in the present tense? I don't have the space or time to give a grammar lesson here, but really -- "She lay her head on his shoulder", meant in the past tense, always makes me want to respond "Do she, now?" You can't use "lay" in this role. You have to use "laid". I don't care if it sounds fancy enough, "laid" is right. F---ing learn some grammar. You're a writer -- or an editor -- for Christ's sake.2. Enough with the food porn. If I have to read one more description of some woman's own homemade luscious cranberry-almond-orange peel muffins, I'm going to projectile vomit and throw the book across the room. The main character in this book eventually runs a B&B on Nantucket, so there's way too much of this crap (masquerading as rich detail for the plot). Plus, she worries about her dancer daughter becoming "anorectic", and then says she herself will get fat if she keeps eating cookie batter. And she drinks enough hot chocolate to float a battleship. Make up your mind. And we've had enough of women-as-nurturer metaphors expressed through food. This is what made us all neurotic in the first place.3. PLEASE be accurate in your word choice. Example: "Lanky" is not a bad body type for a potential ballet dancer. It does not necessarily rule out shoulders too broad for a serious dancer, either. If you want to set up that state of affairs, perhaps "rangy" would be a better option. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.4. PLEASE use accurate information. Example: A girl does not get her period before her breasts begin to grow. I know this because our pediatrician just informed me of the order of puberty operations a month ago.5. PLEASE don't beat me over the head with things. Example: She wanted to kiss him, she couldn't wait to get her clothes off, he looked so sexy she wanted to throw him on the kitchen table and have sex with him right there. If you state this subtly, and effectively, you won't have to belabor the point. He's hot as hell and she wants to do him. There, I said it once, succinctly. Now I can stop saying it.There's plenty more where that came from (shoddy character development, minor characters who show up to make one point and then vanish, etc.), but it boils down to this: STOP INSULTING YOUR READERS. We can tell a well-crafted story from one that hews to a well-worn trope. This is the latter.Somebody needs to hire me to do this full-time. I may not be able to analyze literature like a professor, but I can sure find the holes in plots and the mistakes in writing and bring them to light. Just call me Diogenes, with my lantern, searching in vain for a solid, well-edited book.

  • Cathy
    2019-04-08 02:20

    Where to start when reviewing Heat Wave, by Nancy Thayer...? First of all, the title doesn't really work, because I think more of the action of the book takes place during the winter in Nantucket, and there is very little time spent during the summer. Also, whose legs are on the cover? Now that I've finished the book, the cover is a little cryptic because there aren't any scenes of people sitting on a pier with their feet dangling over the ocean--or anything remotely like that--despite the beachy setting.If I'm going to complain about the story, it would be primarily directed at the uneven pace of the book. For example, there is a mention of Cisco (the older daughter of the main character) taking horseback riding lessons to take her mind off the fact that she's built too large to be a dancer. As much as it seems like a huge hope for Carley that this will work out for her daughter, the next paragraph skips to weeks (months?) down the road, when she's already made progress with the horses. At other times, there are three or four chapters detailing one day's minutiae. While not paying strict attention to detail, I'm not entirely convinced that the timing of the book is even possible. Nearly the entire story takes place within the first year of Carley losing her husband (which is repeated constantly by all the main characters), but in that time marriages break up, babies are conceived and birthed, and people take countless vacations. It's all a little confusing and scattered.While I'm on the subject of poor writing, what's up with these characterizations? Carley gets mad when her best friend makes a terrible decision, and then she spends the rest of the book intermittently understanding and being unable to forgive her. Carley was never madly in love with her husband, yet she feels guilty toward him when she falls for his best friend. A little self-awareness might be somewhat helpful. The supporting cast is even worse. Cisco flits from one thing to the next, with no apparent reason why. It's like Thayer lacks insight into the mind of a teen, so she's unable to write coherently about it. Maud is unapologetically sleeping with her best friend's husband, but seems to justify it by saying she really loves him--and there is no judgment at all (other than Carley's already mentioned halfhearted attempts at holding a grudge). Newly-single Vanessa gets knocked up by one of two guys she met, and nobody should question her actions because a) she's happy, and b) she says not to judge her. Perhaps I'm the only one completely irritated by a book without any moral center, but it's not very often I feel inclined to yell at the characters as I read about them.

  • Beth
    2019-04-14 02:35

    Awful! This is the novel version of a Lifetime movie, complete with unbelievable characters who have soap opera names. The most laughable dialogue takes place among these characters along the improbable storyline. Carley's every whim of an idea comes off without a hitch. A tag sale? Every item is snatched up as soon as the unwanted junk is displayed, including used electric nose hair clippers! A bed and breakfast? Up and oh so successfully running within months, including house renovations, permits, etc. A cookbook? Ready for the printers within a couple months, including bookstore signings. In the midst of all these phenomenal accomplishments, she is supposedly dealing with the death of her husband, raising two daughters on her own, financial distress, one best friend stealing the other best friend's husband, demanding and disapproving in laws, a fantastic new relationship with dead husband's best friend, unexpectedly adopting a new baby, and so on. What a world!! I've seen soap operas with more realistic plots. Prepare to suspend ALL disbelief, or better yet, skip this book!

