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Book jacket: In the time of the Han Dynasty in ancient China, a young orphan struggles to fulfill her destiny. Ping has survived her days as a slave at Huangling Palace, but new challenges await her in the desolate mountains of Tai Shan. The wise dragon, Danzi, is no longer around to guide her, and now it is up to Ping to take care of the baby dragon, Kai. Food is scarce,Book jacket: In the time of the Han Dynasty in ancient China, a young orphan struggles to fulfill her destiny. Ping has survived her days as a slave at Huangling Palace, but new challenges await her in the desolate mountains of Tai Shan. The wise dragon, Danzi, is no longer around to guide her, and now it is up to Ping to take care of the baby dragon, Kai. Food is scarce, and she must constantly be on the lookout for enemies. Things seem to get better when fate leads them back to the Imperial Palace, to the Garden of the Purple Dragon. Yet even within these hallowed walls, Ping and Kai are not as they believe....

Title : Garden of the Purple Dragon
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Garden of the Purple Dragon Reviews

  • Valerie
    2019-05-06 16:36

    Ping is on another adventure but this one is a bit different with dragon sized problems, old enemies and maybe some new ones. Poor Ping. She is just so lonely in the beginning of the book. We start off the book with Ping alone with Kai, the small purple dragon. Trying to raise a dragon all by yourself without knowing for certain how to do it is a tall order to ask of a young girl. Needless to say Ping is struggling and when she stumbles onto the chance to regain most of what she lost at the end of the last book she takes it without much hesitation. She and Kai are given security, food, and comfort. It is all Ping could hope for. Except that she has questions: about her family, about the dragon keeper books, Danzi, and maybe even the emperor. Things have changed. I liked Ping’s voice. She is clearly a girl at a loss of what to do but for the most part seeks to do what is right. She makes mistakes and pays dearly for them but she gets through it with a baby dragon in tow, with the help of a small furry friend. Ping was never annoying as some protagonists can be. The adventure wasn't half bad either. Ping sees more of her kingdom and discovers even more about herself. Kai proves to be a funny little dragon but like most babies he causes a world of trouble. Keeping him under control and finding a way to keep them both safe is quite tricky. They indeed had some narrow escapes. All of Ping's questions are not answered in this book so I will be looking forward to the next and final book of the series.

  • Sara
    2019-05-02 22:44

    5/5Pero qué libro más adorable. De verdad.Es increíble la de cosas que le pueden suceder a una niña pequeña, y lo valiente e inteligente que es. No faltan las aventuras ni la acción, ni los momentos tristes y los momentos alegres. Me ha encantado volver a recorrer el imperio con Ping y Hua, y conocer a Kai. Pero lo mejor, son las enseñanzas de vida que se pueden leer entre líneas.

  • Larashi
    2019-05-02 15:43

    dragon is always be my obsession. and this book revealed all the secrets. i love how Ping and Kai travelled and fighting together, the power of dragon suits really fit this novel.

  • Book Elf
    2019-05-01 19:50

    Pages: 349Series : Sequel to Dragon KeeperPing was the Dragon Keeper to the old Imperial Dragon Danzi but she had helped him escape. She was made the last Dragon Keeper and sworn to keep the baby dragon safe, but was caught by the Imperial soldiers. Now, her destiny was questioned. She knew that all the Keepers were male and this led to doubt her appointment. She even sever the post for a boy she thought was the real Dragon Keeper. Will she surrender the Dragon to the Emperor and stay away from the Dragon forever? My thoughts on this book:This book has surprised me. As I was reading on the earlier part, it didn't strike me to be very much exciting to read, yet it has triggered my curiosity to keep on reading. Normally, a lack of action will bore me. But this book has kept me intrigued. So I kept on reading and towards the end it has engulfed me with awe. The twist turned out to be doubled and I honestly didn't see it coming. I thought that it will angle to a romance but it proved me wrong. It was actually the reason why Pings judgement was clouded.I liked the character of Hua (the rat) who was always with Ping in times of trouble. I braced myself for any magical revelation this rat may have, but no, there's none. I thought he might turn into a prince or something. The necromancer had crept me out. Say no more about the stench of a rotten flesh! It was disgusting. But it was effective. I could picture him in my mind (yuck!). The only thing that I find shallow is the five elements. What a very weak five elements. I reckon it was non essential. It may have a grand effect if it was really the five elements.But overall, I liked it. I was intrigued in how to take care of a baby dragon, their friendship, the betrayal, the kindness and loyalty.

