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When 23 year-old Jeremy Trask wanders into Martin Lewis' photography studio one bleak October day and requests photos for a modeling portfolio, neither man is prepared for the immediate and intense attraction between them. What follows is a series of progressively intimate encounters that leads them on a scintillating erotic journey together. But Jeremy has a secret. WillWhen 23 year-old Jeremy Trask wanders into Martin Lewis' photography studio one bleak October day and requests photos for a modeling portfolio, neither man is prepared for the immediate and intense attraction between them. What follows is a series of progressively intimate encounters that leads them on a scintillating erotic journey together. But Jeremy has a secret. Will his revelation destroy the burgeoning intimacy between them? Or will Martin rise to the challenge of loving a 'less than perfect' man?...

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Exposure Reviews

  • Gigi
    2019-04-30 20:36

    Review of second read on Feb. 24, 2015.Wow, I am SO GLAD I decided to re-read this one! I had forgotten the entire premise and just how much I loved it. (One advantage of getting old, I guess.) MC Martin and MC Jeremy meet on a cold October day when Jeremy comes to Martin's photography studio to have some photos taken for his portfolio. Both men feel a spark of attraction at this first meeting, but it takes a second photo session for them to confirm each other's interest. Then they are off and running! The author gives us a first time blow-job scene that could melt the paint off the walls! These boys were so obviously running on more than just sexual attraction from the get-go. Our boys start dating and the sex is so full of passion and eventually love that I'd like to high five this author as a personal thank you. Damn! Hot as hell! They experiment with some light BDSM play that will have you panting, I guarantee it.Unfortunately, not all is well in Jeremy's world and the realization throws Martin for a loop. (view spoiler)[Jeremy has MS and had stopped taking his medication, triggering a relapse. (hide spoiler)] Of COURSE they get their HEA (I don't read books that don't!) but the journey to that HEA was just a delight to read. The love, emotion and passion of these boys was second to none.This book is going on my rarely used Pure Romance shelf, reserved for books that sweep you away with the love and don't have any unnecessary relationship angst to mare the tale. It is also going on my Absolute Favorites shelf.Fuck yeah I recommend this one! Read it for a dreamy high of passion, romance and hot sex. You won't be disappointed.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Susan65
    2019-05-14 19:25

    3.75 starsMartin and Jeremy are both very good, very sweet guys…with a naughty streak in them. Some very light (a little funny) BDSM. One quote had me laughing, “Do we need a safe word?” “Martin, it’s a bottle of honey, not a cat o’ nine tails”. LOLUnfortunately, Jeremy has a secret. (view spoiler)[ he has M.S. (hide spoiler)] Martin is afraid for Jeremy, but learns to handle it and together they live happily ever after

  • Kaje Harper
    2019-05-19 15:15

    This novel is told from the POV of Martin, a young photographer who is very attracted to a gorgeous 23-year-old man, Jeremy, who comes in for a photo shoot. The attraction turns out to be mutual, and they are feeling their way into a relationship when Jeremy's chronic health issue suddenly exacerbates. The sudden symptoms take away his chance to explain his situation on his own terms, and force the men to deal with how it affects their growing attraction and their plans. This book started a little slowly in holding my attention, but became more absorbing as the plot took shape, and serious relationship issues came in to balance the hot sex. There is a nice straightforward HFN, but I'd love to see a sequel, maybe a few years down the road, (even better, with Jeremy's POV as well) as they both cope with the treatments, costs, side effects, future fears and so on. There are many ramifications of chronic illness in a relationship, even when the person is symptomatically healthy, and I'd enjoy watching these guys deal with all of it, since I became invested in both of them.

