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In the time of the Han Dynasty in ancient China, the last remaining dragon is in danger of being killed by the cruel Emperor. A nameless orphan with no past and an uncertain future becomes his unlikely ally. The young orphan soon discovers that it is her destiny to protect the aging dragon and his mysterious purple stone. Chased by an evil dragon hunter and a powerful sorcIn the time of the Han Dynasty in ancient China, the last remaining dragon is in danger of being killed by the cruel Emperor. A nameless orphan with no past and an uncertain future becomes his unlikely ally. The young orphan soon discovers that it is her destiny to protect the aging dragon and his mysterious purple stone. Chased by an evil dragon hunter and a powerful sorcerer, their adventure is not easy. Each must learn to help and understand the other if they are to survive. To succeed in her task, the young orphan must reach deep within herself to find courage she never knew existed. No longer can she be the timid, shy orphan she once was. She is now the one, true Dragon Keeper....

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Dragon Keeper Reviews

  • Cait (Paper Fury)
    2019-05-17 18:51

    Well...I feel like I just took a nap. It felt...cliche? Like poor-beaten-slave-girl...and add in a dragon, and a bad dragon-hunter coming to get them. And their quest was to get to the ocean? And the dragon was CONSTANTLY hurt??? And no one seemed to have any personality. I was just super bored. SADLY. I really do love dragons!!And there were some fabulous moments, like:• The time when the dragon combed Ping's hair. I WANT A DRAGON TO DO MY HAIR, TBH.• That it was set in China! Or a fantasy China (?) and I loved the culture and the names and just that little different spin.• Dragons, dudes. I do love them and all their scaliness.I guess I can't judge it TOO toughly because it is MG and maybe 12-year-old-me would've liked it. But I just....the stakes were too low! I felt that the entire time reading. So they want to get to the ocean? SO WHAT. And with the dragon CONSTANTLY hurt, they just spent a lot of time walking. Walking and walking. Hmm. And while Ping was resilient and courageous, she was as boring as a forgotten pancake.Plus the writing felt really dry. Not emotional or beautiful...and I just had nowhere to connect to the story. Not even to the dragon. NOT EVEN TO THE PET RAT. It just....meh.Sorry but nope...this isn't the book for me. If you like dragons and Chinese history, then do try it! But I need exciting adventures and high stakes and characters I can root for...and I also like dragons that DO something.

  • Keeley
    2019-05-12 15:46

    I read this book as a child and it moved me in a way that I'm unable to forget.The book is stunningly written and refreshingly different. There are a few reasons why I admire Wilkinson so greatly:Firstly, the setting of the novel is a challenge in itself. Not only is she setting her novel in China, but also in Ancient China. This would have meant months of research to adequately portray the world into which the reader is thrust.Secondly, the young protagonist. A child protagonist is always challenging, no matter whether it's a children's or an adult novel. You need to dumb down vocabulary and simplify internal monologues. It's hard to get your point across. Wilkinson does this in such a way that reading and understanding Ping is as easy as breathing.Finally, the fact that her novel is about dragons. Normally, I'd turn up my nose and sniff at such a plot. However, Wilkinson made me forget how much I disliked dragon fantasy. I can't put into words how beautiful this novel is. Everyone should read it, whether you're 10-years-old, or 50.

  • Burcu
    2019-05-23 19:45

    Çok büyük bir zevkle okudum. Ve uzakdoğu mitlerine hayran kalmamı sağladı. Ejderhanın bilgeliği ve bu bilgelik sayesinde küçük köle bir kızın evrilmesi, güçlenmesi beni çok etkiledi. Bir puanı giriş ve gelişme kısımlarının biraz durağın olması nedeniyle kırdım. Yoksa fantastik türü severlere gözüm kapalı önereceğim kitaplar arasındaki yerini aldı.

