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Fourth generation rancher, Ray Ford has lived a lie for nearly forty years. Having seen what can happen to an openly gay cowboy in small town America, and not willing to risk his ranch Ford Creek's legendary reputation, he keeps that part of himself tightly locked down. Everything changes one Sunday morning when Ray, out of character, picks up a handsome hitchhiker lookingFourth generation rancher, Ray Ford has lived a lie for nearly forty years. Having seen what can happen to an openly gay cowboy in small town America, and not willing to risk his ranch Ford Creek's legendary reputation, he keeps that part of himself tightly locked down. Everything changes one Sunday morning when Ray, out of character, picks up a handsome hitchhiker looking for work. Hiring the enigmatic cowboy stretches the bounds of Ray's control and, suddenly, he finds himself asking just what he'd be willing to risk for a chance at true love.Travis Morgan learned a hard lesson early in his life -- love is conditional. Even though he's a world-class horse trainer in high demand, he lives the life of a drifter, moving from ranch to ranch like the wind. He'll play when the opportunity arises, but he won't invest himself emotionally. But when he takes on the job training horses at Ford Creek Ranch, the stoic rancher with the sexy five o'clock shadow just might change all that -- if Travis can take the risk and stick around long enough to find out.Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices....

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Long Tall Drink Reviews

  • Gigi
    2019-04-02 17:09

    Re-read March 2017 Love this!I re-read this yummy cowboy tale in August 2013 and bumped it from 4 to 5 stars. LOVED IT! Two smoking hot closeted cowboys, living on the same ranch, make for some serious mind-numbing sexual tension. It was absolutely delicious! When these two finally came together, the sex was spectacular. *fans self*I'm on a big L.C. Chase kick now and must read everything that brilliant woman wrote.Highly recommended for all M/M romance fans, especially those who love their cowboys! *no brainer*This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews

  • Ami
    2019-04-17 17:58

    4.5 starsImmoveable object... Meets Unstoppable Force.Travis Morgan is a drifter. Being thrown out from his own home when he is 15 years old because he is gay, he becomes a well-known horse trainer, since he thinks horses give love unconditionally. He is not one who lay down roots. Until he meets Raymond "Ray" Ford. The owner of Ford Creek Ranch, the ranch where Travis heads for a new job. Ray makes him think of home. But it isn't easy for Travis to crack Ray's emotion. Ray has been living the gay part of his life in secret. Being a gay rancher is not an easy thing and he is so scared if people find out. But their attraction is too strong to fight. Soon it's a battle of wills as immoveable object meets unstoppable force.I first read story by L.C. Chase in the M/M Goodreads Hot Summer Reads event. It's a short story and I enjoy it very much (it's actually one of my favorites). So when I find out she has a longer story released, I definitely want to read it. And my, what an amazing story it is. It is basically, ALMOST perfect. It is very well written, with strong, vivid characters, a well-orchestrated emotional roller-coaster plot that moves me to tears, in addition to great description of cowboy's life.The tension between the two cowboys is SO THICK, I feel like I can cut it with a knife (which is hard since I read this as ebook *lol*). As Ms. Chase plays it just right. There aren't overwhelming sex scenes, and the push-pull factor is done in just the right amount. Adds with colorful secondary characters like Dottie, a woman who has taken care of Ray, and Jesse, a young gay rancher who works for Ray and who Travis has taken under his wing.It's a satisfying well-rounded story. This will be a perfect 5-star rating for me IF ONLY ...(view spoiler)[I don't feel like the accident with the snake-rattler is a bit too "neat" for the two of them to realize what they mean to one another. I guess I wish that their acceptance of love can be achieved without bringing Travis to the brink of death the second time. This considering another incident (that involves fire) is already written to push Ray and Travis to their first love making. (hide spoiler)]I will close this opinion with my favorite paragraph, said by Dottie"“Sometimes you just have to follow your heart, Raymond. No matter where that may lead. If the heart that matches the beat of your own comes in the body of a man, so be it. Doesn’t change anything. You’re the same man you were yesterday. Better, even."WELL-SAID!