  • Wave
    2019-04-21 16:18

    4.25 starsMartin has been a professional photographer for 6 years but when his new client Jeremy arrived he was in over his head. They soon became intimate as they were attracted to each other immediately. The sex was explosive and Martin couldn’t believe his luck and having someone as incredible looking and responsive as Jeremy in bed with him was icing on the cake. This continued for two weeks and kept getting better and hotter in the bedroom. Then everything changed!One morning when Martin woke up Jeremy wasn’t in the bed and he found him in the bathroom in tears because he couldn’t get up. It turned out that he had multiple sclerosis, an incurable disease. Apparently this was his second attack in three years and the first time was so severe he had had to use a wheelchair for several months.Jeremy's major issue was whether Martin, who had just told him he loved him, would stick around, a very valid concern considering the seriousness of the disease.I liked the realistic way that the MCs tried to cope with what could have been a relationship-ending situation, especially since they had only known each other for a couple of weeks. Martin’s protectiveness and love for Jeremy was evident once he made the decision that he was in it for the long haul.The tone of the book was surprisingly upbeat and Martin’s photography and their sex play gave another layer to the characters and the story as Jeremy’s inner beauty was revealed through the lens of the camera. I think that Jeremy’s approach to life made all the difference to the story – there was no black cloud hanging over him even though he recognized the seriousness of his condition.Elizabeth Lister did an excellent job on the symptoms and treatment of the disease and there’s a good reason for this – she herself suffers from MS. Although the book outlined the treatment options it was done in a practical and unemotional way which did not detract from the seriousness of the disease and the cost of the meds., and there was no attempt to downplay Jeremy’s situation or Martin’s honest reactions to what committing himself to Jeremy would mean.This is Elizabeth Lister’s debut novella and she did a great job on the characters and the plot. The romance always took precedence and the book didn’t morph into a text book for the treatment of the disease although, of necessity, there was a fair amount of information about treatment options. The love between Martin and Jeremy was obvious throughout even though Martin had to make the all-important decision about their future together. I thought that the book may have ended a bit abruptly and perhaps the author needed at least another 5K to fully flesh out the plot, however this is still a really good read.Definitely recommended.

  • Valentina Heart
    2019-04-27 15:23

    This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found there. I don't really have a reason why I thought this book might be average or predictable. It certainly wasn't either, but rather surprised me with the genuine humor, extremely hot sex scenes and incredible depth.Martin is a 32-year-old photographer who is actually very handsome but extremely insecure. When a good looking 23 year old man, Jeremy, walks into his studio requesting some photos for a modeling portfolio, Martin wants him but is scared about his looks, his age and a million other things.However, betraying, matching bulges in their pants say all the words Martin couldn't and the rest Jeremy makes up for. From that first day together, their love story moved quickly and very few side characters were introduced.The attraction between them was instant and scorching but what's more important, it was written really well. The sexual tension could be felt even through the pages and both characters were genuine sweethearts.I had a moment of pause when Jeremy's secret was revealed and thought to myself – this can't be happening, but all ended well and actually contributed to the overall story.It is a very fun read with real affection, steamy sex and an interesting ‘conflict'. My only remark would be lack of details. Basically I wanted more—more of Martin and Jeremy, more about their lives and certainly more pages when that ending flew at me. Still, it is something I would recommend, especially when you want a book that will make you feel good and put a smile on your face.

  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    2019-05-06 17:31

    I received this from the author in exchange for an honest review.Let me just say, I’m basking in the after glow of this short story. I laughedNearly criedThen sighed And could only hope for the perfect end.Did I get it, heck yeah! The story began much like the previous story (the Crush) I read by this author only from a different POV.(view spoiler)[Michael is to Martin (POV) asJack (POV) is to Jeremy (hide spoiler)]But don’t let that stop you, because soon enough this story took its own path. One that I hadn’t seen coming. It was a path that tugs on your heart and opens your awareness for something not often talked about. In fact, I learned some things.Still reeling over the story, I’m not sure who I loved more. Both Martin and Jeremy were so loveable in their own ways. I felt a bit jealous and wonder if maybe the author would write me into the story. *winks* I mean there is nothing wrong with a little m/m/f action, lol. *nods*But all jokes aside, I truly liked this story and will be thinking about this one for a while wondering where the journey would lead if the story was longer. A girl can wish can’t she?I recommend to all lovers of m/m romance/erotica.

