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For one-thousand years, Druid prophecies foretold of a young witch destined to alter the fate of both human and immortal alike. This witch-turned-vampire would be capable of harnessing the supernatural abilities of both and, in a bloody rise to power, would rule with unwavering control.Unwillingly thrust into a world she never dreamed existed, Liz Markum is catapulted intoFor one-thousand years, Druid prophecies foretold of a young witch destined to alter the fate of both human and immortal alike. This witch-turned-vampire would be capable of harnessing the supernatural abilities of both and, in a bloody rise to power, would rule with unwavering control.Unwillingly thrust into a world she never dreamed existed, Liz Markum is catapulted into an ancient war between rival vampire factions. She must choose between those she loves and the ever-present darkness attempting to devour her very soul.Only one question remains: Will Liz claim her birthright or surrender to the dark gift?One choice.One chance.Two destinies....

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Birthright Reviews

  • Gk
    2019-02-17 06:11

    After reading Birthright, by Willow Cross, I’m quite shocked that this book has such a high rating. This story opens up with the main character, Liz, who finds herself drawn to a handsome stranger, Michael, at a local fair. As you may have guessed, Michael turns out to be a vampire, feeds on Liz, and turns her into a vampire without actually meaning to. Soon after Liz arrives in the vampire underground, a sort of civil war breaks out between the vampires who are after power. Liz learns that she is actually descendant from a family of witches, and becomes an integral part of the battle between good and evil. Cross’ story and concepts were in fact interesting—but these concepts should have been developed over the course of multiple books (i.e. a trilogy). I say this because the book was so fast-paced that the reader is constantly presented with these new ideas without really being able to absorb or understand them. For example, Liz’s transition from human to vampire happens within the span of a few hours. This in itself is not bothersome, however Liz’s thought processes are extremely juvenile—they are along the lines of “I like blood, OMG I must be a vampire, I’m so sad I can’t see my family, wait this is sort of cool”. There is no depth of emotion or thought that you would think accompanies such a drastic and abrupt change. Other concepts that occur throughout are presented like this as well—suddenly time travel is possible, suddenly witches can create portals, suddenly there a prophecy that Liz should be queen of the vampires. The relationships in the book are just as frustrating—after Michael turns Liz, they supposedly form a deep connection that happens when any vampire turns a companion. For the focal relationship of the story, Michael and Liz virtually don’t have any interaction. The book simply states that their feelings for each other are becoming stronger without really telling us why. This book breaks that fundamental rule of “show, don’t tell”—this book was all “tell”. As I mentioned, these would be interesting concepts, but they are ultimately unsuccessful because the author failed to take adequate time to explain them. I personally do not recommend this book—it was a frustrating read for me.

  • Jenny Bynum Black Words-White Pages
    2019-02-12 05:28

    OMG!! What a wonderful story of vampire romance!!! The things you would do for love is all in this book!! From Micheal and Liz's story of romance and love to Cass' love and loss and regain! The story is wonderful! It talks about the present and past events of each character and how they came about and is basically family in a vampire-sire kind of way! The main characters had to fight through their problems and I love how Willow incorporated each problem into the story one at a time and yet how each problem was part of another problem. Everything started just because Micheal made the first mistake and the whole chain-of-events happened! I loved the how magic was incorporated into the story as well. Just an overall MUST read! Thank you Willow, and lots of love!!