  • Denise H.
    2019-04-07 22:14

    *** More than 5 stars are needed ! ***This story is beautifully written, and you'll love these cowboys ! Tall Travis is 33, with dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and he's also a world famous horse trainer. He's headed to the Ford Creek Ranch, which is renowned for quarter horses and cattle. He's hitching, so a red Dodge Ram truck picks him up, and he finds out Ray Ford, 39, with brown hair and eyes, who owns the ranch, is the driver of the red truck. Right away the poetic descriptions and vivid pictures of what was seen, and happening, are putting us in the story with these characters. It's a big ranch with lot of hands, and there is always action and movement. Dot stepped up to finish raising Ray, and runs the house and meals. Being gay in Montana ranch country wasn't accepted, so Ray left town to find "company." Young Jesse makes fast friends with Travis, but Sam, Jesse's dad hates the gay man. Travis had been beaten and kicked out, so he was ready to defend Jesse when the trouble came, and it did.This is so beautifully written with lyrical language, and is engrossing. It is hard to put down, or as a friend says "unputdownable."We get magnificent characters for our full enjoyment, with deep anticipation and sexual desire, plus a great flow of the plot which draws our complete attention. LOVED IT ! When Travis's past is told, Ray's heart melts, and so does ours. These two men belong together, but their lives, the ranch and workers, and the reputations are all at stake. We get awesome sexy, erotic times with these two, so hot ! Jesse's dad and idiot friends come to wreak havoc with gay slurs, drunkenness, and start a fire.There's also some excitement when Travis is air-lifted to the hospital from a different event. The men bond even deeper after that, and they "come out" to family and ranch hands. The end and epilogue are marvelous. This is an amazing story.I highly recommend it ! ENJOY ! ============================

  • Ula'ndi Hart
    2019-04-13 19:59

    Overall book rating: 4Audio Book: N/ABook Cover: 4 StarsFirst’s been too long. Way way too long since I’ve read me a book with a HOT Cowboy.I’ve only read one other book by this author (heaven only knows why because I really enjoyed it) before and so I’m happy to say I’ve read another now.Still not disappointed. I really needed something “fluffy” after all the dark and disturbing I’ve been dabbing around with and I LOVED THIS.From Trav’s swagger to Ray’s controlling calm, to Miss Dot and her shotgun and Jesse...Jesse...what can I say?? I was so disappointed when I finished this and saw that it’s NOT A SERIES! Why??? I want Jesse!!!What I really found refreshing in this story was the “slow-burn” between the MC’s. Well the Burn itself wasn’t slow exactly, so maybe that’s totally the wrong way to put it. But I liked how the draw between them was so overwhelming from the get go and yet they both fought it in their own way. I LOVED how it was done. And even the bigoted assholes in this story was handled the right way. Not overpowering the whole story like some authors tend to do sometimes. I really love Dot and I really love Jesse and Clay. And I SO wanted a book about them. Maybe there is one, I’ll have to go through all the blurbs of the current books and see. I’m that desperate! This really was exactly what I was hoping for. I’m all floating around on a happy cloud this morning.

  • Monika
    2019-03-22 18:03

    I really loved this story. A light and easy feel good book. I could feel the chemistry between Ray and Travis from the beginning but it was nice that their coming together didn’t happen right away, sometimes slow is perfect and it was for these two. I could feel their frustration and at times wanted so badly to hit one or both to get them moving. It’s a beautiful love story with a small amount of angst and a few places ‘oh please no’ and then *sigh* my favorite an HEA!If you like a sweet love story with, bonus, cowboys then this may be for you. This book has my recommendation!

  • Ter
    2019-04-19 17:56

    Yummy cover!

  • Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*
    2019-04-16 21:09

    I really loved this story. I put off reading it for so long because I thought it would contain a lot of smut but imagine my surprise when it was the exact opposite!I loved the attraction and intensity between Travis and Ray. It was so thick that every interaction between them was layered with sexual tension. It was so nice to finally read a cowboy story that didn't have them jumping into bed right away. These boys are so different but they crave the same things. Travis is a drifter, he's a great horse trainer but he moves from one ranch to another before cowboys figure out he's gay. He likes his carefree life but deep down, he just wants a home he can be safe in. Ray is the owner of Ford Creek Ranch. He's content with his life even though he wishes he could be out and proud. When Travis and Ray meet, there's an instant attraction and when Travis asks for a job and Ray accepts, things start to get a little too heated on the ranch. I really loved these boys but I also liked the ranch hands especially Jesse because they were so accepting of Travis being there. I also liked how Travis found a kindred spirit in Jesse and took him under his wing. It was rather sweet.My only reservation is I felt like the ending was too abrupt. I wished things hadn't ended so soon after Travis' accident because I really would have liked to see if coming out affects Ray's ranch business or not. I'd also liked to have seen how the ranch accepted Travis and Ray. So much emphasis was put on the consequences of coming out but then when they do come out, none of it was seen, which I found a little sad.Other than that, this was a very well-written story (although sometimes it was overly descriptive), the characters are well developed, and the secondary characters bring enough support to make them stand out without taking over the book. I really enjoyed it and I sincerely hope there's a sequel in the works for Jesse and Clay!

  • Eden Winters
    2019-03-28 16:20

    This book reminded me of why I fell in love with reading to begin with. With so much emphasis these days put on reviews and how this cowboy story stacks against that cowboy story, I hadn't realized I'd begun to take mental notes while reading. That stopped by chapter three of Long Tall Drink, and I lost myself in a great love story, well told. I personally love to see protagonists work for their HEA, and Ray and Travis logged a lot of overtime on that score. Their every encounter sizzled, be it sexual or merely them facing each other over the dinner table. The buildup exploded with a bang.I read comments about "purple prose" but if there was any in this story, apparently I like purple prose. A lot. The descriptions and metaphors were engaging and highly imaginative. I could quote some of my favorite passages here, but I don't think the author would appreciate me sharing half her book in a review. Ready to kick back and simply enjoy a brilliant m/m romance? Take a Long Tall Drink of sexy. Highly recommended.

  • Summer
    2019-03-21 16:05

    I loved the sexual tension between these characters in the book. They were also great characters you can connect to and so were the secondary characters. My complaint about the book is the kind of abrupt ending of the book. The characters hide the fact that they are gay because of what people will think of the business. Then at the end they decide they are going to actually have a relationship, but you don't get so see what happens with other people accepting or not accepting it. I did hear that there will be a couple more books in this series so I am hoping they will address this fact.

  • Kaje Harper
    2019-04-05 18:22

    This is the story of a very closeted ranch owner and the rumored-to-be-gay horse trainer who comes to work for him. I liked both of the MC's, especially Travis, and there was some palpable heat there. The plot felt a bit familiar, especially in its resolution, but the writing was good. I've read two books by this author, and she writes characters who pull me into her stories.

  • Mandapanda
    2019-04-15 17:19

    Light-hearted M/M cowboy romance where the two MC's act like a couple of melodramatic girls. But it's fun anyway.

  • Lauraadriana
    2019-04-13 22:09

    This is Travis and Ray's story. Ray owns a ranch in Montana and on his way back from seeing his lover (who he must keep a secret) he picks up a hitchhiker who turn out to be Travis a renowned horse trainer who is on his way to take a job at the neighboring ranch. There is instant attraction between these two men. There were things about this book I really liked, and there were things that were distracting as well. Ray and Travis were both very likable characters, even the secondary characters and their views (which I vehemently disagree with) I was able to understand and see where they coming from. I love a book with angst and sexual tension, and Ray and Travis had plenty of that. There were funny moments, toe curling moments and insanely frustrating moments. At times though I felt like it was bit too much.The imagery was interesting in this book, there were moments like when the author wrote about horses, that it was fantastic and really vivid...At other times I felt like there was a little too much being described at once, and I was somewhat overwhelmed.I thought this book was good, and actually on the cusp of being very, very good. There is plenty to enjoy in this story and look forward to see where this author goes with her future stories.