  • M
    2019-04-14 21:23

    Heat Wave by Nancy Thayer is a book I chose, like most books from the library, at random and from mostly aesthetic expressions. I don't think I even read the inside flap. You know the old saying, don't judge a book by its cover. Well I have found that the more experienced a reader, the better you can judge books by a glance. That doesn't mean you don't have a few flops every once and a while. When I first started reading Heat Wave I thought it would be one of those flops. The writing had the characteristics of someone without much experience, although the author has 4 other titles accredited to her, and although the plot was believable, a lot of the places didn't have much explanation, and as the writer is a Nantucket native, that is to be expected. And although I would have liked to see a little more trial and error and struggle on the main characters part, the plot did take a totally unexpected turn at the end, redeeming the book slightly in my eyes. So I'd recommend it as a totally light fluffy beach read because its incredibly easy to get absorbed in. I stayed up until one in the morning finishing it. But I would not give it as a gift nor buy it because lets be honest there are far better books worth owning. So if you wish to read Heat Wave by Nancy Thayer, get it at the

  • Carolyn Hill
    2019-03-25 05:27

    I usually enjoy Nancy Thayer's writing for her relatable characters, interesting settings, humor, and insight. However, I found this recent book to be lacking her usual flare. The setting - an old house in Nantucket - was picturesque, but even it was not mined as deeply as it could have been. The story centers on the young widow Carley and her efforts to keep the house and generate an income for her and her daughters after her dead husband's financial affairs are found to be in ruins. It is also a story about her relationship with her two best friends and how a love affair comes between them. Carley, too, has a chance at new love, but seems unready for commitment. This book read more like chick lit without the humor or a genre romance. The title is a poor choice and makes it sound like an erotic romance, and, while part of the story takes place in an unusually warm summer, the climatic action occurs in the winter. Definitely not one of Thayer's best efforts.

  • Mayda
    2019-04-09 05:28

    For chick-lit readers who long to recapture those angst-filled teenage years but are now older with kids, this is the novel for you. Now, instead of wondering if that special guy is going to ask you or your best friend to the prom, you can wonder if your hunky doctor husband is seducing your best friend while treating her kids’ cough. Yes, now you can have all the sappy, whiny emotions but with grownup problems. In reality, the gist of the novel – a widow whose husband leaves her with two kids, a big house, and not much more when he drops dead, a friend with an unfaithful husband (Goodness, that divorcee DOES miss her best friend!), her bossy in-laws and crabby teenager, and her late husband’s best friend as a love interest – could be made into an interesting tale. Unfortunately for this audio book, it is trite and predictable, superficial and wordy, and spends too little time developing the plot and too much time on the sexual interludes. And just when you think it couldn’t possibly be any more angsty, the author pulls out all the stops. So get out your hankies, if you relish this sort of novel and can make it through to the end. While the audio reader is an accomplished actress, in this audio edition she seems to rely on the breathy and whiny sound of her vowels as she tries to voice the several characters. It’s such a pity that this is a shallow tale without substance when it had the potential to be so much more.

  • Patty
    2019-04-13 03:10

    I am absolutely positive that I am incapable of writing a summer novel. I am also absolutely positive that Nancy Thayer can. And…she does it with skill, knowledge and just the right amount of juicy bits.Heat Wave is this summer’s Nancy Thayer novel. I was able to get a copy from Amazon Vine. The true start of summer for me is accumulating great summer books from authors like Nancy Thayer and Claire Cook and Jane Green.I eat them up like candy. Give me a Nantucket or Maine or Cape Cod setting and some families with issues and I am glued to my book. Add a B & B setting and some friends and some rigid in-laws and an itty bitty bit of infidelity…this says winner to me.Oh…and you can’t forget the tea and muffins…people in this book are forever baking and munching. But…they live in Nantucket and walk everywhere so the calories never hurt anyone as far as I could tell…In a nutshell…Carley and Maud and Vanessa are three great friends who live on the island. Their families are close, their lives are intertwined and everyone is happy. Then a husband dies suddenly, an affair is made known and the three friends are no longer close.The rest of the book is about recovery and growth and pain and love. All of this is in a luscious Nantucket setting. I sort of could not put it down. I love Nancy Thayer’s knowledge of Nantucket and I love that she writes about real places there. I googled them. This was a lovely fun book. It was never slow for me. I felt the issues that Carley and Maud and Vanessa faced were real ones. The juicy bits were not even graphic…you could almost rate this book G. Sort of.If you just want to read about real friends that could be yours or mine…this summer book is a great one.