  • Samantha **ParaNormal Romance Party**
    2019-02-12 09:07

    1st Line in the Book---> “This was crazy.”REVIEW:Well let just say to Mrs. Cross, Thank you for writing this great story!!! I understand how many times people will just make assumptions that its another 'Twilight' theme read when they read its about Vampires. HECK NO ITS NOT!!! From the moment you begin to read, it throws you into the story! You have no idea whats going on and all you can do hold on for the ride!!Elizabeth Markum is thrust into this world when she is accidentally turned into something she never thought existed! A vampire! All she wanted to do was get to know the mysterious but handsome man she caught staring at her. Now she must be brought before the council and judged to see if she is trustworthy and able to adapt into her new life. Her maker Michael is shocked when he realizes that he has become Liz's Maker. That was the last thing he wanted although he was attracted to her from the moment he saw her. Being the Council's best and only executioner, he has gained many enemies. So having a weakness is something he cannot afford. Especially when a rebellion sprouts against the Council. A war is coming.I loved the use of different myths and themes embedded into the story. There are witches, vampires, druids, ghosts, demons and greek mythology, just to name a few! There are soo many twists and turns in this book. It keeps you guessing and on your toes. One moment you may think you have it all figured out, then out of nowhere …another element is added to the plot! There is action and mystery along with a little romance. There were many characters that were introduced and played important parts. I only wished we could have seen more character depth in Liz and Micheal. I understand that the author wanted to explain what was going on, but at times I had to remind myself that the story's main characters were Liz and Michael and it all revolved around them. The different POV did a very well job moving the plot forward and getting to know the other characters, but it left we wondering at times.... are we getting a new main character for the rest of the story??? The story begins with Liz and Michael. I got soo interested in their characters, when suddenly the story pulls away from them and focuses on others. The good thing is towards the end, we get more of the H/H again!! Everything else in the book was great!!This is the first book in the series! I loved the storyline and the plot. Liz is a great character she is smart, honest and wise but can kick some major A**!! Michael is loyal, protective and fierce but can be loving when it comes to Liz. I will definitely be waiting anxiously for the next book!! There is a long road ahead for Liz, Michael and the rest of the gang as they try to win the war between good vs evil!!**Final Verdict= 4.5 Stars**

  • Jennifer Wright
    2019-01-24 03:26

    I am completely shocked that I hadn't read this book yet. I am totally taken with the characters, the story, everything. I love how Willow Cross writes! Her writing is fluid and she takes us through a story well. Birthright begins with Liz going before the council, but then it takes us back to her memory of how she got there. Let me tell you, it’s not easy to pull this off and she did a great job with doing it a few times in the beginning to let us know how Liz got where she was and also where the story was going. Loved it and props for pulling that off without a hitch.Ok! Love me some vampires and some witches!Also, I’m going to say again that I love fight scenes and there are a few in this book. So, I was happy with them. I have to say that my favorite part of this book is the vampire connection with the vampire and the maker. I love this. For some it is of a parent and child, for some it is a connection of lovers, and no one else can come close to the connection that a vampire and their maker have. The connected vampires have a psychic connection as well. This part of the book, is literally the love story for me. Even the vampires who are connected as parent and child…the connection is basically the essence of their being. I’m very impressed with the story Willow Cross has given us here. The story in Birthright comes full circle and leaves us satisfied, but wanting more from the author. I highly recommend her books. I also finished Oceans of Red and that was great too.

  • Bella Doerres
    2019-02-05 05:31

    It was one kiss from a stranger. Liz couldn't believe she gave in so easily. She realized she wasn't herself. That one kiss and what happened with it was to change her life forever. She found herself wandering, trying to escape from Michael. What had he done to her, and why was she feeling this way. Things in her body were changing and she was running, running from Michael through the night. Inside her mind it was like she could hear his thoughts "Must find her." As the sun rose her skin burned. Seeing a cabin she grabs the door and finds that her new found strength shatters the door. She is now inside and she realizes she will never be the same again. "Being found by Michael angered her in her mind she realizes that everything he was repulsed her. But at the same time she liked him."The beginning of Birthright grips you in its intensity and just when you think the worst will happen to Liz and Michael things change. Then more happens. Liz is introduced into a world she never knew existed; a world of Vampires. If this wasn't enough to throw her life into a spin she realizes she is falling in love with the man she hates, Michael. They are destined to change what has been to what will be. You will have to read Birthright to find out what becomes of them as they fight through a vampire war that can change all humanity. It is an adventure that takes a young girl from her humanness to queen of the vampires.