  • Sandra
    2019-03-20 16:00

    What is it about sexy gay cowboys? Admittedly, this story doesn't exactly break the mold, right down to the disgruntled homophobic ranch-hand. It's all good fun really. But for me to get more emotionally invested? The boys to get involved in the first half of the book, or at least the halfway point. Instead, it was so near the end of the book that it felt like it ended too soon. There was also a little too much peril, to the point of ridiculousness. Yes, it brings people together when you think they're dying or hurt, but still. It gets old. Received from Jess for December Free-For-All in Bookie Nookie's Erotic Lending Group

  • Kikirocks
    2019-04-03 20:18

    Loved the writing style - it was very poetic at some parts and I could vividly imagine the scenes, which is something I really like in a book. I also loved the characters, their tension, all the angst and hurt/comfort. The only "downside": there could have been a little bit more sex. Still worth reading though : )

  • Nicole
    2019-03-19 17:02

    Cowboys. Cowboys having sex with each other. Maybe it's my cowboy fetish speaking, but I loved this book a lot! Couldn't put it down!!

  • Rissa (an M/M kinda Girl!!)
    2019-03-22 22:57

    Good Story...I didn't love it. Sexual tension is what kept me reading :) What I really wanna know is....Will Jessie ever get a story?!

  • Wendy Ann
    2019-03-19 19:13

    More like 4.5 Stars!If a slow burn and/or sexual tension are your thing, this book has both in spades. It truly felt like there were palpable vibes coming off my ereader during this one *shivers* from the moment Ray and Travis set eyes on one another until the end!!Ray is a very deeply closeted gay man. He’s completely fearful of exposing himself based on things that have happened in the past, the attitudes of people in that area, his family name and reputation, repercussions for his ranch – you get the idea. Travis is a drifter, going here and there as a renowned horse trainer. He isn’t any more “out” than Ray, although rumors of his preference abound which have caused problems no matter where he seems to go. Both of these guys come across as hyper masculine – the strong and silent type, not the best communicators, hide their emotions, etc. As tension heats up on the ranch when one of the hands doesn’t like having Travis’s “type” around, this becomes the tipping point for a number of things including momentum towards a relationship between Ray and Travis, exposure of Travis’s past and his vulnerability, and the eventual outing and acceptance of gay relationships on the ranch. It took a couple of serious life-threatening incidents to really push Ray enough to take risks with Travis – risks that culminated in them making love, others finding out about them being gay, and ultimately, the two of them exposing their feelings toward one another. Typically, I would expect that it wouldn’t take such drastic measures to nudge the MC’s into action, but in this case, I think it was necessary due to how deeply burrowed Ray was in that proverbial closet! My only wish (in terms of anything to change about this book) was that we could have had a little more time to see things progress after the drama that was the climax of the story at the very end. The ending felt just a bit rushed and maybe on a little shaky ground to think everything would work out from there. Other than that, I loved it!! Loved the premise of the story, enjoyed the authenticity dealing with the horses, and especially loved the smexy older cowboys – yum! The secondary characters also added a lot. I absolutely adored Dot and Jesse! Little did Ray know that he had all kinds of support in these two all along. I’m seriously hoping there will be another book after this to bring Jesse’s story to life and give him a nice little HEA:) If you like a slow burn, lots of sexual tension and some hot cowboy action, this one’s highly recommended for you!!!

  • JR
    2019-04-02 00:14

    This is my second book in a few days by L.C. Chase. I just finished Pickup Men and could not wait to read more. I think this book is brilliant. I loved it even more than Pickup Men;. I don't know how that is possible, but it has to be because of the characters. Travis Morgan is a horse trainer that never stays long in any one place. He's known for his incredible ability with horses, and that he is gay. Being openly gay has gotten him beaten up in the past, so he doesn't advertise it, but it is known through the horse world. He carries a lot of baggage, which prevents him from staying anywhere permanently. Ray Ford, the owner of the ranch Travis is going to work at, is so deep in the closet that no light gets in. Ray is terrified of loosing everything if his secret comes out. Unknowing, Ray gives Travis a lift, to his ranch The attraction between the two is instantaneous, but neither knows who the other is at that moment. After that first meeting, their attraction escalates. Neither is willing to commit since Travis believes he won't stay and Ray believes he will never reveal his secret. Everything is drawn out very slowly, but when they come together it is absolutely incredible.L.C.Chase moves the story very slowly, but that is what makes this works so well. It builds and builds till it explodes.Her scenes with the ranch, the horses are so well done. You don't have to care about ranching to enjoy this. There are some wonderful side characters, Dot the housekeeper is a hoot. I hope Ms.Chase plans more stories like this in future. I know I wouldn't hesitate to own them. I give it a corral worth of stars.