  • Boyboygirllove
    2019-05-04 16:40

    This book is a sweet, HOT gem complete with humor, charm and and a surprise twist that gives beautiful depth to Marty and Jeremy's relationship. What begins as a routine photo session quickly develops into an intense attraction between, Marty, a thirty-something artist who's love life has hit a bit of a slump and Jeremy, a young, beautiful university grad who's friends have dared him to put together a modeling portfolio. Exposure is told from Marty's POV, who we quickly learn is just a regular guy with a few bad habits and lacking a bit in the confidence department. It takes him a few photo sessions to even realize that beautiful, HOT Jeremy is interested in him too. But boy, when these guys getting going, it full steam ahead! Both men are SEXY and they like to play...their need for each other is intense and they can hardly keep their hands off one another. Be prepared for some very smexy scenes that involve some pretty hot toys.What made this book more than just a steamy read is a secret that comes out half way through that rocks Marty's perception of his "perfect" boyfriend. We see a protective side to Marty that me cheering for a HEA in the worst way. Definitely a surprise keeper!

  • Staceyr
    2019-04-21 16:36

    This one is going on the keeper shelf to be read again :) I'm so glad the blurb didn't give away too much of this book, as many tend to do these days, instead providing a perfect teaser to a surprisingly emotional story. Told through the first-person POV of Martin, a photographer in a bit of a life-rut, his hum-drum day is brightened when Jeremy walks into his shop wanting to create a modeling portfolio. The chemistry is POW, but it takes Martin a couple photo sessions to believe the signals Jeremy is throwing back. He can hardly believe this young vibrant, gorgeous guy is into him. Amid all the hot *HOT* smexing Martin tries to quiet his doubt but can't help worrying that a proverbial shoe is about to drop...and when it does it's one of those heavy thick-soled boots. Completely unexpected by this reader and adds a great emotional spin to a really fun story. Great characters, and a great read IMO!

  • Purplegirl
    2019-05-02 21:33

    That was a little painful. It started out as everything I would usually like, younger guy/older guy, sweet story, no angst, not a long time to get to sexing, and a little kink. But for some reason, in this book, all of it seemed poorly executed. The sex was fine at first but then I was wondering if they were ever going to have a real conversation, at least one. Then we have a serious issue with Jeremy, a little bit of plot and then right back to the weird kinky sex. I know kink and I like kink but this kink seemed forced on me. It is PWP trying to not be PWP. It was just odd and left a bad taste in my mouth. I skimmed the last 25% thinking the end would have something monumental or memorable but there was nothing there. I will give it 2 stars but it is a weak two stars.

  • JustJen
    2019-05-14 14:23

    3.5 stars Super sweet story about Martin, a quiet photographer who pretty much keeps to himself, and Jeremy, one of Martin's clients. Their relationship is very sweet from beginning to end. There are some cute and funny lines here and there, and the guys have a little fun getting a little kinky. Jeremy is hiding something (view spoiler)[Jeremy has M.S. (hide spoiler)] which has Martin a bit worried and afraid for Jeremy, but Martin steps up and is there for Jeremy, and their sweet, funny, cute relationship continues.

  • Shannon
    2019-05-22 18:33

    Probably more of a 3 star read but the dirty talk was so fantastic that I upped it one. Not a whole lot of plot going on but there was a ton of smoking hot sex. Super kinky? No, but still hot as hell. Boy goes in to get pictures taken, meets photographer, photographer gets all hot and bothered, boy comes back the next day and there starts the relationship. Nothing deep or angsty. One mc does have a big secret but they get over it together. Sweet story.

  • Candice
    2019-05-12 21:31

    How much do I love Martin?! Holy hell, he was ADORABLE!!!! He may be 32, but he's so innocent. I would have liked more about his past though. Why hadn't he been with anyone for over a year? Was it not for a lack of trying? Any dates?This may seem strange to some, but I would have liked to have seen more of Martin and Jeremy's day to day. I would have to have been shown how they were together without being told. I wanted the "boring" nights of just watching TV and being lazy and getting to know each other (and not only in the biblical way). Hot damn, we learned what they can do in the bedroom, all right. Jeremy's dirty mouth was smokin'. WOW! I loved Frankie as well! (view spoiler)[However, I did NOT like how she bulldozed her way into lunch. They JUST met, let them have some time before you join them for lunch. Yes, I get it, you need to play "big sister", but COME ON! If I were Jeremy I would have said "Hey, Martin, thanks for lunch, but this is just weird. Buh Bye! (hide spoiler)]What would I like to see? A sequel. Maybe several (5?) years down the road. See how things are with Jeremy. How is Martin handling everything? What happens when Jeremy's off of his mom's insurance? How does he pay for his meds? Oh and by the way...I left the stove on!["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Ami
    2019-05-04 21:41