  • Christine
    2019-04-07 22:09

    On Nantucket Island, thirty-two year old Carley Winsted is unprepared to suddenly become the single mom of her daughters (five years old Margaret and twelve years old Cisco), but has no choice when her spouse Gus dies from an undetected heart defect. However, besides having to take care of their devastated children, Carley is shocked to learn what a financial disaster Gus left her in spite of his being a lawyer.Gus' parents (Annabel and Russell) push their daughter-in-law to leave the expensive historical home and move in with them. Though she respects them, Carley prefers for her and the kids to remain in their present residence as a move on top of their father's death would cause more harm than good for the children and she knows for her self-esteem. Over the objection of Annabel who feels she demeans her family home though Carley owns it, she decides to convert the historical house into a bed-and-breakfast with the help of friends like Gus' partner Wyatt.This is an entertaining family drama that focuses on moving on after an unexpected death of a loved one. The cast is fully developed including Carley's close friends Maud and Vanessa, but the well-written character-driven storyline never veers off a cause straighter than the Bonneville Salt Flats even with a further death and a newborn.

  • Ruth
    2019-04-16 01:33

    Finally, in her most recent books Thayer has strayed away from the female character who has a crisis in her life but is able to move beyond it thanks to the wealth that she has allowing her to start over, redo a house on Nantucket etc.In Heat Wave, we find Carley working on Nantucket. She attends a party one night and when she least expects it, finds the man of her dreams and marries him. She settles into the community on Nantucket and finds two wonderful friends, Maud and Vanessa. Unexpectedly, Carley's husband dies but she feels blessed to have her friends and in-laws surrounding her in her time of need. Relationships are never simple and lives can be spun around and twisted upside down in a short time period. As unexpected as Gus' death was, Carly finds other equally unsettling things happening around her. Can Las Tres Enchiladas ride the crashing waves of friendship without drowning?Well, this book was given to me and I took it with me on vacation thinking that it was Thayer's newest book. As I read it I kept feeling as though I knew the book and could write the rest of it. Well, for good reason. I had read the book in August 2011 and here I was reading it again in 2013! So, my memory seems to be failing me because this is the second time this year that I have done this. I guess I am playing the song "Oops, I've Done It Again" once more!

  • Monique
    2019-03-27 22:34

    I had a very hard time feeling connected to the heroine and most of the other characters. The author's style of writing made me feel like Carley was very detached and dispassionate about things she should have been emotional and attached to, such as her husband's death and her new love's love. Even her relationships with her two best friends seemed distant and at the end when Vanessa died, I didn't feel much of anything towards her death, or her baby being motherless.. I had such little connection to the character or her pregnancy and/or what she meant to Carley.The only thing Carley did seem passionate about was her weakness in dealing with the inlaws and her weakness in keeping the fact of one best friends' cheating ways from another best friend! While tantalized by the plot, I was disappointed with the book overall, although if you are looking for an easy read while doing laundry or just something to keep your eyes busy, I guess this would be good.

  • Lisa
    2019-04-15 23:09

    This was not a bad book by any stretch, it was just predictable and the word usage drove me crazy. "She swooped up Paul and stashed him in the high chair." Well, really? Who swoops up a baby and stashes them anywhere? "She swooped down upon the buffet table and inhaled the delicacies." Seriously? That wasn't the characters personality, she wouldn't have swooped and inhaled. I know these are nit picks, but obviously the story wasn't engaging me so intensely that I ignored weird word usage! I have read most of her other books and was even thinking that one character in this book sounded really familiar, then realized oh, she was the main character in Moon Shell Beach. Beach reads. That is what they are, and they have their place!

  • Ginger
    2019-04-13 23:10

    This book was so good! Full of life's ups and downs and a few surprises along the way! I can't wait to get my hands on more of this author's books. Easy read as well as being well written. Perfect beach read!!

  • Denise
    2019-03-23 00:16

    An interesting, predicable ( one surprise ) summer beach read. 3.5 stars

  • Joanne
    2019-04-12 00:10

    This was a fun, easy, mostly predictable novel. It would be perfect as a beach read, since you can put it down, nap, etc, pick it up again without losing a beat.It does a good job of telling a story of a young widow and all her conflicting feelings. Teenage angst is covered well too. Something was off with the writing about her in laws, as they aren't mentioned after their sojourn. Their feelings and thoughts were well documented earlier, so I think the author was remiss in leaving them out. I really wanted to know what they thought of the "situation"!There are many great moments and a huge surprise in the story, and I'd recommend it to those needing an escape.