  • Katharina
    2019-04-04 23:05

    It's been over a month since I've read this book and I have to admit that for this review I had to jump through the story again to remind myself what happens and who it is all about. I remembered the general feeling I had when reading it, but no particular details whatsoever, and that in itself is a good description of the story for me:Long Tall Drink was a pretty good, enjoyable read at the time, but it was utterly unmemorable. It's a rather standard cowboy book featuring Ray, the Ford Creek's ranch owner, and Travis, the famous horse trainer. Those two are hot as hell for one another, but in rural America that is still something you just can't showcase. Afraid for both their careers and their livelihood, they think they need to stay away from each other, but the pull is just too strong to be denied forever.I guess, this story was just a little bit too standard to be truly engaging, to my mind. You have all the classic elements: (view spoiler)[both parties are pretty but not overly successful, they had some kind of traumatic experience with being gay in the past, however the chemistry is too strong in the long run to be denied, one big dramatic event makes Ray and Travis realise that they can't live without the other, it turns out nobody really cares, and bingo, there you have it. (hide spoiler)] Compared to other cowboy stories I've read recently, the world building and the everyday descriptions of the ranch and the way of life on it are pretty thin and superficial.So, summing up: pretty good story, but nothing to write home about, very predictable and standard, but still enjoyable as a nice, short read if you like your cowboys.

  • Kazza
    2019-04-11 19:19

    Not a badly written book, with nice enough characters, but what started out with promise just got cold after a while. Ray wanted Travis, Travis wanted Ray, but Ray couldn't come out for fear of losing his ranch due to intolerance in a small town. Travis kept wandering as he was constantly hounded as the gay horse trainer. All understandable but, nonetheless, tiresome when pretty much the whole book went that way.I really found it hard to believe that Travis had a far reaching almost reverential respect about his horsemanship, yet he kept having to move on because people knew he was gay. Why did ranches take him on if this was such a big problem and how, then, did he get this status? If he was just that good why did they let him go? Just seemed a flaw in the character backstory to me. They did get together twice, boy it took a LONG time to get there, and by then it wasn't as heated as it should have been. Ray's character got turned around really quickly near the end, as did Travis's sudden desire to stay, and it was all wrapped up too neatly - M/M obligatory homophobe dealt with, their relationship sorted, everyone on the ranch was understanding and there were gay guys a plenty in the country town. Plus I just want to say Ray not sleeping with Landon when it was offered - bullshit - it would have happened in a heartbeat.If you like gay cowboys, more of a romantic read than a steamy read, and something none too taxing, then this book will probably make muster for you. For me, it was OK.

  • Don Bradshaw
    2019-04-08 16:22

    This book was terrific. Ray Ford has lived his life in the closet out of fear of losing his ranch and livelihood. Travis Morgan has drifted from ranch to ranch training horses and leaving right before prejudices got him beaten. Neither man ever knew true love until they risked everything. Ms Chase did an excellent job creating these two strong main characters. I could feel what they were going through and experiencing. I loved Ray's wise old aunt, Dot and the way she had of keeping a ranch full of men in line. The sexual tension between Ray and Travis was palpable from the very start of the book. The sex scene was very well written as was every other scene in the story. This is the first book I've read by Ms Chase's but I'm hooked on her beautifully descriptive writing style. I look forward to more of her books.

  • Trish
    2019-03-29 17:15

    Really loved the characters and pacing in this story. The descriptive writing was flawless. The instant attraction but oh so slow build up to "caving into the need" was perfect.Why not 5, well I had a hard time in the beginning keeping track of who was speaking. So had to go back a few times and figure it out. After a few chapters though it flowed better. Not sure if that was b/c I became used to the jumping back and forth or because the author improved the dialogue transitions b/w Travis and Ray. Lastly, I want to come back as Dot in my next life. :D Highly recommend this book for all but especially those cowboy lovers out there.

  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    2019-04-19 18:57

    3.5 starsNot quite as compelling as the gripping Chase the Wind or Unbreak My Heart, this novel is a worthwhile read nonetheless. Perhaps love did conquer all too easily, but Travis and Ray were fabulous together. I liked the slow burn, but wanted slightly more skin on skin and a more definitive ending. I would definitely read a follow-up starring Jesse.