  • Wanda Hartzenberg
    2019-02-11 05:18

    The Dark Gifts Birthright by Willow Cross. In the beginning Liz meets with Michael. He bites, she turns vamp. Quite Bram Stoker like for three or four pages. They meet up and fall immediately irreparably in love. Quite Twilight like for the next 15 or so pages. Then the good the bad and the ugly rears their ugly little heads and from here on out its different to any Paranormal / YA / or New Adult book I've ever read. Minerva, Gregoria, Jenna and about 60 other characters join the cast to make this book totally amazing. I was struck with the amount of research that must have gone into writing this book. For those of you who follow my reviews you will know that I refrain from making technical judgements. This will be the exception. Willow has a rare ability for pacing and introducing an array of characters in rapid succession. But never does she use this fast level of pacing and her cliff hanger chapter endings to get out of character development. By the time you are finished with the book you really hate the bad guys and absolutely love the good guys. By this time you also know that I don't rehash the story of the book in a brief synopsis. Usually I don't since I feel that the authors blurb or my own will get the reader of this review a good idea of what the book is about in essence. In this case I can't do it at all even if I wanted to. Her fast pace, introduction of evil and saint like characters left me feeling like a child playing hide and seek. You don't want to be found out but you can't resist peeking from your hiding place to try and see what is coming next. For those romantics out in cyber land - do not fear. This book is filled with romance and not only the romance between Michael and Liz bit also some other less predictable characters. As I read the book I was filled with the idea that this book is a ken to watching a master Persian carpet weaver undertake another master peace. I loved the fact that almost all things known to go bump in the night were mentioned in this story and that the symbiotic and discordant life styles of these dark creatures were explained logically and believably. I give this book a 6 out of 5 star review. I will not only recommend you buy it and read it yourself, I would proudly gift it to my friends. Oh no wait. I already gifted it to my friends. That's simply how good this book is. I can't wait to start on the rest of the books authored by her. A 6 / 5 STAR REVIEW GUYSI need to thank Denise Jones for correcting my spelling and grammar errors and for translating South African English to real English. Thank you Denise.....

  • Joyce
    2019-02-19 04:19

    This book is unlike any other. I was impressed from page one! This book grabbed my attention and would not let it go....literally I couldn't put it down...and found myself reading until 3 in the morning because I had to find out out what happened next.I read numerous books from this genre and did not realize, until I read this book, how predictable many of books are getting. Usually with the first hint of foreshadowing and I have already guessed what will happen next. So when it does happen, unfortunately I find myself saying "I saw that coming". This book was nothing like that. Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen, a surprise was right around the corner that I did not see coming. After a while I just stopped assuming what was going to happen, and just held on for the ride. And this book is most definitely a thrill ride. The romance was there, but it is not what made the story, it was just a part of the action that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.I also love, love, love, how the author changed perpectives often. You aren't limited to seeing the story unfold from just one or two characters' point of view. Instead you get a 360 degree view of everything going on from all of those involved. As everything unfolds, you feel as if you are really there experiencing everything yourself all at once. I absolutely loved that I got to see more than one point of view and opinion on the events taking place and was able to relate to more than just one character.I can not say much more because I will start giving stuff away and ruin the next readers journey through the pages....but this is not a book that you sit down and just read. It is a book that you EXPERIENCE as you place yourself in the plot and are right there fighting along with all of the charcters.You think you know........but you don' read it and find out!!!!!!!

  • Danielle
    2019-01-27 06:07

    The Dark Gifts Birthright, an Ebook by Willow CrossBirthright by Author Willow Cross is the first book in a series entitled “The Dark Gifts” and after just getting through with reading it I already find myself waiting in anticipation for book 2.Right from the very first chapter Birthright had me captivated its characters are solid and endearing the Author has done an astounding job of making is easy to escape into their world and their journey where they will keep you happily captive for hours on end.This book has everything a fan of the paranormal could ask for with a delicious combination of vampires, Ghosts, Witches & a fangalicious twist on Mythology!there is a perfect combination of love and action that is mezmerising....Willow has a magical way with words that will have you falling in love with the Characters in her book and leave you craving for more! I give birthright 5 stars out of 5 and it is my recommendation that Birthright go directly to the TOP of you're must read list!~Danielle~

  • Brittany
    2019-02-16 04:03

    This is definitely one of those books that will have you hooked from page one!! I had a really hard time putting Birthright down, which was a really bad thing since I kept reading it right before bed. I even had several dreams about it, that's how good it is!! Birthright is definitely different from other paranormal romance/vampire type books because it actually focuses on the action instead of the love story. Willow's representation of some of the scenes were so descriptive that I had a hard time removing the visualizations from my brain. I kept playing some of the scenes over and over so much that I wished (and seriously hope) that the book becomes a movie just so I could see exactly what she was picturing when she wrote the book! You will get what I mean once you get towards the end of the book ;) The Vampire/Druid/Witch combo in this books is amazing!! I recommend this book for ALL paranormal lovers.

