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A vivid and frequently surprising picture of America in the twenty- first century. Packed with fascinating facts and illustrated throughout with clear, easy-to-read, four-color graphics, The Real State of America Atlas draws back the curtain on our complex nation to reveal the myriad realities of the American experience-from our changing demographics to patterns of homeA vivid and frequently surprising picture of America in the twenty- first century. Packed with fascinating facts and illustrated throughout with clear, easy-to-read, four-color graphics, The Real State of America Atlas draws back the curtain on our complex nation to reveal the myriad realities of the American experience-from our changing demographics to patterns of home ownership to the kinds of food we eat. Cowritten by two esteemed scholars, this comprehensive and enlightening work upends many long-held myths and shows us who we are today. It is the perfect read for anyone who wants to better understand our ever- changing nation....

Title : The Real State of America Atlas: Mapping the Myths and Truths of the United States
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ISBN : 9780143119357
Format Type : Paperback
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The Real State of America Atlas: Mapping the Myths and Truths of the United States Reviews

  • HBalikov
    2018-12-13 02:41

    Most infographics are over-simplifications. If you accept that, you can use them and enjoy them for what they do offer.I like the approach in this atlas. Most focus on what is occurring in the USA state by state, though there are enough that place the USA in a global context. There are plenty of interesting factoids on the economy, recreation, health, marriage, divorce, war, weather, the environment, etc. And, information is broken down by race, religion, politics, sex, age, etc.The graphics are well thought out, and the publication is recent enough to make for relevant reading12/30/2017 A lot of this still is relevant and thought-provoking.

  • Nathaniel
    2018-12-03 01:17

    This book is what would happen if Jane Smiley ever wrote an atlas. Though it has the lofty subtitle "Mapping the myths and truths of the United States", this book has nothing to do with geography or balanced presentation and everything to do with projecting the authors' ultraliberal viewpoint on the unwitting reader. As a result, every single page of this book is brimming with confirmation bias. For example, the page about gun ownership in the United States is titled "gun nation" and focuses almost entirely on firearms-related deaths, without bothering to make a balanced presentation of the statistics that acknowledges the "other side" of gun ownership. The authors present data about business and obesity (among other things) in an equally unflattering light, while spending several pages presenting only positive statistics about agendas such as feminism and alternative energy that are of interest to them personally. In an irony that the authors themselves don't seem to grasp, this is the same "telling half the story as the whole story using one piece of out of context information" tactic used by Fox News. Thus, as a work that purports to present true facts ("the real state of America"), this book is as worthless as "Ripley's Believe It Or Not", as well as being intellectually dishonest in the extreme. This book also suffers from poor editing. There are a lot of "facts" in this book that are just plain inaccurate or out of place, especially in the area of business (which the authors, like most New England intellectuals, are obviously proud to know nothing about). For example, the map on p.69 actually suggests that Boeing, one of the largest companies in America and especially in Washington state, has no operations in Washington at all - a just plain sloppy assertion that can be disproven with 10 seconds of Googling (Boeing is still the largest employer in Washington state - look it up). These sorts of mistakes recur throughout the book. It's as though the authors were too lazy to even do basic fact-checking and quality control before publishing, or they delegated to a student assistant without bothering to check the final product themselves. Either way, the combination of intentionally biased presentation and lack of attention to basic factual accuracy makes this book utterly worthless to any serious academic. This is the quality of information that I would expect of an undergraduate thesis from some small liberal arts school with no standards, not by authors who have received so many academic accolades and prestigious appointments. Because of these authors' academic "pedigree", they should know better than to publish willfully disingenuous crap like this. They are, in fact, the last people on Earth who should be doing it. The fact that this book was published in this form by such highly lauded academics anyway makes me think less of not only the authors but the institutions that employ them and the organizations doing the lauding. Balanced presentation of the facts is rule one, two, and three of basic scholarship, and the fact that these authors refuse to engage in proper research methodology or basic statistical presentation simply raises the question of why they're allowed to be anywhere near a classroom at all. This is especially true if they're going to stoop to the same level of propagandizing as the likes of Sean Hannity, who at least has a valid claim to such tactics because part of his act is his thuggish pseudo-everyman pride in not having a college education. These authors' irresponsible use of the same tactics simply adds hard evidence to the Right Wing Noise Machine's conspiracy theory that college professors want to take your money and indoctrinate you in their far-out-of-the-mainstream reactionary liberal beliefs, which is exactly what this book does. In so doing, it undermines actual scholarship everywhere by giving credibility to what should just be a crazy right-wing conspiracy theory. The fact that these women would publish a work like this without giving basic thought to the political climate of their thousands of colleagues country-wide is as selfish as it is inexcusable. For that reason, I would give this book no stars if I could. If you're looking for facts, try the Statistical Abstract or the American Community Survey. If you're looking for out of touch, holier-than-thou liberal dogma, try Jane Smiley. In either case, for $22 you can do much better than this.

