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Book 1 in the Dance series. Robbed of her self-esteem during a loveless marriage, recently divorced Lyssa Markham allows her best friend to drag her, costumed as Salome, to a masquerade. She's shocked then intrigued to discover the participants are members of an exclusive sex club. Hiding behind her mask, she permits her long-submerged sensual side to re-emerge as erotic sBook 1 in the Dance series. Robbed of her self-esteem during a loveless marriage, recently divorced Lyssa Markham allows her best friend to drag her, costumed as Salome, to a masquerade. She's shocked then intrigued to discover the participants are members of an exclusive sex club. Hiding behind her mask, she permits her long-submerged sensual side to re-emerge as erotic sights and sounds bombard her. Seeing a darkly sexy gladiator inspires her to dance for him, seductively removing one veil at a time until she falls naked into his hot embrace.Days later, she learns her ex has neglected to fulfill an urgent financial stipulation in the divorce decree. Unable to reach him, she storms into his lawyer's office to resolve the problem and comes face to face with her gladiator. His first words, "Lift up your skirt…Salome."Robert Savidge is everything a woman could want—rich, handsome, successful. Should she obey her impulse and run from him? Or can she find the courage to explore her nascent sensuality with this man who so obviously wants to teach her?...

Title : Dance of the Seven Veils
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Dance of the Seven Veils Reviews

  • Heather
    2018-12-05 14:21

    This is a really hot book! When I first started reading it, I was a little unsure... the main character seemed like she might be a little too wimpy for me. Then, she really comes out of her shell ;-) Lyssa meets a sexy dark stranger at a very upper-class "orgy" and has a brief tryst with him while they are there. She is horribly embarrassed by her actions and she thinks to completely ignore that it ever happened until she runs into the same sexy guy in the most unexpected place! From there, the relationship takes off and its lots of hot hot hot from there on out! Give it a try.. I think you'll like it! ;-)

  • Mahlet
    2018-12-04 17:39

    I really enjoyed this one – lots of hot fun, and a really sweet romance, too. This author wastes no time at all – the very first page begins with Lyssa’s arrival at the sex club masquerade! Lyssa’s ex-husband has convinced her she is frigid and lacks sex appeal. But at the masquerade, the men are convincing her otherwise. Her dance for the gladiator was awesome – I need to google that song!! And he took REAL good care of her afterwards and rewarded her for the show *grin*Savidge brings out Lyssa’s free, kinky, exhibitionist side, and he gets Lyssa to feel beautiful and desirable again. This story varied from what I’ve been reading lately because the characters actually dated! Yes, real dates. Romance. Dancing to jazz/blues…Dance of the Seven Veils was a very sexy story of a couple falling in love. SCROLL DOWN FOR ONE SMALL SPOILER COMMENT ***********okay, I kept thinking Savidge’s handling of the divorce/college$$/trust issues was maybe just a little unethical? And what was the point of the masks at the masquerade? Sh**, they ALL knew Lyssa was there! LOL

  • Julie (jjmachshev)
    2018-12-01 15:17 book alert!! I thoroughly enjoyed this book about a recently divorced woman coming into her own sexuality. Lyssa was married to a lying, cheating, self-esteem stealing snake. For the last 10 years he's told her she's fat, ugly, and frigid. Her bust buddy finally talks her into visiting her 'special club'. It's a sex club where consenting, fully vetted adults and couples can fulfill their fantasies. Lyssa attends dressed as a harem dancer and it doesn't take long for her to realize that she's NOT fat, ugly, and definately not frigid. I always enjoy reading erotica with a story. It only took a couple of pages and I was rooting for Lyssa. WARNING: If smoking hot sex, erotic dancing, semi-public nudity, and light BDSM offend you...don't read this book!!

  • Cindy ~ SnS Reviews
    2018-12-09 10:43

    This was one hot read. It was also a refreshing read as the heroine was a divorced mother of a daughter about to head off to college. After being married to a man that verbally abused her most of the marriage and killing her self esteem, her best friend talks her into going to a "costume party". Once inside Lyssa Markham realizes this is no ordinary party. It turns out its a sex club party. Left alone and in total shock and fascination of what is going on around her she is approached by many men. As this turns her on she continually says no until she sees a sexy gladiator. She cant help herself and starts to dance for him striping all of her veils along the way until she is naked and and need to come. The gladiator then in turns gives her the best orgasm she has ever had in her life. As she comes down she realizes they had just put on a show for everyone at the party and runs out in embarrassment. Days later she finds out her ex does not have his portion of the schools tuition for there daughter and he is unreachable as he is on his honeymoon. So Lyssa storms off to his lawyers office to get it straighten out. When the main lawyer who handles the account is in court she is taken to the office of one of the partners. As he turns around she gets the shock of her life when it turns out to be her gladiator who's name is Robert Savidge. His first words to her are “Lift up your skirt…"This book wasnt just about sex. It had a good plot, main and secondary characters. My only complaint with books of this length is the ending. They are always a little rushed. Regardless of that I loved the book. Cant wait to read the next one.

