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In this tantalizing new novel of untold wealth, unbridled privilege, and unspeakable scandals, a family shakes the very foundation of proper Victorian Society—and sets the bluebloods to blushing.. When the wealthy middle-class Laurie family purchases a home in exclusive Belgrave Square, London Society is aghast. After all, the consensus is that they're nothing but lowbornIn this tantalizing new novel of untold wealth, unbridled privilege, and unspeakable scandals, a family shakes the very foundation of proper Victorian Society—and sets the bluebloods to blushing.. When the wealthy middle-class Laurie family purchases a home in exclusive Belgrave Square, London Society is aghast. After all, the consensus is that they're nothing but lowborn commoners-a family of nouveau riche daring to marry into the aristocracy. Others believe it's an attempt to prove that their wealth makes them equal to nobility. Only one thing is certain: Belgrave Square will never be the same again. Upon his father's death, Alexander Laurie feels the best way to provide his family with the privileges they deserve and secure their business is to establish ties with the London ton. And the best way to do it is by marrying an aristocratic bride. But when his business rival's beautiful daughter—the one person who can destroy his plans—appears in London, Alex must defeat her attempts at sabotage.even if that means stealing kisses from the enemy....

Title : My Lady Rival
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ISBN : 9780451236609
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
Number of Pages : 320 Pages
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My Lady Rival Reviews

  • Heather
    2018-11-15 15:31

    This was a quick read. It had quite a few really funny moments. It was different from Ashley March's other books because I would say it was more of a light read. I tend to like the more angsty books, but I did enjoy this often times steamy and fun read. Ashley March is one of my favorite authors she never lets me down.

  • Sarah
    2018-10-30 21:41

    Would have given 5 stars, but she introduced characters that I thought for sure would be her next book, and then I find out she is writing under a different name with no clear plans to follow through with the series she so obviously set the beginnings for in this book and that's just irritating.

  • Ms. Ali Cat
    2018-11-16 22:54


  • Ellie
    2018-10-31 23:41

    My Lady Rival by Ashley MarchGrade: B“Spreading lies about me again, madam? How very unoriginal of you.”My Lady Rival is the newest historical romance from Ashley March and I loved it. This is a very different type of historical romance because neither of the main characters are members of the Ton but they are both very rich enough to marry into high society. Alex Laurie has taken over his family’s business and is determined to make it an even bigger success so his family can never go hungry again. Miss Willa Stratton has been sent to England by her father in America to find a certain dye before their biggest competitor the Laurie Family does. This is not the first time Alex and Willa have gone toe to toe over a dye or investors and they both will use whatever skills they have to win.I am not a historical romance novel fan. I occasionally like to switch things up and try the genre out but for the most part I’m never happy with the book I choose. Ashley March is an amazing writer and the best historical romance writer out there in my opinion. I love her books and always look forward to seeing what she comes up with next. Ashley March writes characters with a ton of passion, lots of personality and very easy to like. I have yet to read an Ashley March book that I didn’t love.I loved that Alex or Willa were part of the Ton and they had both, along with their families, worked very hard to be so successful. It was very interesting to see how important it was to have the right clothes, carriage, manners and most importantly the right grammar and accent to be accepted. Alex and Willa are great characters and I loved the banter between them. Willa is especially fun to read about and I loved that even though she is a female she is involved in her family’s business.I’m not sure if this is going to be a series but no matter what I will be reading the next book Ashley March puts out. If you are a historical romance fan you need to read My Lady Rival. Once again Ashley March gives us a great book that I couldn’t put down until the very last page and she once again made me rethink the whole historical romance genre.

  • Lelyana
    2018-10-30 17:58

    Aduh, after baca .. yang panas membara dan BDSM (bikin dada sesak dan mendamba)...trus baca ini...Sigh, its a boring wonder the author complained to the publisher about the book..its NOT PERFECT, ITS BORING and yet makes me YAWN HARD....[image error]Willa Stratton (reminds me of Willa okati, erotica writter).....punya saingan bisnis , Alexander Laurie....Mister laurie ini 3 tahun yll sempet "teralih" perhatiannya karena ciuman Willa waktu di Italy, mereka sama2 orang Amerika, yang sedang berusaha manaikkan jenjang derajat mereka dengan menikahi kaum ningrat di Inggris...mulailah saingan mereka....Si Willa ngedeketin earl...Si Alex ngedeketin adik nya earl..nah lo....padahal...mereka sebetulnya saling tertarik satu sama lain...tapi demi kepentingan bisnis...yah, di singkirkan lah perasaan2 itu...[image error]Sampai pada satu saat waktu mereka menyelidiki apa kah yang terjadi dengan pabrik (pewarnaan) mereka, mereka menyadari kalo ternyata mereka saling tertatik...trus, yaudah..jadian deeh....Ga pentinglah masalah gengsi dan naik derajat itu..gitu lho....Ini the worst book dari Ashley.....Ya udah gitu aja, ceritanya gak panjang, cuma 300 halaman, membosankan,kecuali bagian uhuk2 doggy style nya itu..lumayan deh....[image error]Aku sarankan baca buku nya yg lain aja deh....

  • Julie
    2018-11-08 23:38

    I had a tough time warming up to Willa, the heroine in this Victorian romance, though I liked her very much at first when we first meet her. But then she began to bug me, though I liked the hero Alex very much. Still, I felt the story was disjointed as if some of the scenes were unfinished. The ending was rushed and in need of more development towards how Alex and Willa realized their love for each other. A disappointiment compared to her last book, Romancing the Countess, which was great.3.5/5

  • Tabetha Waite
    2018-11-17 18:33

    I don't know if it's just because I seem to be in a reading funk lately, but I couldn't connect with the characters in this book. Granted, there was a different story line regarding fabric dye, which was intriguing, and it started out with a mysterious masquerade, but I was bored with the family and their grumbling, and whereas I thought perhaps the book was really opening up with a hearse, it was just the hero's family's inability to compromise while he was trying to better their life. That's where I was disconnected from the idea :(

  • RIF
    2018-10-26 15:41

    Its been a minute since i read this. What i remember is that overall I enjoyed it, the first part of the book is easy to recall but she ended up losing me. I loved the heroines backatory. Sometimes I find myself thinking there are little additions or changes to the plot, especially character motivation, that would make a big difference in my enjoyment of this authors' stories. Her tone and sense of voice are quite good however.

  • Elaine
    2018-11-05 18:43

    I always love AM books, but not this one. Although I finished it, I couldn't get into it. I nearly gave up, but ploughed on. It was o.k., but no pleasure in reading it. Such a shame, I really wanted to love it. I didn't like the dye thing at all.

  • Huong
    2018-11-14 19:33

    A quick read. Alex and Willa had some cute sparring scenes. The whole dye plot did feel rather contrived and over the top. Kinda lost interest with the whole story right before the end.

  • Tuesday's Child
    2018-10-31 19:44

    Really tried very hard to like this book... but found simply the book to be boring at times.

  • Gail
    2018-11-10 15:47

    really good