  • Amanda
    2019-01-23 02:20

    I truly enjoyed this book! Willow makes her characters come alive and I couldn't help but care about them. Birthright was a new and unique take on vampires and it was very easy to get pulled into this story! The setting is vividly described and the characters are explored enough that their reactions and decisions make sense. I had a hard time putting this book down. It is full of action, drama, and romance with a splash of horror and suspense!I would highly reccomend this book to any lovers of paranormal fiction! The only thing I didn't like was a section where a lot of information was introduced at once and things got a little confusing. However, I was able to catch up quickly and continue with the story. I very much look forward to reading more about these characters and the world Willow Cross has created! I happily give The Dark Gifts: Birthright 5/5 stars~

  • M.J. Schutte
    2019-02-19 04:30

    Review of The Dark Gifts Birthright by Willow CrossLike I said in a previous review, I hate reading a book on my laptop.The only way I will do it is if the book is really good.I read this book in two days.That alone should tell you how gripping the story is!The very first paragraph made me sit up, take a breath and read it again.Normally, I would not read a book about vampires, but this is the exception for me.The author knows exactly where to bring in new things to keep the reader guessing and very interested.Another great effort by Willow Cross. Easily 5 of out 5 starts Available on Smashwords

  • Autumn
    2019-02-16 07:13

    Willow Cross is an amazing author! I got this book, and fell in love with it. I can not wait to read more from this author. The story flowed and even though it was 263 pages, it was awesome. I wish it could have been longer since I did not want to stop reading it, but I am hoping this author will continue writing about Michael and Liz, and all the other characters. I want to see where this book can go. I highly recommended this book and this author to everyone.

  • Dawn Jayne
    2019-02-10 10:31

    Birthright, by Willow Cross, was a book I chose due to lots of buzz on the paranormal Facebook groups I peruse. Plus, being a fan of the author's page, I found her to be a funny, honest person that interacts with her followers. Another plus!The cover is lovely, I adore the blue eyes and the expression on the girl on the front. She's appears very young, but her eyes hold a hint of something more, both intense and open. I like it!The first several chapters mastered the art of suspense. I kept clicking the pages, growing ever more curous as to why this young woman, Liz, was standing trial, and how the vampire Michael had broken laws in turning her.In a series of flashbacks pulled from Liz's mind from the powerful vampire council, we start to understand. According the laws of this vampire world, a human must be bitten three time to turn, but Liz only received one bite. She turned into a vampire alone, and I found her initial time, trying on her own to understand what had happened, both humorous and emotional. She consdered herself a monster, and had the presence of mind to understand she was not safe to be around family. Finally, her creator, Micahael, finds her and she begins a journey of self-discovery, becomes embroiled in ancient power-struggles and find out she has a place dead in the middle of it all.The supporting characters were vibrant and unique. I enjoyed the Druid very much, especially his speach patterns, that reminded me of an old time cowboy, the kind that might be found panning for gold. But, as with others, he is far more than he apears. We are introduced to witches, as well. Minerva was a remarkable woman, and then there was a young human child, Jenna, raised by a human father, Dan, and a powerful vampire adoptive mother, Cass.The dynamics between Cass and her husband proved immemsely rewarding, especialy after he was changed be necessity. No longer a normal husband and wife relationship, Cass was - and must be - in control of the man she loves. And Dan's new nature proves a danger to his own daughter, an intense scene that sent chills up my spine.The Twists kept coming, too many to list, and most were a complete suprise! The writing and language choices were wonderful, giving the ancient vampires a sound all their own. Liz was kept as a young, secular girl, and I was impressed with the way young Jenna's dialogue was handled. Very hard to write for a child that age, and I wondered if the athor was a mother. Now, I have to take off my fan-girl cap and slip on the (much much) smaller critique hat. There were several grammatical problems that I think would be caught easily on re-edit. Punctuation in dialogue was a continuous problem. For example: "I just wont let you have it." Michael said. The period before the quotation mars should be a comma. Good news, this is a very easy fix. These small things do not ruin a story for me, but it does 'pull me away' from the story flow when it happens too much.Also, there were several long pages of monolougue, giving the reader what I call 'info dumps'. These stories were ineresting, but I felt breaking them up would have helped the story read a little smoother.A few places felt rushed, In Chapter 8, there was a huge reveal, in regards to Liz's family, and I expected more. It fell a little flat for me, especially after the excellent chapers leding up.In the end, I was torn beween 4 and 5 stars and wish I had the option for 4.5. I highly reccommend this book, and hope to pick up the sequel! Willow Cross has a fan for life with me! Thank you for taking me on such a fantastic, wonderful journey! brilliant work, four 1/2 stars! Highly Reccommened!