  • Candice
    2019-03-20 18:00

    Really enjoyed the story. What's not to like about sexy cowboys. There was so much good tension between Ray and Travis and their attraction to each other, that you had to just keep reading. I wish that it would have been longer and hope that maybe there might be further books about the group at the ranch.

  • Td
    2019-04-03 22:20

    It was easy to go with the flow and I ended up liking this book way more than I thought I would. Yummy cowboys, tons of frustrating tension, add in likeable side characters, some angst and some near fatal drama and it kept me hooked. At one point one of them thought "Keep me" and I wanted to shout "I'll keep you both, no worries!" :D

  • Lavinia Lewis
    2019-03-31 19:04

    I loved this book. Plenty of hot, sexual tension and the writing was wonderful. I'd definitely recommend this. A keeper! :)

  • Tracy
    2019-03-22 19:54

    OK, really liked this one! I love cowboys, and I love slightly older protagonists (Ray is 40, Travis 33). Ray was (understandably) traumatized by the way a local gay rancher and his partner were terrorized when he (Ray) was 17, and finding out that his dad was one of the responsible parties. He buried his personal feelings, but, thankfully, at least never sank to the depths of marrying some poor woman under false pretences. One of his hired hands, Sam Davis, is the son of the man who was Ray's father's partner in crime in the hate crime, and Sam's son, Jesse, is also an employee on Ray's ranch. Travis is a drifting horse trainer; one of the best, but rumors also circulate that he's gay. He was, in fact beaten half to death and run off by his father when he was discovered with another boy at 15.So -- what I liked. Ray and Travis, as mentioned above, are older, and have plenty of life experience. Ray's trauma is dealt with with a deft hand, and Travis, while willing to take all kinds of shit on himself, is unwilling to allow similar actions to befall other people he runs across. He gains an enemy in Sam Davis when he refuses to allow Davis to bully and beat himself, or Sam's son Jesse when he comes out. (Sadly, Sam still has opportunity to take a swing at home, but Jesse's smart enough to get out and come to his employer for help.) I loved that Ray had a "once every couple of months" lover in a nearby city, and that he covers by going on dates with women set up for him by his housekeeper/surrogate mother. And I love how he eventually accepts his feelings and that he can't stay in the closet or keep his heart protected. (I also particularly like the way things work out between Ray & his "buddy" -- funny little twist, and a case of "last to know."Part of the hate crime issue when Ray was 17 was that the homestead of the gay rancher was burned down by Ray's father and Sam's father. I appreciated the way the author mirrored this by having Sam burn down the cabin Travis was living in on ranch property. Thankfully, there was plenty of evidence as to the guilty party, so he was arrested and put away. Unfortunately, Travis was trapped in the cabin; it was only thanks to quick thinking and quick movement on his part that he was able to get out. However, it crystallized Ray's intentions to NOT put his heart on the line and ask Travis to stay with him, or to ever come out for real. It takes a major accident to solidify Ray's feelings and to reinforce for him that he's never really going to be happy hiding from his heart and his community. Love the HEA and glad that Travis came through everything ok!

  • Valentina Heart
    2019-04-08 00:22

    This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found there. I was excited upon receiving this book. I mean, who doesn't love cowboys with their swagger and the sexy drawl? Much like with shifters, this is one subject I can always read about. So why the low rating? I'll do my best to explain.Ray is a closeted ranch owner who saw how hard the life of a gay cowboy could be. Afraid of irrational hate and losing his ranch, he keeps his desires far away from home. In comes Travis, a known horse trainer who has rumors following him almost like a relentless storm cloud. He is a drifter, leaving when the rumors and hostility become too much, but never giving up on the one thing he loves best, horses.It so happens, Travis finds work at Ray's ranch. From the first shared look, they are aware of the attraction between them, but both have reasons for ignoring it.I would never say this is a badly written book. In fact, I kept on reading without a pause for more than half of it when I realized that nothing was happening yet. I kept trying to reach the interesting part, development of that initial attraction to something more, but the truth of the matter is that the more I read, more bored I got. The pull and push between the two guys is shockingly lifeless, but to make it worse, it's also annoying. Hot and cold situations get old pretty fast and are the easiest way to make me lose interest. By the time something actually happened between Ray and Travis, I couldn't believe in the happily ever after anymore.Then came the main bit of conflict, which wouldn't have been bad if I haven't already seen it in almost every cowboy book. But in addition, it flew by so fast it failed to even leave a vague impression.The ending of this book was the only time when I actually sat up straight and thought to myself – this could be interesting. And it was to a point, enough for me to consider rating this book with an extra star. Of course, there is another ‘but' coming – Ray's fears were the main focus of this book, something that got built on after every page, but when the ending came, all of it seemed almost unfounded. I felt that he went with the flow too easily and it was obvious he perceived all the people he'd known for most of his life wrongly. That bit of unresolved plot is what decided on the final rating for me.I wish my expectations were surpassed with this story, because I do feel bad for not liking the two cowboys more, so I can only hope others find what they are looking for in this book.