  • Ömer
    2019-05-09 14:47

    4.95/5Okurken çok keyif aldım. Yorumu için:

  • Bonnie
    2019-05-07 20:38

    The story centers on a girl in 141 BC who has grown up as a slave of the Chinese Emperor's Dragon Keeper. She has been a slave her whole life, and does not know what her name is, or who her parents are. The Dragon Keeper is mean and lazy, so she cares for the 2 dragons in his place, but she does not care much for them, since all they do is lay around. They do not interact with her, or even eat the food she gives them. One day, the female dragon dies, and she feels guilty about this and tries to care for the remaining male dragon better, especially once she learns that she can hear what he is saying to her in her mind. Suddenly, a dragon hunter comes, and is going to kill the remaining dragon for it's organs, so she helps it escape, but it will only leave if she goes with it. She goes with it, but only wants to go back to where she was, because even though her life has not been happy, it is the only one she knows. This becomes impossible, though, when she discovers that the dragon hunter is hunting for not only for the dragon, but also for HER, and that the whole country believes that she has stolen this dragon, and killed the other. Even though she is not entirely fond of the dragon, she decides to accompany it on it's journey to the Ocean, and to do as the dragon tells her, and protect its stone. The dragon finds the stone even more important than its own health for some reason.Well, there were good parts and bad parts to this story. The good parts were that the dragon teaches her to count, which she has never learned, by saying, for example, 20 tens and 2 for 22, so throughout the book counting is done that way. This helps the reader feel more connected with her, in a way. I thought it was an interesting device. There is also a lot of adventure that happens, and the main character grows and changes a lot throughout the book, which is fun to read.The bad parts are that there are a lot of boring downtimes between the adventurous parts, and they really drag. Also, the main character just goes along with the dragon, and takes a long time to warm up to him, even though he is very nice to her. She also seems to not care about what he is doing that much, which is dumb because she is going along with him, and when she finally DOES ask, about 20 pages from the end, she discovers it directly affects the rest of her life. I found her stupid and apathetic throughout a lot of the book, so it was hard to really connect with her, despite the methods the author uses, which I discussed above. There also is something to do with the dragon stone, which I won't ruin, but I figured it out almost instantly, and she doesn't bother to ask about it, again, until 20 pages from the end, so that was annoying too. Also, I've never read a book that takes place in BC China, so I wish the author would have described things a little more. It was a little to much from the characters mindset, and if it was something common to her, it wouldn't be described, even if it was something foreign to the reader.There is a sequel, which I've read reviews that say it's better than this one. I could believe that, since she knows what's going on in the second book so I wouldn't find her as annoying. So, I think I'll check it out.

  • Alican Bozkurt
    2019-05-01 19:44

    DNF at %25Eğer middle grade okumak istiyorsam artık farklı bir şeyler okumak istiyorum. Tamam kabul. Çin Uygarlığı falan filan. Ama artık şu kötü efendi-zavallı kız olayından kurtulmak istiyorum. Üzgünüm ejderhalar. :"(

  • Kat Heckenbach
    2019-04-25 20:56

    I'm writing this on behalf of my 11 yr old son. He adores this series. He is normally one who reads only for information. A three inch thick reference book about sea animals will occupy him for hours, but a novel will get scrutiny and a turned up nose. "Too thick, chapters are too long, words (font) are too tiny..." But I told him he needed to pick SOMETHING fiction and TRY to read it. And no, not Diary of a Wimpy Kid.He actually ended up choosing the second book in the series (Garden of the Purple Dragon), not realizing it was a series. He LOVED it. Stayed up late at night reading (yep, he can, we homeschool) and raved and raved about it. He told me that I "must" read it too. When he finished, he begged me to get the first book (this one) and is reading it now, and loves it as much as the second book. We have also ordered the third book (Dragon Moon).The things he says he loves about it are:It is full of action.He loves the dragon.He loves the Asian culture.He says is just "sucks him in."Now I'm dying to read it--and will tell everyone I recommend it because it got my reluctant fiction reader to fall in love with a whole series!My WebsiteFind me on FacebookMy YA fantasy series:book 1book 2

  • Cassandra Lê
    2019-05-24 22:52

    I am so tired of reading this. I has no idea why but this book doesn't make me feel that it was set originally in China.It was just plain boring. The dragon is too weak, it's just like people touch iron on it and it weaken. The girl is okay, but nothing much was indicates through her characters. It was not satisfying as I thought. I do like Chinese history, but this book fails me.

  • Khushi
    2019-05-14 14:47

    PRE UNI MEMORIES This book is actually amazing and I've read this so many times! I love the way she writes and the plot is so good!