  • Melissa
    2019-04-14 22:25

    I won this as a Goodreads giveaway.This was a quick, enjoyable read despite it being light and easy on the thought process. I wish I would have taken this to the beach so that I could have been enjoyed it with the sand and surf. I usually reach for more taxing and thought provoking novels, but it was a pleasing way to spend the free weekend time. Thayer does not weave many surprises into the novel, leaving it a bit predictable for my taste. There was an element of charm and romance with Nantucket that piqued my curiosity and made me pine for a vacation getaway on the island.

  • Jill Wallace
    2019-04-04 03:15

    Cute book but not great.

  • LisaKeegan
    2019-03-30 03:17

    a little too neat and perfect but an enjoyable read

  • Jessica
    2019-04-01 05:28

    I loved this book! Here is the summary: It's December and one month since Charley's husband has passed away from and unexpected heart attack. He was 37 and she's 32. Their daughter are Cisco, 12, and Margaret, 5. Curley has recently lost weight due to his death and is going to meet her father-in-law to discuss finances. Carley met Gus one summer night when she was 19. She just finished her 2nd year at college but she didn't do as well as her older sister Sarah. And she's okay with that. She doesn't know what she wants to do after college yet. That night Carley got a little drunk and Gus took care of her. The next night they meet again and have a great time as well as sex. Gus's family is basically perfect (from what I can tell from the outside). Carley's mom works at a daycare. She enjoys meeting Gus's parents but he says they don't want him to get too involved because she isn't an islander. Carley went to be fitted for a diaphragm but she learned she was pregnant. When she told Gus, he said they should get married. Carley was not sure because they just met each other and even though Carley knew she liked Gus she wasn't sure if she loved him. Up until Cisco's birth, there was dissension in the family. Gus takes his parents out to dinner with Carley and they announce they are getting married and their child. His parents have a fit because Carley hasn't been there during the winter and then after Gus says Carley will make updates to the house. After Cisco was born, the grandparents were excited. They seemed disappointed that Margaret wasn't a boy. Carley is really happy. Gus died at work and everyone was devastated. Carley and her family move in with her parents but then move back home. Carley still doesn't understand why Russell (Gus's father) wants to talk to her. She searches through Gus's computer and learns that she has no money. Carley was correct in that Gus left her no money. Russell says he spent it unwisely. Annabel is also their they suggest that Carley and the girls stay with them due to the situation. Carley doesn't like the idea but she agrees to think about it. Carley and her two friends, Vanessa and Maud, have been friends for 13 years and they've helped each other out in rough times. Carley is going to ask them their opinion on what to do/how she can have an income. Carley decides to have a tag sale in which she sells a lot of stuff that she and her family doesn't need Heat Wave: Summary: Gorgeous Vanessa arrives. She's been married to Toby for 14 years and he is the pediatrician on the island. Cisco is concerned about her weight. Vanessa and Carley make cookies. Maud comes over and after multiple suggestions Carley decides to hold a tag sale. Vanessa worries about Maud because she isn't seeing anyone. Maud isn't going to meet a man at yoga and suggests Wyatt. Vanessa can't get pregnant, and Carley suggests that she and Toby think about adopting. Carley misses Gus every day, which is something I would expect. Every Sunday, after church, Carley and the girls spend time with her in-laws. On this particular Sunday, Carley announces the tag sale. The in-laws don't seem pleased. The next morning, Carley smells tobacco and finds cigarettes in the attic and she thinks it's Cisco. When Cisco gets him, Carley confronts her about it and grounds her from seeing her friends. Cisco is furious and stomps away. Carley asks Maud if she did the right thing, and Maud says she needs to be tough. But then Annabel calls and says Carley did the wrong thing. Carley tries to explain that she is her mother and she can do what she wants. Annabel hangs up on her. When Cisco gets home she asks if her mom talked to her grandmother and if she's reconsidering her punishment. Carley isn't and again she's mad. Toby, Vanessa, and Maud help set up the tag sale. Carley is hesitant about doing it but Maud reminds her that they are only things. The pastor in the town asks Carley if his nephew, Kevin, can stay in her house for a few months while he is doing research. Carley agrees. Wyatt comes over and he is kind of the opposite of Gus: single, among other things. They chat for a bit. Carley goes back into the house for a second and she's about to go back out she sees Maud and Toby kissing. She doesn't believe it and thinks she saw something wrong. Annabel comes over and Carley tells her about renting her home. Annabel isn't thrilled. Cisco is still having weight concerns. Maud tells Carley about her and Toby. She explains that Toby isn't happy with Vanessa and Carley questions her (which she should). Maud makes Carley swear she isn't going to tell Vanessa about the situation. Kevin arrives and everything goes well. The girls and him like each other. Then Carley comes up with the idea that she could run a small B&B to produce some income. She asks a woman she know about the ins and outs before she officially decides that she's going to fix/change her large home. Carley asks the girls and they are excited. Wyatt comes over and examines the house and he suggests things Carley can do and what is already good. But she still has to convince her in-laws. Annabel doesn't agree with the decision, but Carley is going to do it anyway. Carley calls Vanessa and they talk about the B&B. Then Carley is going to tell her about her husband and Maud, but Margaret interiors. Carley thinks sometimes a couple needs a fling, but she knows Toby she tell Vanessa. A contract is hired by Wyatt and plans all the major renovations. The girls help Carley name the name the B&B Seashell Inn and the rooms after shells. Kevin moved out and the girls were sad. Cisco comes home very upset one day. We learn that she isn't going to be able to accomplish her dream of becoming a ballerina. Her shoulders are too big, and she blames her mother. Damn genetics. Carley and Cisco's relationship is growing apart. One of Carley's friends, Lauren, helps. The house looks amazing, and after Carley tells her about Cisco, she suggests horses. Wyatt comes over and wishes he