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MY PSYCHIC READER SAID…Ears perk up when a statement of this kind is made. It certainly invites discussion––pro or con."The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading" is a complete consumer's guide to receiving the greatest benefits from a psychic reading. In it you will learn how spot and avoid unethical readers; how to choose a reader best suitedMY PSYCHIC READER SAID…Ears perk up when a statement of this kind is made. It certainly invites discussion––pro or con."The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading" is a complete consumer's guide to receiving the greatest benefits from a psychic reading. In it you will learn how spot and avoid unethical readers; how to choose a reader best suited for your interests; how to prepare questions to get the most detailed answer from the reader and how to use the information attained to successfully fulfill your goals and much more. A psychic reading can help heal spiritually, emotionally, and physically. This book is a wonderful source to learn about the psychic and metaphysical realms as you learn such things as how psychics receive their information, aura and chakras and tools used during a reading. Included in this most helpful book is an ESP Quiz by the author, June Ahern, who has over forty years experience as a psychic/medium reader and teacher. The quiz will give you the opportunity to learn about your own ESP(extra sensory perceptions.)If you want to know about psychics, readings and having a psychic reading, this book is a must read before making your appointment!...

Title : The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading
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The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading Reviews

  • Anne de Gandt
    2019-07-13 12:54

    As a French, it was a challenge for me to read a full book in English. The simple but right words of June Ahern made things easier: the more I read her book, the more it became clear and simple. I could effortlessly understand specific ideas or notions, for her words have a natural way to describe what is usually blurred and precisely hard to define. I recognized myself in some situations. Reading this book makes you feel lighter, because it seems to tell you're not alone in experiencing others levels of communication, like capturing non-physical informations, using psychic reading, or telepathy. Ice on the cake, the final June's Quiz is a playful series of questions I particularly enjoyed. With such a talent to make things clearer and understandable for everyone, no doubt June Ahern is a great psychic reader and her book, an essential reading.

  • Laura
    2019-07-13 08:34

    I have to admit that I have read more than my fair share of books on psychic readings. I have seen so many interviews with James Van Praagh and Sylvia Browne (Montel show), yet they never fully explained just what a psychic reading is and how to understand the reading once you receive it. I was always on the fence about believing until I read this book. Not only does it explain just what a psychic really is, but it also opens the door to the world of clairvoyance which once opened, you will find yourself looking at the world of a psychic with brand new eyes and a brand new perspective. June Ahern, the author, explains this gift in a language which is so easy to understand and makes it so believable that you question yourself on why you ever had doubts. Unlike some books of this genre, this book gives in-depth detail which helps you to separate myths from fiction. You quickly learn that there is more than just going to a reading (which you might do at a country fair or carnival) and going to a reading where you need to know answers or directions to serious questions. This book explains how psychic readings can differ and even tells you the best way to phrase your questions to get the best reading possible.Ms. Ahern also gives you examples via her clients (first names only of course to protect their privacy). These clients are everyday people who might live next door to you or even a co-worker. I appreciate that these are people you can connect with and not ones which you could never relate to. Some of their readings are ones which you have always wanted yourself, but you were either afraid to ask or not sure how believable they would be. You can rest at ease, as I am one of those who have always feared a reading as who wants to know the bad?!. After reading this ebook, your fears will be allayed as you will discover that a true reader is not there to tell you the awful things to look forward to but instead will emphasize that in the end you are the true holder of your destiny. The readings will just help point you in the right direction!.There is a wonderful section which includes everything from Tarot to Tea Leaves and so many other ways of reading in-between. I found it absolutely mesmerizing. It also cleared up so many questions I have on just how different readings are used and which ones may be best for you as a person. There is also a fun quiz on the end to see what psychic ability you may have. The quiz is fun and makes you think twice about intuition and a psychic ability. June is a well known and well respected Psychic c Reader who has worked with the Police Department as a case counselor, doing it out of love and not monetary rewards. She truly is a gifted psychic and after you read this book, you will find yourself thinking “there e just might be something to this after all”.

  • Jerry
    2019-07-20 10:45

    Useful and learned a lot about psychic readings.