  • John Nebauer
    2019-05-18 20:43

    In western literature, dragons are objects of terror that hoard treasure and breathe fire. There are exceptions, like the dragons in Ursula le Gun’s Earthsea series, and any Dungeons and Dragons player will know that there are dragons benign, and not all breathe fire. But the red fire-breather la Smaug think is usually our first picture. So when I spotted a copy of Australian author Carole Wilkinson’s Dragonkeeper at the Goodwood library I made sure that it came home to visit. China also has a rich tradition of dragon lore that I’ve only encountered once before. It was a wonderful short story called Dragon…Ghost by M. Lucie Chin, published in the first issue of the long-defunct (but soon to be relaunched) Ares magazine. Dragonkeeper is set in the 2nd century BC, during the Han dynasty. It tells the story of Ping, an 11-yar old girl who was sold into slavery by her parents. She is badly mistreated by her master, who is tasked with the care of the emperor’s dragons. These are also badly mistreated, and one dies. Ping eventually escapes with the last surviving dragon, Long Danzi (Long simply meaning dragon), and Hua, her pet rat. Also with them is a mysterious stone that Danzi was desperate to save. He must make the long journey to far-off Ocean to recover and Ping, with much reluctance, agrees to accompany him. What Wilkinson has given us is a wonderfully told bildungsroman. It also sensitively explores the long effects of abuse upon Ping. She, illiterate and malnourished, is initially reluctant to escape her slavery. Though she desperately hates it, she knows no other life. The modicum of security it offers is some comfort for her. Later, when the reason for the title becomes evident, Danza reveals that he misread crucial signs because Ping is a girl. I don’t know how well Dragonkeeper fits established Chinese dragon stories, but it is certainly evocative. Rather than roar, Chinese dragons gong. They have whiskers reminiscent of catfish and are mortally afraid of iron. Danza only communicates telepathically, so when she first hears his voice she’s not aware that she was ‘hearing’ a dragon.It is not always an easy relationship. Given the task of looking after the dragon stone, Ping loses it to Diao, a dragon hunter. Dragon blood and organs are worth a lot of money because of their medicinal value. When Danzi learns that Ping has lost the stone, his anger is terrible;'Ping has failed’ he said over and over again. ‘Ping responsible for stone. Dragon stone comes first. Even before own safety.’But Danza’s Confucian wisdom recognises Ping’s true worth, which is great indeed. She gains in confidence as the story progresses, though without bravado. Ping has to screw her courage up, which makes her the more worthy of praise.Though it’s a book for older children, it isn't a nice, safe book. Dragons are butchered, animal parts are sold and people die horribly. At one point, they come to a village that is suffering terribly from drought:Fragments of their shouted conversation reached Ping on the wind.‘…just a girl.’‘Only Heaven…take life away.’The woman was crying. Ping edged closer, trying to make out what it was they were talking about.‘…a single life will be lost…’In the end, Ping must confront her own desire for comfort and safety and make a decision. This is simply a wonderful and deservedly award winning book, suitable for readers from 10 to about 14. I've not read any of Carole Wilkinson’s works before. I’m looking forward very much to reading more.

  • Stef Rozitis
    2019-05-06 14:53

    Here are the reason's I loved this book1. It is about a powerless, nameless person trapped in a completely abject lifestyle as an ignorant, young, female slave. Even in this awful part of her life where she has largely internalised her abjection, the protagonist (so far nameless) is shown to have agency and both the capability and will to be more than she is force to be. But for the time being she accepts all she knows. As the book unfolds, characters largely bully, berate, hunt or betray her but she keeps a sense of herself so intact that she really grows as a character2. I think her encounter with the young emperor (how do I say this without spoilers) is a metaphor for so much more. It is a metaphor for cosiness, security, romance and for all the YA tropes that it seems like the book is heading toward, but it avoids them. In a sense then the protagonist has to choose between agency/vocation and security/acceptance within the status quo and she is ambivalent about the choice and not entirely free to choose amongst all the pressures. This is I think a common experience for girls/women in many parts of the world. Having to choose between economic/political/social/familial/emotional security and full personhood. Seems easy in theory but it isn't. Throughout the book the girl's (reluctant to name her since she is nameless at the beginning) desire for connection and relationship is complex and therefore believable.3. The setting in ancient China is stunning and seems to me well researched. It is a completely appropriate setting for a dragon story and has internal consistency (being based on a more-or-less real world). I was cautious about reading a Chinese setting from a white author but I think Wilkinson has steered a course between exoticisation of "other" (apart from a historical setting always being to some degree exotic) and whitewashing, so that her characters come across as really being Chinese but at the same time as relatable to a non-Chinese reader. There is economic complexity, people of many different classes but not stereotypes and the many types of betrayal and complex (dis)loyalties in the book ring true.4. The dragon was OK but I LOVED the rat. The rat is an amazingly heroic character. I am sad to think he probably won't be in the sequel.I see that some reviewers found this book "boring" and I must admit it has a slow and somewhat depressing start but read for the complexity and give it a chance to grow on you. Well it did grow on me anyway!

