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Cat Manno and her grandfather Victor made a pact that one day, just for the hell of it, they'd take the subway and stay on the A-train until the very end of the line where the last narrow spit of land runs out into the ocean at Far Rockaway. This isn't that day. On the first page Cat is knocked down by a speeding fire truck whilst crossing 55th St and 3rd Ave in Central MaCat Manno and her grandfather Victor made a pact that one day, just for the hell of it, they'd take the subway and stay on the A-train until the very end of the line where the last narrow spit of land runs out into the ocean at Far Rockaway. This isn't that day. On the first page Cat is knocked down by a speeding fire truck whilst crossing 55th St and 3rd Ave in Central Manhattan. She wakes up in a world made from all the books her grandfather used to read to her, peopled by some of the most memorable heroes of classic adventure fiction, brought vividly back to life. Cat must earn their friendship and help as she begins an odyssey and epic quest to find the mythic Castle at the World's End. And the name of that distant, mythic, wave-tumbled fastness? It is, of course, the castle of Far Rockaway ... If you enjoy reading good books; swashbuckling adventures with sword fights and pirates - then Far Rockaway is the book for you. Join Cat as she embarks on the journey of a lifetime ......

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Far Rockaway Reviews

  • Rosie
    2019-04-11 06:06

    When my brother pointed this book out to me in a small local bookshop, I was immediately intrigued by the last line of the blurb - "Real girls rescue themselves." Having become very bored by the Bella Swan-alikes who fall in love and then do notheing (as demonstrated by many heroines of recent times), I read it and it did not disappoint. Borrowing characters and landscapes from well-known classics, it tells two stories in one, both captivating, thouroughly enjoyable and refreshingly feminist.

  • Louise
    2019-04-16 07:50

    I liked the idea behind this, nothing new, in finding yourself amongst story characters, but it was done well...I found it more enjoyable when it referenced books I had actually read.Loved the relationship between cat and Victor, though throwing Joe in and getting overly sentimental towards the end wasn't as great.Good switching off scenes... Good book all round.

  • Georgie
    2019-04-13 07:57

    This book has EVERYTHING!-New York City-A feisty, smart, impulsive heroine who doesn't need any big strong man coming to rescue *her*, thanks very much.-Pirates-Zombies. On an island. AN ISLAND OF ZOMBIES.-Indians (as in Native Americans) with TOMAHAWKS-Misty Scottish moors-Pirate ships-Woods (deep, dark and dangerous)-Lots of adventure-Lots of stories-Did I mention the feisty, smart, impulsive heroine?Cat Manno lies in a kind of coma in a hospital bed after narrowly surviving a very nasty encounter with a speeding fire truck. Her life hangs in the balance, as does that of her beloved grandfather, Victor, who is the reason Cat survived.While her family wait and worry, Cat finds herself in a mysterious world. Made up of three worlds based upon the classic adventure stories Victor used to read to her when she was younger, Cat must survive a host of scary adventures and deadly enemies, assisted by three loyal allies. Her ultimate quest is to get to Far Rockaway and save her grandfather. While Cat always enjoyed the stories Victor read to her, she often wondered why they lacked 'real' girls. Now she finds herself, a real girl, trapped in a strange fictional (or is it?) world. And she must not only rescue her grandfather, but herself, if she wants to get home. If she wants to live.I loved this book. Most of all I loved Cat. She's tough, smart, vulnerable, funny and brave. She's also hot-headed and impulsive. It's always fantastic to find a character like Cat out there, offering an alternative to the likes of Bella from Twilight. If a vampire boy came on to Cat, she would ram a stake through his heart and make fun of his hair.I loved how Fletcher weaves the fictional worlds of three classics (Last of the Mohicans, Treasure Island and Kidnapped) into their own unique versions which Cat enters. I now want to read all 3 books. Fletcher takes classic characters and makes them seem new and fresh and relevant to Cat and the 21st century world she comes from.I also enjoyed and was gripped by the interspersed chapters told from the point of view of Cat's family, back in the 'real' world. Things that happen to Cat in the worlds she finds herself in are reflected in things happening to her body back in the 'real' one. While Cat's adventures race along helter-skelter, the slower pace of things for her family are every bit as gripping.Fletcher doesn't shy away from depicting some pretty bloody violence, or using appropriate and fairly mild swear words (mostly 'bastard' and various pirate-y insults). I mean, there's a frigging ISLAND OF ZOMBIES! Given this, I'd say this is for age 11+.A very fun read, but touching too.

