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Fresh from a London comprehensive, Rebecca Mason is plunged into life at Trebizon, the famous boarding school for girls. Lonely and anxious to prove herself, Rebecca decides to write something for the school magazine. But the piece that appears is not the one she intended and she unwittingly triggers a row which rocks the school. It's a good thing Rebecca has some new frieFresh from a London comprehensive, Rebecca Mason is plunged into life at Trebizon, the famous boarding school for girls. Lonely and anxious to prove herself, Rebecca decides to write something for the school magazine. But the piece that appears is not the one she intended and she unwittingly triggers a row which rocks the school. It's a good thing Rebecca has some new friends on her side!...

Title : First Term at Trebizon
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ISBN : 9780140324181
Format Type : Paperback
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First Term at Trebizon Reviews

  • Mark
    2019-03-08 08:08

    Fresh from her London comprehensive, twelve-year-old Rebecca Mason wonders how she’s going to fit in at Trebizon, the famous boarding school for girls, especially with people like Elizabeth Exton (who she immediately gets off on the wrong foot with) there. Will she ever make friends? Then, unwittingly, Rebecca sparks off a row that rocks the school and she finds that her new friends - Tish Anderson and Sue Murdoch, amongst others - are all on her side. Published in 1978, I must have been aware of this series at the time (certainly, the Trebizon bit rings a bell) but this is my first time of reading (I’d finished “Le Freak”, hadn’t taken another book on holiday with me and this was already in the cottage). Of its time, obviously and not a genre I’d read before (the only school-based books I read featured “Grange Hill”), this moved briskly, the locations were well described, there was a nicely melancholic air as Rebecca’s homesickness kicked in and the main characters - though it had too big a supporting cast, really, for the length of the book - all worked well. The teachers come across as human beings, the dastardly deed is nicely set up, Exton makes a decent villain (and her promise to get revenge is, I hope, played out in one of the later books - there are fourteen in the series) and along with an ending that celebrates friendship, this has a lot to like. I really quite enjoyed it.

  • Robin Stevens
    2019-03-09 10:54

    An absolute hug of a book, this is school storytelling at its warm, delightful, comforting best.

  • Emma Rose Ribbons
    2019-03-04 10:17

    Reread in October 2017: Loved this so much once again. I'll never grow tired of Trebizon and its marvellous details - cocoa time, copying things on best paper, making friends, paying for a glossy school magazine out of your pocket money. So many things that bring me back to my childhood and yet are even better than what I ever experienced. Lovely stuff.Reread in December 2015: As cosy as ever. Love this series so much.Reread in February 2014: I can't believe I haven't reread these last year. It's good to go back to Trebizon, it's such a comforting world. I absolutely love the school magazine details in this.October 2012: This was so nice! I was craving a boarding school story and this met my needs beautifully. The characters are well fleshed-out for this type of novel, the friendships are really good and the plot was gripping. I really enjoyed reading about The Trebizon Journal and the girls' creativity and drive was inspiring. Tish was my favourite character. I'm so happy I found this series, it's exactly the kind of school adventure I was looking for.

  • Andrea
    2019-02-25 12:17

    First in an apparently popular series that I'd not heard of before - boarding school stories set in the 70s (which gives them a very different tone to the much earlier ones). Short, engaging, without being urgently compelling or transformative - though no doubt it would be much more interesting to young teens.With her parents off to work in Saudi Arabia, Rebecca is off to a boarding school for the first time ever, starting in the second year (of high school) after all the others in her year have had a chance to already get to know each other. Rebecca is a literate girl with a desire to scribble poetry.There are familiar notes - the early friend who is not, the desire to not seem pushing or overeager, the retreat into solitude after mildly mucking up in the friend department, and the dramatic and compelling injustice. Digby doesn't milk the compelling injustice, not giving Rebecca a chance to be a complete social pariah, and issues are cleared up relatively quickly. On the whole I think I prefer that to chapters of angst. Nice, light, and entertaining.Will continue the series for at least another book.

  • Charlie
    2019-03-23 12:17

    This is a sweet story about life and friendships at boarding school, with a lovely message about honesty. Very enjoyable and a book I will be recommending!

