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Title : Brush Barry Brush
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ISBN : 9780578066059
Format Type : Perfect Paperback
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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Brush Barry Brush Reviews

  • Renee Hand
    2019-06-15 13:22

    Brush Barry Brush is a good way to encourage children to consistently brush their teeth. This story is simply told for those younger children who are 4-8 years of age. From the very beginning a child eats a piece of food and right afterwards, brushes their teeth. Each child eats food that interests them and matches their particualr tastes. Penelope eats pasta, Ben eats broccoli, so on and so forth. Each food starts with the same letter of the child's name. Some foods are healthy, some are not, which could lead to discussion about appropriate snacking and nutrition. After several children were discussed eating a piece of food, they brush their teeth. Each example has the same result--the children brush their teeth each time they eat either a meal or a snack. Then there was a boy named Barry who forgot to brush his teeth after eating blueberries. His teeth had become stained and turned blue. Will Barry brushing his teeth clean those stains away? The message of this book is clear. Brush your teeth each time you eat! This is a great story that emphasizes to children the importance of brushing their teeth often and daily.This reviewer can see, however, where some older children might lose interest in the story because of it's simplicity and constant repetitiveness. The illustrations show children eating and brushing their teeth, mostly at home, but in other places as well. The pages contain a constant relaying message, saying the same words repeatedly, which sinks the message in for the younger children, but will not stimulate older children. Older children will want to know more, but no other information is explained in the book, only the message of, "Brush your teeth each time you eat!" Having more thourough information in the back of the book would have tied everything together for the reader giving them more information, satisfying the desires and needs for varying age groups. The author delivers a fantastic message. Parents need to emphasize to their children the importance of brushing their teeth. A great addition to this story would be for every parent to have their child talk with their dentist or dental hygienist about healthy teeth and having a healthy mouth overall. Parents should have their child brush for at least two minutes, this should have been emphasized, and if they should floss or not. This story is meant to scratch the surface on having good oral hygiene. It does not go in depth, which will make the message easier for younger children to understand. The illustrations are bright and expressive, driving the message of the story home.The author adds a great chart in the back of the book for children to use when keeping track of how many times they brush their teeth. She provides a month full of stickers to use, which results in a child brushing their teeth about 4-5 times a day. Overall, this story expresses a great message and is a good beginning to understanding and having good oral hygiene.

  • Wayne Walker
    2019-06-19 16:05

    Do you brush your teeth as often as you should? Do your children brush their teeth as often as they should? In this delightful and effective introduction to the world of oral hygiene for young children, Penelope eats pasta, Ben eats broccoli, Lila eats lasagna, Calvin eats corn, Golda eats green olives, Jeremiah eats a jam sandwich, Miguel eats a mango, Doreen eats dark chocolate, and they all brush their teeth, just like they’re supposed to do. However, Barry eats a bowl of blueberries and doesn’t brush his teeth. What do you think happens to them? Everyone knows that brushing teeth after eating will help to reduce the number of cavities. Author Linda Valderrama, who is a registered dental hygienist, tells a story which, along with the vibrant, playful illustrations by Sudi Memarzadeh, will help to make teaching children this basic yet essential routine a fun and enjoyable experience. To assist in this effort, there is a page of stickers with pictures of the various characters in the book, along with a seven-day chart. Every time a child brushes his teeth, he can pick out a sticker and place it on the chart for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks. Each box on the chart will hold a month of stickers. Children will be surprised as they watch how fast the month goes by while brushing regularly.