  • Jill Elizabeth
    2019-04-10 05:54

    I think Fletcher is a vastly underrated author. His The Oversight (two of the three are currently available) was incredible and based on them, I picked this one up. I was hooked by the description as much as my enjoyment of the previous books – I’m a fanatic for books about books, and especially books about getting lost in books. This was an absolutely incredible adventure for that, and one I cannot recommend highly enough for anyone who loves a truly magical story. The writing was great – fast-paced, great characterization, fantastic and memorable quotes that deliver lessons without being lesson-y. Without spoilers, it’s hard to give much detail, so what I’m going to do instead is tease you with quotes - if these aren’t enough to peak your interest, I don't know what would be... “The bit of her that stood outside herself knew she should be scared and disoriented. What kep her anchored and stopped her ballooning off into the gusts of panic swirling in from the back of her mind was the fact that this forest-that-was-not-the-hospital was not merely any forest; it was just familiar enough to hold on to. But at the same time that in itself was utterly weird, and not because of her inexplicable presence in the middle of it. It was weird because she knew two things at once about it that were definitely true and yet most definitely contradictory: she knew she’d been in these woods before, smelled this smell, seen this green and heard this silence; and she also knew for certain that it was a forest in which she had never, ever set foot.”“If you can’t see the angle, play it straight.”“The one stone truth about being indecisive is you end up somewhere you never chose to be, and who wants to be there?”“Death did not come for Victor.Death does not come for anyone.People who write stories try to put a face on it by saying it does, but if you’ve ever been lucky enough to be there when someone dies, you know the truth: nothing comes, there’s no Grim Reaper, no scythes, no terror. There’s neither flutter of black wings nor rush of shadows nor any melodramatic falling swirl of violins or indeed any suddenly approaching spot of pure light coming to swallow you up.You just go.It’s as simple and undramatic as walking out of the room. It’s not freaky or frightening, and perhaps the most surprising thing is that it turns out to be the most ordinary thing in the world. And why wouldn’t it be?Everybody does it.”“Real girls rescue themselves.”

  • Bev
    2019-04-19 04:51

    I don't know why I waited so long to read this but I've been glued to the pages all day and I LOVE it. I loved the message about story, the classical heroes, the kick ass teenage heroine and even the heartbreaking ending that had me crying like a baby. Probably my favourite read of this year so far.

  • Munira
    2019-03-28 02:46

    I can't believe I'm giving a Charlie Fletcher book such a low rating. I was so disappointed by it.

  • Cherie
    2019-04-01 01:50

    Cat Manno never saw the truck coming.When Cat is hit by a truck she doesn’t feel the pain for long. She is unaware of the ambulance ride, the tests, the surgery. She is worlds away. After waking up in the middle of a forest without any familiar city sights, Cat’s life is a full-on adventure, surrounded by the characters from her grandfather’s stories. Here she makes new friends who help her on her mission to save her beloved grandfather,Something that I liked about this book was that it it’s mostly only adventure, not having any other genres added in to confuse things. The familial loyalty, traitorous deception and adventurous pioneering created the perfect balance of tension and excitement that kept me hooked. I also liked how flicked back and forth between places, keeping the reader informed of what was happening to the family waiting in the hospital room.My favourite character was someone called Alan, because he is so brave and loyal and “his friendship, once given, is irreplaceable.” Adding these qualities to his fighting skills and he seems like the perfect person to have watching your back. Also I think that he has a great accent. It’s Scottish and comes out in the way he talks and the words he uses, which often need footnotes.I thought that it was clever the way that Charlie Fletcher linked all the characters even though the ones present were always changing, and the settings were so different.I recommend this book to everyone, especially those people who secretly believes in parallel universes and the power of writing. There is nothing in this book that I could picture anyone disliking, as it is such an inspiring, captivating novel, that leaves no wanting for a sequel as it is so complete.