    On one hand, this book "touches" a Multiple Sceloris issue with Jeremy's character. I never read an M/M book with this disease before so that is a fresh thing. Unfortunately, the tone of this book is so light, and 90% of it is just about sex, how Martin and Jeremy explore the sex life, including kinky stuffs. Sure, sex might develop endorphin that helps Jeremy in life, but MAN, I'm a reader who prefer more than that. Sex is great, but not when it's in every chapter. The only chapter that actually interests me the most is when Jeremy gets his medication and the nurse explains things to him and Martin. I like that, I like getting new insight. Martin is a adorable though, he feels like a 32-year-old innocent, compared to the younger Jeremy.

  • Rachel Emily
    2019-04-27 19:21

    This was a very well written story about two characters that felt real and were smokin' hot together. I loved the pace of this...even though things moved fast, it didn't feel fake or forced. And I love how Jeremy's "secret" was dealt with and how Martin cared for him. (view spoiler)[I thought that Jeremy's MS was well written, with enough info given that it wasn't shoved in your face and seemed to read like a medical book. I love how Martin said he was involved and didn't give up, despite his fears and worries. (hide spoiler)]Wonderful book, I definitely look forward to reading more from this author.

  • SueM
    2019-05-17 19:36

    A sweet story of Martin, a photographer, who lived a rather lonely life, and Jeremy, a handsome younger man who comes into Martin's studio with the aim of shooting a modeling portfolio. There is an instant attraction between the two men, and as the relationship progresses, Martin finds his self-confidence again and a renewed zest to live life to the fullest. When unexpected obstacles are thrown in the way of the fledgling relationship, both men are forced to reassess their hopes and dreams for the future. There are no real surprises in the story, but it is a sweet and thoughtful look at a relationship that survives the hurdles of everyday life.

  • Kerrysullivan
    2019-04-30 21:18

    I was offered this book free by the author and I am always a little worried about the book being poor but I need not have worried not only was this story really good but it was hot and at times heart wrenchingly sweet. When Jeremy's secret was revealed it was dealt with responsibly and with care. The fact that it stayed sexy made it all the more beautiful and for me even more believable and made me connect with these men even more. This is book is great, a little gem to make you smile and feel really really good on a cold night!!This book was reviewed for Musings of a bookworm

  • Sonja
    2019-04-30 19:41

    Two sweet guys and a sweet-hot love story.Re-read 9/16/13

  • Ann Roberts
    2019-05-15 22:19

    I just finished Elizabeth Lister's book Exposure, and I felt she truly did great justice to a difficult story-line twist. I give it a strong four to four and a half stars. The sexual chemistry between the main characters Martin and Jeremy--who have about a nine-year age difference--starts off strong and continues to provide hot action throughout the story. The plot flows well from chapter to chapter and even the few secondary characters are well-done. From the brief story-blurb I was expecting Jeremy to reveal a secret to Martin; however, after reading about halfway through the story, the type of secret and the way in which it is revealed to Martin truly surprised me. Now, I am the type of reader that hates to go to bed when a book that is this good is unfinished. This secret, though, hit me harder than I would have imagined. The scene really got to me. I had to actually put the book down, wait for about two weeks, and then go back to it. Without spoiling it for anyone, let's just say it touched on a nerve from a dating relationship from my own past! Once I picked the book back up, Martin and Jeremy were able to have their HEA. They strengthened their relationship and committed to the long-haul. One of my favorite lines of the books comes when Martin is talking to his sister: "Well, he's so damn good looking and sweet and smart and into me. I knew there had to be something." "Nobody's perfect, Martin. Y'know, he's still all those things. The fact that he's dealing with this just makes him that much more interesting." There were two main reasons I did not give the book five-stars. The first was the quickness of the consummation of the physical relationship at the beginning of the book. I don't have a problem with early consummation in general; I just felt it was out of character for Martin as well as for Jeremy after the dry spells they had been having. The second reason was a feeling of being rushed at the end to wrap it up tidily. I definitely recommend this book, her writing style, and plot, and I have already downloaded another of her books to feast on the "hotness" of her men!