was a better friend to Gus. Carley assures him that he was wonderful. Carley talks with Cisco and they discuss the loss of Gus. Annabel helps Cisco feel better, and she worries that Annabel is going to die soon. Carley tells Cisco that she wishes she was around more often. Maud comes over and says that Toby is going to leave Vanessa. She assures Carley that everything will work out, and that she should understand her loneliness. Vanessa doesn't call Carley after Toby leaves her. Alley feels guilty about the situation. She calls her and Vanessa is furious. Vanessa says she's going to stay with a friend in Boston. They are both sad that the friendship between the three of them won't be the same. Vanessa just wants to be alone. It's May, 6 months after Gus's death. Carley has learned how to do such things as paying the bills and repairs. Cisco has been spending a lot of time at Annabel and Russell's house. Maud and Vanessa don't speak much to Carley. Maud is caught up in her relationship with Toby and Vanessa left the island. Once Carley started having guests she was happy. She had 2 couples and 2 single ladies for her first weekend and it went really well! Wyatt stops by and C and him chat. He suggests taking her family sailing. He kisses her on the cheek and she can sense that his closeness. Carley's place seems really nice and her guests are happy. The girls helped her name the rooms in the house after shells. One couple was distant the first night but the next morning during breakfast they seemed to have rekindled their marriage. Carley helped her guests a lot, but rain was her enemy. Cisco isn't doing well. She misses her dad and isn't around much for Carley. Cisco cleans for some money but she hates it. Margaret is close with her mom and one day when they get ice cream cones, she asks if Cisco is mad at her mom. Carley tells the truth but that Cisco is helping Nana. Carley is glad to have Margaret with her. One night Margaret wets her bed, and Carley lets M sleep with her even though other suggested not too and that it would be a hard habit to break once started. In July, Carley takes Lexi out to lunch and they have a good chat. Lexi says Carley is allowed to be a wuss after C mentions it. Wyatt takes Carley and her daughters sailing. Carley feels a connection with him and she thinks that he needs gel it too. She scolds herself for thinking of another man, let alone her husband's best friend. Carley sees Maud and they talk. Maud suggests that Carley live life and to do what makes her happy. They insult each other for their circumstances. Toby is loving being a father and her boys seem to really like him outside of being their pediatrician. Cisco is now into horses and wants one of her own. Cisco and Margaret go to see Carley's parents in New York by themselves. After the girls get on the plane, Carley balls her eyes out because she feels lonely. Then she goes to Lexi's shop and buys some new clothes. They make her feel pretty. The girls call and say they landed safely. Annabel calls and says she and Russell are going to Boston to escape the heat. While reading a mystery novel and eating a pizza, Carley calls Lexi to go to a movie and get a drink. While getting their drinks Tris, Lexi's lover, and Wyatt join them. At the end of the evening Wyatt volunteers to walk Carley home. They kiss, run back to her apartment, and have sex. Carley is really happy. The next morning, Carley wakes up late but one of the guests made coffee, another wasn't awake, and the other went out. When Wyatt comes down, Carley says she feels like she should feel guilty, but she doesn't. Wyatt assures her that everything is okay. The girls call and Carley wants to tell her mom about her and Wyatt. She doesn't, and the girls sound like they're having fun! Over the rest of the week, Carley and Wyatt are together a lot. Carley says that she the girls get home, they are going to be more careful. Carley isn't sure how  her in-laws are going to feel about the situation. One night one of Carley's residents calls because her fiancé left her stranded after he got angry. They have a good chat about what the girl should do. It's now late August, the girls will be starting school soon. Cisco is still busy but doesn't go to her grandparents all the time. The family still gets together for dinner once a week. Margaret isn't as busy, but I think she's happy. Carley lets the girls adopt 2 kittens of their own. The kittens fill up time and emotional space. Wyatt comes over while the girls are in school, they talk a lot over the phone, and he goes to a lot of activities. It's been almost a year since Gus died. Carley was really worried about everything when she first became a widow, but now she knows everything is fine! One morning in September Vanessa calls and then comes over. She's pregnant and had a fling with two guys. She feels great and is moving back to the island. Carley is going to help her in any way she needs. Cisco has found a love for horses and Lauren, the owner, asked Carley is Cisco could work for her and then Carley wouldn't have to pay for lessons. Margaret has been clingy. Annabel has gotten skinnier and asks that her and Russell not have dinner there because it makes them miss Gus more. Carley explains that she wants the girls to eventually have the house, and that the B&B is helping them financially. Carley wonders what is going on. The next Sunday, Annabel announces that she and Russell are going to Guatemala for six months with their church group. The girls don't seem like they mind. They tell Carley about some of the terrible lives of kids at their grandmother's day care. Maud calls and is surprised that Vanessa is pregnant. They agree to meet at Maud's house. That night Wyatt comes over and they have great sex. He asks her about marriage. She loves the idea because they have a connection but she worries about the girls and her in-laws. Wyatt is going to North Carolina for a month to get away before he is by himself while Russell is in Guatemala. When Wyatt leaves, Carley cries and she doesn't know why. Carley goes over to Maud's house and learns that one of her sons is having problems (probably because of Toby and Maid being together and his real dad not being around). They are getting married next summer and Maud asks Carley to be her maid of honour but then questions it since because she's marrying Toby and Toby was they're best friends husband. Maud asks about Vanessa and wants to know if Vanessa is going to forgive her. She misses the three of them together.  