  • Nadège Richards
    2019-02-10 04:07

    Without a doubt, The Dark Gifts Birthright is the best vampire tale I’ve ever read. What drew me in the most was the lack of stereotypes. Lately, vampires have been changing, and not for the better. Some have just become bizarre, which makes you want to drop the whole vampire category entirely. But Willow Cross did something dissimilar and mesmerizing with this novel. The plot and overall idea was fresh and universally ingenious. It sparked my imagination beyond fathomable comprehension and opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities. No teenage drama, high school gossiping, or childish sing-along’s in this one. Oh no, this was vampirism in its simplest nature. Willow’s MC (Liz) is an all around live wire. She knows when to be sad and down when it’s necessary, and then within a couple of words, she’s back to kicking vampire butt. I loved how Willow chose to create Liz’s character as an adult, rather then the average teen. It’s something you don’t get a lot since most “incidents” happen in high school. But I have to give her credit, it was new and I really enjoyed that small yet significant aspect. Liz went through a couple of ordeals as any newly turned vampire would, but she handled it better then I expected. If you hated Bella’s whininess in Twilight as I know most do, read The Dark Gifts because you won’t be disappointed.I felt the secondary characters were as much of an importance to the novel as Liz was. No one was left stranded in oblivion. They each gave each other a reason to be there, so it wasn’t one of those stories where a character is introduced, fully explained, just for the character to disappear because they weren’t imperative to begin with. And if you ask me who my favorite character is and you think I’m going to say Liz, then you’re so wrong. There are about a million – no, strike that – a gazillion reasons why I heart Michael, the ultimate love interest, but you’d have to give me a month to elaborate. He’s sophisticating and heart-poundingly delicious. The only thing I despised about him is his close comparison to Edward, that little instinct they have to protect their love rather then letting her be her own person. It was those parts of the story that had me both pulling out my hair and wishing Michael was real. But sadly, he is not.But to put the prior paragraphs into one sentence, The Dark Gifts Birthright will always be one of my favorite reads. One I can come back to time and time again, and still have a good laugh and the occasional meltdown.

  • Between the Bind
    2019-01-23 06:22

    Read full review at: Between the Bind.Birthright begins with newly turned vampire, Liz, on her way to face the vampire counsel with her accidental maker, and the counsel's number one assassin, Michael. The reader learns of Liz's unfortunate death through the counsel's eyes as they sort through her memories, forcing her to live through her most painful experience again, and only leading to what she thinks is her imminent death.Once the counsel is confident that Liz and her maker didn't intentionally break vampire law, she is able to leave her "cell" and experience a world she had no idea even existed. Whispers follow Liz through the hallways of the counsel's compound, and quickly she learns that the vampire community is on the verge of war. What she doesn't know, is that she is the catalyst for the salvation of her people, and without her, humanity will be lost.Birthright was an entertaining, face-paced, and uniquely written paranormal adventure. Willow Cross easily builds a world filled with vampires, druids, witches, and more while developing characterization thoughtfully. Liz and Michael are the "main" characters in Birthright, however I became very attached to multiple secondary characters. I adored little Jenna, Cass, Gregorio, Athena, and Angie. All of them played an essential role in the story and made it that much more complete.Ms. Cross has a flow to her writing style that I also particularly enjoyed. Her phrasing was unique and almost lyrical at times. However, I was occasionally confused by the random changes in POV. I felt like there wasn't much consistency. That being said, I enjoyed hearing from multiple characters in the story, I just wish that I was able to connect more with Liz and Michael and be a part of their budding relationship. I felt that with the switching POV, I occasionally had to remind myself that Liz and Michael are at said point in their relationship because I've been reading from so-and-so's POV and so much time has passed. Having insight and knowing what was going on in the minds of some of the supporting cast was enjoyable, I just wish that their voices were the more dominant throughout.I am really looking forward to the next installment in this series, Inheritance (Amazon), and see Willow's story progress. Birthright is a well-written, entertaining, and humorous novel, that keeps you guessing until the end.