  • Rebecca
    2019-05-13 19:39

    3.5 Stars.I really did enjoy this book - it was short and sexy, and the characters were all great. I loved Frankie (the main character, Martin's) sister. It just felt a little too light on story, and I would really have liked to have seen some more character development. It's mostly sex with a bit of story thrown in for good measure ;).Still, it was nice to see a story in which the disability is not the main focus, and how it's shown that people with disabilities are not only sexual but can be considered beautiful and attractive. And that Jeremy is a strong character who knows what he wants and doesn't let his disability rule his life (anymore than it has to from a practical perspective)!For example, at one point, Martin has reservations and Jeremy reassures him: "Only a hundred percent healthy people can have kinky sex? . . . . I'm not going to postpone all the things I enjoy until my legs are better. And, it's just, if you're gonna handle me with kid gloves from now on, this just isn't going to work. . . . I feel great, my symptoms are improving, and there is nothing better than a huge, motherfucking, explosive orgasm to send endorphins and positive energy through my brain and body. . . . The most important thing this disease has taught me is to enjoy the fuck out of what life has to offer, every day. I do take care of myself. I eat well and I get as much sleep as I can. I've started this new medication and I swear I will take it religiously. Beyond that, I will not let this disease dictate how I live my life."Jeremy's attitude (point made in the above quote) is part of the reason I had issues with Kit in Seizing It. I hope we can see more authors tackle characters with disability in realistic ways like this. And I honestly wouldn't mind seeing Jeremy and Martin again in future stories, Ms. Lister!

  • Sammy Goode
    2019-05-15 16:31

    It takes a delicate hand to create a character that is not only vibrant, interesting and sexy but chronically ill and coping with that disease as well. Meet Jeremy, one of the main characters in Elizabeth Lister's stunning novel, Exposure. Jeremy, a hot young working guy, takes a dare from his buddies to be photographed for the purpose of building a portfolio to be used to embark on a modeling career. Here is no simpering, vain young beauty; rather we grow to love this brilliantly courageous young man who has determined that he will live each moment of his life to the fullest. After all, when one is faced with the prospect of paralysis and loss of mental acuity that is symptomatic of advanced Multiple Sclerosis, one has a choice: either throw in the towel and bow to the disease or live as if there is no tomorrow. Thankfully for Martin, Jeremy does just that...embraces life. Martin, a photographer who is at best, adrift in both his career and personal life, is not only captivated by Jeremy when he presents himself to be photographed; but finds himself drawn from his safe and lonely existence toward the energy and vitality that is Jeremy. The two form a bond that goes well beyond Client and photographer and deepens into lasting and most satisfying love. While this novel does not dwell on MS, the disease and it's eventual life altering side effects, neither does it shy away from exposing what a relationship looks like when it is confronted with a life threatening disease. The compassion and care with which Elizabeth Lister treats her subject matter, the incredibly sweet and tender love she creates in her multi-layered characters, and the overriding sense of hope for a future together living without fear is done with a deft and capable hand. I highly recommend this novel. This will be the first of many novels I hope to ready by this gifted author.

  • Portia
    2019-05-05 16:27

    Exposure is the debut offering of Elizabeth Lister. I'm not going to lie...this book surprised the hell out of me. I was expecting to find many of the mistakes that new writers make. I was surprised with the maturity that Ms. Lister brought to the party. The sexual chemistry between Martin and Jeremy burn hard and fast from the beginning. There is no lengthy "get to know your mind" period for these two. What I expected was more of the steamy porn on paper where this book begins.But, this book was so much more than just exquisitely written sex scenes. I don't want to give away the meat of the book, but I loved the way Ms. Lister developed both of her main characters. The crisis that drops into their budding relationship, had the power to destroy it, before it had a chance develop fully. As a former healthcare worker, I assure you the medical aspects this book, especially the emotional reactions were spot on.Ms. Lister is definitely one to watch. There are portions of this book that qualify as literary orgasms. Hot. Hot. Hawt. But, there is enough angst to make you want to go back and reread it, the moment you are done.