  • Emma
    2019-04-04 01:50

    Review by BethWhen I received this book from Emma, I hadn’t heard of it or its author but this wasn’t something that put me off as I hadn’t heard of some of the others she’d sent me before and had been pleasantly surprised! First impression before even opening this book was mainly “uh oh” as it didn’t strike me as the kind of thing I’d like to read from its cover and there are very few books I’ve have read whose covers I haven’t judged and been right haha.Now the summary/outline made me think this book COULD be for me. It sounded magical and fantastical and there are elements of it that definitely are. In her fantasy world Cat meets all manner of weird and wonderful fictional characters from Long John Silver of Treasure Island fame to Chingachook from Last of the Mohicans as she strives to save her Grandfather who is also alive and kicking in her fictional world. The fictional journey mirrors Cat and Victor’s attempts to regain consciousness in the real world and there is always that backdrop to remind you how the fantasy tale is linked to their real destinies. It’s a really clever concept.Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. I didn’t warm to Cat, although I thought her Grandfather was a fantastic character. I think one of the reasons it didn’t work for me was basically that I didn’t enjoy or read adventure stories when I was younger, Treasure Island and Last of the Mohicans were tales I knew of vaguely but never read and so some of the magic was missing for me! I have no doubt many many people would absolutely love the adventurous fantastical journey Cat goes on and this book would definitely be a great read for them.

  • K
    2019-04-06 06:58

    "Far Rockaway…""Sounds like there should be a castle there, right? Windswept and lashed by the waves, perched on a rocky crag at the end of the world… kind of place where it's always sunrise or sunset, and adventures are always ending or beginning…"Cat Manno knew she should of went to Far Rockaway, that way she wouldn't of gotten hit by that truck and her grandfather, who tried to save her, wouldn't of gotten hit either. Now, she's in two worlds: midtown Manhattan hospital, and a land of pirates and Mohicans. Confused but not daunted, Cat knows one thing: Real Girls Rescue Themselves.This books was, and at the risk of sounding cliché, a great swashbuckling adventure. And if you didn't know already, I LOVE SWASHBUCKLING. Anyway, I love how the chapters switch to different worlds and I love how Charlie mixes in characters from different books. He adds his own voice and feel to the characters. The story is enchanting. Anyone can read it and enjoy it.Oh and did I mention how AWESOME the cover art is?

  • JuJue
    2019-04-07 02:04

    Compelling and delightful, Far Rockaway is one of the finest works I have read. If you are a true enthusiast of adventure novels, this book is just the thing to look forward to. With the intertwining of classic tales such as Treasure Island and The Last of the Mohicans, the novel is almost entirely devoted to fantastical quests and stirring action.It is set in modern-day Manhattan where a young girl, Cat, struggles to live in two completely different worlds after being hit by a truck. As she fights for her life in a fantasy world full of characters (such as Long John Silver) from stories in which her grandpa used to read to her, she is lying unconscious in a hospital bed in Manhattan. Written in a leisurely, detailed way, this book displays a diverse setting of soaring mountains, raging currents and tranquil beaches. The characters were vivid and distinctive. I’d recommend reading this book because it has surprises and an unexpected, emotional end to it.

  • Jo Bennie
    2019-04-23 04:44

    Cat Manno is in trouble. Whilst sulking during a pre Christmas visit to her grandfather in New York with her parents she has stepped off the pavement and been hit by a fire engine. Saved by her grandfather but suffering terrible head injuries she fights for survival. As her body wanders the edges of life in operation theatres and intensive care inside her skull she is fighting for survival in high adventures inside the classic stories her grandfather read to her: Last of the Mohicans, Kidnapped!, Treasure Island. A wonderful book about the magic that exists within stories but also a gripping pacy adventure.