  • Carol Cassada
    2019-07-11 14:31

    Psychic June Ahern gives readers tips on how to get a proper psychic reading in her book, The Timeless Counselor. In the book, Ahern goes into detail about everything a person needs to know before getting a psychic reading. Throughout the book, Ahern discusses the various fortune telling methods, how to find a psychic, and what to expect when you get a reading. Ahern uses her experience as a psychic to help others get the best psychic reading they deserve.Overall, I enjoyed the book. I’ve always been interested in psychics and I was eager to read The Timeless Counselor. I’d never head of June Ahern before I read the book, but after reading about her I’m interested in learning more about her. What I loved most about the book is how she opens your eyes up to the world of psychics. Ahern debunks the myths about psychics and sheds light on what goes on at a reading, and why it’s important that people do their research before going to a psychic.Many people think that it’s easy to get a psychic reading; you just visit a psychic and get a glimpse into your future. But thanks to Ahern, she debunks that theory and points out there’s much more to psychic readings. The important piece of advice she gives readers is that they play an important part in making their future predictions come true. Sure, the psychic sees the future, but unless the customer does something to help, then the prediction isn’t going to come to fruition. One example Ahern gives in the book is how she told a client they’d advance in their career, yet when the opportunity arose they didn’t do anything about it. Months later when they client came back they were upset with her prediction, but when Ahern questioned them about any job offers they realized they passed up their opportunity.What I liked most about Ahern’s book is how she emphasized the importance of research before going to a psychic. She explains how to find a psychic, and why it’s important to call ahead and ask questions before making an appointment. To help readers in their quest for a psychic reading, Ahern offers a list of questions to ask the psychic about their procedures. Ahern also offers readers resources on how to find psychics and delves into the different types of fortune telling used by psychics; everything from ESP to tarot cards to Runes.Overall, it was a good book and Ahern opened my mind up about the world of psychics. If you’re someone who’s interested in psychics and want tips before you have a reading, I suggest you read The Timeless Counselor.

  • Sheri
    2019-07-03 07:25

    The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading(June Ahern)A well written easy to read guide to psychic readings. Very informative and easy to understand. It tells what to expect during a psychic reading, what to ask, what tools will be used and how to prepare. Ms. Ahern explains in depth all there is to know, including a glossary and worksheets. I found this book extremely interesting. I have never been to a psychic, had a reading, or been to a seance. I must admit I do not know much on this topic. After reading , I feel I have learned a lot, and am considering having a reading.

  • Betty Rooney
    2019-07-04 14:50

    This book contains a wealth of information, if you are just thinking about having a reading , are worried about what will happen during a reading, or are just curious about what happens, then, I would recommend , that you read this book. June Ahern has lots of information all of it very accurate, she explains how to find a reader that you will be comfortable with and how to avoid the charlatans that, unfortunately, are in every walk of life.I found this book to be very accurate, informative and interesting....I would suggest it is a must read before choosing your reader.

  • Sherry
    2019-07-15 13:52

    The Timeless Counselor is an excellent book to read in preperation for a reading. It gives you an overview of what to expect, what questions to ask and it is an extremely easy read. I highly recommend this book if you are curious about receiving a reading or would like solid information regarding the process.

  • Kristi
    2019-06-22 07:33

    I received this book for free from the author, via Smashwords, in exchange for a review. In The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading, Ms. Ahern does a fantastic job of taking a taboo subject (ESP) and putting it into terms, situations, and explanations that any person can understand in a very personal and relatable way. She breaks all of the information down into such simple categories. She walks you through the history of ESP, showing you how even the government and top-notch universities have examined, experimented, and researched this subject. She illustrates the different ways people with ESP have integrated successfully into fields of law enforcement, science, medicine, and religion. She addresses the stereotypes and prejudices that have been attached to the topic and the people associated with it. Ms. Ahern looks more deeply into ESP explaining the different categories of ESP, and how exactly they manifest themselves for the psychic. Yet, during it all, you get a sense that Ms. Ahern truly cares about her readers, that she's concerned with their experiences, and only wants the best for them. However, she's not shy about telling you that you have to be responsible for yourself as well. As with all things in life, what you bring to the table matters most. No, that doesn't mean what money you bring. Are you open-minded? Do you like to learn about subjects that are outside the normal realm of learning? Do you enjoy learning about other people's lives? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then I believe you will enjoy The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading. It is exactly the educational and informational type of book that will grab your mind and stimulate your intellect causing you to ask questions and ponder the possibilities.

  • Deidre
    2019-06-25 08:24

    This book is a treasure trove. Nuggets of information and gems of wisdom can be found on every page. Her engaging writing style keeps you interested as she explains the myths and realities of a psychic reading. I recommend this to both people who want to have a reading done and psychic readers themselves.

  • June Ahern
    2019-07-16 11:48