  • Selma
    2019-03-06 08:04

    The book series First Term at Trebizon is an amusing girl book by Anne Digby. The main character is Rebecca Masson she goes to boarding school. She integrated the Trebizon school in the second year which makes it hard to have friends. In the beginning, Rebecca had to adapt to boarding schools and the way of living because she had never been. Rebecca had two friends Tish and Sue who were part of the Trebizon magazine. Rebecca's dormitory and girls in her class had a name which was Juniper. She then writes a story for the school magazine, but half of the school is now against her. Tish and Sue help her get through this and also a boy that she meets in her class. Robbie Anderson becomes Rebecca's boyfriend, and they make a great team altogether. By the end of the book, all the magazine drama was forgotten. Thus, Rebecca and her friends had the best first term ever.This book taught me how boarding school life was in the 70s. In my opinion, the author wrote this book to pass an important message. To never give up even if it’s hard. In the story, we can see the older kids and people in Rebecca's class nagging her about what she wrote, but it didn’t stop her from having a fantastic time at Trebizon with her real friends. Another thing that made the story fun were the characters and how they acted towards each other. I liked all the characters except for Lucy Hubbard because she was very mean to Rebecca. My favorite character would be Rebecca because I love her way of acting and personality. This book would be one of my favorite. I like this genre of book, and this author writes a little like Jacqueline Wilson. Her book Best Friends has the same drama, and I enjoyed both of these books. Overall I enjoyed reading this book and am looking forward reading all the series.The book First Term at Trebizon includes many dramatical parts. All the book has something important is happening. This is why I had no parts I liked least every part of the book was my favorite. This book I would recommend to only girls from the age 8 to 14. Boys would not like this book because it is all about girl drama. I think girls in my class would enjoy reading it, so I recommend it to all seventh-grade girls. Lastly, I would recommend this book to teens who are going to a boarding school because they could maybe learn from Rebecca's experience. Thus, I found this book entertaining because I could easily compare the way of living of girls my age in the past to now.

  • Anna
    2019-03-04 12:12

    The First Term at Trebizon is boarding school storytelling at it's best. Wonderful characters with lots of excitement and fun. A delightful adventure, in which friendship and truth shine the way. I hadn't heard of the Trebizon series before, but am really looking forward to reading the rest ( there are fourteen altogether ) and can't wait for my eight year old daughter to discover the world of Rebecca, Tish and Sue. I think this collection of books has stood the test of time and the lack of technology will fascinate the younger reader. I loved the Malory Towers and St Clare's series by Enid Blyton when I was younger and believe that the Trebizon collection should be up there with them. Will definitely be getting copies for our school library. I received a copy of this book from Toppsta in exchange for an honest review.

  • Sarah Crawford
    2019-03-05 10:54

    This is a modern version of the Angela Brazil books. Rebecca is going to a girl's school. Things don't start well for her. She has to adjust to the way things are done at the school but she does manage to make friends. Rebecca is a writer and wants to be in the school magazine but there ends up being a major problem with that when plagiarism rears its ugly head, the editor the the magazine causes major problems and Rebecca must face the possibility of being kicked out of the school.Although there are problems with adjusting to life at the school where there is still no violence, no end-of-the-word scenario, nothing like that. It's a book showing a basically gentle story that's quite enjoyable.

  • Angela
    2019-03-16 12:09

    First Term at Trebizon, is a nice, quick read about Rebecca Mason going off to boarding school. She is joining Trebizon school as the only new 2nd year. Even though this book is geared more towards the tween/teen age group, I did enjoy it. I would recommend the book especially to younger readers. I think many can identify with Rebecca. I would have liked more details about the other students and classroom life, such as was there a story behind Debbie's attitude? When I was finished, my first thought was "it's done already." I wanted to read more. I think I will read more of the books in the series to see how Rebecca and her friends grow up.

  • Carolynne
    2019-03-09 10:58

    Anne Digby is the latest in a long line of British authors of school stories. Written in the 1970's, they vary from more traditional school stories with the addition of boys, technology, married teachers, among other things.Rebecca Mason, the main character, desires to achieve a name for herself by writing for the student literary magazine. An editor who has her own ideas of what makes a good school magazine causes Rebecca to miss her opportunity, but her friend Trish solves the problem her own way, making trouble for herself.