  • Audrey
    2019-04-10 21:22

    This was a 3+ read for me. I liked the story, the cowboys, the portrayal of ranch life, and the secondary characters, but there wasn't that extra je ne sais quois that would make it stand out and push it into 4 star territory.Ray Ford is the (deeply) closeted owner of the Ford Creek Ranch. He picks up a "long tall drink of sexy" drifter who is hitchhiking his way to...(you guessed it!) Ford Creek Ranch. Turns out this mystery passenger is none other than Travis Morgan, legendary horse trainer...whispered "queer"...and well-known drifter with perpetually itchy feet. Ray knows that having Travis train Ford Creek's horses would be quite a coup - now, all he has to worry about is keeping his mind (and eyes...and hands...) off his temporary ranch hand. Toss into the mix a nice set of secondary characters, the tension emanating from the social pressure they both (but especially Ray) feel to keep their attraction and sexual orientation stifled, the dangers of living on a ranch, a vicious villain-type that triggers deeper character reflection for both of our cowboys, and some seriously heated chemistry that each is trying to resist, and you have yourself a good read.One thing I wasn't in love with is the ending. Basically, there's a big surprise that rocks them both on their heels and shocks them both into their senses. (view spoiler)[Travis has a life-threatening accident, which is the impetus to his and Ray's recognizing that they cannot live without each other. (hide spoiler)] I think this story could have done with a little more build up to the "I love you"s. There was a lot of chemistry and tension, and I could see that they were good together. I get it that this big surprise was like a wake-up call for how they were feeling for each other and what they were willing to risk to be together. Nevertheless, I still felt like the story might have been missing a step between their being physically intimate and their pledging to stay together forever. After reading through so much of their physical longing, I think we needed to see them get to know (and love) each other's personalities a little better before taking that plunge.Even so, this was basically a good read. I found this author from the M/M "Don't Read In The Closet" compilation, which included the short story "Open Tackle." I sought out more because I liked the writing style and was impressed by the back stories created in such a short piece. My search led me to this book, and I don't regret the purchase.

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-04-03 16:14

    A classical western romance starting in a most classical way: a wealthy rancher welcomes in his household a drifter in need of a place to stay. Only that this time the drifter is not a damsel in distress, but another handsome cowboy, and he is also an expert horse trainer and by chance he was right heading to Ray’s ranch. And Ray would prefer that was not the case, since he has heard the rumor around Travis, he prefers “the company of men”, and for someone so deep in the closet like Ray that is something he cannot allow himself. Being near Travis is too much temptation, but renouncing to the chance to hire the best horse trainer of the country is also unthinkable.I like that the tension between the two men didn’t burn immediately into sex; Ray has issues he needs to work at his own pace and also Travis has been scared a lot in the past, so much that he is not easy to trust strangers. This novel is not about the sex, it’s more about the possibility of building a relationship between two men who need to trust not only each other but also the society around them. This is another point I liked, this was not a pink glasses perspective, they are not living in “utopia” and it will not be easy for them, but on the other hand, they also need to trust more the people they love, and be aware that, if you do good, you may well receive good back.There is also a slight hope in this novel that times are changing, and what could be true 20 years ago, is maybe no more, and that two men can be in love; maybe they cannot be totally open, and perhaps they are not yet allowed to marry, but at least they can be together, and be open with their friends and the beloved ones.