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Daniels continues the saga of twins Kenzie and Mya, in this follow-up to "16 on the Block."...

Title : 16 1/2 On the Block
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ISBN : 9781601621832
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 127 Pages
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16 1/2 On the Block Reviews

  • Kilahht2slim
    2019-05-04 23:23

    This story takes place in the projects of Detroit. A girl named Latina Smith was put into some CRAZY drama. She already had a tough life because he mother had a BAD drug addiction. One day after chilling with Mike (Her crush since middle school), They seen two men drop a duffle bag onto the roof next to the building where they was standing. They decided to go see what was in the bag, It was money. The stolen money from the bank at that. So, they decided to take the money, which was a BIGGG MISTAKEEE ! Little did they know, They bank robbers where still around to see them hop from rooftop to rooftop. And they knew Mike personally. Latina took the money home with her because Mike complained of all the questions his grandma would have to ask when she seen the money. Mike had a rough life too. His mother died when he was little, him and his other little siblings (Twins-girls, and a boy) had to live with their grandma. They got a check from the state but that was barely enough to cover all the expenses Mike and his family had. But, They went with the plan as in Latina will take the money home-and she did. She tried to hide the money in a safe spot BUT that wasn't enough. Her mother's crackhead,Ray took the money. And the bank robbers found them and gave them 24 hours to find the rest of the money. Latina and Mike set out to find the money. They went through A LOT to find the money. Everytime they thought they found the money, it would end up in another location. Mike shot Latina's best friend Asia's father because they thought they couldn;t find the money so, their last resort was to steal it from Asia and her family. Asia's family had lots of money and Mike & Latina was money hungry in order to save their live and keep the bank robbers away. The plot moved FAST. It was as if I couldn't keep up. But i stayed interested in this book at ALL TIMES. Just like I knew I would be. I LOVE books like this, that just keep building up on the excitement. And at the end Mike & Latina DID make some tough decisions. But they over came them. And to me that's all that matters. You know....THE STRUGGLE ! Lol :)

  • D'Laycia McCullough
    2019-04-29 01:23

    16 1/2 on the block was a fictional story that takes place in Detroit. It was about a young girl by the name of Latina Smith. Latina was the only child, her mom was strung out on drugs and her dad was nowhere to be found. So to be the “That Girl” at school Latina would steal clothes and that’s exactly what she did the day of the party her crush was hosting. Mike was her crush. Mike wasn’t a thug, or an athlete, but he was smart. Mike grew up with his 3 younger siblings and lived with his grandma. His mom had died from cancer and his father was also know where to be found. Like Latina, Mike didn’t live the best life. His grandmother was poor and he had to work a job at the age of 16.On the night of his big party, he and Latina was hanging out. While the party ended and he invited Latina on the rooftop so they can chill but all that ended when two crooks was also hiding on the rooftop. Latina and Mike hid as the crooks talked about the robbery they just made. They decided to leave the money but once they left it Mike and Latina took it! Soon from then the money went all over the town! Latina had it, then a drug addict stole it from her, the drug addict end up dying and another drug addict stole it! It was just crazy! The two teens soon found themselves in a jiffy once the crooks found out they took the money. Since the drug addict had stolen it, of course he spent some of it. He had spent 5,000 dollars and it was 30,000 dollars that the crooks had stolen. So it resulted into Mike and Latina having to come up with the 5,000 dollars on their own. Latina came up with the plan to get the money from Asia (her best friend) safe that was her dads. It resulted in Asia’s dad getting shot! It was just a complete mess! The book was very interesting to me. It wasn’t a life lesson but it did teach you somethings. The book held mystery and a little of comedy as the two teens went all over town to find the money. This book wasn’t better than the first one but it was still good. I just didn’t agree with the fact that the crooks didn’t go to jail. They should have because they committed a crime! I do agree with the fact that Mike and Latina did turn themselves in when they shot Asia’s father. I really enjoyed reading this book.

    2019-05-23 22:16

    I havn't finish reading this book and im interesting in finish reading it.

  • Rhina M. Finley
    2019-05-02 01:43

    This reminded me of a teen Bonnie and Clyde book. This was just as good as the first one!

  • Mone J.
    2019-05-01 21:27

    It wasn't as good as 16 on the block

  • Letesa Campbell
    2019-04-23 21:25

    Very clean story it was good.