  • Lina
    2019-04-25 19:31

    Akhirnya selesai juga. Awalnya sih rada boring, tapi begitu mulai petualangan Ping dan si naga, cerita mulai mengalir, tema cerita mirip-mirip sama Drachenreiter, dimana naga akan mencari tempat demi kehidupan yang lebih baik. Tapi beda sama Drachenreiter yang cenderung lebih ramai, Dragon Keeper lebih sepi, tokoh utama hanya Ping si gadis budak, lalu Danzi si naga tua dan Hua si tikus yang selalu bersembunyi di baju Ping. Yang menarik dari Dragon Keeper ini adalah setiap ada konflik atau masalah yang menghadang perjalanan Ping & Danzi, mereka benar-benar mengatasinya sendiri, ngga seperti kebanyakan cerita petualangan yang tiba-tiba suka muncul tokoh penolong dan tau-tau masalah beres, Dragon Keeper mengajarkan untuk berpegang pada kemampuan diri sendiri. Untuk terjemahan, cukup baik dan cerita mengalir dengan enak, gaya bahasa ringan, makanya saya masukkan sebagai buku fantasy anak-anak. Yang membuat saya kurang puas bacanya adalah, cerita yang terlalu linear, padahal dengan setting di era China kuno, novel fantasy ini sangat berpotensi menggali mitologi lain daripada hanya sekedar petualangan naga itu sendiri.

  • Mirrani
    2019-05-05 16:54

    Reading Dragon Keeper, I was automatically caught up in the spirit of the time period it is set in. But it wasn’t just the Chinese culture that struck me as true and genuine, it was also the Dragon culture, which was well thought out and wonderfully blended into the story. While reading I realized just how connected the Chinese culture was with the Dragons. It is almost a case of the chicken and the egg; did the use of gongs and chimes attract dragons to the humans or did the humans seek a way to replicate what they heard come from these majestic creatures? Who knew of qi first? Who first knew of herbs and healing? None of these things are brought up so obviously in the book, but as someone who thinks highly of the idea of the dragons having shared knowledge with humans and having lived among peoples of the past and taught them, these things easily crossed my mind as I was reading.The story is well thought out from its humble beginning to the ending that isn’t as much of an ending as it is a continuation of life. Our lives aren’t split up into chapters and our memorable moments in time don’t necessarily have sharp, clean endings. A person may lose their job but the story doesn’t stop there. Will they find another one? Will they find themselves in the same line of work as before or has that person learned a lesson that has pointed them on a different path? What will the new job bring? So many books simply end instead of allowing the mind to continue with these questions and I found the end of Dragon Keeper both fitting to the culture of the Dragons and refreshing in it’s final non-resolution. “Who knows how things will end? Perhaps there is no end.”Dragon Keeper is not only a well planned story, but it is well told. The plot will keep your attention, but it is the attention to details that makes you thirst for even more. I admit to knowing little of Chinese history, but the book seemed well settled in its time period and I found nothing to jostle my mind from the story in that regard. Chinese words and concepts are easily sewn into the story, teaching readers the powers of qi, the mathematics of counting, the geography of an area and its distances or types of money, all without jarring you away from the tale being told. It all comes naturally, even without the dictionary and pronunciation guides at the back, because as Danzai teaches Ping about life beyond slavery, you realize that you heave learned as well.In fact, the entire story is not just Ping’s journey to learn about herself and her country, it is the story of the reader’s journey as well. While holding the book, you travel the countryside with a girl and a Dragon, share their joys and sorrows, participate in their adventures and reach the ocean with them as they begin new parts of their lives.If you are a fan of the Neverending Story or DragonHeart, you will probably find yourself as desperate for the rest of the series as I have become. I would also highly recommend this book to anyone who has pet rats, as I found great joy in reading about Ping’s rat, the most honorable Hua.