  • Heavensent1
    2018-12-04 06:44

    The Real State of America: Mapping the Myths and Truths of The United States is an atlas of statistical data pertaining to the USA and how they rate with the rest against the world.This 128-page book is packed solid with references, maps, graphics, illustrations, essays and statistics. It explores the myths and the realities of Americans living in the 21st century.Topics include the wage gap, the economy, export/imports, marriage/divorce, foreclosures/homelessness, the environment, nuclear arms, climate change and so much more. Each shows the reader, in detail, the percentage of Americans who are affected and how they rate globally.The Real State of America breaks this information down into rates for men, woman, by nationality, age et cetera and shows how each group combines to make up the statistics. Most of the facts and figures are up-to-date, with many of the reports from 2008-2010.Cynthia Enloe is a Research Professor from Clark University and in 2010 she was awarded the Howard Zinn Lifetime Achievement Award in Peace studies. Joni Seager is a Professor and Chair of Global Studies at Bentley University, has several books accredited to her as well as, working with the UN and UNESCO in further world benefiting projects.These two women have collected all the data that you will find within these pages and have presented it by an easy-to-follow method. Their aim is to bring further awareness to the decline of the "American Dream" and discredit the myth involving the "Land of Opportunity".What does it really mean to live in the United States of America? This book will explain the transaction between cultural, material and ideological relationships in such things as religion; military; healthcare and its politics; big business and the economic flows of wealth and debt both globally and locally.Mapping, it is believed, is a tool that can display and analyze patterns of similarity and difference to enable political debate. With over 40 topics addressing information-rich subjects, The State of America will ensure conversation and discussions.After reading this book, I found myself sharing the conclusions with others, marking this as a definite conversation-starter. It shares a wealth of data and I found it interesting how it was cross-referenced with the globe. I was surprised to see how Canada stacked against the USA and found it highly informative.The information shared is some of the most up-to-date that I have found and it is because of this that I would highly recommend it. The comparisons dispensed throughout the pages give the reader a new view of the world and how the United States interacts with it.

  • Nikhil P. Freeman
    2018-11-20 22:19

    "The paradox of education is precisely this--that as one begins to become conscious one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated." - James Baldwin

  • Patrick Gabridge
    2018-12-11 04:20

    Amazing look at the current state of America in a way that's graphically interesting and information rich. Powerful stuff, presented in a way that's easy to understand.

  • Tuck
    2018-11-19 23:28

    good format for dipping, but sadly very out of date now that crisis has been rolling for almost five years now. net foreign aid is a good map though, u.n. goal is 0.7% of gdp. in 2008 usa was 0.19% uk was 0.48% sweden was 0.99% spain was 0.43 (more that double usa).other country comparisons are mostly happenstance, most data is strictly usa. usa does lead world in arms/bombs exports (2009), with israel the best customer at $5.6 BILLION (of note, israel also is top "foreign aid" from usa (2009) at $3.1 BILLION) hmmm....granted, these snapshots ARE obsolete the minute they are printed, but for a 2011 book some things should be more recent than 2008-1010. and index is horrible, like a 5th grader did it or something. hrumph.

  • Niadwynwen Koch
    2018-12-02 00:36

    This book is great. Bring it into your classroom or home. It presents lots of important information about the US with great visual diagrams.