I would be pissed if I were Vanessa. It's now Oct. and everything is going well. Carley wants to have a best friend though. Margaret still hangs out with Molly, but Cisco has become close with Lexi's partner's daughter, Jewel. One more a group of 4 women staying at the B&B talk about their relationships. They learn Carley is widowed. Carley and her daughters talk about maybe having the annual Halloween party. They decide to do something else. Cisco is going as a pop singer, and Margaret is going to be the Good witch while her mom is Dorothy. The night before Wyatt leaves for his trip, he worries about Russell. Then they have sex but before Carley can tell him she love him he falls asleep. She does to and when they wake up they hope the girls don't come in. After Wyatt leaves, Carley feels like she is in control of her life. At the beginning of Wyatt's trip he called Carley daily. Then it slowed down. Two of Carley's guests are German and after Margaret hears them talking in German she says she's going to learn how to speak it. Carley hesitates before going in her in-laws house when before she used to just walk in. Annabel doesn't look very good, and while they're having tea she says she's become more worried about her granddaughters since her son passed away. Annabel says Carley is a great mother and apologises for being a bitch the last few months. One morning Carley doesn't remember how many days it has been since Gus died. She feels that it's a sign of healing but also guilty. Carley hosted thanksgiving and she busted Vanessa who is 7 months pregnant. She told people she used a sperm donor and many people were surprised. Her in-laws are leaving in 3 days and Wyatt will be back in 3 days. While at a party, there's a bitchy woman there. She also sees Maud for a second and then Vanessa. Vanessa tells her she called Maud and Toby; she said some insults but wanted to talk to them because she knew she was going to this party and that they'd be there. Wyatt comes home that night, 2 days sooner than expected. Her in-laws leave for Guatemala. Carley meets with Lexi and tells her about her and Wyatt. Lexi thinks now that many people have left the island, Carley should enjoy it. She also suggests that Carley sabot every moment with Wyatt if she loves him. Carley receives cards for Christmas and a bracelet from the girl she helped earlier in the year. She's decided to make a cookbook since any people requested recipes. On the day of the Christmas Stroll, Cisco asks about Wyatt. She doesn't seem comfortable with the situation. While at the event the family and Wyatt seem to have a good time. Carley sees Maud and Lexi's families. Wyatt goes to work and the girls lay in bed together. Vanessa left a message and wants Carley to call her. She is curious about her friend's relationship with Wyatt and is excited. He comes over later and Carley fixes him dinner. They are getting together for Christmas on the 21st but on that day there's a blizzard so Wyatt leaves for Hawaii and they don't celebrate anything. Cisco and Margaret had emotional breakdowns during the holiday season. At her parents house, Carley receives advice about her and Wyatt from her sister Sarah and her partner Sue. They that society doesn't determine what is right and wrong when there is love. While Carley and her daughters are driving home from her parents Maud calls and says Vanessa fell. She hurt her wrist and ankle. She called Maud because it was between who she hated the least: Vanessa, Toby, Ortiz bitchy lady from the party. Vanessa is brought to their house, then Wyatt calls and he suggests bringing a gift for Vanessa since she'd be the only one not receiving a gift. He got the girls books and Carley a pair of his grandmother's earrings. While at his place, Carley suggests they go slower so something doesn't go wrong. He isn't pleased and Carley goes home. It's now January, and Wyatt left on another trip but Carley doesn't know where. Vanessa tells Carley about the day she fell and it seems like she and Maud are getting along better. Carley. Calls Wyatt and they talk for a kit but he doesn't know when he's coming home. Carley misses him says she'll call in a few days. The girls help Vanessa move back home and while they are folding some of her baby clothes. Margaret wants her mom to have another baby, then Cisco makes a snippy comment.  One morning in late January, Vanessa calls and says she's in labor. Carley takes her and she gets her to the labor. Vanessa has a beautiful little boy named Paul. But then there is a complication with her placenta. It is attached to her uterus and may be torn. The doctors demand that Carley leaves and she calls Maud and Toby because she's freaking out. Toby goes in the operating room while Carley and Maud wait outside. Later Toby comes out and announces that Vanessa didn't make it. The doctors did everything they could, but they were unsuccessful. Carley faints and after she wakes up she learns that Vanessa wrote in her will that if anything happened to her while her child was alive, Carley was supposed to take him. Maud is furious, but Carley reminds her that she stole Vanessa's husband. Vanessa's lawyer informs her that after the house is sold, Vanessa will be giving her 2 million dollars. Toby and Carley take care of the wake and funeral arrangements. Before driving home Carley realizes that maybe she can be a little selfish. She calls Wyatt to come home. The girls are very excited about about having a baby, but also devastated by Vanessa's death. Carley decides she wants to marry Wyatt. Margaret is very excited, and Cisco volunteers to hold the baby during the ceremony. Wyatt questions Carley if she wants to keep the B&B. She says yes, and he says he will help in any way that he can. Carley and Maud finish their cookbook and it has gone to the printer. Carley wants to make another one that includes a cake dedicated to Vanessa (it sounds really good). Carley is learning how different it is having a boy instead of a girl. Maud reminds her that not everyone does everything right. When Carley gets home she can't find anyone, but then she goes upstairs and everyone is in the bathroom with steaming water. Wyatt and Margaret explain that the baby, Paul, had croup (he started choking and couldn't breathe). Everything turns out okay, and Carley sees how great of a father Wyatt is. Epilogue: it is now early July about 18 months after the book. Melody, the girl Carley helped one night, is back and I don't think she's with her fiancé. She has found another man who seems a lot better. Paul is 17 months old and can walk. Cisco and Margaret adore him. Cisco has really grown up. Carley and Wyatt got married about a year ago with only their kids in attendance. They reasoned that it would help their family bond. Then Wyatt says "What chaos," and Carley says , "It's about to get more chaotic." We learn that Carley is pregnant and is due in January. Wyatt is stunned but really happy. He asks her if she will be able to take care of the B&B, and she says "These days I feel like I can do anything."