  • Nicole
    2019-01-24 02:09

    I didn't know how to categorise this book. I've shelved it under fantasy and pnr, but it's not really either. The only thing I can really think to describe it is paranormal fantasy because the romance is non-existent and it's not really an adventure, tho it does attempt to be... People promised me a pulse-racing read. I didn't get that at all.I found this book.. boring. I've never given a negative review before and I don't want to start now but this book was a snoozefest and I struggled every step of the way. It started off well, with the character, Liz being unwillingly and unintentionally turned into a vampire by this sexy man she's just met. She is furious and unforgiving with him - which I totally support. And she struggles with the bloodlust. Then, all of a sudden, she decides that she is actually in love with him and can forgive him for this 'gift', plus she just stuffs all the hard things about being a vampire (the bloodlust, not being able to see her family and friends, not being able to have kids etc etc) down somewhere deep and moves on, happy as sunshine.This is basically what the book does. It brings up interesting conflicts and twists, but they are resolved without any fanfare or excitement, almost like the author is ticking off a list (romance? check. traitors? check. witchy/ghostly/vamp drama? check). I fell asleep numerous times during this book.And why does everyone think Liz is so special? She's not. She's a total Mary Sue who must have slept through her human life since she doesn't give it more than a passing thought. And she does not become a leader or ruler just because some old man says so and because she has a few commonsense ideas. And Michael is a tantrum-throwing pansy of a man who lets his woman make all the decisions for him but refuses to let her go into battle when she is probably a better fighter than him. Mmhmm..I just didn't understand all the raving reviews for this book. And I paid good money for it. Sorry, fans.

  • Kitty Chatfou
    2019-02-14 03:08

    "THE DARK GIFTS: BIRTHRIGHT" BY WILLOW CROSSI am on a continuous search for something different when it comes to vampires. Not necessarily that the entire concept has to be changed but at least that the story is different and not the same old vampire falls in love with human type deal. I can even deal with that as long as there is an underlying story that drives the synopsis further than just revolving around the romance. I can honestly say that Willow Cross has done just that, she has written a story that moves away from the simple romance we are all so familiar with to an actual plot that is full of action and intrigue. When Liz is turned by accident and not in the usual way you'd imagine, the Council decides that she must stay hidden until they can trust her. All their good intentions come crashing down when those that believe she is a nuisance decide to overthrow the Council once and for all. Her maker Michael and her are plunged into a world full of turmoil as they have no choice but to run for their lives. Another aspect that was refreshing was Willow's use of the Greek Goddesses. I have always wanted to believe that some of the myths from old were still out there, just having put themselves in a place they could live comfortably. What better way to do this than to become a creature with the ability to hide for eternity. I'm a huge fan of Greece and Roman culture so that was another wonderful surprise. I think a lot of people will enjoy this story and it's one that you should definitely pick up! Thank you Willow for the opportunity to read your novel and review it!-Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud Book ClubRead more: http://www.greatmindsthinkaloud.probo...

  • Jessica
    2019-01-31 07:12

    Birthright was crazy. Just when you think everything is calming down within the group of Vampires, trouble starts again. The vampires in this book get themselves in trouble in ways I have never read before. It starts out with a young girl just having fun at a carnival. A young man catches her eye. From there her life changes forever. She finds out things from her past she never knew. The young lady comes from generations of witches. So, she founds out not only is she a witch, lets throw in a little vampire blood in there. What does that make her? Her Birthright as a Queen. Of course the witches and vampires are force to live together. As a team they have to fight the evil that is trying to destroy them all. Not knowing who they can trust, with the help of a ghost, they go searching for fellow vampires in other clans. Teaching them magic and fighting skills to help fight the war between good and evil. Meanwhile back at the fortress there are many things discovered. Things from finding portals, time travel, bringing back a mortal dead husband to a clan of vampires ane witches. In all that choas they fail to seek the truth of a traitor amoung their own. My review is just a little of what I read from this book. There is so much more action I can not ever describe. The author had a way with words I can not explain. Reading Birthright, will open up a whole new look on the paranormal. Willow Cross, the author, did such a great job with detail and making me feel like I was experiencing everything myself. Great book. A gotta have read.