  • Mirrani
    2019-05-07 18:39

    Garden of the Purple Dragon wasn't as deeply rooted in dragon culture as the first book in this series, Dragon Keeper, had been, but it was still a wonderful read for me. I simply could not put this book down. The author must have spent countless hours researching the culture of China and all of the myth and legend surrounding the dragon in order to continue this series, because there is not a moment that has slacked in this aspect in any way.I wasn't as pleased with Ping in this book, perhaps because she had Danzai to contrast her in the previous one, but she came across as constantly unsure of herself and very clumsy. The entire theme of the book is learning; learning to trust yourself, learning to trust others, learning to trust your instincts, learning what it is to have someone under your care.Overall, this is a wonderful continuation to the series and I can not wait for the conclusion because I so long to have Ping and Danzai reunited again. He brings so much to these books that I deeply felt the lack of him in this story. Young readers will look forward to the adventure of discovery and will gain strength from seeing someone their own age pulling through the tough times to find something more, knowing that no matter what happens there is always hope and there is always friendship.

  • Khushi
    2019-05-18 22:35

    Just re-read this amazing book!! I still cannot believe that after the whole bonding thing Ping and Lui had, he betrayed her like that. It was honestly the best plot twist Carole could have put in and I'm looking forward to refreshing my memory of the rest of the books.

  • Elise P
    2019-05-14 19:58

    This book was exceptionally brilliant. The story of main character Ping is compelling, her development through out the series is inspiring.Carole Wilkinson's writing is writing at its best, the content is rich and very well researched and the mythology very believable compared to a lot of 'popular' books books on the market these days. (you all know the story i'm talking about :P)In the beginning of this book Ping is living on the mountains of Tai Shan which pretty much is forbidden, so she figures it will be a safe place for her and the baby dragon Kai she is in charge of raising. Until plot spoiling things happen and she is forced to leave and then captured.Overcoming many struggles and character building dilemmas concerning her destiny, Ping manages to defeat one of the 'baddies'.In a world where there is little trust in others the story ends with a sense of momentary security, but then again the trust issue arises and is surely going to set the third book marvelously.

  • Ell Eastwood
    2019-05-12 17:38

    Book series continues to be incredibly cute. Thought I missed Danzi in this book, Kai is also a pretty good dragon ... although the fact that it'll be several hundred, if not thousand, years before he can be a proper dragon and fly and stuff is a bit sad. Oh well.Good twists in this one, they weren't super-obvious but were still set up in a way so that you could kinda see them coming. Ping's life really isn't easy though, is it? I kept waiting for her to run away with the princess and let's just say I was't too disappointed on that part.Though do I believe Hua is gone forever after this book? I sure hope not, because that is one crafty rat. I also thought that Ping and Jun might go off on adventures together, but it turns out he was just a fake geek boy so she dropped him like a potato. Good going, Ping.Based on the description of book three it sounds freaking awesome, so I hope it delivers!