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-22 13:02

    Just re-read this favorite series from my childhood. Set at a British boarding school, each term Rebecca Mason and her friends solve mysteries and deal with the challenges of growing up. Reading the books back now, they are not the most well-written, but the author does a good job of capturing the angst of those early teenage years and the boarding school setting was exotic and fascinating to me.

  • Kirsti
    2019-03-17 06:13

    Rebecca isn't much of a character, but I can tell she is going to be. She is so wishy washy as a main character that you just know she is going to grow into one of the beautiful Sixth Former Head Girl/Prefects I love in school stories. I can't wait to read the rest, if this is the first. What have I been missing out on?

  • Boneist
    2019-02-26 12:16

    I first read this as a young teenager and really enjoyed it. It was much more modern than the Enid Blyton boarding school stories that I'd been reading previously.Upon rereading, I think it's stood the test of time admirably. Yes, it's a little simplistic, but on the whole, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Sally
    2019-03-01 09:53

    Rebecca is an interesting enough character, but I never liked the Trebizon series growing up - too modern, too many boys! I preferred the old-fashioned charm of Malory Towers. However, I eventually decided to give Trebizon another go and while I still much prefer my Blytons, it's not a bad series after all.

  • Katie Marriott
    2019-03-23 10:16

    I definitely went through a phase of being obsessed with boarding school stories and this series was one of my favourites. It's really hard to get hold now so I am always on the look out for copies as it is a series that I used to read and re-read and re-read and I would love to read it again as an adult.

  • Stella
    2019-02-28 14:09

    New girl Rebecca Mason arrives at Trebizon, the famous boarding school, after everyone else has already made friends. Lonely and anxious to prove herself, Rebecca writes something for the school magazine, which unexpectedly triggers a row and half the school turns against her. Luckily, she discovers she has friends after all, the best friends any girl could hope for.

  • Αταλάντη Ευριπίδου
    2019-02-28 08:53

    I used to love books about boarding schools when I was younger -and I supposed the reason I loved Harry Potter as much as I did was precisely that- and I've been feeling nostalgic recently. I hadn't read the Trebizon series previously and found the first book very satisfying and easy to read. It definitely had an Enid Blyton aroma but that's hardly a bad thing in my book.

  • Jenny
    2019-03-09 14:11

    A simple story about a shy girl entering a new boarding school as a second year. This would be good choice for any tween who struggles with confidence or worries about being the new girl. Friendship and doing the right thing prevail.

  • Mhairi Gowans
    2019-03-02 10:13

    A delightful take on the boarding school story. All the trappings that are typical of the genre but a slightly more modern feel - its really amusing to think that this was only published 8 years after the last Chalet School. Just goes to show just how antiquated CS became in its later years.

  • Erica
    2019-03-21 08:04

    Blast from the past! Loved this series as a kid (it had boys and surfing and was far more modern). Discovered they're now all on Kindle so may dip back into them when I need a nostalgia kick. Perfect reading for a hungover rainy new year's day.

  • Laurène Poret
    2019-03-05 13:11

    Really simplistic. It was ok.(I now know why I couldn't exactly tell when the story was set. Had no idea it was that old)

  • Grace Sargeant
    2019-03-22 14:11

    I thought it was a really good book, written in the same style as Enid Blytons' boarding school books, such as Malory Towers.

  • Caroline Clancy
    2019-03-21 13:19

    reading with my daughter

  • Amelia Ingham
    2019-03-08 14:13

    Fantabulus!!!!!Sooo good!!!!!!!! I L O V E T H I S B O O K ! ! ! ! !

  • Noodar Yasmeen
    2019-03-13 07:02

    I borrowed the book from the school library and read it... It was okay. I enjoyed it.

  • Shubhi Gupta
    2019-02-22 12:02

    nice book

  • Valerie Woods
    2019-02-22 10:18

    Fauve I haven't read this book but it sounds greatMy mum read it when she was little And she loved it

  • Stacey Woods
    2019-02-27 12:03

    A little dated now, but lovely to read again!

  • Isabel
    2019-03-13 06:53

    This is the first book in a series set at Trebizon boarding school and it introduces us to Rebecca Mason and her friends. A must read for all fans of boarding school stories.

  • Estelle
    2019-03-15 14:21

    one of my favorites!