  • Miyuki Gardner
    2019-05-16 16:33

    A young servant girl named Ping felt like she had no future or purpose in life, so she worked as a servant.Ping knew the last dragon was going to be killed but some how, she felt as if she had a reason to protect this dragon and its precious purple stone.Ping helps this dragon to escape and they go on to a adventure to some type off dragon island.I didn't truly like how Ping and her dragon got to find his confidence towards Ping later on in this book, but I did like it when they really just worked together and compromised all of their thoughts and plans through. Also, I love the way the book has so much action and stalking during the book.Do you as a reader ever think that they might have new company along the series? Or that Ping and her dragon may ever just give up on their journey and wait for the guards to just, kill them?I recommend this book to anyone who LOVES fantasy/action/mystery.And to all who love dragons!

  • Meika Kovac
    2019-05-20 21:59

    Dragon Keeper is a wonderful story that speaks of the bond between a young girl and a dragon, and the quest that they embark on. Set in Ancient China, the girl has only ever thought of herself as being worthless because of her slave background. Dragon Keeper is a story in which she takes part on a journey where she proves her worth and strength to many people including herself.Although the book got off to a slow start, the plot gradually began to develop. The girl and the dragon take on many challenges of which empower the girl, called Ping. I would definitely recommend this book for people of all ages. The book is written with an easy-to-understand approach, so it is also great for younger readers. It has a strong message of which everyone can learn from, which is conveyed through a sweet connection between a simple girl and a great beast.

  • Bob
    2019-05-02 17:53

    Had to write this review for school, thought I might as well share it.Dragonkeeper – a Moral StoryThe historical fantasy novel, Dragonkeeper, by Carole Wilkinson, uncovers an empowering journey, layered and unique characters, and the transportation to another world filled with dragons and magic. I’ve recently finished this remarkable, heart-warming, captivating book, this novel is a definite must read. It is a story of a tremendous bond of friendship between a girl and a dragon, on a thrilling journey across China to their destination. Along the way, Ping, must find true strength and courage, to discover her destiny. The aspects of historical fantasy the characters’ developments through their personalities and relationships and how this novel connects to our lives is compelling.Carole Wilkinson effectively employs the aspects of history and fantasy. An in depth of the period of Han Dynasty, China; with mentions clothing, food, how they lived and their beliefs. The understanding of the Ancient times is shown in this excerpt: “‘Thank you,’ she said to the farmer. ‘No need to thank us. The Gods favour those who are kind to travellers.’” (page 76). Fantasy is interwoven with dragons, magic, hero’s, sidekicks, a quest and villains. This excerpt shows the use of the supernatural world: “Ping was mesmerised by the horrible transformation … Before her eyes, the cat became a man.” (page 228). This novel is a journey of self-discovery and confidence that every teenage girl is embarking on.Wilkinson’s characters show development through personalities and relationships. A character that shows great development is Ping. She starts of as naïve, scared, and an apprehensive girl. By the end of the novel she is courageous, brave, and self-accomplished. This excerpt shows how driven Ping at the end: “She stood up. She had work to do.” (page 337). The relationships between the characters are shown through Hua, and Danzi. They start off as characters of conflict and slowly become friends. Through sharing many scary experiences together, they ultimately become closer. Their dislike for each other in the beginning is shown in this excerpt: “Ping opened her eyes to see Hua hanging by his tail from the dragon’s talons. Danzi was about to hurl the rat against the barn wall.” (page 80). This shows a moral story of finding out who you truly are as a person.Carole Wilkinson creatively weaves an underlying message of the present world, through the novels fantastical world. The characters develop along a storyline like that of a student entering high school. As expectations increase students must step up. Be punctual, complete tasks and assignments to a high standard on time. Part of the student’s journey will contain self-doubt, this is portrayed by Pings feelings about herself at the beginning of the novel. Ping faces many challenges on her quest, just as a student in their quest for knowledge. This excerpt shows how empowered Ping became, “Ping collected firewood and rainwater, and found some small fish and crabs trapped in a rock pool. She started a fire.” (pages 338 and 339). Therefore, this novel will be a great read as it has an underlying moral to help those who face a challenge.In conclusion Carole Wilkinson’s novel is layered, heart-warming, fantastical, with an incredible message of self-discovery. It’s extensive description and understanding of historical fantasy, character development, their personalities and relationships and the underlying message woven through the novel makes it a must read. So, what are you waiting for? Grab it, sit down allow Dragonkeeper to transport you to another world, filled with fantasy, history, and self-discovery. So, go find a cosy spot and don’t move until you finish this captivating novel.