  • Liana
    2019-05-15 18:57

    Ok Ping, I know you love Hua and all, and I myself really love rats too... but Jiminy Crickets missy, let the critter go before you cause more trouble...!You should have seen me when I saw this book at my library - "OH MAH GWASH, IT'S DEH GARDEN OF DEH PUPU DWAGON!!! KEEEEWT!!!" I was so excited to read this sequel to Dragon Keeper, and I'm really glad that I did! It's amazing!The story has a slow start, but it eventually warms up into an exciting plot. The first hundred pages or so features Ping being a mommy to her baby dragon Kai... which was pretty cute to read about actually.~ But the best part of the story for me was at the end... It was CRAZY unexpected AND IT MADE ME WANNA CRY!!! WHY EMPEROR, WHHHYYYYYY...! *table flips*Now I HAVE to read the third book. X_X

  • Nina
    2019-05-17 20:05

    I try to read my daughters books either before or with her so we can talk about the content or to make sure it doesnt have content not okay for her to read. She will be starting 4th grade next year but reads at a junior high school level. These two books by Carole Wilkinson are a very easy read for her but the content was fun and exiting. Both books are over 300 pages. I enjoyed them.

  • Taylor
    2019-05-04 19:59

    I read this book more than two years ago, so I don't really remeber much on it but all I know is that this series is addicting and full of twisted advernture!

  • Cydni
    2019-05-01 18:58

    i loved this book i really felt like i was there back in china in those times oing the main character as a girl was very responsible and made me feel like i wish i was more like her

  • Akshay Veeraraghavan
    2019-05-19 20:47

    The Garden of the Purple Dragon [Dragon Keeper part 2] continues the journey of Ping who proves herself capable in taking care of the difficult baby dragon, Long Kai Duan. After months of hiding Ping finds herself captured the imperial guards which land her in the emperor's good hands and also safe from the evil necromancer who still chasing Ping and Kai. Ping also sets out on a journey to find her long lost journey to find her long lost journey—a quest that ends anticlimactically but at least jump-starts a chain of revelations and betrayals. this quest leads her into a more tragic fight of the necromancer. The Garden of the Purple Dragon is truly another fabulous book by author Carole Wilkinson.

  • Nancy Hanson
    2019-05-24 20:55

    I liked it. The author is consistent with her writing style and detail. The story continues of Ping and Kai. They think they find safety in the Emperor's palace as Kai grows. But his obsession for long life is like an addiction. It eventually replaces all common sense and emotional feeling. Ping and Kai are no longer safe. She goes with the Princess to her husbands palace in Yan to heal and stay the winter. Danzi has sent a map to Kai telling them where to go from Yan. That's the next book.

  • Chelsea
    2019-05-14 19:02

    I read these books as a young teen and I absolutely adored them, the relationship between the main character and the dragons is enchanting and kept me reading the whole series!