  • Alexia Purdy
    2019-02-08 04:26

    This book was an interesting take on vampires. It follows the lore well and creates a sense of structure of the vampire world. Liz is our main character and is a strong person in dealing with the changes in her life and her new role in the war of the Vampire groups. Her mate, Michael, is also an intriguing character, seems to remain pretty grounded throughout and very deadly.Overall I enjoyed the book. It did take me a long time to read this book, and I do read multiple books at once btw. I found the huge cast of characters a bit daunting at first, but they seemed to each have some sort or role, no matter how small. I think the length was a bit much for me; it was not a quick read. The book leads into some tangents that would confuse me at first but seemed to be resolved for the most part at the end. I really liked how well she mixed the different supernatural beings, such as witches and ghosts, together and blended them into a united front in some ways rather than pitch them against each other all the time. Overall, a more traditional take on vampires with some other magical creature factions tossed in.

  • Celina Ortiz
    2019-02-23 04:17

    What a wonderful way to start my reading journey for the year 2012. For weeks I have answered questions by Willow Cross on Facebook trying to win this book. Although I never won, she has many faithful followers who have one multiple times and one of them (THANK YOU- JENNY BYNUM) gifted me her copy of Birthright. This book is was awesome! It has perfect balance when it comes to romance, action, suspense, humor and mystery. I opened the book on New Years eve and was whisked away on this wonderful adventure that in my opinion was better then any New Years Eve celebration going on at the time. It seemed that every time I thought I had the story figured out, I was thrown another curve ball that would shock me to the core. The characters Willow created are all so well written about that they seem like my everyday friends (minus all the warrior killing). It involves Vampyres, Witches, Ghosts and everything in-between. Willow Cross is an author that I would keep a very close eye on. I expect many more wonderful adventure created by her. Birthright is a must read in 2012, and it's available right now on Amazon for only 0.99cents!!

  • JenniferDavis
    2019-02-01 07:03

    This book had me hooked from the very start. It isn't you everyday, same ole, blah, blah, blah, vampire book. It is hard to right a review for this book and not give something away and still give this book all the credit it deserves. There is a little romance, but it is centered around the thrill and action, it is full of twist and turns and doesn't let up. And not to mention there are also ghost, witches and a druid, OH MY! The author has a real skill for describing the characters and the scenes. It mad me feel as I was watching it play word by word in my head. I could see this being a big hit if it were to be turned into a movie. This book was just what I needed, something new and different. willow Cross is a blooming author and I see her grow with each book of hers I pick up. I highly recommend this book to all paranormal readers, especially someone who loves the "tingle" here and there of the romance, but craves the thrills and action of the fight with a twist of what fate has in store.

  • Jacquie Talento
    2019-02-19 10:22

    Michael found what he thought was only going to be his lunch, but once he bit into Liz it was something more than he ever thought. Michael was a hunter bringing bad vampires to justice but his life as he knew it was changing. Liz was a vampire after one bite. He knew this wasn’t possible so he had to get answers from the Council. When he went to see his father, things changed for him and Liz and a war was in the making. Angie is a young minded vampire with many skills and William is a ghost that shares information with her about the people around them. This is a very interesting and exciting story about the survival that was going to change everything. Has the little girl Jenna that they saved holding secrets that could hinder their survival? Is she the chosen one to save everyone? Ms. Cross did a wonderful job bringing this story together and filled me with excitement. I look forward to reading more from her.