  • Helen
    2019-05-22 16:43

    It's ok. I wouldn't say it was good but I didn't hate it, and it's a nice quick read. I think the main problem is the writing is quite dry. I didn't get a feeling for the characters or their environment. I kinda liked the dragon but he spent most of his time unhappy, and I can't understand why he didn't explain to Ping what the dragon stone actually was. There's a lot about how Ping has to fend for herself and solve problems with the things she has available to her. It was nice to see, and it might be good for young girls to read.idk, it is a children's book so maybe someone younger would enjoy it more. It just never felt very exciting.

  • Aaron
    2019-05-10 15:40

    This is a really nice book - in the beginning.The idea of everything is amazingly old, and yet so fresh. The way the author portrays things isn't so special, and yet you really do end up feeling connected to the characters - sometimes. I guessed a lot of the plots pretty much before they'd started. I guess after a month or so of reading the pretty much unpredictable (for me, anyways) HP series I am ready for a lot of things. I guessed that (view spoiler)[the dragon stone was an egg (hide spoiler)] even when Ping found it in the dragon pit.I felt personally that the end was unsatisfying, simply because I'd guessed everything before it happened. The things I hadn't guessed seemed to have been made up on the spot and difficult to comprehend, and though the book ended as if to say "That part's over, now for the next", I didn't really feel as though many loose ends had been tied up. As I was reading I was simply stacking up little mysteries, such as the Emporer biting his fingernails being mentioned more than once. Unless I just missed the cause of this in a moment of haste, or failed to read between the lines when the reason was indicated, I couldn't figure out why this was so. As for a lot of the other little things in the book, I thought the same.But through and through the book, reading it until the last few pages, I really thought this was a nice, heart-warming tale. Gruesome in some parts, and some things unexpected apart from the author's want to make everything predictable due to Ping's abilities, I loved it. I love reading about different people's take on dragons especially, but unicorns, pegasus, pheonixes etc. and this Chinese Dragon Keeper take on it all was an interesting and enjoyable read. Overall I recommend this, for the beginning and middle. I don't doubt the next book will be great as well, and I can't wait to read it!

  • Jana
    2019-05-17 20:56

    This book was the first one that I had read of it's kind: I was on holiday one year and happened across a bookshop. I must have only been around nine but I was an advanced reader and it captured my interest (although this is by no means a incomprehensible book). I had not read a book about dragons before, let alone one about ancient China and it's new ideas and storyline was one of the best and most heart-warming ones I've ever read. I quickly acquired the rest of the trilogy and devoured each one with delight, although the first is always the best.The main character, Ping, is a poor slave girl who is quite illiterate and alone in the world when, through a series of events, escapes with the last living dragon belonging to the Imperial Emperor and flees in the wild. Danzi, the said dragon, struck my heart particularly through his broken Chinese (although the book is most definitely in English!) and his "tinkling" and "chiming" through which he communicates his mood. His goal is to reach "Ocean" and they undergo a series of wonderful adventures that make you feel as if you were really there witnessing it all. It has all the good elements of a book: adventure; suspense; betrayal; hope; friendship and most importantly of all, love. I won't let on anything more (although I've probably already given you a good idea of what this book is about) but I really, really REALLY recommend this book! I even cried at parts of this because the characters really touch your heart and if you read the whole trilogy, then you've just achieved the purpose of life. Read this book!

  • Clare Cannon
    2019-05-02 20:39

    An easy to read fantasy adventure set in Ancient China. Though more descriptive than most middle grade novels, the story is engrossing and especially enjoyable for animal lovers (at least those tolerant of fantasy animals such as dragons).The unassuming heroine discovers talents and abilities she didn’t know she had, realising that they can help her to fulfil her calling to be a dragon keeper. The dragon mentors her as she faces wizards and rulers who are determined to hunt both her and the dragon down.Mild danger scenes involving bad characters (including one necromancer of whom little is said other than the dragon’s warning to stay clear of him) and a mild romance shouldn’t prevent the book being suitable for young readers. JW

  • Gil Rowen
    2019-05-26 19:55

    DRAGON KEEPER/by Carole WilkinsonThis book is about a dragon who has a connection with a girl. The girl is a slave to this horrible man named Master Lan. Master Lan is an imperial dragon keeper who needs to take care of the dragon but tells his slave to do the job. The dragon and the slave run away and have a lot of adventures together.I chose to read this book because it had a really good name (Dragon Keeper).This book has a lot of action, fighting and the end is very exciting. This book can be a little long because they get in to trouble then get out of it , then get in to more trouble and then get out of it again and so on.I think this is a very good book. I recommend it to people who like action and things like that because there is a lot of it.