  • Elketw
    2019-05-22 23:05

    Category: Books Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy Author: Carole Wilkinson Ketika bersembunyi di pegunungan Tai Shan bersama bayi naga ungu, Ping ditemukan oleh pengawal Kaisar dan dibawa ke Pondok Ming Yang. Sejak saat itu dia tinggal di Pondok tersebut, merawat Kaisi bayi nagadan mendapatkan kembali jabatan sebagai Pengurus Naga Kekaisaran. Kaisar mendirikan Garden of the Purple Dragon di Ming Yang, sebagai rumah bagi naga kaisar yang terakhir. Saat Ping mulai terhanyut pada kehidupan yang tenang, ternyata ada pengkhianat di balik tembok-tembok Ming Yang. Kai berada dalam bahaya.Dalam sekuel Dragon Keeper ini, Ping tidak hanya belajar untuk mengandalkan diri sendiri, tetapi juga belajar mengenai kepercayaan dan penghianatan.========================================================================================================================Seperti buku pertamanya, buku kedua dari Trilogi Dragon Keeper ini sama bagusnya dan sama menariknya ....Buku kedua ini Ping dituntut untuk menjadi lebih dewasa dan mandiri karena Ia sekarang bertugas sebagai penjaga naga yang masih bayi dan yang ternyata sangat nakal dan rakus. Sungguh menyenangkan membaca buku yang ceria seperti ini. Penggambaran Wilkinson atas naga muda - Long Kai Duan benar-benar menggemaskan, bentuknya yang mungil ( kalau pernah nonton kartun Mulan dengan si naga merah lucu, maka penggambaran Kai adalah persis seperti itu ) Kai si naga kecil yang periang, rakus dan keras kepala sungguh berbeda dengan penggambaran naga sebelumnya Long Danzi yang bijaksana dan tegas. Memelihara Kai seperti memelihara anjing kecil yang nakal. Buku kedua ini dibuka dengan perjalanan Ping selama memelihara Kai. Ping memutuskan untuk tinggal di pegunungan Tai Shan karena gunung tersebut dianggap keramat sehingga tidak mungkin dikunjungin oleh orang lain selain kaisar atau utusan-utusannya. Namun kedamaian ternyata tidak berlangsung lama Ping dan Kai terpaksa harus turun gunung saat ternyata pegunungan tersebut telah disusupi oleh si Necromancer. Ping yang berhasil melarikan diri ditangkap oleh pasukan kekaisaran dan dibawa kehadapan kaisar Liu Che. Mujur bagi Ping, ternyata Liu Che yang awalnya kesal terhadap Ping bisa kembali bersahabat. Kai juga sangat diterima di kekaisaran sehingga hidup sangat mewah dan dibuatkan taman khusus yang diberi nama Garden Of the Purple Dragon. Obsesi Kaisar untuk memiliki ramuan hidup abadi ternyata semakin bertambah besar sejak terakhir kali berjumpa dengan Ping. Hal ini membuat Ping tidak nyaman dan selalu was was ... selain itu ternyata terjadinya penghianatan terhadap Ping yang membuat Ping harus berpisah dengan Kai dan hampir saja terbunuh. Buku kedua ini mungkin sedikit kurang seru dibandingkan buku pertamanya, namun hal ini tidak mengurangi keasikan saya saat membaca buku ini. Tingkah pola Kai sangat menghibur dan omongannya yang sangat kekanankan serta ceplas ceplos membuat saya sebagai pembaca menjadi begitu jatuh hati dengan tokoh naga ini. Naga yang baru belajar bicara ini sering kali mendengarkan bunyi kelinting dan seruling riang saat suasana hatinya sedang senang dan mendendangkan lagu seruling sedih bila sedang bersedih. Beberapa celotehannya seperti "Kai,mau pipis", Kai benci si Gendut", "Celana kedodoran menyakiti Kai ( celana kedodoran adalah julukan Kai untuk pelayan pribadinya ), "Kai lapar", "Selamat tinggal Ndut" ... beberapa celotehan tersebut benar-benar natural dan sangat anak kecil. Sungguh hiburan yang menyenangkan saat membaca buku yang penuh keceriaan seperti ini.