  • Eliatan
    2019-04-24 02:50

    This was a beautifully written book. I actually borrowed it from the library for Flynn, but picked it up to read before he did. While it's listed as a children's book, the characters and story twists were well on par with any adult novel. Convincingly complex characters, magical and evocative settings and a delightful premise that living on in stories is how humanity achieves immortality. A wonderful book, with a great approach to accepting the passing of a life well lived - a very important concept for children's novels to address.

  • Deborah
    2019-03-31 03:55

    the reason i bought this book i have to say is because of the line 'real girls rescue themselves' as most books i have to say are with the males as the stronger charters and i was kind of geting board of the strong male with the weaker female faling in love with him so i went out looking for book with strong female charecter and i have found loads and this is one of them. the author has stolen charecters from well known stories and made them side charecter making way for out lead charecter Cat . a very enjoyable book though not quite what i was expecting.

  • Webfrau
    2019-04-02 01:50

    It was OK pretty much sums it up. It wasn't gripping or compelling reading as shown by the fact that it took 10 days to finish. I couldn't help but think that the authors portrayal of John Silver was influenced by Capt. Jack Sparrow but maybe that's just me - I couldn't help but "see" him whenever I read about that character.I guess I was overall disappointed and expected more because the Stoneheart series was so brilliant.

  • Deborah
    2019-04-15 08:40

    Loved the cover - especially the fact that it was the result of a competition, and loved the Metro design for the chapters. Have always had a soft spot for Far Rockaway so thought it was cool to have it as a location for a story. And was impressed by the way he wove the three stories into the main story. And that the protaganist was a girl but the stories are traditionally "boys" tales.

  • Sarah
    2019-04-24 01:54

    All the swashbuckling heroes merged in a modern day setting with the central character, Cat, meeting them all after being hit by a truck. Fantastic adventure, great story, loved the intertwining of classic swashbuckling adventure stories and remember ....... real girls rescue themselves. Highly recommend you read this.

  • Rossanne Spencer
    2019-03-28 07:54

    I liked the concept of exploring book-worlds within the subconscious. However, I found the ending (the meeting on the beach) to be a little trite. In all honesty, I prefer my literary allusions to be a little more tongue-in-cheek as in Jasper Fforde's novels.

  • Lilly
    2019-04-20 04:00

    The concept and all of this book was pretty amazing... But honestly the author had a hard time getting me to read it, this was the first book i've read where I felt like falling asleep. I don't recommend reading this book.

  • Alison
    2019-03-27 09:48

    I love it when a book takes me by surprise. I wasn't sure what to expect with this and as a result I was completely blown away. This is a fantastic story and told really well - it is so exciting and great to see a gutsy, feisty heroine who rescues herself!

  • Vivien Tam
    2019-04-21 06:52

    It's a good book, though it was pretty confusing because the whole story was like a dream!

  • Leah Carragher
    2019-03-28 07:07

    OMG i cried through the whole last chapter! was brilliant!

  • Cookie
    2019-03-28 01:45

    its good so far about 100 pages left !i love how the author has here in two diffrent worlds :D

  • Lian Tanner
    2019-04-15 07:04

    A wonderfully adventurous story, and at the same time very moving, as Cat tries to save herself and her grandfather from unknown dangers.

  • Olivia
    2019-04-08 07:59

    Scratch my first review, it was really good in the middle and end, the beginning was a little slow, but as quoted from the back of the book "real girls rescue themselves".

  • Emma
    2019-04-06 08:57

    It is quite descriptive and not very exciting for a lot of of it but nearer the end it gets a lot more exciting and interesting.

  • Tailsmo
    2019-03-28 07:48

    Another one from my child's Hampshire Book Awards 2014 reading list and a cracking adventure story. "Real girls don't wait to be rescued, real girls rescue themselves."

  • di
    2019-04-14 09:06

    Got bored and gave up. :(

  • Kate
    2019-03-31 08:50

    One of the most beautiful, creative and captivating books I've read. Will definitely be rereading it often!=)

  • Emma Radford
    2019-04-23 05:56

    Really great adventure story with a twist! Made me want to reread Treasure Island, amongst others. Love how Fletcher weaves in the power of stories as part of the plot.

  • Ginny Griffin
    2019-04-23 08:06

    Loved this!