  • ⚜️Trea
    2018-12-07 12:39

    I do enjoy erotic romance from time to time, but this one missed the mark for me. The plot was actually an engaging one, but there was entirely too much sex in the story for me to be able to enjoy it! I kept feeling like the author was interrupting the story to put in another gratuitous sex scene. I didn't really believe in the chemistry between Lyssa and Robert, so that didn't help matters. I think I'll pass on the rest of the series.

  • Kathleen
    2018-12-14 15:43

    Story Rating 4 starsCharacter Rating 4 starsRomance Rating 4 starsHeat Level 5 starsOverall Rating 4 starsI must say that I really enjoyed this book. The heat level was off the charts with a LOT of scorching hot kinky love scenes. The story was good and kept me interested too. I liked both the H&h in this book and also hated the X.I do plan to reading the next two book's in this series soon.

  • Vivian
    2018-12-03 16:36

    Fun and sexy that starts off way wilder than the rest of the book. So much so that I think her friend, Kat must have slipped her something for her inhibitions to take an extended hiatus. While I understand the divorcee cutting loose after nineteen years of marriage she made an almost unbelievable leap. If you can suspend that reality as well the unrealistic representation of the law firm then this is a super fun sexual exploration.

  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    2018-12-03 17:29

    The first book in the Dance series by Cris Anson. Definitely steamy. A little too steamy at times. I would have like it more if the characters had been developed more. A little more romance would have been nice.

  • Melanie♥
    2018-12-16 10:39

    4 1/2 star book! The only thing missing was the hero's POV. I really wanted to hear this thoughts. Other than that, I think I have discovered a new ER writer that I will enjoy.

  • Erin Kyle
    2018-12-14 16:27

    I *really* like that Lyssa is moving on from her poisonous marriage. She's growing and learning and stretching wings that her ex-husband nearly cut off (so to speak...there are no angels in this story).Her friend and enabler, Kat, drags her to a classy sex club where -- in one fell swoop -- Lyssa dives in and does a sexy dance for a sexy gladiator that ends with her on her back beneath them.Speaking of, the steam is very hawt. Whew!The gladiator is captivated and they run into each other again and again throughout the rest of the book, she trying to find her sense of "self" and he trying to chase her down and finally hold her.The premise is great, and I think Anson handles a lot of the elements beautifully, but as the story comes to a close, I'm left feeling a bit empty. There's a lot of emphasis on the steamy pieces (which are very well-written and intense and enjoyable) but not enough on the simpler intimacies of a budding relationship. There doesn't feel like enough depth between Lyssa and Savidge.But if you're looking for a bit'a hot lovin' and a man who's absolutely determined to prove to his woman that she's the only one for him...I think you'll really enjoy this story. Dive right in.

  • Sheena
    2018-11-21 18:28

    ~5 stars~Woah! Seriously i did not expect myself to love this book. This book was recommended by goodreads, and it was seriosuly way better than expected. The story plot was not neglected and the sex scene was really HOT. Overall, it was perfect! The author really did focus on both the plot and sex scene. She also really brought out Lyssa personality really well. How she step out of her shell, and face who she truly is.Lyssa Markham allows her best friend to drag her, costumed as Salome, to a masquerade. Understanding that her best friend wanted to celebrate her 1 year of divorce. Lyssa marriage was a really rocky one. Her husband kept criticizing her and her body which results in her becoming very conservative and has low self esteem. She did not expect the masquerade to be a 'orgy' one. There she saw many scene which reawakens her sexual desires.Mainly, i love lyssa daughter, michelle. Though she is not a main character in this book. Her daughter acceptance of her realtionship was really important to Lyssa. I love how Mich is so fair and understanding towards her mother.

  • Anita
    2018-12-07 16:37

    This book is erotica, so if that's not your thing, stop reading now.This book starts out with some really entertaining group scenarios - a members only sex club for the rich and a crazy costume party. The heroine is a little on the chubby side and has no self confidence at all after a demeaning marriage and messy divorce, yet she bags the heart of the richest, hottest, most eligible bachelor at the party, and then he swoops to her rescue in his daytime occupation of lawyer. The book immediately devolves into a standard contemporary romance, and honestly, very little of it appealed to me. In the first part, the heroine is such an uptight idiot that I hated her, and in the second, the story line had too much happily ever after - every good thing that could happen, did - and a bit too much relationship angst. Plus, that relationship got boring fast - they never went back to the club. I ended up skimming most of this book.

  • Glenda Castillo
    2018-11-25 18:33

    Lyssa, our main female character has a lot of insecurities to get over after being in a horrible marriage for much too long. Her friend, Kat is there to help, whether Lyssa likes it or not. I liked this story alot, especially the first couple of steamy sex scenes between Lyssa and "Savage". I think the author described the after-shock suffered by Lyssa exactly like you would expect to feel after throwing caution to the wind and facing your own self-inflicted consequences later.I was happy that the same old story -- man takes advantage of naive wife, messes around, marries someone else and wants old life back when old wife surprises him -- DIDNT HAPPEN here! I was completely expecting it but so happy to be surprised.This story stayed true to Lyssa's awakening to herself right through to the very end! Fantastic job Ms Anson.