    2019-04-21 02:24

    Carley and Gus have been married 13 years, she stays home with their two girls in their huge Nantucket home that was Gus's mother's family home. Gus is a partner in his father's law firm. Life is good. Until one night Gus doesn't come home from the office. Carley contacts her in-laws and her father-in-law goes back to the office to find his only child dead at his desk.This sets up a whole mass of events for Carley from dealing with her children, her in-laws and her friends, plus the financial burden she now has to manage. She moves forward for herself and her daughters in ways that are hard for Gus's parents to understand at times. She tries hard to do what she believe Gus would want her to do. Always putting her family first. This story has so many layers, relationships, and drama. The relationship Carley has with her daughters rings true as they all come to grips with Gus's death. Add the oldest daughter becoming a teenager and all the very real things mother and daughters face are brought to the forefront.The relationship with Gus's parents is difficult at best. At times his mother tries to undermine Carley with her girls but Carley handles it and even stands up to them both unleashing the strong character within.The relationship with her friends troubled me at times, some of the situations seemed almost too much for the character of Carley to bear. One so extraordinary that most of us never would be able to handle and I think the author let it happen too easily.I don't want to reveal too much but one of Carley's relationships moved too slowly, the stopping and starting, the taking in and pushing away felt overdone. I realized that by the end of the story what the author was setting up but the time taken should have been in one place instead of the other.All this being said, Nancy Thayer is a wonderful author who writes of Nantucket in almost a poetic way. You know she loves her setting and she knows her audience. This is a fine summer read that all her fans will enjoy. Did I love it? No, but I did enjoy it. Is this her finest novel? No, but it is very good. It's all about the relationships. The story is full of flawed characters with lots of waves, the heat was there and then it was gone and everything tied up in the end in a neat little package. Just a little bit too neat.Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