  • cindy
    2019-04-28 16:01

    Berbeda dengan Dragon Keeper yang sangat simpel, sequelnya ini lebih kompleks dan menarik. Karakter-karakternya sudah tidak lagi hitam-putih, dan Ping banyak belajar tentang kebohongan dan pengkhianatan, tentang keinginan-keinginan yang saling bertolak belakang dan juga tentang rasa cemburu. Emosi-emosi yang tidak pernah dikenalnya dalam hidupnya yang lurus dan sederhana.Menyambung alur kisah beberapa saat setelah Danzi dan Hua pergi ke Pulau Penuh Berkah, Ping memutuskan untuk membesarkan Kai -sekarang sudah jadi anak naga yang usil dan penuh rasa ingin tahu- di lereng-lereng Gunung Taisan yang terlarang. Setelah beberapa bulan yang damai, Ping mendapati datangnya teman-teman dan musuh lama. Diawali dengan kembalinya super-Hua (yang diantar seekor Burung Phoenix), kemudian munculnya kembali si Necromancer, sampai pertemuan kembali dengan Sang Kaisar. Keadaan tampaknya masih baik-baik saja, bahkan Kaisar sudah memaafkan Ping dan memberikan jabatannya sebagai pengasuh Naga kembali, juga memberikan taman Pondok Ming Yang dengan nama Taman Naga Ungu. Tapi kemudian Ping nyaris terlambat menyadari bahwa Kaisar kini sudah terobsesi pada kehidupan abadi dan itu mendatangkan bahaya pada Kai. Kejutan-kejutan di akhir kisahnya cukup tak terduga. Tipu daya Kaisar. Pertemuannya kembali dengan keluarganya. Keputusan Putri Ming Yang. Kematian Dong Fang Suo. Keputusan Jun. Nasib Hua dan tikus-tikus Istana *serasa dongeng cinderella* #eaaa. Yang pasti, setelah mengecap pahitnya pengkhianatan, Ping kemudian belajar pula tentang memaafkan dan rasa persahabatan. Ending yang sangat pas dan memuaskan. Bukan hanya Kai yang tumbuh besar, Ping juga sekarang sudah lebih dewasa.(view spoiler)[Yang sedikit mengganggu adalah plot mengapa Kaisar harus perlu bersusah-susah membuat sandiwara penangkapan si Necromancer. (1) Dia adalah Kaisar yang memegang kekuasaan mutlak, kenapa peduli tentang keinginan Ping (2) Apa tujuannya? Agar Ping mau mencari pengurus naga lainnya? (Bukannya Ping sudah berkali-kali meminta hal itu sendiri) Biar Ping keluar dari lingkungan Pondok Ming Yang? (Sekali lagi, Ping sudah berkali-kali minta untuk keluar mencari pengurus naga lainnya) Untuk memisahkan Ping dan Kai? (Lah, dianya kan Kaisar, tinggal perintah saja to?) Lalu kenapa ya? Aneeh... (hide spoiler)]

  • Jordan Arnold
    2019-05-02 18:52

    I think that this is one of the best books i've ever read. it is alot better then the first but the first one is still good. I liked it better then the first one becuase I think that it has more detail and a better adventure. I think that the adventure is better because it is about a baby dragon who is positive instead of an older dragon who just confuses the main character. the main character is a girl who is 12 and her name is Ping. The story is basically about Ping. She struggles to take care of this baby dragon and she has to protect him. While protecting him she becomes more mature and motherlike. ,her survival skills improve becuase she has to help someone else survive. her wisdom improves becuase she has to teach the baby dragon. Her wit improves because she has to get herself and the dragon out of tricky situations. All in all Ping improves on almost everything because this baby dragon is depending on her fro survival.Ping worries because when she dies the baby dragon will stil be alive and will still need someone to take care of him. What will happen? I don't know becuse there is no 3rd book (at least not yet). So, for now they are in the king of China's palace, safe and sound so thats all I want to think about, not the fate of the baby dragon once Ping isn't around :)

  • Buchdoktor
    2019-05-07 17:48

    "Die Hüterin des Drachen", das Mädchen Ping, hatte den Drachen Danzi gepflegt und unter großen Gefahren auf die Insel der Seeligen in Sicherheit vor Drachenjägern gebracht. Nun haust sie mit einem stets hungrigen Drachenbaby im Tai Shan-Gebirge. Der kleine Long Kai Duan ist noch nicht höhlenrein und muss erst lernen, sein Futter selbst zu jagen. Hätte Danzi doch Ping rechtzeitig beigebracht, wie sie ein Drachenbaby aufziehen soll! Ping kann mit Drachen kommunizieren und hat einen sicheren Instinkt für Gefahren. An diesen Eigenschaften hatte der alte Danzi ihr Drachenhüter-Talent erkannt. Pings zweites Gesicht sagt ihr, dass sie und Kai auch in den abgelegenen Bergen nicht sicher sind und sie besser das Angebot des Kaisers annimmt, mit Kai in seinem Haushalt zu leben. Doch die Besessenheit, mit der der junge Kaiser Liu Che nach einem Wundermittel für ein langes Leben forschen lässt und der fiese Nekromant, gegen den Ping im ersten Band das Drachenei verteidigt hatte, bringen Danzi und seine Drachenhüterin in Lebensgefahr.Der zweite Band der Trilogie über die mutige Ping, ihre Drachen und ihre zuverlässige Ratte Hua ist ebenso spannend wie der erste. Die Entwicklung der jungen Drachenhüterin und die Atmosphäre des alten China sind überzeugend geschildert. Eine Landkarte im Anhang des Buches zeigt Pings phantastische Welt.