  • Lauren
    2018-12-19 18:20

    Lyssa is a recently divorced woman who has never has much self-esteem. Her marriage was shit and he treated her like shit. Her friend Kat has finally got Lyssa to go out to a "costume party" with her.There she meets the gladiator that will change her life forever. Little does she know he is also an attorney in the firm that represents her ex husband.Robert can't get enough of Lyssa and tries to cross paths as much as possible without being a stalker.This book has a few scenes that might be hard to swallow but all and all it was a good book. Sex was hot and in various places. Also a little teaser of F/F...4 stars

  • Beckey
    2018-12-14 12:39

    Marking the one year anniversary of her divorce, Lyssa Markham's best friend, Kat, takes her to a risqué masquerade ball hosted by an elite club called the Platinum Club. The only reason agrees to goes along is Lyssa wants to prove to herself that she isn't as frigid as her ex-husband claims she is.At the ball, Lyssa performs a dance for a gladiator...There is more to this story but you'll have to read to find out!!! Not being a spoiler to anenjoyable and interesting read...Book 1 of a series...

  • Erica
    2018-12-13 18:36

    Not a bad read at all! The development of Lyssa and Savidge (Savage?) was good and the whole subplot with the Platinum Society was fun to read about. Her ex-husband is a piece of TRASH. Hotness factor was there and I thought the description of the masquerade was very detailed and picturesque. Cougar is free of boring ex and discovers that she is a sexy being and that there is a better guy out there for her. VERY funny that he turns out to be an attorney in her douchebag ex-hub's law firm. Ha ha ha.

  • Tami
    2018-12-16 17:34

    I wish I had read this prior to this past week, because some emotional turmoil in my life affected my ability to give this book its full consideration.That said, WOW! I fully enjoyed this book, with its hot sex scenes and look into an exclusive club.I just wish my own emotional turmoil hadn't colored my ability to enjoy it more. I will keep the book, and re-read it when things have calmed down in my life.

  • Courtney
    2018-12-04 10:15

    It was a sweet story that I really enjoyed. A light short book that was hot too! The main character's husband divorced her and called her frigid,... well,... look out world because her best friend is going to open a door for her that awakens her and helps find her a man that appreciates everything she has to offer. Definitely not a literary masterpiece,... but really fun and interesting in my opinion.Again,.. really liked it and it is definately has more than an "R" rating.

  • Naughty Edition Reviews
    2018-12-07 18:42

    I liked the book in the beginning and middle. I believe the author could have stopped at any point and concluded it. I think it would have made for a better book. But as it is now, I felt that it was too long. The ending was anticlimactic and I felt deflated.I enjoyed the book until about the last few chapters. I would recommend it since it was a free read.

  • Amy
    2018-11-25 13:27

    Wow! Hot and steamy! But it's truly fantasy. What would it be like to live in a world where several people you know belong to an exclusive sex club? I didn't give a full five stars because I didn't feel quite emotionally attached to the characters in the story, although I did feel a strong sense of animosity towards Lyssa's ex-husband George. What a jerk!

  • lia
    2018-12-13 12:41

    A nice quick read. It is about an odalisque woman who has been brow beaten into a doormat during her nineteen years old marriage finding her sexuality and eventually the man of her dream. The man is a tad bit perfect and the husband always came across as loser. But this is romance, and the hero need to perfect for the the heroine.

  • Rayna
    2018-11-24 17:39

    I liked the book in the beginning and middle. I believe the author could have stopped at any point and concluded it. I think it would have made for a better book. But as it is now, I felt that it was too long. The ending was anticlimactic and I felt deflated.I enjoyed the book until about the last few chapters. I would recommend it since it was a free read.

  • Janet
    2018-11-28 17:21

    Lyssa is recently divorced and looking to explore her sexuality. Her friend Kat decides to take her to a private sexual club. She meets Savidge and my is he steamy.Savidge is quite the mixture of sexy pure male and successful lawyer.

  • Michelle Gerber
    2018-12-18 14:34

    I am not into most romance novels, but I loved the story line in this book. I just wish it didn't have so many sex parts -it just got to the point where almost every time she was with adults it was a sexual encounter... not very realistic.

  • Teresa
    2018-11-30 11:19

    Very good book. Very adult content that is on the edge, but it was a great read.

  • Mitzi
    2018-12-17 10:42

    Free Kindle book 11/7/11.

  • Fran
    2018-12-18 11:38


  • patndoris
    2018-12-17 16:37

    Hot! I couldn't put it down!

  • Amy
    2018-12-17 16:38

    PRETTY HOT READ. Some of the dialog is just silly...who talks like that? Otherwise, nice love story and hot, hot, hot!

  • HeatherTX
    2018-11-21 11:29

    I just love stories with a HEA and even more so when it includes a remarkable male! ;)