  • Jeanne 'Divinae'
    2019-04-24 15:24

    Well, I am a sucker for stories that involve photographers/artists. I really don't know why, it is just a fact. So, I was super hyped when I came across this story. I wasn't disappointed. Plus, the author did a very good job at the ending. Sometimes I feel the ending really does a lot for the book. Jeremy on a dare goes to have pictures taken for a modeling portfolio. What he doesn't expect when he walked in to studio was to met a stud. Martin, is older than Jeremy and is very happy when he meets him. He does his best to hide his reaction (wink). Martin does his very best to maintain his manners. There relationship continues pretty well. Martin introduces Jeremy to his more kinkier side. Things are going very well until one night. That is when Martin learns of Jeremy's secret. It is a overload for Martin, but he is certain he still wants Jeremy in his life. This is when the story turns around and we watch how Martin and Jeremy deal with the situation. I enjoy watching how they both deal with it.

  • Wendy Ann
    2019-05-05 17:16

    This story was a little bit sweet, a little bit sexy, and a little bit serious. The sweet comes into play initially when trying to figure out if there’s mutual attraction, and again later as Martin wants to provide care and comfort for Jeremy. The sexy comes into play because Jeremy and Martin were really good together especially when Jeremy pulled Martin out of his comfort zone and blew his mind. The serious comes into play when we learn about Jeremy’s health issue. I loved the combination of these three feelings and was only wishing for more by the end of the story. I’d love to see ahead into their future and how they deal with all the potential ramifications of Jeremy’s serious condition. Very nice!

  • Emma
    2019-05-20 14:23

    This is a beautiful story between Martin, a photographer and Jeremy, a future model there on a dare. I loved reading the instant feelings that Martin had to deal with when looking through his lens at Jeremy and how young his character felt to me. Jeremy on the other hand was very mature for his age and just went for what he wanted which was Martin. After a short and steamy love affair the couple is hit with Jeremy's reality that he has an illness that he must deal with and Martin must decide if he wants to be there for him. This story did a great job of dealing with Jeremy's disease and still kept it very sexy. I really loved this story, one of the best short stories I've read so far.

  • Kerry
    2019-05-12 15:28

    3.5 stars Sweet book. Martin and Jeremy are the perfect couple. They are instantly attracted to one another and things heat up pretty quickly. The sex is hot, with a little kink thrown in. :) When a serious issue presents itself, Martin and Jeremy need to decide if there is more to their relationship than just hot sex. I loved Jeremy's positive outlook on life and I loved how Martin faced things openly and honestly.

  • Yvonne
    2019-05-17 17:25

    2.5 Stars This was an odd combination of a sex story on the one hand and a fairly serious topic on the other. The two didn't quite gel together. The two guys start off all about the sexual chemistry, then this topic is bought up (view spoiler)[ an illness for one of the main characters (hide spoiler)] discussed, and then we go back to everything being about this sexual attraction and exploring that and then they're in love. It was fine but I need more story.

  • Lois - Who Reads
    2019-05-01 17:45

    Martin is a shy 32 year-old photographer, who pays the bills doing family portraits but dreams of being a nature photographer and Jeremy is a sweet 23 year-old who has been dared by his friends to submit photographs to a modeling agency. Their first meeting is intense with chemistry and gets more intense from there. These characters are lovely and when a hurdle is thrown in their way, they jump and keep going. A very enjoyable book.

  • Lucie LeBlanc
    2019-04-24 22:42

    I was agreably surprised by the different twists this story contains. When reading the first chapters, it seemed to me like a pretty ordinary m/m romance story, peppered with some hot scenes. But then, it became more. This story touches some sensitive topics and gives so much more meat to chew on. Well done.

  • Carole-Ann
    2019-05-04 14:23

    This is a sweet story about Martin, a photographer, and Jeremy, who comes to his studio to model for a portfolio as a dare.The attraction is instantaneous, and it is quite funny to watch Martin stumble through his lust, while Jeremy remains determined.There is a twist in the tale which made me gulp, but this was handled quite wonderfully to give us a lovely HEA.

  • Michi Rosa
    2019-05-16 16:25

    This one is really good.When Jeremy's secret was finally revealed I was just as panicked and clueless as Martin!