  • Elizabeth
    2019-04-21 00:35

    I'm surprised that I made it to the end because I was on the verge of DNF'ing several times. It's not a horrible book, it was just dull. Our heroine, Carley marries young after getting pregnant. Her husband dies unexpectedly at age 37, leaving this 32 year-old widow with two daughters and no financial support. Challenges arise, and go away. Again, and again. Everything neat and pat. It's really more about building a life on Nantucket in some ways. There were many characters, but most were quite one-dimensional. If you're looking for a vivid description of a life on Nantucket where everything resolves itself, read this book. If you're looking for depth or something to happen, move along. One thing that did drive me crazy was the relationship between two of Carley's best friends, Vanessa and Maud. They developed a deep, sister-like friendship. Vanessa's husband hits on Maud. Rather than saying "Woa, Dude, you're married to my best friend" she sleeps with him. And never seems to get how wrong that was. I found that hard to believe/stomach. I will admit at times I though the character's made odd word choices. Carly, early in the book, used descriptive words that did not seem to fit her character - such as describing Perrier as "sublime"At other times - two characters made statements in the same paragraph. Ack!

  • Carmila
    2019-04-11 23:36

    I thought it would be a drama, it's rather a fairy-tale for adults. The heroin is a very young widow who suddenly needs to work because her husband not only died but did it after very bad financial moves he didn't tell her about. And then her friend trio is endangered because one of them has a dirty secret. And there are here inlaws who don't let her do anything.But then everything turns just perfectly for almost everyone: she gets the perfect job which she does perfectly from the start and she even finds the money she needs to begin, her girls are happy months after their father's death (even the teen one), she finds the perfect boyfriend who will turn into the perfect husband even though he has always been a wild guy who loves girls and travel, she gets back her two friends, she even gets a "free" baby and then her inlaws just stop controling her life before completely disappearing. I kept waiting for something to happen, but even when something finally happens at the end (Vanessa), it seems to not matter that much and everyone keep being perfectly happy. Call me a negative one but I didn't buy it.

  • Doreen
    2019-04-17 04:19

    I really, truly liked this story. It's a story of love, betrayal, loyalty, and grief. The story most strongly focuses on death and how it affects the deceased person's spouse, parents, children, and friends. Writing this makes the story sound morbid, which it is NOT!It's about rebuilding lives and finding what your life is, after this tragedy.This is actually a fun, hopeful, upbeat story. It takes place on Nantucket and there is a lot of camaraderie, laughter, and activity. It's very well-told. Nancy Thayer does a remarkable job, never allowing her characters to become pathetic. There is normal behavior set in a beautiful location, with relatable characters. Add to all this a few love stories: mother/child, widow/dashing bachelor, divorcee/friend's husband, and you have book a that never let my interest wane.I read it throughout the course of one day. I had trouble putting it down because I wanted to know what could possibly happen next! I will read more of this author's books!

  • Katy Cooper
    2019-03-22 04:11

    It took a while for me to get really into this one. It was a typical, quick, easy beach read. The plot of the story follows the year of a woman picking her life up after a tragedy. It does not delve into the inner thinking of the main character too much and has many minor characters that aren't deeply developed. The life events that occurred were easily predictable. The author's physical description of the characters were very general and somewhat hard to visualize, which allows for the reader to imagine what the characters look like. Overall, it a good book for a quick read.

  • Tanya
    2019-04-01 22:18

    Loved it. What a sad, beautiful, and wonderful read. Nice to have a character from Thayer's book, Moon Shell Beach, show up in the book and contribute a bit to the story and letting the reader know what she had been up to. The main character, Carley, seemed older than her 32 years but then grief does age us quickly without us knowing it. Life is precious and this story was a lovely summer read. Thayer is becoming a favorite author of mine.

  • Melody
    2019-03-27 23:10

    Typical Nancy Thayer book: Easy, breezy to get into, tons of geographical commentary, well developed characters you love, and a story for every woman's heart, no matter her age. Loved the connection to Moon Shell Beach!

  • Julie Ford
    2019-04-13 00:17

    One of the reviews called this book "a snore fest." I wouldn't say it was boring but there were some parts I skimmed including the first fifty pages. Too much back story. Otherwise, I really did enjoy the plot and characters.

  • Barbara
    2019-03-28 05:20

    Exactly the book I needed to start the summer, a nice escape. I'll be reading more from this author. Very happy with the outcome and loved all the characters!

  • Trisha Jones
    2019-04-12 04:39

    Grab the sunscreen.....vintage Thayer beach read. I'm just sayin..won't tax your intellect.

  • Michelle Brasz
    2019-04-08 21:14

    um..boring and predictable. Also stupid drivel comes to mind. LOL