  • Weller C.
    2019-04-28 15:56

    Intrests leverl/Grade: Midddle School.Lexile: 680.Aventure/Historical fiction.Main Characters: Long Danzi, Ping, Wang Cao, Diao, and Lei Chu.Setting(s): China, Han Dynasty. Ralace. Ocean. Countryside.POV: 3rd person povA young slave girl cares for all of the animals in the area. The cows, the goats, the chickens, and even the sheep. But whats in store for her when she goes to feed the others... They have sharp teeth and shining scales, and a taste for meat. They are the imperial dragons of Haungling palace! When she escapes with the last dragon how will they live? injured and afraid the plow through life full steam ahead.

  • Cait
    2019-05-12 19:01

    I've read this book more times over than any other book I've ever read. I've literally read it 16 times over the course of the past eight years. It's that good.In short, this is a coming of age story with a dash of self-discovery, rife with beautiful descriptions and captivating storylines. The characters interact believably and are relatable in surprising ways. Even after reading it over and over, this is a book that tugs on my heartstrings and can still move me to tears in the end. I love this book.

  • Dan Calma
    2019-05-16 15:58

    This book is about a slave named Ping, who goes on this epic journey with a imperial dragon, Long Danzi, looking to get to the ocean with a precious "dragon stone". On the way Ping befriends a young emperor then be foes the emperor. It is based in about 500 A.D. China. This book gives pretty good imagery and the story line is just as good. I would recomend this book to anyone who enjoys suspense, action, and adventure.

  • Anita
    2019-04-28 19:46

    This was one of the very first novels I read. It's about a girl in China in ancient times and she travels around with a dragon. I love this book. I can't remember how many times I have read this again and again. The book is so old yet so refreshing. This fantasy novel is one of the best. Opening this book feels like I'm opening a lock with a key to a winning lottery. The plot is very interesting and the book is well written.

  • Becca
    2019-05-24 18:55

    So, I knew the whole time it was a dragon's egg - not because I'm addicted to dragon books or anything - but other than that it was a great book, all about realizing that everyone - even a nameless slave girl - has inner power. I didn't like the way Danzi was mean enough to think that Ping wasn't the dragon keeper, though. That was stupid and mean of him, but she proved him wrong. More power to her, I say!

  • Georgia McKeon
    2019-05-20 21:55

    I’m currently reading this book and I really enjoy reading it. It’s a mystery and adventurous while it’s also educational. It is one of those books that you can’t put down. The story is about a girl with no identity who was sold to Master Lan for a better life but it starts off terrible being a slave, until one day she met a Dragon Danzi then her life completely changed forever as they go on the adventure of a lifetime.

  • Ben Brandt
    2019-05-04 18:01

    I really liked this book because it was on Ancient China and it was fantastic. It was about a Girl called Ping and a dragon called Danzi, the dragon lived in a mountain and Ping was a Slave and then they went on a adventure to find the ocean because it was magical and full of poignant moments. I recommend this to primary to secondary kids.

  • Dessy
    2019-05-12 22:35

    Salah satu ciri-ciri buku yang asyik menurutku adalah buku yang disaat membacanya, aku tak perlu menghiraukan jumlah halaman, buku yang bisa membuatku "tiba-tiba" berada di halaman sekian… dan wow…. Yup, dalam novel fantasi karya Carole Wilkinson ini, aku hanyut bersama Ping, si budak miskin yang bahkan tidak tahu siapa namanya... kerennn

  • Cgmower
    2019-04-25 17:46

    I picked this up to introduce to introduce a different type of story to my 8 year old daughter. It was an ok read for me. The writing was mediocre. As I was reading it I felt that the author was trying to get all the way through the story and events with out really developing any of the characters or descriptions that would have really made this a fun story.