  • Bex 'n' Books
    2019-02-15 02:13

    Willow Cross successfully manages to create a paranormal romance of epic proportions, in her full length novel Birthright. Her main characters, Liz and Michael, are brought to life by the strong narrative, impressive craft and control of their dialogue and by beautifully detailed descriptions.The pace, from start to finish, is fluid and allows the reader to become active cheerleaders for Willow Cross' characters. There's rarely a moment that the author allows the reader to lose sight of the characters' motives and desires. The author takes her characters, and her readers, on a gripping journey filled with action, mystery and romance. But this is so much more than your average paranormal romance. Birthright breaks conventions and tiresome patterns associated with this genre. And as such, it's a book very of a re-read and therefore an amazing 5 fairies. A spectacular book with bite.

  • Cassandra
    2019-02-02 09:16

    Not the typical vampire story. Interesting from the very beginning. Liz is brought forth to the Vampire Council to learn her fate and the fate of her Maker. Liz has been accidentally turned by Michael, who is a Vampire. It all started with a kiss... He is confused because it takes 3 encounters to be turned, but he was only with Liz this one time. Liz is special. She has powers that she shouldn't have so early on. As soon as Liz is turned, she and Michael have this intense connection and they don't like to be apart. There is a war going on and Liz and Michael are right in the middle of it. Liz finds out an interesting secret about her family that she never knew. Her family is made up of a long line of Witches. Witches and Vampires don't like each other at all. Liz learns she part of a prophecy to save humanity and she learns to fight pretty quickly. The end leaves you knowing there will be more adventures to come.

  • Claire Taylor
    2019-01-28 05:21

    Willow Cross Birthright Book 1 in The Dark Gifts Series I bought this book immediately after finishing Afterlife (the companion to this book) as I had fell in love with the characters William and Angie, and wanted to read more. I was a little apprehensive but thankfully I wasn’t disappointed at the full length novel, it delivered everything I wanted and so much more. Within a first few chapters, I was completely gripped and couldn’t wait to continue reading each night to see where things would lead. With every twist and turn, there is a new surprise for the reader. The story flows continuously, the character development is faultless and the writing style lets you get totally lost in the storyline. I can’t wait to continue reading the series.

  • Jennifer Treviño
    2019-02-11 02:24

    This book is a must read!!!!! 5 Star FABULOUS!!!!! I started with the companion book Afterlife & immediately purchased Birthright. One day later I've finished it & ready for more! I do believe this is my newest favorite book! Willow Cross brought her characters to life & they instantly had me hooked! It's hard to decide who my favorite character would be, but honestly how can you go wrong with vampires, witches, goddesses, & a druid!!??!! She has exciting new twists around every corner that definitely made me want to keep going! I wish they would make it into a movie!! with all of Willow's books I look forward to reading more of her greatness! <3

  • Jessica
    2019-02-08 05:08

    Birthright is one of them books you can't put down, because you have to know what happens next. Willow Cross never disappoints, she is always keeping you on the edge of your seat. If you have never read a vampire book, Birthright should be your first. Liz never would have belived that being a vampire was her destiny, until it happens. No one can figure out how she was turned after just one bite. Then the Vampire nation is split and on the brink of war, and Liz finds herself leading the fight.

  • Beth Wright
    2019-01-25 09:32

    Wonderful vampire romance. It is so sweet and beautiful how they end up together. This story is packed with action, love, and much more. Liz is wonderful, i love they way she attacks Michael at first. Haha talk about playing hard to get. Michael is a strong, powerful, incrediable fighter, but for Elizabeth he is a sweet, hot, lover. :D love it. I especially love the crazy old man in the woods, Lmao, he is so funny at first. This is a must read for all vampire or paranormal readers. Wonderful story with amazing characters. I so can not wait to read part 2.

  • K.B. Miller
    2019-02-10 10:07

    My review: I know that I have read an amazing book, if I dream about one of the main characters! And I did indeed dream about Michael and cotton candy <3 I absolutely LOVE Willow's writing style. She gives you enough detail to let the story flow, but doesn't overdo it at all. I never give spoilers, so...I'm off to read the 2nd installement Inheritance! Catch you guys on the other side <3Love, Hugs and Kisses,Kymberlee xoxo

  • L.M. Preston
    2019-02-10 05:26

    This is a truly seductive vampire book with a different spin. Not boring at all, great characters with depth, and what can I say, the beginning rocks and sucks you so deep in that you can't put it down. My teenager and I both read it and this is great read.