  • shanah
    2019-05-08 19:46

    This is the 2nd book, here Ping not with Danzi anymore but with Danzi babies, Kai.That becoming grow up....and also Ping can get heard what Kai said. They can talking each other like her with Danzi.One day, the imperial guards found them from hiding on mountain. And took them to met with Emperor, Liu Che was Ping's friend.They get safe place on that castle. And Liu Che give named one of the garden with "Garden of the Purple Dragon. Like color skin of Kai.Here, Ping have to looking her self how to take care the young Dragon, due Danzi never told her.This Ping adventures more exited. How to make sure all people around her that she is the real of the Dragon Keeper, the last keeper and beside that only Ping that can heard what Kai said on his mind. How to keep Kai from bad people that want him every piece of. Ping also learning how to read teach by sister's Liu Che, to make her can read all books about Dragon. In here, Hua come back to Ping with new looking and more smart....always help Ping on every situation.It's make this story more complex when Liu Che was looking how to live longer...that took comparison from dragon, and with help from Hunter dragon, Liu Che drink Kai's blood.All of this, i was recommend to read this novel....;D. Nice adventurers...!!!!

  • Sarah
    2019-04-30 18:38

    Ping tries hiding in the mountains with her baby dragon Kai but they are soon discovered by the imperial guards. The new young emperor Liu Che has been searching for the baby dragon ever since the old one disappeared (whose name was Danzi), and now he has what he has been desiring. However, Ping has one thing in her favor—she and Liu Che have gotten along in the past, so he decides to be kind to her again and gives her the position of Imperial Dragon Keeper. With this position she is able to be with her precious little Kai and also live at the palace. It seems like the perfect solution…but is it really?While living at the palace, Ping realizes that there are dark forces at work. Is Liu Che to be trusted, or is he under some sort of evil spell? And the necromancer she thought was safely in her past becomes a dangerous part of her present again. She and Kai are forced to abandon the palace in order to search for safety. As Kai grows older, the bond between them grows stronger. They need this bond as they fight for their lives.Garden of the Purple Dragon is the sequel to Dragon Keeper but readers need not be familiar with the first book to understand this one. This is a fast, exciting read that is sure to hook dragon fans and non-dragon fans alike.

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-30 19:48

    After her realization that her friend left a little surprise, the main characters responsibility now is to seek refuge for both her and her new companion. Along the tough roads of being a dragon keeper, the main character experiences the difficulties of raising a new friend as well as being its protector. Sticking to the ropes that her old friend taught her, the main character does what she can to stay out of trouble.I thought this book was quite interesting. It captured the essence of adventure as well as perseverance. In most cases, if one were to put themselves in the shoes of the main character, they would most likely throw in the towel after the first event. This book taught me some things about taking on new challenges in life. I know before I read this book I would give up or not even try something outside of my comfort zone, but through the main character and words of her wise friend it motivated me to do something great in life. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who needs a little motivation and confidence.

  • Xinxin
    2019-05-25 19:36

    It was the most awesome book ever!!! Loved it and it was quite humorous as well.

  • Lila Cyclist
    2019-04-30 20:02

    kemanaaa...dimanaaa... Reviewku yg sudah kutulis barusan? Hikss... Nasib nulis review di hape. Well, the point is, I have finished reading the second logy of Dragon Keeper, setelah gosek sana sini dari toko buku online satu ke yang lainnya. Cerita Dragon Keeper berakhir dengan perginya Danzi, si naga tua yg sakit parah dengan tikus kesayangan Ping, Hua. Ping sebagai Pengurus Naga harus berjuang seorang diri untuk mengasuh bayi naga yang baru saja menetas, Kai. Cerita melebar ke obsesi Kaisar Liu Che untuk mendapatkan umur panjang. Salah satu ramuannya dalah dengan memanfaatkan darah naga. Kai ygn sudah hidup enak di Taman Naga Ungu-nya, terancam jiwanya!Asik banget mengikuti alur cepat dongeng naga ini. Perbincangan lugu antara Ping dengan Kai yang sedang belajar menambah Vocab kadang membuat ngakak. Cerita juga dihiasi dengan adegan mengharukan dan menegangkan. Bintang 4 deh buat dongeng naGa ungu ini.

  • Mandy
    2019-05-23 15:35

    In the second book in the Dragon Keeper series, Garden of the Purple Dragon,Carole Wilkinson takes the story of former slave turned dragon keeper, Ping, to a new level. Faced with the dessertion of Danzi and the responsibility of raising his son, Kai, Ping is forced to grow in new ways. As always, Ping represents a strong female character in the middle grade fantasy genre and Wilkinson's prose paints a beautiful picture of not only Ancient China but also of the diversity of human character. In my opinion, this is a buy-worthy series for families who enjoy reading aloud or individuals who enjoy reading on their own. All of my children have been excited over the series, and I like being able to share some books which portray females in strong roles, despite typical treatment of them in the era.

  • ♔Ƙƴℓιє♔
    2019-05-16 20:50

    Carole Wilkinson has done it again. This book was just as good- if not better than the first. The progression in Ping's life from uncomfortable to safe was something I hadn't expected and I wondered what would happen to upset the peaceful situation. I immediately fell in love with Kai and instantly connected once more to Ping's character. I am still in love with the fact that this little 12 year old girl is so human and relatable in these stories. And without giving anything away the ending was one surprise after another and the final ending made me want to cry. These books are so beautifully written!!

  • Sol González
    2019-05-20 16:46

    Una vez que Danzi abandona a Ping con la única compañía de Kai, ella debe de protegerlo como única misión y como guardiana del dragón.Para ello tiene que pasar sobre el Nigromante que aún sigue persiguiendo a Kai y al mismísimo emperador. Aunque al principio la aventura no parece sino una continua etapa de niñera, cuidando y alimentando a un bebé… Ping se desespera, porque nadie le ha dado las instrucciones para poder llevar a cabo su tarea y duda continuamente de si la esta ejecutando adecuadamente. Finalmente debe abandonar su refugio y comenzar nuevamente a correr, buscando un lugar para que Kai se encuentre a salvo.

  • Deirdre
    2019-05-03 19:41

    This is the second story in the series and interesting. However, there was a bit of a reading gap between book 1 and book 2 and I found it a little difficult to get into the swing of the book. Ping is a great character and her heart is with the Dragon.I could see some of what was going to happen flagged pretty clearly in the story but it was the overall story and the growth in the characters that kept me going.Interesting series and I'm going to have to keep going with it, possibly with a quicker turnover between reads.

  • Little Miss Lynsey
    2019-05-04 20:44

    i liked this book for several reasons but one reason is because she chose my fav colour for kai i was hoping danzi would turn up at the end but he didnt but there was the silk cloth.i liked liu che in the first book better ( over protective phyco! ) yes he was over potective of his sister... mean..ish to ping my overall result for him is not that good.i liked the princess she was nice. i wonder what her name is cos i dont think it is in the book, if it is i didnt notice.the way i picture kai was cute i loved him.i hated the necromancer. ( he is a wierdo ) not much to say about him.

  • Rebecca Monson
    2019-05-13 23:02

    Today I am talking about a great book series i started this when i was 12 and read all of the first three books that were out at that time, I have recently found out that the amazing author Carole Wilkinson, has made two more books in the series and i have order them on QBD.The series first follows a young orphan girl and the aging dragon her master was keeping locked up, and runs away and is chased by a dragon hunter. The books are set in ancient China, during the Han Dynasty. The books are vivid and come alive and are so moving and i can't wait to read the next two books. 5/5